Day 1: Hw: Genesis 3 & Daniel 7 What was your first reaction to this passage?

How would you summarize this Chapter? What is the key verse? What questions are you left with after reading? (Min. 2 each) Why do people care so much about the topic of the end of the world? For what reason?

Psalm 103 Forgives your sins Heals Crowns with love and Compassion *Satisfies your desires * Works righteousness and justice Compassionate and gracious Abounding in love Forgiving The characteristics that are most powerful to me are the Compassionate behavior the lord has for us, and the Love he presents to us each day. We need to most be reminded of the way he satisfies our desires not always the way we want but it a way we need. (Note song by rolling stones)

2 Peter 3:8-15 He is described as patient, eternal, and keeping in his promise to his angels. The passage answers the question about how the world will end and what will be the fate of all humankind. This passage causes me to wonder about the Spotless, blameless and at peace with him life I must lead to be granted salvation by God on this day

at the appointed time.How does god allow innocent people to perish when he controls all things? Where is his compassion when he allows things like this to happen? Gods purpose for why the world will end? God promised in Genesis 3:15 that Satan would Strike Jesus but Jesus would Crush Satan Evil had always separated us from God God is not content with this reality for all eternity That is why. That no one dies and that the world over populates Day 1 Hw Genesis 3 key verse= Genesis 3:15 My first reaction to this passage was that it is explaining the reason that snakes serpents slither around like they do and the reason women have birth pains. without the hindrance of Evil Armageddon is a place in referenced in the bible. In Hebrew means mount Megiddo No record of a Mount Megiddo Rapture Earth under Fire-book People who believe that the world will end with goodness. This Chapter is telling why each other these things are like they are now and also why we harvest the earth for food. Fully. The Key verse in this chapter I believe is guarding . evil will be demolished and god s people will be unity with Him.

A couple questions I do have is how do Men exactly defeat these Beast in the future? Also why does the 4th beast no resemble an animal? Is it because it is the Roman Empire? Ten empires to come? Little Horn: make a list: what are his successes? What are his defeats? Journal Response: I think the reason that so many people are interested in the end of time is because know one knows. 10 A river of fire was flowing. ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. and its wheels were all ablaze. Day 2 HW: Journal: what is the most cultural attractive thing about cultural eschatology? What is the most dangerous thing about cultural eschatology? Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 . the bear represents the Persian empire. the ideas of meteors hitting and destroying the earth or the earth collapsing into itself go beyond the scope of any human mind because they have never come close to encountering anything like those ideas. His clothing was as white as snow. the hair of his head was white like wool. The key verse I think is As I looked. sometimes out of fear. I would say that this Chapter mainly talks about how God deals with all of these nations even specifically the Roman with the son of a man. His throne was flaming with fire. in the uncertain. As humans naturally are they seek to find an answer to things.the way to the Tree of Life a couple questions I have after reading this chapter is Why must god guard the Tree of Life? And also why exactly does he name her eve? Any significance? Daniel 7 My first reaction to this passage was that I was kind of confused on what actually each of the 4 kingdoms represented when talking about the Holy People but I would say that the lion represents the Babylonian empire. and the books were opened. There is not any clear-cut answer and people are always interested. Leopard is the Greek Empire and the 4th beast is the roman empire. The court was seated. even more when it is a conceptual lacking on the part of humans. coming out from before him. Thousands upon thousands attended him. Any idea out there to explain how the world will end is already too much for the human mind to grasp. thrones were set in place. Just like the fact that space goes on forever and ever. and the Ancient of Days took his seat.

Fire approaches the great new city. . The cycle would restart. evil. Journal Response: I think that the most attractive thing about cultural Eschatology is the uncertainty. No one knows exactly when the end will come and that is why it is so interesting to people. from the sky will come a Great King of Terror. and clothing. food. God cares for you to give you the simple needs like water. I think the most dangerous part of Eschatology is that many people often fall into the trap of not following scripture and believing in other ideas of theories. This causes lots of danger in Eschatology because of how people can be blinded by the different ideas. He has planted eternity in the human heart. The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.The passage shows that the rhythm of life is dependent on god. Nostradamus: 1503-1566 In the year of the new century and nine month. or enemy Mayan s notes: Mayans didn t saw the world would end. He controls when everything should and should not happen. They often fail to believe in the word they read in the bible when it tells of revelation and how it will occur. This teaching is timely because when it comes to revelation God will have given people there needs if they make there kingdom of god there primary concern. Also said that the Mayans had no way to predict the star alignment. but even so. people cannot see the whole scope of god s work form beginning to end Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus s teaching is that you should not worry about the things that are not happening today. This Psalm gives me the confidence that I have no fear when it comes to evil because if I praise the lord I will live in his house all of my living days which will protect me from any harm. Man is to live within what good wants. People also many different opinions for how the world will end and that is why people are always trying to explain it. Psalm 27 Yet I am confident that I will see the Lord s goodness while I am here in the land of the living . The uncertainty that when God comes and revelation occurs what will happen.

The little horn is of lawlessness.Beast/Dragon. Jesus is our connection to heaven and God. He will defy the Most High. has 7 heads. Trick people with miracles and signs. the homeless man is doomed to restriction. bears feet. 1 John 2:18 Thessalonians. 10 horns with crowns. He is going to try to change the laws that are set in with God. His defeats will be the Satan will be judged. Revelation. Satan s successes will include amazing miracles and deeds to mimic Jesus. The first sin is the worst one Q: If Adam and Eve were the ones who ate the apple than why are we punished? A: Our punishment is being apart from god. Flaming throne on wheels.White hair and rob. Revelation 13: 1-8. and a lion s mouth. Satan sold Eve the same lie/sin. Ancient of Days. He will set himself up to succeed and tear down everything about God. The ten horns symbolize the 10 nations that will come. The dragon is Satan. John. The multiple little horns show how there will be a rising of new nations and than their fall throughout the world. Q: why did the serpent tempt Eve when she was in the garden for so long A: Because she was promised the chance to be greater than god and there is always this lure to be greater than god. Human eyes and a mouth. The horn could use little lies to change the following of God. We inherited their sin. God is on wheels . Maturity is the loss of innocence. He will be destroyed forever.Antichrist. because Adam and Eve were not mature enough to know. We are still punished because Adam and Eve are seen as the mother and father of humanity. Looks like a leopard. on the last beast represents the growth of a new nation that and fall because of Satan. Satan knows this lie so well Hw. the antichrist. The beast is little horn. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10 title of LH? Description. Did God tell them not to eat from the tree because he wanted to protect them from seeing evil? A: Yes. of course is the natural symbolism of Satan The little horn. Make a list of the little horns successes and his defeats in Daniel chapter 7.Day 3 Q. His kingdom will be handed over to the saints The beast has the wound.

Daniel 7:28. Romans 5:3-5.our attitude should be to be patient for his return and not grow restless because God will judge you. God and struggles is what allows us to grow. The reason I ask these things is that it no only effects that person that is injured or dies but his/her family too. He doesn t make a big deal of himself. James 5:7-11. False prophets Famine and earthquakes False Christ People persecuted for their faith Perform great sings and miracles Nations rise up against Wars and rumors of wars . Signs that the REAL Jesus has come back.Daniel feels terrified from what he has thought. Daniel is filled with fear but decides to tell no one He doesn t know what to think after he has see the fight between God and Satan. Signs of the End of Age .Son of Man.Daniel 7:13 he is holy Mark 10:45 Jesus is here to serve not be served.we grow hope in our lives by enduring the struggles of life. Home Work: Matthew 24/25 Read Matthew 24:1-35 Record: warnings given by Jesus. Journal 4: My question is that if God truly loves his followers and protects them than why does he allow for innocent followers to die in such events like natural disasters? I ask this question because like in scripture it says that God is holding back evil in todays life until the time of revelation but than what about the evil of 9/11 and the death of the innocent followers that took place on that day. We gain that security and knowing that one day the great judgment day will come and we will be ready. We know that they are what help strengthen our character.

moo wont give light. Read Matthew 24:36-51 Compare to first verses. Treat everyone with kindness and always think of the lord in everything you do. Always be ready Talents: do not hide in fear and always try to multiple and spread goods word Sheep and Gods: you will be judged for what you have done to people and what you have done to god. stars fall. what attitude should we have knowing the end times are a reality? Matthew 25 briefly explains the main teaching of the parable. Are the messages complementary or contradictory? Record Jesus Warning After reading both. if you don t follow god than god will not recognize you.Don t listen to anyone that says look here is Christ Sun darkened. How should the teaching apply to our lives? . heavenly bodies shaken His sign will appear in the sky All nations will mourn 36-51 The 2 messages are in a way contradictory because 1-35 tells of sings of the end of times while 36-51 says how it will be when least expects No one expect the father knows Expect it when you least expect -Attitude Be ready Parables: 10 virgins: keep watch.

What do you think is the purpose of each thing present? A: God has authority over creation. With me growing up so quickly I want to know where I am with god so I can become that hot person. The 7 spirits also surrounded him. The 24 elders are the people who came before you. I think that I have an urgency to figure out where I am with god because that is the main point in life and my first love. David and Judah promised messiah. Rev 4: draw the throne in heaven and all the things surrounding it. Even something slain can be good. He was the only one worthy enough to open it.last seen when god destroyed the earth with a flood. 24 elders. The seven eyes are the 7 spirits or the Holy Spirit. The goat was able to open the scroll.alludes to Jesus. He also weeps because he is seeing heaven and not even the angels can open the scroll. Rev5: describe the scroll why does Jesus weep? Why does he react this way? Who is able to open the scroll? Why only he? Who has seven horns? What do they mean? A: There was writing on the inside and outside. Though I sometimes feel that I have doubts. which could make me lukewarm sometimes. He weeps because there was no one who could be found who was worthy enough to open the scroll. The rainbow.12 on each side. A broken a repentant heart. Phiippians 2 . the ox-work animal. I know that I am for god and definitely not cold. and an eagle-animals of flight and testify to gods word. The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples make up the 24. The 3 statements that are made by the 4 beasts are that God is holy. God wants a broken spirit. The lamb now has horns because the horns are a sign of authority and power. 24 elders and 7 lamps surround God.Journal 6: I believe that I am hot. Life only gets harder as you grow older so I want god with me to face those struggles and evils. Psalm 51 He says that not a normal sacrifice or burnt offering is what god wants.represents the human race. human face. The lion-head of all beasts. almighty and eternal.

you believe or you don t believe. God will protect you from the mighty sins and evil. Pascal Square: pundit square with god exists or god doesn t exist. He will comfort you when you begin to feel doubts. Devotional Day 7 Psalm 2:A wise king would submit to Jesus as the king of kings and to serve the Lord with reverent fear. Journal 7: Is there a part of you that is eagerly awaiting a part of you to be adopted into heaven? For me. Judgment. There life is perfect and I will be in Gods arms with a gracious life ahead of me. Judgment first on creation and than on mankind. and the 7th is complete destruction. + infintity and n if you believe or infinity and +n if you don t believe . there is a major part of me that is so eagerly looking forward to being one with God. He will destroy them. angels start it and act as messengers under God. the 6th is the whammy.Hw: The seven Seals: list what happens when each of the 7 seals are broken (6 & 8:1-4) The seven trumpets The Seven sound: describe what happens when each of the 7 angels sound their trumpets ( 8:4-9:21) Bowls: describe what tribulations come from the 7 bowls (16) (6&8:1-4) A: The first wave of judgment (8:4-9:21) A: The second wave of (16) A: How things manifest themselves before things get really bad Themes: number 7. I know that when I am adopted into heaven I will be entering into a pure and righteous life with God for all eternity. the first 5 are tribulations. Psalm 94: The Lord will support you when you are slipping.

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