CASE FOR ANALYSIS The Body Shop Gets Middle Aged The Body Shop, founded in 1976 by Anita

Roddick, grew to over 700 stores by 1993 but did not franchise in the United States as it did in Europe. The owner wanted to maintain control over U.S. stores. 1. What strategy did the Body Shop use to grow in Europe?

The Body Shop developed natural cosmetics and grew rapidly throughout Europe using franchising and alliances. 2. What strategy did the Body Shop use in the United States, and what problems did it encounter? In the United States, the owner decided to maintain control over the stores, so the Body Shop missed out on the rapid growth achieved through franchising. Large U.S. cosmetic companies like Estee Lauder imitated the Body Shop and had more name recognition. These competitive threats propelled Roddick to franchise in the U.S.


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