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UCTV Broadcasting Policies & Procedures

UCTV is an organization that is both paid for and run by students. Therefore, UCTV believes that a member should be able to express their views without censure. There are, however, a few boundaries that UCTV requires to be observed applying to any content put on the air or on our website ( While the individual producers are responsible for their programs content, the UCTV Productions Manager is ultimately responsible for all programming. They have the final say in approving all UCTV productions before broadcasting them on the channel and website to ensure that all programs abide by the following criteria: Production Quality Participating at UCTV is meant to be a learning experience and the organization does not limit any members potential to create and contribute to our programming if they are appropriately trained. Although, if a show contains footage, audio, or editing cuts that make it difficult for the audience to understand or watch the content, the Productions Manager can request that the producer change or further develop the content before it is aired. The specific department director (Sports, News, or Entertainment) or the Production Manager can assist the producer and crew in improving the quality of their program. Airing Limitations The Following are NOT ALLOWED on UCTV:

Lack of Permission There are some situations that require producers to obtain written permission before they film people or locations. Prior permission to videotape may be necessary in circumstances such as: Permission of speakers at sponsored events Athletic, Entertainment, and Academic Events Where an individuals privacy may be violated On private property, certain municipal properties, Jorgensen Hall, Gampel Pavilion, residential buildings, etc. If a person is significantly featured on a UCTV production and is not a registered member of UCTV, a Talent Release Form is required. The only exceptions are public access, news, sports news, or interview programs. Talent Release Forms are available at the UCTV office. Before filming on private property a Location Release Form is required. Releases are not needed to film in areas open to all students. Location Release forms are available at the UCTV office. General exceptions include the filming of events for the purpose of public access as highlighted in the UCSpan Department bylaws. Hate Speech Anything bigoted that attacks or disparages a social or ethnic group, or a member of such a group. This includes terms for members of a group, showing prejudice, or otherwise being malicious towards any group or individual.

Defamation of Character Personal attacks of spoken or otherwise presented material causing injury towards a person or groups reputation, honesty, character, integrity, or personal qualities. Intentional Deception Maliciously telling false truths aiming to misinform the audience. Obscene or Indecent Material That which is patently offensive applying contemporary community standards. This includes showing gratuitousness, pornography, lewd nudity, or the process and results of excretion/similarly related biological processes; all of which are strictly prohibited.

Any content that conflicts with these guidelines is subject to requested removal or alteration by the Production Manager. In the unique circumstance that there is questionable content arguably not fitting within these highlighted categories, yet is found to be distasteful or inappropriate, it can be brought to the UCTV Board of Officers for a vote allowing or disallowing the content to be aired, provided that the producer and Production Manager cannot reach an initial agreement. UCTV strives to establish and maintain professional standards in program production that are appropriate for a student organization and suitable to a general university audience. It is expected that producers create program content remaining within the generally accepted bounds of good taste and fair play. Producers are trusted to have the judgment and maturity to recognize when material is questionable or unprofessional. Discussion with the Productions Manager is suggested for students who are unsure about the treatment or appropriateness of program content. Questions can be directed to