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The Fallacy of Evolution and The Cinderella Fallacy The Bible says that ..

And ye shall seek the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.... [ John 8: 32 ]. There is a big difference between Truth and Lies and between fact and fiction . People need to be aware of the dangers of the false teachings of Atheism that have been planted in seed form in the minds of several school going children. The atheist politicians enacted Laws to take the Bible and Prayers out of the school and replaced it with Atheist Trojan Horse Books fairy tales like Cinderella and the Frog Prince and Evolution. Then the Atheist had invented a Santa Claus [ satans claws ] to make a mockery of the Birth of Yeshua Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no FLYING REINDEER ! But the Atheist Santa Claus [ satan claws ] has REINDEER that Allegedly EVOLVED to Fly ! Reindeer have their feet on Terra Firma . Can you see the fallacy of Evolution in the story of Santa Claus ? [ satans claws ]. The Evolution Doctrine like ..A TROJAN HORSE... has crept into the Educational System under the innocent disguise of ... fairy tales ... for children. Nobody in their right mind would dare to question that so called fairy tale stories have the potential to brainwash children and destroy their faith in GOD and make them lose respect for not only parental authority but all types of authority ! How did this happen ? What about the fallacy of Evolution in the fairy tale story of Cinderella ? Look at the story of Cinderella. The Evolution fairy Tale Story ! Without going into much detail into ..Fantasy Cuckoo Land.. we see that the ...fairy god mother.. [ a witch, no less ] is supposed to possess some kind of ..magical powers.. to wave a magic wand that can change rats or mice into HORSES in a Nano-Second. Now that is some EVOLUTION TROJAN HORSE for Atheists to teach the young ones at Elementary Level ! They have no shame to blatantly lie that in a nano second rats or mice can change or evolve into A HORSE ! We wont talk about pumpkins evolving into Golden Carriages ! That would just sound too much like the Alchemists that tried to make GOLD from LEAD ! In another Fairy Tale Story, about the ..Frog Prince.. we have a frog that turns or evolves into a prince in a nano second when kissed by a Princess !

The rats or mice evolving into HORSES in a nano second and a frog evolving to a Prince in a nanosecond appear to be .. fairy tale stories... crafted to mess up the Mind of the Gullible ! Atheist try to say that Evolution through the process of abiogenesis , sometime after the Big Bang, that some SMART CHEMICALS from a ROCK Evolved into diverse species of life through Nano Technology ! The best thing anyone can do is take all Atheist Books and their false teachings of Abiogenesis; The Big Bang theory and Evolution and place such Books on the same shelf with Science Fiction and Fairy Tales. The Bible says that ..And ye shall seek the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.... [ John 8: 32 ].



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