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293, KEHAR SINGH ESTATE, WESTEND MARG, SAIDULLA JAB NEW DELHI 110030 PHONE: 011 4050 6600 FAX: 011 4050 6666

6501 CHAURER ROAD, WILLOWBROOK, IL 60527, USA PHONE: 630 254 5038 FAX: 630 468 2361

Introduction to Tri-Tech
Tri-Tech is a preeminent water engineering, consulting, and management company. We believe in sophisticated systems to clean, move, control, and conserve water and the environment. We find innovative solutions to protect water at its sources, treat it to its highest standards, deliver it to homes and businesses and collect and treat wastewater before reintroducing it safely back into the environment. Tri-Tech specializes in technologies for the most complex challenges faced in municipal water, wastewater & sewage treatment, and solid waste management. We offer an array of technology when it comes to water treatment plants including pretreatment; demineralization systems; membrane systems including ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems; biological, physical and chemical methods of treatment or any combination of these processes; and also offer thermal evaporators and distillation systems for seawater applications. In addition, we offer chemical feeding systems, chlorination systems, water utility security, natural waterways monitoring, automation & control equipment and operations & maintenance services to both municipal & industrial clients through our various subsidiaries. Our areas of work include: Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment Sewage treatment Effluent Treatment Solid waste management Water supply Pipeline management Water quality monitoring Hydrological monitoring Drought/flood control Irrigation Reclaimed water reuse

Condensate Polishing System Boiler Cooling Water Make-up Odor control Tail Gas Treatment

Tri-Tech assists its various clients through effective software and hardware solutions in monitoring the natural waterways, tracking the water levels for drought and flood control, monitoring ground water quality, water resource use and management systems with software such as GIS, MIS, ERP, LAN, WAN and hardware including sensors, supervisory control, and data acquisition systems. Our team has a competent pool of technical and managerial professionals with 200 professionals in TriTechs team.

Tri-Tech Holding Inc. is US Company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as TRIT with project offices in USA, China and India. The company has completed more than 250 projects in the last few years. Our biggest clients have been the regional and local entities for municipal projects and our industrial clients are from power, chemical and petrochemical sector. Our office in USA is located in Willowbrook, Illinois; four offices in China including one office in Beijing, one in Yanyu and two in Tianjin; and the Indian operations are carried out from New Delhi.

Services Offered
We provide best value design, engineering, and construction solutions for effective municipal and industrial water/wastewater management, solid waste management, and air pollution control solutions. We are solution providers for developing environmental infrastructure technologies, engineering, design and implementation, automation control and instrumentation, solid waste management, air pollution control equipment manufacturing and system integration, general contracting, operation and maintenance and others.

The technological solutions offered include both software and hardware for controlling and monitoring numerous variables in the processes. Software MIS, ERP, and Local and Wide Area Networking Hardware Sensors, Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Supervisory control and Data Acquisition Systems

Water, Wastewater & Tail Gas Treatment

Water Treatment EPC of water treatment plants Sewage Treatment and Water Recycling/Sewage Water Pipeline Network EPC for sewage treatment plant. EPC for electronic automation and dispatch managing systems for cities Sewage water plant/recycling EPC for reuse and recycling grey water (non-industrial wastewater)

Bio-filtration Odor Control Systems (Patented) EPC for odor control systems to municipal wastewater treatment plants and pump stations Chemical Scrubbing Odor Control Systems (Patented Software) chemical scrubbing odor control systems for odor control in industrial wastewater treatment plants and processes Process Control and Monitoring System (Certified Software) for integrating entire water and wastewater treatment plants Sewage Treatment Operation Management System sewage treatment plant operation and maintenance management services

Water Resource Management

Drought/Flood Control YY-RTU-2000 Remote Terminal (Patented) specialized data acquisition and transition unit used for communications in remote areas Rainfall Monitoring and Data Processing WEB System Software (Certified software) WEB system software to monitor remote rain gauges and to process and report rainfall data YY-RTU-2000 Rainfall Measurement Software (Certified Software) specialized software package used for rainfall measurement in conjunction with the Remote Terminal and WEB System Software Small Watershed Flood Hazard Early Warning System systems containing software and hardware units used for small watershed forecasting Water Quality Monitoring Groundwater Monitoring and Data Processing WEB Software (Certified Software) monitoring groundwater levels and to process groundwater data YY-RTU-2000 Remote Terminal (Patented Product) specialized data acquisition and transition unit for communications in remote areas Water Resource Utilization and Management Irrigation and Agriculture Water Conservation System management of water resources for farms and local governments National Flood Control System for recognition of early signs of flooding Water Resource Equipment Monitoring System automatic system to allow customers to react quickly to changes in monitored flow rates and failures in equipment Municipal Water Supply Municipal Water Supplying Dispatch System automatic pipeline network system to monitor municipal water flow rates

A Few Prestigious Projects

Municipal sewage treatment plant engineering, procurement, and installation Grey water reuse plant engineering, procurement, and installation Municipal water supply plant and distribution pipeline engineering, procurement, and installation Municipal solid waste landfill engineering, procurement, and construction Municipal solid waste composting facilities engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial waste gas and wastewater pumping plant and equipment of the total deodorant package Odor control system engineering, procurement, and installation Wastewater treatment plant odor control engineering and equipment Tail Gas treatment engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse plant engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial dust collection systems engineering and equipment Industrial water treatment plant engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial effluent treatment plant engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse plant engineering, procurement, and installation Industrial waste gas and wastewater pumping plant and equipment of the total deodorant package Industrial dust collection systems engineering and equipment

Few Clients
Water Treatment
Kinmen seawater desalination project BMPJ PEMEX Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Shidao water softener system Nestle Waters North America Distiller Fortune Electric Desalination Plant PASCOY Reverse Osmosis Systems Nestle Waters Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Odour Control

Hebei Suning Sewage Treatment Plant Beijing Water Authority Gaobeidiang Sewage Treatment Plant Shandong Zaozhaung Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal plant Tianjin Capital Environment Protection Co. Ltd. Baodi Economic Development Zone WWTP, Tianjin TEDA Chemical Industrial Zone WWTP, Tianjin Zhongning Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ningxia Yangyuan WWTP, Hebei Tangshan Nanbao WWTP, Hebei Xian 3rd WWTP, Shanxi Yichang Shahe WWTP, Hubei

Solid Waste Management

HeBei Province Xinle City Govt., Xinle HeBei Province Suning County Garbage Landfill Co.,Ltd., Suning

Industrial Water, Wastewater, and Effluent Treatment

Hebei Construction Xuanhua Heat and Power Ltd. Ningxia Liupanshan Power Plant Tianjin Northeast Suburb Thermal Power Plant China Guodian Corporation Shizuishan Power Plant Shenhua Shendong Company Xinjiang Province Midong Thermal Power Plant North China Pharmaceutical Group PetroChina Jinxi Petrochemical Co. Wastewater Treatment Northeast China Pharmaceutical Group SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co. Beijing Hua Mei Polymer Co. Ltd. Shanghai Richina Leather Co., Ltd. WWTP, Shanghai Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co. Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Group, Co.

Chemical Feeding and Chlorination Systems

Sudan Khartoum Power Plant India West Bengal Dugabo Power Plant India West Bengal Sejati Power Plant

China Shannxi Guohua Jinjie Power Plant China Huadian Corporation Xinjiang Power Generation Ltd. CNPC Guangxi Chemical Company

Tail Gas Treatment

Beijing City Huamei Polymer Co. Ltd. Sino Petroleum Corporation Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

Strengths of Tri-Tech
Customized solution provider Integrated technology provider Stronghold with the Chinese governmental bodies Extensive monitoring and management experience Strong solution and management systems expertise Strong solution and service development capability Proven management with successful track record Client base across China 7 software copyrights and 2 patents for technology