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I want to briefly discuss the images.Review I don’t want to discuss how the Touchstone Tarot fits my hand. Kat Black took the faces and hands of ordinary people. We don’t have to think about meanings. We work and play with them. we went to school with them. the Touchstone Tarot may be one of the most accessible decks to date. Where many decks go into the minutiae of symbolism. like the man in the Five of Cups. allowing the personas to shine through and provide us with meaning. So do you. I know these people. I know each and every one of them. Since we identify with these people. and spent the whole night making the waiter miserable. or the symbolism. he sat at the next table when we were out to dinner the other night. . and posed them in Baroque and Renaissance costumes. or refer to a weighty tome telling us what the cards mean—the figures in the cards tell us everything we need to know. or the colors and the clothing.

I invite you to do the my best friend’s son. past and present. I can identify my whole circle of friends. Dan is also co-owner of The Tarot Garden. As I thumb through the cards. Look at the expression on his face. Seeker’s Journey. This looks exactly like Adam. —Dan Pelletier n Dan Pelletier has been reading Tarot for himself and others for over thirty years. a highly respected resource for tarot decks and related information on the Internet. this is Adam right after Cookie told him he’d have to get a job when he went back to college. and he has published interviews with deck creators on the tarotgarden. He has written articles appearing on the Tarot for Life website website library. . and Tarot Passages.Look at the Page of Coins. TheTarotSchool.

of Golden Tarot fame) is a traditional 78-card deck. the Court Cards are entitled Page. The structure of this deck is traditional: the Major Arcana carry traditional titles. per the era reflected in the cards. The Knights are all shown standing. The suits are Wands. indicating that this deck deals not with esoteric symbolism and hidden secrets. in black cap and gown. Kat uses the tagline: 78 friends that you hold in your hand. Cups. Swords. Stunning costumes and backgrounds are accompanied by modern-looking faces. The imagery in this deck reflects the heart of each card: the Fool is shown with a flute in his hands and his . have a chat with us and offer advice and support. Each of the Pages is depicted as a student. Queen and King.Review The Touchstone Tarot (by Kat Black. digitally collaged from the works of European masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Knight. but with real people who want to sit down. and Coins. while the Kings and Queens are shown in a seated position. with Strength as VIII and Justice as XI.

— Bonnie Cehovet n Bonnie Cehovet is a Certified Tarot Grand Master. The High Priestess stands between two pillars. . a professional Tarot reader with over ten years’ experience. I feel very much at home with this deck. The Hermit shares space with a lit lantern. a Reiki Master/ Teacher and a writer. an owl and a deer in a forest setting. Bonnie has served in various capacities with the American Tarot Association. and Vice President (as well as Director of Certification) for the American Board For Tarot Certification. Many thanks to Kat and her wonderful Tarot vision. it is also an “old companion. She has published articles in the 2004 and 2005 Llewellyn Tarot Reader. holding both a scroll and a book in her hands. The Chariot shows female imagery. great strength and intent with a hint of warrior.loyal dog at this side. is co-founder of the World Tarot Network.” This is an elegant deck that connects to the reader (and the Seeker) without a problem. While it is new to me. and to the benefactor who made the development of this deck possible. Any level of Tarot student would find it easy to work with this deck.

10 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

Touchstone Tarot, tell me true, this is what I ask of you.

Kat Black



To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t

Dedication by Mary K Greer
at Black, creator of the Golden Tarot, has done it again with the Touchstone Tarot. This is no ordinary deck of collaged artwork. Instead, it is a masterpiece in its own right, seamlessly combining historical portraits and backgrounds from the Baroque and Renaissance into easily recognizable tarot scenes of luminous color and clarity of detail. This is a magical deck. Personalities dominate each card, and the perception in their eyes becomes a test—the touchstone—by which your sincerity and truth is measured. Gazing out from the cards, each demands you accept the hard won wisdom and knowledge depicted therein. The past speaks, and it knows your secrets. I highly recommend this as a deck you’ll have to not just own but use—frequently.


Kat Black


Foreword by Secret Benefactor


t is with great pleasure that I bring you the Touchstone Tarot. As the Provider of Pentacles (Coins), I literally did play a part in bringing you the Touchstone, much as the many personages you will be meeting played their parts in funding their own portraits! What can I say but that it has been huge fun and money more than wisely spent. I have been a student and reader of Tarot for over thirty years, and yes, that includes for business and investment decisions. I am an admirer of Kat’s Golden Tarot, and to be told that no publisher would finance the development of her second deck struck me as, well, dreadfully silly of them. It turns out that for Tarot Artistes, apparently that is Just Not Done. It tickles my sense of artistic congruence therefore that this deck be funded through the system of patronage, and I consider this opportunity to be an honor. And now, an instructive tale: Since the completion of the masterpiece you now hold, I attended an investment pitch session held by the European representative of a mysterious eccentric Doctor Cook in the eastern half of united Germany. He was soliciting funds for a process that converts any form of garbage into high-quality diesel fuel, via secret processes of boiling, stirring, and separating common ingredients. Of course, close questioning
To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t


Kat Black 15 . Kelley stayed there for three years. etc. They travelled Europe (or escaped from Elizabeth) seeking patrons (aka investors) for their process. May the 78 Friends help you. Upon Kelley’s failure to provide return on the investment. until he promised to make gold in return for his freedom. They were raising $16 million dollars. alembecs. It was just too bad I had no castles free at the moment. Again he was imprisoned and legend says he died while attempting to escape his tower at Hněvín Castle. Emperor Rudolf II in Prague believed Kelley’s claims and made him a baron. He was released and still withheld his talents. In the Tudor period. Edward Kelley presented Dr. and was hired as Dee’s assistant. Rudolf had him arrested in 1591 and imprisoned in Křivoklát Castle near Prague in order to force Kelley to produce. to discern the Edward Kelleys of the world truly. until 1594. turbines. John Dee with a secret process of turning lead into gold. and may you delight in the celebration of magic and timeless human nature that is Kat Black’s work. and had investors lining up.revealed that no one had actually been permitted to see the interior of this wonderful construction of crucibles. in your Emperor Moments.

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.........Introduction .....................55 VI The Lovers ................................................................................64 XIII Death .............................................................................69 XVI The Tower .................................................74 XX Judgement .............................45 The Major Arcana .70 XVII The Star ..........................35 Spreads....................................................................................................................60 X The Wheel of Fortune ..........48 II The High Priestess .............76 XXI The World .......................58 VIII Strength ...........................73 XIX The Sun.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................62 XI Justice.............................71 XVIII The Moon .21 FAQs ..........................44 Other uses for the deck................................................................................................................................................................................................................................50 III The Empress ................................33 Reversals ..........................................45 The Touchstone Deck ......................56 VII The Chariot...........................34 Significators ................................................46 0 The Fool .........27 Reading.....................................................................................63 XII The Hanged Man ...................59 IX The Hermit .................................66 XIV Temperance ................................54 V The Hierophant ................................................................................................77 Kat Black 17 .............................................................................................................................................46 I The Magician ........................................................................................67 XV The Devil ...................................................................................................................36 Journaling and other creative pursuits...........................................................................................................................52 IV The Emperor ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................

..........................................79 Ace of Wands...................................................................................................................99 Queen of Wands .........103 Suit of Cups.......................................................................................105 Two of Cups ...............88 Seven of Wands ............95 Page of Wands ..........................................118 Ten of Cups ................123 Queen of Cups ..........................................................................126 18 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t ......................................112 Six of Cups ............................................................................79 Suit of Wands ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................87 Six of Wands .....................................................................................................................................................122 Knight of Cups.......................................................107 Three of Cups.......82 Three of Wands..................................................................................80 Two of Wands ..............................................................................................The Minor Arcana .................90 Eight of Wands............120 Page of Cups ..........................................110 Five of Cups ...........................125 King of Cups ...........................113 Seven of Cups ........................................................................................................100 King of Wands ....................................................117 Nine of Cups ................................91 Nine of Wands ........................................................................................................93 Ten of Wands ........................................................................................................................................115 Eight of Cups................................................................................................................................97 Knight of Wands............................................83 Four of Wands...................................................................................................105 Ace of Cups......................85 Five of Wands ...108 Four of Cups........................

..........159 Five of Coins ...........................................................171 Queen of Coins ...............................................................................................................130 Three of Swords......................................................132 Four of Swords....174 Bonus Cards ..........................146 Knight of Swords.............141 Nine of Swords .............................................................................................143 Ten of Swords .............................................................................................150 King of Swords ............................................................................................................................................................................................................145 Page of Swords ...............................128 Ace of Swords............154 Two of Coins ..............................................................................................................................................148 Queen of Swords .........................................................................................................................................................160 Six of Coins .................................................................................................157 Four of Coins ...............................................................................................................154 Ace of Coins ...................................................................173 King of Coins ..................165 Nine of Coins..............................176 Appendix: Love Knot Sample Readings.........170 Knight of Coins ..............................................................Suit of Swords ...........................................................................................................151 Suit of Coins....................162 Seven of Coins ..........156 Three of Coins ....................140 Eight of Swords.136 Six of Swords ............168 Page of Coins .........................................................134 Five of Swords .......................138 Seven of Swords ......................................................................................................................................................................................166 Ten of Coins ...........................................................................128 Two of Swords ............................................................163 Eight of Coins .....................................................179 Kat Black 19 ................................................

20 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

even on the small screen of a mobile phone. richer and darker than the soft frescoes of Golden.W Introduction hen I created my first deck. I wanted to make a deck for use in digital media. But then. Production costs for quality decks are much higher than books. I posted a few cards online at Aeclectic Tarot Forum for feedback. Economically. something that could communicate well. in 2000. that’s true. I wanted to make an easy-to-read Rider-Waite-Smith–style deck that looked convincingly Early Renaissance in tribute to both the art and symbolism of tarot’s traditions and heritage. After doing about a dozen draft Kat Black 21 . art transcends logic. Logically. I wanted it to be a deck of oil portraits. I didn’t say much about what was special about the deck. All of this would tend to suggest that my making another deck would be a bit pointless. filling all manner of niches both mainstream and obscure. Golden Tarot. the chances of a new deck’s being a financial success are very low. a huge number of other tarot decks have flooded the market. a lot of other people wanted such a hybrid too and it became a popular deck. Luckily for me. and once the seeds of Touchstone were set in my mind. and in such a crowded market it’s certainly no way to make a living. Since then. but I received some enthusiastic support for the cards posted. they began to grow.

the deck was put on hold. the other wonderful thing about having a private benefactor is the feeling of sharing the development of the deck with someone else who is intellectually and emotionally invested in the project. and I got to work. I have to make a living and my main livelihood as a VJ (Visual Jockey) is both creatively fulfilling and very time-consuming. The deck evolved as I was encouraged to really follow my own path. Nigerian bank internet scams sprang to mind. They insisted on their identity being kept a secret for obvious reasons. I was a little suspicious. Not having a tradition of private benefactorship here in though. Funnily enough. Once I confirmed who they were. and that suggested by the source artwork. but they were well known and respected in the field. So. I realised that it wasn’t viable to commit the time to completing the deck. The person asked me if I was willing to complete the deck. To be paid to do a project that I was passionate about—what a fairy tale! The money went into my account within a few days. Apart from the financial support. All I had to do was to supply my bank details and then get to work. I received a message from a stranger on the forum. A few months later. The person was very understanding though. The feedback I got along the way as I worked on drafts of the cards was invaluable. most of the original source 22 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . of course I agreed immediately. if they gave me an arts grant. no strings attached. and gave me details of their identity that I could confirm with others in the Tarot community.

I was using more and more English. and in the other. A touchstone is a small. and fewer Italian. textured stone used to assay the quality of metals. which means “of the heavens” or “of the sky” in Italian. it’s not the name for this deck. In one hand. Flemish and German faces. looking at thousands of paintings for elements to use. suddenly I saw “it. At a certain point. so the fact that I also had a patron supporting my work on this deck seemed terribly appropriate. emotional faces of the Mannerist and Baroque genres than the somewhat vacuous and stylized faces of the Renaissance.” A young jeweler leans from a window. and now I was convinced that the Kat Black 23 . Dutch. it became obvious that a name change for the deck was needed. but none struck me as “it. and with it an even deeper conviction about what the deck would be. The character of the deck and what I wanted to convey was far better expressed by the intense. a touchstone. he holds a ring. While that’s a lovely name for a deck.” As I worked on the deck. I’d started out with the name of Tarot Cielo. I canvassed my circle of tarot colleagues about the name. It was always intended to be a deck of portraits. Many good suggestions were made. Immediately it struck me: something small enough to hold in your hand that tells you the truth—sounds just like tarot to me! I had my name.artworks I’ve used were painted by artists who were supported by private benefactors during the trade-fueled economic boom in Western Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

I opened it up for feedback from a small focus group of tarot experts. and their ability to communicate. men and women who could capture that human spark on canvas. The archetypes of the Majors. While there would still be Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism where I could squeeze it in. I missed basic RWS elements if they weren’t included. the main voice of the deck would be their voices. assembling them into a context that fits traditional tarot. joy and insight. Even if I had a main character whose face said everything I wanted the card to say. I felt like a casting agent. Art is a wonder. I ended up taking two steps back toward her. Every one of the faces I chose spoke to me. and yet still they can give us pleasure. In the final stages of the deck. that they were friends I could trust to tell me the truth. I felt I could know them. a maker of the immortal. This helped me 24 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . a miracle. the characters of the Courts. If I took one step away from “Pixie” (Pamela Colman Smith). seeking the perfect candidate for each role within the deck.portraits would do the talking. I take no credit for the intensity in these faces. the bitplayers of the scenic Minors: I hunted again and again through my body of collected source material looking for just the right face for each card. My benefactor said of the Two of Cups “I’d love to have that couple round to dinner. The true talent was that of the artists four hundred years ago.” How magical is that? These people lived and died hundreds of years ago. I’ve acted more as a curator. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck turned out to be a powerful force though.

Golden Tarot. The artwork is so key to what the cards are that I’ve included references to every component used. but it’s not a “clone” to the extent that Golden Tarot was. and to include them where possible without detracting from the main portrait. I encourage you to look at some of the original source paintings online. pushing pixels. Greer. to make each card look like a whole. While most collagists put disparate elements together. the rest of my job was relatively work out just which aspects of RWS meant the most. The result is that there will be familiarity in the deck for RWS readers. basically I cut up old paintings on my computer and stick them back together to make new compositions. There’s nothing like seeing these luminous paintings in real life. you won’t be able to tell they’re collages. In summary. Apart from the support of my benefactor. or ideally to see them in real life. Once the characters were cast. There’s more detailed discussion of the digital collage technique I use in the book with my first deck. real painting. my style is to try to make the collages look as seamless and consistent as possible. I was very lucky to meet Ms Greer in person at the International Tarot Conference in Melbourne in 2005. another person who encouraged me to follow my instincts and create the deck as I truly felt it should be was Mary K. I’ve always been a cut ‘n paster. A trip to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is high on my things-to-do-before-I-die list. and very surprised to find she used Golden as Kat Black 25 . and noted where it can be seen. If I’ve done my job well.

with some insights and background regarding each card. 26 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . If I have questions—for example. Stuart Kaplan’s Tarot Encyclopedias are the definitive resource on that subject. Greer and Rachel Pollack. Her insightful feedback on the draft of Touchstone Tarot was greatly appreciated. It is intended just as a small companion volume to the deck. I was very nervous about meeting Ms Greer. This booklet will not teach you to read tarot. welcoming and downright sensible as her books would suggest. There are many excellent tarot books. I’d suggest starting with some by Mary of her regular reading decks. I’ll cover that in more detail later. I think of deck companion books as a bit like a user manual on a new appliance. it’s intended more to tell you about this deck. it’s okay to read the cards the way I do. I suddenly notice something unusual in a card when doing a reading—I’ll fish out the book and refer to it again. While it includes some basic layouts and meanings. That’s how I’m hoping you’ll use this book. as something to read and then refer to now and then as needed. and thinking. I remember reading her groundbreaking Tarot for Your Self many years after getting my first deck as a teenager. I read them once and then just start using the deck. but she turned out to be just as warm. I recommend if you’re new to tarot to get a proper introductory book. Starting a tarot journal will help you get used to the cards much more quickly and deeply than relying on a book to interpret meanings. open. If you’re interested in the history of tarot. Wow.

Ideally. I suspect that tarot decks keep moving until they find their true home. I’m very happy. perhaps they will give it to someone else. and say they’re not into tarot. but a deck sure does make a wonderful gift as it’s not just an object.FAQs n Should a deck be a gift? I don’t personally believe it has to be. I gave the money to a friend and got her to walk into the store and buy it for me as I’d heard the “rule” that you shouldn’t buy a deck for yourself. and they think tarot can help you to do that. and I’ve given many more decks to other people than I could sensibly afford. If not. it’s a set of possibilities. as it misses the point of why a gifted deck is so much better than one you buy yourself. Kat Black 27 . I bought my first deck when I was fifteen. Or they see a particular deck and know you’re into tarot but don’t have this one. Most of the people I’ve given a deck to have never had a deck before. In retrospect that seems supremely silly.” I treasure the decks that have been gifted to me. someone gives you a deck because they care about you enough to want you to make your own decisions. but if just a few of them get curious and end up finding it a useful tool in their life. Or perhaps they think you’re great at counseling and that you might make a good tarot reader. and they think it’s very “you.

Especially if I’m reading for others. and so I encourage them to shuffle and cut. Some people believe they should be stored in silk or wood. 28 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . If someone particularly creepy handled my cards though. not one of my decks has ever suffered from bug attack. For the deck I carry in my handbag. and to pick the cards up from the spread to look at details in the cards themselves. although I have to say in over 20 years. even some non-human species use ritual. It’s existed in every culture. I have a well-padded. n Should they be stored in something special? Storing your cards in a box or bag is a good idea if they don’t come with a protective box. I’d probably want to do a cleansing ritual. In fact.n Should you let other people touch your cards? I think this is a matter of personal taste. a collection of antique cigar and jewelry boxes and lush handmade bags trimmed to match the deck. but others disagree just as emphatically! Keeping a few heads of dried lavender or a chip of cedar with them to discourage pests could be a good idea. I want them to feel an empowered part of the process. Personally I’m happy with people handling my cards. Some of my favorite decks have their own special home. lined bag that ties securely closed and protects the deck from keys and anything else that’s kicking around in there. n Are there any important rituals? Human beings love ritual.

which I find helps me to step back and be more objective when doing a reading for myself. I also feel comfortable with tarot being part of my everyday life.Male bowerbirds of my native Australia build elaborate twig structures and then decorate them with blue objects to attract mates. It’s a time-out from my work and life in general. lighting some candles and incense and putting on my favorite Hildegard of Bingen album. For me personally. Kat Black 29 .” Once he gets the female interested with his fashionable décor. On the other hand. he does an impressive little song and dance to really seal the deal. I love to do a “proper” reading. What is it about all this that makes him so popular with the lady bowerbirds? Who knows. maybe not. I wonder if the “proper” reading would still seem special if I did it every day? Maybe. I think of rituals as a way of making something seem special. just to “score. Not all readings have to be special. Transporting yourself away from your everyday life by taking the time to set all this up really helps to make the reading feel more significant. clearing off the kitchen table and laying out a nice cloth. but it’s a ritual that will make or break his chances of passing on his genes. This structure isn’t even used as a nest. it’s an optional extra for when I have something important to ask the cards. I’m also a fan of online readings and can’t wait to be able to do a reading on my phone (especially being able to shuffle with a motion-detecting phone by shaking it).

or even a celebrity. do they tell the sitter? Do they hint at it? Do they deny that they see it in the cards? Do they try to reframe the question so it’s about the sitter and her relationship with her husband rather than his behavior. n Is it wrong to read cards for a third party? I can understand why some people. It’s not a cut and dried case of “us” and “them. I think our emotions and responses are so complex that any ethical decisions need to be based on the actual situation in hand and the context of the reading. If the reader has a strong conviction that it is the case. have an ethical problem in talking about someone who isn’t present at the reading. especially those with psychic abilities. They are part of who we are. sister.” In the classic ethical dilemma. It’s up to you to decide. 30 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .I think that whatever feels right for you is the way to go. or will that make her feel she’s responsible for her husband’s affair? I’m not going to tell you what’s right and wrong. a reader is asked by a sitter if her husband is having an affair. partner. On the other hand. I believe that part of who we are is defined by our relationships and the people we choose to have around us. Their behavior and their issues affect us very deeply. Whether it’s your sitter’s friend. telling things about other people that they haven’t consented to reveal can be seen as an invasion of privacy.

We were both so shocked we just looked at them. but it doesn’t need to be. depending on the reader.n Divination or intuition? Ah. I don’t believe in predetermination.” Once at a Renaissance Faire. and a woman was emphatic that the cards laid were “wrong. Personally. I was doing three-card readings. I prefer to think I’m just intuitive. I’d never normally do that. I see it as a likely outcome given current potential and direction. Over the years though.” I collected them up. After a while I said the obvious: “I don’t think they’re the wrong cards. something that can be easily changed by active intervention. I don’t consider myself to be psychic. A tarot deck is a tool that can be used in many ways. I think it’s helped me over the past decades to be more self-aware than I otherwise would have been. the old debate. When I read “Future” cards.e. i. She cut the cards and then from the top of the deck I laid the exact same three cards out..” Kat Black 31 . I use tarot myself as a form of counseling and to help me work out solutions to problems. and I just couldn’t be bothered arguing. Is tarot reading fortune telling? It can be. I don’t think our fates are fixed. the cards have come up with some readings that do their best to challenge my “psychic agnosticism. gave the deck back to her and got her to shuffle again. but she was being such a pain about it.

n I’m a Christian. you can just do a general reading. 32 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . including families with members who became popes. n Do I need to ask a specific question when I do a reading? No. fortune telling and even dice and playing cards as “the work of the devil” came much later. more important issue that you should be considering. but I know of a number of high profile tarot experts who are. I personally find tarot more helpful when you do ask a specific question. Isn’t reading tarot wrong? I’ve been asked this a few times. I’m pretty big on people making their own decisions. I’d encourage you to research the issue and make your own decision. most art was being commissioned by wealthy individuals rather than churches. Biblical references to divination are mixed. probably because Golden Tarot contained a lot of Renaissance Christian imagery. Touchstone doesn’t contain nearly as much religious imagery because by the Baroque era. the cards can very insistently tell you that there’s another. although sometimes even though you’re asking about something specific. Branding tarot. I’m not a Christian. The earliest tarot decks were commissioned by Catholic families. and as with other aspects of your religion. Personal responsibility is very important to me. You might have noticed. but this is still a question that I get asked.

then to turn them over one at a time as you read them. This can be done by the sitter.Reading I’ve always laid and read the cards one at a time to reduce the temptation to rush ahead and read the final card/s. although that will depend on how you feel about others touching your deck. Usually after shuffling. you or them. you will need to decide who shuffles. I think that sounds like a very sensible option. If you’re reading for another person. the cards are cut into three piles then put back together and laid from the top of the deck. There’s no right way to shuffle—whatever feels right for you. Kat Black 33 . Dan Pelletier suggested in his wonderful audio book The Process to lay the full layout down but with the cards face-down.

and are interpreted in terms of context. where the images were designed to be read differently upright or reversed. and how you handle them when not doing readings. the meaning can be the same. I’m a firm adherent of the “make your own meanings” school. don’t use reversals. I don’t feel the need to basically double the number of meanings in a deck when I’m doing my readings. I’ve included reversed meanings for each card in this book. myself included. I always lay the cards right way up. For some cards. their position in a spread. For other cards. traditionally reversed meanings can be the opposite of the upright meaning. you probably won’t ever get a reversal. If you’re the only one who ever handles your deck and you shuffle in a straight manner. Many readers. and since reversed meanings aren’t really evident from looking at the cards. An exception to this is Zach Wong’s fascinating Revelations deck. Whether or not you get reversals depends on how you shuffle your cards.Reversals In tarot a “reversal” means a card that is laid upsidedown. but with less emphasis. I wouldn’t recommend using reversals if you prefer to use your intuition in reading the cards. All cards have both positive and negative meanings. I’m hoping that you only use this small book as a guide if you’re first starting in tarot. As many people do read reversals though. 34 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

since in many decks it includes a black cat. Queen or King. or else a Major Arcana such as the Hierophant or High Priestess.» Multiple reversals in a spread: Confusion. like reading with reversals. when the options are unclear. is optional. standing in the other person’s shoes. Perhaps now is not the right time to act. Knight. It’s usually one of the Court cards—Page. Solutions found by taking an opposite view. I sometimes use a Significator. Mine is the Queen of Wands of course. Significators A Significator is a card selected to represent the sitter. Reading with a Significator. conflicting messages. It is found in the deck before shuffling and placed on the table near where the spread will be laid. Kat Black 35 .

I like small spreads personally. the Love Knot Spread. I have one larger spread designed specially for Touchstone. but mostly I use small spreads. It’s not a large spread so much as two small spreads with a pair of extra cards that relate to the relationship between the two spreads.Spreads A spread or layout is a pattern in which you lay tarot cards. assigning meanings to the positions in which they appear. 36 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . if you can call one card a spread. From time to time I use the full Celtic Cross. We’ll start with the most basic of spreads. and I’ll include that most common of spreads here in case you don’t know it already.

Does the card perhaps remind you of something happening in your life right now? Does it suggest some new idea or project? Perhaps it reminds you of someone in your life: do they need your support right now? Choosing a Card of the Day ties in very well with journaling. Throughout the day. you could just sit the actual card somewhere that you’ll see it throughout the day. Can you think of people—friends. family. If you’re not that way inclined.One-Card Spread Card of the Day Choosing a card (either deliberately or by drawing at random) and thinking about it throughout the day is a great way to familiarize yourself with a new deck. fictional characters. think about the card. I set my Card of the Day as the wallpaper on my computer and cell phone. what it means and how that could apply in your life. historical or contemporary public figures—who the card makes you think of? Because I’m a bit of a geek. Kat Black 37 .

especially in relation to a simple spread. Greer’s Tarot for Your Self). Mind. Beyond. Spirit (from Mary K. cut and laid left to right. I find it helpful to ask a specific question.Three-Card Spreads Past Present Future The cards are shuffled. and Body. Without. There are many other options for three-card spreads such as: Within. 1 2 3 Past Present Future 38 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

it’s such a standard and will probably be covered in detail in any book you buy if you’re a beginner. the last thing you need is another long and detailed coverage of the Celtic Cross. Waite’s book that was written as a companion to the Rider-WaiteSmith tarot deck.E. It comes from the Pictorial Key to the Tarot. I won’t go into much detail. There are many different variations of the Celtic Cross. So here it is… Significator 0 Crown 4 4 3 10 Before Outcome Behind 5 Cover 6 Cross 2 Beneath Hopes & Fears 9 8 7 Self House Kat Black 39 . If you’re not a beginner. A.Larger Spreads Celtic Cross This is probably the most popular spread. mainly in the names of the cards and the order in which they are laid.

40 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . 7 Self: the sitter’s present attitude or position in relation to the question. 6 Before: external factors that will soon begin to influence the situation in question. what they have to work with internally.0 Significator: an optional card selected to represent the sitter. 2 Cross: obstacles that the sitter may be facing 3 Beneath: the foundation. 4 Crown: what they can achieve. 1 Cover: the general influences currently affecting the sitter and their question or situation. the sitter’s goal in the matter in question. their family and close friends. the sitter’s background. 10 Outcome: the likely result if the sitter maintains their chosen path on the matter in question. what they can become. 5 Behind: external factors that are now passing out of influence in the situation in question. 9 Hopes and Fears: just what you’d guess this position means. 8 House: factors of influence from those close to the sitter. Sometimes called the Future position.

They are usually a very simple pattern repeated and d a f h 1 2 3 Past Present Assets 8 7 b Future 4 5 6 Past Present Future c e g Obstacles You They Kat Black 41 . Although the cards laid out may look like a cross. Not some gimmicky thematic spread just for the sake of it. for example. the way they are read will explain the name.The Love Knot Spread I designed this spread for Touchstone because it’s such an unusual deck in the way the cards read that I thought it deserved a spread of its own. family and work colleagues. Touchstone is a deck about people. That doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships: our lives are full of relationships with friends. You could use it when considering a new business partnership. The seemingly complicated designs of Celtic Knots are really very simple and logical if you trace them with your finger. something that reflected the heart of the deck. so relationship readings are its real strength. but something really useful.

5. We then move up to the Assets card. Future. you then interpret each corresponding card through the central cards of “obstacles” and “assets. You start at one end and read to the other. 2. Then read the They cards in a similar manner for the other person in question. and then an analysis of the relationship between those two spreads. 3. Compare the respective Present 42 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . there’s a lot more back and forth. Compare the respective Past cards and consider the Obstacles card. Present.interlocked over and over until you come back to where you began. b) 4. I’ve used the common Past. Future version to demonstrate. Present. d) 1 and 4 with 8. This is really two spreads. This suggests the way in which your respective pasts could be causing problems in the relationship. You can substitute any threecard spread here. In the Love Knot. Most tarot spreads are linear. but once you get the point it’s very easy. First. 6. c) 1 and 4 with 7.” The basis of this spread is that a relationship is two sided. especially if you’re used to doing three-card spreads. read the You spread for the sitter: Past. After reading “you” and “they” as two self-contained three-card spreads. a) 1. This suggests the way in which events in your respective pasts could be utilized to enhance the relationship e) 2 and 5 with 7. It may look a little complicated.

See and again consider the Obstacles card. For those same two cards. To plan together to achieve what’s best for each of you. Kat Black 43 . h) 3 and 6 with 8. How can you maximize your strengths. making the best use of your similarities and differences. f) 2 and 5 with 8. now consider the Assets card. This is the most important part: how to make the most of your respective traits to improve the relationship and face whatever comes. Now relate the two Future cards considering the Assets card. Consider the Obstacles card. compatibilities and complementary traits to enhance the relationship NOW? g) 3 and 6 with 7. This suggests the way in which your future situation/feelings/ plans could cause problems in the relationship. I asked the owners of the Limited Edition of Touchstone Tarot to try this spread out for me. This suggests the way in which your current situation/feelings could be causing problems in the relationship. Compare the respective Future cards. and I got some wonderful readings sent back to me.

your own personal interpretations are intended to be more important than the brief meanings contained in this book. so I highly recommend starting a tarot journal. You’ll find a study group a real help with your journaling too. and will really deepen your relationship with tarot. Participating in tarot study groups. or you can buy specially made journals with a page for each card. 44 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .Journaling and other creative pursuits A tarot journal is like a diary where you talk about your relationship with the cards. either online or in ‘real life’ life is another great way to better understand the tarot. The archetypes of the tarot are universal. You can use a plain notebook and assign a page to each card. It’s a great way to get familiar with a new deck. representing so many aspects of human personality and behavior. For a deck like Touchstone. Writers of fiction are increasingly finding tarot a useful tool in character development.

trick-based games. They are usually complex. it’s not ideal for the purpose. Cups. Since it doesn’t have small symbols in the corners. Kat Black 45 .Other uses for the deck There are a number of games specifically for tarot decks. Tarot games are still played in many countries. She said she liked the challenge. In fact. You can even play Patience and other games with a tarot deck by removing the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana’s Pages—voila. but in a pinch it does the job. The Touchstone Deck Touchstone is a traditional seventy-eight-card tarot deck with illustrated Minors in the tradition of the RiderWaite-Smith deck. use of tarot decks for games pre-dates their use for divination according to historical sources researched by tarot scholars in recent years. There are twenty-two Major Arcana cards and then the Minor Arcana with four suits of fourteen cards each—Wands. Swords and Coins. you have a standard fifty-twocard deck. A close friend of mine who passed away after a long battle with cancer played Patience with my Golden Tarot deck every day once she was bedridden.

He stares away into the distance. In the distance are hills and a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. which transcend the everyday. picking flowers. as though a melody is playing in his head and he is about to absentmindedly start playing along with the tune. casually strung on his back. this Fool instead carries a flute. There are powerful forces at work. He carries a basket.The Major Arcana The Major Arcana cards represent the “big issues” in life. singing and dancing a jig with his canine 46 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Perhaps he has been playing in a field.” 0 The Fool A carefree young man with a flower in his hat wanders by a cliff’s edge. While this card traditionally has the young man carrying a bundle on a stick. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. A dog looks up to him. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany.

c. Pieter Pauwel. fool: BIJLERT. Hans. Shepherd Holding a Flute. Flute.friend. Antwerp. Landscape with Peasants by a Cottage. Naïve enthusiasm. Inertia. Gemäldegalerie. c. Rockox House. 1630-35. A hopeful journey commences. unexpected event may influence the matter in question.1560. Now he wanders close to a rocky cliff. Jan van. A sudden. 1484. but is oblivious to any danger. Woman Selling Vegetables. Cliff. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. There are powerful forces at work. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. • • • • • Painting Sources Kat Black 47 . pessimism. private collection. o Reversed: Foolhardy disregard for consequences. Unwillingness to accept reality.1615. Bruges. 1651-53. Triptych of the Family Moreel.” Sky. Philips. rocks: MEMLING. Listen to the advice of a loyal friend. Borzoi dog: RUBENS. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Groeninge Museum. n Meanings: Beginner’s Luck. Diana Returning from Hunt. mountain: WOUWERMAN. private collection. Basket: BEUCKELAER. Dresden. Joachim.

The Delphic Sibyl. An important new venture begins. Action. 1626To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • 48 Painting Sources: . There are powerful forces at work. Ludger tom. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Musée du Louvre. inaction. Portrait of Francesco Righetti. Scientific knowledge. o Reversed: Take care whom you trust. There are books on the shelf. a coin. he holds a small gold orb on a chain. using all available tools. 1500s. You are the sum of what you know. Instability. Misuse of power. Beware sleight of hand.” Staircase: RING. talent wasted. Assess your choices well.I The Magician An enigmatic man with a knowing smile and fine clothing covered in mystical symbols displays an array of items: a knife. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. a cup and a wand. Books: GUERCINO. the Younger. n Meanings: A wise person with deep knowledge. fear of the unknown. Paris. and an owl perches behind him. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. In his right hand.

Quentin. shirt: RAFFAELLO. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Frans Halsmuseum. Portrait of a Man. Munich. Portrait of a Man. Still Life with Fruit. Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti). private collection.1518. Cardinal Bibbiena. private collection. Right sleeve. Musée du Louvre. The Moneylender and his Wife. Staatliche Museen. Right hand with orb: OOSTANEN. Coin: MASSYS. Haarlem. 1526.1516. 1506. Wand: MASSYS. c. Quentin.• • • • • • • • • • 28. National Gallery. 1514. Cape. Floris Claes van. Nuts and Cheese. Jacob Cornelisz van. Kat Black 49 . Paris. Albrecht. Face.1511. Table: RIJN. cap: KULMBACH. 1646. 1462. Cheese. The Little Owl. left hand: BOUTS. Kassel. The Holy Family with a Curtain. Cup: SCHOOTEN. Floris Gerritsz van. Knife: DIJCK. Florence. London. Sanzio. Graphische Sammlung Albertina. Vienna. Dieric the Elder. Still life with Glass. Alte Pinakothek. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van. 1613. Hans Süss von. New York. Butter and Cake. Portrait of the Margrave Casimir of Brandenburg. c. private collection. Owl: DÜRER.1600s. The Adoration of the Magi.

her husband had inscribed on her tomb: “To Sofonisba. in 1632. Seven years after her death. androgynous woman in a dark blue robe and double-peaked gold headdress stands between two pillars. outstanding in portraying the images of man … Orazio Lomellino. where her father encouraged all of his children to reach their full potential.II The High Priestess A mysterious. dedicated this little tribute to such a great 50 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . She looks directly at the viewer with her large. Sofonisba was from a remarkable family. one light. one dark. A crescent moon and waterfall can be seen behind her. a pomegranate and a finely tooled red leather book. dark eyes. It’s titled as a portrait of her sister Minerva. on what would have been her hundredth birthday. my wife … who is recorded among the illustrious women of the world. although none as well known as her. A number of her sisters also became painters. She holds a scroll. The face in this composition is by the female Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola. in sorrow for the loss of his great love. and they lived a happy married life until her death in her 90s. but looks strikingly similar to Sofonisba’s many self-portraits of the same era. In her late 40s she married a sea captain decades younger than herself.

Stillness and contemplation. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Kat Black 51 • • • • Painting Sources: . London. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life.” Water: GREBBER.-L. 1630. c. The Divine Feminine. Moses Striking the Rock. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Antwerp. There are powerful forces at work. 1612-14. New York. Pillars: HOLBEIN. Neuroses. a woman who achieved greatness in her lifetime. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. illicit affairs. n Meanings: A mysterious. 1523.woman. Vrouwekathedraal. O. Pieter Pauwel. despite the limitations placed on her by society. Pieter de. Those who were influenced by her work included Sir Anthony Van Dyck and Pieter Pauwel Rubens. Descent from the Cross. Giovanni. secrets exposed.” I thought that the High Priestess was a perfect role for her. National Gallery. Musée des Beaux-Arts. 1485-90. Madonna and Child. Hans the Younger. destructive passion. A keeper of secrets and esoteric knowledge. Tourcoing. she revolutionized the art of portraiture. Nun body: BELLINI. Moon: RUBENS. Erasmus of Rotterdam. o Reversed: Emotions run wild. Forbidden to study nudes and therefore finding large multi-figure church commissions impossible. insightful woman.

1475-80. suggesting the beginning of a new project. Marquis of Bristol Collection. The Panciatichi Holy Family. Portrait of Teodoro of Urbino.” She may be pregnant. Peaked metallic hat: RIBERA. Spedale degli Innocenti. corn. Rijksmuseum. Florence. tot Sint Jans. Amsterdam. the “earth mother. Portrait of Minerva Anguissola. Milan. Florence. London. Simeon with Christ Child. Scroll: GHIRLANDAIO. Pinacoteca di Brera. Florence. grapes. Galleria degli Uffizi. Giovanni. Headdress fabric: GEERTGEN. Left hand: BOTTICELLI. 52 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . A plump hare sits amidst the harvest.1550. 1660-70. Madonna of the Pomegranate. This is Demeter. the forming of a practical plan.1515. 1540. III The Empress A gentle-looking woman meditates. c. Sandro. Galleria degli Uffizi. Rijksmuseum. Festoon of Fruits and Flowers. surrounded by symbols of fertility: flowers. Adoration of the Magi. Book: BELLINI. Agnolo. 1647. Amsterdam. c. National Gallery. 1488. 1487. The Holy Kinship. Domenico. Sofonisba. wheat and other produce from a bountiful harvest. José de. Brooch: BRONZINO. Pomegranate: HEEM.• • • • • • • • Face: ANGUISSOLA. Jan Davidsz de.

private collection. Collaboration. Haarlem. 1622.1625. St. Abandonment or neglect. The earth’s natural abundance and balance. Graphische Sammlung Albertina.” Painting Sources: Bountiful harvest: HEEM. creation. Saskia as Flora. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Face: GREBBER. o Reversed: Bare earth. The Hermitage. Pieter de. working together. drought. c. Frans Halsmuseum. 1502. Bacchus with Nymphs and Cupid. co-operation. apathy. Gemäldegalerie. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Vienna. Barrenness. c. Dresden. Albrecht. Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti). Hare: DÜRER. 1648. nurturing love.n Meanings: Matriarchal Authority. Pieter Pauwel. Mother and Child. Jan Davidsz. Body. • • • • • • • Kat Black 53 . Florence. The Eucharist in Fruit Wreath. Hair: RUBENS. hat: RIJN.1660. The Duke of Buckingham. Scythe: ROMANELLI. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Petersburg. Caesar van. c. Young Hare. Vienna. Emotional intelligence. weakness. The Earthly Feminine. Ceres. 1634. Roses: EVERDINGEN. Fertility.1660. There are powerful forces at work. Giovanni Francesco.

n Meanings: Patriarchal Authority. o Reversed: A stubborn man. Inconstancy. Pieter Pauwel. rules to be followed. rams’ heads: RUBENS. and wears a bejeweled crown and majestic goldtrimmed cape and gloves. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. structure. a man of experience and earthly power. decisiveness. Order. Virility. but he is still a strong. His long beard and hair are graying. Raising of the Cross. Competition. 1610. aggression. There are powerful forces at work. logic. indecisiveness. Misguided action. He holds an orb and scepter.IV The Emperor An alert. confident figure of authority. Rational intelligence. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • Painting Sources: 54 . Vrouwekathedraal.” Throne. bearded fatherly figure sits on a stone throne adorned by rams’ heads. desire to rule. O. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. inability to compromise even when that is the logical course. Antwerp. Masculine strength. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Around his neck he wears a black eagle on a gold medallion.-L.

a desire for higher learning and consciousness. Brown tunic: BEHAM. A tendency to conservatism and conformity. V The Hierophant An aloof young man in papal regalia stands between two pillars. His regalia includes a large peaked hat covered in ornate decorations. n Meanings: A spiritual leader. Nuremberg. a gilded hook staff and a pair of large gilt keys on a chain around his neck. A spiritual awakening or calling. Portrait of a Man. Emperor Charlemagne. Goldsmith Jörg Zürer of Augsburg. Ignore those who tell you what to believe or how to behave. o Reversed: Beware false prophets. Face: AMBERGER. Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Follow your own path. An older man. Education. Dresden. perhaps a priest or donor. Kat Black 55 . Museo del Prado. 1512. a gold cape with a beaded collar. He has chiseled features but soft. 1525-30. 1531. blue-grey eyes. Gemäldegalerie. Christoph. Take responsibility for your own moral choices. Madrid.• • • Emperor: DÜRER. Barthel. kneels beside him at a respectful distance. Albrecht. c.

St Ambrose. Öffentliche Kunstsammlung. Paolo. Peter. Pope’s chest. Feast in the House of Levi. Meeting of St Erasm and St Maurice.” Pillars: VERONESE. Paris. 1600s. Gallerie dell’Accademia. n Meanings: A blessed partnership. Duke of Bourbon. A mutually beneficial 56 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . collar: GRÜNEWALD Matthias. Basle. Antwerp. Donor: BOUTS. Matthias. Keys: MASTER of MOULINS. Musée du Louvre. Philippe de Croy. 1492-93. 1517-23. She offers a primitive fruit and looks directly at the viewer. He is bearded. Venice.» Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Munich.1460. Staff: STOM. Alte Pinakothek. 1464-67. but a favorable outcome is likely. The Last Supper. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. hat. • • • • • • Painting Sources: VI The Lovers A young couple stand naked in a landscape. In the distance is a large. Presented by St. Rogier van der. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. touching them with a blessing. Face: WEYDEN. Leuven. An angel hovers above them. There are powerful forces at work. with long unkempt hair. Sint-Pieterskerk. Dieric the Elder. c. Pierre II. snowy mountain peak. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Choices to be made. 1573.

private collection.” Sky: UDEN. 1600s. There are powerful forces at work. Francesco. S. Vatican. Angel’s lower body: ALBANI. Antwerp. St. Difficult choices to be made. 1617. Kat Black 57 • • • • • • • Painting Sources: .1625.alliance. Cornelis de. o Reversed: Partnership problems. Angel’s upper body: RAFFAELLO. An important issue with a relationship needs addressing: jealousy. Angel’s face: VOS. St Gregory Delivers the Soul of a Monk. Stanza della Segnatura. Jan van. c. The Hermitage. The Annunciation. Giovanni Battista. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. 1524-30. Mountain: CARIANI. Petersburg. division. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Varese. Vittore. Museum Mayer van den Bergh. Sun: CRESPI. Palazzi Pontifici. The Ghent Altarpiece. Sacred Conversation. Eve’s body. Adam: EYCK. Poetry. Sanzio. Elisabeth (or Cornelia) Vekemans as a Young Girl. Lucas van. logic and compassion. Rome. 1509-11. reason and responsibility. incompatible goals or beliefs. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. Balance of the Male and Female. Panoramic River Landscape.

1581. Frans the Elder. Museum voor Schone Kunsten. her hair and robe flying in the wind. motivation. Woman’s face: POURBUS.• 1425-29. Force of will.” 58 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . but a white dove flies in the sky behind her. Her plumed helmet is topped by a sphinx. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Cathedral of St Bavo. commitment to a common goal. and she carries a scepter and shield. trailing a golden cloud. o Reversed: Disquiet ignored can lead to rebellion. Her chariot is decorated by a roaring lion. Portrait of a Young Woman. Ghent. we stand. n Meanings: United. Victory through compromise. An inspiring leader brings together conflicting parties. Take care to prevent minor complaints escalating. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. VII The Chariot A warrior woman rides in a golden chariot. There are powerful forces at work. Ghent. Possible collapse of an agreement through petty squabbles.

Andrea. A lemniscate or infinity symbol hovers above the woman’s head. The Abduction of Proserpine. There are wild herbs in the foreground and a river and castle in the distance. Shield: RUBENS. Florence. c. The Triumph of Victory. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van. 1512-13. 1631. Marie de Medicis as Bellona.1614. Chariot: RIJN. Berlin. The Annunciation. National Gallery. Pieter Pauwel. Pieter Pauwel. It is more effective to settle peaceably than to invade. o Reversed: Lack of commitment. sphinx helmet: RUBENS. Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti). Self doubt and willingness to Kat Black 59 . You have the inner strength to face all of life’s challenges. Face: BRONZINO. Body of woman. Musée du Louvre. c. Painting Sources: VIII Strength A beautiful young woman with a garland of flowers in her hair opens the jaws of a lion. n Meanings: Strength through persuasion. Staatliche Museen. Paris. Eleonora of Toledo.• • • • • Sky: DEL SARTO. Staatliche Museen. Prague. Use of force to dominate will ultimately fail. 1622-25.1545. Agnolo. Kassel.

Although St Francis is not specifically associated with this card in traditional tarot. • • • • • Painting Sources: IX The Hermit A brown-robed monk stands in a dark forest at night. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. c. Samson’s Fight with the Lion. Face: COXCIE. I feel his 60 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life.1660. St Casilda of Burgos. Museo del Prado. Madrid. Cesare. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Saint Cecilia. a cat and an owl watch him. He carries a lantern. Museo del Prado. Ribbon: EVERDINGEN. Kunstsammlungen. A stag. Madonna and Child with the Lamb of God. 1520-25. castle. sky. Francisco de. 1569. Milan. Museo Poldi Pezzoli.capitulate instead of asserting one’s sense of what is right and protecting the weak. Lion: CRANACH. private collection. Amor Holding a Glass Orb. but his eyes are closed. Madrid. 1638-42.1515. body: DA SESTO. c. Caesar van. Michiel van. The central figure in this card is St Francis in Ecstasy by Caravaggio. Lucas the Elder.” Landscape. There are powerful forces at work. Garland: ZURBARÁN. Weimar.

1595. Berlin. Adam. 1600s. 1611. o Reversed: A lonely recluse. A time for reflection. Städelsches Kunstinstitut. Stand apart from your everyday life to assess your goals. Francis in Ecstasy. St. Hendrick. Hartford. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Deer: CRANACH. Woman Eating (aka The Cat’s Kat Black 61 • • • • • . Connecticut. c. Wadsworth Atheneum. Owl: GOLTZIUS. Jacob’s Dream. n Meanings: Look within. Frankfurt. Frans Halsmuseum. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. 1533. Gabriel.relationship with both the divine and also the natural world makes him a good representation of the archetype of the Hermit. Isolation. Lucas the Elder. Staatliche Museen. quietness and solitude.” Painting Sources: Landscape: ELSHEIMER. Minerva. Haarlem. Inability to empathize or compromise. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Monk and habit: CARAVAGGIO. There are powerful forces at work. You will find the answers you seek there. Adam and Eve. Cat: METSU. lack of necessary social skills.

Hans the Younger. There are powerful forces at work. but they will also pass. rocks: RUBENS. Pieter Pauwel. Sir William Butts. Amsterdam. o Reversed: Run over by the wheel of life. n Meanings: The only constant is change.-L. Lantern. a fresh path. and good fortune will follow. for all misfortunes are balanced by Fate’s gifts. c. Descent from the Cross. Vrouwekathedraal. 1543.1662-65. a bull and a lion. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Take care not to become bitter.” To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 62 . Those who cannot adapt to life’s constant flux will never be content. Antwerp. Chain: HOLBEIN. O. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Rijksmuseum. Seek a new beginning. Life moves ever onward in an eternal cycle. Boston. 1612-14. Misfortunes may come.• • Breakfast). an eagle. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. X The Wheel of Fortune A wheel of robed figures holding messages is flanked by the symbols of the four evangelists: an angel.

Painting Sources: XI Justice A young woman in a classical robe sits on a large marble and gilt throne. St Francis Supported by an Angel. Ringling Museum of Art. In all things. Portrait of a Young Man. Kat Black 63 . Bull: BACKER. Museo del Prado. 1611-12. Lion: CRANACH. Museo di San Marco. Orazio. The Vision of Ezekiel. An owl perches above her. 1526. She holds a sword above her head in her right hand. 1495. The Nativity. The Abduction of Ganymede. Pietro.• • • • • • Angel wings and body: GENTILESCHI. Florence. Galleria degli Uffizi. Florida. and guard against your own weaknesses. c. Jerome. n Meanings: Do the right thing. be fair. Lucas the Elder. 1603. Schwarzenberg Palace. Jacob de. Protect the weak. Pieter Pauwel. Madrid. 1450. Vienna. Florence. Wheel: ANGELICO. and consider the common good not just what is best for you. 1500s. Eagle: RUBENS. private collection. c. Fra. Boy’s face: PERUGINO. and in her left she balances a set of scales. Treat others as you would be treated. Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg as St.

As this deck is not one of esoteric symbols so much as real people. Jakab. Hungarian National Gallery. Gortzius. Sanzio. 1580. 64 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . 1600s. Vatican. • • • • • Painting Sources: XII The Hanged Man This card traditionally portrays a man hung upsidedown. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. private collection. Fowls and Owl.” Columns. Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. inconsistency and unfairness. Budapest. There are powerful forces at work. Stanza della Segnatura. Face: GELDORP. c. 1597. Palazzi Pontifici. 1509-11. Vatican. Portrait of a Lady. 1518-35. wall: VERONESE. Injustice. Bruges. Paolo. Adriaen. Pinacoteca. Justice. Vrouwekerk.o Reversed: An undeserved result. your conscience will not let you enjoy your success. Justice: RAFFAELLO. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Owl: BOGDÁNY. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany.L. Throne: ISENBRANT. I have used one of the many paintings of St Sebastian as I felt this in keeping with the meaning of the card. If you do something you know is wrong to get ahead. with his legs forming a cross. O. The Vision of St Helena.

o Reversed: A false martyr. Man: TIZIANO. There can be peace in resignation. Halo: ANGELICO. There are powerful forces at work. Lille. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Cornelis Cornelisz van. Tree: BLOMMENDAEL. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. then take responsibility to claim more control of your own life. Museo Diocesano. 1655. Palais des Beaux-Arts. If we ask to be treated poorly. Vecellio (Titian). The Fall of Man. Brescia. then we cannot complain at the treatment. 1520. If you are always feeling like a victim.n Meanings: Accept the things you cannot change. • • • • Kat Black 65 . Amsterdam. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be.” Painting Sources: Garden: HAARLEM. Paris and Oenone. Santi Nazaro e Celso. 1592 Rijksmuseum. Annunciation. Reyer van. 1433-34. but respect that others may not share your beliefs. c. Fra. Cortona. Polyptych of the Resurrection: St Sebastian. Deep commitment to your own beliefs can protect you from society’s scorn.

and the painting was refused by those who commissioned it. Solutions given To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 66 . Such gritty realism was revolutionary. resistance to change.XIII Death A woman lies on a bed. recently deceased. which shocked audiences in its day by portraying the Virgin as a very mortal (and poor) woman instead of the usual portrayal of Mary being carried to heaven on the wings of angels. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. she looks as though she has passed peacefully. You only get one life: really live it. Although the setting is one of poverty and grime. make bold changes to have the life you would truly be proud of. Stagnation. Slow decay without ever breaking into bloom. n Meanings: Massive change. o Reversed: A life half-lived. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. The two women are from Caravaggio’s controversial painting The Death of the Virgin. If your life finished today. There are powerful forces at work. A woman grieves beside her and a skeleton appears in the darkness holding an hourglass and a coffin decorated with a Tudor rose. would you be happy with your achievements? If not.

emotional and material Kat Black 67 . David. Seville. Painting Sources: XIV Temperance A young woman in a demure brown costume with a white hat and veil pours water from a jug into a cup. Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols. Women: CARAVAGGIO. Hospital de la Caridad. Juan de. Hourglass: BAILLY. With spiritual. Prince of Wales and before she married his younger brother Henry VIII. n Meanings: A balanced life. The face is that of a young Katharine of Aragon. Tudor rose: HOLBEIN. A dove perches on the bench. She modestly averts her eyes. and behind her is a jug full of Iris and Lilies. 1527. Frick Collection. a pragmatic solution to a diplomatic dilemma. Beside her is a statuette of an angel. recently widowed after the death of Arthur. 1651. The Death of the Virgin 16041606. Leiden. In Ictu Oculi.” • • • • Skeleton: VALDÉS LEAL. Hans the Younger.over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Musée du Louvre. New York. Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. 1670-72. Sir Thomas More. Paris.

Habit. Iris: MEMLING. Vrouwekathedraal. Katharine of Aragon. c. this is a time of equilibrium. Reyer van. the Younger. Lack of ability to moderate one’s actions and emotions. 1490. Pouring jug: BLOMMENDAEL.needs met. Pieter Pauwel. The middle path. Antwerp. timber: RING. satisfaction with life’s gifts. 1611-12 O. There are powerful forces at work.1660. Table: ROMBOUTS. Washington. National Gallery of Art. Sandro. c. Vienna. Hans. Gabriel. Petersburg. c. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Cup: METSU. Moderation. The Delphic Sibyl. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be.1618. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Musée du Louvre. The Resurrection of Christ. The Union of Earth and Water. Pieter Pauwel. St. Conflict.1502. 147677. Amsterdam. c. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Strasbourg.-L. Paris. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Antwerp. Rijksmuseum.” Face: SITTOW. The Card Players. The Hermitage. 1600s. Angel statue: RUBENS. Theodor. The Sick Child. Ludger tom. Madrid. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Water from jar: RUBENS. Dove: BOTTICELLI. Skilled diplomacy and negotiation. Giuliano de’ Medici. c. Imbalance. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: 68 . Flower Still Life. o Reversed: Self-destructiveness.1655. Michael. Xantippe Dousing Socrates. 1500s.

perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. n Meanings: A destructive path. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Sobriety. The Last Judgment. A small figure dances in the flames. There are powerful forces at work. Muzeum Narodowe. 1467-71. 1400s. freeing oneself from the chains of vice or oppression. o Reversed: Taking control of your life. not excuses to fail. Pieter Pauwel. vice. ruddy-cheeked Satyr dressed in a wolfskin offers the viewer a bunch of grapes with a knowing leer. Hieronymus. Question your own motives. Inability to face one’s fears and demons. Behind him is a wall of rock and fire. then look for reasons to succeed. to which a nude couple are chained. private collection. Hans. addiction. The Last Judgment (fragment of Hell). Gdansk.XV The Devil A bearded. 1618-19. Identify your true goals. Alte 69 • • • Painting Sources: Kat Black . Temptation. Satyr: RUBENS. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be.” Fire: MEMLING. Two Satyrs. Stickdancer: BOSCH.

1556. The Liberation of Arsinoe. 1500s. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Chaos. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. We build our walls. In the foreground. o Reversed: A House of Cards. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Gemäldegalerie. No riches can protect us from the hand of fate. Chains: TINTORETTO. upheaval. A storm will strike. XVI The Tower A castle’s tower burns fiercely and begins to crumble. n Meanings: The mighty can fall. the weaker it is and the easier it will fall when calamity strikes. The higher you build a façade. c. Vienna. Dresden.• • Pinakothek. Adam and Eve: COXCIE. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 70 . and a small black devil flies off into the stormy sky. but they can crumble. It is time to tear it down and start again with a stronger foundation. A giant golden crown falls from the top of the castle. Original Sin. Munich. Michiel van. a red-haired man and youth in brown robes weep and pray. massive and unexpected change.

Castle: BOUTS. c. Hieronymus. Budapest. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Water pours from a large terracotta jar onto the earth. 1450. a heron Kat Black 71 . Venice. Venice. Rockox House.1460. Brussels. and she pours water into the stream from a smaller terracotta jar. Museum Mayer van den Bergh.1520. Lille. 1500s. Palazzo Ducale. Christ on the Cross with Donors. and her robes are of rich silk and fine linen. Quentin. Palazzo Ducale. Weeping youth: HEMESSEN. Antwerp. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. c. Painting Sources: XVII The Star A young woman sits beside a stream in a state of undress. Devil flying: BOUTS. Hell. Dieric the Elder. as though preparing to bathe. A crown of stars circles above her head and a shooting star appears in the sky. Jan Abrahamsz. Museum of Fine Arts. Praying man: MASSYS. Dieric the Elder. 1600s. 1554-56. The Execution of the Innocent Count.” • • • • • • • Stormy sky: BEERSTRATEN. Antwerp. Village of Nieukoop in Winter with Child Funeral. Her golden hair is loosely tied. Juno Showering Gifts on Venetia. Hell.There are powerful forces at work. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Fire: BOSCH. 1500-04. Paolo. In the distance. The Lamentation of Christ. Large crown: VERONESE. Jan Sanders van.

Lille. 1609. Pouring water. Sisto. Rome. Clear the block and reach your true potential. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • • • 72 . Shooting star: Master MS. Acclaim for your creative accomplishments. 1618. The Union of Earth and Water. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Galleria Borghese. Pieter Pauwel. 1628. c. c.fishes in the stream. Hieronymus. but there is a block to their fulfillment. The Hermitage.” Painting Sources: Star halo. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Vecellio (Titian). Sacred and Profane Love. Great joy. c. Petersburg. Jug: BOSCH. Ringling Museum of Art. sky: RUBENS. The Temptation of St Anthony. Immaculate Conception. jar: RUBENS. Dreams realized. happiness and success on many levels. n Meanings: A shining path. Plinth: BADALOCCHIO. St. Pieter Pauwel. 1506-10. 1514. The Adoration of the Magi. Museo del Prado. o Reversed: An obstacle on your path. There are powerful forces at work. Success and happiness are so close. Nude: TIZIANO. Susanna and the Elders. Good health. Madrid. Sarasota. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. hopes fulfilled.

n Meanings: Nature’s cycles always turn. Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. That which is hidden will become revealed. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Cathedral of St Bavo.• • • 1505-06. holding a crab. A huge full moon hangs in the sky behind her. Kat Black 73 . Victoria and Albert Museum. Lisbon. Stream: GENTILESCHI. Staatliche Museen. Stork: RAFFAELLO. Sanzio. XVIII The Moon A young girl in a white and gold robe stands beside a wild sea. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. The Ghent Altarpiece: Eve. London. Secrets may soon be exposed. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. o Reversed: Intuition ignored. Seek the subtle wisdom that hides from the harsh light of day. Landscape with St Christopher. 1515. one male and one female. Jan van. intuition and dreams. 1605-10. Ghent. Emotions. Berlin. Nipple: EYCK. 1425-29. dreams dismissed. She is flanked by two pillars. and it’s time to listen. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes. Orazio.

Column. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. A Crab. however. National Gallery. Schlossmuseum.There are powerful forces at work. 1635 Rijksmuseum. Jupiter. Darmstadt Madonna. 15971600. wife of Rogier Le Witer. Great joy. Portrait of Rogier Le Witer. Amsterdam. Neptune and Pluto. Bonaventura the Elder. Column. Portrait of Catharina Behagel. spiritual and material success. Albrecht. Shipwreck. Rotterdam. Stormy sea: PEETERS. Rijksmuseum. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Hans the Younger. 1600s. Jacob. male: JORDAENS. Prague. 1526-28. As you reap this bountiful harvest. 1635. n Meanings: It’s a beautiful day. Amsterdam. Casino Boncompagni Ludovisi. Painting Sources: XIX The Sun A smiling toddler rides a white horse within a walled garden. Rome. Girl: HOLBEIN.” • • • • • • Moon: CARAVAGGIO. Jacob. Darmstadt. female: JORDAENS. take care to put 74 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Crab: DÜRER. 1495. The sun shines and sunflowers bloom within the garden.

Wall: GRÜNEWALD. Assumption of the Virgin. Galleria degli Uffizi. 1650. and too much sun can be fatal. Musée d’Unterlinden. Museum of Fine Arts. Horse: EYCK. Gemäldegalerie. Fruit and Flower Still Life. Share your good fortune. Jan van. o Reversed: Don’t get burned.1549. Rome. There are powerful forces at work. Dresden. 1516-18. c. Venice. Nativity. c. Portrait of Giovanni de’ Medici. Budapest. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany. Ghent. Ghent Altarpiece. Baby body: FRANCIA.1510. 1600s. Colmar. • • • • • • • Painting Sources: Kat Black 75 . A harvest hoarded can soon be spoiled. Florence.stocks aside for leaner times. 1432. San Pietro in Vincoli. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. St Marguerite. Bavo Cathedral. Francesco. Face: BRONZINO Agnolo.” Sun: TIZIANO. This is a time of success. Matthias. » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Jan Davidsz de. Red fabric: GUERCINO. Sunflowers: HEEM. but do not take it for granted.1515. The Holy Family. St. c. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Vecellio (Titian).

There are powerful forces at work. figures stand around an open tomb from which flowers emerge. In the distance. You are ignoring an important change that has happened.” Mountains. Deep satisfaction with what you have achieved. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • 76 Painting Sources: . large craggy mountain peaks reach up to touch the clouds. Vecellio (Titian). » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. A current project will draw to a close. but an exciting new one will commence. o Reversed: Don’t stick your head in the sand. A golden-haired angel flying above them blows a long trumpet. In the background. A dramatic life-changing and positive experience. clouds: TIZIANO.XX Judgement A woman in a plain dark robe and white wimple holds her hands together in prayer. You need to acknowledge that change to make use of it and allow it to enrich your life. n Meanings: Heed the herald’s call. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany.

The Crowning of the Virgin. Angel face: RAFFAELLO. Ghent. 1500s. 1502-03. Trumpet: STROZZI. 1514. Gallerie dell’Accademia. n Meanings: True fulfillment. Venice. Museum voor Schone Kunsten. and he holds two golden rods. Pinacoteca Nazionale. success. Angel: SARACENI. London. Marseille. Bernardo. Abundance.• • • • • • Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. c. surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves and the faces of a woman. Gerard. an eagle. St Sebastian between St Roch and St Margaret. XXI The World A nude man stands in the clouds. one aloft and one by his side. National Gallery. A Personification of Fame. Sanzio. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Praying woman: HORENBOUT. Portraits of Lieven van Pottelsberghe and his Wife (Livina van Steelant). 1534-38. Sarcophagus: RAFFAELLO. Vatican. Rome. 1500s. Saint Cecilia and the Angel. You are a role model: others want to follow your example. A light cloth protects his modesty.1610. Ground: CARIANI. Sanzio. contentment. 1600s. St Cecilia. a bull and a lion. With this comes responsibility. Pinacoteca. enlightenment. Bologna. Carlo. Kat Black 77 .

Jupiter and Callisto. Daniel in the Lion’s Den. For all you have achieved. Bologna. National Gallery of Ireland. Städelsches Kunstinstitut. 1648. Rijksmuseum. c.” Sky: EVERDINGEN. 1611-12. Frankfurt. Pieter Pauwel. Rods: DAVID. Eagle: RUBENS. The Annunciation.1565. c. Kassel. Södermanland. The Triumph of Samson. Lady Playing the Lute. • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: 78 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Cow: AERTSEN. Rijksmuseum. Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura). Guido. Sweden. Lady’s face: MIJTENS. Solutions given over to Fate and what seems “meant to be. Amsterdam. Hendrick Trip’s Cannon Foundry at Julita Bruk. Staatliche Museen.1520.1645-75. There are powerful forces at work. Laurel leaves: GIORGIONE. Gerard. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Pieter Pauwel. Adoration of the Shepherds. Dublin. 1506. 1613. Allaert van. Nude man: RENI. Jan. perhaps a turning point or an epiphany.1615. c. you are still not content. c. o Reversed: Can’t get no satisfaction. Lion: RUBENS. Vienna. Pinacoteca Nazionale. National Gallery of Art. Washington. Amsterdam.Share your wisdom and good fortune. Pieter. Perhaps you have set unattainable goals and not taken joy in the increments you have made towards those goals? » Multiple Majors in a spread: A significant time in your life.

Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. The wands are always sprouting new leaves. confidence. creativity. They represent the medieval peasant class.The Minor Arcana Suit of Wands Suit Meanings: Wands are the suit of fire and correspond to the modern playing card deck’s clubs. I have used the color of Venetian Red for the suit of Wands. intensity. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. representing the life energy and creativity suggested by this suit. practical ability and the ability to make the most of what you’ve got. They’re a suit of strength.” Kat Black 79 . those who work the land and craftspeople. » Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire.

autonomy. innovation. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . too soon. n Meanings: The essence of fire.Ace of Wands A sultry angel in a red satin gown holds a wand. There are fluffy white clouds in the blue sky. selfreliance. o Reversed: Too much. impotence. Behind her is a lush forested landscape with a hill topped by a castle. » » 80 Multiple Aces in a spread: Gifts and opportunities. The face is that of Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain by Sofonisba Anguissola. but perhaps needing more direction. new growth. powerful positive forces at work. A sudden explosion of activity. Isabella was cosovereign of the Spanish-occupied Netherlands and northern France during the Golden Age of the Baroque from which much of the art used in Touchstone comes. Creation. The spark of life. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Inability to act decisively. Independence. Great energy and enthusiasm. creativity. This painting was done by the same artist mentioned in the High Priestess. intensity. Beside her is a brazier filled with glowing coals.

Caesar van. Sofonisba. Venice. Palazzo Ducale. Winter. Antonio de. Museo del Prado. The Last Judgment. Gdansk. 1654. 1599. Painting Sources: Kat Black 81 .1665. Face: ANGUISSOLA. Jacob Isaackszon van. Florence. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. Jacob Isaackszon van. 1524. clouds: RUISDAEL. castle: RUISDAEL. 1653. Dublin. National Gallery of Ireland.1520. Amsterdam. c. Rijksmuseum. Zurich. Madrid. Hans. c. St Christopher. Allegory. Kunsthaus. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Vienna. Bentheim Castle. Ground. Brazier: EVERDINGEN. Galleria degli Uffizi. Blue sky. Vecellio (Titian). Cosimo il Vecchio. Angel body: PEREDA.An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. 1646. 1467-71. Jacopo.” • • • • • • • • Wand: TIZIANO. View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds. Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia. c. Muzeum Narodowe. Wings: MEMLING.

billowing red velvet gown sits on a balcony staring out to sea. Although you have the world in the palm of your hand. wisdom. Her ash-blonde hair is held back high on her head in an ornately dressed bun.” Painting Sources: 82 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . fulfillment is still out of reach. n Meanings: And yet. Conference and negotiation. leaving behind your worldly comforts and social position. In front of her sits a globe of the world. Time to set sail for new adventures. You may build an empire. o Reversed: The tide is turning.Two of Wands A woman in a sumptuous. creativity. » » Multiple Twos in a spread: Duality. but then feel trapped within it. She holds one sprouting wand in her left hand and another sits behind her against the wall. two sides of a conversation. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Balance. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. intensity. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. you yearn.

c. Florence. Three of Wands A young man in a rich gold and red patterned gown stands overlooking a harbor into which ships are sailing. 150510. as though the sun is setting. and a third rests beside him.1670. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. Galleria degli Uffizi. Globe: STOSKOPFF. c. Face: POLLAIUOLO. Vittore. 1524. Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Strasbourg. Antonio del. Rijksmuseum. Cosimo il Vecchio. Cove: RUISDAEL. Portrait of a Young Woman. Palazzo Ducale. c. The Mill at Wijk-bijDuurstede. Summer or the Five Senses. n Meanings: Your ship sails in. National Gallery of Art. Musée de l’Oeuvre de Notre Dame. The Fête Champêtre. Dirck. You are in a solid position. Balcony: CARPACCIO. Rijksmuseum. 1633. Florence. The Virgin Reading.1520. Galleria degli Uffizi. He holds a wand in each hand. The Adoration of the Magi. Blue sky: HALS. The sky is golden. Hendrick ter. Venice. Jacob van. 1627. Jacopo. Amsterdam. Vecellio (Titian). with Kat Black 83 .• • • • • • • • Wand: TIZIANO.1475. Your hard work will soon pay off. Washington. 1619. Red gown: BRUGGHEN. Sébastien. St Christopher. Rijksmuseum. He looks deep in thought.

Florence. the fruit of a union has been sown and will soon burst forth. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Galleria Doria-Pamphili. Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples. creativity.” Wand: TIZIANO. Pieter the Elder. » » Multiple Threes in a spread: A result is near. Jacopo. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Boats: BRUEGEL. Rogier van der. Venice. c. Vecellio (Titian). London. o Reversed: Insecurity strikes. St Columba Altarpiece. • • • • • Painting Sources: 84 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Munich. Man: TIZIANO. review your position to one with less risk so you can feel secure again. 1512-15. Garrowby Hall. Rome. 1558-62. c. Seek new allies. St Christopher. A project nears production. Earl of Halifax Collection. Vecellio (Titian). satisfaction in your work and respect from your peers. Galleria degli Uffizi. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. intensity.1455 Alte Pinakothek. 1524. The vantage point you climbed to reach may suddenly seem a perilous position. Young Man with Cap and Gloves. Palazzo Ducale. Cosimo il Vecchio. Red costume and hand: WEYDEN.material security.1520.

but the bounty will be plentiful. marking a page with her finger. satisfaction. as though she has just been dancing or frolicking. More flowers lie scattered on the floor. intensity. Behind her. Hard work. luxury. n Meanings: A happy home. and she wears a fine red and black gown trimmed with lace.Four of Wands A young woman with dark hair and eyes looks at the viewer with a coy smile. a solid foundation. Affluence. In her right hand she holds a small red book. forested hill topped with a castle on a cliff. o Reversed: A fine harvest is assured. The fruit of your labors will take time to grow and ripen. Friends and family. Practical planning will assist the matter in question. harmony and happiness. Kat Black 85 . » » Multiple Fours in a spread: Order. creativity. Around her neck she has a double string of pearls. Health. another woman dances under a garland of flowers hanging from four wands. good planning and clever use of resources resulting in a fine harvest. Conventional wisdom has its uses. stability. There is something slightly untidy about her appearance. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. In the background is a lush.

Cosimo il Vecchio. Bartholomeus. Samuel van. Pieter. Madrid. c. 1614. Venus and Adonis. Venice.1626. Main woman: RUBENS. Pieter Pauwel. Amsterdam. 1660-70. Palazzo Ducale. Florence. Rijksmuseum. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. Galleria degli Uffizi. Dancing girl: RUBENS. Galleria degli Uffizi. Orestes and Pylades Disputing at the Altar. The Anaemic Lady. Pieter Pauwel. Rijksmuseum. sky: SPRANGER. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. garlands: LASTMAN. Amsterdam. c. Museo del Prado.An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Amsterdam. Lucretia.1586-07. Cat: HOOGSTRATEN. Ground. Red sleeves: Master of the Holy Blood. Rijksmuseum. trees. Jacopo. 1524. Budapest.1520. Castle.” • • • • • • • • Wand: TIZIANO. Museum of Fine Arts. Isabella Brandt. c. St Christopher. Florence. Vecellio (Titian). c. Diana and her Nymphs Surprised by the Fauns. Painting Sources: 86 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . c. 1638-40.1530.

» Multiple Fives in a spread: Conflict. Small obstacles and conflicts can serve to prepare us for more serious ones. instability. He has a sprouting wand but does not participate in the mock battle of his more casually dressed companions behind. perhaps this is the hallway of a Manor. perhaps the result of injury from a similar mock battle that got out of hand. n Meanings: Mock battles. action and effect. vaulted ceiling and stone steps. he holds his chin high and looks at us with an air of arrogance. Some people aren’t playing fair. The young man has a lazy eye. o Reversed: Dirty tactics. unsettled times approaching. they look more like soldiers off duty.Five of Wands A finely dressed young man stands challengingly with his hands on his hips. the challenge of a worthy competitor. There is a red curtain. He looks like a young nobleman. Kat Black 87 . Realization of ideas. It has not affected his confidence though. You may be shocked by a friend’s behavior. Constructive debate. What started as a good-natured debate could turn nasty. friendly rivalry.

Anne de France.» Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Cosimo il Vecchio. 88 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . 1524. Room. creativity. A servant leads away a grey horse. 1542. Magdalene. Jacob de. Cathedral. Venice. c. Palazzo Ducale. St Christopher.” Wand: TIZIANO. Wife of Pierre de Bourbon.1520. Vecellio (Titian). another cavalier stands holding a wand topped by another laurel wreath. Rome. Vecellio (Titian). • • • • • • • Painting Sources: Six of Wands A young man in armor wearing a laurel victory wreath holds a flag emblazoned with a stag’s head affixed to a sprouting wand. intensity. Young face: VOUET. Musée du Louvre. 1498-99. Galleria degli Uffizi.1540. Leg: BACKER. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Agnolo. Curtain: Master of Moulins. New York. Four more wands are held aloft. Jacopo. main young man: BRONZINO. Behind him. Simon. Garden of Eden. Crowning with Thorns. Portrait of a Young Man. 1500s. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Bruges. Groeninge Museum. Paris. Stair. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Palazzo del Quirinale. 1614-15. c. Florence. fighters: TIZIANO. Moulins. Wand leaves: PONTORMO.

Venice. Bask in the glow. You know you deserve the credit for your skills. Amsterdam. 1524.n Meanings: The triumphant return. The Grey. c. creativity. St Christopher. Vecellio (Titian). Galleria degli Uffizi. do not let others undermine you. Cosimo il Vecchio. c. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam. 1646. you deserve it. A hierarchy or a span of generations. Loss of self-confidence may result in a challenge to your reputation. Horse: WOUWERMAN.” Wand: TIZIANO. Hold your ground. c. Jacopo. A Waterside Ruin in Italy. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Recognition for your accomplishments. Florence. Palazzo Ducale. An undisputed success: popularity and critical acclaim. o Reversed: A chink in your armor. Rijksmuseum. abundance and fulfillment. 1620-52. pleasure. Blue sky: ASSELIJN. Jan. Philips. Kat Black 89 • • • • Painting Sources: .1520. » » Multiple Sixes in a spread: Harmony. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. intensity. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire.

Museo del Prado. n Meanings: Stand your ground. Portrait of a Young Man. ominous clouds. Hold firm. c. Alte Pinakothek. You are facing adversity and maybe outnumbered. Do not despair. Seven of Wands A man stands on top of a rocky hill. Six more wands are coming up the hill at him. He does not look greatly worried.• • • • Merry man: HALS. it may be better to surrender than to fight on.1628. Frans. even when it seems you will soon be overwhelmed. Munich. but you are fighting from a strong position. held by unseen hands. Madrid. Alte Pinakothek. c.1627. practical robe with bare legs. c. Haarlem. Pieter Pauwel. take courage and success will be yours. Immaculate Conception. o Reversed: Be brave. Banquet of the Officers of the St Hadrian Civic Guard Company. Wreaths: RUBENS. The sky is full of dark. If you feel you cannot win. Paumgartner Altar. Main face: GIORGIONE. flag: DÜRER. Albrecht. 1500s.1503. Frans Halsmuseum. 90 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . He is wearing a loose. Armor. wielding a wand in his own defence. Munich.

An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Sky: GOYEN. Kat Black 91 . Budapest. The woman wears a large turban decorated with gold embellishments and a red silk wrap. • • • • • • Painting Sources: Eight of Wands A young woman sits on a balcony overlooking a lush rural landscape. 1607-9. The Entombment. National Gallery of Ireland. Palazzo Ducale. You still have obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met. Rome. Bruges.1520. Hans. Cosimo il Vecchio. Jan van. Sint-Janshospitaal. creativity. Hill: RAFFAELLO.” Wand: TIZIANO. Jacopo. but goals still yet to be fulfilled. Face: MEMLING. Marine Landscape with Fishermen. Florence. 1487. c. intensity. Diptych of Maarten Nieuwenhove. Museum of Fine Arts. Dublin. Vecellio (Titian). David Slaying Goliath. 1524. Venice. Galleria degli Uffizi. Memlingmuseum. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. 1600s. Orazio. St Christopher. Sanzio. Man: GENTILESCHI. She looks up at eight sprouting wands flying through the air. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. 1507. Galleria Borghese. She is holding a scroll of music.» » Multiple Sevens in a spread: Progress.

he repeated it: this baby-faced musician appears as St Cecilia and even St John the Evangelist in other paintings of his. Swift action brings results. but I thought it might be an interesting little factoid for the art history buffs! n Meanings: Take flight. right down to the folds in the wrap and the position of the hands on the scroll. Important information arriving quickly. She looks remarkably similar to a number of other paintings by Domenichino. resist inertia and break out of your box. intensity. who would have known he kept repainting the same picture again and again with a new title each time? That’s got nothing to do with the meaning of this card. Action is required. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. A flurry of creative activity. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. creativity. Once he got something right. a burst of highly productive energy. although in name alone.The portrait is the Cumaean Sibyl.” To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 92 . Perhaps you should think twice before sending that email? » » Multiple Eights in a spread: Do what you need to do. Before photography. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. o Reversed: Hasty words are soon regretted. Travel by air.

Historians are divided on the issue of Jane. This is Henry VIII’s third wife. a son. Venice. 1610. Palazzo Ducale.• • • • Wand: TIZIANO. c. The Cumaean Sibyl. She has been variously pictured as a meek and mousy maid who happened to be in the Kat Black 93 . Her head is bandaged and she wrings her hands and purses her lips as though concerned. Galleria degli Uffizi. Florence. Girl: DOMENICHINO. private collection. An Extensive Landscape. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. She holds a wand and eight more lean between the battlements of the castle. Jane Seymour. so there are no letters of her own by which to judge her character and actions. She wears many opulent jewels and an ornate peaked cap. who died shortly after giving him what he most wanted.1520. Vecellio (Titian). Landscape. c. Pinacoteca Capitolina. Rome. St Christopher. 1524. Jacopo. Painting Sources: Nine of Wands A woman in a fine red and gold gown stands on top of a castle wall. She was the least educated of Henry’s wives and could scarcely write her own name. Cosimo il Vecchio. 1600s. sky: BRIL. Paul.

but you are well defended. fulfillment. Sky: BOECKHORST.1640. intensity. Vecellio (Titian). Jacopo. 1524. you have the strength and weapons you need at your disposal. The Execution of the Innocent Count. Castle. Venice. Perhaps a truce. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works.right place at the right time. Florence. o Reversed: Resistance. creativity.1520. Now what? Assaults will come.1460. The result that you have been expecting has arrived. a more peaceful solution. Galleria degli Uffizi. Just when you thought the tower was conquered. Christ on the Cross. c. to a ruthless schemer who planned the downfall of her mistress so she could take her place at Henry’s side. Is it all that you hoped or feared? Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Wand leaves: PONTORMO.” Wand: TIZIANO. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. c. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • Painting Sources: 94 . You have reached the apex you sought. Cosimo il Vecchio. n Meanings: Keeping vigil. c. Jan van. St Christopher. is the answer? » » Multiple Nines in a spread: Completion. private collection. you find that there are still defenders hidden within. Palazzo Ducale. Dieric the Elder. wall: BOUTS.

Jane Seymour. Boston. There’s another portrait of Anne done a few years earlier by a different artist that shows a clear similarity to this one. 1622. Vienna. Woman: HOLBEIN. although she wears an ornate headdress of gold cloth. and there is no record of anyone ever contesting the accuracy of a portrait of Holbein’s during his lifetime. This caused a difficult diplomatic situation as he couldn’t just send her back. Queen of England. Museum of Fine Arts. Certainly Henry didn’t want Anne as his wife once she arrived in England. Her jewelry is simple. Bandage: BABUREN. Perhaps she just wasn’t his type. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Her face is impassive and her hands are clasped in front of her. For centuries. Ten of Wands A woman in a red velvet dress with gold bodice and trim holds a bundle of wands in her arms. Hans the Younger. Dirck van. The Procuress. but there is no contemporaneous information about just why. there’s been a story that Holbein and Henry VIII had a falling out over this portrait of Anne of Cleves being too flattering.• • Brussels. 1536. so just how she earned the nickname “the Mare of Flanders” Kat Black 95 .

o Reversed: Cast down your heavy load. At least they got along. She persisted in wearing unfashionable. She wasn’t accomplished in the arts or humanities as was expected in the English court. Throw off the shackles of oppression. She liked to play cards and drink ale. Responsibilities are weighing you down.centuries after her death is anyone’s guess. » Multiple Tens in a spread: To come full circle. Henry called her “dear sister” and she remained in England for the rest of her life. An ultimate outcome has been reached. n Meanings: A heavy load to bear. We have very little information about her life. perhaps overshooting your intended goal. In reality. kept her head and lived longer than any of his other wives. She agreed to an annulment. for which Henry was grateful. but she never married and I think it’s likely that it wasn’t a terribly happy one. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 96 . This is a conclusion. now a new cycle can begin. You have taken on so much. I think she was probably just a fish out of water. She got along well with his children. it is no benefit to anyone. heavy costumes. If you stay in a bad job or destructive relationship without any improvement. didn’t speak French or English and couldn’t play music or read anything but German. Perhaps it is time to share the burden before you cause yourself permanent injury.

resting it on his shoulder. • • • • • Painting Sources: Page of Wands A young man in the cap and gown of a student sits at a table reading an illuminated text. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Washington. Out of the window behind him is a conical tower. Jacopo. Madonna and Child (Haller Madonna). Portrait of Anne of Cleves. National Gallery of Art. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works.1498. Musée du Louvre. An independent youth. Vienna. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. A gold and silver bell sits beside him. intensity. 1524.1520. Silk tie: DÜRER.1539. Venice. n Meanings: The optimist. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Hans the Younger. c. Galleria degli Uffizi. c. Vecellio (Titian). Madonna of the Pear. Paris. Albrecht. Cosimo il Vecchio. He holds a wand. 1512.” Wand: TIZIANO. c.» Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. full of life Kat Black 97 . Cell wall: DÜRER. Woman: HOLBEIN. Albrecht. Palazzo Ducale. Florence. St Christopher. creativity.

Portrait of a Man. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. 1524. inability to handle complex juggling of priorities due to lack of experience. c. Sanzio. Dieric the Elder. London. creativity. Young man: HOLBEIN. A birth notice or news of a creative project commencing. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Taking on too much too soon. bell: RAFFAELLO. St Christopher.” Wand: TIZIANO. Florence. Jacopo. or experiences enjoyed in a new way. Vecellio (Titian). Galleria degli Uffizi. 151819.1520. Zest for life. » » Multiple Pages in a spread: The company of young people. 1635. Hans the Younger. Cornelis van. Berlin. News. National Gallery. 1541. intensity. An exciting journey full of new experiences. Illuminated text. Immaturity. Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de’ Medici and Luigi de’ Rossi. Florence. New experiences. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Palazzo Ducale. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • • • Painting Sources: 98 .and unafraid of failure. Galleria degli Uffizi. Amaryllis Giving Myrtill the Price. Room: BOUTS. Window scene: POELENBURGH. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Unknown Young Man at his Office Desk. c. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Cosimo il Vecchio. Vienna. 1462. Venice. o Reversed: A confused youth. Staatliche Museen.

Knight of Wands A young man with a finely trimmed moustache and large sensual eyes poses in dark armor. perhaps even writing some of the plays attributed to Shakespeare there. Behind him is a red velvet curtain and a statuette of stag with a rider. a leader in the making. Recent theories suggest that he wasn’t really killed in a drunken bar-room brawl as history books have long recorded. exotic destinations. but with a short attention span. Someone who just can’t slow down. but either assassinated or secretly smuggled to mainland Europe where he lived for many years. pelting along at full speed no matter the risk to themselves or others. Enthusiastic and sociable. Marlowe is believed to have been a spy employed by Walsingham. Speedy travel to exciting. Kat Black 99 . Loves ‘em and leaves ‘em. This portrait is thought to be of Christopher “Kit” Marlowe. o Reversed: Beware speed bumps. Could be heading for a fall. Confident. n Meanings: The adventurer. one of the contenders in the current debate over the Shakespeare authorship question. competitive.

The woman 100 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Venice. creativity. Jacopo. 1524. Table objects: BOEL. c. Florence. On her lap sits a black cat. Armor: BRONZINO. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Royal Collection.” Wand: TIZIANO. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. Bravado and self. Cambridge. A trip is likely. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Face: Unknown Artist. Portrait of Stefano IV Colonna. St Christopher. intensity. Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Agnolo. Galleria degli Uffizi. Pieter.1520. Lille.confidence. Palazzo Ducale. Christopher Marlowe (?) 1585. Cosimo il Vecchio. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. 1626-30. Corpus Christi College. Vecellio (Titian). Red curtains: GENTILESCHI. Rome. Large Vanitas Still Life. Out of the window a road. 1663. tree and distant castle can be seen. Windsor. but now tempered with a little experience. • • • • • • Painting Sources: Queen of Wands A young woman in a fine red gown decorated in many jewels sits at a throne topped by two carved lions’ heads. Orazio.» » Multiple Knights in a spread: Setting forth. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. Energy and the intensity of youth. 1546.

Elizabeth was implicated in a sex scandal with Thomas Seymour. a “hottie” if ever there was one. Although she encouraged the public persona of being Kat Black 101 . but there was no direct evidence against Elizabeth. Confused? I sure am! Oh. and say nothing. The face is that of Marchesa Brigida Spinola-Doria. Her dalliances with Seymour and how close they brought her to disaster were said to have taught her to be far more discreet in her dealings with men thereafter. but her flushed us a “come hither” look. He was the brother of her father Henry VIII’s third wife Jane and husband of her guardian Catherine Parr. I couldn’t find out much about her. probably about the time this portrait was painted. Her interrogator said “I see it in her face that she is guilty” but she stuck by her motto: video et taceo. what tangled webs the Tudors wove. In her youth. He was executed for treason. who had been Henry’s sixth wife. Elizabeth very narrowly missed the same fate as her mother Anne Boleyn when Seymour’s intrigues escalated to the point that he tried to kidnap her brother King Edward VI with the intention of then marrying Elizabeth and seizing power. The body is that of a young Princess Elizabeth I. red lips and flirty look in this Rubens portrait made her my chosen face for the Queen of Wands. I see.

St Christopher. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. but she can be exhausting. don’t rely on her for the long haul. This woman is a flame that draws others in. Window: Unknown Artist of the Flemish School. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. Strong. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire.” there is much evidence to suggest she was anything but. Portrait of Catharina Behagel. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. actions produce results. intensity. Galleria degli Uffizi. crops are harvested. n Meanings: The star.1546. Palazzo Ducale. 1524. passionate and sensual. » Multiple Queens in a spread: Plans become reality. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t » • • • • Painting Sources: 102 . She loves a cause and is passionately interested … until she isn’t. 1635. c.1520. She is confident. Rijksmuseum. mature feminine energy and authority. She has a very short attention span. Florence. Jacob. Edward VI of England. Your boats sail into harbor. Throne lions: JORDAENS. Cosimo il Vecchio. Vecellio (Titian).” Wand: TIZIANO. o Reversed: The advocate. Venice. c. She laughs easily and lights up a room with her vivid personality. creativity. Jacopo. A woman who takes action on behalf of others.“The Virgin Queen. wife of Rogier Le Witer.

Portrait of Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria. William. King of Wands A bearded man in black clothing sits on a red and gilt throne.1546. Royal Collection. This man is so sure that his path is right Kat Black 103 . 1606. A red velvet curtain hangs behind him. His gloved right hand holds a wand. o Reversed: Ruthless focus. Bruges. He wears a chain with a medallion and a flat black hat edged in white plumes. Alexander. United Kingdom. Ottawa. Black cat face: ADRIAENSSEN. Hans. and in his left hand he holds the other glove. n Meanings: The leader. Body: SCROTS. A small lizard sits beside him. Pieter Pauwel. Cat body: EWORTH. 1600s. Face: RUBENS. Elizabeth I when Princess. Washington. National Gallery of Art. Portrait of Lady Dacre. He is masculine. Still Life with Fish. His confidence is such that he does not need to dominate or assert his superiority. c. A charismatic man whom people admire and want to follow. virile and yet caring.• • • • Amsterdam. 1540. Groeninge Museum. National Gallery of Canada.

Basket of Fruits. Berlin. Vecellio (Titian).1520. 1536. Henry VIII. Munich. Amsterdam. right hand: TIZIANO. Palazzo Ducale.1635. Neck chain: HOLBEIN. Solutions based on trial and error: “Let’s just see if it works. Florence. Berlin. Portrait of Magdalena de Cuyper. Portrait of Charles V Seated. St Christopher. Rijksmuseum. Face: HOLBEIN. skills and talents. mother of Rogier Le Witer. » » Multiple Kings in a spread: Power. intensity. Balthasar van der. 1548. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. He grows less benevolent and more despotic. An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project. responsibility. Venice. Hat: HOLBEIN. maturity. Jacopo. Vecellio (Titian). Hans the Younger. Staatliche Museen. 1524. 1540. Throne body. Multiple Wands in a spread: Fire. c.and that he can walk all over any who get in his way or challenge his authority. c. Curtain: JORDAENS. Hans the Younger. Hans the Younger. Wand leaves: PONTORMO. De Vos van Steenwijk. Staatliche Museen. Experience and mastery over one’s life. creativity. Galleria degli Uffizi. 1625. Lizard: AST. Henry VIII. 1541. Cosimo il Vecchio.” Wand: TIZIANO. • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: 104 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . c. Madrid. Alte Pinakothek. Rome. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Jacob.

o Reversed: Tempest in a teapot. They represent the medieval clerical class. glowing with a golden light. True joy and contentment. » Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. I have used the color ultramarine blue for the suit of Cups. Your cup runneth over. study and reflection. abundance. draped in blue silk. Solutions based on emotions. Emotional fulfillment. love both worldly and divine. She holds a golden cup from which a white dove emerges.Suit of Cups Suit Meanings: Cups are the suit of water and correspond to the modern playing card deck’s hearts. what feels right. Bounty. profound satisfaction. Ace of Cups A beautiful female angel flies through the air above a lake of water lilies. feelings. Kat Black 105 . n Meanings: The essence of water. and as such suggest spirituality. Keep your feet on the ground though. do not get lost in romantic dreams.

Angel face: RUBENS. Water lilies: RUISDAEL. Keep your feet on the ground though. Pieter Pauwel. Staatliche Museen. what feels right. Oaks by a Lake with Water Lilies. 1665-69. Pieter de. Staatliche Museen. Halo. Kassel. c. dove. 1625. Annunciation. do you really want to be happy or do you subconsciously sabotage every opportunity? » » Multiple Aces in a spread: Gifts and opportunities. National Gallery of Art.An overemotional reaction. Washington. St John and Veronica Diptych. sky: GREBBER. Brussels. Antwerp. Pieter Pauwel. powerful positive forces at work. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions.1614. Pieter Pauwel. Rubens House. Hans. Beckum. love both worldly and divine.1483. Jacob Isaackszon van. do not get lost in romantic dreams. feelings. Portrait of Helena Fourment. St Stephanus Church. c. c. Ask yourself. Baptism of Christ. Potential happiness thwarted. c. Wings: RUBENS. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. • • • • • • 106 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Solutions based on emotions. Berlin. unfounded jealousy.1628.1630. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. The Triumph of Victory. Angel body: RUBENS.

wearing a crown.Two of Cups A young couple sit at a table with two cups. a close friendship based on mutual trust. There is a scroll. love both worldly and divine. n Meanings: Love realized. A proposal. Two crests and a Hermes staff hang on the wall. a commitment. inkwell and quill as though they have just signed a contract. Keep your feet on the ground though. gold on black. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Kat Black 107 . Conference and negotiation. A pocket watch with a blue ribbon sits open before them. she looks at the viewer with a coy smile. wisdom. This could be a permanent breakdown of a relationship. The other has three gold crosses on a red shield. He offers her a red carnation. Unity. Balance. One crest is of a rampant lion. feelings. o Reversed: A parting of ways. empathy. » » Multiple Twos in a spread: Duality. a rocky patch that can be mended. or even just a separation by circumstance. do not get lost in romantic dreams. two sides of a conversation. a deeply satisfying relationship.

The Hague. ribbon: AELST. private collection. Amsterdam. Isabella Brandt. Artus.Solutions based on emotions. St John and Veronica Diptych. Woman: RUBENS. Hans. Robert Cheseman. watch. Scroll: PROVOST. Man: HOLBEIN. Washington. 1536-37. Celebration of 108 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . The Hermitage. Prometheus Being Chained by Vulcan. They are surrounded by cascading silk curtains. Jan. Frankfurt. Staatliche Museen. Staatliche Museen. Portrait of Simon George. inkwell: WOLFFORT. Hans the Younger. 1600s. Mauritshuis. Dirck van. Berlin. • • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. National Gallery of Art. 1656. St Andrew. The Coronation of the Virgin. 1511.1626. Lion and X shield: WEYDEN. Goossen van der. 1533. Pieter Pauwel. Petersburg. Staatliche Museen. 1524. Vase of Flowers with Pocket Watch. St. what feels right. The Gift of Kalmthout. Marble. Kassel. n Meanings: A time to rejoice. as though they’ve retired to a boudoir for a quiet drink at a party. Three of Cups Three young women wearing sumptuous clothing each hold a golden cup. 1623 Rijksmuseum. Hermes staff: BABUREN. Willem van. Quill. Hans the Younger. Berlin. Städelsches Kunstinstitut. c. c.1483. Blue paint: HOLBEIN.

St John and Veronica Diptych. Rear body: MEMLING. c. Collaboration toward a common goal without the need for leadership. Triptych of the Family Moreel. Groeninge Museum.success. petty fights. a recovery from illness or misfortune. what feels right. love both worldly and divine. Rivalry. Hans. 1484. jealousy. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Keep your feet on the ground though. Bruges. the fruit of a union has been sown and will soon burst forth. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Kat Black 109 • • • • . c. a supportive network of peers. feelings.1625. Pieter Pauwel. do not get lost in romantic dreams. National Gallery of Art. Fellowship. The Straw Hat. National Gallery. Rear face: RUBENS. a need to assert independence. Haarlem. Hans. o Reversed: Friendships fractured.1483. 1630. Curtain: GREBBER. The Conferring of the Sword on the Coat-of-Arms of Haarlem. Dissatisfaction with one’s circle of friends and family. Frans Halsmuseum. Pieter de. A project nears production. » » Multiple Threes in a spread: A result is near. Washington. Solutions based on emotions. London.

• • • • • • • Rear hair: MASSYS. Rogier van der. Judith. Berlin. Main face WEYDEN. Rogier van der. Paris. c.1445. and a third is offered to him by a mysterious hand. Alte Pinakothek. Rogier van der. Opportunities wasted.1628. An ungrateful person. Munich. Lady Wearing a Gauze Headdress. St Columba Altarpiece. c. Jan. c. He is wearing a flowing white shirt and black overshirt. 1600s. Munich. Musée du Louvre. loose red hair sits beside a table under a tree. There are three cups on the table before him. c. Alte Pinakothek. London. Annunciation. dress: WEYDEN. n Meanings: Boredom with life. but he shows no interest in any of them. c. Left hands: MEMLING. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Pieter Pauwel. Rubens House.1450. 110 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Hans. Hat.1455. Antwerp. Four of Cups A young man with a moustache and long. gifts refused. National Gallery. The Donne Triptych. 1616-17. The Drunken Silenus. Antwerp. Left dress: WEYDEN. Left face: RUBENS. Braque Family Triptych. Black blue cape: RUBENS.1475. tied with bows. Staatliche Museen. Pieter Pauwel. Taking good fortune for granted.

perhaps a sulky teenager. Remember that your life will only be as interesting as you are. o Reversed: A time for action. Take care not to act rashly though, or to follow a destructive path in an attempt to escape boredom. There are many gifts life has to offer you, now you are ready to accept them. » » Multiple Fours in a spread: Order, stability, a solid foundation. Practical planning will assist the matter in question. Conventional wisdom has its uses. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions, feelings, love both worldly and divine. Keep your feet on the ground though, do not get lost in romantic dreams. Solutions based on emotions, what feels right. Painting Sources:
Cup: MEMLING, Hans, St John and Veronica Diptych, c.1483, National Gallery of Art, Washington. Sky: KONINCK, Philips, Distant View with Cottages Lining a Road, 1655, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Tree: MELZI, Francesco, Pomona and Vertumnus, 1517-20, Staatliche Museen, Berlin. Young man, hand: DYCK, Sir Anthony van, Thomas Killigrew and William, Lord Croft, 1638, Royal Collection, Windsor. Table: VERTANGEN, Daniël, Jan Valckenburgh, Director General of the Coast of Guinea, c. 1660, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

• • • • •

Kat Black


Five of Cups
A stern-looking mature man in a black satin robe stands in a blue room, holding a handkerchief. Beside him on one side is a plain wooden bench with three cups lying on their side. On the other side in a carved, gilded table with two upright cups. Behind him is a window and in the distance, a landscape with a river crossed by a bridge. n Meanings: Hope abandoned. Cynical dismissal of life’s gifts. Contempt for love and romance. Pessimism is a self-fulfilling desire. Some cups have been tried and discarded, some not even touched. o Reversed: Hope renewed. A bridge crossed, a journey started toward a more positive future. Much work is needed to repair your damaged psyche, but the decision that you want to heal is the most important step. » » Multiple Fives in a spread: Conflict, instability, unsettled times approaching. Realization of ideas, action and effect. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions, feelings, love both worldly and divine. Keep your feet on the ground though, do not get lost in romantic dreams. Solutions based on emotions, what feels right.
To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t


• • • • • • • • •

Cup: MEMLING, Hans, St John and Veronica Diptych, c.1483, National Gallery of Art, Washington. River ruins: PATENIER, Joachim, Baptism of Christ, 151523, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Bridge: ASSELYN, Jan, Italian Landscape with the Ruins of a Roman Bridge and Aqueduct, 1600s, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Wall, window: WEYDEN, Rogier van der, St Ivo, c.1450, National Gallery, London. Wall texture: WEYDEN, Rogier van der, Portrait of Philip the Good, c.1450, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon. Man: DYCK, Sir Anthony van, Portrait of Antonio de Tassis, 1634, Liechtenstein Museum. Handkerchief: HEDA, Willem Claesz, Still Life, 1651, Collection of the Prince of Lichtenstein, Vaduz. Plain table: METSU, Gabriel, The Cat’s Breakfast, aka Woman Eating, c.1662-65, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Carved table: CORTONA, Pietro da, Marcello Sacchetti, c.1626, Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Painting Sources:

Six of Cups
A young boy and girl sit in a courtyard beside a stately home. They are lavishly dressed and well groomed. The boy holds a cup full of flowers, and five more cups containing flowers sit on a wall in front of them. The sky is bright blue, and a tree shades the courtyard. n Meanings: Happy memories. Loving care and
Kat Black 113

brotherly protection, although at times that can be a little too smothering. Yearning for the past rather than embracing the present. o Reversed: Look forward. Some painful memories have haunted you in the past, but you are moving on now, and the future is looking brighter. » » Multiple Sixes in a spread: Harmony, pleasure, abundance and fulfillment. A hierarchy or a span of generations. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions, feelings, love both worldly and divine. Keep your feet on the ground though, do not get lost in romantic dreams. Solutions based on emotions, what feels right. Painting Sources:
Cup: MEMLING, Hans, St John and Veronica Diptych, c.1483, National Gallery of Art, Washington. Tree, blue sky: CORTONA, Pietro da, Romulus and Remus Given Shelter by Faustulus, c.1643, Musée du Louvre, Paris. Building: AVERCAMP, Hendrick, A Scene on the Ice near a Town, c.1615, National Gallery, London. Boy: DYCK, Sir Anthony van, George, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Lord Francis Villiers, 1635, Royal Collection, United Kingdom. Girl: BRONZINO, Agnolo, Bia, The Illegitimate Daughter of Cosimo I de’ Medici, c.1542, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.
To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t

• • • • •


private collection. n Meanings: Spoiled for choice. we can see a fine castle and a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. then action. In the distant landscape. a hooded figure. London. Dieric the Elder.1465. Mary and Child. Kat Black 115 . take the steps to achieve it. how can you choose? Do not rush to grab at one though. It is time to stop daydreaming and act. Take your time and assess each one well before deciding. The face I have used is that of Saskia van Uylenburgh. a wreath and a dragon. c. Faced with many attractive options.• • Stone ledge: BOUTS. a castle. Now you have chosen the goal you want. Rembrandt’s wife and his favorite model before her untimely death at the age of twenty-nine. National Gallery. jewels. Each one is filled with a mysterious gift: a face. Seven of Cups A gentle. for some may be mere illusion. o Reversed: Decision. kindly woman in Arabic-style robe and turban offers a sheet on which seven cups appear. Tomás. 1642. Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. a snake. Bunches of flowers: HIEPES.

The Ghent Altarpiece: Virgin Mary. c. 1651. Portrait of Saskia with a Flower. San Marco. 143133. Hans. c. but goals still yet to be fulfilled. Philips. private collection. Blue cape bottom: RUBENS. body: MEMLING. Cathedral of St Bavo. Venice. 1622-25. halo: EYCK.1628. Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. c. You still have obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met. 1426-29. Rubens House. David. Leiden. Birth of the Virgin. Dresden. Paris. 1598-99. Sanzio. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • • • • • • • • 116 . Face: RIJN. The Triumph of Truth. Building: GIAMBONO. National Gallery of Art. Washington. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Ghent. Galleria degli Uffizi. Paris. Hans. 1651-53. Michele. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. St John and Veronica Diptych. Landscape with Peasants by a Cottage. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van. Mascoli Chapel. Jewels.1483. St Michael and the Dragon. feelings. Medusa. Pieter Pauwel. Gemäldegalerie. Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols. Dragon: RAFFAELLO. Pearls: BAILLY. Solutions based on emotions. Landscape. Pieter Pauwel. love both worldly and divine. Jan van. c. Sky: WOUWERMAN. Annunciation. Wreath leaves: RUBENS.» » Multiple Sevens in a spread: Progress.1483. Musée du Louvre. Snake: CARAVAGGIO. St John and Veronica Diptych. National Gallery of Art. 1641. Keep your feet on the ground though. what feels right. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Antwerp. Washington.1505. Musée du Louvre. Florence.

Alte Pinakothek. It is time to move on. To leave behind much of what you know and begin a quest for fulfillment. but it is worth the effort. » » Multiple Eights in a spread: Do what you need to do. The Ghent Altarpiece: St John the Evangelist. 1432. Munich. Cathedral of St Bavo. Work is needed. o Reversed: Don’t run away. You can hide from others but not from yourself. Behind him is a rocky cliff on which eight abandoned cups stand. Ghent. Eight of Cups A young man in a feathered cap and blue robe sets forth on a moonlit night. but you need new challenges. Action is required. Jan van. Pieter van. The situation needs resolving. and the life of the eternal traveler can be a lonely one. Bust: EYCK. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. An owl flies overhead and the full moon reflects in a lake. c. feelings.• • Hooded figure: LAER. The Flagellants. 1635. You have a comfortable life and have met many of your goals. resist inertia and break out of your box. n Meanings: Setting forth. love Kat Black 117 .

Alte Pinakothek. National Gallery of Art. and a bowl of cherries sits beside him. Petersburg.1539. Feather: HOLBEIN. National Gallery of Art. Night landscape: ELSHEIMER. • • • • • • Cup: MEMLING. Ambrosius. Washington. 1518. Pieter. Owl: BOEL. Rocky cliff: BELLINI. Adam. 1505. Still Life with Owl. Edward. Flight into Egypt. c. Keep your feet on the ground though. nine cups are arranged in an arc. St John and Veronica Diptych. Hans the Younger. St. clean-shaven man in a black and sable fur coat sits at a wooden table. Boy: HOLBEIN. do not get lost in romantic dreams.both worldly and divine. He is holding a rustcolored sash. On a wooden shelf above him.1483. Ghent. The Hermitage. Washington. Portrait of a Young Man. what feels right. Painting Sources: Nine of Cups A mature. c. National Gallery of Art. Prince of Wales. Washington. 1609. St Jerome Reading in the Countryside. 1600s. Munich. Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Solutions based on emotions. Giovanni. This is one of several portraits of Erasmus painted by his friend 118 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Hans.

1483. but then they had a falling out. St John and Veronica Diptych. what feels right. parties and good times. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Is it all that you hoped or feared? Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Mauritshuis. A gracious host who anticipates your every want. Erasmus put in a good word for Holbein with the Tudor court in England. o Reversed: Careful what you wish for. You can have too much of a good thing. » » Multiple Nines in a spread: Completion. love both worldly and divine. Do not let your popularity crowd out the relationships with those most dear to you. Solutions based on emotions. Hans the Younger. Petrus. feelings. 1533. Man: HOLBEIN. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Keep your feet on the ground though. New friendships. St Eligius in His Workshop. Robert Cheseman. Washington. purportedly because Holbein took money from the nobility there for portraits he never quite got around to painting. London. Hans. happiness and fulfillment of worldly desires. Hans the Younger. The result that you have been expecting has arrived. Blue wall: HOLBEIN. National Gallery of Art. fulfillment. Erasmus of Rotterdam. Health. 1523. n Meanings: Wishes granted. c. The Hague. National Gallery.Hans Holbein the Younger. Table: CHRISTUS. Kat Black 119 • • • • .

the father wears a plain grey and black coat and the golden haired young baby wears nothing. The rest of the family look at the viewer. take time to celebrate the love and luxury in your life. Ten of Cups A happy family pose in front of a green rural landscape. Alte Pinakothek. The mother and daughter wear blue silk gowns. Hans. Berlin. Still Life with Cherries and Strawberries in China Bowls. 1608. n Meanings: Dance for joy. The father holds a pair of spectacles and a book. Bowl cherries: BEERT.• • 1449. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Munich. Metropolitan Museum of Art. o Reversed: Gifts taken for granted. Staatliche Museen. Count Philip. and looks to the sky as though deep in thought. Osias. Security and satisfaction. True riches—health and happiness in those you love. 1517. » 120 Multiple Tens in a spread: To come full circle. New York. Peace and a time of plenty. Success in the fields that really count. The daughter has a hunting horn and holds the collar of a white whippet dog. Hat jewels: BALDUNG GRIEN. You have so much to be thankful for.

c. Lucretia Boudaen. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Wallace Collection. Girl. perhaps overshooting your intended goal. Jacob van. private collection. Antwerp. Keep your feet on the ground though. love both worldly and divine.1483. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Caesar van. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Holy Family. Caesar van. Sweden. c. Rijksmuseum. baby: EVERDINGEN.1638. Museum Catharijnconvent. Landscape with a Rainbow. Parents. Rainbow: RUBENS. feelings. Södermanland. c. River View near Deventer. dog: EVERDINGEN. Salomon van. 1600s. what feels right. Amsterdam. London. Hendrick Trip’s Cannon Foundry at Julita Bruk. 1645. Utrecht. Landscape: EVERDINGEN.1645-75.1660. Allart van. • • • • • • • Kat Black 121 . Lady’s face: LOO. Sky: RUYSDAEL. Washington. Pieter Pauwel. c. c. Solutions based on emotions. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Rijksmuseum. St John and Veronica Diptych. Amsterdam.» An ultimate outcome has been reached. National Gallery of Art. This is a conclusion. Hans. now a new cycle can begin.1665. Portrait of a Girl as a Huntress.

or experiences enjoyed in a new way. On the table are quills. n Meanings: The dreamer. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Messages about emotions. Zest for life. sheer blue curtains sewn with black ribbon. A fish looks up at him from the cup. Several letters and books are tucked into a writing bureau. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. News. oblivious to the fact that their affections might not be reciprocated. one fragile and easily hurt. as well as a few coins in a silver desk set. feelings. One who does not value reality and is happy to become lost in their own fantasy world.Page of Cups A student in a black gown and cap sits at a wooden table holding a cup.g. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 122 . New experiences. Behind him are delicate. Keep your feet on the ground though. A warm. o Reversed: A hopeless romantic. e. loving and romantic youth.. scissors and sealing wax. » » Multiple Pages in a spread: The company of young people. as though speaking to him. A fluffy grey tabby kitten sleeps curled up beside him. A silver orb hangs from the top of the bureau. love both worldly and divine. love letters.

1532. Hans the Younger.Solutions based on emotions. Pieter Pauwel. Hans the Younger. Berlin. • • • • • • Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Young man. Chivalrous. Knight of Cups A young. sleeping kitten: RUBENS. Galleria Sabauda. Turin. Table. Seabirds fly up from the cliffs in a grey. 1541. c. He rests one hand on the hilt of his sword. Portrait of a Lady. Agnolo. but Kat Black 123 . St John and Veronica Diptych. cloudy sky. Fish: BARRERA. The Merchant Georg Gisze. c.1483. private collection. c. A blue ribbon is tied around his arm. A poet. bearded man in armor stands beside a rocky stream leading to the sea. Still Life. Francisco. what feels right. Antwerp. Washington. and in the other he holds a golden cup.1640. Coat: HOLBEIN. Rubens House. and the Order of the Golden Fleece hangs around his neck. n Meanings: The romantic.1550. c.1628. Staatliche Museen. Berlin. Hans. De Vos van Steenwijk. curtain: BRONZINO. National Gallery of Art. Staatliche Museen. items: HOLBEIN. Wall. Annunciation. artist or musician.

1483. what feels right. Bravado and self confidence. Armor: MOR VAN DASHORST. preferring the chase to the capture. Solutions based on emotions. 1557. river: EVERDINGEN. Travel by or to water. Energy and the intensity of youth. seeking a Grail that will never be found. private collection. Vecellio (Titian). Bernaert van. Florence. The romantic dreamer confronted by reality—that he needs to get a job. Hans. St John and Veronica Diptych. Golden fleece emblem: ORLEY. Sky: PEETERS. c. El Escorial. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. Portrait of Charles V. Musée du Louvre Museum. Scandinavian Rocky River Landscape. Allaert van. feelings. c. love both worldly and divine. Palazzo Pitti. Rocks. » Multiple Knights in a spread: Setting forth. Portrait of Philip II in Armor. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. An Oriental Harbor. and maybe accept others despite their flaws. Washington. Portrait of Tomaso or Vincenzo Mosti. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. National Gallery of Art.1526.fickle. In love with love. Monasterio de San Lorenzo. Brussels. Anthonis. Keep your feet on the ground though. but now tempered with a little experience. Paris. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Bonaventura the Elder. 1500s. Face: TIZIANO. 1649. A trip is likely. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t » • • • • • • 124 . To live in a world of fantasy is hard to sustain. pay rent. o Reversed: Reality check. 1650-52.

Carved on the wall behind her is a crest with a parrot and fleur de lis. Deeply insightful and intuitive. but it is better to let them stand on their own two feet. » Multiple Queens in a spread: Plans become reality. She holds a cup and wears a heavy gold chain and coronet. motherly figure.Queen of Cups A woman in a blue gown sits at a table laden with fruits and silverware. Out of the window beside her is a mountainous landscape with a castle overlooking a harbor. A warm. At times she may be overly emotional and will always do what she feels is right. feelings. Your boats sail into harbor. She has a distant. She may be intending this for their own good. actions produce results. mature feminine energy and authority. Strong. dreamy look about her. crops are harvested. One who can easily control others by exploiting their emotions. Keep your feet on the Kat Black 125 » . Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. n Meanings: The counselor. o Reversed: A manipulative woman. love both worldly and divine. sometimes without fully thinking it through.

Dress. Still Life. King of Cups A mature man in a black satin and fur robe sits at a table.ground though. A large pie decorated with a crown sits before him. Budapest. Room: AMBERGER. broken open to reveal a mélange of fruit. Gallen. Queen of Cyprus. 1516. St. Hans. c. Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman. and he is smiling. St John and Veronica Diptych. Table objects: HEEM. Face: DÜRER. Vienna. Portrait of Catharina Cornaro. 1600s. Kunsthistorisches Museum. 1500. Jan Davidsz. neck: PONTORMO. do not get lost in romantic dreams. Kunsthistorisches Museum. National Gallery of Art. de. 1505. Galleria degli Uffizi. Gentile. Jacopo. 1543. Solutions based on emotions. Portrait of Christoph Baumgartner. • • • • • • Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Museum of Fine Arts. Kunstmuseum. c. Lady with a Basket of Spindles. 126 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Washington. what feels right. Florence. Albrecht. Vienna. He leans on a plinth on which a few seashells are scattered. His red beard and hair are flecked with grey. Christoph.1483. Coronet: BELLINI.

A deeply caring fatherly figure. skills and talents. 1500s. Mauritshuis. and very protective of those he loves. Keep your feet on the ground though. A frustrating inability to understand or articulate feelings. Rijksmuseum. Solutions based on emotions. Hans the Younger. what feels right. Charles de Solier. Gemäldegalerie. feelings. Frans the Younger. The Hague. 1628. c. or seeking destructive distractions instead of resolving a problem. Shells: GHEYN. Adriaen van. Still Life of Books.1483. 1600s. He is strong and loyal. Self-harm. Jacob de II. Painting Sources: Cup: MEMLING. Dresden. • • • • • • Kat Black 127 . Jan Davidsz. but also very practical and likely to be successful in his field. National Gallery of Art. do not get lost in romantic dreams. 1644. Man: HOLBEIN.n Meanings: The champion. maturity. King of France in Armour. de. Washington. responsibility. wall: POURBUS. 1534-35. love both worldly and divine. Table: HEEM. Neptune and Amphitrite. Royal pie: UTRECHT. Paris. Hans. Musée du Louvre. Cologne. He is creative. » » Multiple Kings in a spread: Power. Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Amsterdam. Experience and mastery over one’s life. Still Life. Blue curtain. Lord of Morette. Henry IV. o Reversed: Pent up emotions. Multiple Cups in a spread: Emotions. St John and Veronica Diptych.

Reason and intellect. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Strength. indicating worldly authority and leadership. decisions. 128 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . visionary leadership. In the distance are rocky hills and a stormy sky with a patch of daylight breaking through in which a butterfly appears.Suit of Swords Suit Meanings: Swords are the suit of air and correspond to the modern playing card deck’s spades. pointed directly upward. dark-haired female angel in a golden robe with large black wings holds a sword in her right hand. Power asserted. power. They represent the medieval ruling class. Ace of Swords A heavy-lidded. and a snarling tiger sits beside her. n Meanings: The essence of air. I have used the colors gold and black for the suit of Swords. » Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. ideas. A small crown hangs from the tip of the sword. A conflict or debate is in the air.

Artemisia. The Four Continents. blade: GENTILESCHI. private collection. Adoration of the Magi. Misuse of power and position. 1613. Judith with the Head of Holofernes. 1612-21. Kat Black 129 • • • • • • • • • . Crown: TRISTÁN DE ESCAMILLA. Painting Sources: Sword hilt. o Reversed: False visions. c. Rijksmuseum. Pieter Pauwel. decisions. » » Multiple Aces in a spread: Gifts and opportunities. Wing: CARAVAGGIO. Tiger: RUBENS. Amsterdam. Palazzo del Quirinale. Still life with fruit and oysters. Kunsthistorisches Museum. White-orange butterfly: MIGNON. The Preaching of St John the Baptist. Sword grip: VOUET. Small Dutch Vessels. Vienna. Mountain: BREENBERGH. 1600s. New York. 1602-03. Genius at work. ideas. Budapest. That which was clear becomes muddled. Rome. Judith Beheading Holofernes. Windsor. Galleria degli Uffizi. c. Ludolf. Sky: BACKHUYSEN. Magdalene. Amor Victorious.1615. Museum of Fine Arts. corruption. Berlin. Woman: ALLORI. Cristofano. A conflict or debate is in the air. Misunderstanding and confusion. 1614-15. Royal Collection. Bartholomeus. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1620.1660-1679. Abraham. powerful positive forces at work. Power asserted. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. Simon. Luis. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Staatliche Museen.Clear vision and inspirational insight. 1634. bullying. Florence.

Henry was said to be in love with Christina based on this portrait. in a portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger. She holds two swords. If she 130 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .Two of Swords A young woman in a black coat trimmed with fur stands in a rural landscape on a moonlit night. She wears a close-fitting plain black cap. aged fifteen. Holbein had been sent around Europe to paint portraits of potential wives for Henry VIII’s consideration. She supposedly told the English Ambassador who came to offer Henry’s suit that she’d perhaps have considered the proposal “if I had two heads. but his enthusiasm wasn’t shared.” Henry’s execution of Anne Boleyn hadn’t exactly made him a very popular catch among the ladies of the noble families of Europe. The “two heads” story may be nothing more than rumor: there’s no evidence of it from the time. A black and white butterfly flies above her. one resting against each shoulder. the Duke of Milan. This is Christina of Denmark. She was already a widow after a political marriage by proxy to Francesco Sforza. hence the mourning clothes worn in this portrait. Around her neck is a golden crest featuring a two-headed black eagle hanging from a heavy gold chain.

» » Multiple Twos in a spread: Duality. Florence. 1612-21. Duc de Bar. bears a noticeable resemblance to this one. Artemisia. Painting Sources: Sword hilt. two sides of a conversation. o Reversed: Dropping one’s guard. A rival drives you to improve your skills and strategy. In an ironic twist of fate. Conference and negotiation. Resolution of conflict. Palazzo del Quirinale. as used in the Ten of Wands. wisdom. 1614-15. Kat Black 131 • • . Her portrait. it’s doubtful that it reached the vain Henry’s ears as this portrait hung in his private chambers until his death. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Simon. the abandoned betrothed of Anne of Cleves. Balance. n Meanings: A truce. Effective defence. Christina of Denmark married François. Political savvy. decisions. Judith Beheading Holofernes. blade: GENTILESCHI. disputes arising. Sword grip: VOUET. Magdalene. ideas. Indecision. lack of concord. Power asserted. Rome. willingness to negotiate and compromise. A conflict or debate is in the air. Henry settled for Anne of Cleves as a second choice. then mutual respect results. Take care to avoid unnecessary conflict and people who enjoy creating trouble. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action.did say it. Galleria degli Uffizi.

Brussels. moon: POEL. c. Seashore by Moonlight. the unfortunate fifth wife of Henry VIII who started off as 132 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Portrait of a Lady. Three of Swords A woman in mourning clothes holds three swords to her body. private collection. Her eyes show fear or perhaps shock. London. Chain: GELDORP. Sky. Christina of Denmark. Jan van. Winterthur. and an hourglass. Butterfly wings: BRUEGEL. Hans the Younger. Double-headed eagle crest: DÜRER. Germanisches Nationalmuseum. 1597. Egbert van der. body: KESSELL. Museum Briner und Kern. Duchess of Milan. c. Pieter the Elder. Gortzius. Behind her is a golden curtain and a stormy sky. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. Aert van der.1512. Girl: HOLBEIN. National Gallery. 1660-64. private collection. c. Beside her is a book with an engraving of Henry VIII on which a white butterfly is resting. This portrait was formerly thought to be that of Catherine Howard. The Fall of the Rebel Angels.• • • • • • • Landscape: NEER. 1636-79. Butterfly head. Insects and Fruit. Nuremberg. River Landscape. Amsterdam. 1538. Rijksmuseum.1650. Emperor Sigismund. Albrecht. 1562.

the identity of the sitter is now the subject of conjecture. ideas. as her many victims had been. The terrified eyes are from Caravaggio’s Medusa. A betrayal or the loss of a loved one. the fruit of a union has been sown and will soon burst forth. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic.his “rose without a thorn” but who ended up. decisions. Since the figure has now been identified as wearing the clothes of a widow and the back of the painting notes the sitter as twenty-one years of age. Acknowledge the hurt. Power asserted. Grief. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. n Meanings: Heartbreak. Kat Black 133 . o Reversed: Grief denied. mourn and then you can begin to recover and let go. by which age Catherine was in the Tower awaiting her execution. even though we don’t really know who she was. being executed after accusations of infidelity. time will ease the pain and you will emerge wiser and stronger. who appears frozen with fear at the moment of her death. like her cousin Anne Boleyn. If you resist accepting the pain. Knowledge can bring great sadness. I think of her as a “young Tudor widow” and all that would entail. loss and betrayal. » » Multiple Threes in a spread: A result is near. you could become cold and joyless. but would you prefer to have remained ignorant? Take heart. A project nears production.

1598-99. Jan van. Medusa. Le Mans. Galleria degli Uffizi. 1612-21. François. and three more hang on the wall above him. Stormy sky: POUSSIN. 1562. Insects and Fruit. formerly known as Catherine Howard. c. Musée de Tessé. Rome. Palazzo del Quirinale. Galleria degli Uffizi. The Heads of the Kings of England. Sword grip: VOUET. 134 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . 1614-15. A stained glass window also features a crest with a rampant leopard. Nicolas. Hans the Younger. Magdalene. Toledo Museum of Art. Florence. White butterfly: KESSELL. 1540-41. Rijksmuseum. George. Unknown woman. Hagar and the Angel. c.1660. Musée du Louvre. blade: GENTILESCHI. Philippe de. Four of Swords A bearded man lies on a crypt decorated with mermaids. A white moth rests high on the wall. Ohio. Hourglass: CHAMPAIGNE. a rampant lion and a fleur-de-lis. Eyes: CARAVAGGIO. 1700s. Toledo. Engraving of Henry VIII in book: VERTUE. Florence. 1600s. He holds one sword to his chest. book: CLOUET.1636-79.• • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: Sword hilt. putti and a crest consisting of a crown. Artemisia. Still Life with a Skull. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. Paris. Pierre Quthe. Rome. Amsterdam. Room. Woman: HOLBEIN. Simon. Judith Beheading Holofernes.

Stonework: GENTILESCHI. now it is time to return to the field of battle with your wounds healed and a new vigor. Milan. Practical planning will assist the matter in question. decisions. Judith Beheading Holofernes. Sword grip: VOUET. 1614-15. your path will become clearer and your strength will be renewed. Power asserted. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. You have had a chance to retreat and assess the situation. Galleria degli Uffizi. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. Simon. Pommersfelden. stability. Artemisia. Stone slab: LUINI. a solid foundation. Pinacoteca di Brera. o Reversed: Time to emerge from your cocoon. Schloss Weissenstein. Painting Sources: Sword hilt. A time of quiet solitude and recovery. ideas. A respite from conflict.n Meanings: Sanctuary. blade: GENTILESCHI. Bernardino. » » Multiple Fours in a spread: Order. 1612-21. Artemisia. 1520-23. 1610. Florence. Magdalene. A conflict or debate is in the air. Kat Black 135 • • • • . As you retreat from noise and chaos. Conventional wisdom has its uses. Susanna and the Elders. St Catherine Carried to her Tomb by Angels. Palazzo del Quirinale. Rome.

• • • • •

Coat of arms: ORLEY, Bernaert van, Altarpiece of Calvary, c.1534, O.L. Vrouwekerk, Bruges. Pillow: Master of the Saint Lucy Legend, St Nicholas Altarpiece, 1486-93, Groeninge Museum, Bruges. Man: MORONE, Francesco, Samson and Delila, 1500s, Museo Poldi Pezzoli. Stained glass: MEMLING, Hans, Diptych of Maarten Nieuwenhove, 1487, Memlingmuseum, Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges. Grey butterfly: BOSCH, Hieronymus, Garden of Earthly Delights, c.1500, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Five of Swords
A man stands on a beach holding three swords. Another two swords are stuck in the sand. Behind him, two defeated men kneel. A butterfly flies above them. n Meanings: An unfair fight brings shame to all. To win by cheating has no honor, especially when the victor revels in the shame of the defeated. Humiliation, despair and feeling victimized or bullied. o Reversed: Beware dirty tricks. An unfair fight may occur if you do not take care to avoid it. A return to dignity after suffering pain, anguish or humiliation.
136 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t

» »

Multiple Fives in a spread: Conflict, instability, unsettled times approaching. Realization of ideas, action and effect. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action, ideas, decisions. Power asserted. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic.
Sword hilt, blade: GENTILESCHI, Artemisia, Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1612-21, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Sword grip: VOUET, Simon, Magdalene, 1614-15, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome. Dunes: GOYEN, Jan van, Dunes, 1629, Staatliche Museen, Berlin. Older retreating man: STEEN, Jan Havicksz., The Sacrifice of Iphigenia, 1671, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Younger retreating man: RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel, St Gregory the Great with Saints, 1606, Staatliche Museen, Berlin. Front man: MORONI, Giovanni Battista, Portrait of Don Gabriel de la Cueva, Duke of Albuquerque, 1560, Staatliche Museen, Berlin. Butterfly: HEEM, Jan Davidsz., Festoon of Fruit and Flowers, c.1635-84, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

• • • • • • •

Painting Sources:

Kat Black


Six of Swords
A young couple with an infant sit in the back of a boat. The man has a pole to punt the boat. Six swords are embedded in the back of the boat. The sky is filled with dark clouds backlit with sunlight. The water on one side of the boat is smooth, and on the other side, choppy. n Meanings: Sailing into smoother waters. A voyage, perhaps of discovery, or of escape from a difficult situation. A safe harbor awaits you. o Reversed: Travel. Setting sail in search of better opportunities for those you love. This could mean a literal move, or perhaps a metaphorical one—a change of job, a new business opportunity. » » Multiple Sixes in a spread: Harmony, pleasure, abundance and fulfillment. A hierarchy or a span of generations. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action, ideas, decisions. Power asserted. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic.
Sword hilt, blade: GENTILESCHI, Artemisia, Judith
To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t


Painting Sources:

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Beheading Holofernes, 1612-21, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Sword grip: VOUET, Simon, Magdalene, 1614-15, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome. Water, boat: TINTORETTO, The Liberation of Arsinoe, c.1556, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden. Sky: CUYP, Aelbert, The Ferry Boat, 1652-55, Wallace Collection, London. Black cloak: BEHAM, Barthel, Portrait of a Man, 1529, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Man’s face: WEYDEN, Rogier van der, Portrait of Charles the Bold, c.1460, Staatliche Museen, Berlin. Oar: PONTORMO, Jacopo, Halberdier, 1530s, J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu. Woman’s face: POURBUS Pieter, A Married Lady of Bruges, 1565, National Gallery of Scotland. Baby: BIJLERT, Jan van, Virgin and Child, c.1635, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig. Cape, arm: BRAY, Salomon de, Young Woman in an Imaginary Costume, 1652 Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem. Orange butterfly: BOSCH, Hieronymus, Garden of Earthly Delights, c.1500, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Kat Black


A conflict or debate is in the air. Reckless. There are those who would lie and cheat to defeat you.Seven of Swords A man sneaks away from an encampment of tents. o Reversed: Second thoughts. He wears a black cap with a large brooch and a checked black and gold coat with a sable trim. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. decisions. A white butterfly rests on one of the swords. » » Multiple Sevens in a spread: Progress. n Meanings: Trickery uncovered. He holds five swords to his chest and two more are stuck in the ground beside him. but they have left you with enough to fight back. but goals still yet to be fulfilled. risky behavior. Take care to guard against theft and deception. Power asserted. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. Sensibly you have taken the time to think through your actions instead of acting rashly. This more careful approach will pay off in the end. and you have avoided potential calamity. 140 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . ideas. You still have obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met.

Tents. Veneto. London.• • • • • • • • Painting Sources: Sword hilt. Sword grip: VOUET.1512. Osias. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. ground: BALDUNG GRIEN. 1500s. White butterfly: BEERT. Although you may stand blindfolded and bound. n Meanings: Prisoner without a prison. Portrait of Henry VIII in early manhood. Galleria degli Uffizi. Gemäldegalerie. 1600s. Frankfurt. Shirt: CLEVE. but the ropes are very loosely tied and the blindfold is semi-transparent. Dresden. Sky: VALKENBORCH. Large jewel: Unknown Master. Galleria degli Uffizi. 1612-21. Mucius Scaevola. Magdalene. Rome. blade: GENTILESCHI. She is bound in ropes and wears a blindfold. View of Antwerp with the Frozen Schelde. Joos van. the ties are loose and Kat Black 141 . Judith Beheading Holofernes. Portrait of a Gentleman. 1520. 1531. Eight swords are stuck in the ground and a black and white butterfly flies overhead. National Portrait Gallery. 1590. Florence. Rockox House. Städelsches Kunstinstitut. Portrait of a Man. Man: BARTOLOMEO. Palazzo del Quirinale. Lucas van. Florence. Hans. Rome. Simon. Artemisia. c. Eight of Swords A young woman in a black dress with white lace bodice and cuffs stands in a stormy landscape. 1614-15. Antwerp. Bouquet in a Niche.

Rockox House. ideas. Simon. Girl: KEY. 1614-15. To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • • • • Painting Sources: 142 . Buenos Aires. 1612-21. Jupiter Notices Callisto. Willem. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Artemisia. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. Magdalene. Sword grip: VOUET. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Portrait of a Lady. Judith Beheading Holofernes. 1632. blade: GENTILESCHI. Sword hilt. Palazzo del Quirinale. Action is required. Rope: ZURBARÁN. resist inertia and break out of your box. Nicolaes. 1500s. o Reversed: Escape your bondage. Power asserted.nobody stands guard. Meditation of St Francis. A conflict or debate is in the air. 1656. Stormy landscape: BERCHEM. Rome. Galleria degli Uffizi. Private collection. Are you choosing to be a passive victim? Shrug off the ropes and take control. Antwerp. You have torn off your blindfold and pulled away the ropes that bound you. Florence. Now what will you choose to do next? Were you using the ties as an excuse for inaction? Then act now! » » Multiple Eights in a spread: Do what you need to do. Francisco de. decisions.

A snarling black dog snaps at her. If they are caused by guilt or remorse. Musée de l’Ain. Basket of Fruits. Bourg-en-Bresse.• • • Eye cover: FRANÇOIS. Staatliche Museen. o Reversed: Fears confronted. Wake up and face your nightmares. n Meanings: Nightmares. think of what you can do to give redress. Kat Black 143 . The side of the bed has a carving of a person whipping another person. White butterfly: AST.1625. Worries. Nine of Swords A woman sits up in bed with her head in her hands. Guy. c. An orange butterfly sits on the end of her bed. a sense of hopelessness. A health problem in someone close to you may have you feeling frustrated and helpless. Portrait of a Young Girl. 1600s. 154145. Balthasar van der (aka BOSSCHAERT. Berlin. Depression. despair. Galleria degli Uffizi. Ambrosius the Elder). Florence. Agnolo. and perhaps then you can find peace. Lace: BRONZINO. Holy Family with St Bruno and St Elisabeth. fears and unresolved issues are haunting you. and nine swords hang on the wall behind.

Kunsthistorisches Museum. c.1647-60. c. 1634-35. A Dog and a Cat near a Partially Disembowelled Deer. Galleria degli Uffizi. Palazzo del Quirinale. Amsterdam. Ambrosius the Elder). Cleveland. Liegender weiblicher Akt. 1514. Is it all that you hoped or feared? Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. A conflict or debate is in the air. Domenico. Sword grip: VOUET. decisions. 1614-15. Madrid. Magdalene. Whipping slab: TIZIANO. The result that you have been expecting has arrived.1621.1622. Melancholy. Power asserted.1600. Florence. Butterfly: AST. Rijksmuseum. Judith Beheading Holofernes. Black dog: WEENIX.» » Multiple Nines in a spread: Completion. Jan Baptist. Sacred and Profane Love.1620-21. Wall: GENTILESCHI. Sword hilt. Venice. Rome. Galleria Borghese. 1612-21. c. Orazio. Simon. Coverlet: VELÁZQUEZ. Gallerie dell’Accademia. Cleveland Museum of Art. Queen Isabel of Bourbon Equestrian. Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam. fulfillment. c. Rome. c. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Grieving person: FETI. ideas. Vienna. blade: GENTILESCHI. Ohio. Balthasar van der (aka BOSSCHAERT. Museo del Prado. Diego. Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. Artemisia. Pillow: HEINTZ Joseph. Vecellio (Titian). • • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: 144 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Danaë.

Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. now a new cycle can begin. Sword hilt. blade: GENTILESCHI. The sky is dark and stormy. Time to move on. Artemisia. A conflict or debate is in the air. Power asserted. An ultimate outcome has been reached. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. but keep your response in perspective. Were ten any worse? Overreaction will not help. and help others out of the darkness. Tragedy may strike. on which a butterfly rests. Judith Kat Black 145 » • Painting Sources: . A black dog looks up at the swords. » Multiple Tens in a spread: To come full circle. One sword would have struck a fatal blow. perhaps overshooting your intended goal. All things must end. Tragedies occur. decisions. n Meanings: Pain and panic. ideas. You keep a clear head. but the true measure of spirit is in how you deal with the aftermath.Ten of Swords A man lies dead on a beach with ten swords thrust into his chainmail. This is a conclusion. o Reversed: Acceptance of loss.

Dog: BERCHEM.• • • • • • Beheading Holofernes. He casually rests his hand against his sword’s blade. Man: RENI. Galleria degli Uffizi. Magdalene. Shipwreck. Page of Swords A cocky youth in a black gown sneers at the viewer.1625. 1656. Simon. Sword grip: VOUET. private collection. Berlin. and beside him on the writing desk are many papers. National Gallery. Storm: PEETERS. Bologna. Ambrosius the Elder) Basket of Fruits. Nicolaes. curled hair and wears his cap at a jaunty angle. Gemäldegalerie. 1614-15. The Triumph of Samson. He has long. 1612-21. Palazzo del Quirinale. Jan. Florence. Landscape: WILDENS. A pair of scissors and a set of keys hang from the shelves. Bonaventura the Elder. 1600s. Prague. Balthasar van der (aka BOSSCHAERT. Around his neck. Staatliche Museen. c. Jupiter Notices Callisto. Rome. 1611-12. 1624. Pinacoteca Nazionale. Guido. White butterfly: AST. Winter Landscape with a Hunter. a magnifying glass and 146 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Dresden. On the shelves behind him are many books. he wears a chain with the emblem of the chivalric Order of the Golden Fleece.

Artemisia. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. New experiences. Palazzo del Quirinale. Rome. e. » » Multiple Pages in a spread: The company of young people. Bookshelf: MASSYS. or experiences enjoyed in a new way. Jan Davidsz. arrogant and self-assured. always wanting to know more. Musée Fabre. decisions. Magdalene. Florence. ideas. Zest for life. Warrior with Equerry. Power asserted. 1517. One who ravenously hungers for knowledge. paranoia. Montpellier. A passionate.. A butterfly flies beside him. Galleria degli Uffizi. 1518-22. News. Painting Sources: Sword hilt. Sword grip: VOUET. Judith Beheading Holofernes. 1600s. de. Florence. A conflict or debate is in the air. Kat Black 147 • • • • • . Some secrets are better left hidden. Head: CAVAZZOLA. Messages about ideas.other writing equipment. 1614-15. Be vigilant.g. blade: GENTILESCHI. n Meanings: The spy. 1612-21. Anxiety. o Reversed: An overconfident youth. theories put forth. Erasmus of Rotterdam. Wall: HEEM. Quentin. Fruits and Pieces of Sea. Simon. Galleria degli Uffizi. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action. Not knowing the limitations of their knowledge. intelligent youth. Rome. they may be heading for a fall. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica.

” c. Galleria degli Uffizi. Letter. 1518-19. Gemäldegalerie. A pillar behind him features a carving of a man carrying a heavy weight. Old Woman at Prayer. Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de’ Medici and Luigi de’ Rossi. 1467-70. Anthony of Burgundy. also known as William of Orange. A moth rests on the wall. Papers: HEEM. known as “Prayer without End. 1628. Jan Davidsz. Florence. Rijksmuseum. private collection. 1522.1620. Mauritshuis. His beard is close-trimmed and his hair is short. Fruit. inkwell: FRANCIABIGIO. 1510. Amsterdam. Musée du Louvre. Paris. c. Berlin. Hans. Knight of Swords A ruthless-looking young man in beautiful black and gold armor holds a sword poised at the ready. Nicolaes.1656. Magnifying glass: RAFFAELLO. Pietro Paolo. Collar: MEMLING. Portrait of a Man. Still Life of Books. de. This is William the Silent. Vegetables and a Butterfly. Butterfly: BONZI.• • • • • • • Page: FRANCIABIGIO. Staatliche Museen. Behind him is a window with a heavy wooden shutter. Sanzio. Keys: MAES. Portrait of a Man. Dresden. who had the dubious honor of being the 148 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . He rests his left hand on a matching helmet. c. The Hague.

first head of state to be assassinated by firearm. With an expression like that, I’m not surprised. William of Orange is a national hero in the Netherlands as he led a successful revolt against Spain for Dutch independence. The Dutch flag, national anthem and coat of arms are all in tribute to him: even the color worn by Dutch Olympic athletes is orange. n Meanings: The warrior. Always the first to start an argument or charge into battle. Brilliant, but yet to be softened by age. Can be hurtful, but honest: if you want the harsh truth, ask him. Travel by air. o Reversed: Acts first, thinks later. A brash, foolhardy person who always thinks that they are right. Stand your ground, their aggression is a bluff. » Multiple Knights in a spread: Setting forth. Energy and the intensity of youth, but now tempered with a little experience. Bravado and self- confidence. A trip is likely. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action, ideas, decisions. Power asserted. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic.
Sword hilt, blade: GENTILESCHI, Artemisia, Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1612-21, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Sword grip: VOUET, Simon, Magdalene, 1614-15, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome. Room: Master of Flémalle, Madonna with the Child, 1433Kat Black 149


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Painting Sources:

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35, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Knight: MOR VAN DASHORST, Anthonis, Portrait of William of Orange, 1555, Staatliche Museen, Kassel. Black butterfly: BEERT, Osias, Still Life with Cherries and Strawberries in China Bowls, 1608, Staatliche Museen, Berlin.

Queen of Swords
A woman in a fine black velvet dress with grey patterned trim sits in a throne decorated with fabric of golden eagles. Her hair is neatly tucked into a bonnet. She wears many jewels in gold and black. In her right hand, she holds a sword pointed directly up. Beyond her throne is a great hall with gilded columns and a high vaulted ceiling. A butterfly rests on the back of her throne. n Meanings: The matriarch. A powerful, intelligent woman, single-minded in pursuit of her goals. She may be alone, but not lonely, just independent. She is strong but a little cold, hardened by grief and pain. o Reversed: Time to move on. It is good to be able to grieve after a loss, but do not wallow in self-pity and resentment forever. Anger, nastiness and looking for others to blame will not help you to recover.
150 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t



Multiple Queens in a spread: Plans become reality, actions produce results. Your boats sail into harbor, crops are harvested. Strong, mature feminine energy and authority. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action, ideas, decisions. Power asserted. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic.
Sword hilt, blade: GENTILESCHI, Artemisia, Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1612-21, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Sword grip: VOUET, Simon, Magdalene, 1614-15, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome. Palace columns: RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel, Portrait of Anne of Austria, 1621-25, Musée du Louvre, Paris. Bird fabric: MASSYS, Quentin, Virgin and Child, 1500s, Mauritshuis, The Hague. Queen: MOR VAN DASHORST, Anthonis, Queen Mary Tudor of England, 1554, Museo del Prado, Madrid. Brown butterfly: KESSELL, Jan van, Insects and Fruit, c. 1636-79, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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Painting Sources:

King of Swords
A slender, bearded man in black watches the viewer with a cold gaze, resting a sword on his arm. Although his sword is drawn, he is not holding it in a threatening way, more as though he has taken it out to inspect the
Kat Black 151

blade. He sits in a modest wooden chair decorated with carved lion heads. The room is equally modest with wood paneling and a plain, shuttered leadlight window. On the table beside him is a folding chessboard, a deck of playing cards and a black money purse. A butterfly sits on the windowsill. n Meanings: The judge. A strong authority figure who acts fairly but sometimes lacks compassion. Extremely intelligent, he values logic above emotion. Opinionated, but accepting of arguments supported by facts. o Reversed: Abuse of power. A man who uses his position or intelligence to dominate others. One who enjoys feeling superior to others, and delights in humiliating people. Avoid him if you can! » » Multiple Kings in a spread: Power, responsibility, maturity. Experience and mastery over one’s life, skills and talents. Multiple Swords in a spread: Action, ideas, decisions. Power asserted. A conflict or debate is in the air. Conceptual solutions based on theory or logic. Painting Sources:
Sword hilt, blade: GENTILESCHI, Artemisia, Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1612-21, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.
To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t


Portrait of a Woman. Amsterdam. Kat Black 153 . mother of Rogier Le Witer. Rijksmuseum. Paris. Staatliche Museen. Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. man: MOR VAN DASHORST. Purse. 1565-70. Chair. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. Hans the Younger. Sir Thomas Gresham.1635-1636. Woman Weighing Gold. Still Life with Chessboard (The Five Senses). Berlin. Jacob. Anthonis. Alte Pinakothek. Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum. Simon. Rome. c. 1630. Lucas the Younger. c. cards. 1620-21. Hat: HOLBEIN. Munich. Wood panel. 1614-15. Ambrosius the Elder). Gold chain: CRANACH. Jan Sanders van. Magdalene. Throne: JORDAENS. Portrait of Magdalena de Cuyper. window: HEMESSEN. Palazzo del Quirinale. Butterfly: AST. 1500s. chessboard: BAUGIN. 1540. Balthasar van der (aka BOSSCHAERT. Musée du Louvre. Amsterdam. Lubin. Portrait of Henry VIII. Rome.• • • • • • • • Sword grip: VOUET. 1500s.

n Meanings: The essence of earth. Ace of Coins A golden-haired angel in green and gold robes gestures to a gold coin floating in the sky. Success beyond your intended goals.Suit of Coins Suit meanings: Coins. emotional and spiritual needs all fulfilled and in balance. These are cards of the material world. I have used the color forest green for the suit of Coins. Practical solutions based on personal experience. A small dog sits in a garden with his paw on a touchstone. Worldly matters. suggesting financial matters. finance. also known as Pentacles. commerce and trade. o Reversed: The gods can be 154 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . They represent the medieval merchant class. » Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Advancement at work or profit in business. Material. investment. are the suit of earth and correspond to the modern playing card deck’s diamonds.

Painting Sources: Coin: ANGELICO. Hendrick. 1500. Dog: GOLTZIUS. • • • • • • • Kat Black 155 . Parish Church. The Hermitage. Chicago. 1616 Rijksmuseum. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Museo Diocesano. Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Stuppach Madonna. Cortona. Garden: CORREGGIO. 1525-30. Portrait of a Gentlewoman. investment. Cologne. Worldly matters. Annunciation. Stuppach. London.jealous.1465. St. 151719. Petersburg. Matthias. Lilies: GRÜNEWALD. Windfall gains are most easily spoiled. finance. c. National Gallery. Fra. Wings: PENCZ. Lot and his Daughters. The Annunciation. Georg. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. » » Multiple Aces in a spread: Gifts and opportunities. powerful positive forces at work. Art Institute of Chicago. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. 1433-34. 151719. Alessio. Angel. You are in a position that many would envy: take care not to become complacent or take these gifts for granted. Angel: Master of MOULINS. Amsterdam.

Annunciation. o Reversed: Money troubles. instruments and a globe are sitting. wisdom. or perhaps a traveler or trader. Balance. or other practical inefficiencies. investment. Fra. Painting Sources: Coin: ANGELICO. He leans on a cabinet on which books. An effective balance of opposing priorities. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. 1433-34.Two of Coins An enigmatic man in plain dark clothes holds an infinity symbol containing two coins. two sides of a conversation. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Poor time management. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Alessio. Portrait of a Lady To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t • • 156 . Worldly matters. Museo Diocesano. Cortona. finance. Difficulty in balancing spending with debt. Calm mediation and tactful negotiation leading to mutually satisfying solutions. n Meanings: A clever juggling act. » » Multiple Twos in a spread: Duality. He could be a diplomat. Conference and negotiation.

National Gallery. London.1625. Thomas Howard. Cincinnati Art Museum. Ribbon: DYCK. Woman Weighing Gold. Hat: HOLBEIN. recognition of talents. Three of Coins An artist paints a church scene on a canvas. Noble work with both a spiritual and material purpose. Prince of Norfolk. 1533. Behind the artist. Jan Sanders van. Staatliche Museen. Leadlight: HEMESSEN. Cincinnati. Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors). Background: HOLBEIN. o Reversed: Inspiration is worthless without action. Portrait of a Member of the Balbi Family. Royal Collection. 1539-40. Portrait of a Cardinal. Man: RAFFAELLO. c. 1500s. another man watches him work. National Gallery. Berlin. Madrid. A sketch and quill lie on the table behind him. n Meanings: A master craftsman. Windsor. c. Sanzio. Talents undeveloped or wasted through Kat Black 157 .• • • • • in Yellow. London. A well-deserved reputation for excellence. Museo del Prado. Sir Anthony van. 151011. Hans the Younger. Making a house a home. Hans the Younger.1465. Fine work rewarded. perhaps his patron.

investment. Painting of church: GEERTGEN. A project nears production. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. 1433-34. Fra. the fruit of a union has been sown and will soon burst forth. Portrait of Christoph Baumgartner. 1511-12. Onlooker: AMBERGER. Alessio. 1568. The Holy Kinship. 1543.1465. Vienna. Jealously of the talents and achievements of others. Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Amsterdam. London. London. Isaac Claesz. Museo Diocesano. table: SWANENBURG. Cortona. 1475-80. Wall: RAFFAELLO. National Gallery. Portrait of Julius II. » » Multiple Threes in a spread: A result is near.laziness or lack of confidence. Leiden. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. c. • • • • • • Painting Sources: 158 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Sanzio. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Artist. Annunciation. National Gallery. Christoph. finance. tot Sint Jans. Van. Rijksmuseum. Coin: ANGELICO. Worldly matters. SelfPortrait.

Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. but with a reassessment of priorities and change to a lifestyle more focused on love. investment.Four of Coins A woman in a black velvet dress with a high ruff and fine jewelry points to a table on which two coins lie. health and happiness. Kat Black 159 . » » Multiple Fours in a spread: Order. The wealthy miser too afraid of theft may die alone. ornately braided with pearls and jewels. Practical planning will assist the matter in question. n Meanings: Material success. a solid foundation. Wealth and affluence. finance. and a fourth coin hangs in the air above her head. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Financial loss perhaps. Materialism offers little real satisfaction. She holds another coin. Worldly matters. but perhaps at a price. stability. Generosity. Conventional wisdom has its uses. o Reversed: Letting go. Her hair is pulled high on her head. True wealth is wealth shared.

Annunciation. c. Hans. Elisabeth of Austria. but your ego is in the way. Painting Sources: Five of Coins A destitute young couple in ragged clothes walk past a church at night. Venice. Belt lady. Alessio. stubborn pride. Gemäldegalerie. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. but he has put his hand on her shoulder reassuringly. Cortona.• • • • • Coin: ANGELICO.1531. Dresden. Portrait of a Noblewoman. c. Musée du Louvre.1465. François. Museo Correr. London. table: BRUYN. n Meanings: Foolish. National Gallery. Skyline: BALDUNG GRIEN. Mucius Scaevola. To graciously accept charity in a time of need is as noble as generosity in a time of plenty. Fra. o Reversed: Brought together by 160 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. Paris.1571. The church is large and dark. although they do not pay it any attention. 1530-35. Face: CLOUET. She looks downcast. but an illuminated window glows brightly before them. Barthel. He carries a thin staff and she carries a green blanket. In difficult times there are those who would help. Museo Diocesano. 1433-34. Queen of France.

Help is at hand. A special bond formed between those who have shared suffering. action and effect. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. investment. Practical solutions based on personal experience. finance. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. 1519-26. Realization of ideas. Stained glass: SCARSELLINO. Agnolo. Window: BOUTS. unsettled times approaching. 1433-34. Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte. Annunciation. Leuven. Kat Black 161 • • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: . Green fabric: BRONZINO. Castle wall: GOES. c. private collection.adversity. c. Naples. if you choose to accept it with dignity. 1596-97. Madonna with Saints and Members of the Pesaro Family. 1611. London. Vecellio (Titian). Museo Diocesano. Worldly matters. Staatliche Museen. Frick Collection. Dieric the Elder. instability. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. The Charity. 146467. 1551. National Gallery. » » Multiple Fives in a spread: Conflict. Hugo van der. Monforte Altarpiece. Bartolomeo. Galleria Doria-Pamphili. The Virgin Receiving St Stephen of Hungary in the Paradise. Beggars: SCHEDONI. The Last Supper. Magdalene. Sint-Pieterskerk. Fra. New York. Portrait of Ludovico Capponi. Berlin. 1500s. Alessio.1465. Rome. Cortona. Coin: ANGELICO. Girl’s face: CARAVAGGIO. Venice. 1470. Boy’s face: TIZIANO.

A hierarchy or a span of generations. pleasure. Worldly matters. some shells and a glass decanter. A grasshopper chirps on the arm of her chair. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. investment. Take care not to give too much.Six of Coins A finely dressed noblewoman weighs coins and distributes alms to the poor. The truly rich are those who know the satisfaction of sharing and using their wealth to make the world a better place. abundance and fulfillment. o Reversed: Over-generosity. Practical solutions based on personal experience. too often or to those who prefer to become dependent instead of improving their own prospects. 162 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . » » Multiple Sixes in a spread: Harmony. n Meanings: A generous benefactor. Sending yourself into poverty is no help to the world. finance. not currency. Affluence is a measure of contentment. On the shelves behind her are more books. as well as a rosary of large glass beads. A pile of coins and small open book lay on a green tablecloth in front of her.

Grasshopper.• • • • • • • Coin: ANGELICO. n Meanings: Now you must wait. Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects. Vienna. Quentin. Musical Company. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. Museo Diocesano. London.1465. National Gallery. Cortona. A roll of parchment is tucked between two potted plants. Annunciation.1630. 1433-34. 1600s. and seven coins hang on a tree. 1514. shells: AST. Alte Pinakothek. Paris. Jan van. Balthasar van der. 1607. objects: METSYS. Painting Sources: Seven of Coins A woman in a plain brown gown and green wrap waters a potted plant with a white and blue jug. Sir Anthony van. Your hard work has created a fine Kat Black 163 . The Moneylender and his Wife. 1600s. c. Table: BIJLERT. Madonna del Rosario. Noble lady: DYCK. Room. National Gallery. Fra. London. The Wife and Daughter of Colyn de Nole. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Musée du Louvre. Hands: CARAVAGGIO. Munich. Alessio. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Flowers bloom in the walled garden behind her. c. private collection.

resist bitterness.crop. Madrid. 1433-34. Gardener: LA HIRE. but now it must mature on the vine. • • • • • • Painting Sources: 164 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . There is little you can do but stand back and hope for fair weather. Those who can learn from failure stand the best chance of success. Coin: ANGELICO. but goals still yet to be fulfilled. Face: RAFFAELLO. 1521. Scroll: DÜRER. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Urbino. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. 1660s. Museo Diocesano. London. Madrid. Allegorical Figure of Grammar. National Gallery. Museo del Prado. and you will be able to plant again. National Gallery. London. Cortona. Tomás. Worldly matters. Portrait of a Man with Baret and Scroll. Alessio. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow.1465. Garden View with a Dog. You still have obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met. o Reversed: A crop spoiled. 1650. Annunciation. Portrait of a Woman (La Muta). c. When work does not go well for you. Albrecht. Sanzio. Museo del Prado. finance. Laurent de. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. » » Multiple Sevens in a spread: Progress. Galleria Nazionale. Garden: HIEPES. This season will pass. investment. 1507. Fra.

o Reversed: The impatient apprentice. Museo Diocesano. Cortona. Skills mastered by repetition. Natural ability and talent will only get you so far. n Meanings: Practice makes perfect. Coin: ANGELICO. Annunciation. tools take time to become part of your hand. Talent is nothing without application. No skill worth learning can be mastered overnight. A book with a red cover sits at his side. Keep at it and one day you will be a master at your craft. 1433-34.Eight of Coins A bearded man in plain black robes and a cap sits at a work table surrounded by instruments. finance. investment. Action is required. measuring angles. Fra. Worldly matters. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. » » Multiple Eights in a spread: Do what you need to do. resist inertia and break out of your box. Kat Black 165 • Painting Sources: . with a place marked with a wooden instrument.

1533. Musée du Louvre. and a violin hangs on the wall beside her. Book and square: HOLBEIN. Hans the Younger. Craftsman: HOLBEIN. 1516. Green wall: DÜRER. c. National Gallery. Washington. Albrecht. Poor financial planning or bad 166 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . o Reversed: Money troubles. London. now enjoy its luxurious fruits. Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors). 1528. n Meanings: Abundance. Staatliche Museen. Alessio. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Bearded face: HOLBEIN. Some pampering is in order.• • • • • Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. National Gallery of Art. 1533. A lush vine covers the wall of a garden beyond. Berlin. Portrait of a Cleric. Portrait of Nikolaus Kratzer. All material and spiritual needs fulfilled.1465. London. Portrait of a Member of the Wedigh Family. Paris. Hans the Younger. A hooded falcon sits on her arm. National Gallery. this is a time to savor. Nine of Coins A woman in a fine green and gold gown sits with her arm resting on a table. This is the garden that has bloomed through your efforts. Hans the Younger.

Jan de. The Haarlem printer Abraham Casteleyn and his wife Margarieta van Bancken. Portrait of a Lady in Green. Robert Cheseman. Rijksmuseum. finance. Cortona. Royal Collection. Amsterdam. 1530-32. Lady: BRONZINO. may cause substantial losses. Agnolo. Falcon: HOLBEIN. Windsor. Take care to keep something aside for a rainy day.1465. » » Multiple Nines in a spread: Completion. Practical solutions based on personal experience. 1433-34. London. National Museum. Fra. The result that you have been expecting has arrived. Hans the Younger. The Hague. Alessio. fulfillment. violin: LEYSTER. c. Coin: ANGELICO. Judith. • • • • • • Painting Sources: Kat Black 167 . Mauritshuis. 1533. 1663. Is it all that you hoped or feared? Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Wall. National Gallery. Worldly matters. Stockholm. Museo Diocesano. Annunciation.1635. Young Flute Player. c. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Garden: BRAY. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI.

a desire for freedom. An inheritance accrues. » Multiple Tens in a spread: To come full circle. a fine home and financial security. perhaps To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t 168 .Ten of Coins A bearded elderly man sits in a garden writing a letter. There is a vine on the wall and a large tub of rosemary. Wisdom formed by experience. Loyalty and remembrance. The young couple wear elaborate finery but the elderly man wears more practical attire. they have now been separated and are in different collections. Sadly. n Meanings: A valuable legacy. and a dog sits beside him. and in their lifetime these two portraits hung as a pair. but there are no challenges to stimulate you. An ultimate outcome has been reached. The young couple in the background were actually married. He leans on a book to write. Domestic harmony. They look very much in love. Fear of responsibility. A young couple walk behind him in animated conversation. Seeking escape from a comfortable walled garden where all your desires are met. I enjoyed reuniting the couple digitally. o Reversed: Security surrendered.

Tomás. Staatliche Museen. Two Hounds. Older man’s body: HOLBEIN. private collection. London. Cortona. Rosemary: HIEPES. 1433-34. Worldly matters. Museo Diocesano. Albrecht. Isabella Coymans.1465. Sandro. Green top: BOTTICELLI. Öffentliche Kunstsammlung. Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam Writing. 1526. 1654. Berlin. Happy girl: HALS. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Hans the Younger. Frans. Carel.» overshooting your intended goal. Portrait of Hieronymus Holzschuher. Kunstmuseum. Museo del Prado. Young man: HALS. Schwerin. Madrid. Basle. • • • • • • • • • • Kat Black 169 . National Gallery. investment. 1650-52. Stephanus Geraerdts. Giuliano de’ Medici. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Dog: BASSANO. Alessio. Antwerp. Fra. 1650-52. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Garden View with a Dog. The Watchman. c. 1548-49. This is a conclusion. finance. Painting Sources: Coin: ANGELICO. Frans. now a new cycle can begin. Berlin. Annunciation. 1660s. Musee du Louvre. Staatliche Museum. Courtyard: FABRITIUS. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. 1478. Staatliche Museen. 1523. Paris. Head: DÜRER. Jacopo.

serious youth who assesses all available data before making a decision. » » Multiple Pages in a spread: The company of young people. Someone so easily distracted by new information that they veer off constantly on new tangents. investment. financial advice or a business proposal. finance. o Reversed: The scatterbrain. A practical message. Practical solutions based on personal experience.Page of Coins A young scholar in a black robe and cap sits at a desk. Zest for life. News. Worldly matters. holding his gloves. or experiences enjoyed in a new way. Another book sits on a shelf behind him near a wallhanging in green and gold featuring a pattern of clasped hands and initials. n Meanings: The scholar. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. e. and a book with a note tucked inside. 170 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Slow and steady wins the race. New experiences. forgetting the task at hand.g.. On the desk before him is an inkwell with a pen. A methodical. Their love of life and learning is very endearing though.

Madrid. 1532. he wears the sign of the chivalric Order of the Golden Fleece.• • • • • • Coin: ANGELICO. Leopard fur: JACOBSZ. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. bearded man poses in a suit of finely decorated armor with a large ruff. Bernaert van. commitment and maturity beyond his years. all decisions are thoroughly researched. Always prepared. Portrait of a Member of the Wedigh Family. A homebody. Inkwell: REYMERSWAELE. Metropolitan Museum of Art. London. book: HOLBEIN. On the table behind him is a sketchbook. 1519. Alessio. n Meanings: The plodder. table. Kat Black 171 . Painting Sources: Knight of Coins A young. 1547. Hans the Younger. c. Dirck. 1531. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. Rijksmuseum. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. On a chain around his neck. Museo Diocesano. Brussels. Page. 1433-34. Marinus van. Loyalty. Annunciation. A slow. Amsterdam. a globe and an hourglass. National Gallery. St Jerome. New York. Pompeius Occo. Joris van Zelle. Museo del Prado. Fra. Room: ORLEY. Cortona.1465.

1609. Worldly matters. Rijksmuseum. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Commander of the Spanish Troops in the Southern Netherlands. Antonio de. Bravado and self. Coin: ANGELICO. Amsterdam. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. 1600s.1625. Annunciation. van. taking time to explore along the way. Prince Maurits. 1542.1465. Michiel Jansz van. private collection. Michiel Jansz. Amsterdam.relaxing journey. Ambrogio Spinola. Armor: MIEREVELD. The Hague. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. London. but now tempered with a little experience. finance. Allegory. National Gallery. o Reversed: What am I missing? Wondering why other people have more interesting. c. Museo Diocesano. Rijksmuseum. investment. Alessio. Green curtain: MIEREVELD. Pieter de. exciting lives: why not take up new. Hans the Younger. sociable hobbies or a more challenging or glamorous career? » Multiple Knights in a spread: Setting forth. Still Life of Musical Instruments. 1433-34. Fra. c. The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. Head: HOLBEIN. 1654. Stadhouder. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Hourglass: PEREDA. Practical solutions based on personal experience.confidence. Energy and the intensity of youth. Globe: RING. Aristocrat with Falcon. » • • • • • • • Painting Sources: 172 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . A trip is likely. c. Cortona. Vienna.

A woman feeling cast adrift. Strong. and dearly loved. » Multiple Queens in a spread: Plans become reality. actions produce results. wonderful food. A woman who appreciates earthly pleasures and enjoys sharing them—a beautiful home. material comfort and security. She is generous and giving. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. n Meanings: The sensualist. o Reversed: Lost bearings. investment. crops are harvested. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Painting Sources: Kat Black 173 » . finance. she is also kindly and gentle looking. Worldly matters. Your boats sail into harbor.Queen of Coins A red-haired woman in a sumptuous green velvet and gold silk gown sits at a table piled with luxurious goods. mature feminine energy and authority. She needs to take stock and plant her feet firmly back on the ground. Although she is wearing jewels and has the look of a refined lady. losing her sense of security and knowledge of herself and her world.

Mary Magdalen. Fra. c. Body: HOLBEIN. Hans the Younger. 1585. Paolo. Willem Claesz. Kunstmuseum. He is trustworthy. 1635. Basle Face: VERONESE. Marten de. Headdress: VOS. c. 1525-50. He wears a fur-trimmed cloak and a hat with a plumed feather. and a generous 174 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . private collection. Rijksmuseum.1465. A money purse and silver coins sit in front of him on the table. Table objects: HEDA.. Amsterdam. Room: Master of the PARROT. Portrait of a Venetian Woman (La Belle Nani). reliable and approachable. n Meanings: The executive. A man who enjoys the affluence his success has brought.• • • • • • • Coin: ANGELICO. Cortona. Musée du Louvre. Venus and Amor. Museo Diocesano. Still Life with Gilt Goblet. National Gallery. Annunciation. The Family of St Anne. London. 1524-25. Museum voor Schone Kunsten. King of Coins A bearded man in fine clothes sits at a table scattered with pewter platters containing oysters and other shellfish. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. Ghent.1560. Alessio. 1433-34. A giver of good advice. Paris. Öffentliche Kunstsammlung.

Musée des Beaux-Arts. coins: LINARD. 1533. o Reversed: Losing stock. You are more than your portfolio. Antwerp. and markets will ever turn.1465. Hans the Younger. National Gallery. Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors). Kat Black 175 • • • • • • • • Painting Sources: . Fra. Money. investment. Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford. Rijksmuseum. Willem Claesz. maturity. Worldly matters. Alessio. Practical solutions based on personal experience. Experience and mastery over one’s life. National Gallery. finance. Museo Diocesano. Windsor. skills and talents. Cortona.benefactor when he thinks a cause is worthy. Amsterdam. 1628. Oxford. Body: HOLBEIN. c. Hans the Younger. Annunciation. Opulent objects: HEDA. Portrait of a Lady in Yellow. responsibility. Coin: ANGELICO. what if these are lost? Who you are is not what you own. The Five Senses. Ashmolean Museum. 1638. Pieter. Coin profile: BALDOVINETTI. Jacques. 1433-34. If you value your worth in terms of money and possessions. Multiple Coins in a spread: Business activities: money. Strasbourg. Face: HOLBEIN. Chair. purse. 1527. 1637. Museum Mayer van den Bergh. The Flute Player. Still Life. wall: CLAESZ. 1615-20. London.. Vanitas Still Life with the Spinario. » » Multiple Kings in a spread: Power. Feather: CECCO DEL CARAVAGGIO. London. Royal Collection.

ruffled collar. a red squirrel looks into a crystal ball. but they look as though they could be brother and sister. their faces are so similar. as 176 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . I’ve been very surprised to find though that many of the Limited Edition owners (most of whom are very experienced tarot readers and collectors) have chosen to leave it in the deck! Happy Squirrel A young woman reads the palm of a young man underneath a tree.Bonus cards You may have noticed an extra card in your deck and wondered what it was doing there. He is a fine young gentleman with a velvet doublet. She wears the costume of a fortune teller gypsy. It’s a bit of a tarot in-joke. and was intended to be taken out for readings. On a fallen log in front of them. kid gloves and a high plumed feather in his hat.

private collection. Museum of Fine Arts. Rijksmuseum. c. Amor Holding a Glass Orb. Gemäldegalerie. Gold base: CLAESZ. Squirrel: HOFFMANN.1660. Paris. van. Hans. The Sermon of St John the Baptist. or anything. National Gallery of Art. Budapest. it’s bad enough that I gave you upright meanings. Musée du Louvre. Pieter the Elder. Palm reader and client: CARAVAGGIO. The Fortune Teller.. o Reversed: Hey. 1578. Washington. Orb: EVERDINGEN. The Fall of Man. Caesar van. Pieter. There are no simple answers. Painting Sources: Kat Black 177 . Do not take yourself. Dresden.” n Meanings: Lighten up. too seriously. you do realize this isn’t a real tarot card? • • • • • • Garden: HAARLEM. Squirrel.though also reading their fate. Fallen tree: BRUEGEL. life is very complicated and the most important thing is to take joy in the journey. 1592. Amsterdam. Cornelis Cornelisz. 1566. 1596-97. 1624. The Happy Squirrel tarot card first appeared in an episode of The Simpsons entitled “Lisa’s Wedding. Still Life with Great Golden Goblet.

Jan de. Stone ledge: BRAY. Sign: HOLBEIN. Werner Jacobsz. Basle. c. Jan. Rijksmuseum. Muzeum Narodowe. 1617. Hatfield House.1600. Hans the Younger. van den. 1657. Portrait of a Man with Ring and Touchstone. Bonifacius Amerbach. 1664. A Woman Asleep at Table. Warsaw. Elizabeth I: The Rainbow Portrait. Isaac. Amsterdam. Touchstone: VALCKERT. Woman: OLIVER. c. Kunstmuseum. New York.Author Card • • Painting Sources: • • • Persian rug: VERMEER VAN DELFT. 178 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . 1519. United Kingdom. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Öffentliche Kunstsammlung. The Discovery of Achilles among the Daughters of Lycomedes.

d a f h 1 2 3 Past Present Assets 8 7 b Future 4 5 6 Past Present Future c e g Obstacles You They Kat Black 179 .Appendix Love Knot Spread Sample Readings The signature spread for Touchstone Tarot was tested by owners of the Limited Edition of the deck. and a number of them agreed to share their readings.

Annie. Card 2. 4. Card 1. 3. This will involve seeking advice. Annie. Past.Reading by Annie Dunlop 1. Queen of Coins Page of Coins Knight of Swords Page of Swords Two of Swords Ten of Wands XVIII The Moon II The High Priestess A relationship reading for Annie and John a) Annie. 2. Page of Coins Annie has her eye on a new project! She will need to work at it to make it successful. Card 3. she made her home a warm and comfortable place to be. Present. 7. Knight of Swords This new project is going to take off and cause a bit of disruption to her comfortable and predictable way of life! 180 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . and being diligent and trustworthy. 8. Queen of Coins In the past Annie was the perfect hostess who could turn her hand to providing a sumptuous feast. generous person. Future. An earthy. She was talented and creative and enjoyed raising her family and focusing on the needs of her partner and her family. 6. 5.

This is needed so that there are no misunderstandings in the future. II The Kat Black 181 . with card 7. Queen of Coins and Page of Swords. He spent a lot of his time alone. obstacles considered. Both had their hopes and dreams. c) Pasts compared. John.She will have to keep her wits about her and a level head to maintain balance in her life and in her relationship. assets considered. Card 5. d) Pasts compared. Card 4. John. but now is the time for some clarification. XVIII The Moon In the past Annie and John both led the lives that suited them. Cards 1 and 4. Ten of Wands Success will be achieved! This success and creativity are a little overwhelming and John will not know whether to share his achievements or keep them to himself. but did they always share these? Maybe they believe that they did. Card 6. b) John. Perhaps he needs to bring a bit more balance into his life? He is searching inwardly for the answers. but he does not know what. with card 8. searching for new ways to learn and researching his family history. Present. Page of Swords John is a very intelligent man and he just loved to study. Queen of Coins and Page of Swords. Two of Swords At the moment John is at a crossroads and feels he needs a change. Future. Past. Cards 1 and 4.

Cards 2 and 4. They have a strong spiritual bond that brings great strength to their relationship. with card 7. 182 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . The High Priestess is able to guide John with her wisdom and her gentleness. This is really a time for communication and for not keeping any secrets as this could lead to problems in the future. XVIII The Moon Annie. Cards 2 and 4. Page of Coins and the Two of Swords. with card 7. with card 8. Knight of Swords and Ten of Wands. II The High Priestess Annie must listen to her inner voice and use tact and sensitivity in pursuing her new project. Cards 3 and 6. obstacles considered. assets considered. e) Presents compared. The big secret with the High Priestess is that one must actively seek her knowledge to solve the mystery. obstacles considered. Page of Coins and the Two of Swords. f) Presents compared.High Priestess In the past both trusted their intuition and this guided them well. as she does not share her profound wisdom unless asked. XVIII The Moon In the present it appears as though Annie is looking to the future and has plans. look before you leap! Be cautious about your enthusiasm and be aware of how this may affect John. g) Futures compared. whereas John is unsure of his position now.

Cards 3 and 6. You will both be guided by great inner wisdom and the spirituality of your relationship together. John. Knight of Swords and Ten of Wands. with card 8. can you deal mentally with the burden of success for yourself? Do not be spooked by your own shadows.John. Kat Black 183 . you will have the energy and the enthusiasm to make this project work if you keep in touch with your inner voice and are guided by your intuition. h) Futures compared. you will find the answers to your quest and need to be careful not to overburden yourself. Dreams and visions have the possibility of becoming a positive physical reality with the combination of the Moon and the High Priestess. II The High Priestess This is going to be a balancing act for both of you! Annie. assets considered.

She appears to be in control and carefully handing out her treasure. and my boyfriend. 5. J. 6. I with my needs and he about his past (and 184 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . Kirsten. 7. I hadn’t been terribly honest with what I wanted for fear of being denied. had kept a significant fact out of the relationship (he had four adult children). 3. Justice. clamoring for more? Perhaps a bit of both. Past. 4. or was I one of the beggars. seemed to show that things had been brought into balance.Reading from Kirsten Weiss 1. Card 2. Card 1. 8. Is she being parsimonious? Had I been withholding relationship. Six of Coins Looking at the Six of Coins I found myself looking at the expression on the woman’s face. 2. a) Kirsten. XI Justice The present card. Present. Six of Coins XI Justice Page of Wands Page of Cups Ace of Wands XIX The Sun III The Empress VIII Strength I used the love knot spread to analyze my relationship with my boyfriend (I’ll call him “J”). We’ve both become more honest.

comfortable and confident. J. Card 3. Card 6. Page of Cups The Page of Cups wears a suspicious expression. Kat Black 185 . the Sun. Ace of Wands. sunny days are ahead. She’s stroking the cat* in her card. as if he’s afraid you’ll take away his fish (though the cat who might do so is napping quietly). J. now there’s a sense of comfort about it. looks straight out at the reader. *Please note: these readers were using the earlier Limited Edition version of Touchstone. with its laughing baby in the future position. Past. J was fearful that if he told me the truth he’d lose me (which is something he’s admitted). If his sense of surety and security is in my future. Kirsten. It’s as if the cat from the Page is no longer a threat to the “fish”. Present. says to me that good things are coming. the Page of Wands. I’ll be quite happy! J. Card 5. I read this to mean that in the past. The cat has been replaced by a brazier. XIX The Sun The final card. more secure position. Future. happy. Page of Wands The card in the future position. Ace of Wands His present. Card 4. is in a much happier.its impact on our present). Future.

Six of Coins and Page of Cups. Now when I look at his past Page of Cups card. VIII Strength Now the Strength card shows a different side: the lion’s 186 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .c) Pasts compared. XI Justice and Ace of Wands. Cards 1 and 4. e) Presents compared. with card 8. VIII Strength Fortunately. III The Empress The Empress is looking down. assets considered. It takes patience to tame that lion. it seems as if the youthful page is saying. “I’m not ready for this!” And when I look at my past. Cards 1 and 4. we both had Strength as an asset to get through this. The Empress is still hovering in the background. obstacles considered. as if lost in a dream world of creation. and courage to face our own errors. and J is feeling more comfortable and confident. the Six of Coins and Page of Cups. Cards 2 and 5. Cards 2 and 5. it seems more and more that I was approaching the relationship from the beggars’ perspective—wanting wanting wanting and not realizing what I actually had. but I’m coming to terms (Justice) with reality. with card 8. XI Justice and Ace of Wands. obstacles considered. Looking at our past cards. d) Pasts compared. Six of Coins and Page of Cups. f) Presents compared. with card 7. perhaps I was lost in dreams about the way our relationship would end up rather than looking at the relationship as it was. assets considered. III The Empress For the present. with card 7.

his sensible. but I need to enjoy what is rather than continue to be lost in dreams. grounded expression reminds me that what will come will be good. g) Futures compared. obstacles considered Cards 3 and 6. keeping honest and remaining patient with ourselves and each other. VIII Strength The asset of Strength. Page of Wands and XIX The Sun. The woman embraces the lion. but when I pair the Empress with the Page of Wands. Kat Black 187 . III The Empress And for the future. expressing its true feelings and secrets. h) Futures compared. pairing the Empress with the Sun makes me think of weddings and possibly children. will no doubt aid us along the path. rather than rejecting or trying to repress it. with card 7. with card 8. assets considered Cards 3 and 6. Page of Wands and XIX The Sun.mouth is open. Here the asset of Strength is honest expression and acceptance.

Positions: 1st card (1/4): What is consciously known? 2nd card (2/5): What is not known? 3rd card (3/6): What needs to be known? a) Seeker: What is consciously known? Card 1. There is a feeling of needing to defend themselves. 2. Five of Wands Four of Swords XVII The Star Ten of Wands XIX The Sun Knight of Coins Five of Coins II The High Priestess Question: What do I need to know? Note: This is a business relationship reading. 7.Reading from Bonnie Cehovet 1. setbacks in achieving the goals that they set out to accomplish. 6. 3. 5. 8. 4. as well as miscommunications and misperceptions. Five of Wands There have been some minor setbacks in this relationship for the Seeker. 188 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . or their position. The Seeker may be too concerned about the business partner’s opinion.

Business Partner: What is not known? Card 5. XVII The Star What the Seeker needs to know is that there is hope. that their goals can be realized. The energy that they are working with is Divine energy. The Seeker needs to be conscious about their expectations in this relationship. what they are working to manifest will come about. Seeker: What needs to be known? Card 3. Wherever the Seeker puts their attention. Kat Black 189 . b) Business Partner: What is consciously known? Card 4. and run the risk of burning themselves out. XIX The Sun What the business partner does not know is that they have reason to truly believe in themselves.There is a sense of competitiveness between the Seeker and the business partner. Seeker: What is not known? Card 2. Ten of Wands The business partner is conscious of their personal achievements and of their personal power. and expect others to acknowledge that. They have a history of success. They want to do everything that they can to help the Seeker achieve their goals. Four of Swords What the Seeker does not know is that they need to take a small “time out” to address their inner fears and to resolve issues from the past. They are extending themselves in many different directions. They feel their power.

Knight of Coins What the business partner needs to know is that they need to be consistent in their efforts. while the business partner wants to do business as usual. Cards 1 and 4. and take responsibility. with card 7. The Seeker is not as sure of themselves as their business partner is. Each person needs to be aware of the needs of the other person. with card 8. Five of Wands and Ten of Wands. They also need to watch a tendency to become somewhat dogmatic. d) Consciously known compared. The obstacles that they may face have to do with finances.” and “see without seeing. Both people have the ability to “know without knowing. and of their not being able to see themselves actually reaching their goal. c) Consciously known compared.Business Partner: What needs to be known? Card 6. II The High Priestess The asset that these two people have is that of accessing their own intuitive faculties. Five of Wands and Ten of Wands. With the Seeker. there is a sense of the “victim” mentality.” 190 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . and where that person is coming from. Five of Coins The conscious understanding that the Seeker and their business partner have about themselves is apt to hit heads a bit. Cards 1 and 4. The Seeker does not want the business partner to know that they may be in a position where they see themselves as “lacking” in some way. obstacles considered. assets considered.

and would bring out the best in their business partner. Cards 3 and 6. assets considered. dogmatic Kat Black 191 . Cards 2 and 5. obstacles considered. and they need to adjust their mental attitudes: the Seeker moving away from victim mode into personal empowerment. with card 7. and the business partner moving from their rigid. Cards 2 and 5.” with the business partner having the ability within themselves to bring in the energy to make things happen.e) Not-known compared. The obstacle connected with what the Seeker and their business partner do not know is that if the Seeker were to allow their business partner to help them. g) Needs-knowing compared. II The High Priestess The asset connected with what is not known is that if both parties listen to their intuition. obstacles considered. with card 8. XVII The Star and Knight of Coins. Four of Swords and XIX The Sun. Five of Coins What these two people do not know about themselves shows the Seeker needing a “time out. f) Not-known compared. with card 7. the answers that they need are there. they could move past the “lack” that the Seeker feels and accomplish their joint goals. Five of Coins What the Seeker and their business partner need to know about themselves places a great deal of power with the Seeker. The obstacle connected with what they need to know is that they need to connect with spirit. Four of Swords and XIX The Sun.

3. 8. assets considered. 7. 2. 4. with card 8. XVII The Star and Knight of Coins. Reading from “Prism” 1. II The High Priestess The asset connected with what they need to know is that of intuition: if both of these individuals felt personally empowered. they could easily accomplish their joint goals. I see the situation between these two people as one in which each person needs to move from a limited mindset into one of truly believing in themselves and in their goals. h) Needs-knowing compared.ways to their own sense of empowerment in getting things accomplished. 6. Cards 3 and 6. 5. King of Cups XIX The Sun Ace of Cups Ace of Wands Ten of Cups VI The Lovers XXI The World Six of Wands 192 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

King of Cups Although I was a pretty nice person (if I do say so myself). Future. Card 5. Card 2. I now want to enjoy my life and appreciate each day. Things are going pretty well for all of us. at least at the moment! Partner. It could be either something new or a rekindling of a relationship. Ten of Cups He is enjoying his role as head of the family. Card 1. Ace of Cups I will be receiving a surge of love or feelings of being connected. Partner. He was a motivator in those projects and brought a lot of energy to them. Prism. that attitude changed. Future. Card 4. Partner. Present. I need to be open to receiving it. and I thought it meant I would have to shut the door on my past in order to become more “respectable. having gained a new acceptance of who I really am. to see things as a child.Prism. Card 6. Card 3. and.” a more ideal parent. Past. as if it were the first time. VI The Lovers Kat Black 193 . Present. I want to see what’s in front of my face and take things as they come. Ace of Wands He used to be involved in the arts and is a creative person. Prism. I was somewhat uncomfortable in my role as a parent when my kids were little. XIX The Sun Mercifully. Past.

especially a victory achieved with some difficulty by working together with others. My somewhat misguided sense of “responsibility” conflicted with his more youthful ideas (I should mention that I’m a little older) when it came time to raise our children. obstacles considered. I felt like we had to do things by the book. with card 7. assets considered. XXI The World Here The World seems to me to be about achievement in the world. XXI The World I’m seeing The World here as the births of our kids. XIX The Sun and Ten of Cups. Cards 1 and 4. and he often had other ideas. with card 8. with card 7. Cards 2 and 5.Hmmm! I hope this means that our marriage will become even more meaningful to him in the future. So we were able to overcome those issues and although it made our relationship somewhat difficult. I feel like I’m now more interested in looking at our situation in new ways. our present relationship is the opposite of the past. it ultimately created a solid basis for the family. e) Presents compared. the Six of Wands The Six of Wands is the Victory card to me. King of Cups and Ace of Wands. Cards 1 and 4. and he is more 194 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t . obstacles considered. King of Cups and Ace of Wands. In some ways. I’d rather not consider other possibilities! c) Pasts compared. d) Pasts compared.

Six of Wands Just as in the earlier step. if we can work through our differences of outlook. h) Futures compared. and I am still feeling like I haven’t figured out my true niche (even though I’m in my fifties). The future looks pretty lovey-dovey. once again. XXI The World Here I’m seeing The World as our next stage. but obstacles could arise. f) Presents compared. maybe as empty nesters. with card 7. with card 8. Kat Black 195 . from our different views of how to manage this new stage of our lives. Cards 2 and 5. Cards 3 and 6.interested in settling into a comfortable domesticity. with card 8. if we can work through this difference. This difference may be due to the fact that he has a more successful career. g) Futures compared. again. it could make our relationship stronger. XIX The Sun and Ten of Cups. assets considered. we will be able to enjoy this next phase of our lives. obstacles should be assets. Six of Wands I guess I see the Six of Wands pretty much the same way throughout the reading. He provides stability and I like to think I am helping to provide some new energy and perhaps a way to move us forward. Ace of Cups and VI The Lovers. obstacles considered. So. Ace of Cups and VI The Lovers. Cards 3 and 6.

196 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

As technology improved. Her main art forms are currently video performance (VJing) and digital collage. Kat’s technique has developed to the point that only those familiar with the original source artworks are likely to realise that the card designs are composites. Kat particularly enjoys bringing relatively obscure artwork to a new audience by rearranging and contextualising it to fit in with traditional Tarot archetypes.About Kat Black Kat Black has been an artist and performer for over twenty years using a wide variety of media. Golden Tarot achieved this to some degree. but in Touchstone. was released in 2004. it didn’t look very sophisticated.” Her first commercial tarot deck. Australia but has lived in both the US and the UK. Kat was born and now lives in Perth. Technology and tarot have had a long association for Kat. She exhibited as a painter before moving into digital art forms. to make the works look whole. Kat Black 197 . She began making her first digital tarot deck with Deluxe Paint on an Amiga in the early 1990s. although with only thirty-two colors available. so did the quality of work Kat could do by “pushing pixels. It was a work of digital collage. Unlike many collagists. Kat’s style is to try to integrate the elements as seamlessly as possible. She is married to Jasper Cook. Golden Tarot.

198 To u c h s t o n e Ta r o t .

Quantum mechanics.Provocative. n Kay Stopforth. The Quantum Tarot shows how New Age wisdom meshes tightly with New Age science.95 | 208-page book plus 78 gilt-edged cards Book and cards: 2. Bold. US$ 26.06” Elegant cigar-box to permanently store cards and book ISBN 9781601641694 Av a i l a bl e a t yo u r f a v o r i te b o ok s e l l e rs . Einstein’s theories of relativity and modern superstring theory offer new and wonderful ways to visualize Tarot themes. A Must For Your Collection Quantum Tarot A Tarot of New Physics.8”x5. Controversial. Illustrated by Chris Butler The Quantum Tarot combines the revolutionary theories of 20th century physics with the traditional Tarot Card archetypes in a 78-card deck.


Bold. .KÜNATI Provocative. Controversial.

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