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Subject:  Re:  PDA  Applica2on   Date:  Monday,  January  23,  2012  1:35  PM   From:  Steve  Monowitz  <SMonowitz@smcgov.org>   To:  Len  Erickson  <LenEricksonMCC@gmail.com>   Cc:  Bill  Kehoe  <mccbillkehoe@gmail.com>,  Nicholas  Calderon  <NCalderon@smcgov.org>    

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 6:40 AM

Hi  Len,   Thanks  for  passing  this  on.    I  checked  in  with  ABAG  about  the  quarterly  cycle  for  reviewing  applicaTons  to   determine  if  we  would  be  able  to  apply  next  quarter  and  understand  if  there  would  be  any  negaTve   consequences  of  such  a  delay.    As  you  probably  saw  on  the  FOCUS  program  homepage,  the  deadline   January  30,  2012  deadline  for  submiYng  the  resoluTon  is  fairly  prominent,  and  there  is  no  menTon  of   future  cycles.       The  person  I  spoke  with  at  ABAG  indicated  that  one  problem  of  not  submiYng  this  cycle  is  that  it  would   impact  our  ability  to  obtain  grants  under  MTC's  and  ABAG's  "One  Bay  Area"  program.    This  is  the  program   being  used  to  develop  the  Sustainable  Community  Strategy  (SCS)  for  the  region.    Based  on  what  I  have   been  able  to  learn  from  the  website  so  far  (h^p://www.mtc.ca.gov/funding/onebayarea/)  it  appears  that   the  next  grant  cycle  under  the  One  Bay  Area  program  will  be  released  in  March,  and  that  if  we  do  not   have  a  PDA  designaTon  in  place  at  that  Tme,  we  will  not  be  compeTTve  for  these  grants  for  at  least  a   year.    (I'm  not  sure  if  there  will  be  future  funding  cycles.)    I  am  also  concerned  about  how  a  delay  in  our   applicaTon  relates  to    the  development  of  the  SCS  and  the  funding  associated  with  it,  as  a  draa  of  the   preferred  SCS  is  scheduled  to  be  released  in  March.   As  discussed  in  the  staff  report,  the  objecTve  of  this  designaTon  is  to  make  the  Midcoast  eligible  for   planning  and  infrastructure  grants.    It  in  no  way  impacts  the  development  policies  and  regulaTons   established  by  the  LCP.    The  Planning  and  Building  Department  is  commi^ed  to  working  with  the  MCC  on   any  grant  applicaTons  and  projects  related  to  this  designaTon.    It  is  therefore  my  opinion  that  it  is  in  all  of   our  best  interests  to  move  forward  with  the  resoluTon  tomorrow.   Please  let  me  know  if  you  have  addiTonal  quesTons  or  would  like  to  discuss  this  ma^er  further.   Sincerely,   Steve                   >>>  "Len  Erickson"  <lenericksonmcc@gmail.com>  1/23/2012  11:10  AM  >>>   Steve,     Thanks  for  the  update  on  the  Highway  1  ...  Study  Review  and  I  look  forward  to  receiving  the  material  from   you  later  today  and  I’ll  share  it  with  the  commi^ee  this  evening.       Per  the  PDA  comment,  see...     Please  see  the  a^ached  document,  per  our  conversaTon.  Note  specifically  SecTon  IV  on  p.  4    
IV. Application Review Process! Applications received will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. The quarters for the year include: January to!
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March, April to June, July to September, and October to December. Applications received within a! quarter will be reviewed at the start of a new quarter. For instance, the review process for an application! received in February will begin in April.!

  Link  to  the  document  and  the  MCC  materials  are  on  our  site.  
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