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two hearts become one in marriage The Title Of Today’s Love Story is: Tell her that she s beautiful, Everyday It s written by: Alfred Benjamin King For the: 21st of January 2012 (Saturday) For more Free Love Stories visit: Free Daily Love Stories For Married Couples - Tell her that she s beautiful, Eve ryday € €€ Ben was always complaining about how his wife Janet spends too much time and mone y going to the saloon and also about how she would delay him with her applying m ake up anytime they wanted to go out together. €€ The problem really bothered Ben but Ben s friends told him that it s just somethi ng that wives do. However, Ben still complained about it pretty often. €€ One day, Janet had a lot of places to go. She ran down the list of all the places he had to go to that day. About two of them were beauty related and so in Ben s eyes it seemed to be all the list was about.€ €€ After she got back, Ben s father showed up for a surprise visit.€ €€ Janet ran around the house, cooked and did every thing possible to make Ben s Dad fill comfortable. After that she said she was going to the salon and she left f or the salon.€ €€ Ben couldn t believe that his wife just left for the saloon. He complained about it to his father who was sitting beside him. €€ His father looked at him and said, "It was the same way with your mother. I wasn t pleased about how she would spend all the time in the world in front of a mirr or when we had important appointment. It really pissed me off with your mother. But I wished I realised it early. When a woman spends her time and her money try ing to look beautiful she is doing it for her man too. Your wife it not just mak ing herself look good for her but she s also making herself look good for you. S he s doing it for you to. In a sense it is almost a gift from her to you. You sh ould appreciate it. Cherish it. Be happy about it. It should even make you love her more. And when she s through in front of the mirror or she comes back from t he salon remember to tell her she is beautiful. As you look at her what you see is a reflection of how much what you truly wants inflences her. What you see is proof of how much she cares about you. As a matter of fact, tell your wife that she is beautiful, everyday. I wish I told your mother that everday. Now each tim e I look at her picture in my wallet and see how beautiful she was, I regret not using the opportunity I had everyday for 45 years to tell her that she s beauti ful. Son, don t make the same mistake." €€ What Ben s Dad said went straight into his heart. Every word hit home. As he medi tated on what his Dad just said he started to cry.€ €€ 2 hours later, when his wife came back. Ben looked at his wife and saw what his f ather said. He saw how much she cared about him. He saw in a whole new light wha t the Bible meant when it said the woman is the glory of the man. €€ Ben was now looking at his wife with understanding. Then he said something that s he never expected him to say after she had come back from a salon in all their 5 years of marriage: "HONEY! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL." €€ From that day on, Ben never let a day go by without him telling her that she is b eautiful.€ The End.€ WHY THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN: €€So that you should know something that you should have known if you are a married
















man. € WHAT YOU VE GAINED FROM READING THIS STORY: €€ Common Sense and Good Eye Sight.€ ** If you liked this story, please share it with at least two friends. Either on line or offline. CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR A NEW AND EXCITING LOVE STORY FOR YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE. N ot every writer needs forever to come up with a great story. ---Say this prayer if you’ve never given your heart to Jesus before and mean it with all your heart: “Dear God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Your word says that, ‘… whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved’ (Acts 2:21). So now I call upon the name of Jesus, and I ask that you save me. I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life. I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jes us Christ is the son of God. I believe he came, died and rose from the dead to s et me free from sin and to reconcile me with you, Father. I receive eternal life into my spirit now. I thank you because now I am saved. I am now Born - Again. I am now one of your kids." PRAYER FOR THE RETURNING BACK SLIDER (ONLY): “Dear Father God, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness for turning my back on you. I come back to you today in total sincerity and like the parable of the prodiga l son, I thank you for receiving me back with Joy and Gladness. I confess that Jesus Christ is the lord of my life and God the father is my Dadd y. Hallelujah!” PRAYER TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT: “Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for making me born again. Your word says that y ou would freely give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask (Luke 11: 13). I ask t hat you give me your Holy Spirit to live in me. And as I ve asked I ve also rece ive by faith. I thank you Father for your precious gift. In Jesus name. Amen.” CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE NOW A CHILD OF GOD. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF GOD. FIND A GOOD BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH CLOSE TO YOU AND BECOME A MEMBER.




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