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Fibre Optic Access Networks

11 - 15 July 2011 Abuja, Nigeria



This 5 day course introduces fibre optic technology as the prominent way to meet the demand for faster and more efficient services in an era of increasing convergence. The course will also focus on multiplexing technology on a fibre optic network and how it leads to multiplication in capacity.

Concepts covered will include: Optic fibre cable manufacturing and characteristics The difference between a copper wire and an optic fibre The advantages of fibre optics as compared to a copper wire The relationship between a copper and fibre optic cables Optic system components.

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Fibre Optic Access Networks

11 - 15 July 2011

This course will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to: Prepare a fibre optic cable for splicing. Splice the fibre optic cable into the splice closures. Understand the difference when working with a copper conductor and an optic fibre. Use the Optical Time Domain Reflector Meter (OTDR) for optical fibre testing. Understand basic optic system components. Be able to Design a Fibre Optic Network. Understand the basics of Fibre Optic Data Links. Calculate the Fibre Optic Link Loss Budget. Know the different types of Optical Multiplexing techniques and Multiplexing technologies.

Expected outcome
On completion of the course, participants will be able to: Identify the basic construction of a fibre optic cable. Identify the different types of fibre optic cables. Identify the different sizes of fibre optic cables. Design a Fibre Optic Network. Calculate the loss budget for Optical Fibre Link. Understand the principles of optical multiplexing. Understand the different types of optical multiplexing techniques and technologies.

Expert profile Philemon Jabulani, Mdaka

Jabulani Mdaka is one of Africas most experienced experts on the design and maintenance of fibrebased networks. Currently working as training and development practitioner for Telkom South Africa, he specialises in construction and maintenance of both copper and optical fibre access networks. In addition, Jabulani has extensive knowledge of the under-sea optical fibre cable that links most African countries and extends to Europe and Asia. Besides fixed networks, he is also an expert in the installation and maintenance of WiMAX CPE, ISDN and xDSL technologies. Jabulani has facilitated numerous copper and optical fibre access networkrelated courses in Africa (Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho and Zambia), and the Pacific (Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Fiji). Jabulani has been on the training and development environment since 1996. He is a registered education, training and development practitioner with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), and is also a registered assessor and moderator of the Information Systems Electronics Telecommunication Technology Sector Education Training Authority (ISETT SETA) of South Africa.

Target audience
Telecommunications technicians working on the field of network. Network planning officials. Telecommunications cable jointers.

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Fibre Optic Access Networks

11 - 15 July 2011

Course content
Introduction Fibre Optics: Basic Overview Safety precautions when working with fibre Historical perspective of fibre optics. Basic Construction of Fibre Optics Core Cladding Coating Sizes of optic fibres. Principles of Optical Multiplexing Fibre Optic System Components Optic Fibre Characteristics Dispersion Attenuation Scattering Absorption Micro and macro bends Numerical aperture. Optical Multiplexing Technologies Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM). Transmitter Connectors and Splices Regenerator Amplifier Receiver Multiplexer De-multiplexer. Fibre Optic Link Power Budget Fibre Optic Data Links

Manufacturing of Optical Fibre Raw material Deposition Collapse Sleeving Drawing.

Types of Optical Fibre Step index multi-mode Graded index multi-mode Step index mono/single-mode.

Fibre Optic as a Communication Medium Transmitter Fibre optic cable Connectors Receiver.

Advantages of Fibre Optic Bandwidth Speed Security Size Weight.

Types of Fibre Optic Cables Loose buffer tubes Tight buffer tubes.

Optical Multiplexing Techniques Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH).

Fibre Optic Cable Identification Fibre Optics Network Design Polarity in Fibre Optic Networks

Light Refraction Reflection Total internal reflection.

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Fibre Optic Access Networks 11 - 15 July 2011, Abuja, Nigeria

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