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Automatically converts AvaTax Certs records into tax decision software file formats.
The Tax Decision Connector (TDC) is a standalone Java application that helps to simplify the integration between AvaTax Certs and Vertex O Series tax decision software. The TDC automatically converts AvaTax Certs records into a file format suitable for import into Vertex O Series. The TDC allows businesses using Vertex O Series to utilize the most powerful, easy-to-use, exemption certificate management software available to ensure accurate tax decisions are made on non-taxed transactions.

Easy Tax Decision Software Integration

Three Steps to Integrating AvaTax Certs with Tax Decision Software

Export certificate records from AvaTax Certs. Convert the AvaTax Certs records into your tax decision softwares file format. Import the conversion file into your tax decision software.

AvaTax Certs integrates with:

ERP POS e-commerce Tax decision software Our SDK enables easy integration with virtually any business application.

Automating the Steps

AvaTax Certs TDC automatically handles step 1 and 2. Step 3 is a simple program written by your IT department to automate the import of the TDC conversion file into your tax decision software. Configure the TDC to fit your business rules so only certificates that meet the conditions you set are imported into your tax decision software. Ensure the most up-to-date certificates are available by automating the TDC function to run on a frequency and schedule you set.

AvaTax Certs supports virtually all sale channels: direct, retail, e-commerce and tele-sales. Avalara is a certified Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) compliance service provider.

TDC Benefits
Automates the integration of AvaTax Certs with your tax decision software. Ensures accurate tax decisions are made for exempt transactions. Eliminates the need for your IT department to create a TDC-type application. Configures to fit your certificate business rules. Reports which certificates do not meet your business rules. Runs on a frequency and schedule you set.

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How the TDC Works.

TDC retrieves certificate records from AvaTax Certs. TDC files are automatically imported into your tax decision software.

TDC Requirements: AvaTax Certs AvaTax Certs Integration Services for API access Java 1.5 or greater Client Responsibilities: Configuration of TDC Importation of file into Vertex

TDC replicates certificates based upon your business rules. TDC IMPORT FILE TDC creates file suitable for import into your tax decision software.

End-to-end compliance + accuracy for all your transactional tax needs.

Automating the sales tax calculation/ decision process saves time, money and effort. AvaTax Calc dynamically delivers 100,000+ taxability rules and applies them across 17,000+ jurisdictions at the point of transaction, fully integrated with your billing system or ERP.

Returns & Filing

Ensure timely and accurate transactional tax filing and remittance - with simplicity. File returns and remit payments on time using a single payment solution. Whether the jurisdiction requires e-filing or mailed in hard-copy returns, AvaTax Returns performs the job.

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