Zombie Sightings By, T.

Patrick Rooney The following short stories were written for my friend Tory's blog called The Geelong Blabbertiser, you can find it here, http://geelongblabbertiser.blogspot.com/ ~~~ This is your roving reporter Patrick Rooney, I was walking down Malop street the other day on my second day of vacation in wonderful Geelong, Australia when I saw something so amazing I just had to write into the paper and describe the event. Sadly my boss here at the Irving Mythos Magazine had no interest in a story from so far away from his normal area of coverage. So I contacted Tory at the Geelong Blabbertiser and he said he was more than willing to run my story. I was walking down the sidewalk as I said and I was just across from this building that said 'Allpoints' on it when from out of the alleyway comes this woman. She is screaming and running as if the lords of hell were on her tail. The sheer panic in her eyes and the intensity of her expression made it quite evident that the woman was scared out of her mind. She runs straight into a light pole and with a crunching noise falls bonelessly to the ground. From behind her and around the same corner from the alleyway comes a shambling amiable hobo-type transient. He is a bit pale and I expect that is from

Such a wonderful day so far. I smile at the sight of such a good deed being done. Until then why not take a page from the old homeless guys book and have a picnic with a pretty girl everyone. Well. and I reflect on the event as a sign that truly this was an example of selflessness. Her muffled cries seemed to quiet down as he crouched over her and I suspect that she choked on some of the blood from her injuries as a pool of it seemed to spread around the pair as they lay there on the sidewalk. I will try to write some more of my adventures once I get back to my hotel room tonight. turning I continued down the street smiling to myself as the sounds of feasting rose behind me signifying that she was well taken care of and that they had perhaps brought out their lunches from their pockets and were enjoying a repast right there on the curb. well I am off to an Italian place called Romero's. or something for lunch. Enjoy. . Here was this old obviously partially disabled man willing to lend a helping hand to this screaming woman who has found herself lying on the sidewalk with a broken nose and what apparently was a partially smashed-in face from her horrific impact with the rather solid lamp pole.malnutrition and he staggers over to the woman and falls down on her evidently with the intentions of helping her to her feet or something.

I guess this is some sort of perfume or girlie fragrance that she intended to spritz the old man down with to avail him some dignity in his bedraggled squalor. Once again Geelong you have warmed my heart. There . I have no clue about the workings of the female mind so I will leave such conjecture to my wiser comrades. It was all quite an appalling social mishap when one of the girls took pity on the old fellow and approached him with her hands before her. which I can only guess have to do with one of their number stopping for a break when they must continue on. Well the women in the group were beside themselves at the sight of his appearance and they gave voice to many shouts of dismay and dare I say. T. Now at the point I can only assume that perhaps some of the kind girl's perfume had inadvertently gotten in his eye or something and then in a tangle of legs with girl hugging him. disgust as well. I am taking a quick break from exploring the park on one of the bench near the walking path when a group of people go jogging by some of the girls in the group were very pretty and I was admiring them when from out of the trees there suddenly sprang a strange old fellow who looked like he had not eaten in a few years he was so skinny and emaciated. the old loses his balance and he and the young lady fall to the ground. This seems to agitate the remaining joggers and they hurry away with many seemingly frightened cries. Perhaps these girls are on an athletic team together or something and they feel that the one girl is remaining behind to be lazy. The first girl gets to the old man and he quickly embraces her in a tight warm hug of thanks. I was walking through Kardinia Park after having some food at the wonderful Romero's and I was still on a spiritual high from my sighting of such a good deed being done earlier today when I happened across the weirdest ritual I think I have ever seen. Patrick Rooney Once again this is your roving reporter Patrick Rooney. The second young lady advances upon the embracing couple and holding her canister on high depresses the nozzle. Now I thought to myself there is a kindly and warm-hearted young lass so quick to poo-poo the nay-sayings of her friends and offer a hand in friendship to this old man in his misery. The old man's face is the target as I had thought is seems to have brought him out of whatever stupor he was in and he trashes his head back and forth quite vigorously.Zombie Sightings 2 By. So this young lady goes over to the man and another friend of hers stops from her jogging as well and removes some sort of long thin canister attached to her belt with a nozzle on the top.

Fully refreshed I leap to my feet and I hurry away toward my hotel which sadly was not inline with giving me a view of what I am sure was a fine picnic laid out by the once again friendly folks of Geelong. I will write you some more updates from my visit to your wonderful city tomorrow. Well I sat there for a few more minutes and can only suppose from the crunching and slurping noises the issued from that vicinity that the old man or perhaps one of the girls had produced some food and they all began to eat. A short time later another pair of people came jogging along with many cries of exclamation hurried over and stooped down where the feast was taking place. as I shall attempt to find the zoo. Cheers. There was another batch of screams and yellings and this was followed by some more sounds of feasting and then silence once again fell over the path in the park. .being some shrubs blocking my view of the ground I cannot see how they untangle themselves but it must have been quite a kerfuffle as the second young lady eventually goes over to assist and apparently falls over herself right on top of them.

there are a ring of them surrounding the fire pits and posts alike. They are not moving at all but the figures in the black robes are moving. Patrick Rooney here this time I am simply dying to tell you about the weird experience I just had on the beach this morning. It was all very weird.Beach Ritual By. and I had the thought that a moonlit stroll on the beach would be a perfect thing for capturing the spirit of the new year and perhaps catching some of the magic of Geelong in the process. and there before me is the beach the sun has not yet made an appearance and the street lights are gleaming in the darkness all up and down the Western Beach road as well as on Ginn St. These people are holding them and waving them around as they chant like some sorta synchronized fire team or something. Her hands are a blur and she spins and leaps and cavorts to the odd chanting of the robed torchbearers. I was completely and utterly lost and frankly I had no clue how to get back to my hotel and was there a taxi anywhere around? Oh. The pitch of the chanting goes down low and deep and becomes somewhat ominous as the circle parts and into the ring of torch bearers leaps a woman. Also. Up ahead I can hear a strange droning discordant chant and there are what appears to be several torches planted in the sand along the beach. They all have long billowing cloaks with the hoods up but most striking are the torches I had thought planted in the beach. Patrick Rooney Once again your roving reporter. let me say happy new year to everyone and I hope you got yourself sloshed and all that. . There are women chained to these posts and they are all in the buff and painted up with some sort of phosphorescent body art. She is decked out like a tribal shaman and her black tattoos are very well shown since she doesn't have a stitch of clothing on except a pair of well-placed feathers of some sort. Next to me is a spikey sculpture which I crouch down behind to get a bit of a closer look. T. hell no. Well first. So anyhow this woman bounds into the circle and starts dancing around the women on the posts and all about the fire. So I am heading down Ginn St. There is a huge fire pit dug in the sand and around it at regular intervals thick wooden posts driven into the beach. I stand on the edge of the road by the line of trees separating the beach from the boulevard if you will and I have to pause as take in what I am seeing.

The naked woman dances a bit more and then eventually slows and stops and then walks off in the opposite direction. All in all it was a very strange morning indeed. they are covered in sea-weed and appear to be rotten. I have to hand it to those actresses it is an amazingly convincing performance. .There is a ripple along the water and five figures stumble out of the surf. The robed torch wavers step back at the sea-weed guys get close and then clawed hands are pulling down the tender girls from the posts and there is violent screaming. The figures drag the women screaming into the water and are gone. the fellows stumbling and lurching out of the water are so emaciated and rotted that I would swear I could see right through several of them to the roaring surf beyond. The special effects make-up is rather good. It strikes me that this must be a movie set that I have stumbled upon and somewhere around here is a camera crew catching all of this and I certainly don't want to ruin the shot so I keep quiet. I honestly get chills up and down my spine. The torchbearers throw their flaming brands into the sea after them and then they start talking about heading out to get some coffee and arm in arm off they go.

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