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GSM - Dual-band GSM Cellular Modem

GSM is a GSM cellular modem for serial data rates of up to 115.2K bps. Compact size and quick installation provides an efficient replacement to serial cable for long distances where cellular service is available. Stand-alone modems provide efficient and low cost wireless communication for serial devices, loggers, data acquisition, and control systems. A simple setup includes a GSM modem with cellular account at the remote site/ logger and 56K dial-up phone modem at the base station connected to PC-software. For mobile-mobile applications 56K phone modem can be replaced with GSM modem. GSM modems with cellular service allow for real-time monitoring and control of remote data loggers and irrigation systems by simply dialing into cellular or land phone networks.

FCC, Worldwide wireless network approval Quick and easy installation Circuit switched data (CSD) transparent operation AT command compatible Minimal power consumption Solar power calculator LEDs provide operational status (Power signal, Carrier detect, TX, Rx) Wide serial baud rate 1200 115.2K bps Very low power consumption, a 5 AHr battery lasts for 33 hours while communicating and 20 days on idle

GSM modems are programmable using windows standard Hyperterminal, AT commands. Each GSM modem requires a SIM card, cellular phone number and wireless Circuit-switched data (CSD) service from wireless service provider.

COMMUNICATION GSMD-F12,3 GSMD-F21,3 Modem type Serial Interface Serial Baud Rate Antenna Power Connector SIM receptacle POWER Supply voltage transmit current (in comm mode) Transmit current (in Idle/sleep mode) 5 Ahr battery capacity PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Enclosure type Enclosure size Weight Operating Temperature CERTIFICATIONS Fcc Part 2, 15, 22, 24 EN 55022, 550244 CE Mark, UL 60950, PTCRB Tested and certified with wireless providers worldwide Worldwide compliance for global RF approval Rugged Industrial Design 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.94 1.4 oz (120 g) -30 to +70 C 5-32 VDC 150 mA Avg. @ 5V, 400 mA Peak @ 5V 10 mA Avg. @ 5V, 30 mA Peak @ 5V Up to 33 hours (communicating) Up to 20 days (on idle) 900/1800 MHz 850/1900 MHz Multi-band, GSM Class 1&2 RS-232, DB15-DB9 1200-115,200 bps SMA jack 2.5 mm barrel power jack Standard

GSM-CMK assembled with 11dB fibre-glass omnidirectional antenna with all the accessories.

1. GSM-F2 - Frequency bandds 850/1900 MHz used in USA, Canada, Mexico 2. GSM-F1 - Frequency bandds 900/1800 MHz used in UK 3. Other regions use one of the four GSM frequencies 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz. Contact Dynamax representative or wireless service provider for available GSM frequencies in your region.

GSM - Dual-band GSM Cellular Modem

Setup Ordering Information
GSMF1-CMK**, GSMF2-CMK** GSM Cellular modem kit includes, GSMF1 or GSM-F2 with all cables Cellular yagi/ Dualband Omin antenna surge protector, Battery 5AHr 5 Co-axial cable GSM-F1** GSM 900/1800 MHz modem GSM-F2** GSM 850/1900 MHz modem Includes, 9VDC adapter (100-240V, 50/60 Hz) 6 RS232 DE15 to DB9 DTE cable cell antenna NULL adapter/ cable, Mounting kit

High-gain Antenna

GSM-CC Co-axial cable with antenna adapter N/maleN/Female; 10ft, 20ft 30ft long GSM-SP Poly phaser Surge protector 3 SMA-N co-axial cable 1 SMA-N co-axial cable GSM-ANT 8 dB dual band communication system with wall mount/pole brackets GSM-WP Multi-whip cell antenna, dual-band Gain: 3dB, 5dB, 7dB GSM-CAFD Dual-band, Cellular Antenna, Fiber glass Gain: 3dB, 5dB, 7dB

GSM-YC Y- cable for voice line on the modem ** Requires a receiver, voice account MSX20R 20W solar panel w/mounts, 12V regulator GSM-BA Spare Battery 5 AHr

Whip Antenna

Supplied by Wireless service Provider SIM card, Phone number and GSM cellular data service with CSD. Wireless Service Providers US/ Canada T-Mobile, Cingular wireless Other regional providers Worldwide GSM cellular providers with CSD-data service
** Refer to specifications for correct part number / modem frequency.

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