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 Certificate  Acknowledgement  Aim  Introduction  Principle  Observation  Theory  Conclusion  Bibliography

REENA ROY (PHYSICS TEACHER) .V.Public School.A.BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Master __________ of class XII C is a bonafide student of D. He has completed this project on Electromagnetic Induction under my guidance & supervision.

V. I would also like to thank my parents and my brother for encouraging me during the course of this project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my heartiest thanks to my Mrs. Finally I would like to thank CBSE for giving me this opportunity to undertake this project. I owe a special depth of gratitude to our Principal Dr. I would also like to thank our librarian for assisting me through books to complete the project. Reena Roy for guidance and support. . Singh.

AIM Demonstration of induced current in a coil as bar magnet is moved inside the coil. .

e. .f. induced when magnetic flux linked with coil is changed. When magnetic flux linked with coil increases then galvanometer shows deflection in one direction when it decreases it shows deflection in opposite direction. the magnetic flux linked with coil is constant. When the magnet moves away from the coil. the magnetic lines of force passing through the coil is definite i. According to Faraday Laws e. magnetic field lines passing through coil decreases.THEORY When there is no relative motion between the magnet & the coil. When there is relative motion between the magnet & coil & magnet is moved towards the coil the magnetic lines passing through coil increases.m.

CONCLUSION • Whenever there is change in Magnetic Flux linked with the coil current is induced in coil. . • Direction of induced current always opposes the cause by which it is produced.

VOLUME II  Fundamentals of Physics . Robert Resnick . and Jearl Walker  Physics NCERT  Physics Lab Manual .BIBLOGRAPHY  The Feynman Lectures on Physics . Sixth Edition by David Halliday .