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Up to Knees in Water Wheat Mrs. Brown Last Saw Thesa. New York. April 19.Mrs. John Designer of the Titanic Fainted Murray Brown of Acton, Blaine, who if*' Pitiful Scenes at Lisa's Qflsces. Colonel Gracie Telia of the Accident and Describe* the with her slaters. Mrs. Robert C. Cor lx>ndon. April 19.Pitiful scenes nell and Mrs. E. U. Appleion, was were again witnessed at the White Thrilling Hours That Followed Before Aid Came-Went saved, was In the last life boat to. Star line office In this city this morn 1 leave the Titanic. She said : ing. One woman who bad kept vigil Down With Ship But Finally Reached the Surface. "The band played, marching from throughout the day and most of the deck to deck, and as the ship went night since the first news of the dis under 1 still heard the music aster came, found in the list posted 'The musicians were up to their j a t t h # o f f l c e t h e n a m e B h n a 4 ,b<>en New_ York, April I.Colonel collapsible boat that was called a knees In water when I last saw waiting for and rushed Into toe them. My sisters and I were in diffArchibald Gracie. V. S. A., who raftthere were already lying more street shrieking He is saved!" than 20 men who seemed to belong rent boats. We offered assistance to The lord mayor and sheriffs of the jumped from the topmost deck of the to the Tltanie's crow. Two men, one Captain Smith of the Titanic when the water covered the ship but he city of London were present at the Titanic as she sank and swam about in the bow, tb other (n the stern. propelled us refused to get into the boat. Mrs. service at St. Paul's. Thousands were until he found a cork life raft and with pieces of through the wreckage wood which answered unable to gain admittance to the ca then helped rescue those who had Astor was In the life boat with my thedral. The whole congregation jumped into the water, told today of for oars. sister, Mrs. Cornell. 1 heard Colonel stood while a military band played Raft Threatened to Sink. Astor tell her he would wait with the "Dead March" from Saul. Hun his experiences. "Presently the raft became so full the men. I saw him on the ship as But Mrs. F. P. Casey and Mrs. W. B. Chisholm Were of women "The Titanic was struck by the that it seemtd she would sink if our boat pulled out. Our boat waa dreds sobs were and men broke down and audible throughout berg on her port side." Captain Ora more eame aboard and the crew, for almost dragged down by the suc the edifice. Expecting Her at This TimeMinister Collett of Port cle said. "She was ripped from near self-presrvatlon, had to refuse to tion." Alexander Carlisle, the designer of the middle of the boat to the bow af permit others to climb aboard. This the Titanic, who waa among the con was st once the most pathetic and Byron Fairly Dances With* Happiness at the News gregation, waa so affected that ke ter the fashion of a can opener open the most horrible scene of all. The And Father Hickey Is Executor of ing a box of sardines. The buttons piteous cries of those around us still fainted and had to be carried out. That His Boy Is Among the SaVedOthers in Will of Ellen M. Roach. I will remember were pressed immediately and 4 the ring in my ear a The will of Mary O'Neill of Au Bntt I/fted His Hat in Farewell to compartments closed as far as pos them to my dying day. Whom People of This Vicinity Are Particu burn was admitted' to probate and " 'Hold on to what you have, old Old Acquaintance, Miss Young. sible under the circumstances. letters testamentary were issued to boy." we shouted to each man who "The interval between the collis tried*to get aboard. 'One more of you John J. O'Neil, a son. The value of, Washtntgon, April 19.A graphic Relatives and Friends of Liner's Offi larly Interested Among Survivors. the estate was not given in the pa-, account of the heroism of Major ion and the sinking of the ship was aboard would sink us all.' And many cers and.Crew Sought News. pers filed. The will was executed Archibald Butt on the Titanic two hours and 23 minutes, timed by whom we refused answered as they Southampton, Bog., April 19.The my wstch, which lsy open on the went to their death: September 6. 1895, and provides for j t o ld today in an interview given to the entire estate being left in trust. < t Q 6 W M W n f t o n S t a r . g s t a f f c 0 r r e - wives and relatives and friends of dresser. The watch stopped at 2:12 " Good luck and God bless you.' the crew of the Titanic gathered in Th arrival of the Carpathia in New York last night settled definitely the income to be paid to the son "Did we pray? Through all that a. m. when I jumped Into the water. gpondent in New York by Miss Marie the fate of persons who sailed on the Titanic and in whom residents of above named. On his death it goes Young, a former resident of this city. the early hours of this morning at I waa awakened in my cabin at mid wild night there was not a moment to his children and if without issue that our prayers did not rise above the White Star line offices to wait for Auburn and vicinity are directly interested. the estate is to be distributed among Miss Young is believed to have the list of those officers and men who night. the waves. Men who seemed to hs/ve the heirs of the deceased according, been the last woman to leave the Tl- bad been saved. In some cases the SAVED. "After sinking with the ship, it forgotten long ago how to address to law. The witnesses* to the exe their Creator recalled the prayers list relief, but 1 0 6 8 HILDA S&ftTTKK, of London, England, niece of .Mrs. Frank P. cution of the will were John J. tanlg and the last survivor to have posting of the wentbrought with their appeared to me as if it were pro of their childhood and murmured the majority aiwny pelled by some great force through them over snd over again. We said O'Neil and Roger Quinn. now de-. talked with the President's military worst fears confirmed. Casey of Auburn and bound for this city. the water. This might have been oc the Lord's Prayer again and again aide. She and Major Butt bad l o n r \ REV. &D>XEY C STUART OOLLETT, son of Rev. and Mrs, M. E. Collett. ceased. will 0t_ Ellen M. Roach of been friends. Miss Young having casioned by explosions, under water. together. Ages seemed to have passed The I recall that I was most fearful of when we first saw the twinkling light of Port Byron. Auburn was admitted to probate and been a special music Instructor to being boiled to death. The second of the Carpathia on the horizon. We letters testamentary were Issued to the.children of former President MlflS EMILY BADMAN, of Skaneatelea, sister of Mrs. Ernest Arthur, of officer, who was on the top deck, told knew her and recognized her as our Rev. J. J. Hickey. The" estate con* Roosevelt. Miss Young said: This Babe's Father, Mother snd Sis me that he had a similar experience. rescuer. The Marconi operator, one sists of $2,500 personal and $2,000 j Innumerable thought of a personal of the 35 on the raft, confirmed* our, Last Words With Bntt. ter Were Drowned. FREDERICK SEWARD of New York, cousin of Gen. William H. Seward. real property. The will directs the nature, relating to mental telepathy, hopes by saying that it was indeed payment of $300 to Mary Lynch , a "The last person to whom I spoke New York, April 19.There Is one LOST. slater, the setting aaide of $200 for op board the Titanic was Archie Butt flashed through my brain. I thought the Carpathia. While we looked some RJBODi ALD HALE, of Rodney Stoke, Somersetshire. Kng., bound for An* masses for the repose of the soul of and his good, brave face smiling at survivor of the fateful disaster off of those at home, as if m> spirit one whispered that there was also the Grand Banks of New Foundland a ship behind us. We dared not turn the deceased. $500 for the Holy to resume Ms position as custodian at The Home, Grant Ave* Family church. The residue is left me from the deck of the steamer was who is not aware that the Titanic might go to them and say good-bye about to look, so fearful were we forever, for a similar experience in to Nora Flyun, a slater, of Wash the last I could distinguish as .the went to the bottom with 1,609 per days gone by had occurred in the that we would, disturb the balance. aue. No Boat Behind. WILLIAM CROTHHRS DULLES of Philadelphia, cousin of Rev. A. M. ington. D. C. A brother, Richard boat I was in pulled away from the sons, including his father, mother history o f - a member of my wife's O'Connor, of Weedsport, who left steamer's side. "The second officer flnaHy ordered and little sitter. This survivor is family and she was even awake that Denies, ft IX that village several years ago, could one man to look back while the "When he had carefully wrapped Traverse Alison, 11 months old, who night, tortured with presentments. located. UNACCOUNTED FOR. others stayed still. The man who Decree was granted settling the me up he stepped upon the gunwale Is at the Hotel Manhattan with the Finally Reached Surface. looked passed the word that there ELLKRY of E n d Byron. May be "James Embury" reported accounts of Noyes A. Prince as ex of the boat and lifting his hat smiled nurse and two maids who were sav "Again and again I prayer for de was no ship behind. When the day ecutor of the estate of the lute Fred down s t me. ed with blm. His parents, Mr. and liverance, although I felt sure that broke four of the Tltanie's life boats Qoding of Auburn. The executor Said he would sail with Reginald Hale. "Remember Me at Home." FRANK WALL of Mrs. H, J. Allison, and sister, Lor- the end had come. My greatest diffi were seen on our port side. The (charged htamelf with $6,751.78, second officer blew his whistle to call " 'Good-bye, Miss Young,' he said, aine, three and a half years old, were culty was in holding my breath until attention to our precarious condition credited himself with $1,709.56. I came to the surface, for I knew that spared him for a great service," de One of the strangest stories con clared Rev. r Collett proudly, adding: leaving a balance, of $5,042.22, all bravely and smilingly. 'Luck is with left on the deck of the Titanic when once I had inhaled water I would and the head life boat, towing an of which goes to Mr. Prince. The nect! with the wreck of the giant "He's Just four and 20. and he's com disbursements were as follows: you.' Will you kindly remember me the'life boat w as lowered. have suffocated. Under the water I other, came to help us. Two. brothers of Mr. Allison, struck out wl^h nil my strength for "The transfei, fraught with peril, to all the folks back home?' liner name to light this morning, ing here to preach. A splendid boy Debts. funeral expenses. etc., followed. The second officer was the "Then he stepped to the deck of George B. Allison and Percy W. Alli the surface. and briefly told Is as follows: During and he's a wonderful preacher. $489.77: coets__and disbursements, son, came from Montreal to meet the he "I reached the surface after a time laat man offHftedraft. Just before the the past few weeks Mrs. Francis P. He's addressed audiences of thou $226; commissions, $193.79; lega the steamer and the boat I was in their nephew. _Tbey did not abandon left it he into the boat was lowered to the water. It was hope that Mr. and Mrs. Allison had that seemed unending. There was body of s sailor who had died of cold Casey, widow of the" late Doctor sands and they've, had choruses of cies, $800. the last boat leave the ship, of this been rescued until the Carpathian, nothing In.sight save the ice which and exposure as we prayed. I, with Casey and Mrs. W. B. Chisholm of '500 stag: at his services. He's been MORAVIA. a preacher since he was 10 years old, I am perfectly certain. And I know erached her pier. Mr. Allison was of dotted the ocean and a large field my soggy overcoat* heavy with water, Port Byron, formerly of Auburn, bless him!" and ho fairly danced of wreckage. There were dying men that I am the laat of those who were the banking firm of Johnson, Mc- and women all about me, groaning pitched head foremost into the boat, Village in Darkness. hare beau in correspondence with with happiness as ho recounted the Connell A Allison of Montreal, trying my utmost not to disturb the and crying pkeouely. their niece. Miss Hilda Slayter of promising career of the young clergy Moravia, April 19.rOwing to saved to whom Archie Butt spoke. equilibrium of the raft. In this boat "The second officer and J, B. ."As our boat was lowered and left on London. Bag., who wrote that ahe man who was ordained In his 2 let trouble at the electric light plant Thayer, jr., who _ were swimming I saw seversl of my companionsinto Wednesday night the \il9age was the side of the steamer Archie was Mis raft. Others had gotten would come to America to visit them year. near, told me that just before my the other boats. plunged In The picture this spring. In recant letters she re head appeared above the water, one Today his happiness was unbound shows were darkness. run and the still standing at the rail, looking unable to "Our host, however, had more down at me. His hat was raised and House Adjourns Oat of Respect for of the Tltanie's funnels separated ed when he received the further iterated bar intentions but in the than Us complement, 65 persons.. Illustrated lecture/which was to have the same old, genial, brave smile was the Tltanie's Dead. and fell apart near me, scattering the Inst letters reserved gave nothing news confirming his first instinctive been given in the Oongregstionsi Fortunately the Carpathia was close. belief that his hoy had been a hero, on his face. The picture he made as " Washington, April 19.Formal bodies in the water. definite as to when she would come and only the homecoming; remains church, last evening was postponed "I saw wreckage everywhere. AH Otherwise, so officers of the Car he stood there, hat in hand, brave tribute to the Tltanie's dee* was paid here. Recently, and apparently fcs-j-to put the climax*on this one case in for a week. The lecture was under and smilingly, is one that always will by the House today when'at 12:11 that came within my reach I clung pathia afterwards told me, all in the to. A wood boat would have perished in the mod snrsriss her friends here, aha de thoussnds where Joy has come out of the auspices of the local Boy Scouts. linger In my memory." o'clock it adjourned until noon to floatedgreat, orate-Mke block of grab erate-blow that came up an hour within my grasp nod I the chaos of the. past week. Mrs. cided to c o n e to Antrarn. morrow. The Senate remained in F An Unusual Operation. It seemed to be sufficiently Inter." Collett. dased in her happiness, could session under an agreement reached bed It- keep me afloat At this mo Both Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Chis Colonel Oracle said his most ser large to Moraia, April 19.George Codeholm had planned to go South for a find only one word to express her yesterday for a vote before adjourn ment, however, I saw an overturned ious loss was a manuscript of the feelings, the recently acquired slang man, who broke bis leg while draw abort time and a week ago engaged ment on the Dillingham immigration boat a short distance away snd war of 1812 which he had spent a ing logs several weeks ago, submit passage on the Clyde liner Mohawk word: "flabbergasted.'' swum to k. I caught the arm of. a long time in preparing. He said he Saw Shots Fired at Men Who Tried bill. ted to an operation on the limb at Mass Emily Redman. which was due to leave New York The flags on the White House and man who grasped it, threw my leg would return to England to duplicate to Get Into Life Boats. the Owasco Valley hospital Tuesday. yeserday. They gave up any thought other government buildings are at over the boat and rested on it. the data which he lost when the Ti This morning Mrs. Ernest Arthur The operation, although a very un New York, April 19.That all poeof expecting Miss Slayter, and ac of Skaneateles received a telegram "On this raftH wen really a tanic went down. usual one, was entirely successful. -aible means were taken to prevent half staff today. cordingly left for New York on Tues from New York city sent out by her Itjwas-neceesary to place a steel plate day night. While there they got hold sister, Miss Emily Bad man. Miss on the -broken bones, held in place the men passengers on board the Ti of the newspapers containing the Bad roan had sent word that ahe by three si.lver screws. The .plate will tanic from going away in life boats first list of published passengers would sail from Southampton on the bones together. They had and. allowing only the women and and to their amusement and* joy they April 10, but ahe neglected to name hold knit after five weeks In splints, children to be saved not is the story Maryland Senator Blames Director Cnstsln of Carpathia Says Survivors found the name of Miss Hilda Slay the steamship. The Titanic was the and the physicians said they probaCommittee for the Disaster. ter among the survivor*. They gave only vessel that sailed from that bjy would never unite. Doctors Lucid told by Miss Lilly Bentham of Roch of Work. Number Only 705. N. second class passenger Washington, April 19.Senator up their plans forthwith and deter port for New York o n that date and of Cortland and Cooke of Moravia ester,said Y., a saw shots fired at men Albany, N. Y., April 19.The leg she New York, April 19.With the Rayner of Maryland In the Senate mined to find out whether the Miss as a result fear was constant. When performed the operation In the pres who the passenger lists were published ence of several other physicians. The who endeavored to get away. late today bitterly attacked J. Bruce official passenger list of the Titanic, islative committee appointed to in Slayter was by any chance their kinswoman. They were unable to get Miss Bad-man's name did not appear limb will be as good as ever In a Miss Bentham was in a hysterical Ismay, managing director of the including the roster of her heroic vestigate the Wingdale -prison site either among the saved or the lost, short time the physicians predict. any other information . from the condition when the Carpathia land White Star line. He said that the dead at the bottom of the sea, the has reported to Governor Dix recom mending the continuance of work. White Star line officers and patient but this did not satisfy Mrs. Arthur. ed and was unable to give a full ac captain of the Titanic undoubtedly ly joined the thrensTbT heartbroken Hope waa held out that Miss Badacted under orders of Mr. Ismay, total of those saved was today offi The report was approved by Chair Died in Groton. count of what happened, but Mrs. and anxious people who kept the man had embarked on another ship. This morning, however, sill doubt Charles F. Me. aged 73 years, W. J. Deuton, a fellow passenger, who, he declared, risked the lives of cially placed at 706 by W. W. Jef man'Whitney and. Senators Emerson vigil. They were admitted to the the' entire ship to make a speedy fries, general passenger agent of the and Allen. The Democratic mem was when dock last night when the~arpathia cameset aside New Yorkthe telegram died suddenly at the home of his who also cornea from~Rochester and passage across the sea. from announcing slster-ln-law, Mrs. A. E. Fish, in who lost her husband, bers, Senator Wagner snd former told about came in and in the silent watch that she had been a .passenger on Senator Rayner asserted that Mr. White Star line, although the latest Speaker Frisble, did not sign It. Groton, early Monday afternoon. Al what took place. ' they were able to locate the Miss the Titanic, waa saved and was now revised list of survivors accounts for though he had been ill with grip for "I hadn't been in bed* half -an Ismay should be held responsible- for Slayter, survivor, who proved to be safe in New York. a couple - of weeks his condition was hour," aaid Mrs. Deuton, "when the the disaster and declared that the 746 persons. Mr. Jeffries announc their niece. She was carried off with not considered serious, and Saturday steward rushed down to our cabin civilized nation would applaud crim ed that Captain Rostron of the Car them and this morning the details of Frederick Seward. inal prosecution of the management the strange fate that directed the , Messages. sent by wireless from he was uptown. When Mrs. Fish and told us to put on our clothes and of the line. pathia reports the number of sur went to his room at 3 o'clock to give come up on deck. . We were thrown women together and the news that the Carpathia and further facts giv Representatives Will Walt Until vivors by cabins as foHows: him his medicine she found he had into life boats and packed like sar Slayter would come to Port en out by .the White S t a r U n e offi O'clock Tonight For a Reply. passed away. The funeral was held dines. As soon as the men passen reeeiTed in a long tele- cials show that Frederick Seward, First class, 202. from -the residence, s t 11 -o'clock gers tried to get to the boats they New York, April 19.Warren 8. it to J. J. Chisholm at Port cousin of General Seward' of Au Second class. 115. Wednesday morning. Interment was were shot at. I. don't know who did Stone, grand chief of the Brother burn, was saved. He resides in New at North Lansing. the shooting. We rowed, frantically Nathan Straus, Who Has Been III, third class. 178. *hood of Locomotive Engineers, noti York city and is a young attorney. ROT. Sidney C. Stuart Collett. Mr. Moe is survived bv two sons. away from the ship and were tied to Not Told of Brother's Death. CreW, 206. *>','-' fied the Association of Railway Gen This morning Rev. M. E. Collett re four other boats. I arose and saw the Reginald Hale. I., Bert "New York. April 18.Nathan eral Managers today that the engi ceived the following telegram - from * Reginald Hale has how been giv Glen E. of Cuba. W.daughter, A. of ship sinking. The band was playing Officers, 4. Mrs. Anburn, bis son, Thomas Collett, who laat en up as lost and the White Star line James G. and one neers would wait here until t Total, 705. Shaver of Auburn, with Nearer My~God"To Thee.' There was\Straus Jr. has received a cablegram night greeted the youngest son of the officially confirms his death by print whom he had made his home until a baby in the boat with one of the j from his mother in Rome saying that o'clock tonight for further reply to If the report of Captain Rostron family. Rev. Sidney C. Stuart Collett. ing his name among the dead; He the. last few weeks. e Also he had ! w o m o f The baby's hands had been n e w i 0 f the death of Isldor Straus is accepted as final, as Mr. Jeffries their demand, for increased pay. If when he landed at the Cunard docks was 29 years old and for the past six f I think it was- still alive. has been kept from his brother, no reply is forthcoming by that :* ^ AlA-~~* -* aa a survivor. It said. "Sidney safe. years had held the position of custo four brothers. Giles and Augustus of !* Groton, Erastus of Michigan and * moUie>r did not g ^ Itnp. Our- Nathan Straus ST., who is recuper asserts it will be. the total number hour, Mr. Stone said he and his lieu'Well so far. He Is a hero. Helped dian and gardener, at the Home in William of Peruvjlle, and one sister, | n the night whenthe cr?w for the ating in Italy, after a recent illness, of dead is Increased to 1,635. It is tenanta will leave the city then and passengers. I will write. TOM." four of waiting died in A message yesterday ^>7 wireless Grant avenue, where the news of his (Mrs. Eugne Star* of Groton I|.Larpataia the boat and were thrown overboard. According to the cablegram. Mr. announced at the White Star offlce a walkout of the engineers on 60 from the Carpathia. at sea said: death home just a before shock.father 1 -. ~ ilt was bitter cold and-we bad to Straus knows of the Tltanie's sink that the list of survivors is again Kastern railroads, may be expected great his He! Hrttei went came as ing, but beleives that his brother "Safe. Carpathia. Sidney." at any time. To Reopen MOM*. t u n ( J 1 g o c l o c k l n th< m o r n l n c died, sailing on December 9, and rewas smong the survivors. being revised for the purpose of Upon receipt ef Mr. S t o n e s let The messages dispelled the slight .. The Howard House in Port Byron, 1 before being taken out of the life m. . . t MmA omt News of his brother's death has eliminating the duplications. , This ter, J. C. Stuart declared that many gloom that still hovered over the been withheld, the message says, up list will probably be completed to members of the Conference Commit Port Byron .family as the tangled bring back several friends and Skan on orders of his physician. t e e had left New York for their stories of the wreck were told in the eateles advices stated that his chum, ' will be reopened under new managenight. homes last night and that it would brief and unsatisfactory-dJepstches Frank Wall, was to have come over ment on Tuesday,. April 23 when be physically impossible for them to that had been sent out during the with him. Hale leaves his mother, Daniel R. Howard of Sonyea will take, get together to. consider the latest charge. The hotel is undergoing: past three days, and Rev. Collett de six sisters, one of whom is Mrs; Har development in the situation today. clared to a Citizen reporter: "Well ry Lukins of Rochester, the rest liv complete renovation and will begin | Tsrker Says Their -Heroism .Was He added that he waa not prepared Signs Several Bills -That Carry Im Wonderfulnow we are satisfied and are Joyfully ing in England, and five brothers under the new management with a[ New Tork. Distressing Scenes. Wireless Operator Stuck to His Post to say what action would be taken banquet that will be atended by the . . . . aUh^rt \r awaiting Siddy's homecoming." portant Appropriations. S T also survive him. N w or as he could proceed no further with Until ~the Last The overjoyed father tramped leading residents of Port Byron. ' Tucker T of k Albany,l former editor of ' A p r i "-Gilbert . Albany. .N. Y.. April ~19.Gover William C. Dulles. the Counesj'v Gentleman, said no Brothers Come to Prison. ' about through the -village all after New York. April 19.Phillipa, the out authorisation from the commit nor Dix today signed the Whitney William Crothers Dulles of Phila tee. noon showing his crumpled telegram Robert Thompson of Utica was praise is sufficient-toe the fine cpnfirst Marconi operator aboard the Ti to everybody, and his progress was delphia, waa a cousin of Rev. Allen sentenced yesterday at Rome, by duct of the officers of the Titanic. bill appropriating $60,000 for the es tanic stuck to his post until the last, Brain Abscess Caused Desjh. tablishment of a new State reforma jumped from the sinking ship, was one of triumph, the villagers sharing Macy Dulles, D. D.. of Auburn and County Judge Hazard to serve 1$ Mr. Tucker aaid: .'_. in his pleasure with an interest was a well known b a n k e ^ He had years' and six months in Auburn tory for male misdemeanants. Other taken aboard a raft and died before Mrs. Marian Knapp of Haydenvllls "The most distressing scene was equalling that of kinship. From the a summer home at GoshenTTK. -r-aud prison .after conviction of burglary that of husbands kissing their wives bills signed provided for the follow rescuers reached him, according to died on Wednesday nighjt from an moment that the sad news of the dis was regarded as one of Philadelphia's ing appropriations : the story told hear today by Thomas abscess on the brain. She had been aster reached Port Byron and it be leading cltisena. ^His death is con snd grand larceny. "Thank you," good-bye and seeing the latter cling $4,834,071 for the construction Whkely, who wss a waiter in the seriously ill but a short time and said-Thornpeon, addressing the court to the men and beg the privilege of came known that the Baptist preach ceded by the White Star- line uh tim w,v of State and county highways; $1,- saloon of the Titanic. Whiteiy Is in St was attended by Dr. M. G. Laps of er's boy was aboard the ill-fated ship hlm. His brother, William Thomp-j fused to leave and their husbands 8$$.188, repairs to State highways; Vincent's hospita' suffering from s Port Byron. Later Dr. W. Henry the entire village poured out t o com$95,641. maintenance and repair of In Port Byron considerable uneasi-1 son, arraigned'on the same charges, Cos and Dr. J. P. Creveling of Au ' fort the family and to share isrrts fractured right leg and numerous had to", force them into the boats and highways : burden. When good news came the ness is felt by the frieds of Jdseph second -offense, pleaded guilty and on all sides of us such scenes made 3tate aid- improved or constructed by bruises. burn and Dr. W.L. Wallace of Syrareconstruction ( rejoicing was heard on all sides and Elery a Cornish man. He went was sentenced to six years and six an impression that will be everlast- of damaged$1,000,000 State capital, It is believed that-Wbitery dears cuss were called in consultation, but wing of when the final news of the boy's safe abroad several months ago and re months in Auburn prison. Charles ndlng 4fcs identity I an operation failed to. save Mrs. decoration 1780.eOe ty reached the Tillage there waa un- cently WTOte from Waldredge, Corn Barry, convicted of assaut, second TnX The heroism of the crew was of State education building, $600/- of the fourth man burled from the ' Knapp who died on Wednesday night. - ' "" wall, that he would sail for America degree,, committed in Whiteaboro, wonderful for- they did everything | constrained Joy in every home. 000 re-establishment of the State li Carpathia. It w s s first believed that 8evwral years ago her nusbaadTwns) j "My boT i ewfo. bat I know he did probably on the Celtic tut possibly waa sentenced to not less than 18 that could he done to get the wo brary, $1*0.000 improving the State this msa was a cabin passeager but killed at the Oakland crossing sy^an ( not ff before the women. He's a on the Titanic. He planned to travel months and not more than two years men and children to safety sad House for the Court of Agmeftls. trait at Port B y r o n Whitsiy decmren it w s s PhilM**. . check'the efforts of strong men to I naeatfy fellow, and I knew that God third class, and ** the accommoda- in Auburn prison.

of the Many Strange Stories of the Terrible Disaster,


tolas on- the Titanic o i . her maiden trip were empty In many cases and some passengers had been trans ferred- In their bookings from the Celtic 1iis friends in Port Byron fear that he mav have taken passage on the ill-fated boat. ~~~ Frank. Wail, Doubtful. Frank Wail of Skaneatelea, was employed by ('. Alliger Moule. and sailed for England on December 9. with jris friend Reginald Hale, of Auburn. l i t e r s received lu Skaneateles recently stated that he would sail for America wkh Hale and he gave his sail tag date as "April 10th" jbut did not mention the name of the steamer. The Titanic so far as known is the only boat upon which he could hare taken passage for this port if he sailed on the 10th. One frail hope is held out by hie friends in the fact that his name does not appear either among the dead and missing or the survivors. Ife he ac companied Hale he would undoubt edly have engaged second class pas Not sage with him.


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