The psychology of the cage and the criminality of the communism.

I am studied and out a book concerning the crimes of the communism in the psychiatric field. They well, be due to heare as as a matter of fact, but still more disastrous, the brutal maul were the crimes outwardly psychiatric asylums,from the Roumanian society. As a matter of fact, how tould Mr. Paler, fishy weather 50 of years were all on one stick, like some patients but just leaving in the freedom. The communist crimes, produced in a captious depravity which gift reaved and still else do and today. The tragedy of Roumanian People don't closed yet today, as a matter of fact we were naive when thought as the after revolution shall get rid of communist nikmare. Now, the communism mutilated us farther our destiny in a freedom on which we don't now still live it, because missed us the reflexes of the natural behaviors.We lived in the communism in a true cage from which still can not come out, alike how animal returns up to the trace same in place. To us the passed he don't holds the forerank in of archives, don't ostop at- to were- It is still active. The ghosts tread on in the street, talk about,sometimes one be seen it to television show, but Tismaneanu report appointed just several among they. Ourself, sometimes, we are without our wish, were insensitive to the criminal past communist. The hasty of Western to greet the end of the communism, thereto he relaxed became else indifferent, without bareback as on the scene of Estern Eurpe there changed the show only, but the old actors bustle about through backstage and they no forgot their roles. They prepar perhaps just a new shows, carry to one harvester-threshers two misadventures of the century, the communism and the fascism( Paler). I seemed that the report of Tismaneanu has many gaps. Thus, in Romania were the first anticommunist demonstration from Eatern of Europe and first army resistance against soviet ocupatiei, for lasted years, in mountains. All these, he were us gave to hear the superficial wonders, of the kind: Roumanian suffer anything, or -milksop don't explodes.This stimulates the criptocomunists, and protocronists and they took over the power in the politics and economy. Is true as in the communism time,we tried to survived,to don't drop victims, exactly what they did and another persons in weather of disgrace and yet our fear helped our persecutor, and helps it and today to become leaders in economic and politics field.

Without their wish, persecuteds became and become the accomplices with the persecutors, left and they left hoaxed of the communist demagogy. But the badness don't forbidden here. The lies became as natural practice, accomodated us with bad, and with the time no don't else we know what he is this a normality, but just an anormality, normalizated. The reality reminded and remind at every turn that is due to take care what tell about, whom say, if you want to don't enter into Securitatea attention or now of criptocommunist administration. Therefore,if you do not accept the anormality as a normality as the natural factors seem as much a papers of courage, or a sign of the detrition of the instinct of preservation. That, don't fammos brains wash is can the crime most conclude the communist regime, but most durabila. A clean brain, says Paler don't else he has a passed. In conversely, an accustomed his brain considered anormality as anormality is menaced to disappear - even in freedom, and the slave became the slave when he behaved as such (Euripide). Peradventure of a western people, tell Paler,apppear him as normal the picturesqueness affirmation of Marx, to break apart form our past laughing, although this is an enormity. Cann't to ridicule a nightmares, burn be idecently. They were taken too many crimes in order to enables to us break out in a hysteric guffaw so that exorcized this tragedy after a sort the which were in progress and which of facts don't closed. We have to thing as of 17 years we cann't adopt in The Roumanian Parliament a law of lustration. Then, we had and have no another life than that for which dreaded were the our chance to loved ,or to achieve us often in these time togather with the despair. But need,we don't forget, as just in our happy moments, our countrymans who are maltrated of the securitatea, in his prisons, in psychiatric asylums, for which only that we burn be due to be guilty and to accept this colectiv guilty . Here come, likely,the pettishness where with many of us refuse here any chat about guilt, considering is as he comes is equalize, uniformizated, with the natural corollary, if all we are guilty, all are innocent, so that we have another works the maul urgencies now.

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