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Essential intelligence on complex business sectors, made simple.

The SNL advantage.
For banks & thrifts, insurance, financial services, real estate, energy and media & communications, the most trusted source of sector-focused data, news and analytics is also the easiest to use. On a single Web-based platform, SNL delivers a breadth and depth of information you won’t find anywhere else, from sectorspecific performance metrics to M&A data to insightful news and analytics. Our interactive interface and analytical tools make our service uniquely easy to access and use 24/7, with accuracy guaranteed.

4) Timeliness: the latest news and data. SNL is recognized as the premier information provider in the sectors it covers: Banks and Thrifts. SNLxl. Excel® templates. Insight and depth you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you spend the time pulling together data from various sources. Tie any Excel spreadsheet to the SNL database for instant updating. SNL is as easy to use as a Web browser. 2) Relevance: sector-specific standardization and granularity One financial format doesn’t fit all. SNL gives you a host of customizable analytical tools including valuation. asset-level data. No source is more complete. our powerful Excel Add-In.000 users. Generalist providers give you basic financial data and broker research reports. Coverage and clients. sort. chart. build models and create custom reports with a few clicks. or let us do it for you. providing sector-specific metrics that are more meaningful. Build your template once. 3) Completeness: the deepest and broadest spectrum of information SNL has built a platform and process to “deep dive” into business sectors with fragmented data sources. peer and M&A models. so SNL creates a unique data template for each sector. planning mergers or mapping competitive strategies.Whether selecting stocks or bonds. SNL covers 4. ratio dissection. leading investors and corporate decision-makers rely on SNL Financial as their single best source. S N L ’ S F O U R C O R E T E N E T S 1) Accuracy: information you can trust. from asset-level data to M&A history to ownership insights. nobody else couples that information with standardized and as-reported sector-specific financials. and carefully checked and rechecked before publication. then refresh data later with one click. link. Analytical tools: link your models to our database. data and analytics in real time.000 public companies and over 50. Real Estate. Go from an analytical report directly to a company’s financial profile or news article. Insurance. We are so confident in our accuracy that we put our money where our mouth is. No other resource can match our depth and relevance of coverage. Everything is cross-linked for easy drill-down. and the ability to make apples-to-apples comparisons. Energy and Media & Communications. formats and fields. We serve over 4. We’re the only information provider with an accuracy guarantee: we pay clients $50 (or make an equivalent charitable donation) for each error found and reported to us. all updated 24/7 and provided to clients long before comparable but less complete information is available from other sources. allows you to seamlessly integrate SNL data into your spreadsheets and analytical models. linked and updated in real time SNL integrates news. ranging from Wall Street institutions to senior executives at the global firms active in our industries. But Access. you won’t come close to what SNL compiles on one platform. The result: a more relevant picture. We have developed proprietary techniques to locate information that is otherwise difficult or even impossible to find. So do we.000 private companies in North America. sourcetagging. We standardize and analyze data in an industry’s own language. unique metrics and/or regulatory reporting requirements. Financial Services. and we guarantee it SNL news and data are compiled by trained sector experts. .000 clients and more than 40. with international coverage that expands every year. mapping or regulatory data.

Since 1987.Banks & Thrifts From Wall Street to Main Street. SNL has been recognized as the gold standard for banking industry data and insight. . we have become an indispensable source for community banks as well. Always the leading provider of business and peer intelligence for money centers and regional banks. the banking industry counts on SNL data to make sound decisions.

market attributes and any changes due to M&A activity. reliable and easy to use” .500 bank transactions to evaluate deal economics and calculate rate of return for various scenarios. Use historical data on over 6. SNL has always been first with the data you need. complete with branch data (maps. SNL applies the same standards and processes to our upcoming (Winter 2010/2011) coverage of European banks. We publish regulatory filings within 24 hours of availability. LLC Powerful branch analytics. Apply different pricing methodologies from targeted EPS accretion to premium over book value. and calculates deal value using your assumptions. the same SNL database informs investment strategies. are in a European/IFRS Bank Template. Easily compare banks in Sweden to banks in Italy to banks in Poland. debt and equity transactions. Run up to 50 scenarios side by side. SNL is the trusted information partner to 49 of the 50 largest commercial banks in the U. market share and market overlap reports. SNL Merger Model streamlines scenario analysis. 100% of investment banks with any substantive financial institution industry practice are SNL subscribers. Additional features include integrated branch maps with marketlevel thematics that incorporate demographic and commercial market data. credit quality. privately held institutions and credit unions. Coverage of 750+ banks in Europe. Over 400 financial data items. providing a comprehensive overview of key investment trends.000 U. SNL’s coverage of key metrics makes peer comparisons easy. Perform in-depth analysis of a bank’s footprint. net interest margin and efficiency ratio.S.S. Primary workflows include transaction HHI analysis. along with hundreds of regional and community banks. while SNL news and analytics keep you up-to-date on trends. Meredith Whitney Advisory Group. SNL’s Merger Model plugs in financials from our bank and thrift database. plus key ratios. . Timely strategic indicators for operators and investors. HHI analysis). Track capital. “SNL is the prerequisite resource for insightful banking analysis. including its branch network. Generate pro forma reports instantly. and earnings data from larger banks within an hour. SNL’s powerful Merger Model leverages our data on the bank and thrift industry to quickly assess the attractiveness of M&A deals. Meredith Whitney CEO. If you’re an investor. Use our groundbreaking Peer Analytics to optimize your own performance and plan competitive strategies with benchmarks like loan mix. financial institutions.SNL’s database includes detailed profiles on more than 20. including all publicly traded banks and thrifts. M&A Assessment. SNL’s banking database is fast. Harness SNL’s powerful branch database to create customized reports and professionalquality maps.

SNL makes complex analytical tasks simple. In addition. The top equity research analysts and financial institution M&A advisors are regular SNL users.Insurance & Financial Services From peer comparisons to statutory data analysis. hedge funds and private equity firms use SNL to make investment decisions. more than 600 asset managers. .

ROAE. Peer Analytics Innovative default peer logic and powerful customization options allow you to perform the most complete analysis for any U. SNL’s sector-specific formats. Even statutory insurance data is transparent. Cross-sector coverage has a dual purpose: to vet external investments or acquisition opportunities and to benchmark internal performance against your peers. SNL takes a large and complicated data set and makes it simple to get a complete picture of an insurance company’s performance. key ratios. I’ve worked closely with a number of people on your team. which updates them automatically. Industry leaders make SNL their preferred source for complete. Add SNL indexes or custom aggregates for additional benchmarking. Make meaningful peer comparisons. news and analytics are cross-linked.Many portfolio managers use SNL as their exclusive. investment portfolio analysis. individual or industrywide basis. Net Income. Whether you’re a sector specialist or a generalist. Schedule D Access investment portfolio details of any insurance organization contained within Schedule D. Schedule P. Customize your peer reports by selecting fields such as Tangible Equity. This level of information is available both annually and quarterly for the detailed investment holdings. business profiles and market share. Philo Smith & Co. and Total Policy Income. Given my option for one data provider. accurate and timely financial data on insurance and financial services companies. Dozens of preformatted snapshots show you GAAP and statutory financial trends. fields and financials give you the most relevant views. and they are indeed top notch. Breaking news items and historical archives all have links to relevant company profiles. articles and reports.S. Set up your own proprietary models and link them to the SNL database. Data. Create relevant peer comparisons using SNL's proprietary score & rank functionality. ratings data. “I am the portfolio manager for a fund invested almost exclusively in insurance stocks. Leverage your saved peer groups within the rest of SNL. in different capacities. on a group. perform in-depth analysis and generate customized reports using a point-and-click menu. . one-stop information provider for one or more of the 6 sectors SNL covers. market share and loss triangles are cross-linked to everything else. Bottom-up group analysis. Stewart Johnson Portfolio Manager.” E. public insurance company. M&A activity. Serving and covering the financial services community. SNL was the choice.

providing our subscribers with a competitive advantage. . breadth and analytical capacity of SNL Real Estate is unmatched anywhere in the world. build proprietary models and generate better ideas.Real Estate We make it easier to find the right stocks. news and analytics keep you on top of the dynamic real estate securities market. Our data. The depth.

same-store figures. plus their data is reliable and accurate. Display financial. View a company’s property portfolio holdings by property types. debt. With SNLxl. Fragmented information that was often impossible to find has been organized by SNL into standardized templates that permit apples-to-apples comparisons. Your proprietary approach to analysis and decision-making is what separates you from your competition. operational and asset-level detail.000 properties around the world.S. They save us time. build investment-banker-quality profiles and reports in seconds with details down to the individual property level. REIT securities are subscribers. top tenants and top markets. SNL provides the information and analytical tools essential to what we do. The numbers in our proprietary models for picking stocks come from the SNL database. including property transactions. View source documents.Eighteen of the 20 largest institutional holders of U. Drill down with one click for further analysis. Access assetlevel data. rents. demographics and other data essential to understanding how a property fits into a company’s portfolio. ” Kim Redding Chief Executive Officer. FFO. Evaluate property portfolios in 39 countries. properties in its development pipeline. Build custom profiles and comparisons with everything from M&A history and property exposure reports to capital structure and financial highlights. Data unique to real estate. tenants. any model that you have on an Excel spreadsheet can be tied to the SNL database so that it is updated automatically. . We track EPS. The real estate industry has unique financials that don’t lend themselves to the typical financial formats. occupancy. AFFO. And instantly convert any screen or report into a specific currency. Brookfield Redding LLC Properties SNL tracks more than 100. With our Briefing Book function. The first single source for worldwide real estate investment data. View purchase/sale terms. at a granular level. Make SNL in your own image. Our property database gives you detailed information on a company’s property portfolio. markets and property transactions. Use the individual property map to view road and aerial imagery as well as a 45° bird’s-eye view of the property. revaluation gains. So are the top five real estate fixed-income research analysts. NAV. “We use SNL data to drive our investment strategy and decision process. the majority of investment banks specializing in real estate and the top 10 underwriters of REIT equity and debt securities. operating partnership units and other data specific to this sector.

information and analysis drives critical energy investment decisions. natural gas. coal and renewable markets. SNL redefines the energy information market by integrating news.Energy SNL Energy’s trusted news. . This integration sets the standard for intelligence on the power. data and analytics in real time on a Web-based interface.

SNLxl allows users to create updatable spreadsheets and models relevant to electric and gas utilities. natural gas. in real time.000 North American energy companies including electric and natural gas utilities. Included are more than 9. SNL Energy data is validated and immediately available through our platforms. Briefing Books provide quick access to key financial and operational data in seconds.S. oil and emissions. SNL’s template library provides customizable Excel reports for industry analysis and benchmarking. and Canadian power markets. . “Recently I was introduced to the SNL service for extracting benchmarking information for electric and gas utilities. solar and biomass power plants. M&A updates. hydro. nuclear. Produce a list of past and present M&A deals involving power plants with the Power Plant Transactions model. SNL Energy offers comprehensive company-level financial and operational details. natural gas. coal mine operations and energy markets. investor presentations and event calendars. and the support superior to other such services used. dynamically filtered to your specific interests — generation stories. capacity. View power plant projects with details such as ownership. source documents. fuel type. Market-moving news is delivered online.” Charisse Trottier Strategic Planning Supervisor. merchant generators. technology. The Power Plant Briefing Book aggregates in-depth news. and geography with the Power Plant Project’s spreadsheet Easy access to market prices.000 coal. The tools provided are excellent. SNL Energy provides comprehensive coverage of hourly. power plant. Regulatory Research Associates (RRA): an SNL extra. geothermal. and coal producers. wind. Our service combines news. Continually updated information on electric power.SNL Energy covers more than 3. SNL provides hourly power prices at the nodes. operational statistics and financial details on companies. trends and more. zones and hubs for U. with specifics on new project build-outs. Regulatory Research Associates (RRA) provides SNL Energy clients with high-level intelligence and consultation on regulatory issues affecting utilities. Generate complete power plant profiles in seconds. coal. SNL Energy’s industry-leading news desk publishes more than a dozen segment-specific newsletters. natural gas and coal. corporate finance. daily and forward market prices for power. financial and operational statistics for online and under-development power plants in North America. You get news linked to financial and operational statistics. coal mines. With nearly 30 years of unmatched expertise. DTE Energy Comprehensive power plant analysis is fast and easy with pre-built SNL templates. interstate pipelines and power plants. interstate pipelines.

Multichannel Operations. boundaries between sectors are blurring. TV Networks. Wireless and Wireline. We connect the dots between sectors in real time. .Media & Communications SNL Kagan: the first single source for in-depth analysis and quantitative data on the constantly evolving media and communications business. Filmed Entertainment/TV Programming and Internet Media. So SNL Kagan covers them all: Broadcast. Global Multichannel. In today’s media world.

analysis and projections are the go-to references in vital media and communications sectors. all made available on our interactive platform. Rovi Corporation Industry and asset-level intelligence. we also gather exclusive information from our own surveys. View 5-year and 10-year domestic and international market size projections. multichannel operators and networks. . broadcast stations. then compare forecasts. studies. Proprietary insider intelligence on our unique platform. insider contacts and top management interviews. SNL Kagan’s Global Multichannel service includes 75 countries. “SNL Kagan’s platform is one of our primary go-to sources for service provider profiles and the information we need to evaluate industry and competitive trends. wireless licenses. to tabular data identifying operational metrics and revenue streams of individual telcos. Track deal flow and the shifts in ownership of wireless licenses.SNL Kagan’s proprietary data sets. Not only do we aggregate and standardize figures from company-reported financials and other sources like regulatory databases. See how an entity’s economics stack up against the industry average on exclusive sector-specific performance metrics like affiliate revenue per sub for TV networks. Save time and money with easy access to both standardized and as-reported financial and operational data. present and future. Our sector-specific approach and accuracy are unmatched. A full view of the past. cable systems and motion pictures to give you the context necessary to achieve your strategic goals. TV & radio stations. We are your central hub to track both quantitative impact and qualitative implications. representing the best worldwide coverage in the Media & Communications sector. operational and market data. tabular historical data and current results. Our expert analysis combines with our unique data on TV networks. which continually updates monthly revenue and cost projections for every movie by window. We give you both the panoramic view and the detail — from analytical reports on the significance of a studio’s content deal with a leading online player. Understand future revenue streams for TV stations such as retransmission and online. Vertical Marketing. See where multichannel operators compete. Use the proprietary Kagan Profitability Index (KPI). Company-level financial. Receive up-to-the-minute news on companies and sectors. cable networks and Web properties with exclusive "sum-of-theparts" evaluation analysis. and who’s succeeding where. It’s all up-to-date and easy to access!” Sharon Metz VP.

commentary and blogs. Our news organization of more than 130 reporters and editors across three continents covers the financial institutions. exclusive reporting. energy. and full integration with SNL data and analytics. real estate and media & communications sectors.SNL News Breaking news. .

in-depth analysis. they would actually be respected again. SNL publishes 39 different sector-focused newsletters. our news team also scours hundreds of online and print sources each day so that we never miss a story that matters to our clients. ConocoPhillips Company Customizable sector-focused news. The news behind the data. Articles display a wealth of data related to the story at hand – referenced companies. Our stable of third-party experts and industry veterans offers commentary and insight you won’t find anywhere else. weekly and monthly via email and also accessible online. SNL’s news organization surpasses that of many major media entities in both breadth and depth. A full roster of leading sector-based newsletters. widely regarded as key insider resources for the industries we cover.With more than 130 reporters and editors spanning three continents. M&A transactions. SNL offers a wide array of online news content – breaking stories. A unique attribute of the SNL Unlimited information service is the real-time cross-linking of news. market-moving information that’s linked to SNL’s extensive database. these electronic publications provide exclusive. News + data = real knowledge. regular features and blogs – through a variety of “Web part” portals that allow users to customize page layout. as well as email alerts. Company financial profiles include links to the latest news involving that company. The number of SNL newsletters in each sector are: Banks and Thrifts (6) Insurance (4) Financial Services (3) Real Estate (4) Electric Power (9) Gas (3) Coal (2) Media & Communications (8) “If mainstream media reporters were as concerned about accurate reporting as your SNL team. The data behind the news. Delivered daily. . our sector experts work together with our experienced reporters to provide the most insightful financial news and analysis in the market today.” Clifton Keeler Principal Project Director – Gasification. Users can further filter news content by subject matter and company portfolios. Subscribers can opt to receive daily or weekly news highlights from each business sector. real-time press releases and filings. In addition to original reporting. Our senior reporters provide sector-focused expertise and institutional knowledge unmatched by other financial news services. Analytical reports and breaking news stories link back to company profiles as well as relevant stories in the SNL news archives. data and analytics. SNL is one of the few news sources that I can count on for accurate and timely information. Drawing on unrivaled data resources. capital offerings. links to SNL-related and externally sourced articles and a multitude of industry-specific assets like TV networks and power plants.

SNL IR Solutions builds and manages investor relations Web sites for companies across the market cap spectrum. In today’s stringent regulatory environment. Our cutting-edge IR console makes the site easier to manage and streamlines workflow. TalkPoint for Webcasts and Ipreo for targeting.IR Solutions One-stop online investor relations: custom Web sites. Our single-source solution is enhanced by industry-leading partners such as Chorus Call for conference calls. If you’re in an SNL-covered industry. We also provide a variety of conference call and Webcast services that are second to none.” Mary Jensen VP-Investor Relations. surveillance and analytics. we still provide financial data. compliance has become a demanding and risky proposition. news releases. powerful functionality and robust support. We build free trial sites for new customers and routinely redesign existing sites free for current clients. for an all-inclusive flat fee in an industry where extra charges are the norm. SNL builds online IR sites and programs for multibillion-dollar financial institutions and REITs to small community banks – and everywhere in between. Douglas Emmett Our all-in-one IR solution is recognized as the most robust in the industry for corporate governance and shareholder communications. peer comparisons and mapping. It takes a partner like SNL to help you navigate the minefields. such as news. . SNL can incorporate sector-specific information and news into your site. Support is provided by expert staffers who understand your business. SEC filings and more. including peer comparisons and corporate performance graphs now required by the SEC. “SNL is the only vendor in the market who can enrich an IR site with industry information and analytics. For companies not in SNL’s coverage universe. SNL provides a custom Web design that matches your corporate site.

CFE also runs an extensive schedule of webinars. To see the complete schedule of CFE” Mark Dwelle Managing Director. Every year. CFE executive conferences feature frank conversations and high-level insight from the senior executives and directors who form the conference panels and lead discussions. Equity Research. Prestigious industry conferences. “I’ve both taught at SNL CFE training seminars and attended their executive conferences. . visit www. as well as custom programs conducted on-site for you. conferences and webinars. Many of them are included as part of SNL Unlimited subscriptions. real estate and media sectors. the SNL Bank M&A Symposium and the SNL Kagan TV and Radio Finance Summit. accessible both in real time and archived for on-demand viewing.snlcenter. SNL CFE develops and produces more than 50 industry-specific events for professionals in the financial services.Conferences & Training Seminars SNL Center for Financial Education (CFE) The SNL Center for Financial Education (CFE) is an SNL affiliate dedicated to professional development for SNL clients and non-clients through seminars. RBC Capital Markets Among the SNL CFE executives conferences considered “must attend” in their industries are the SNL Insurance Brokerage Summit. The menu of programs ranges from broad introductory programs to post-graduate equivalency programs focusing on sector-specific analytical concepts including valuation and credit analysis. The programs are invariably content-rich and timely with a great mix of industry professionals attending. the SNL EXNET Power and Utilities Symposium. energy. Instructors for CFE seminars are drawn from the ranks of active industry practitioners and acknowledged subject matter experts. CFE training seminars are content-rich and designed to be of immediate practical value. Seminars and training programs.

000 data points. the forces that drive stock value are often embedded in metrics specific to each industry. AFFO and more. naming all the players and deals.Data Feeds Find new correlations and unlock hidden value in complex business sectors with SNL’s sector-specific data feeds. financial services. sector-specific analysis. From statutory insurance data. to real estate metrics like NAV. Go granular. energy and media & communications. listings and industry trends. SNL’s data feeds allow you to seamlessly integrate these sector-specific data points into your custom applications and intranets. giving you access to the most complete and relevant picture of the industry. Better data helps you create more accurate models and strategies. . insurance. From executive compensation to mergers and acquisitions. Discover more ways to generate alpha. Tap into 20+ years of historical fundamental data and over 46. SNL’s technical experts will assist you with platform integration. to specific balance sheet ratios for banking. For example. the SNL Financial Institutions Deal Book is the definitive source for M&A and capital markets activity in a given year. Share SNL data more efficiently throughout your organization. In complex business sectors like banking. these valuable desk references provide quick and easy access to hundreds of rankings. SNL Data Publications SNL publishes a full lineup of printed directories for the business sectors we cover. letting you focus on results without having to second-guess the data. Our sector experts can brief you on each of our covered industries. Only SNL Financial breaks out these metrics in granular fields using in-depth. show you what to look for and help you take advantage of our unique data sets. and monitor and support your data feeds. real estate. SNL breaks out each sector’s unique metrics. SNL is the only data source that guarantees accuracy and timeliness.

They have backgrounds similar to yours. They are one of the many reasons SNL renewal rates consistently exceed 93%. SNL Support is available to answer your questions at any time. from anywhere.” Matt Wainscott. Tell your SNL expert what you’re trying to do from a business perspective. Take advantage of SNL Support to get the most out of SNL. Austin Associates. Gain a competitive edge. cut hours of manual updating and make your life easier. Around-the-clock support. LLC “Seriously. quick and knowledgeable service. concerns and errors are addressed at SNL. although they’re well-versed in how to apply our technology. Senior Financial Analyst. Walters. SNL customer support advisors are experts in financial analysis. US: +1 (888) 275-2822 UK: +44 20 7283 8887 India: +1 (800) 102-7654 support@snl. Learn tips that translate into bottom-line results.SNL Support SNL experts help you harness the power of SNL to maximize the return on your subscription investment. Ask about the Briefing Book report builder function to produce in-depth. SNL should hold seminars for other companies and businesses. Capital One Financial Corporation . helpful and their level of service very refreshing! You’ve exceeded my expectations with my many interactions and requests” . Get up to speed on mapping in all its colorful dimensions. I used to look at all the comments on your Web site and wonder whether they are cooked up. presentation-ready pitch books on a specific company — in minutes. Cindy S. your sector and SNL’s products. Commercial Credit Risk Management. Business Director. Now I am convinced that they are not. Alliance Bank “I am always impressed with the speed at which questions. Find out how easy it is to link your spreadsheets to the SNL database. With extended support hours around the globe. SNL Support people aren’t tech reps. using What SNL customers say about being able to talk to an expert any time: “Your support team is CONSISTENTLY a pleasure to deal with. Talk to an SNL expert to unleash the full benefits of everything SNL offers. Talk to an expert. Find out the details on the latest SNL innovations. You’ll get some easily applied tips that will harness the power of SNL to ensure you meet your goals. Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing. you guys have very dependable. Keep up the great work!” Amitabh Bhargava. They are highly responsive. not hours.

977.373. CA One Lower Ragsdale Drive Building One.296.501. CO 921 Walnut Street.8047 fax Boulder.625.3743 sales 434. Sunrise Park Society Drive-in Road. Box 2124 Charlottesville. Energy Media & Communications Real Estate Insurance & Financial Services . VA 23060 804. VA 22209 703.3225 fax New York.Banks & Thrifts Headquarters One SNL Plaza P. Blue Area.O. England 7 Birchin Lane London.501. NJ 07302 201. VA 140 East Shore Dr. Suite 1110 Arlington.1536 831.7530 212. 44000 +92 51 280 4370 Jersey City. Suite 501 Boston. CA 93940 831.433.1671 303. India SNL House 5.542..6806 fax www.1600 434. NY Trinity Centre 115 Broadway. Suite 250 Boulder.6805 804. Suite 100 Glen Allen.888. Pakistan 101-W Al-Khair Plaza Fazal-ul-Haq Rd.0150 703. MA 02109 617.1672 fax SNL Financial’s global reach spans 11 offices worldwide. NJ 30 Montgomery Street Jersey City.5507 201.433.7566 fax Richmond. CO 80302 303.SNL. with an ever-expanding workforce of more than 1.6138 fax London. Suite 130 Monterey. VA 22902 866.373.888.364. VA 1700 North Moore Street 11th Floor. EC3V 9BW United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7398 0873 +44 (0)20 7398 0871 fax Monterey.977.3983 212. Vastrapur Ahmedabad: 380054 +91 079 40207200 Arlington. NY 10006 212. Islamabad.400 employees.624. MA 15 Broad Street.0159 fax Boston. 16th Floor New York.4466 fax Ahmedabad.364.371.