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Note :If you are Dr,Mashelkars Secretary who is reading this letter,Please make it a point to hand over this

letter to him,because I am sure he will be able to see in it something that you may not be able to see and perceive or to simply put it the other way round, I would prefer the letter going to the bin through Dr.Mashelkar. Thankyou Dear Sir, You spoke about technology and accessibility. How true indeed... I am using technology to access a mind that can comprehend and present my Ideas to my government at a national level for the benefit of my brothers and sisters who would have slept on the platforms and pavements of this nation bitten by cold and mosquitoes. Your speech at the Goa Kala Academy was tremendously inspiring. You might have heard such praises repetitively in your illustrious career but what impressed me was that you are one of those very few who spoke sans the letter I and when you did; you linked it with Innovation. My compliments to you for having remained in what I would call the flow state after having attained so much out of life without a trace of Ego. My personal compliments to you for the fact that you gave all the credit to your mother and your teacher .It sums up your values and personality for me. You mentioned about our minds being parachutes and also about India being greatly bestowed with such minds. But what is the use of such closed minds without the ignition on? You said it s good to have open minds isn t it? There were more than a 1500 minds in the auditorium out of which only 100 had ignition to reach the black box and just 30 to speak; that explains that the funnel of ignited minds is getting narrower. We also talked about the probability of a Raghunath Mashelkar .Mr.Satish Shetye was optimistic in his view that the probability has improved off late and I believe he was true only to a certain extent and not beyond that. Mashelkars would definitely be born but I wonder whether they would Substitute the I for Innovation or would cling on to the I ness which is much prevalent in the society today. I wonder whether they would work selflessly or selfishly. As I mentioned to you the art of parenting is of prime importance today. Because I can already see the 2035 already born.2035 is already in the cradles and the playschools and kindergardens and some part of it has already begun its primary education all over the globe. 2035 wakes up every morning and dresses up and goes to school ,it watches Television ,it spend s time with its teachers and parents and peers and all the above factors have already started influencing it. It is already taking shape in the minds of the toddlers and the infants and we need to act smart and fast to stop 2035 from being moulded the way it is being moulded today. It is being handled ruthlessly and I can hear its cries for help. We need to develop the vision to see 2035 today and also the subtle hearing to hear its human cries. Every part of 2035 will be soon made to rote learn, it will compete and get compared. More of 2035 will be exposed to Mallika Sherawat than to Dr.Mashelkar and I can relate it to something I had read

in an article in the speaking tree on Times Of India Why is it that we get attracted to bad(vulgarity,violence,thoughts of the lower level) more easily? ,2035 is being influenced by all this and more. We are in a dire need to save the social fabric of this state, of this nation and of this globe. We need to change the perception of money as being a currency, as being a means and not the end. We would be training our children and our future to attain financial security which we would have already earned for them; and they would just be frustrated because they would be already having the basic 3 levels of Maslow s Hierarchy attained and would be struggling to achieve the self esteem and the self actualisation needs and we would have just missed to educate them about these soft needs and how to achieve them. They would need a balanced dose of knowledge and wisdom that s required to handle issues of self esteem and self actualisation and of course the latest one the Self Transcendence. Our education system needs a total revamp, especially at the primary and the secondary education level where education needs to be imparted more creatively, without competition and comparison. I see in myself the Socrates and the Kahlil Gibran of India. As I see this tremendous wave of materialism engulfing the young minds and wiping out the traces of humanness and eroding the roots of our culture as more and more young minds search for meaning to life in malls and BPO cal centres and dance clubs. As more and more ideas are being swallowed with beer and drink. As lust covers the self reflection system of humans. But I am an optimist I do not wish to get bogged down by the enormity of the situation, I am optimistic that we can find a way out. We need a fifth freedom Sir; freedom from what I call our acquired self esteem deficiency syndrome. While many of us are highly egoistic and arrogant, we lack self esteem and its true vice versa. We should be able to stand tall as humans first rather than just being Goans or Indians.We need to educate 2035 about the broader picture of us being members of the human race.As psychologically most advanced race shouldering the responsibility of the wellbeing of all the existing species on this planet. With the creator s pre-programmed evolution of human mind and subsequently that of technology ,the next generation of our race will shoulder the responsibility that no other generation earlier has had to deal with.The earlier generations could afford to be irresponsible enough to wage world wars but the room for error today has nullified with the advent of nuclear technology. Therefore the future of the globe lies in the minds of the teachers and the parents of those who would be playing in the cradles and going to playschools and kindergarten and primary. Lets have a national plan to strike at the thought level of all the entities that will influence our future generations. Let s have a strategy to ignite their minds so to say jyot se jyot jalao .Lets make a plan and implement it as fast as we can and make a difference. I am an optimist like you and I strongly believe that great things can be achieved with Simple Actions. But simple actions that happen fast. I read in Paulo Coelho s Alchemist that the Universe loves Speed and Speed is what s required to revive our rich culture and heritage which is fast becoming more a matter of pride than meaning to most of us Indians.

Suggestions for My India. 1. Design and implement the 3J (Jyot se jyot jalao) programme to raise the happiness Index of this nation just like the Japanese did the 5S to raise their productivity (Design and Implement a Structured Compulsory Education System for Parents and Teachers)Its main aim will be to inject or rather re-introduce our lost spiritual and moral wealth and inculcate Human Values whilst promoting the skill to Nurture Children. 2. I have perceived the reality of the cosmos to take shape from gaseous matter. The creator has used the same technology for several kalpas and we still cannot perceive it that we are what we think. We exist in our thoughts and minds and our future also exists today in the form of thoughts. Therefore we establish National Values (with a reasoning) to be distributed to all households across India. It will be a handbook of thoughts and values just like a code of conduct that each Indian will be aware of. We will thus create awareness and promote responsible thinking. We can also think of people subscribing to a religion called Indian. We can have centres for developing thoughts, and exchanging ideas amongst members of the Indian Religion. We will establish Thought Exchange centres which will be the foundations of the future universities and education becomes a religion to which each individual will subscribe. 3.Lets establish centres for Giving for people to experience the joy of giving .We can thus provide an opportunity for Individual Social Responsibility or ISR(free from political interference).A place where people can come and donate old clothes ,utensils or anything that is surplus so that it can be distributed to those parts of us that are in need but not in touch. In this way we can create a sense of belongingness. And I had heard from a spiritual guru that where belongingness ends; corruption begins. So we may be able to raze corruption with such centres where the middle class will set the example. We can brainstorm the implementation of this idea to make it more effective in being able to generate a sense of belongingness. Sangachatvam-Together we move ahead .[This will also be the beginning of an equitable wealth distribution plan(challenge)]. 4. We will lay the foundations of patriotism and nation building via songs. We will play these set of national anthems in all languages not only in Bengali. We will address the nation of diversity diversely. We will remain very flexible in our approach. This we will do to build citizens and not individuals as you said. Songs are the only medium through which we will be able address masses and move what I call the mass referent axis of thought. We will alter the beliefs, the values and the assumptions of this nation by carrying out such a massive Anthem program on television, radio and schools, colleges, offices and homes. Thus We will be able to bridge the cultural and spiritual gap that was created by the British Occupation of this nation(refer to speech below). I wonder.... Sir, how can people like me and you get networked through technology and move this nation from blame and shame to bloom and shine. I wonder how soon we will rebuild Bharat. The one that is explained in the Para below: Lord Macaulay s speech in the British Parliament prior to British Occupation which you might have come across earlier, aptly describes the strengths, weaknesses of this great nation and its people: I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a

beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation." Thanks for reading patiently. We need to re-invent all the underlined factors ASAP. Regards and God bless, Vaibhav.Kunkolienkar, I am born into the human race, residing on this planet at Goa-India Since March 24, 1982. I am just jotting a poem that I wrote a few months back, dedicating it to you...on behalf f of the Indian Youth with of course ignited minds. Wavering along the shores of existence, Just like a boat in this ocean of existence, I sail and I sail long and hard, Experiencing the pain and pleasure that This ever expanding ocean Brings along. I do not see the shore, Neither the beginning nor the end I see, Yet I sail and I sail hard. Sometimes with the tide ,sometimes against, I sail and keep sailing. As days come and go, And dreams realise and break, As the people in life come and go, I see the ocean of existence keeps unchanged, Still breathing,living with the same pace. Oh lord of the ocean, Please show me the shore , Please guide me and give me the strength, to find my ultimate goal. I do not wish to be in the rat race, I need to love ,I need to give, I need to get absorbed for the higher good. I do not wish to get stuck with trivial desires, I do not wish to nod my head for things I do not believe, I do not wish to stay any longer with people bearing small minds. I want to drift on my own now, No matter if I have followers, No matter if I am all alone, I need to merge with the whole and the undivided intelligence, I wish not to remain divided for long. Lead me to wisdom, Lead me to light,

Lead me to meaning. Thank you again for your patient reading.