Legal Issues related to the development, rollout and exploitation of Field Operational Test of Living Labs Hans Bracquené

Seminar Living Labs January 267h, 2012

Specific questions complementary to the general FP Consortium Agreements -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐     1. Organisation  of  the  FOT     -­‐ Separate  Legal  Entity?     o Seldom  used   o Type  of  Infrastructure?   o Intended  Life  Time?     -­‐ Daily  Management  and  related  Powers   More  complicated  legal  set-­‐up  requesting  more  interaction  with  third  parties     -­‐ Admission  of  New  Members     o Who  decides?   o Open  character?     o Competitors?  Cf.  competition  law   o Different  Types  of  Membership?   Members  vs.  Customers         2. Development,  rollout  and  exploitation   Questions related to the organisation of the FOT Questions related to the physical platform Questions related to the intellectual property rights Questions related to the organisation of the test panel


“Classical”  R&D  complemented  by  “classical”  delivery     Date,  acceptance,  warranties  and  liabilities:  obligation  of  result?     Ownership  of  the  platform:  by  one  legal  entity  or  remains  with  contributors?   Avoid  co-­‐ownership     Exploitation:  who  can  commit  FOT  and/or  consortium  members?     Price-­‐setting     o contribution  of  parties  need  to  be  reflected   o third  parties:  arm’s  length  price     3. Intellectual  Property  Rights     FP7  scheme  applicable  to  R&D  part  but  not  adapted  for  specific  questions     Test  Results  are  highly  sensitive  and  product  owner  will  not  share  them  nor   grant  user  rights     Separate  category  of  Foreground:  owned  by  product  owner  without  any   further  obligation     Product  improvement  of  development  using  the  LL:  FP7  scheme  in  principle   applicable  but  acceptable?         o end  phase  of  product  development   o attractiveness  for  third  parties  of  the  LL     4. Test  Panel     Specific  Background  and  Foreground  related  to  the  selection  and   management  of  the  panel.  Specific  treatment  required?     Relationship  with  test-­‐user     o Beware:  no  longer  under  commercial  law  but  civil  law   o Keep  it  simple  but  be  explicit     Non-­‐disclosure  agreement     Agreement  for  the  use  of  the  product     o Loan   o No  warranty,  servicing   o Liability     Privacy  Legislation  


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