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NBC Shows Us What It Takes to be a Broadway SmaSh Fun for the Fashion Forward at PoLYvore.coM

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Shows, Sites & Apps Worth Sharing

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ReadeR finds

by delight! Readers

We Asked. You shAred. | There are thousands of helpful and entertaining resources

available online and on television. So many that it would be impossible for our editors to discover them all on their own. That’s why delight! magazine is built with the help of its readers. The delight! reader community is continually interacting to share ideas and opinions about their favorite TV shows and websites. Join in on the conversation today by visiting Facebook.com/delightmag.
I really enjoy the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire. It is well acted from the main characters, Steve Buschemi and Michael Pitt, to all the other actors in the series. The sets and costumes that recreate 1920’s Atlantic City and Chicago are incredible. You can almost believe you are actually in that time period. In addition, the music of the period is well chosen and wonderful. In fact, I would love to have a CD of all the music used in the series.

—Reader From Brooklyn, NY
I needed an idea for a cake for my eight-yearold son’s birthday. He wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted. I found CakeCentral.com and we sat for hours going through the images of cakes and cupcakes ... they are incredible! It gave me so many ideas of future cakes to make. I can’t wait to make a copy of a soccer team cake for a team party. Who would have known what you could do with cake! It’s no longer a 9x16 pan with yellow cake mix and white frosting. Get creative!

—Lisa Carlson, Mankato, MN

On the Science Channel they have a very interesting show called How Do They Do It? From how they make aluminum foil, gasoline, GPS, etc … It’s a very cool show. My five-year-old son fell in love with this one. It is educational for the whole family and fun.

—Nataliya Nemirovsky, Staten Island, NY
This year I became a fan of Geocaching (geocaching.com). It’s a worldwide event where people hide tiny capsules outdoors and provide the GPS coordinates on the website. Then explorers will download that information and set out to find the treasure! If found (I myself have yet to) they are welcome to take something from the capsule but must put something back in for the next adventurers to find!

—Stefan Rorick, North Mankato, MN
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Illustrations by Aaron Drath

I discovered the Vintage and Modern website by accident, and now look at it regularly. It is a gold mine of antique, modern and eclectic furnishing. Not only is there furniture but accessories as well. They have many one-of-a-kind, original modern designer items, along with other designers, not necessarily modern style. The website is vandm.com. Take a look. You’ll enjoy it!!

—Christine Putman, Menasha, WI
My favorite mobile phone app is RemotePC. It allows me to view my computer desktop and gives me the ability to control my computer via an Internet connection. It is amazing that my phone literally becomes a computer! Since my phone has little space, it is impossible to put all my favorite songs on it, but with RemotePC, I am able to listen to my music from my computer on my phone. The concept of securely accessing your computer from anywhere is one that everyone can use, whether it be the procrastinating student or the aspiring businessperson.

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—Reader from Tampa, FL
My favorite show has to be House Hunters International [on HGTV] because it’s so interesting to see how people live across the world and this show gives you insight. I like to see how experts make the adjustments to a new culture and living standard.

—Reader from Staten Island, NY
A great gaming website is Gamesville.com. It is a free website that hosts many games in which you play against other people from all over the world. Just to name a few of the games found on this site dominos, spades, billiards and family feud. It is a great place to test your skills and meet new people.

vault ze

—Reader from Port Jervis, NY

I recently discovered the website created by David Lebovitz (davidlebovitz.com). He is a former pastry chef at Chez Panisse and has since written four cookbooks and one memoir. He has been living in Paris for a number of years and he shares amazing recipes, stories, advice, etc. He is a chef who knows how to write, and a writer who knows how to cook and bake. Excellent quality photos and great links are included.

i z e va

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Show and site merchandise

You’ll Love Liking Us!

—Reader from New York, NY


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Editors’ Picks

by V.s. Woschnick

Get a taste of Teach Me Sushi!

slipping away, try looking for motivation online to make life changes that help you be better, live better and do better. With assistance from this month’s picks, the delight! troops learned just how easy it is to embrace the spirit of growth into the person, and life, you envision—or an even better one.

KEEp IT GrOWIn’ | When you think your New Year’s resolutions may be

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Just roll wIth It
APP: Teach Me Sushi | Got a yen for a Japanese dining experience you make yourself? Teach Me Sushi features 13 bite-size instructional videos and step-by-step visual guides to making basic Maki rolls and a few fancier varieties. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, download the separate Teach Me Sushi Expert app for step-by-step prep of eight advanced rolls including Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Crunchy Tuna.

Editor’s Tip: This app has two cool features to complement the lessons—a built-in timer for no-fail rice and a map that, based on your GPS positioning, generates a list of nearby Japanese markets for ingredient gathering.

lIve large on a small budget
Blog: Wisebread.com | Want to live on a shoestring but not make any sacrifices? Learn the secrets of lavish frugal living from savvy sources at Wise Bread, a site that celebrates the positives of financial practicality. Wise Bread bloggers don’t focus solely on financial advice. You’ll also find money-making ideas, career guidance and, in their words, “general adulthood know-how your parents forgot to tell you.” Have fun. Save money. There’s a wealth of information to help you do both at Wise Bread.

Improved surroundIngs, Improved self
Podcast: GreenTalk Radio | Learn to be a better steward of the Earth from the entertaining and educational podcast GreenTalk Radio, available for free download at GreenLivingIdeas.com. Sean Daily, CEO and co-founder of the Web site, explores smart choices on products and services in the green world through interviews with innovative and caring companies, authors and experts from around the world. Hear the critical issues facing the global environment today, as well as the technologies, products and practices you can employ to go green in every area of your life.

Editor’s Tip: Click the “more” tab on the homepage to see a How-To Guide Library. play some mInd games
Games: smart-kit.com | recent studies suggest that stimulating your brain with teasers, puzzles and games keeps it healthy and functioning well into old age. play your way to cerebral fitness online at Smart-kit.com. A favorite brain tamer is “painted Eggs” in the site’s Memory Games section. The basic graphics of this copy-the-colors game make it appear simple, but don’t be deceived. “painted Eggs” provides challenges by the dozens (and might even crack you up!).

Editor’s Tip: If you’re stumped by any game, click the “Recent Comments” button and scroll through the postings. Players provide “cheats” and, sometimes, outright answers to the most stymieing situations.


Photos © 2012, Thinkstock.com

Editor’s Tip: Go to personallifemedia.com, GreenTalk Radio’s media distributor, and create a free widget for this podcast to use on your player and social media pages. Log on, click “widget” and follow the instructions.



Takes a Rock on the Wild Side
By GreG Archer

If there is anyone who has mastered the art of living “Happily—make that Humorously—Ever After,” it’s Betty White. And at 90 years old, the iconic entertainer is taking on the wild world of reality TV. “I’m the luckiest broad on two feet … to be at this point and time, at my age and to still be working as much as I am,” White gushes. “It’s such a privilege and I never take it for granted. I love the work I do.” Obviously audiences are feeling that love, too. White’s most recent foray into sitcoms, TV Land’s audacious hit, Hot in Cleveland, reminded viewers of the Betty White they’ve grown to love over the years: sharp, witty and someone whose comedic timing and delivery are distinctly original and unmatchable. After several seasons, Hot is still ratings gold, something that afforded TV Land the opportunity to rethink and reboot its entire programming block, filling it with more original sitcoms. She may be inspiring and dynamic—certainly not tired— where does the woman go from here? >>>


Enter Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, the new NBC reality show, which very well could become the runaway hit of the season. It smacks of a modern-day Candid Camera by way of a watered-down Punk’d. Here, a posse of senior citizens unleashes practical jokes on (mostly) the younger generation. White, ever resourceful, serves as both host and the show’s executive producer, the latter of which she purposely orchestrated in an effort to keep the outing from becoming “mean-spirited.”

“It’s just a silly, fun show and I think one that will appeal to all ages,” she says, “because younger people might get a kick out of seeing the oldsters get a jump on somebody, and oldsters might see it and say, ‘Hey, go get ‘em!’” White’s unique ability to connect with audiences was evident in her first comedic Emmy-winning turn in the ’50s series Life With Elizabeth, followed by her ongoing appearances in popular game shows like Match Game and Password, which was hosted by her late husband, Allen Ludden. The major television roles that followed— The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s Sue Ann Nivens; Golden Girls’ adorable Rose Nylund—are still considered groundbreaking. But few would have guessed that White would take on another costarring role, this time playing a sarcast ic Russian caretaker on Hot In Cleveland. Hot sizzles for its dynamite scripts, of course, and costars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendy Malick are like a new set of Golden Girls, only 25 years younger, but White seems to doing more than simply acting. She’s proving that the big secret to success, longevity and living well, may have everything to do with just doing what you love. “In the first part of your career, you’re trying so hard to get somewhere; hoping against hope to get somewhere,” she says. “You hope the next job comes, hope this isn’t the last job you’ll ever get, so that by the time you get to this end of your life, if

the jobs are still coming in, you have to celebrate that. I think I’m not alone in feeling that way, when you look around at all the 80-yearolds who still love what they do.” White’s other big “love” is, of course, animals. Her most notable triumphs revolve around her four decades of diligent work for the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF), an organization that helps animals maintain longer, healthier lives by advancing animal health globally. “We’ve come a long way in the animal business,” White shares. “All I hope is that I have gotten the message out a little bit [about animal health].” No worries there. At MAF alone, she’s left an indelible footprint, either overseeing or generating numerous studies or projects—on sea otters, horses, canine cancer and too many more to truly list. Beyond that, White has been on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association since the mid-’70s and also served as a zoo commissioner for eight years. Meanwhile, The City of Los Angeles named her “Ambassador to the Animals” and she plays a significant part in the organization Actors & Others for Animals. “I guess it started in the womb,” White chuckles about her deep affection for animals. “My mom and dad were avid animal lovers, too. That’s one of the blessings about celebrity. You can make a couple of points and they are heard. I try to preach responsibility—be responsible for your own animals and we wouldn’t have the problems that arise [particularly the importance of spay and neutering.] “But I just couldn’t make it without animals,” she goes on. “They’re deep friends; non-critical friends here to support you and they fill a hole inside of me that I just can’t explain. What I love is that it doesn’t matter if you go out to the mailbox or you go to Tibet. You get the same greeting when you come back in the door.” White reflects for a moment and it seems fitting to ask what, exactly, helped shape some of her unique outlooks on life, work, people and the animal kingdom. “You know,” she says, “I was an only-child and my mom and dad never ever wanted me to just say, ‘Oh that was so great,’ and not mean it. They said, ‘Never let something wonderful pass you by and not taste it at the time—recognize when it is happening.’ I have tried to do that and well …” She pauses. “It’s held me in great spirit.”

The WhiTe STuff
Quips and other reflections from today’s hottest funny lady:

BW: I love to laugh and I laugh rather easily but … Tim
Conway. He’s the one. And Craig Ferguson. He’s a comedian that I can’t resist.

d!: What makes you laugh most?

BW: Mary and I were best friends in real life and it
was one of the most exciting things—that onetime guest shot led to the role of Sue Ann Nivens.
d!: The secret to relationships, especially yours

d!: Best Mary Tyler Moore Show memory?

BW: Keeping it fresh. We’d do things, like put a stack
of records on and dance—silly for an old married couple, but believe me, it was fun. We just enjoyed each other thoroughly and I was so blessed. He was my true love and we adored each other, and made the most of every minute!
d!: One of your greatest inspirations?

with Allen Ludden (host of Password)?

BW: Charles Darwin. He was the one that discovered
the whole animal kingdom—practically. He would go places, find things and he saw things before humans could really grapple them. I just find him fascinating.
d!: What would you love to do, that you
Photos © 2012, Jordin Althaus/NBC; Thinkstock

BW: [Laughs]. My standard answer to that is
Robert Redford. That’s about the size of it.

haven’t done?


Check out Betty’s favorite Golden Girl moment.

TUNe IN: Off Their Rockers Mondays, 8/7 pm C, NBC


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Movie finds

by Donald Liebenson

Watch it!

What’s New On Demand
What director Roland Emmerich did to the White House in Independence Day and the whole planet in The Day After Tomorrow, he does (with relish) to Shakespeare in this conspiracy drama. Anonymous recalls the comedy Without a Clue, which posited that it was actually Dr. Watson who was the brilliant detective and Sherlock Holmes an incompetent alcoholic actor playing a part. Here, it is Earl of Oxford Edward de Vere (Rhys Ifans) who is allegedly the prodigious genius behind the timeless plays. Shakespeare? He’s a disreputable actor who makes one of Monty Python’s cretinous Gumbys seem like Oscar Wilde. De Vere, raised in a puritanical household, comes to believe that “all art is political” and uses his works to propagandistic ends. Shakespeare (Rafe Spall) is used as a front. As history, this may be rubbish and offended Shakespeare scholars may protest too much. But there is much method in Emmerich’s madness, including a distinguished cast (including Derek Jacobi, Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth and her daughter Joely Richardson as her younger incarnation, and David Thewlis as William Cecil, who forbids de Vere from writing), a script brimming with royal intrigue, and a vivid recreation of the period. ‘Tis a far better thing than Emmerich has done before. Oh wait, that’s Dickens. Rated PG-13.

See the trailers. Click the tag with your mobile device ...


Photos: Take Shelter © 2011 Grove Hill Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved. Anonymous © 2011 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. and Beverly Blvd LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Paranormal Activity 3

Not since The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, has a slowly, deliberately panning camera elicited such unease. This camera, which offers glimpses of a dining room and kitchen, is one of three set up back in 1988 by a videographer (Christopher Nicholas Smith) trying to catch on tape whatever is haunting his house and spooking its residents. These include two children, Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown), the grown-up subjects, respectively, of the first two Paranormal films. In this unnervingly inventive prequel directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (the dubious documentary Catfish), young Kristi befriends an imaginary and invisible friend, or slaymate, named Toby. “Why don’t you ask him?” she responds when her mother asks about him, “He’s right here.” Toby is no mischievous poltergeist. He does some serious damage. So-called found footage films, a genre launched by The Blair Witch Project, no longer elicit the shock of the new, but this fledgling franchise is imbued with the primal terror of unseen things that go bump in the night. That never gets old. Rated R.

Tower Heist

In this action-comedy a motley crew bands together to find and steal $20 million secreted in the penthouse of a disgraced investor. Eddie Murphy stars as Slide, a petty thief recruited to lead this unlikely gang. But it is his partners in comedy that score some of the biggest laughs, including Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe as a safecracking Jamaican maid facing deportation, Matthew Broderick as a bankrupted Wall Streeter desperately trying to keep up appearances in an exclusive high rise, and Casey Affleck as a concierge with a pregnant wife and late-in-the-game conscience. Anchoring the film is Ben Stiller’s Josh, the building’s major domo, who unwittingly put the employees’ pensions into the hands of a glad-handing Madoff-like swindler (Alan Alda). Now the money is gone, Shaw is under house arrest, and Josh is determined to make things right, Ocean’s 11 style. With a rich support cast, Tea Leoni is a cool, competent FBI agent, and a heartbreaking Stephen McKinley Henderson is Lester, who after 29 years of opening doors, learns that all his life savings is lost. The banter and the break-in are right up Rush Hour director Brett Ratner’s alley. He delivers maximum bang for the bucks. Rated PG-13.

In this powerful and superbly acted drama, thirty-something Ohio family man Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon, an Oscarnominee for Revolutionary Road, in one of last year’s most indelible performances), is haunted by apocalyptic nightmares that compel him to build a storm shelter, much to the increasing alarm of his wife, Samantha (Jessica Chastain, another stellar performance in a breakout year that also included triumphant turns in Tree of Life, The Help, and The Debt). Before this, Curtis had a good life (“That’s the best compliment you can give a man,” his best friend admiringly tells him). But his increasingly disturbing dreams and visions rock his foundation. Are they a sign that “a storm is coming” or is this a breakdown? How will his unstable behavior impact his new supervisory position at his construction firm and his ability to provide for his family? Take Shelter racked up Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Best Supporting Actress honors on the film festival and critics association circuits. If the escapist Tower Heist captures the anger of these economically uncertain times, this profoundly moving and anything but escapist film captures the unease and dread. Rated R.

Take Shelter



by Emily Morehart


To watch a tutorial of Polyvore’s

creation technology, simply log on to our digital edition at delight-today.com and flip to this page.

Fashion Meets Function at Polyvore
Some say “The eyes are the window to the soul.” I say, “It’s the clothes.” Start dressing your window with Polyvore. com, an online resource that’s more than a shopping destination, and is every bit as useful as it is inspirational. Textures, colors, patterns, fabrics, clasps, pleats, metallics, buckles and straps … depending on who you are, the fashion world is either a boundless playground for self expression, or a terrifying universe you can’t break out of your sweatpants to face. Fashionista or not, we all have one thing in common—the right to feel fabulous and comfortable in how the rest of the world sees us. Polyvore.com can help you achieve a glamorous and trendy look, made just for you with four simple tools that allow you to Explore, Create, Ask and Shop.
ExplorE thE homEpagE:
If you find inspiration by paging through beauty magazines, this portion of the site is for you. It’s a huge collection of fashion collages (outfits built from head to toe) created by Polyvore members. With members posting new collages every day, you’ll never run low on ideas to freshen your look. What’s most helpful, many creators go well beyond the minimum build of an outfit by including extras like under garments, accessories, or even lipstick to complete the ensemble to perfection. By clicking on a creation you can examine all the details of the outfit closer. By simply running your mouse over items, you can instantly find who makes it, how much it costs, and where to buy it. The creators of these fashion murals turn styling an outfit into an art form, so even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed fashionista, this section will be sure to awaken your interest and inspire you to add a bit of edge to your own look.

This section is fabulous for anyone just starting to get their Jimmy Choo’s wet. An open forum for style advice, you can get expert (and honest) answers to any questions within minutes. You can also browse other members’ inquiries (chances are someone else has had your fashion dilemma before). Questions range from “How can I create a style that integrates both hippie and punk?” to “What do I wear with skinny jeans?” The best part—you can use photos from the Polyvore collection to aid in your discussion. For example, if you’ve always shied away from leggings (even though you love them) because you have a curvy shape and don’t know what to pair with them, you can select a photo of leggings and ask, “What should a curvy girl wear these with?” Thoughtful responses will guide you to choosing the right leggings and help you feel more secure as you debut your new look.

No matter how much fun you have browsing, creating and commenting on Polyvore, nothing compares to bringing those styles to life by actually wearing them. Polyvore makes shopping convenient. It’s not limited to just any brand, thus the originality of their collection exceeds what you would find in any department store. Polyvore gives you the option to either shop by category (skirts, tops, shoes, etc…) or shop by trend. If you ever feel out of touch with “what’s hot right now” a simple visit to the “Shop by trend” section will instantly illustrate the key items you should have this season. For instance, your spring wardrobe should include a printed scarf, skinny jeans, nautical-inspired tops and vintage cat eye sunglasses. If you’re a bargain shopper check out Polyvore’s “On Sale” section for reduced prices.


Photos © 2012 Thinkstock.com


The most unique (and fun!) feature of the site is the “Create” section that allows you to make collages using Polyvore’s extensive library of fashionable pieces including articles of clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags and more. There’s also a library of background designs and fonts to complete the presentation of your designs. The “plop and drop” functionality makes using the tool extremely easy, allowing the creator to focus 100% on their ensemble. Once your creation is complete, Polyvore lets you share your design with others who can comment and give feedback. This is a great way to “test drive” an outfit before buying and wearing it.

Fashion is everywhere Your signature style isn’t just about the clothing you wear. It’s an attitude and aura that spills over into every facet of your life. That’s why Polyvore offers much more beyond clothing creations. Check out the special categories like “Art and Expression,” “Interior design” and even “Weddings” for ways to use Polyvore’s resources to infuse your signature style into everything you touch.



by Beth Herstein

Lights, Camera…Drama!


To view a clip from Smash,

simply log on to our digital edition at delight-today.com and flip to this page.

NBC’s new series Smash takes you behind the scenes of a Broadway musical. I saw Hairspray the day the rave revIews came out. the moment the curtains opened and marisa J. winokur started singing “Good morning Baltimore,” the crowd burst into applause. the songs were irrepressible, the story clever and sweet, the choreography energetic, and the cast perfect. also, we were proud of ourselves: after all, we’d picked the hottest show in town. every theatergoer has a “hairspray” story. however, most of us see only the finished product, when the curtains rise and we’re transported to another world. Behind the scenes there’s another story. the story of how the show comes to be. It’s borne of an idea, which must be developed into the show. money—lots of it—must be raised. directors, choreographers, must be hired. the cast must be carefully selected. through the media we get glimpses backstage, but we’re never quite flies on the wall. smash, premiering Feb. 6 at 10/9 pm c on NBc, gives viewers that opportunity. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a hit musical—not a reality show—but a drama about the creation of a fictional musical. Broadway professionals write, act in, and direct the episodes, giving smash the authentic presence of theater experience.

Julia and Tom are Broadway’s golden team when it comes to writing and composing musicals. They chance upon the idea to create a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Suddenly, the idea’s allure and momentum overtakes them. A producer signs on, a director’s hired, and the process begins. Most crucial is casting the right Marilyn, without whom there’s no show at all. Tom’s pal Ivy has the looks, brass, and talent for the part, so she’s the early frontrunner. Then gifted ingenue Karen Cartwright auditions and the battle for the title role begins. When the curtain falls, so to speak, the major players go home. Smash follows them there too, displaying the complex lives of the team off stage.

Unlike Glee, the fine comedy to which it inevitably will draw comparisons, Smash itself isn’t a musical—it’s a drama with songs. The musical numbers occur in rehearsals and auditions, as natural outgrowths of the plot. When someone bursts into song or an audition piece transforms into a costumed number, reminiscent of the film Chicago, the scene is providing a glimpse into the characters’ personal lives. Regulars Megan Hilty, Christian Borle, and Brian d’Arcy James, and guests like Dylan and Becky Ann Baker, are well-known stage actors. Emmy winner Debra Messing and Oscar winner Anjelica Huston are among the leads. Their pedigrees may draw you in, but their performances will keep you there all season. Finally, a series about a musical needs good music. In addition to well-known songs, Smash features catchy original numbers by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (Hairspray).


Derek Wills (Jack Davenport) is the brilliant, arrogant director of Marilyn. Derek’s also a hound, as we learn when he invites Karen to a late night “rehearsal” in his apartment. Supporting Role: Eileen persuaded Julia and Tom to hire him for Marilyn, despite Tom’s grudge against him. Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) has been in Broadway’s chorus line forever. The bravado she displays publicly masks her vulnerability. She hopes Marilyn, for which she seems tailor made, will be the break she needs. Supporting Role: Tom’s pushing for his pal Ivy to get the lead. Will his backing be enough? Julia Houston (Debra Messing) is a Broadway musical writer who adores her work but wants to take time off to adopt a child with her husband, however, the lure of Marilyn proves irresistible. Supporting Role: Husband Frank (Brian d’Arcy James) set aside his own career for Julia’s. He supports her project with trepidation, not wanting to blow their chances for adoption. Tom Levitt (Christian Borle) is Julia’s diva-ish writing partner. He’s devoted to friends Julia and Ivy but despises Derek, their director. Supporting Role: Ellis (Jaime Cepero) sorts Tom’s mail, organizes his kitchen, and comes up with the idea for Marilyn. Is he an eager innocent, or a male Eve Harrington? Eileen Rand’s (Anjelica Huston) planned revival of My Fair Lady screeches to a halt when, during divorce proceedings, it’s placed into escrow. She jumps at the chance to produce Marilyn and prove she’s still “in the game.” Supporting Role: Eileen lost her supporting player, her husband, when she filed for divorce.

Karen Cartwright’s (Katherine McPhee) loaded with talent, but her “light” resume and fresh-faced (meaning: not sexy) beauty keep the rejections coming. She waits tables while dreaming of stardom. Marilyn may answer those dreams. Supporting Role: Boyfriend Dev (Raza Jaffrey) helps and supports her unconditionally. But is he prepared for the costs of Karen’s success?

Photos © 2011 courtesy of NBC; Thinkstock


Surf report

by Greg Archer

To see trailers of featured shows, log on to our digital edition at


or click the tag with your smartphone.

February’s GrippinG OFFerinGs |

It’s sweeps month so plan ahead: The 54th Annual Grammy Awards hits CBS Feb. 12. The 84th Annual Academy Awards comes to life on ABC Feb. 26. Meanwhile, these contenders sit at the top of our must-see list.

› Are You There, Chelsea?

The show has been riddled with creative overhauls before it even left the starting gate, but the buzz is big for this new series inspired by the best-selling memoir, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, penned by late-night chat darling Chelsea Handler. Laura prepon (That ’70s Show) embodies Handler’s comedic, live-life-large persona here and Handler herself has a recurring supporting role, playing the equivalent of her real-life sister, a conservative. peppered with clever writing and—let’s hope—scenes that can be underplayed, not overblown with senseless abandon, the show has a glorious shot at mirroring Handler’s distinctly original comedic voice and delivering a believable glimpse at life’s absurdities. We’re raising our vodka drink to that hope. Watch: Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30 pm C, NBC

› Key & Peele

MaDTV’s hilarious acting/writing comedy team Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan peele have been cracking up small screen audiences for years. now they’re taking their unmistakable approach to stand up to the masses at Comedy Central. The series showcases what these two celebrated comedians do best: their impressive ability to do improv, conjure up original characters, and celebrity impressions. Through a combination of filmed sketches and live stage segments, Key and peele will share their overlapping sense of the world providing cutting, yet playful, treatment of the subject matter at hand. Whether it’s satirizing the president, spoofing nazis or ordering up some soul food, it will showcase this dynamic duo’s chemistry, camaraderie and unique point of view. Watch: Tuesdays, 10:30/9:30 pm C, Comedy Central

› Justified

Timothy Olyphant continues to impress as u.s. Marshal raylan Givens, whose return to his childhood home in eastern Kentucky proves to be downright deadly. Olyphant’s grounded, believable performances are some of the best TV has to offer and he infused last season’s finale with feverish intensity in a headturner that had fans blogging for months: nemesis Doyle (Joseph Lyle Taylor) landed a bullet to the head as he stood over raylan; mean, frosty Mags (an amazing Margo Martindale) poisoned herself, much to the surprise of viewers. expect even more heightened drama this season as this already inventive show continues to enjoy the engaging stride it has created. in the meantime, come emmy season, Olyphant is our pick. Watch: Tuesdays, 10/9 pm C, FX

› The River

This intriguing new adventure smacks of Lost and Terra Nova. The premise revolves around the mysterious disappearance of wildlife expert and TV personality emmet Cole (bruce Greenwood), who goes missing in the amazon. With few clues to draw on, his family, close friends and his TV crew set out to find him. Of course, nothing goes smoothly on the endeavor. after months of coming up short, Cole’s son, Lincoln (Joe anderson), desperately wants to move on. What may stand out here is how well the writers can develop the interaction between all the personalities involved—from TV crew to family members. added twist: a shady producer wants to film the search documentary-style. Watch: Premieres Tuesday Feb. 7, 9/8 pm C, ABC


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Season 2 Returns

› The Walking dead
Sunday, Feb.12, 9/8 pm C, AMC
True, it’s hard to resist Dead. Let’s face it, the show is about outrunning zombies—always a fascinating premise—but accolades are in order to the creatives behind-thescenes for delivering one of the most surprisingly well-written adventures considering the gruesome horror elements involved. Where other series would have indulged in its luscious special effects, Dead has managed to find a refreshing balance between serving up gritty scenes and offering its audience commanding performances. While the entire ensemble sizzles—few series have packaged such a powerful posse— the show would be nowhere without the believable performances of its three leads, Andrew Lincoln (Sheriff Rick Grimes), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) and Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh). Undoubtedly the most unique troika to hit the small screen in some time, these actors play off of each other with remarkable believability. Although creator Frank Darabont, the man who so marvelously breathed life into the film Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, is no longer with the series, his vision, inspired by the comic book of the same name, lives on. Last season had too many high points to list—but those zombies in the barn, Lori’s pregnancy and final opus of discovering that young Sophia had been “turned,” were simply breathtaking. When things pick up again, expect some emotional fireworks on Hershel’s Farm in the wake of Shane’s surprising 11th-hour zombie-slaying antics. How Carol (Melissa McBride) handles her daughter Sophia’s demise will be something to look out for, too, but if the first seven episodes are any indication of what the writers are capable of, the intensity will only increase. (Online buzz has never been higher for the show and the ratings have broken records.) No doubt the next move would be taking the clan on the road again but with the addition of a few cast members, Lori’s pregnancy—is Rick or Shane the father?—and the sudden dark mood swing taken by Laurie Holden’s Andrea, Dead should go on living for quite some time.

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