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, Don t sneak Off To Adult Church Date: €28th January 2012 (Saturday) Website: Stay in Children s Church, Don t sneak Off To Adult Church €€ Once upon a time in a lovely Christian home, Peggy s Mother said goodbye to her k ids and to her husband as she got ready to get on a plane to travel abroad for a 3 week business course. She bent down and told her youngest child, Peggy; not t o do what she knew she would want to do. Mum told Peggy to go to children s chur ch and not adult church. €€ Mum was the only one in the family that always made absolutely sure that whenever they go to church Peggy goes to children s church and doesn t sneak off to adul t church.€ €€ Mum knew that Peggy preferred to be at adult church because it made her feel more grown up even though she was only 8 years old. €€ Peggy promised her Mum that she would not go to adult church. And then her Mum ki ssed her, said goodbye to everyone else one more time, and then she turned aroun d to walk to the plane.€ €€ €When Sunday came, Peggy disobeyed her Mum. After her Dad dropped her off at childr en s church, Peggy waited a little while after which she sneaked off to adult ch urch. €€ When she got to adult church, she hears the Pastor say that if you are not born a gain you would not see the kingdom of God. €€ Peggy got scared. She wanted to see the kingdom of God but she knew that she had not entered into her Mum s tummy and come out a second time.€ €€ Peggy got really really really scared. She was going to hell for not entering her Mum s tummy a second time. €€ The more Peggy taught about it when she got home, the more it made her cry.€ €€ Peggy wiped her tears and after her eyes where clear she went to her elder sister s and elder brothers to ask them questions about births that are unusual.€ €€ Her elder brothers and sister where shocked as to why an 8 year old girl would be asking them such questions. So they asked her why is she asking them the questi ons.€ €€ Peggy knew that she had overheard them being called born again Christians before. Therefore, she believed that they had entered into Mum s womb and come out a se cond time. In fact the whole house was full of people who were born again. Peggy felt too ashamed to tell them that she wasn t born again. She taught that they believed that she had already entered into Mum s tummy and come out a second tim e too. €€ So Peggy said, "Nothing." She was couldn t tell them the real reason why she aske d them the questions. And she couldn t press them any further to get any answers now.€ €€ Peggy began to look around the house to see if she can find any book about someon e who entered into their mother s tummy a second time and then came out. €€ She searched all day but she couldn t find any such book. €€ That night, Peggy had nightmares of her burning in hell all through the night, bu t she is afraid to wake up her Dad or her brothers and sisters to tell them that she hadn t entered into Mum s tummy a second time. She was scared that they wou ld all be disappointed that all along she hadn t entered into Mum s tummy and co me out again a second time.€ €€ Peggy endured all the pain and fears from the nightmares. She held her teddy bear close to her as she cried in bed all night. She cried softly, trying really har d to make sure that no one in the house could hear her. €€ The next day, during morning prayers. When Peggy gathered with her family to pray , Peggy felt like such a hypocrite so much so that when it was her turn to pray she just broke. She just started crying & begging God that she is sorry that she























has not yet entered into her Mum s tummy and come out a second time. €€ The whole thing shocked her Dad, her brothers and sisters. That was when they kne w that something was seriously wrong. €€ One of Peggy s brothers rushed to her to hold her and calm her down as she cried violently while praying. €€ When they finally got Peggy to calm down, her Dad asked her why she would feel th at she has to enter into Mum s womb a second time and come out a second time. €€ Peggy was shocked that her Dad would ask a thing like that. Didn t he already kno w about being born again? Hadn t he entered into his own mother s tummy and come out a second time? €€ Peggy told them that they must not have been listening at adult church. She told them that she s sorry that she sneaked into adult church but she heard the Pasto r in the adult church say that you must be born again or else you won t see the kingdom of God. €€ Peggy drew back the snort in her nose as she paused to wipe her eyes. Then she sa id, "I m not born again. I haven t entered into Mum s tummy a second time. I gue ss she kept it from you guys so you won t be disappointed in me."€ €€ Dad breathed in the deep breathe that his worrying had been holding. €€ Her Dad began to explain to her that being born again doesn t mean that you enter into Mum s womb a second time and come out a second time. €€ He told her that the first birth is when you are born of your mother which Jesus refers to as being born of the flesh. €€ And the second birth doesn t mean being born by your mother again after entering back into her womb. The second birth means being born of God s Spirit. It is whe n you receive Jesus into your life and also receive the Holy Spirit into your li fe. Jesus called that being born of the Spirit. €€ You are already born again, Peggy s Dad told her. But you also need to be baptize d by immersion now that you are old enough to know what baptism means. You would be taught what baptism means in Baptism Class after that you would be Baptized. I would make sure I sign you up for Baptism Class in children s church this com ing Sunday. €€ Peggy s Dad led Peggy to say a prayer of thanks to thank God that she is born aga in in other to cancel whatever had been established by her opening her mouth to say that she wasn t born again.€ €€ After she finished the prayer, her Dad said; "You know, all of this would never h ave happened if you had been a good girl and stayed in children s church like yo u promised your Mum you would." The End. € WHY THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN: - So that children who are always itching to be in the adult church should know that they should stay in the children s church where they belong. They should st ay where the church has designed for them instead of sneaking into adult church. In children s church things are explained on a level that they can understand. The sermons are tailor made for them there and are based on children normally go through in their daily lives, which is very different from what adults go throu gh. € - To educate those who don t believe in baptism by immersion when you have reach ed the age where you understand what you are doing. - To inspire people to do some personal research on the subject of baptism. WHAT YOU VE GAINED FROM READING THIS STORY: €€ Amongst other things, €€ If you are a child you now know why your parents want you in Children s Church. I t s for your own good so don t sneak off to adult church.





























€ FUN QUESTIONS: (Feel free to share your answers as comments below.) 1) Have you been baptized by immersion? € ** If you liked this story, please share it with at least two friends. Either on line or offline. CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR A FRESH, CHRISTIAN BEDTIME STORY. Not every writer needs forever to come up with a great story. ---Say this prayer if you’ve never given your heart to Jesus before and mean it with all your heart: “Dear God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Your word says that, ‘… whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved’ (Acts 2:21). So now I call upon the name of Jesus, and I ask that you save me. I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life. I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jes us Christ is the son of God. I believe he came, died and rose from the dead to s et me free from sin and to reconcile me with you, Father. I receive eternal life into my spirit now. I thank you because now I am saved. I am now Born - Again. I am now one of your kids." PRAYER FOR THE RETURNING BACK SLIDER (ONLY): “Dear Father God, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness for turning my back on you. I come back to you today in total sincerity and like the parable of the prodiga l son, I thank you for receiving me back with Joy and Gladness. I confess that Jesus Christ is the lord of my life and God the father is my Dadd y. Hallelujah!” PRAYER TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT: “Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for making me born again. Your word says that y ou would freely give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask (Luke 11: 13). I ask t hat you give me your Holy Spirit to live in me. And as I ve asked I ve also rece ive by faith. I thank you Father for your precious gift. In Jesus name. Amen.” CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE NOW A CHILD OF GOD. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF GOD. FIND A GOOD BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH CLOSE TO YOU AND BECOME A MEMBER.



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