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Electricity Metering C12 1993 Edition
C12.1-1988 American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering C12.4-1984 (Reaff 1990) American National Standard for Mechanical Demand Registers C12.5-1978 American National Standard for Thermal Demand Meters C12.6-1987 (Reaff 1992) American National Standard for Marking and Arrangement of Terminals for Phase-Shifting Devices used in Metering C12.7-1987 American National Standard Requirements for Watthour Meter Sockets C12.8-1981 (Reaff 1991) American Nationsl Standard for Test Blocks and Cabinets for Installation of Self-Contained A-Base Watthour Meters C12.9-1987 American National Standard for Test Switches for Transformer-Rated Meters C12.10-1987 American National Standard for Elctromechanical Watthour Meters C12.11-1987 American National Standard for Instrument Transformer for Revenue Metering, 10kV BIL through 350kV BIL (0.6 NSV Through 69kV NSV) C12.13-1991 American National Standard Electronic Time-ofuse Registers for Electricity Meters C12.14-1982 (Reaff 1987) American National Standard for Magnetic Tape Pulse Recorders for Electricity Meters C12.15-1990 American National Standard Solid-state Demand Registers for Elctromechanical Watthour Meters C12.16-1991 American National Standard for Solid-State Electricity Meters C12.17-1991 American National Standard or Cartridge-Type Solid-state Pulse recorders for Electricity Metering Back

Power Capacitors 1994 Edition
http://www.ewh.ieee.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.html 08/05/2006

org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.html 08/05/2006 .012 Application Guide for Capacitance Current Switching for AC High Voltage Circuit Breakers rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis ANSI/IEEE C37.ieee. Maintenance and Operation of Lines (ESMOL) 1993 Edition IEEE Std 516-1987 Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power-Lines (ANSI) IEEE Std 524-1992 Guide to the Installation of Overhead transmission Line Conductors IEEE Std 644-1987 Standard Procedures for Measurement of Power frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power Lines (ANSI) IEEE Std 738-1986 Standard for Calculation of Bare Overhead Conductor Temperature and Ampacity under Steady State Conditions (ANSI) IEEE Std 935-1989 Guide on Terminology for Tools and Equipment to be used in Live-Line Working (ANSI) IEEE Std 957-1987 Guide for Cleaning Insulators (ANSI) IEEE Std 978-1984 (Reaff 1991) Guide for In-Service Maintenance and Electrical Testing of Live-Line Tools (ANSI) IEEE Std 1048-1990 Guide for Proective Grounding of Power Lines (ANSI) IEEE Std 1070-1988 Guide for the Design and testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components (ANSI) Back Electric Machinery 1995 Edition http://www.ewh.99 Guide for Protection of Shunt Capacitor Banks Bibliography on Shunt Power capacitors 1975-1991 Bibliography on SeriesPower capacitors 1975-1991 Back Engineering in Safety.About Página 2 de 11 IEEE Std 18 Standard for Shunt Capacitors IEEE Std 824 Series Capacitor in Power Systems IEEE Std 1036 Guide for Application of Shunt Power Capacitors ANSI/IEEE Std C37.

About Página 3 de 11 IEEE Std 11-1980 (Reaff 1992) Standard for Rotating Electric Machinery for Rail and Raod Vehicles (ANSI) IEEE Std 43-1974 (Reaff 1991) Recommended Practice for testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery (ANSI) IEEE Std 56-1977 (Reaff 1991) Gude for Insulation Maintenance of large AC Rotating Machinery (10 000kVA and larger) (ANSI) IEEE Std 67-1990 Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Generators IEEE Std 85-1973 (Reaff 1986) Standard Test Procedure for Airborne Sound Measurements on Rotating Electric machinery IEEE Std 95-1977 (Reaff 1991) Recommeded practice for Insulation Tetsing of Large AC rotating Machinery with High Direct Voltage (ANSI) IEEE Std 112-1991 Standard Test Procedures for Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators (ANSI) IEEE Std 113-1985 Guide: Test Procedures fir DC Machines (ANSI) IEEE Std 115-1983 (Reaff 1991) Guide: Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines (ANSI) IEEE Std 115A-1987 Standard procedures for obtaining Synchronous Machine Parameters by Standstill Frequency Response Testing IEEE Std 116-1975 (Reaff 1982) Standard test procedure for Carbon Test Brushes IEEE Std 117-1974 (Reaff 1991) Standard test Procedure for evaluation of Systems of Insulating Material for Random Wound AC Eclectric machinery (ANSI C50.html 08/05/2006 .32-1976) IEEE Std 252-1977 (Reaff 1984) Standard Test procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors having Liquid in the Magnetic gap (ANSI) IEEE Std 275-1992 Recommended Practice for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Alternating-Current Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Preinsulated Stator Coils for Machines Rated 6900V and Below (ANSI) IEEE Std 290-1980 (Reaff 1986) Standard for Electric Couplings: part I-General Rating Performance techniques.Tets Procedures (ANSI) IEEE Std 304-1977 (Reaff 1991) Standard test procedure for Evaluation and Classification of Insulation Systems for DC http://www.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.ieee.ewh. Part II.

org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.About Página 4 de 11 Machines (ANSI) IEEE Std 429-1994 Recommended practice for thermal Evaluation of Sealed Insulation Systems for AC Electric machinery Employing Form-Wound Preinsulated Stator Coils for Machines Rated 6900V and Below IEEE Std 432-1992 Guide for Insulation Maintenance for Rotating Electrical Machinery (5hp to less than 10000hp) (ANSI) IEEE Std 433-1974 (Reaff 1991) Recommended Practice for Insulation and Testing of Large AC Rotating Machinery with High Voltage at very low frequency (ANSI) IEEE Std 434-1973 (Reaff 1991) Gude for Functional Evaluation of Insulation Systems for large High-Voltage Machines (ANSI) IEEE Std 492-1974 (Reaff 1986) Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Hydro-generators (ANSI) IEEE Std 522-1992 Guide for testing Turn-to-Turn Insulation on Form wound stator coils for alternating current rotating electric machines (ANSI) IEEE Std 792-1987 (Reaff 1995) Trial-Use recommended Practice for the Evaluation of the Impulse Voltage Capability of Insulation Systems for AC Electric machinery Employing FormWound Stator Coils (ANSI) IEEE Std 1129-1992 Recommended Practice for Monitoring and Instrumentation of turbine Generators Back Distribution.html 08/05/2006 .ewh. Power and Regulating Transformers C57 1995 edition Draft IEEE Std 62-1995 Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power Appratus IEEE Std 259-1994 Standard test Procedure for the evaluation of Systems of Insulation for the Speciality Transformers IEEE Std 637-1985 (Reaff 1992) Guide for the Reclamation of Insulating Oil and Criteria for Its Use (ANSI) IEEE Std 638-1992 Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Transformers for Nuclear Power Generating Stations IEEE Std 799-1987 (Reaff 1992) Guide for Handling And Disposal of Transformer Grade Insulating Liquids Containing PCBs (ANSI) http://www.ieee.

Pad- http://www. Low Voltage 240/120V. 167kVA and smaller) IEEE C57. Insulated. Low Voltage.10-1988 Safety Requirements 230Kv and Below 833/958 Through 8333/10 417 kVA. Self-Cooled.12.12.11-1980 Guide for Installation of Oil-Immersed Transformers (10 MVA and Larger. and 3750/4687 Through 60 000/80 000/100 000 kVA with Load Tap Changing IEEE C57.12. Single-Phase. and 750/862 Through 60 000/80 000/100 kVA.00-1993 Standard General Requirements for Liquid-Immersion Distribution.12.12.23-1992 Standard for Transformers Underground-type. High-Voltage.12. High Voltage(24940 GrdY/14 400V and Below) and Low Voltage (240/120V.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.About Página 5 de 11 IEEE Std C57. Low Voltage.PadMounted.12.html 08/05/2006 .ieee. 480 Volts and Below IEEE C57.22-1989 Rquirements for Pad-Mounted. High Voltage.12.29-1991 Switchgear and transformers . 2500kVA and Smaller ANSI C57. Compartmental-Type. 2500kVA and Smaller. 34500Volts and Below.01-1989 Standard General Requirements for Drytype Distribution and Power Transformers Including Those with Solid Cast and/or Resin-Encapsulated Windings ANSI C57. Compartmental-Type. Three Phase Distribution Transformers with High-Voltage Bushings. 34500 GrdY/19 920 Volts and Below. Power. Self-Cooled. Three Phase Distribution Transformers for use with Seperable Insulated HighVoltage Connectors.20-1988 Requirements for Overhead-Type Distribution Transformers. Single-Phase Distribution Transformer with Seperable Insulated High-Voltage Connectors. 167kVA and smaller) ANSI C57. 34500 GrdY/19920V and Below.25-1990 Requirements for Pad-Mounted. High Voltage. 34500 GrdY/19920 Volts and Below. Compartmental-Type Self-Cooled. High Voltage. 500kVA and Smaller.12. and Regulating Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.12-1980 Guide for installation of Oil-Immersed EHV Transformers 345 kV and Above (ANSI) ANSI C57. Single-Phase Distribution Transformers with Seperable. High-Voltage Connectors. Three Phase Without Load Tap Changing. 7970/13 800 Y Volts and Below ANSI C57.26-1992 Standard for Transformers .12.12. Self-Cooled. 69-287 kV Rating) (ANSI) IEEE C57.ewh.

12.12.55-1987 Conformance Standard for Transformers .59-1989 Guide for Dry-Type Transformer Through-Fault Current Duration (ANSI) IEEE C57.56-1986 (Reaff 1993) Standard Test Procedure for Test Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Ventilated Dry-Type Power and Distribution transformer (ANSI) ANSI C57.60-1992 Trial-Use Standard test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Solid-Cast and Resin-Encapsulated Power and Distribution Transformers ANSI C57.51-1981 (Reaff 1989) Requirements for Ventilated Dry-Type Power Transformers.12.12.12.Dry type Transformers used in Unit Installations. Low Voltage 208Y/120 to 4160V ANSI C57. 501 kVA and larger. with High-Voltage 601 to 34500V.50-1981 (Reaff 1989) Requirements for Ventilated Dry-Type Distribution Transformers.12. Power and Regulating Transformers and guide for Short-Circuit Testing of Distribution and Power-Transformers http://www. 501 kVA and larger. Low Voltage 208Y/120 to 4160V ANSI C57.52-1981 (Reaff 1989) Requirements for Sealed Dry-Type Power Transformers. Three-Phase with High-Voltage 601 to 34500V. Three Phase.12.12. with High-Voltage 601 to 34500V. Single-Phase. 1 to 500kVA. and 15 to 500kVA.44-1994 Requirements for Secondary Network Protectors ANSI C57.Requirements IEEE C57.58-1991 Guide for Conducting a Transient Voltage Analysis of a Dry-Type Transformer Coil (ANSI) IEEE C57.12.70-1978 (Reaff 1993) Terminal Markings and Connections for Distribution and Power Trasnformers IEEE C57. Three Phase. Thre phse with High Voltage 34500V and Below. including Unit Subststions IEEE C57.Enclosure Integrity for Coastal Enviornments IEEE C57.57-1987 (Reaff 1992) Standard for Transformers Ventilated Dry-type Netowrk transformers 2500kVA and Below. Low Voltage 120 to 600V ANSI C57.12. Low Voltage 216Y/125 and 480Y/277V .12.12.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.html 08/05/2006 .12.ewh.ieee.About Página 6 de 11 Mounted Equipment .90-1993 Standard Test Code for Liquid immersed Distribution.80-1978 (Reaff 1992) Sandard terminlogy for Power and Distribution transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.

and Test-Code for Step Voltage and InductionVoltage Regulators (ANSI) IEEE C57.1-1981 (Reaff 1992) Guide for Field testing of Relaying Current Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.19.2-1991 Conformance Test Procedures for Instrument Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.13-1993 Standard Requirements for Instrument Transformers IEEE C57.13.3-1983 (Reaff 1990) Guide for the Grounding of Instrument Transformers Secondary Circuits and Cases (ANSI) IEEE C57.91-1979 Test Code for Dry-Type Distribution and power Trasnformers IEEE C57.101-1992 Guide for Laoding Power Apparatus Bushings (ANSI) IEEE C57.13.15-1986 (Reaff 1992) Standard Requirements.98-1993 Guide for Transformer Impulse Tests IEEE C57.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.96-1989 Guide for Loading Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.100 Guide for Application of Power Apparatus Bushings IEEE C57.91-1981 (Reaff 1991) Guide for loading Mineral Oil Immersed Overhead and Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer Rated 500kVA and Less with 65C or 55C Average Winding Rise IEEE C57. Terminology.99-1965 Guide for loading Dry-Type and oil- http://www.ieee. Operation.html 08/05/2006 .12.ewh.About Página 7 de 11 (ANSI) IEEE C57.21-1990 (Reaff 1995) Standard Requirements.19.01-1991 Standard Performance Characteristics and Dimensions or Outdoor Power Apparatus Bushing (ANSI) Draft C57. Application.19.92-1981 (Reaff 1991) Guide for Loading Mineral Oil Immersed Power Trasnformers upto and including 100 MVA with 55C or 65C Average Winding Rise (ANSI) IEEE C57.94-1982 (Reaff 1987) Recommended Practice for Installation. and Maintenance of DryType general purpose Distribution and Power Transformer IEEE C57.95-1984 (Reaff 1991) Guide for laoding LiquidImmersed Set-Voltage and Induction-Voltage Regulators (ANSI) IEEE C57.19.13.00-1991 Standard General Requirements and test Procedure for Outdoor Power Apparatus Bushing (ANSI) IEEE C57. Terminology and test Code for Shunt Reactors over 500KVA (ANSI) IEEE C57.

111-1989 (Reaff 1995) Guide for Acceptance of Silicone Insulating Fluid and its Maintenance in Transformers IEEE C57.125-1991 Guide for Failure Investigation.html 08/05/2006 .115-1991 (Redesignation of IEEE Std 756.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.110-1986 (Reaff 1982) Recommended Practice for Establishing Transformer Capability when Supplying Nonsinusoidal Load Currents (ANSI) IEEE C57.114-1990 Seismic Guide for Power Transformers and Reactors (ANSI) IEEE C57.ieee.116-1989 Guide for Transformers Directly Connected to Generators (ANSI) IEEE C57. http://www.124-1991 Recommended Practice for Detection of Partial Discharges and the Measurement of Apparent Change in Dry-Type Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.105-1978 (Reaff 1992) Guide for Application of Transformer Connections in Three Phase Distribution Systems (ANSI) IEEE C57.113-1991 Guide for Partial Discharge Measurement in Liquid-Filled Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors IEEE C57.106-1991 Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Insulating Oil in Equipment (ANSI) IEEE C57.109-1993 Guide for Liquid-Immersed Transformer through Fault-Current Duration (ANSI) IEEE C57.About Página 8 de 11 Immersed Current-Limiting Reactors IEEE C57. Trial Use May 1984) Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil Immersed Power Transformers Rated in Excess of 100MVA (65C Winding Rise) (ANSI) IEEE C57.100-1986 (Reaff 1992) Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer (ANSI) IEEE C57.104-1991 Guide for the Interpretation of Gases Generated in Oil-Immersed Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.ewh.121-1988 (Reaff 1995) Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Less Flammable HydroCarbon Fluid in Transformers (ANSI) IEEE C57.120-1991 Loss Evaluation Guide for Power Transformers abd Reactors (ANSI) IEEE C57.117-1986 (Reaff 1992) Guide for Reporting Failure Data for Power Transformers abd Shunt Reactors on Electric Utility Power Systems (ANSI) IEEE C57.

org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents. and Analysis for Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors (ANSI) IEEE Draft C57.ieee.html 08/05/2006 .131-1995 Guide for the Application of Metal Oxide Sure Arresters for AC Systems Back Electromagnetic Compatibility 1996 Edition IEEE Std 139-1988 (Reaff 1993) Recommended Practice for the Measurement of Radio Frequenecy Emission from the Industrial.About Página 9 de 11 Documentation.ewh. Scientific and Medical (ISM) Equipment Installed on User Premises (ANSI) IEEE Std 140-1990 Recommended Practices for Minimization of Interfernce from Radio Frequency Heating Equipment (ANSI) IEEE Std 187-1990 Standard on Radio Receivers: Open Field of Measurement of Spurious Radiaiton from FM and Television Broadcast Receivers (ANSI) IEEE Std 211-1990 Standard Deinition terms for Radio Wave Propgation (ANSI) IEEE Std 213-1987 (Reaf 199) Standard Procedure for Measuring Conducted Emission in the Range of 300kHz to 35MHz from Television and FM Broadcast Rceivers to Power Lines (ANSI) IEEE Std 291-1991 Standard Methods for Measuring Eletromagenetic Field Strength of Sinusoidal Coninous Waves. 30Hz to 30GHz (ANSI) IEEE Std 299-1991 Standard Method of Measuring the Effectiveness of the Electromagnetic Sheilding Enclosures (ANSI) IEEE Std 376-1975 (Reaff 1993) Standard for the measurement of impulse strength and impulse bandwidth (ANSI) IEEE Std 377-1980 (Reaf 1991) Recommended Practice for Measurement of Spurious EMission from Land-Mobile Commmunication Transmitters (ANSI) IEEE Std 430-1986 (Reaff 1991) Standard Procedures for the Measurement of Radio Noise form Overhead Power Lines and Substations (ANSI) IEEE Std 469-1988 (Reaff 1994) Recommended Pracice for http://www.

org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.ieee.12-1987 American National Standard Recommended Practice for Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits ANSI C63.ewh.5-1988 American National Standard for Calibration of Antennas Used for Radiated Emission Measurement in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Control ANSI C63.2-1995 Standard Withstand Capability of Relay Systems to Radiated Electromagnetic Interference from Transceivers ANSI C63. 10kHz to 40GHz Specifications ANSI C63.About Página 10 de 11 Voice-Frequency Electrical-Noise Tests of Distribution Transformers (ANSI) IEEE Std 473-1985 (Reaff 1991) Recommended Practice for an Electromagnetic Site Survey (10kHz to 10GHz) (ANSI) IEEE Std 475-1983 (Reaff 1994) Measurement Procedure for the Field Disturbance Sensor 9rf intrusion Alarm) (ANSI) IEEE Std 518-1982 (Reaff 1990) Guide for the installation of Electric Equipment to Minimize Noise inputs to controllers from external sources (ANSI) IEEE Std 539-1990 Standard Definitions of terms Relating to Corona and Field Effects of Overhead Power Lines (ANSI) IEEE Std 644-1994 Standard procedures for the measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC power lines IEEE Std 776-1992 Guide for Inductive Coordination of Electric Supply and Communication Lines IEEE Std 1140-1994 Standard procedures for the measurement of Electric and Magnetic fields from Video Display terminals (VDTs) from Hz to 400MHz IEEE C37.4-1992 American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Radio-Noise Emissions from Low-Voltage Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the Range of 9kHz to 40GHz ANSI C63.6-1988 American National Standard Guide for the Computation of Errors in Open-Area Test Site Measurements ANSI C63.html 08/05/2006 .7-1992 American National Standard Guide for the Construction of Open Area Test Sites for performing Radiated Emission Measurements ANSI C63.2-1987 American National Standard for Electromagnetic Noise and Field Strength.90.13-1991 American National Standard Guide on the http://www.

ieee.16-1993 American National Standard Guide for Electrostatic Discharge Test Methodology and Criteria for Electronic Equipment C95. and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) (Dictionary of EMC/EMP.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.ESD Terms and Definitions) ANSI C63.dal.14-1992 American National Standard Dictionary for the Technolohies of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).ca Document: About URL: http://www. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).html 08/05/2006 .html Last Modified: 12/30/2001 17:34:26 http://www.3-1991 IEEE Recommended Practices for the Measurement of Potentially Hazardous Electromagnetic Fields RF and Microwave (ANSI) Back Copyright © 2001.1-1991 IEEE Standard Safety Levels with the Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.About Página 11 de 11 Application and Evaluation of EMI Power Line Filters for Commercial Use ANSI C63.ewh. The IEEE Student Branch of DalTech Student Branch Webmaster: ieee@is2.ieee. 3Khz to 300kHz (ANSI) C95.org/r7/cafoundation/mcn_cent/dal/mcnaughton/contents.ewh.2-1982 American National Standard Radio Frequency Radiation Hazard Warning Symbol C95.

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