The word culture comes from Latin word (colere).

There are many definitions of this word according to U.N.E.S.C.O. state culture is the “set of distinctive spiritual, materials intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, and that it encompasses, in addition to art and literature lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs”( essay will briefly examine how culture can influence the personality and companies’ behavior there decision making, how they communicate with each other and also with other cultures. What is good or bad for some cultures is unacceptable for others. Generally culture could be defined as some country’s thought or behaviors which are passed from generation to generation. According to Bovee/Thrill book “Business Communication Today” culture is what is important in your life, how background influences on your behavior, helps to define what the position ahead is and how the rules of behavior are founded. It means that your behavior depends a lot on how someone was growing up and in what environment. According to Mary Elenn Guffey there are some culture characteristics which help to make adjustments and accommodation easier: culture is learned, culture is inherently logical, culture is the basis of self-identity and community, culture combines the visible and invisible, culture is dynamic.(Guffey. 2003) Rules and values are not natural, they are learnt by vision or it is just passed through generations. For instance: most Georgian men hunt, but hunting for them is significantly different than it is for some African tribes. The difference is that the last one is doing this for survival. “The rules in any culture originated to reinforce that culture’s value and believes” (Krize, Marrier, Jone 2002) Indians they do no t cut birds for cooking themselves because they think that it is a huge sin, birds are exporting to some neighbor hag country and then slaughtered ones are sent straight back to India. Culture defends how individuals illustrate it to global world society. Some kind of people even governments make their own ideal culture which is mostly far from the truth such as the Soviet Union who used to convince the world society that there were no thieves, rebels, prostitutes, drug dealers and users or corruption in it. The ethnocentric style of lying used by the Politburo was so obvious that every child knew about it. The ways of attracting attention are things that are done in daily life and at work. These are the most visible parts of culture. For instance “in India people avoid stepping on the ants because they believe in reincarnation. During some period culture will definitely change as the saying goes “nothing is evergreen even fir-trees” it mostly caused by new technologies, wars, communications, and test changing advertisement ETS. For instance, Architecture, food , mentality and a lot more. The situation was definitely different about 20-30 years ago when every city was different and each had individuality. To know a foreign or mother culture well, is not only general knowledge or education that helps to adapt with most situations. In addition it is a pleasure to communicate with others... For example, an employer who is sent to some Asian country (Japan or China) mostly has a special train to become more familiar about Easten culture and tradition. There are several ways how learn about another culture such as reading books, watching the programs about another country, talk to people asking them about religious, culture, history rather social activities, political and business situation. 1

and communication style and time orientation. Fishman. Western society is more relaxed they do not have to talk importance only of business on business meetings. 1991. “Culture and language are so thoroughly intertwined that loss of one lead to loss of the other” (Brown. To sum up both of them are built on cultures traditional Asian and Arabian cultures are autocratic and this did not start yesterday or a weak before it has been continuing for ages while Europeans and Americans do not used to be commended every time by someone. There is the similar situation in Japan. body language-more general definitions like the exchange of messages and ideas”(Rider. They just follow the instruction that is the only duty they have got.There are fine key dimensions to understand how one particular culture contrast with other: context. In North America time means everything they even have phase “time is money” they calculate time with productivity and money. the are hundreds of reasons but the main thing is that Asian languages are base on pictographically characters repress the meanings of words while western cultures have developed languages that use letters describing the words. In some countries they give less attention about traditional they more focus on formality which is of course part of culture but it is not a tradition. 2 . For instance: Japan business meeting is quiet they follow the rules and their business partners have to follow them. individualism. stimuli. High-context culture is more collectivist. According to Hall context is defined as develop. 1991. Hemmond. formality. Low-contrast cultures such as Scandinavian or American are more focusing on individual action. Worg fillmove. environment or ambience rounding and event. Everyone communicate in there ways such as Low-context and high-context cultures use the same mining word differently: “low-context countries like America and Germany give big attentions to words because they are too important. they tend to collectivization and group membership although tend to spiral logic. Context one of dimension. 1997. understanding and directly while Arabians enjoy to speak extravagantly. communication relate a lot witch language because the last one the top component of communication). Situation in South America is completely different the life is more relaxed and Latins they do not think that it something wrong may be late Tom Raters the list of instruments for communication like” language. As was mentioned before individualists are member of low-context cultures in their point of view self-responsibility and individual decision making are the freedom. There are High-context and low-context industry they try to employee individual doers. “High-Context countries like to listen and understand the meaning in many levels”. There is no way for loosing time it even equals to rudeness when people are waiting for business meeting.& Onikam.74) in his point of view communication is of course exchange of information but it only possible between people who share a system of meaning so is clearly seen that in a lot defend of culture. In communication they use logic and methods of deduction . Riding The Waves of Culture p... Rider divides communication into verbal and non-verbal communications. Communication can be defined as the information exchange by paralinguistic. Japanese and Chinese are famous for their punctuality they even have got special schools for children to train them been punctual. For instance Americans try to speak. (Rider). Most of companies have got autocratic management and employees do not have to make individual decision and even more they can not. High-context countries like Arabia tend to more on the surrounding context”. The factors like decision making or initiative are discouraged.

As was mentioned before manager should drive most of these skills otherwise he might be tolerated for couple of weeks because in modern company manager must be versatile. channel. such as oral motivation. message. Such as for Koreans it is quiet normal not to wear shoes in public places it is more rudeness for western society. doctors. Till announce in his book people communicate more that 75% on their workplace in means 45 minutes out of every hour. Every culture has different way of discussions.Till & Bovee. Till also discussed why some can communicate and some not he gave from of communication in his book:” sender. time management and of course human relations. B starts and it is too impolite to interact them. There are hundreds of factors to be the perfect at the work place the topped skills are the oral communication ones. feedback. Non-verbal communication means that someone communicate without saying a word. decoding. In country like Brazil or in Italy the voice goes up and down and it does not mean that speaker is not serious it speaks from the heart and honestly. For an example we can take formal South Korea’s national football team manager Guus Hiddink who used to work in south America and Africa before in those countries rise voice to a footballer it was quiet normal but in south Korea he found really to difficult but after while he become the most famous Korean manager of all time. specialized alone is not enough to guarantee success” (. but also in there is big differences between cultures. The statistics shows that even technical people who are good at communication earn more than uncommunicative ones. because even their employers need people with motivation. problem-solving and EST. policemen also need it” (Till & Bovee. encoding. receiver. For instance for Anglo-Saxons. noise and context” (Till & Bovee. till “everyone communicate at work it does not matter a lot someone knows about job. P7). In some cultures when child did something wrong he must be slapped by parents they think that child in some context is like an animal when he behaves badly he must be punished to learn a good manners in future.Excellence in Business communication. self-motivation. According to john v. Research has shown that at least 75% of all communication is non-verbal. creativity.Verbal communication is focus on paper and conversation. Till argues that “communication skills are not only for businesspeople others who supervise like engineers.) in this essay will be discussed only two of them sender and receiver. In South America B will mostly interrupt A. friendship and love but in Japan situation is significantly deferent if someone is toughed he fills to uncomfortable. Touching other people is quiet normal in some cultures like Russia or Ukraine it mean respect. 3 . none of them is better than another because both Latins and Anglo-Saxons fill comfortable it is just part of their traditions. 2003) It means being professional in narrow-view does not guarantee any success communication skills are one of the key factories for final triumph. Tone of voice is another culture problem in cultured way uses voice individually such as oriental societies have more self-control and none-emotion style is this kind of society to raise voice mean disrespect. when A stops. Many companies spend a lot of assets to train their staff in communication skills not for patronage them they just understand that employees with a skill can bring further more advantages.

Sender is the same as messenger to bring the message such as lecturer who explains to the student the theory of Adam Smith or ambassador who was sent by his government to other country.culture influence personal and formal relationship as well example about manager who had training course for business trip which was paid by employer for company’s commercial or financial success in Japan further persuade the influential of culture in relationship either the communication styles between Japanese and Latin are completely different in one of someway would not tolerate there will be no conversation among them. This kind of thing happened in Moscow when messenger was cashing checks little by little for about three years but after he become to greedy and cashed more than usually. the amount of lost during these years’ sustained more than two million USA dollars. These examples more persuade how important it is to study about others culture. Indians. “Receiver is a person who receives a message and makes some kind of reaction on it” ( Till & Bovee. Massage could be some kind of document or oral. To sum up. they even avoid stepping on the ants and Georgia where not to hunt means that someone is just the cowardly. There are some possibilities that receiver do not get it. For example: messenger who brings the oral message might be mistaken by conscious or casual it does not make any sense for receiver because he is the executor and he responses for results.2003). 4 . Further more if message is Bank checks(which are often send to some kind of organizations by post or some kind of messengers) are sent and messenger just cash them. this essay and mentioned examples convinced that somehow definitely influence personal relationship and communication . behavior and communication.

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