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Building Number Sense

Building Awareness of… Distance: climbing, reaching, going for a walk, counting steps, crawling, pushing toys, throwing balls Weight: putting away groceries, using plastic vs. metal toys, carrying rocks, putting away toys, climbing Patterns: setting the table, playing with Legos, planting a garden, climbing, stairs, coloring, cutting, drawing, crafts, music, skipping Frequency: taking turns, listening to music, playing music, counting marbles/cars/steps/houses, etc. Time: waiting on snack/recess/lunch time, noticing the position of the sun, watching the seasons change, counting down days to a holiday, playing music, reading clocks Equations: playing teeter-totter, playing with sand or water, building with blocks or Legos, balancing on balance board or beam, trading objects with friends, serving food, sharing portions **Children will develop symbolic thinking skills ONLY after they have experienced sufficient learning experiences with real objects in the physical world.**

this uses both sides of the brain!) and count aloud for each toss. etc. diamond. just dots to represent numbers. diamond. diamond” as they tap a finger (or clap.) back and forth between two people (or from one hand to the other for one person. For example.) for each word they’re saying. diamond” and tap. Practice counting aloud as they walk number line. circle. change the “tap” to represent the different pattern symbols. clap. clap. “circle. Have them count aloud as they walk to each “stone”. tap. *Count Walking Steps (without line or shapes). circle. *Throw and Catch.“read” a pattern and tap it out as they read it. They should NOT move on to other steps til they begin to understand this concept! *Pattern Tapping.toss a beanbag (sponge. snap. They should be able to say one number per toss before moving on! . diamond.non-skid circles or squares with dots representing numbers.Where to Start? !. This is harder than it sounds! Those that don’t “get it” yet will count as they walk but they won’t have one-to-one correspondence. say. slap legs. diamond. For example. They will eventually begin to recognize that the dots represent specific numbers. Once they can do this easily. clap. Nerf ball. One-to-One Correspondence *Floor Number Line with tape. say. diamond. *Stepping Stones. clap. etc.count each step aloud as they walk. “circle. One step per number set.NO NUMBERS. diamond.

Child should recognize by sight each number set. estimate how many steps away it is. “How many spaces are empty?” on 5-frame. Also. Should be done until it’s automatic. then ask.toss beanbag a short distance. *Totaling of Objects. plus be able to identify how many empty spaces there are by sight. *Dice and Domino Games. Number Concepts *Use 5-frame with dots til child recognizes number sets immediately by sight alone. dominoes for those that have mastered) and say the number represented by the dots. then walk. Also. *Use 10-frame once 5-frame is mastered. then grab more and count total.Direct them to take __ steps. “How many more steps to ___?” Estimate.take steps forward and backward on number line. *Number Line.roll dice or select domino (dice for beginners. then how many there are in all. . get several objects. Then direct them to take __ more steps and note what number they land on. 3.count handful of objects. Count aloud as they walk. then walk and count steps to target. then estimate how many more are needed to reach ___ number. *Walk Number Line (with dots or numbers).2. Also. take steps to certain number. child can say number in each box first. Understanding Combinations *Target Throw. With dominoes.

in clusters (like on dice or dominoes). in a scatter (random).show paper plates with dot representations of numbers. etc.shtml Blackline masters of math activities .ablongman. and abacus especially!) http://www. concentration. *ABACUS! Introduce abacus. Children can play “plate flash” with each other until recognition is automatic. Arrange dots in arranged lines (like 5 and 10-frames).com/vandewalleseries Blackline masters of math activities http://www. ask child how many Show me ___ (single-digit) What number is this? (double-digit) Show me __ (double-digit) Show me __ then show me __ more (addition) Show me __ then take away __ (subtraction) Resources Needed: *Removable tape for number lines *dot stickers *beanbags or sponges *non-skid surface *dice *5-frames and 10-frames (included) *abacus (abaci?!) *dominoes *paper plates Websites:*Plate Click “activities” --LOTS of online interactive activities (look for 5 and 10-frames. Use following “games” until they become automatic: Move a few beads at a time. and in patterns (two rows of three. 1 row of 4 and a row of 2.). but don’t tell child there are ten beads per line.nctm.

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