Faisal: hello my friends. I've got a game.

Tony: What's your game Wilmar: what your game is very interesting Faisal: yes, this game is to guess the name of the character of each of our idols. And I think is very interesting. what you guys want to play Tony n Wilmar: okay we come sal ... Faisal: good, this game at the start of me. TV presenter who Powerful music events at the station RCTI with two multi-talented artist Luna maya and Raffi Ahmad. and he is styled like a sissy Tony: I know. definite sense bhekti Faisal: uuupsh. one of you tony Wilmar: hahahahah I know. olga syaputra definitely .... Faisal: true at all.'s Great for Wilmar. Wilmar current portion Wilmar: siiiph, he is an actor who is very cool and funny. He was one of the players extravagansa comedy show. his body full of tattoos. tony: eeeeemmmbh, I know he'll Tora Sudiro. Wilmar: just once, it's your turn Tony: he is best known as host Spontan ever aired on SCTV since 1995. he now began to plunge into politics. he was a senior comedian Wilmar n faisal: emmmmmbh? Wilmar: andre definitely taulany Tony: Will less precise Faisal: I know! she must komeng tony: just once

idol player whom you Andre: My idol player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. between AC Milan vs. let's just clay. although he had entered in ac milan but he's already scored 13 for now. Juventus. Denny: who is your idol ben Benny: haaaah!! clay ac milan'll surely lose. okeeeee !!! . Denny: emmmmmbh.Denny: hi! friends. because my idol Alberto Libertazzi will first scored the goal against ac milan Denny: yes already. who among the team that wins your idol Andre n benny: yes. are watching what you Andre n benny: oooo! we again den watching a football game..

ayu: what you think. ayu: emmmmb. I was also amazed by agnes monica. ayu: who is your idol. nisa: hihihihihihi.ayu: hi! nisa. she has multitalented girl. nisa: I want to be like my idol. nisa: I was thinking about something. thanks ayu was willing to listen to a story about my idol . so from now on we must be diligent to learn. because he had a high spirit. to the ideals we achieved nisa: okay. what are you. nisa: because she is the artist who can dance and sing. agnes monica ayu: why did you idolize agnes monica.

nia: yes. it was terrible.. and I could feel relieved when the film has ended. she is the title of "The Queen of Indonesian Horror".. great mita: yes. mita: hahaha. she was amazing . mita: I am actually afraid. but still I am afraid.. nia: waw. but after a long time I am accustomed to scenes of tense and terror. nia: waw . what you see all: we're look at horror films. it's only a movie. what should you fear. nia: who is your idol in a horror movie. why do you like to see horror films.nia: hello my friends.. mita: my idol is Suzanna.

rina: we will create a dialogue about our idol. and now he began to infotainment rina. dian: who is your idol. let's start creating dialogue. let's create a dialogue now at my house. I am going to your house rina: okay. she is beautiful and graceful artist who certainly a lot of actors who are also interested in him.dian: hello rina. I'm waiting dian: what our dialogue tomorrow tasks rina: yes I forgot. okay. whom your idol. dian: Sherina Munaf is my idol. what the theme of the dialogue that we will create. rina: my idol is Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. . she's beautiful and intelligent singing. dian: okay.

sorry. ari: The first time he's come into play in the film () and in 2007 he became the Panasonic Awards Favorite Actor. may I ask. may I speak with ari ari: yes. what can I help herman: you voted as the fans who could meet your idol is dedi Herlino ari: wow it's a surprise to me. what you like about the dedi Herlino ari: yes. because he is handsome and good at playing the movie.herman: good morning. when can I meet with a dedi Herlino herman: tomorrow at 09:00 pm. herman: if you really idolized dedi Herlino. Herman: I think it is enough to answer all my questions. thanks ari: yes equally . I ari. What do you know about the dedication Harlino.

winda: maybe they will not come to play. long time not playing volleyball desi: be prepared friends. why have not they come up. because tomorrow we have a task at school desi: I forget. I like the style he's a strong smash desi: Safia Boukhima comes from where? winda: he came from Algiers . we will play in volleyball at school winda: okay. players who by the way you idols volleyball winda: volleyball player my idol is Safia Boukhima. I'll get ready desi: where another friend.desi: let's play volleyball friends winda and friends: okay.

Starting the 2010 season he moved to the MotoGP event by joining with Tech 3 Yamaha team in place of James Toseland. . age 27 years). USA. July 11. dino: thanks dimas. Tennessee. he's a professional motorcycle racer from the United Serikat.dino: hello! What are you Dimas: I was reading a magazine dino: What magazine are you reading dimas: motor racing magazine dino: Who do you like MotoGP racer dimas: my idol is Ben Spies dino: what you know about Ben Spies dimas: Ben Spies (born in Germantown.Ia a world champion in 2009 WSBK season with the team Yamaha Italia Racing Team. I learned also about the drivers. 1984.

yunni: okay. yunni: turns out he has it the name of our nation Sinta: yes of course yunni. He is also the chairman of the organizers of PON IV in Makassar. so that we can go with him. 1920 died in Makassar. water skiing and boxing . South Sulawesi. September 1. South Sulawesi. yunni: who do you like swimming athletes Sinta: I idolize yunni: What do you know about your idol's Sinta: (born in Barru. He is also the father of singer Indonesia. Andi Meriem Mattalata. October 16. I'll leave your home. 2004 at age 84 years) he was a prominent freedom fighter Bugis origin Indonesia which also sports figures in sports. Of his services be immortalized as the name of the stadium in Makassar Andi Mattalata Stadium. especially swimming. thank you for your time .yunni: good morning sinta Sinta: this afternoon whether you want to swim with me yunni: where we will swim Sinta: we will swim in Lumban.

Wilmar: yes of course. 1956. February 28. he is a boon to our nation Wilmar: Thanks for your time. good evening Wilmar: yes. When coupled with the tournament "grand prix" the other. because my own is not busy anymore faisal: starts from where we will talk. I feel I have to see tomorrow night faisal: I'll see you again . there is what you came here faisal: by the way may I converse with you.aisal: hi. age 55 years) is a badminton player who had always been a byword ever since he was able to challenge Rudy Hartono in the final of All England in 1976 in the age of 20. Wilmar: What sports do you like: faisal: I really like sports badminton. Wilmar: so he is a legendary athlete: faisal: yes. his victory Swie King into dozens of times. good evening. Wilmar: Whose your idol in the sport badminton faisal: I really idolize Liem Swie King Wilmar: How What you know about him faisal: he (born in the Holy. Swie King also contributed a gold medal at the Bangkok Asian Games 1978. Central Java. Then Swie King became heir to the glory of Rudy's most prestigious championships in that time with three-time winner plus a four-time finalist. and six-time defending Thomas Cup team. Three of which Indonesia became champion.

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