THEORY The foundation for graphology is that a graphic structure defines a particular personality

behavior or trait. Handwritingpro's theory is that each graphic structure is generated from primary graphic elements. The four primary expressive elements are the baseline, the enclosure, the imposed structure, and the stroke. The baseline is the imaginary line that letters rest on dividing upper and lower areas while moving forward to the right. The baseline is used to divide vertical placement and to direct movement. Flipping the written page up side down, that is rotating the page one hundred and eighty degrees, is a convenient way to observe the baseline. The baseline represents reality, threshold of awareness, foundation for movement and living. Baseline patterns represent your attitudes towards life experiences and activities. Vertical placement above and below the baseline represents the division between your intangible and tangible values, between abstract and concrete concepts, between philosophical and physical ideas and between personal beliefs and personal relationships. The middle area is above the baseline to the top of the middle letters (i.e. the small letters o, a, e, m, n, u, v, etc.). The middle area represents your approach to basic needs of living and to your surroundings. The middle area describes your manner of understanding, learning, and reasoning. It depicts your self or learned viewpoints and how you communicate them. Horizontal movement along the baseline represents the individual's reaction to experiences, living values, time demands, learning (right motion- to advance, expand, and progress and left motion- to revert, constrict, and regress). The writing slant is defined as an angle formed by the baseline and a line segment generated from an upstroke above the baseline. The line segment is constructed from an initial point at the baseline intersection and the second point by its upper highest inflection point. The upstroke cannot be a final stroke or the final of a circle. The slant represents emotional responsiveness or reactions to immediate circumstances and/or inner feelings.

An enclosure is formed when a line or lines border an area. An enclosure represents
imagination, concept enlargement, and idea expansion. There are three basic forms of enclosures- the loop, the circle, and the stem. A loop represents self-generating concepts. There are upper and lower vertical loops. An upper loop is formed by a line enclosing an area by starting forward and upward, moving backward, and returning forward and downward with the crossing strokes at the baseline. The letters e and l are examples of a middle and an upper loop, respectively. A lower loop is formed by a line enclosing an area by starting forward and downward, moving backward, and returning forward and upward with the crossing strokes at the baseline. The lower second part of the letters g and y are examples of lower loops. An inverted loop is an enclosure where the stroke crosses vertically away from the baseline. The non-crossing line segment rests on the baseline.

A circle represents other viewpoints or external generated concepts. A circle is formed by a line or lines enclosing an area by starting backward and downward, moving forward, and returning backward and upward meeting or touching at the top. The joined apex points vertically upward. The letter o and the letter a are examples of middle circles. The lower second parts of the letter f and of the letter q are examples of lower circles. An inverted circle is an enclosure where the meeting strokes are joined at bottom pointing downward. The letter s and the buckle in the letter k are examples of inverted circles. A dangling enclosure does not intersect the baseline. A proportional enclosure follows the "golden ratio" principles and contains balance and symmetry. Phi (pronounced fi rhymes with fly) and phi (pronounced fee) are two mathematical numbers occurring in many relationships throughout nature and the universe. Phi and phi ratios can also be found in handwriting. The average vertical height or writing size is approximately one half inch (~0.52"). The average vertical middle circle and loop height is approximately a tenth of an inch (~0.1"). The average vertical height for upper loops, lower loops and lower circles is approximately a quarter of an inch (~0.26"). The vertical and horizontal dimension, the diameter, for proportional middle circles (i.e. the small letter o) is approximately a tenth of an inch (~0.1"). The letter o can be viewed as a golden ratio of 1 for vertical and horizontal dimensions. The vertical and horizontal measurements for a proportional middle loop (i.e. the small letter e) is approximately one tenth (~0.1") and ~0.06 of an inch, respectively. For the letter e, the golden ratio for the vertical height and horizontal side is one divided by phi. The proportional lower circles and lower loops have exactly the same vertical and horizontal ratios. Upper loops have the same golden ratios as lower loops. The vertical and horizontal dimensions are approximately a quarter of an inch and a tenth of an inch, respectively (~0.26" and ~0.1"). The golden ratio is Phi + 1 divided by 1. The typical maximum width of a proportional upper loop is located phi or 0.06 inch down from the loop's top. The maximum width of a lower loop is located phi or 0.06 inch up from the loop's bottom. The maximum width for upper loops and lower loops are equidistance from the baseline, approximately 0.2 inches. The total height of the upper or lower loops is approximately 0.26 inch or 1 + Phi. The total height, 1 + Phi, is also equivalent to 1 + 1 + phi because Phi is equal to phi + 1. It is worth noting that for the trait indicating practical goals, the t-bar placement is approximately 0.2 inches or three quarters up crossing the t-stem from the baseline. The golden ratio for t-bar placement on the t-stem relative to the baseline is 2 divided by 1 + Phi which is the same distance for the maximum width for the upper loop.

The imposed written structures control conventional order. The stem is an imposed structure
or taught pattern and represents relative learned standards for behavior. A stem is formed by an enclosure that is taught to be restrictive. Learned retraced closed loops of the letters t, d, p, and i are stems. Other imposed patterns in writing represent relative group standards. A period followed by a capital letter is an imposed interruption with an expanded taught structure. Starting at the upper left, moving to the right, then downwards left to right is an imposed direction for filling in a written page. Spaces allotted to margins are imposed. Your signature is imposed.

Each trait depicted in the GLOSSARY follows this coherent theoretical foundation and has been empirically validated by Stephen Bongiovanni. The thinnest fastest stroke is a straight forty five degree line moving up to the right where the fingerthumb controls the vertical and the wrist the horizontal motions. direction. duration. downward towards bottom. pressure and acceleration. The stroke's color contrast relative to the writing surface represents sensory discrimination. Trait intensity is determined by the quality of the graphic stroke-structure pattern and it's frequency of occurrence. The secondary affects on speed are grip pressure. The stroke's pressure represents intellectual vitality. respectively. pen point rotation. Each character trait is explained by the graphic structure definition. The writer is constantly adjusting the velocity function with changes in the stroke's length. Each graphic sign has a specific distinct value. This is the point where the line changes its direction and its slope. . thinking. energy flow. and pen point pressure to the paper. Pressure is defined by how much force you apply to the writing surface with the writing instrument and not the hand grip pressure. To define a measurement unit or units is extremely difficult even with the aid of a computer's writing pad to capture the process. Pressure is how hard you press down on the paper.The stroke depicts life force. It appears that the writer subconsciously maintains a maximum stroke velocity with a superimposed variable oscillating profile. The basic unit of measurement is not the letter which makes it difficult for computer aided reading of handwriting. Pressure indicates the capacity for vigorous activities. The stroke's thickness represents sensory capacity. Writing speed is controlled by the individual's physiological clock. An upstroke from and a downstroke to the baseline represent the subconscious and the conscious response to maintain life movement. sexual passion. and libido. Writing size represents the difference between inner and outer control of attention. The line's transition represents the degree of flexibility and cognizance awareness. and reactions. forward towards right and backward towards left. physiological energy. and emotional intensity. pen slant to the paper. Fast writing is a catalyst to inner energy enhancing rapid movement. Each defined behavior is represented graphically and must adhere to the described graphic principles. distance of the pen hold to the pen point. The stroke's transition is defined as the point of inflection. The stroke's straightness represents a firm approach whereas curve a soft approach. Stroke directions on a page are defined as upward towards top. It cannot represent a different or opposite meaning.

accuracy oriented -I-DOT CLOSELY PLACED OVER I-STEM AUTONOMOUS follows own convictions. inability to forgive and forget. hostile. VERTICAL STRAIGHT UPPER DOWNSTROKE WITH EQUALLY BALANCED STRAIGHT HORIZONTAL STROKES CONNECTED AT TOP AND BOTTOM SITTING ON BASELINE BELIEVER maintains strict adherence and intolerant devotion to a creed or philosophical . evaluates information and supporting patterns -V-WEDGES FOR MIDDLE M. quick to notice and reveal a difference of viewpoint or opinion. balances self-directed values with moral actions. NBOTTOM BASELINE INTERSECTIONS ANTAGONISTIC alertness of being taken advantage of or of losing. ability to recall information. temperance -NARROW LINE WIDTH ACQUISITIVE likes to own and have possessions -INITIAL HOOKS ON A HORIZONTAL STROKE ADAPTABILITY TO STRESS an elegant balance of one's needs and demands of others -PRINTED LETTER S-SHADING DOWN STROKE ABOVE THE BASELINE AESTHETIC TASTES appreciates creative artistry and structural systems -PLAIN PRINTED CAPITALS AGGRESSIVE quickly grasps opportunities for advancement -LONG LOWER BREAKAWAY UPSTROKE CROSSING OR REACHING THE BASELINE ANALYTICAL THINKING sorts and separates information in assessing their value. THREE VERTICAL STRAIGHT UPPER DOWNSTROKES EQUALLY SPACED ON TOP OF STRAIGHT HORIZONTAL STROKE ATTENTION TO DETAILS accounts for all minor parts. cannot be led -PRINTED SIMPLE BLOCK CAPITAL I WITH SERIFS. feels need to state own opinion -HIGH INITIAL UPPER STROKE OF P-STEM ARTISTIC INDEPENDENCE judges self-importance by creative surroundings -PRINTED SIMPLE BLOCK CAPITAL M.TRAIT GLOSSARY ABSTEMIOUS limited capacity for indulging appetites. ready to retaliate and win -LONG INITIAL STRAIGHT FORWARD UPSTROKE FROM OR THROUGH BASELINE ARGUMENTATIVE readily debates any issue.

appreciates freedom for mental and/or physical activities -LARGE DISTANCE BETWEEN LINES CLOSE-MINDED not willing to listen or tolerate other opinions or learned viewpoints -NARROW MIDDLE O-CIRCLE COMMUNICATIVE readily conveys information or feelings. suggestible to a particular object attachment or fetish -SMALL DANGLING LOWER CIRCLE CLARITY OF THOUGHT surveys life activities and avoids confusing or entangling them.value -TRIANGULAR UPPER LOOP BIASED rigid self-viewpoints. dogmatic -TRIANGULAR MIDDLE E-LOOP BLUNT brings matters to a conclusion and thrusts it upon others -INCREASINGLY HEAVY DOWNWARD/FORWARD MIDDLE FINAL BROADMINDED liberal self-viewpoints. DESIRE FOR restless to shift or get out of a specific real situation -LONG LOWER DOWN STROKE CHIDES SELF scolds self for plans that did not happen. talkative -OPEN TOP MIDDLE O-CIRCLE COMPREHENSIVE THINKING keenly alert to and the rapid grasp of situations or information. free of bigotry -WIDE MIDDLE E-LOOP CAJOLE can be coaxed with flattery or false promises -INFLATED I-STEM CAUTIOUS alertness to potential trouble -LONG FORWARD HORIZONTAL LINE FINAL ABOVE OR ON BASELINE CAUTIOUS. excludes and rejects others from the relationship. suggestible to object attachment or fetish -SMALL DANGLING LOWER LOOP CLANNISH. EXCLUSIVE meticulously distinguishes and separates a friend or close companion. N-TOPS CONCENTRATION focuses attention on one activity ignoring all other influences -SMALL WRITING . CHRONIC habitual alertness to potential trouble -LONG FORWARD HORIZONTAL WORD FINAL ABOVE OR ON BASELINE CHANGE. but could have -DOWNWARD BACKWARD T-BAR CLANNISH meticulously distinguishes and separates a friend or close companion. understands information -NEEDLE-LIKE POINTED MIDDLE M.

CONFUSION OF INTERESTS simultaneously pursues too many mental and/or physical activities. DOUBLED. misuse of power. INTENTIONAL deliberately misleads others -INITIAL AND FINAL. N-TOPS PARALLEL TO BASELINE WITH SHARP ANGLES TO VERTICAL STROKES COVETOUS inordinate desire for another's possessions and presence -NARROW SPACING BETWEEN WORDS CULTURAL REFINEMENT integration and discrimination of creative artistry and structural systems into one's mode of living -MIDDLE LETTER PRINTED AS CAPITAL CUMULATIVE THINKING slowly accumulates information. N-TOPS CYNICAL. expects the worse to happen -DOWNWARD WORD BASELINE DESPONDENT desperately wants involvement in the affairs of others. seeking help -BACK FILLED-IN HORIZONTAL MARGINS DETACHED wants separation from the affairs of others or the group -WIDE HORIZONTAL MARGINS DETERMINATION completes a delegated job. abusive government. BELLIGERENT looks for injustice and exploitation in human relationships and activities -INVERTED LOWER CIRCLE DECEIT. unfair control. arranges information into logical step-by-step sequences -ROUNDED OR FLAT MIDDLE M. does not vacillates -ABRUPT ENDING DEFIANCE looks for injustices. cannot handle abstractions -INTERMINGLING BETWEEN LINE EXTENSIONS CONSTRUCTIVE builds with repetitive small parts. finishes tasks and projects -STRAIGHT LOWER DOWN STROKE . D-STEM DEPRESSION consistently takes a dim outlook on life. LOOPS WITHIN MIDDLE O-CIRCLE DECISIVE brings matters to a conclusion. goal to make -STRAIGHT FLAT MIDDLE M. prejudices -FORWARD INVERTED UPPER CIRCLES DEGENERATIVE EXHAUSTION a physiological disturbance interfering with one's mental process -STROKE PRESSURE SKIPS DELIBERATE approaches situations of conduct in a slow leisurely manner -HUMPED T.

D-STEM DIPLOMACY unobtrusive in influencing others. . tactful -TAPERING OR DECREASING HEIGHT OF M. ABSTRACT expands and elaborates on a philosophical idea in a contorted or perverse manner -DEFORMED UPPER LOOP DISTORTED IDEAS. manners matter -RETRACED T. CONCRETE expands and elaborates personal relationships and physical surroundings in a contorted or perverse manner -DEFORMED LOWER LOOP DIVERSIFIED BELIEFS liberal philosophical values. m-SECTIONS ABOVE BASELINE DIRECT operates efficiently and only with fundamentals -INITIAL STRAIGHT MIDDLE/ UPPER AREA DOWN STROKE TO BASELINE DISTANT GOALS directs one's efforts towards long range objectives -T-BAR ON TOP OF T-STEM DISTORTED IDEAS.DICTATORIAL controls others and imposes obedience -INCREASINGLY HEAVY DOWNWARD/FORWARD T-BAR DIGNITY conduct conforms to proper prevailing customs. MUCH AVAILABLE possesses strong libido and passions. susceptible to various religious concepts -INFLATED UPPER LOOPS DOMINATION drives others and demands obedience -HEAVY DOWNWARD FORWARD T-BAR DOMINEERING orders others and expects obedience -TAPERING DOWNWARD FORWARD T-BAR EGOISM justified confidence in one's importance in relation to others -AVERAGE CAPITAL HEIGHT EGOTISM excessively high regard of one's importance in relation to others demonstrated through arrogance -TALL CAPITAL ELBOWROOM wants separation from another's possessions and no infringement on personal space -WIDE SPACING BETWEEN WORDS EMOTIONAL CONFINEMENT severely limits or shows feelings -NARROW LETTER SPACING EMOTIONAL DISPLAY readily and excessively shows feelings -WIDE LETTER SPACING EMOTIONAL INTENSITY.

expects improvement -CURVING UPWARD LINE BASELINE EVASIVE uses trickery to escape an issue -EXTRA STROKES WITHIN AND ENTERING THROUGH TOP MIDDLE O-CIRCLE EXTRAVAGANCE ignores the danger of taking chances. N. CHANGING inconsistent reactions to immediate circumstances and to inner feelings (emotional memories). unrestrained spending of possessions -WIDE HORIZONTAL SPACING BETWEEN LETTERS FACETIOUS inappropriate humor -EXAGGERATE INITIAL WAVY UPPER AREA DOWN STROKE .abundance of available energy and vitality. LITTLE AVAILABLE possesses weak libido and passions. VERY ACTIVE expends all available energy -MUCH PRESSURE VARIATION ABOUT AVERAGE PRESSURE EMOTION INTENSITY. SLIGHTLY ACTIVE expends little available energy -LITTLE PRESSURE VARIATION ABOUT AVERAGE PRESSURE EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. unstable -MUCH VARIATION IN THE SLANT OF MIDDLE/UPPER BASELINE CONSECUTIVE UPSTROKE EMPHATIC brings matters to a strongly marked conclusion with certitude. spends lavishly. reactive -LIGHT AVERAGE STROKE PRESSURE EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. R-TOPS WITH SHARP ANGLES TO VERTICAL STROKES EUPHORIA displays lighthearted cheerfulness and exaggerated elation. STABLE consistent reactions to immediate circumstances and to inner feelings -LITTLE VARIATION IN SLANT OF MIDDLE/UPPER BASELINE UPSTROKES EMOTIONAL RESPONSIVE. scarcity of available energy and vitality. proactive -HEAVY AVERAGE STROKE PRESSURE EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. convinced that the best conditions are inevitable. needs excessive rest periods -LARGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AVAILABLE ENERGY (PRESSURE) AND ACTIVE ENERGY (PRESSURE VARIATION) EMOTIONAL RESPONSIVE. does not vacillate -INCREASINGLY HEAVY STRAIGHT DOWNWARD FINAL ABOVE BASELINE ENGINEERING AWARENESS understands creative artistry and constructions -INITIAL SPIKE WITH STRAIGHT FLAT MIDDLE M. STORED amount of energy and vitality held in reserve.

unfair control. absentminded -MISSING I-DOTS FORGETFUL inability to recall information or planned action. expresses abstract concepts and thoughts utilizing concrete descriptions -FIGURE 8 STRUCTURE PASSING THROUGH BASELINE UPPER PROPORTIONAL CIRCLE COMPLETED BY AND ATTACHED TO A LOWER PROPORTIONAL LOOP FOOT-TAPER feels the urgency to grasp opportunities of advancement -SHORT STRAIGHT FORWARD BREAKAWAY UPSTROKE FROM A LOWER STROKE NOT REACHING THE BASELINE FORESIGHT projects into the future a sense of proportion regarding worldly matters. money. wants to be considered a leader and the authority -LARGE CAPITAL IN MIDDLE OF WORD FLUIDITY the smooth transition from one word. DESIRE FOR attaches self importance relative to surroundings. . things) -LONG CURVED ATTACHED UP/FORWARD BASELINE FINAL GRACEFUL an easy natural elegance capable of evoking delight -PRINTED LETTER SSHADING UPSTROKE ABOVE THE BASELINE GULLIBLE ignores injustices. thought. ABSTRACT the exaggerated expansion and elaboration of an idea producing an unreal philosophical value -INFLATED DANGLING UPPER LOOP FANTASY. D-STEM FRENZY dissipation of energy through chaotic actions -ERRATIC AND BIZARRE STROKE DIRECTION AND SPACING GENEROSITY readiness to share with others (time. strict adherence to proper prevailing conventions -TRIANGULAR T. abusive government. absentminded -MISSING T-BARS FORMALITY pays strict attention to what is prescribed by custom. misuse of power. or action to another. energy. capable of resourceful and perspective -LOWER PROPORTIONAL CIRCLE WITH AN UP AND DOWN STROKE BALANCE FORGETFUL inability to recall information.FANTASY. sympathy. CONCRETE the exaggerated expansion and elaboration of an idea producing possibilities for an unreal situation -INFLATED DANGLING LOWER LOOP FAULT FINDER draws attention to the contrast between reality and assumed values -LARGE INITIAL UPPER AREA DOWN STROKE TO BASELINE FLEXIBLE MENTALITY easily follows the subject at hand -SMOOTH MIDDLE-UPPER AREA CONTOUR FIGUREHEAD.

indifferent to feelings -STROKE-MIDDLE/UPPER AREA BASELINE UPSTROKES SLANTED EXTREMELY FORWARD (0-20 DEGREES) IDEALISM maintains rigid criteria for choosing ethical standards -TALL NARROW UPPER LOOP IDIOSYNCRASY contrasts self from others by having eccentric.influenced by the emotional content of situations and of feelings -MIDDLE/UPPER BASELINE UPSTROKES SLANTED FORWARD (20 TO 55 DEGREES) . twitch. speech defect. ILLUSIVE allows an escape from any issue taken -FINAL STROKE OF CIRCLE PASSES BACKWARD AND OVER MIDDLE O-CIRCLE HENOTHEISM meticulously distinguishes one faith and excludes other beliefs. actions based more on emotions than reason . and different qualities -CIRCLED I-DOT IMAGINATION expands and elaborates upon an idea.prejudices. visualizes images -LARGE ENCLOSURES IMPATIENCE eager to act with no delay. odd. excitable. short lived gesture. or rest period -MOMENTARY INCREASE IN PRESSURE DURING STROKE MOVEMENT HUMILITY excessively low regard of one's importance in relation to others -SHORT CAPITAL HUMOR provokes amusement from the contrast between reality and assumed values -INITIAL WAVY UPPER AREA DOWN STROKE HYSTERIA overly reacts to immediate circumstances and loses touch of inner feelings. loses control. suggestible to religious obsession -SMALL DANGLING UPPER LOOP HESITATION mentally pauses before moving on -INITIAL MOMENTARY INCREASE OF PRESSURE PRIOR TO STROKE MOVEMENT HESITATION. influenced by the emotional content of situations. wants speed up activity or thoughts. enlarges concepts. INVOLUNTARY inadvertently pauses before moving on usually indicated by a stutter. wants speed up activity or thoughts -I-DOT TO RIGHT OF I-STEM IMPATIENCE eager to act with no delay. exaggerates and amplifiers an idea. plans to immediately finish things -T-BAR TO RIGHT OF T-STEM IMPULSIVE readily reacts to immediate circumstances and/or inner feelings. victim predisposition -FORWARD INVERTED UPPER CIRCLES OPEN AT BOTTOM HEDGES.

carefree. alpha male. wants to learn and to explore -INVERTED V-WEDGES MIDDLE M. HARMONIOUS sense of proportion. INTANGIBLE. N-TOP IRRITABILITY easily annoyed by minor or momentary disturbances -JAB LIKE I-DOT ISOLATION wants to be detached from human relationships and activities which directly influences others -SINGLE DOWN STROKE FOR LOWER LOOP JEALOUSY wants to be important and the only "big shot". and should be doing -UPWARD FORWARD T-BAR LINE VALUE. coordinates thoughts and plans -PROPORTIONAL UPPER LOOP WITH AN UP AND DOWN STROKE BALANCE . believes circumstances happen by chance or is accidental -DOWNWARD THEN UPWARD LINE BASELINE INTRUSIVE wants involvement in the affairs of others or the group -NARROW HORIZONTAL MARGINS INTUITIVE sudden insight without apparent evidence or verification.INDECISIVE vacillates. can see balance and symmetry in philosophical matters. D-STEM HEIGHT INHIBITED restrains action with unnecessary burdens -STRAIGHT BACKWARD DOWNWARD UPPER STROKE INSOUCIANT ATTITUDE unconcerned. cognizance of fundamental truths -BREAK IN CONNECTION BETWEEN LETTERS. and activities -CHOPPY MULTIPLE DIRECTIONAL BASELINE LACKADAISICAL PURPOSE makes light of self objectives -WAVY T-BAR LAID-BACK feels no urgency to do things -SHORT STRAIGHT BACKWARD BREAKAWAY UPSTROKE FROM A LOWER STROKE NOT REACHING THE BASELINE LIGHTHEARTED expects plans to just happen. STROKE LIFTS AND RETURNS IN DIFFERENT DIRECTION INVESTIGATIVE THINKING searches for originals sources. does not bring matters to a conclusion -FADING FINAL INDEPENDENCE conduct unshackled by established customs -SHORT T. interests. or top dog -INITIAL SMALL DANGLING UPPER AREA INVERTED LOOP KALEIDOSCOPIC NATURE unpredictably and sporadically changes attitudes. aware of harmony or lack of. fall into place.

A CONSCIOUS BREAK IN THE WRITTEN MESSAGE LOW GOALS self-underestimation. HARMONIOUS sense of proportion. keeps to plans -BALANCED FENCLOSURES. indifferent to the emotional content of situations and of feelings -MIDDLE/UPPER BASELINE UPSTROKES SLANTED VERTICALLY (55-90 DEGREES) OBSTINATE pigheaded. severely limits objectives by consistently underrating what one can accomplish -T-BAR CROSSES 1/3 UP ON T-STEM LOYALTY a belief that one should adhere to a principle -PIN LIKE I-DOT MUNDANE. action based more on reason than emotion. gets distracted with attention -LARGE WRITING OBJECTIVE DETACHMENT does not readily react to immediate circumstances or is not influenced by inner feelings. stubborn -INVERTED V WEDGE WIGWAM LIKE T. impartial. can see balance and symmetry in personal relationships and in physical surroundings. limited self viewpoints. desires balanced outlook. DESIRE FOR wants to draw attention to the fact that he is part of or belongs to "the" group.LINE VALUES. UNSOPHISTICATED overly concerned with the personal daily basic needs of living -LARGE MIDDLE HEIGHT RELATIVE TO TOTAL HEIGHT NARROWMINDED fixed. coordinates facts -PROPORTIONAL LOWER LOOP WITH AN UP AND DOWN STROKE BALANCE LIVE UNTO SELF wants to be detached from human relationships and activities -RETRACED LOWER LOOP LOST OF SPONTANEITY stops and compares present action or content of written statement -A SINGLE SUDDEN AND EXCESSIVELY WIDE SPACE BETWEEN WORDS. TANGIBLE. expects the best to happen -UPWARD WORD BASELINE ORGANIZATIONAL ABILITY desire to coordinate and to arrange thoughts and actions into orderly structural systems. refusal to change one's judgment. bigoted -NARROW MIDDLE E-LOOP NOTICE. AN UPPER PROPORTIONAL LOOP FLOWING INTO LOWER PROPORTIONAL CIRCLE TRANSITION AT BASELINE OSTENTATIOUS flashy and excessive displays -EXTRA FLOURISHES OVERBEARING thrusts philosophical conditions and beliefs upon others -STRAIGHT . D-STEM OPEN-MINDED willing to receive and tolerate other opinions or learned viewpoints -BROAD MIDDLE O-CIRCLE OPTIMISM consistently takes a hopeful outlook on life.

does not know when to stop.FORWARD DOWNWARD UPPER STROKE PEDANTIC considers mistakes a weakness and overemphasizes their correction -SLOPPILY PATCHES STRUCTURES PERFECTION dislikes and immediately reconsiders and corrects mistakes or defects -NEATLY PATCHES STRUCTURES PERSISTENCE perseverance. drills -TRIANGULAR P-STEM PHYSIOLOGICAL DECAY deterioration of one's neural system -STROKE EDGE CORRUGATIONS AND SERRATION PICAYUNE cannot discriminate or separate creative artistry from surroundings. VIGOROUS wants vigorous action -BROAD P-STEM PHYSICALMINDED. DESIRE FOR desire to flex muscles and coordinate bodily movement: -LONG P-STEM PHYSICALMINDED. UNHURRIED wants unhurried action. UPPER BACKWARD LOOP ATTACHED TO A DOWN STROKE MOVING FORWARD PESSIMISM gloomy attitude attracts failure. SKILLFUL wants skillful action -PROPORTIONAL P-STEM PHYSICALMINDED. convinced that the worst conditions are inevitable. deliberate -HUMPED PSTEM PHYSICALMINDED. to retreat and to give up -A TIED AMPERSAND. repeatedly keeps on trying to return equal value. CONTROLLED wants controlled precise action -NARROW PSTEM PHYSICALMINDED. attaches importance to insignificant situations and structures -BLOCK PRINTING FOR SCRIPT PLACID blindly accepts harsh conditions or concepts without question -TRIANGULAR MIDDLE O-CIRCLE . STRUCTURED wants structured activities. OFFENSIVE wants offensive action -LONG BREAK AWAY UPSTROKE OF P-STEM PHYSICALMINDED. expects failure -CURVING DOWNWARD LINE BASELINE PETTY excessive alertness of details to potential problems -EXTRA DOTS ON OR ABOVE BASELINE PHYSICALMINDED.

plans to finish things later -T-BAR TO THE LEFT OF T-STEM PURPOSE capacity to establish a self-motivated plan -LONG STRAIGHT HORIZONTAL FORWARD T-BAR CROSSING 3/4 UP ON T-STEM PUSHING DETERMINATION carelessly forges ahead in completing a delegated job -STRAIGHT LOWER FORWARD STROKE REACTION FORMATION inner tension by over emphasizing a characteristic. postpones activities and thoughts. sure of facts or evidence. a form of compulsive behavior -HEAVY PRESSURE OVER ONE STROKE OR REPEATED OVERSTROKE or OVERLY HEAVY AND LARGER FINAL ENCLOSURE OR STROKE AT END OF LINE __________________ Reaction formation examples: GOAL INADEQUACY reaction formation to purpose -OVERLY HEAVY T-BAR RUMINATING reaction formation to details -OVERLY HEAVY I-DOT CALLOUS reaction formation to feelings -OVERLY HEAVY MIDDLE UPPER BASELINE UPSTROKE INCOHERENT reaction formation to intuition. believes the best conditions will continue . disturbed harmony and awareness -DETACHED CONNECTIONS WITHIN LETTERS. D-STEM HEIGHT PROCRASTINATION delays. exaggerated compensation for the opposite or lack of.POSITIVE brings matters to a precise conclusion with certitude. STROKE LIFTS AND RETURNS IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION HOPEFUL reaction formation to euphoria. postpones activities and thoughts -I-DOT TO THE LEFT OF I-STEM PROCRASTINATION delays. does not vacillate -HEAVY STRAIGHT MIDDLE AREA DOWNWARD FINAL PRACTICAL GOALS directs ones efforts towards feasible achievements -T-BAR PLACED 3/4 UP ON T-STEM PRECISION accurate and thorough in following procedures and plans -T-BAR EQUALLY BALANCED ON T-STEM PRIDE justified respect and esteem for one's conduct -AVERAGE T.

carefully controls physical surroundings. wants reciprocation for alleged injustice or for gift or favor REPRESSION habitually restrains unacceptable emotional impulses -MANY MIDDLE/UPPER DOWN STROKES RETRACED BY UPSTROKES RESENTMENT indignant from a sense of being offended. believes the worst conditions will continue -STRAIGHT EXCESSIVELY DOWNWARD BASELINE BLUFF reaction formation to determination -OVERLY HEAVY STRAIGHT LOWER DOWNSTROKE ACTION CONCERN reaction formation to venturesome. a minor task is an adventure -OVERLY HEAVY OR REPETITIVE WORD UNDERSCORES SHOWMANSHIP CONCERN. of being required to do something. SKEPTIC overemphasizes and places importance on obtaining only original information -OVERLY HEAVY LARGE INVERTED MIDDLE VWEDGE FINAL BROADMINDED CONCERN overemphasizes and places importance on being allowed to have personal opinions. states own opinions -OVERLY HEAVY LARGE WIDE E-LOOP FOR FINAL COMPULSIVE compulsive seizure -REPETITIVE OVERWRITING ____________________ REBELLIOUS open hostility towards authority and for any form of discipline. skeptical predisposition -INFLATED TRIANGULAR FORWARD INVERTED MIDDLE/UPPER CIRCLE REGIMENTAL regulates personal relationships. wary of action. places . of being intruded upon. repeatedly keeps on trying to return equal value. good strategist -TRIANGULAR LOWER LOOP REQUITED perseverance. alpha male. DESIRE FOR wants to gain importance and to be a "big shot". or top dog -INITIAL INFLATED INVERTED UPPER LOOP RESTRAINING DETERMINATION overly careful in completing a delegated job. belligerent.-STRAIGHT EXCESSIVELY UPWARD BASELINE HOPELESS reaction formation to pessimism. SHOWOFF overemphasizes and places importance on being dramatic -OVERLY HEAVY LARGE UPWARD BASELINE FINAL ORIGINAL INFO CONCERN. of losing -INITIAL MIDDLE STRAIGHT FORWARD UPSTROKE FROM BASELINE RESPONSIBILITY.

PLANNED intends to withhold information -INITIAL STROKE PASSES FORWARD AND OVER MIDDLE O-CIRCLE SELECTIVITY meticulously distinguishes and separates friends from acquaintances. goal to work without idle time -STRAIGHT FLAT BASELINE CONNECTIONS WITH SHARP ANGLES TO VERTICAL STROKES SECRETIVE deliberately conceals by omitting information from others -FINAL TOP LOOP WITHIN MIDDLE O-CIRCLE SECRETIVE. compares inner values to surroundings -WIDE SPACE BETWEEN INITIAL CAPITAL SELF-CASTIGATION blames self for unfortunate events beyond one's control -BASELINE FINAL CURLING BACK-DOWNWARD INTO MIDDLE SELF-CONSCIOUS unduly concerned about being ridiculed or embarrassed.extra burdens before completing a job -STRAIGHT LOWER BACKWARD DOWN STROKE RESTRICTIVE stifles activities based on previous unfortunate events -BACKWARD DISHSHAPE STROKE RESTING ON BASELINE RETRACED WITH FORWARD STROKE ROUTINE desires regular predictable settled existence without variation -STRAIGHT LINE BASELINE SARCASM lashes out with bitter expressions at another individual or existing condition -FORWARD TAPERING T-BAR SCHEDULE ADHERENCE exactly follows plans and duties with time tables. shy. m-SECTIONS ABOVE BASELINE SELF-CONTROL purposely imposes disciplined action for self-objectives -UMBRELLALIKE T-BAR SELF-DECEIT misleads by rationalizing reality -INITIAL TOP LOOP WITHIN MIDDLE O-CIRCLE . EXTREME deliberately conceals by omitting information from oneself as well as from others -FINAL LOOP RETRACES MIDDLE O-CIRCLE SECRETIVE. difficulty in accepting praise -INCREASING HEIGHT OF M. maintains rigid criteria for choosing possessions and avocations-NARROW LOWER LOOP SELF-AWARE observes and reflects on self importance.

perspective. projection of desired self-image. WEAK a mild awareness of perceptual differences -LIGHT WRITING CONTRAST BETWEEN "INK" AND PAPER SENSUAL vulgarity.SELF-DECEIT. D-STEM SENSORY DISCRIMINATION. readily accepts flattery and/or is offended easily -INFLATED T. STRONG an acute awareness of perceptual differences -DARK WRITING CONTRAST BETWEEN "INK" AND PAPER SENSORY DISCRIMINATION. understands relationships relative to emotional response -HORIZONTALLY BALANCED ENCLOSURES RELATIVE TO SLANT SENSITIVE TO CRITICISM overly reacts or expands casual remarks about conduct. social appearance -RELATIVE TO BODY OF WRITING SIGNATURE. PROMINENT IMAGE wants to be seen as having a position of status and . persona. EXTREME lives or plays a self-imposed role -INITIAL LOOP RETRACED BY MIDDLE O-CIRCLE SELF-INVOLVEMENT confusion of ideas causing chaotic thought patterns -REPEATED PATTERNED ENCLOSURES IN THE SAME SPACE SELF-LIAISON a smooth transition of inner values to others and surroundings -CONNECTION BETWEEN A CAPITAL LETTER AND THE NEXT LETTER AND/OR BETWEEN A WORD'S FINAL STROKE AND THE NEXT WORD'S INITIAL STROKE SELF-RELIANCE self assurance beyond proven abilities. your calling card. foresight. wants no assistance -SIMPLE SIGNATURE UNDERSCORE SELF-REPROACH scolds self over previous disappointments or previous conduct -BASELINE FINAL MOVING BACKWARD SENSE OF PROPORTION coordinates facts and thoughts. uncontrolled over-indulgence of appetites -SMEARED BLOTCHES SENSUOUS large capacity for indulging appetites -BROAD LINE WIDTH SERIOUSNESS OF PURPOSE a sober concern for self objectives -STRAIGHT HORIZONTAL T-BAR SHALLOWNESS OF PURPOSE casual interest in self objectives -DISH SHAPED T-BAR SHOWMANSHIP invites attention and interest by dramatizing existing features -STRAIGHT UPWARD BASELINE FINAL SIGNATURE how one wants the world and others to see self.

EXPLOSIVE an outburst of rage at another or existing condition. PRIVATE IMAGE wants to go unnoticed by the public. money. LAST NAME SIGNATURE. lacks deceit -PLAIN MIDDLE OCIRCLE SPLIT PERSONALITY changes emotional reactions to immediate circumstances and to inner feelings in different time periods -DISTINCT MIDDLE/UPPER BASELINE UPSTROKE SLANT PATTERNS STEADY desires regular predicable settled existence without variation -HORIZONTAL STRAIGHT LINE BASELINE STINGY unwilling to share with another (time. learning. free from falseness in approach to life.SMALL SIGNATURE SIZE RELATIVE TO SAMPLE SIZE SIGNATURE. things) -SHORT OR NO BASELINE FINAL SUICIDAL TENDENCY a sudden change in attitude from hopefully expecting miracles to anticipating doom -UPWARD THEN DOWNWARD LINE BASELINE SUPERFICIAL THINKING (SKIPS) lack of in depth reasoning. PRONE verging on anger over a considered injustice or in action -INITIAL UPPER TICK STROKE ON DOWNSTROKE TO BASELINE TEMPO the ability to keep a repetitive beat -EQUAL SPACING OF BASELINE DOWN STROKE INTERSECTIONS . DYNAMIC IMAGE wants to project a growing and changing appearance -FIRST NAME LAST NAME SIMPLICITY operate only with fundamentals -INITIAL MIDDLE/UPPER AREA DOWN STROKE TO BASELINE SINCERE honest. STATUS QUO IMAGE wants to project a stable and unchanging appearance -INITIAL. short-fused over unplanned delays -T-BAR TO THE FAR RIGHT OF THE T-STEM TEMPER. and understanding (mentally rushes to meet overwhelming circumstances) -MIDDLE SHORT FORMLESS SCRIBBLE (AT THE END OF WORDS) SUPPRESSION frequently restrains unacceptable emotional impulses -MIDDLE/UPPER DOWN STROKE RETRACED BY UPSTROKE TEMPER. energy.power -LARGE SIGNATURE SIZE RELATIVE TO SAMPLE SIZE SIGNATURE. sympathy.

hoards possessions -NARROW HORIZONTAL SPACING BETWEEN LETTERS UNCOMMUNICATIVE does not readily convey information or feelings. like interesting and diversified activities -INFLATED LOWER LOOP VENTURESOME. strategist -TRIANGULAR LOWER CIRCLE ULTRA-CONSERVATISM opposes taking any chances for fear of consequences. and reasoning -MIDDLE M. D-STEM HEIGHT VARIETY. cannot pronounce a sound. N SECTION DOESNOT REACH BASELINE TYRANT oppressive use of physical conditions or personal relationships. influenced by feelings -MIDDLE/UPPER STROKES SLANTED BACKWARDS (90-125 DEGREES) . or is inarticulate CENTER PART OF MIDDLE M. daring -OCCASIONAL STRAIGHT HORIZONTAL WORD UNDERSCORE VERSATILITY smooth and flexible adaptation to changing situations -SMOOTH WAVY LINE BASELINE VISIONARY GOALS directs one's efforts towards almost unattainable objectives -T-BAR PLACED OVER T-STEM WILL POWER the ability to clearly define and become eager about objectives -LONG HEAVY STRAIGHT FORWARD T-BAR WILL POWER. ADVENTURESOME ability to become eager about taking risks. reticent -CLOSED TOP OF MIDDLE O-CIRCLE UNSCRUPULOUS moral turpitude -BASELINE STROKE PRESSURE SKIPS VANITY excessively high regard of ones conduct demonstrated through a sense of superiority -TALL T.TENACITY clings and is reluctant to part with possessions or status quo -FINAL HOOK ON A HORIZONTAL STROKE THINKING PROCESS manner of understanding. DESIRE FOR continuously wants to change scenery and/ or associations. N-VERTICAL DEVELOPMENT THINKING SHORTCOMING a learning defect where one cannot distinguish an object. or symbol in a background. learning. sound. cannot carry a musical note. IN RESERVE increasing desire to maintain objectives regardless of difficulties -INCREASING FORWARD HEAVY T-BAR WITHDRAWAL outwardly appears to be indifferent to immediate circumstances and retreats into inner feelings. indifferent to the emotional content of situations. cannot read aloud.

.WORRIER mental disturbance produced by exaggerating a minor problem or concern -INVERTED MIDDLE LOOP ABOVE BASELINE YIELDING amenable to persuasions. chameleon-like opinions -A SOFTLY BENDING MIDDLE STROKE Trait intensity is determined by the quality of the graphic stroke-structure pattern and it's frequency of occurrence. easily influenced.