A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1

Security Project Proposal

Name: Critical Infrastructure Protection

By: Spec Marvels International P.O. Box 51253-00200, City Square, Nairobi – Kenya Telephone: 020-232-9391 Email: Specmarvels@gmail.com

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A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1

Terms Used: GLS - Gunshot Location System

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A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1
Introduction Today the threat of terrorism has shaped the way organizations and even nations must look at the security of their critical infrastructures - the systems and structures that are vital to the smooth and safe functioning of our economy, society, and way of life, such as the country’s electrical grid, banking network, petroleum pipelines, embassies, State House, military barracks, etc. These are all areas where gun violence and terrorism is a real threat. It is very important that in the wake of terrorist attacks worldwide and Kenya being a recipient of some of those attacks, that all be done to ensure that all such infrastructures are given maximum protection at all costs. We therefore propose to you the installation of the Gunshot Location System (GLS). System Description The GLS is an advanced acoustic surveillance tool that gives you the ability to proactively monitor your facility for quick response and enhanced security against terrorist attacks, violent crime, and other potential threats. Based upon the same time-tested and field-proven wide area acoustic surveillance technology successfully used by law enforcement agencies for over 14 years, the GLS detects and locates the sound of gunfire and explosions used in an attack or other violence events. In this highly secure and effective security system, sensors are permanently attached to stationary objects allowing you to monitor and enhance security and safety within the protected area.
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A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1

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When gunfire or an explosive discharge occurs within a GLS coverage area, the system detects, locates, identifies, and classifies the sound in seconds. Alerts are sent to one or more consoles located in dispatch centers, command and control centers, and supervisor stations. Real-time location data is immediately sent to responding personnel, helping improve situational intelligence and safety. These alerts can be transmitted to mobile computers in-field via wireless IP networks.
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This is a Powerful Security Tool
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A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1
In security, seconds count and a delayed or incorrect response can cost lives. The ability to reliably detect, locate, and assess the first indications of an attack using firearms or explosives in real-time gives first responders the kind of rapid information needed for faster, safer, and smarter response. When integrated with a well-balanced security system, GLS solutions give security users the ability to take numerous proactive activities at the first indication of an attack or incident. These include: • • •
• • • •

Immediate geo-referencing to know exactly where incidents occur Automatically train video cameras on the scene of the attack Quickly assess the situation through audio and video recordings of the incident. Automatically alert security, police, civilian occupants and visitors of the danger. Share detailed incident data with local, state, federal police and security. Protect your organization and its people through rapid evacuation instructions. Reduce casualties and liabilities.

Benefits at a Glance: • Pinpoint Accuracy: Instantly and accurately detects and precisely locates the origin of criminal gunfire and explosions. • Faster, More Accurate Dispatch: Expert reviewed alerts give security and emergency services dispatchers and response personnel actionable incident data for accurate situation assessment and response. • Clearer Actionable Intelligence: Police receive actionable intelligence before arriving on scene, including shooters involved, number of shots fired, if or where the shooter is moving, and what their speed is. • Cost Effective Gun Violence Reduction: The system’s automatic alerting and information sharing capabilities reduce resources and time wasted monitoring and responding to non-critical events. • Ease of Integration and Affordable: All system generated multimedia and visualization data easily integrates with Next Generation emergency technologies and existing security systems including access control, alert systems, and video surveillance. Integration To Existing Security Systems The GLS can interface with complementary systems, such as access control, CAD systems, common operating picture systems, CCTV (video) surveillance, among others. The open and network-centric architecture of the GLS allows alert data to be exported in real-time to enhance existing system. System data integrates with and enhances existing security systems, allowing interoperable alert data to be rapidly disseminated, prompting automated responses, and multijurisdictional information-sharing for a more coordinated response.

Information Storage
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A Spec Marvels International Proposal 201 1
All incident activity is stored, preserving both incident specific forensic data and accumulated trend data for crime analysis, investigations, prosecutions, effective resource allocation, and after action review. Availability of The System: Readily available for installation as soon as we can get into a contract on the same.

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