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Technology for Agriculture FOR


BY Neelam Kumari MCA III Roll No.21

Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of MCA, pimpri (Affiliated to University of Pune & Approved by AICTE)

Project Duration Project Approval . Technical Solutions 3.2 Purpose of Project Project Overview (Module wise) 2. Introduction to Project 2.1 2.1 Development Hardware and Software 4.Table of Contents 1.3 2.4 Scope of the Project Out of Scope Objectives High Level Requirements 3.1 2.2 2. Scope of Work 2. 5.

Inventory Management. Labour/Worker Management  Historical data of farm and used for decision making. TECA can be use for year wise profit calculation for particular farm.1.     Cost Control. Stock Management.  TECA provides  Business Improvement & Analysis. Introduction to Project : The TECA (Technology for Agriculture) is an online system based on automation of regular activity for farmer or Tenant. Project Overview:- Module 1:Module 2:Module 3:Module 4:- Administration module Farmer module Supplier module Buyer module . 2.

pesticides information. Sitting at home one can gather info about any farm. They can get any type of information about farm like seeds information.SCOPE OF WORK      As a facility for farmer or individual third party. PROPOSED SYSTEM . worker details. Our system provides automation record keeping for farmer. Provide collective information about all types of material used in farm Provide automation for calculate total net profit. bye seating at one place. net profit history etc. Increased control over inventory allows the business to reduce inventory waste and misappropriation and improves profitability. Easily assess the status of all outstanding farm activities from one central location. Increased control over materials used during production processes results in improved cash flow Just click and get historical information about farms. Easy recording of farm activities.      OBJECTIVE Now a day there are very less technology available for agriculture industry.

    The nature of this project is information (regarding agriculture Info. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT MIN.The project is web-site based so that anyone can access the web-site from any location. The goal of the entire project is to provide essential historical information about farming as well as calculation of net profit. HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: At least 128 MB RAM. anytime.   MIN. 2000. XP. Vista or Windows 7.). SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT: Windows based OS such as windows 98. User can get complete detail about a workers as well as water resources used in farm. User can fill registration form and can give its suggestions. TECHNOLOGY USED   JSP/Servlet Struts . Pentium processor or above.

  HTML MySql .

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