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The AII Burxra Students* Demoeratic Fr$nt tABSlfF'}.

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th* lt:ag t*rm intt-rests of ti:e

ional rlemr:r'ratic revr:lution

i* Bur*ra.

p,,*pul;:r de*lr:*rati': :trugule of th* kgis$S:to *limiqate the cause* tlmt {'rrul{i **ri*rrniue th*



Surm;: a*rl the *,v*rpalh;., ag*l rttr:pcri ol i.he r'.''*rid popuiaee nt l:uge-

f*rbids caprti.rl ir*nishnreul al l*",'ell 1*'.s*:: &ecaltiqB lbe A*SCF eoi:tiit*tir:n ie',i,!ri*h it "}ti'i:r lliat of the {..esrtl*l {.I:r;utlitt*e r>i tire ;\BSiLF'
S,e*sgeigi$*t tir* ualxe r'ri :rii ilirni;rn ',!i g: g: * * *. 1'r ic's u.';-r r *,!1* i * s1 i h i.
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!ii* allri regretiiilg

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Errrn:a creat*ii bv

trcr* JSeing Suhjected tt: eeedti*3g-*i:r: th* de*i;:raiir:g urr f.h* Froi.*ctio* of Al1 Persons Funishm*fi1. adapt*d h5' tb* T<,rrture and {Jtirer Crriir:l. Inhumair *r Degrading Tre;ttment or Lieneral Assem[:13'of tht' t]N in its re*olutit:n *?452 i:isxi ilf 'r' i-]*cet'":l:+r lti75'
sturleEls and ti:*l tir* fu:I}a**iaixg, u,itir iii*:.easeii c,.rEiel'r ti:e if i:ti;'ii"", r,l tae Srass-rooi t-ti':lil r,.:*i:*ti{::i r:i't}:e ;li1i:g*.1 si:ir-:; tr,':ts t:li'l'i+ri'-'r.rt',r'i:i':+rii li:e kar:u'ledgs:i*tl tlit L''iii:'eli .\H\ lli I nrenrhr"ri;. Buf'e{ri$B tr;, lhe r*ll,s r,f ri:*
rrert'sir-iii}*r 1B:lngktk-i isstli:d i'rtt lite 1sl ful:il"cii includixg{'!l'l-'11"{''}s*ilil" r:f 15:jli+::erl S}-:t'i "pie-t

Iairrla riilit
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Re&Et*g alst: fo 1i-.rr' Pre:s Reie:rse
:irc sanie day-

ABSDfi groitl! riglled


Auag Htar: axd issu*ri

65 Br:urands imrne,Jiare ili.:r:tlnti*uaiir:n *l tlie pt*ceediags against the cth'r"r detention it Northern Divi*iott {AESDF). Appegls earne*tlv r:i the DABiace*rdapce with:11r: tegal pri:r:r'edings adopted by atl the *lemt':ers

siiil ulidtr
ease in

to tlre ifAB i Democratic Ailiatc'e of l-iurrnal to revierv this



I . rl

-,fl#tl" .*ri::.$r " i] .d{



Emphasizes the t-astthatwe are struggiing for democracy and human righls" not thart the words ,rgt tsn are being used only*a-s aiool to fight the Slorc aud that Human Right.s is for evbryone to practiee.


ts arvareof the alrnormally large nunrbersof pr-.opte invo!ved in the allegation and the slr'iftness cf executir:n with6ut the knowiedge and the cr:nsent of the higher rroult of the orgarization.

rhe abnorn:atitv and the erronerlus proe.edure of the case that rloes not rneution *a*s,irlciag proof that those executed were spies,


Emphasizes also the tact that Htun Aunq G1,au,. leailer of the alleged spies. was a !rl'r-rn'1in*n, student leader in the l-Ipper Burma students movemett.

Urg*s-the grass-rcot bases of democratic studenB anrJ people to be mare vigilant and iail prey ta the tactical trap t'rf tire Slorc and its accompiices.


i l

F.xprtssqq conceffir and anxiety over the tact that this case has created a black hlot on the tofai irn*geao*reputationof allAiiSDF members, asr,vell asthe reputationof the entiredemocratic movement in Burrna.




Central Leading Ctmrnittee {Chairman ilIoe Thee Zuni All Burma Students' D*mncratie Fmnt hlanerptaw Headquarkrs

ABSDF Tel:66-2-318 0593 Fax

66-2-318 869?

P.O Box42, Hua Mark P.O, Bkk 1CI243, Thaila*d











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