The life as the two doves, the life as the an well.

Aveam two mates, very intelligent the si from whereat frequently aveam what learn. Yet, aveau a certain queerness. How many times intalneau, sometimes of the many maul either on day, one asks it on celalalt, CUM ESTE VIATA? Answered invariable age, one spunea as the the life is as two doves, celalalt protest and spunea as the is deceived, because the life is as an well. Tried to asked, to explain me, what signification have these assertions. vain, mixed he said as the assertions are unexplainable, but I apprehended as as a matter of fact age faith, filosofia of the life fiecaruia. Had the privilege saw the in temporally the fate two celor after took on his road, reason for this dilemma he abided at me mind. In the girlish moment apprehend as the this dyad is gambled between Dl. Tariceanu and dl. Basescu. I believe as for dl. Tariceanu the life is as an well. Dl. Tariceanu is distinguished an intellectual, with different qualities. In house his father he rebuilded PNL after revolution. No have not to think us as dl. Tariceanu don't knows the principles of the liberalism. From sins, he don't procedat as Beket, he who be hight the archbishops of Londrei, wherethrough fusese the of a friend debauchee denied to, else he has this role chummy and he loftily religious which have it, even if stia as the you pays with the life and and stipendiary. Dl. Tariceanu, as and the marshal considered ethical his break apart form you the friendships, even if these friends are vicious. Put PNL and drive country at command his oligarch amic, carry see the timeliness can as add up afaceriilor his, and altor groups chummy liberal, the groups of interests, carry they saw propeled the in ahead of bucatelor and have procedat as the the si vechii taranisti, or as the Psd-ul whom they pinch-hited for it for dl. Tariceanu abided at afterwards as the an well. In in contrast with he, dl. Basescu, tonic figure the energetical si, populist and folk, optimistic all in did don't he got drunk successful from he changed. Dl. Basescu a president with bow tie. He is, what is said about he of to his friends enemies: Sailors, goods conviv, he knows to use the adviser, knows to do on hostile his saddles his his fear pay, is sedulous the implacable si etc etc. For he the life is as two doves. Did these considerations can saw inner motivatiile two leaders, carry drive today Romania and, for this used of metaphors. Carry the styles of the life shall defeat: The style of the life as the two his doves the style of the life as the an well. The events are unfurled, and we the spectator shall see still once properly his sons alive in, were an winner.

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