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South Canton Scholars Charter Academy

6th Grade

Weekly Newsletter for January 27, 2012

Language Arts
Biography Project Timeline Students will need to locate one online article, one book, and one encyclopedia entry on their person.
Monday January All Sources Due *1 online source *1 encyclopedia entry *1 book 30th

Calendar Counts January

Girls Basketball January 31st 4:00 @ Achieve
African American Heritage Month February 2nd Chuck E. Cheese Night February 3rd Spirit Day February 6-10th Spirit Week

Wacky Wednesday Returns!

February 1, 2012
Doughnuts Bagels Juice Friends Laughter


Week of January 30th Students will work in class on 10 research notecards Friday, February 3rd 10 Notecards Due in MLA Format February 6th-February 24th Put Powerpoint together Week of February 27th Final presentations Friday, March 2nd Living Museum

NHA Academic Language

This week Features select words from


See you there!

Ecosystems Carrying Capacity Energy Pyramid Niches Photosynthesis Population Density Symbiotic Relationships Social Studies

Moral Focus

This month our Moral Focus is Perseverance. We are all working together to try our best and to never give up.

6 Grade has a new face


The Little Princess

We are pleased introduce you to. . .

Aristocracy Christianity Consul Crusades Enlightenment European Union Monarchy Monastery Pax Romana Pope Reformation Renaissance Tribune Candy Grams Student council will be selling grams next week for $1.00. See Friday Folder for more details.

College Ready
At South Canton Scholars, teachers are working hard to ensure that all students are college ready by the time they leave the eighth grade. This means that teachers work with students to provide challenging assignments, project opportunities, and enrichment. Students in the sixth grade are already on their way to being college ready!

The Little Princess currently resides in a 20 gallon tank in Mrs. Lees room and is in need of a new name. If you have a suggestion please submit it to Mrs. Lee.


Vocabulary and Spelling This week marks Week 7 in the Wordly Wise series. Students are starting to make connections between subjects by using their newly acquired words on a regular basis. Please encourage your student to start using these words on a daily basis in the proper context. Students have also stared to analyze the meanings of their weekly words through synonyms and antonyms. Grammar Verbs Its what you do! After a very successful unit on verbs, students will test and then make the move to adjectives. Writing Students began using their collected research this week to start writing 10 MLA style notecards. These notecards are intended to assist in the information gathering process. They will take this information and create a powerpoint to present to the class. If a student needs a flash drive to save work please see Mrs. Lee. She a donated collection of brand new drives to share with students. ReadingSQ3R Students used SQ3R this week to analyze their Time for Kids magazines


This week students worked together in small groups to write their very own Aesop fables! Students will continue writing into next week and turn their stories into scripts. Once completed, students will use their scripts to create original puppet shows that will be performed for the class. Plays will begin on Wednesday which means that every group must be ready by then. Students are learning how Aesop fables are still used today all around the world and they are incorporating their own fables in the moral focus of our school. At the end of next week students will get the chance to meet philosophers that have changed our world. They include; Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. They will discover what each philosopher brought to the ancient Greeks as well as people today.


Students in all three rotations have started their new units. Rotation 3 will continue to work on coordinate planes and formulas. Rotation 2 will complete their work on rational numbers and begin their coordinate plane activities. Rotation 1 has begun a new unit entirely devoted to operational fractions. Please be sure to check the website for the weeks homework assignments.

Remember to check the website at


NWEA Testing
is Complete!

This week marked the beginning of our Ecosystems Unit in Science. Students are analyzing the difference between individuals, populations, communities, ecosystems, biotic, and abiotic systems. They have worked on a sorting activity that included all of the above to help master the concepts. Unit Topics and Standards The Living Environment: Ecosystems The Living Environment: Food Chains and Webs Continuing Skills The Nature of Science: Scientific Knowledge The Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry- The Scientific Method The Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry- Data Collection and Analysis The Nature of Science: Scientific Enterprise- Science and Society The Nature of Science: Common Themes in Science


we start to complete the winter NWEA testing, students will be setting new goals for the spring. We tested once again in Math, Reading, and Language Usage. It is important that all students are putting forth their best effort each and every day in and out of the classroom. When they try their best it is reflected in both classroom assessments and RIT scores.