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The Virgo Moon

Melinda walked across the floor of the extravagant manor. The velvet rug felt like a downy pillow on her unadorned feet. As an elf, Melinda had little need for footwear. Her steps barely touched the ground as she glided across the floor like a ghost. The night was awkwardly hot; the fireplace built into the side of the hallway was smoldering with a nearly deceased fire. The heat was unnecessary this winters night. The town just outside the manor was ablaze, which made it feel like a balmy summers day. As Melinda got closer to the door she could feel a presence approaching, a dark presence that made her stop just before the twin oak doors. She back peddled quickly as the formidable spiritual power assaulted her senses. Suddenly, the twin doors burst open with a bang as a fiery explosion erupted from outside. Melinda shielded her face with her left arm as burning bits of wood cascaded around her from the decimated entrance. Knock! Knock! A guttural voice bellowed from the depths of a metallic helmet that adorned the uninvited guest. The large entity walked with an arrogant gait. The glistening dark blue armor that covered his massive body danced with a sky blue flame. Melinda didnt lose a step; she brushed herself off and replied, Whos there? She didnt wait for a reply however; instead she began working her hands in a circle around her torso. Sharp crystalline diamonds appeared in front of her stomach. The metallic monstrosity peered with molten red eyes at the small elven figure. Her skin looked porcelain, as if a perfected doll had come to life. Even the heat from this unearthly evil did not melt her fine features. She continued to work her hands in an outward motion as the armored warrior pointed a single finger at her. A single word, hollow and lifeless, crept forth from the depths of the shadowy helm. BURN. It said as he pointed a long finger at Melinda and red fire burst forth in a straight line. The searing flame shot right at Melinda. The elf did not lose her concentration. With focus undeterred, she spread out her left hand with her palm towards the jet of flame and recited the ancient arcane words of the elves. Imperium Glacia. Icy crystals spread out around her creating a shimmering shield that stopped the fire cold. The icy shield broke apart as the fire vanished, but Melinda was not through, and she thrust out her right hand with her fingertips pointed straight at the being. Imperium Dust! The shards of the shattered shield hovered in mid air for moments before jetting straight for the armored thing.

J. R. Yerkofsky The entity before Melinda did not react to the sharp crystals slamming into its armor. If the thing felt any pain from the attack, no sign was visible. The guttural voice of the evil warrior resounded in Melindas mind, Fine then, we shall try something else. The evil knight moved faster than his size should have allowed. Melinda was slightly caught off guard by the sudden movement, or was she? A mental voice rocked her mind, causing her equilibrium to shift. The dark knight was nearly upon her before she remembered something important, she could run. She moved quickly through the hallway away from the vile creature that seemed determined to consume her soul. A mental attack? She thought out loud. This creature had command of many different abilities. What are you? She questioned, in hopes of buying as much time for those fleeing as possible. She quickly brought her two index fingers and thumbs together in a triangle and cast an enchantment upon herself. The clothes she was wearing became glossy as if a thin sheet of ice had covered them. This question made the metallic warrior pause for a moment as if it actually wished to converse. Or perhaps he was just amused by the calmness to which he was being addressed by this prey. Fire. The guttural voice echoed from inside the horned helmet. Though this may have just been the incantation because in the next moment a large fountain of fire erupted from helmet where the mouth should have been. Melinda scrambled backwards and barely managed to escape the brunt of the fire breath. Her dress cracked and broke apart, large chunks of it falling to the ground shattering on the now charred stone floor. Her pale skin blistered from the intense heat, red and hot. The elf always believed her magic to be her greatest quality, but she feared that it would not be enough this time; she knew she was far outclassed. Again, the mental onslaught resounded in her mind, I am the hand, no less than you are. Melinda was no fool. She realized that someone, or something, sent this creature. The demon was obviously meant to fulfill a purpose. Now, if she could only figure out what that purpose was. She edged backwards facing the metal knight again. The warriors heavy footsteps sounded like an earthquake with every step. The sound of screams erupted from around her as something dark and sinister pressed down upon her mind.

The Virgo Moon Another mental attack? Melinda thought. What is it you want? The elf tried to yell, but it only came out like a whisper. She could hear laughter that came from the depths of a behemoth. The guttural sound of the knight vibrated her to the core of her being. Nothing. And everything! A harsh voice sounded once again in her mind. She could barely see. Her vision was becoming blurry, and when she turned to flee up the stone stairs that lead to the balcony above the west wing she collapsed in perspiring heap. The demonic knight closed in on the elf and reached down to grab Melinda by her tattered robes. Melinda could feel the overwhelming energy, forcing her down and pushing her towards oblivion. Her senses continued to lose focus and her mind swirled with dizzying confusion. The room around her darkened, the stairs looked like goo, and the walls became paste. Then, one thought flew at the tips of her shattered reality. In it, she saw a group of small children looking at her. The eyes were those of the babies she had cared for the past year. Unmistakable. As an elf, she was quite attuned to other living things. She could feel destiny playing with these children. The fates themselves were wrapping their cruel web around their tiny hands, binding them like chains. Even so, the children she saw struggled. As if they knew to stop would mean death. One child looked directly at her. Melinda could feel these eyes penetrate deep into her clouded mind, her confused soul. They were fiercer than the molten eyes of the demon knight. These eyes seemed to sparkle, the iris slowly turned a yellowish color as he slowly stood facing Melinda, but he was not facing the elf. He was looking past her, or rather through her. The elf tried to see what the boy was staring at, and what she saw astonished her. Was her mind playing tricks? She was no longer near the dark knight, but instead she was behind the child she knew as only a baby. The boys back looked older now, at least in his teenager years. Before him stood the demonic knight, their eyes locked in combat. She saw the demonic knight reach for the young mans throat, the familiar man could not use his hands, the golden chains around him still bound him where he stood, and she knew she could not let the evil being have his way. Suddenly, Melinda was back in reality. Her mind clear, she immediately turned around and thrust her hand straight at the knight who had closed to within mere inches of her body. Icer! She shouted in a musical voice. A large lance of blue ice shot forth from her hand and drove straight through the armored enemy. The knight howled in pain this time, and he unconsciously stepped backward to keep his balance. Spouts of fire gushed forth from his pierced body, turning more elaborate furnishings to kindling. An amore, a table with a glass mirror, and then the tapestry on the wall all became engulfed in flames.

J. R. Yerkofsky The dark knight looked at her, and again the mental attack ensued, You cannot kill me, sheelf. Her magic began to crack and break apart; the blue lance of ice became vapor due to the intense heat of the knight. The hole in the center of the knights armor began to close as the things body mended itself. The children will die, and you will not protect them. The mental attack continued to pound at her senses. This time however, they didnt seem to affect her as much as before. Melinda stood up and worked her hands together forcing them into claw like positions, I may not be the one to kill you, but I will protect the ones who will. The elf closed her clawed hands together, Ice Prison. Her melodious voice resounded like a song in the burning manor. Pillars of ice caged the knight, blocking him from advancing. Worthless. The demonic being said in his own guttural tongue, and shattered the ice prison with his fist. He lunged for the elf barely grasping what remained of her tattered garments. As he looked menacingly at her with his hate filled eyes of molten lava, Melinda could see the image once again of the boy staring defiantly back at the demonic warrior. The elf did something that she rarely ever does, something that few people had ever seen her do in the three centuries of her life. She smiled.

The Virgo Moon

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Archeon and the Virgo Moon

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