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well-stocked pantry
tools and materials

Substitution Chart
Design Recipes
Serving Suggestions
Creative-Tasting Party Planner

chapter one
artistic appetizers

Paper Dolls
Style Icons
Doll Variations

wo cook s in the kitch en :
the creat ive proce ss ( essay )

Crazy Papers
Kitchen Colorants
Scrumptious Squares
Heavenly Leftovers
Quick Color Recipes

chapter two
main courses

Reliquary Girls
Quilted Clutch
Mixed-Media Doll

Art Quilt
wo cook s in the kitch en :
what is “ mixed - media ”? ( essay )

Fabric Journal
Dimensional Collage
Watched Paint Never Dries
Peek-a-Boo Collage Book

Keepsake Box

chapter three
sweet treats and
special occasions

Art Game

wo cook s in the kitch en :
abou t each other ( essay )

Mini Collages
Cottage Cards

chapter four
guess who’s coming to dinner
(mixed media apron gallery)
About the Authors



everyth ing wor ks;
“If I cre ate fro m the hea rt, nea rly
if fro m the hea d, alm ost not hing.”

6˝ square canvas, at least /4˝ deep

3 1/2´ of 1/4-inch copper tubing
6˝ x 36˝ piece of fabric, matching
Copper tacks or screws
5 yards (or so) of copper wire for
wings and cage if you are making
the flying girl
Scrap block of wood for the base of
the standing girl
Photocopied image of a face, those
shown are about 4˝, but try a couple
of sizes to see which one looks best
Acrylic paint, two colors to complement the fabric as well as white and
One sheet of cardstock to complement your fabric and/or paint
Paper towels
Needle-nose pliers

—M arc Cha gal l

i just love these dolls. The niches. The
serious heads on the silly forms, the bent tubing limbs, and
the wonderful fabrics mixed with metals. They are built, not
glued together. They each tell a story from my everyday life,
not some dreamt up, wild, poetic tale. For me, they really are
an example of allowing the truth to spill from your artwork—
that’s where the soul comes from.
Throughout history, reliquaries have been created as
containers for precious artifacts of cultural significance. These
assemblage dolls might not hold any saint’s tears or king’s
toenails, but they can display odds and ends that you love to
look at. Those odds and ends aren’t doing anything for you in
the junk drawer. Might as well make some art with them.
The sitting girl is the original reliquary doll; I created her
for my husband, J.R. He marvels at how I can sew entire quilts
and purses and skirts from scratch, but can never seem to
find the time to sew on his buttons. “Sew what” in the niche
is actually me saying to him, “You want me to sew what? I’ve
got art to make!” The little thread angel is telling me to be a
good girl and sew on the stinkin’ buttons and bake a pie and
run the sweeper, while the thread devil is telling me to make
something frivolously cute.
When Cheryl saw these finished pieces, she asked me,
“what exactly did you tell the guy at the home-improvement
store that you were doing with all of the copper tubing?” I
laughed because it was my husband that really required all
the explaining. I asked him to help me with the drilling (keep
in mind, artists, that the copper wire and tubing are heavenly
to work with because they are very easy to mold), and boy,
was he ever full of suggestions and questions, beginning with
“why would you…” I thought about crediting him as my collaborator on this one.


mixed mania

Debbi Crane & Cheryl Prater

project gallery

clockwise from top left:
Dimensional Collage, Scrumptious
Squares, Cottage Cards, Reliquary
Doll, book from Keepsake Box.

clockwise from top left:
Fabric Journal, Art Game, Fabric
Journal, Art Quilt

mixed mania

Debbi Crane & Cheryl Prater

get your

mix on!

Mixed Mania features 20+ smart and sassy mixed-media projects

appetizers (starter projects),
main courses (full projects), and sweet treats (projdivided like a cookbook into

ects to make for gifts) for a fresh perspective on mixed-media art.
From artist books to assemblage, art quilts to art dolls, it’s all here,
plus how-to instruction on a variety of mixed-media, collage, and
surface-design techniques.

inside you’ll find:

F O 
ver twenty step-by-step projects laid out like recipes
complete with ingredients (materials), instructions (what to
mix, add), and tips (how it should look, taste, etc.) showcasing colorful, innovative collage and assemblage projects
created with a variety of ephemera and mixed-media materials, all with detailed how-to instructions and photos.
F T 
echniques include art quilting, collage, bookbinding,
assemblage, image transfers, paper art, and more.
F A 
n inspiring gallery of work by popular artists interpreting
the theme of the Apron in a variety of mixed-media.

Mixed Mania will appeal to established art makers seeking inspiration and to readers new to the world of mixed media looking for a
way to get started.

about the authors
debbi crane has been an avid book artist for many years and
has studied book arts at Penland and Arrowmont. Since 1998,
she has been teaching art workshops for adults in various fabric
arts, including the International Quilt Festival at Make-It-U, sponsored by Quilting Arts Magazine. She lives in Bedford, Indiana.

Scrumptious Squares,
Quilted Clutch

ISBN 978-1-59668-084-5
81/2 x 101/4
128 pages
November 2008

cheryl prater is a scrapbooker who began experimenting
with collage and altered books in 2005 after discovering Cloth
Paper Scissors magazine. She creates, blogs, teaches workshops,
and takes on other artful endeavors in Atlanta, Georgia.

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