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Hi, I have a part of the heart that I would like to ask you about, and some I will tell you about. I would like to start with a couple of points about the police violence that takes place against peaceful demonstrators in America, such as in Oakland the last few days. * Police shoot unnecessary smoke and tear gas against demonstrators peacefully walking along the road * Police also shoot bean bags, paintball bullets and rubber bullets on demonstrators. Without any confrontation. * For the arrests, then just take the people, without charges, strip your hands and put them in custody. 28Januar arrested 300 + * The way the arrest, is reprehensible, the surrounding people. Says that if they do not leave the place, they will be arrested. But when they try to leave. so they refused to leave, then arrested. Because they do not obey orders to leave the area. * They beat and kicked demonstrators lying down, after having been shoved to the ground. Persons with press passes issued by the Oakland Police Department is arrested for filming and events. This is one of the most critical points that took only the 28Januar demonstration in Oakland. I have spent many hours in front of the computer screen, seen live stream committed by private persons. And I've seen a lot of worrying. I just saw a video on youtube where a police officer used a power gun on a person who did something to it, before he was arrested, he was held down by two other police officers, then a 3 and shot him with a power gun. Will the memory of the UN-document A/C.3/66/L.44/Rev. "Promotion and protection of human rights", a document if Norway has helped to prepare. Much of that which seeks in the United States, pepperspraying of peaceful demonstrators, both fall 2011 and now is a clear violation on this agreement highlights the importance of facilitating the protesters and human rights activists will have the opportunity of a present his message. This is a country that appears to be land of liberty, then you should act like one. But the freedom to express their opinions to a more corrupt leadership, a leadership that slowly but surely take from American citizens freedom is not acceptable, it seems that, when referring to my new law, NDAA that President Barack Obama signed 31Desember 2011, while he holidayed in Hawaii NDAA National Defense Authorization Act. This law dictates that any American citizen can be arrested, imprisoned, without the right to a lawyer or any kind of help. and can be kept in prison indefinitely, if they feel this person is threatening the interests of the United States or make statements that are worthy of criticism against America. This law also goes against the Constitution of the United States. This I think is very strange, considering that Obama is a professor in the American constitution. After Obama got his Nobel Peace

Prize, he has subsequently been shown on several occasions that he is not a man of peace which he appears, I have been in contact with the Nobel Committee on this subject, and there I got no sensible answer, just that they do not return rates from people who have already received. Then I would like to ask any questions that I hope you can give me answers. Where is Norway going, in terms of NDAA law that goes against the Constitution of the United States? Norway has taken a position on the treatments protesters in the United States and get the impression you get at what I write above? Where is Norway in the case against Bradley Manning and his treatment, solitary confinement and torture?

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