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1st Lesson: John 17: 10
2nd Lesson: John 1: 14
Golden Text: John 10:30
If the word was God and God
was word., it 1l1eanS Our Lord
Jesus Christ, the Father, the Holy
Spirit and all the creatures are the
word. Therefore we are all one;
because without word, nothing
can survive. The Word was made
flesh and dwell 3l11ong men. If the
word becomes man, it therefore
means that man is capable of
becoming the word. That is why
you are told to forsake sins.
Speak positive words and positive
things will manifest in your life
To speak positive words refuse to
make negative statements.
Revelation of The Word
of God

In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Now and forevermore, Amen.
I have an elderly brother who narrated a
. dream sometime in the family - of having
seen a ladder being fixed from heaven
down to the earth. There were people
dressed in white linen singing songs;
nobody could except those in
white. There, at the top where they all
to was a man and crowned
with an iron rodin His hand. My brother
said he wished he could join tliem, but as
one of them was trying todrive him 'away, the
seated at the top ordered "He is my
child, his own white linen should be given
to him." This was immediately provided in a
tray for him and, while putting it on, his
tongue started Singing the chorus those in
white were singing. We considered it a
mere dream manifesting only at the spiritual
realm. He eventually narrated the dream in
his office and a sister led him to the
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
On Wednesdays he will leave at night
only to come back on thursday mornings.
My earthly father became worried one day
and called my mother to ask of how they
COUld. ascer@in that mv was
actually attending church meetings and has
not joined suspicious, group of friends. My
father wondered which church worships at
night and not in the day time. A friend of
mine from Cross -River State had earlier
warned that I should inform my parents to
stop my brother from attending BCS for
fear of evil consequences. I sent a message
to my eldest brother in Lagos to come .
home. We all sat down in the company of
my mother and dissuaded him to stay away
from BCS. He bluntly told all of us that he
prefers Brotherhood of the Cross and Star
to the family. He revealed to me a message
he had been praying against on my behalf
as to him at Benin Bethel wherf he
was on ministry. This revelation touched my
mind. We were all weak and the meeting
On Good Friday 1982 - when the remem
brancE. of the crucification of Our Lord
Jesus Ghrist was generally being observed
in churches ( as we were all born Catholics)
the whole familyleft for the service I stayed
behind as , was tired having. returned from
work. I decided to take some rest. When I
eventually slept off, I found myself in a field
facing a part of the firmament opening into
two parts. A white man came out standing
on top of the map of the world almost lik.e a
ball underneath his feet. He was in a white
garment with a red wrapper round him. He
smiled at me raising His right leg on the
map of the world. He transformed im
mediately into a blackman in a red gar
ment. The right leg he placed on the map of
the world opened the object and he smiled
saying: "My daughter here I am amidst the
world" - He entered into this map. I trem
bled but he did not stoo. I found Him again
in a short white shirt and knicker. He said to
me: "I want to show you something", folloW
me. Even as I hesitated in following im
mediately, the vibration of the words that
sounded like the noise of the sea moved
me along with Him like a puppet being
controlled by electricity. He took me up
saying: "I created the land" and I saw
endless desert, "I created the sea and the
desert filled up with water", "I creat\ed the
trees" and magnific'ent trees grew in
stantly as well as the birds of the air .. The
birds flew out from the same trees. He ,took
me underneath the water and I saw pec.'ple
going on biessing singing "I will make y'ou
fishers of men if YOU follow me." Everyo,ne
of them putting their .faces down for .
accOf<iling, t6 them the king of kings was

.. . .... .
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Revelati'on'of The Word of God
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through. They offered me a seat which He
rejected saying that He did not bring me
there for that. We came out and I followed
Him as He walked on top of the water. At
, the middle 'of the water I said to myself, it
was Our Lord Jesus Christ that I heard
walked on top of the water - who is the
. one? Then he retorted that if I shake my
, faith further I will sink back I quickly held
myself again. It baffled me that under
neath my feet the flowing water was like a
rock as I step - in the Name of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, Amen. We came out at the
,bank, met choristers singing . the earth
shaking in some parts of the land they were
standing. A portion of the land opened
bringing o'ut a baby buried alive for sacrifice
oy the people of the village around that
area. And this baby stared at me and others
"Did you hear it Olumba reigneth for
CHORUS Leader Ok.lmba reigns
"Everywhere our Father reigneth forever
CHORUS Leader Olumba reigns etc.
Then I turned to Him that I had been
moving with and asked: what is the mean
ing of, this name; he repHed "Just call the
Name whenever you are in trouble."
I ,found myself in my village trying to
jump a pit prepared to bury a prominent
Chief They said somebody mus(be buried
before the Chief. I met this same brother of
mine in BCS crossing this pit easily to enter
our compound. I stretched my leg but the
pit became - look ina as if !
to fall inside. Then I remebered this name
and shouted Olumba help me O. I repeated
it the second time and my brother turned
saying: "stop
'caning the name ofthe Lord 1n vain." I' was
annoyed with my brother's statement and
forcefully called the three names together
OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU help me. Thunder:
storm struck covering the pit, and when He
f!nisi1ed, I suddenly saw my brother again
who warned me that neX\ time the three
names must be called as the three means
Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the name
of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
I found myself with the Father again
taking me into a magnificent building pain
ted white. A fat woman with white wrapper
welcomed me and opened the door for me .
I quickly read the inscription at the back of
the door she was opening written in capital .\
opening this door, a table was set already
filted with assorted fruits and covered with a
pure white lace. I couldn't wait for her to
invite me to the table as the One I came in
with had disappeared. I was just asking her
about Him when I was disconnected.
That weekend I requested my brother to
take me to that church. I remember I once
told him that if He converted the whole
members of the family that I will be the last.
He smiled and replied that fortunately
people like me will always thefitst. For
this reason I did not want to narrate I , all I
have encountered in the dream- to him as I
knew he would laugh at me. I simply told
him, "take me to that your church," and he
agreed. My mother felt sick thereafter. Their
Rev. Father came home to give her the last tl
Holy Communion. Eventually my brother
'took her to the BCS Healing Home, Ibadan
where the Father used Deac. Archibong \
and Brother Okon to work for her. She had t
since been healed. t
The entire family thereafter baptised into
BCS and now nobody finds me at home but
in the bethel after work.
Let thanks, praises, honour and g'iory be
to God forever and ever in the Holy Name
and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
and forevermore, Amen.
Thank You Father.
by Sister Victoria Ofuani
Ibadan - Oyo State.