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Peter High School

Semester 1 20112012

CPT Exam for

Students Name: Teachers Name:
Date: 2012 Exam Length 2 Periods Part A Part B Part C Part D Part E Total -

Mrs. Coveney
11:50 a.m. Monday, Jan. 31,

Materials Required: This exam (use the paper provided for any rough work), pencil, pen ruler, eraser, Graphing calculator (with the memory cleared), and the formula sheet at eh back of the exam

Part A
a. c. If a. c. e. If

(10 K/U)

Find the inverse of b. d. , then b. d. +

, then a. -2a-2b c. -2a-2b+4 b. 2a-4b d. 2a+b+4

What is the domain and range of the function in the graph? a. b.



Which of the following are the restrictions for the following polynomial: a. c. b. d.

Which of the following is the simplified version of a. c. b. d.

Which of the following is the expanded version of a. c. b. d.

Given the quadratic function vertex. a. c.

identify the coordinates of the b. d.

Whithout drawing a graph, identify the function that has 2 zeros. a. b. c. d.

Which equation does not have identites

a. c.

b. d.

Part B

(14 K/U)

Match the equations/expression/graph that are equivalent.

Vertex Form

Cosine Law

Quadratic Function

Square root Function

Magic Number

Sine Law

Reciprocal Function

Factored Form

Absolute Function

Standard Form

Linear Function

Part C
A ball is thrown upwards from the roof of a building 100m tall. The ball reaches a height of 120m above the ground after 2s, and hits the ground 10s after being thrown.
a. Sketch a graph that shows the height of the ball. (1 App)

b. State the domain and range of the function (1 App)

c. Determine an equation of the function. (2 App)

Ben plays a game in which he selects three different numbers from 1 to . After he selects his numbers, four different winning numbers from 1 to are chosen, one at a time. Ben wins if all the three of his numbers are among the four winning numbers. The first number chosen is one of Bens! His probability of winning is now given by
a. Simplify

and state the restrictions (4 App)

b. What would Bens probability of winning be if


(2 App)


(2 App)

To estimate the amount of usable lumber in a tree, Janelle must first estimate the height of the tree. From points and on the ground, she determined that th angles of elevation for a certain tree were respectively. The angle formed at the base of the tree between points is and and are 30m apart. If the tree is perpendicular to the ground, what is its height to the nearest metre? (5 App) , and

A ship is docked in port and rises and falls with the waves. The function models the depth of the propeller, , in meters at t seconds. Graph the function using a graphing calculator, and answer the following questions.
a. What is the period of the function, and what does it represent in the

situation? (2 App)

b. If there were no waves, what would be the depth of the propeller? (2


c. What is the depth of the propeller at

(1 App)

d. What is the range of the function? (1 App)

e. Within the first 10s, at what times is the propeller at a depth of 3m (2


A water balloon is catapulted into the air from the top of a building. The height, , in meters, of the balloon after seconds is
a. what are the domain and range of this function? (2 App)

b. when will the balloon reach a height of 30m? (2 App)

The value of a car after it is purchased depreciates according to the formula

Where is the cars value in the nth year since it was purchased. a. What is the purchase price of the car? (2 App)

b. What is the annual rate of depreciation? (2 App)

c. What is the cars value at the end of 3 years? (2 App)

d. What is its value at the end of 30 months? (2 App)

e. How much value does the car lose in its first year? (2 App)

f. How much value does it lose in its fifth year (2 App)

A spacecraft leaves an orbiting space station to descend to the planet below. The spacecraft descends 64m during the first second and then engages its reverse thrusters to slow down its descent. It travels 7m less during each second afterward. If the spacecraft lands after 10s, how far did it descend? (4 App)

Joel purchased a guitar on a payment plan of $17.85 per week for

years at

13%/a compounded weekly. What was the selling price of the guitar? (3 App)

David purchased some furniture for his apartment. The total cost was $2942.37. He paid $850 down and financed the rest for 18 months. At the end of the finance period, David owed $2147.48. What annual interest rate, compounded monthly, was he being charged? Round your answer to two decimal places. (3 App)

Part D
The function has been transformed to . Determine a, k, c, and d; sketch the graph; and state the domain and range for each transformation a. A vertical stretch by the factor 2, a reflection in the x-axis, and a translation 4 units right are applied to (5 T/I)

b. A vertical compression by the factor , a reflection in the y-axis, a

translation 3 units left, and a translation 6 units down are applied to (5 T/I)

c. A horizontal compression by a factor , a vertical stretch by the factor

3, a translation 1 unit right, and a translation 6 units down are applied to (5 T/I)

Simplify (2 T/I)

and state any restrictions on the variable

A picture frame measures 12cm by 20cm. We wish to add a border of equal width around the frame. The area of the border must be equal to the area of the frame. Determine the width of the border correct to one decimal (4 T/I)

Expand and simplify. (2 T/I) Given where the terminal arm of angle lies in quadrant 2,

evaluate each trigonometric expression


(3 T/I)


(3 T/I)

Determine the range of each sinusoidal function without graphing


(2 T/I)


(2 T/I

Write the equation that models each situation. In each case, describe each part of your equation
a. The percent of a pond covered by water lilies if they cover one-third of

a pond now and each week they increase their coverage by 10% (3 T/I)

b. The intensity of a light if each gel used to change the colour of the

spotlight reduces the intensity of the light by 4% (3 T/I)

Part E
Explain how the domain and range of a linear function are related to the domain and range of its inverse (2 Comm)

Steven found that two rational functions each simplified to two rational functions equivalent? Explain. (3 Comm)

. Are his

Jessica thinks she has found a simple method for determining the sum of the reciprocals of any three consecutive natural numbers. She writes, for example,

Jessica concludes that before simplification, the numerator of the sum is three times the product of the first and third denominators, plus 2. Also, the denominator of the sum is the product of the three denominators. Is Jessicas conclusion true? (3 Comm)

Given any triangle, there are two cases when the sine law can be used. Determine the scenarios when the sine law can be used and explain why it works to solve for the unknown sides and angles (4 Comm)

Given any triangle, there are two cases when the cosine law can be used. Determine the scenarios when the cosine law can be used and explain why it works to solve for the unknown sides and angles. (4 Comm)

Describe the transformations

(3 Comm)

What would be different if the same function was switched from a sine function to a cosine function (3 Comm) Describe the steps needed to graph the equation parent function using transformations (4 Comm) from its

a. Simplify

[2 K/U]

b. Simplify


c. Explain why the answer to part a. has fewer terms than the answer to

part b. (2 Comm)

What are the restrictions on the value of



Explain. (2 Comm)

Toothpicks are used to make a sequence of stacked squares as shown. Determine a rule for calculating , the number of toothpicks needed for a stack of squares high. Explain your reasoning. (4 Comm)

Emma wants to save money for her retirement. Her two best options are 5.88%/a compounded monthly or 6%/a compounded annually. Which option should she chose? Why? (4 Comm)


Formula Sheet