A Latin sally,applicable chiefly in the medical activity but which gift is fited and in the political area activity, and why not in another areas. That is, previous to did little good,helpful, firstly have to are convinced as don't you does an worse thing, the harmful maul than age the phenomenon reacted on his. In psychhiatry exist a kind of clinical test which proof the absurd acceptation in cases of big insanity as oligophrenia or dementia. It is said to the patient storiette: Two hungry wolfs, winter, on the snow its met to mete, and begin eaten each other, each tearing from anoteher a bit, till on the gory snow don't the maul leave than two tails. The patient is prompted if a such history is can happen in in practice. If replied is positive, accepted a simple proof of absurdity, his insanity oligophrenia or dementia were most probable diagnoses. Like that one happened in our politics, from ad hoc, but of persistent either. Free of thought a politician launches a bomb, an insult, a theme, without took count of PRIMO NON NOCERE, that is without took count of the consequences but just of those which believes themself. One is known as the politicians contend for power, is said as this is them actually the fate. But in this papers of the politic dispute must taked count of certain principles becomed of what is shall happen and in negative sense with what do they. Otherwise they can have the fate of the two wolfs remanent fight on the snow just the tails. We asisst now in in the doorway of open of a parliamentarian ssessions the of the strain brawn politicians, each wantingt to do an error, and but that he does not, one find enough which his libels replaces the truth. Is exaclyt as the man who firstly he beats his wife and then says as knows she why. Mr. Geoana seem fearlessly. Down in soundings and in electoral hopes, forgeting as Mr. Iliescu bring into Bucharest the miners, forgeting about laws don't socialist but communist for which Mr.Iliescu did as his justice antidemocratic and without is put problem suspended but he awarded a prize to Mr. Iliescu with with 3 presidential mandates, want now to trace his taskof Little Titulescu and the Fther of Constitution to find reason of suspended the President who doomed the communism gave free to the folders security, wherethrough in order to is learnt the mind and to finished along with the victimization of top-leve corrupts, or how says the father of Constitution , Mr. Basescu infringe daily Constitution. Isn't forgeted and Mrs. Macovei, who put in action the justice wherewith can enter into UE. Now I entered from ,and one may not permited his lady treads on this line. About guvernement,which were performant, don't the maul is the necessity as the isi give reciprocally in head and transformed this Institution in a field of battle, and about dead Alliance, merely of good. After a total disaster a little the maul matters defeated were conquerable, everything is a water and an earth, as in a fun story as Ion says tos Gheorghe as the last night to inn is said about he, he don't knows stole his horse or he stole a horse. But talk about he and age gossiped. I seemed as view of the breakdown and desire as PSD, PRM, PC to fall-back to power, on awoke little the minds the government, and toward the stupor of

reporters and the public opinion appeared conciliatory words, carry age better if defend against to beginn with from after disaster. And somebody said, as except for PSD or extremists, alone party which were won is said of third, PLD. The Englishmans say, Let Wisdom Guide Us-. What well I burn be for Roumanian politics to apply all the proverbs of the wises, among which several of this feature .

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