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Sit erect but relaxed; head turned slightly to the right with eye on the copy. Keep your finger curved and doe to the key, hand on the' same slope 8S the keyboard. Hold your arm and elbow in a relaxed po ition, forearms sloping naturally with the hands and keyboard. Place the copy to the right of the typewriter so that carriage return win not interfere with your li.ne of' vi ion. Keep both feetftat on the floor, a little apart ; one foot ,slightly ahead of' the other. Adjust the height of the chair for comfortable typing.

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Before inserting paper, the Automatic Paper Lock should be pulled forward. After the paper is inserted and rolled up, the Automatic Paper Lock on the Royal is pushed back. When it hits the cylinder it automatically rolls upward, ironing the paper fiat. This convenient feature of the Royal prevents the paper from buckling, subdues the sound of the type- trikes and insures sharp, clear typewritten copy.

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This easy-to-u e page-end indicator provides a vi ual warning when approaching the bottom of the heet. It tells the typist exactly how many inches he ha left to the bottom edge enabling her to make neat bottom-edge margins. Set it as follow: • Turn the cylinder until SET 11" appears under the indicator .• Insert paper and roll into typewriter to desired position. • As you approach the bottom of the heet the indicator will tell you when you have 2", 1 tl-l", 1" and V:!" of typing space left to the bottom of the page. (See inset) (The Line Meter works only on paper hich is 11" long.)




To type cards on your new Royal, raise the disappearing card fingers on either side of the printing point and move the rollers of the automatic paper lock toward the center. They will now act a card feeders. Feed in the card and roll it up into position above the Writing Line Scale. You can now type on the top edge, to the extreme left and right sides and along the bottom edge of any size card.



I, "",.

Printing point shadow are eliminated on the Roy,a). You can see the printing-point eale reading instantly even under poor light. The Royal ba the only Printing Point Seale numbered every five space. Reading the cale i easier", faster, more accurate. ote the Fun.. ue Printing Point V Indicator that frame the printing point for instant reading.

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Margins were never easier to et than on your Royal. For with improved "Magic" Margin all you need do i po ition the carriage, place your index finger behind the "Magic" Margin control and move it forward. Release it and your margin is set and locked in place. Thu you can set both margins in less time than it takes to talk about it. To reset margins, left or right, simply hold the "Magic" Margin lever forward while repositioning the carriage. Release the lever and your new margin i et and locked in place.

The Royal Keyboard is scientifi .. cally de igned for natural ease in typing .. Control are located for , in tant action. The modern Fingee-Flow Key a emade of nonglare pla tic. Letter are molded all the way through the key for lifetime legfbili y and there are no letter depre ion in the key to catch fingernail or d u t. Typingrhythm is mooth and uninterrupted even \, hen making pecial symbol on the RoyaJ.

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-=To change line pacing temporal-ilyw[thout 10 jng your original line spacingvpull forward the' Line Pinder and turn the cylinder until the level you wi h to write on appear at the edge of the Writing Line Scale. Pushing back the Line Finder return you to your original pacing. Excellent for writing chemical symbols. sub and uper ••••• • ••••••••••• eript as: H;! 0" 8'6
0 •

-You have your choice of single, double or triple ,spacing' between the lines by moving the pointer to the de Ired num• •••••••• •• ber on the Line Space Selector. -To make a permanent change in the line spacing" pre s in the Variable Line pacer button while turning the Cylinder •• Knob. Locate the work exactly • ••• •• \i There you want it at the edge of the Writing Line Scale. Relea e the button and the spacing i per .. manently changed to the new et-up,

- The new Royal Carriage Return Lever i long, rugged and 'contour-curved to prevent interference with the ••• •• • typewriter frame when returning the carriage. The lar e, comfortable, ebony-colored fingerpiece i never cold to the touch. otice how easily and confidently you can return the carriage with a minimum of movement from the guide key po ition. otice al 0 the minimum refiectancethis lever i ea y on the eyes.

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Page 12

I UMagic"' Margin (feft)

<1 (5

Paper L,ock RoUer

Paper Guide

line Meter Aligner
Removable Cylinder "Magic" Margin (right)

3 Paper Guidle Scale D,isa,p,pearing Ca'rd Fingers Paper lock. Scale P'aper Table


Paper Rellease lever

Right Carriage Release ,Automatic Paper Lock . Right Cylinder Knob

"Touch Control" Ribbon C'olor and Stencil Control Tab Set Tabulator Margin Release Right. Shin Finger·Flow Keys Speed S'p'ac,er

® Tab !elear
@) Ribbon

Cylinder Collar
Removable CyUnder Release

® Ribbon Wind Lever ® E,rasure Shield's
® Une
@ Left @ Une Space and Re'turn Lever



Cylinder Scalle Printing Point Scale . Writing Line Scale

Meter Indica,tor
Cylinder Knob Line S,pacer

® Variable


Ribbon Carrier

left Shift
Shift Loc,k Back Spac,e

"Tw,;n·Pak" Ribbons IITwin-Pak" Cartridge Holders

@ line Space Selector @ Left Carriage Release @ line Finder

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A convenient copy locator while you are typing" By raising the paper lock,you ean determine • • • • •••• •• the po iUon of margins • •••• • ••••• a!,d tab columns in the upper por .. WRITING LIINE SCALE bon of a .heet without rolling the This cale is u ed to properly align ,copy through the typewriter. Ideal typewritten material rein erted in when dealing with carbon pack. the typewriter for corAlso helpful in determining the rection or fiU-ins. The margins and tab po itions of work bottom of mo ,t charaeters should ~hich is to be copied. Simply place just touch the top of the cafe and the typewritten material under the each character hould be centered paper lock with the left edge of the over a scale mark. Letter such a paper at zero and note margins and . . v 1 are for the 44)" , u-., or "·"·"d I. ea 1· this tab po ition . purpo e.

This i u ed to po ition the Paper Guide which i usuallz set at 0 on the standard 'carriage width typewriter. It •••• may be moved Jeft or right to correctly position card ,envelope or odd-size paper.



This scale is in direct eon•• tact with your sheet, and is your most accurate indicator of paper edge position. To locate the center of a page add the left and right reading and divide by two,

Page 14

, I hlnl







Read this, scale at the Printing Point Indicator to determine where the next character will print. Thi cale i uniform with all other scale on your typewriter. Use it to et margins and tabs or whenever you want to move the carriage to a specific position.


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With'·Touch Control" you can tailor the keyboard re pon e to uit your own touch. or a lighter touch, depre the lever and. move it toward the lower number on the dial. You re now decrea ,ing the ten ion on the type bars, For a firm touch, move the: lever the oppo ite \vay toward the higher'numbe·r . Whether your touch i' firm or light, with "Touch Control" you can adju t the Royal touit your elf.

Another' convenience feature of·the Royal. A gentle presure against the front of the top plate from the typist's thumb ( ee in et) relea e the hand orne top-plate. It then lifts off ea .By and quickly providin complete acce ' for ribbon change, cleaning etc. When in position it afford utmost encloure and protection for the operating parts.

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Disengage ribbon from carrier a hOWD. Lift out and di card both p,]a tic ribbon cartridge •


Page 18

Hold the new ribbon cartridge' with the round ide toward you, eparate and draw them apart about four inches, 0 that a hort loop of ribbon form. Engage the loop in the ribbon carrier.

Pull the cartridges toward you about two inches and place them in the cartridge holders, Your ribbon change is, complete.

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Removing the cylinder on the Royal i a imple one-handed operation. Pre the .3 Iinder Relea e Lever on the right carriage end and the collar which hold' the cylinder in place is released. The cylinder may then be lifted out. Thu you have instant acce ibility for cleaning the paper feed roll or for changing to a hard cylinder when a quantity of carbon copie must be made.



Page 20

A newly de igned pace bar built into the front frame of the new Royal'! It i shor er,a ter,and far more re pon ive - another reason why the new Royal i the ea ie t writing typewriter ever de igned l

To emove paper, pull forward both the Paper Relea e Lever and the Automatic Paper Lock and lift out paper, The paper may al 0 be rolled out by mean of either Cylinde'r Knob.

When in erting a heet of paper, fir t et the Paper Guide at 0 and pull the Automatic Paper Lock forward by the finger piece. Drop the paper behind the cylinder with the left edge resting against the Paper Guide. The bottom edge of the paper hould re t evenly in the lot between the rna' ter feed roll and the cylinder. If paper i placed evenly in the Jot and at the' arne angle as the paper table, it will feed in straight. However" hould any traightening be nece ary, pun forward the Automatic Paper Lock and the' Paper Relea e Lever to make the adjustment. Then return the Automatic Paper ock and Paper Release Lever to th ir clo ed po ition .

When. moving the Carriage left orright a number of pace , a in etting margin or tabulator top, cardwriting and erasing hold the' left or right Cylinder Knob and at the' arne time depress the Carriage Rele e Lever located near either knob.

P'age 21

The new Royal Ribbon Color Sel.ector i conveniently located ju t above the keyboard on the rightront ide. A. flip of the knob gives the operator a choice of three etting : fled, black or tencil.



" 2




pace Key can be used as a full or fractional spacer, If ,8 single character mu t be in erted within a line already typed imply po ition the carri.age one pace beyond the point to be fiUed in. T'hen depre theBack Space Key until the point to be filled in i directly at the printing point and hold it there while the character is typed in place.

For fill-in - the Back

po ition the carriage and depres the tab set control. Tab Clear Control-To clear a tab stop, tabulate to the point you wi h to clear and depre s the tab clear control. To clear all stops at once, tab to the end of the writing

Tab Set Control-'To set a tabular stop"

line, depre s the tab control and, while holding it down, return carriage.

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Your new Royal will look "like new" and produce beautiful work for many years if you heed the following advice:

Nev'er era se directly over the printing point. A.way move the car iage to one side 0 that era er grit is collected by the shields on either ide of the printing point. At the end o,f each day remove the top cover and bru hera er grit from tbehield ad. carri.agerail.s. Start at, the center and brush toward the ide of the typewriter. If eraser grit j on the typeba. and slots. remove it by brushing from the 'lots toward tbe type face. Thi prevent grit from lodging in the slot . At the end of each day cover your typewri.te'r with the Roya] du t cover, This wiU protect the machine f'rom du -,t hich l rno t prevalent, during "off" hour t when the office is cleaned. Type hould be cleaned frequently toinsUire cri p,ciear impre sion . erecommend Roytype PIa tic Type Cleaner. Pre the cleaner firmly again' t the ty'pe but do not ue exce ive pre .. sure. For extremely tubbom eft es al 0 u e a tiff brush. If the cylinder, feed roll or bail roll b come dirty, they will put mudzes on tbe paper. To de n these part J remove the cylinder and wipe all roller with a cloth moi tened ¥ith Roytype Platen Res torer, Clean the cylinder beforereinsertm . t the end of each day it i aood practice to pull the Paper Relea e Lever forward so tha.t the rubber feed vella do not tend to develop flat surface • Tbe mooth fini h of your Royal i highly resi t- nt to dirt and ear. It may ,easily b cleaned and restored to like-new condition by wipin with a damp cloth.

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Offset, Hectograph, Mimeogr.aph, Diazo, Check Writing, Photo tat.

Roytype fabric and carbon ribbons are available in a wide variety of ingle and bichrome (two-color) combinations. Page 24

stands lor guaranteed dependable
serVICe, ..•

Keep' your new ROYAL in top f'orm. Your R,oya. ervice representative' suggest, that to properly maintain your new Royal in tip-top operating ,condition, to keep' it 'OD the job for year, to come, avail yourself of the new R'oyal annu I maintenance contract. This contr,a,et provides for three vi its a year by our factory~traiDed ervice representative who will lubricate and adjut your Royal. Exce .. sive)y worn part or part: broken through norma] u age wiU be' r,eplaced at no, extra charge, e tcept cylinders and other rubber p,ans. Emer,g,ency service caU necessary between inspections wiU be performed at no extl' eharge, It ures you of top Bight m_aintena,nce by serviee men trained at one of Royal' famou training schools.

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