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Super Hawg...Super Shooter

Super Hawg Pictured: Single-Action,

Only the SUPER HAWG from Para delivers:
• Six-Inch .45 ACP Long Slide You get more velocity and more sight radius with the six-inch match grade ramped barrel and less felt recoil. • Super Reliability Our exclusive, patented Power Extractor™ has a 50% larger claw to make this 1911 run flawlessly every shot. • Super Targeting You need to see your front sight even in low light conditions. The fiber optic front sights lets you zero in on your target. • Super Durability Get a grip that you can hang on to with front strap checkering. Hawg-tough all weather stainless steel is corrosion resistant. • Super Choice – Single Stack or High Capacity The Super Hawgs are the Best 1911s you can own and they come in either 8-round or 14-round .45 ACP models. • Become a Super Hawg… Super Shooter Today See your Para dealer, or call Para USA at (704) 930-7600.

(Also available in high capacity,)

10620 Southern Loop

Blvd., Pineville, NC 28134

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AMERICANHANDGUNNER. FEATURES 48 66 reloading reVelations DAVE ANDERSON It’s time for you to take the plunge! 50 Handgun ammo JOHN CONNOR What’s new. WOOD 4 62 WWW.B.Cover Photo: Chuck Pittman. 52 Colt’s ComebaCk JOHN tAFFIN Big John tests some 1911s — from Colt! 70 sierra and starline JOHN tAFFIN Family companies that deliver the goods.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . 56 gloCk 22 rtF MASSAD AyOOB Has Glock succeeded in their quest for perfection? 74 tHe lst gaboon RICHARD MANN A new look to the 1911? 62 ultimate 1911 aCCoutrement MIKE “DUKE” VENtURINO Who says you don’t need a tommy gun? Available online only at americanhandgunner.380! J. Volume 34 • Number 2 • Issue 204 2010 MARCH • APRIL 48 a swenson tribute gun ROy HUNtINGtON John Harrison’s stunning salute to the great master. Inc. 68 blades oF battle PAt COVERt the exciting new designs of Spartan Blades.com! tHe Client African adventures and professional insights. SAM FADALA oPtiCs in tHe Field What do you really need to know about hunting glass? SAM FADALA ExclusivE: mri’s miCro desert eagle Hot new pocket . what’s hot and what works.

Title to this publication passes to subscriber only on delivery to his address. 44 better sHooting DAVE ANDERSON Associate with winners! 46 tHe siXgunner JOHN tAFFIN FNH FNP-40 semiauto.COM 5 . CA 92128. 102 gunnYsaCk ROy HUNtINGtON 1911 Fixture and Zombie targets. WARNING: Firearms are dangerous if used improperly.74 DEPARTMENTS 34 tHe aYoob Files MASSAD AyOOB the Homeowner and the Burglar: the Graham/Chambers Shooting.50). and at additional mailing offices. Payment is for all world rights for the material.. Advertising rates furnished on request. The act of mailing a manuscript constitutes the author’s certification of originality of material.Com/ ProduCtIndex. Material cannot be returned unless accompanied by sufficient postage.D. without written permission. Periodical postage paid at San Diego. verify all published loads with manufacturer’s data. Videos And Pictures About Articles In Every Issue. SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS: For immediate action. is prohibited. 12345 World Trade Drive. Subscriptions: One year (six issues) $19. Change of address: four weeks notice required on all changes. San Diego. 12345 World Trade Drive. and may cause serious injury or death. Consult a professional gunsmith when modifying any firearm. JUSt CLICK ON tHE WEB BLASt ICON! 68 WIN! RESOURCES 105 Custom Corner 106 sPotligHt StEVE EVAtt 110 ad indeX 111 ClassiFieds AMERICANHANDGUNNER. JONES 26 sHooting iron MIKE “DUKE” VENtURINO 28 realitY CHeCk CLINt SMItH 30 PistolsmitHing ALEX HAMILtON 32 Handloading JOHN tAFFIN 36 taFFin tests JOHN tAFFIN 38 CoP talk MASSAD AyOOB 40 CarrY oPtions SAMMy REESE 42 winning edge DAVE ANDERSON 114 tHe insider ROy HUNtINGtON 52 66 44 70 HANDGUN OF THE MONTH Check Out Web Blast For More Info. Be a safe shooter! WWW.html FOR COMPLEtE PRODUCt INFO AND ARtICLE AND MANUFACtURER’S LINKS! AMERICAN HANDGUNNER® (ISSN 0145-4250) is published bi-monthly by Publishers’ Development Corp.. CA 92128. Opinions expressed are those of the bylined authors and do not necessarily represent those of the magazine or it’s advertisers. write Subscription Dept. Contributors submitting manuscripts. All rights reserved.75.COM 76 Win this S&W Thunder Ranch Defensive Revolver! GO tO: www.95 (in Canada $9. COLUMNS 8 sPeak out 28 22 gunCrank diaries JOHN CONNOR 24 Handgun Hunting J. Entire contents Copyright© 2010 Publishers’ Development Corp. Reproduction or use of any portion of this magazine in any manner. CA 92128. Due to the inherent variables in the reloading of metallic cartridges. photographs or drawings do so at their own risk. San Diego. Send old address as well as new. San Diego. CA 92128.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Single copies $5.amerICanhandgunner. 12345 World Trade Drive. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to AMERICAN HANDGUNNER®.

clock......com and click “contacts” EDitoriAL: .. production@americanhandgunner.....com ProDuCED iN tHE u....25 to 7000 ft/sec.... Your data can now be exported to a spreadsheet program...9 with improvements and added data export feature.. (866) 972-4545.....AMERICANHANDGUNNER...com americancopmagazine.......com Todd Jarrett “The Pocket Pro is the fastest way to see results at the range.. Darien....... Easy to use menu system.... (800) 633-8001....and shot interval times.........com Delano Amaguin..... CA.........com BooKS/MErCHANDiSE: ........ (800) 426-4470 e-mail: denny@americancopmagazine.... Settable delay..95 Measures the velocity of your loads to verify their performance. 9 volt battery powered (not included).......A. anita@shootingindustry. This durable.............COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Large sturdy belt clip. (858) 605-0219 e-mail: ... Fax: (858) 605-0247. Use your ProChrono indoors with the NEW AND IMPROVED lighting setup.95 Part # CEI-4705 (tan) $129. • FREE download update from our website for those with older versions. sng@g-glaw... (800) 553-7780 e-mail: scott@americanhandgunner.. Please call or visit our website for more information and special offers......com Publisher & Editor: Roy Huntington Advertising: Steve Evatt.......... low...americanhandgunner. Operates on 110 volt household current.....com www.......... CEO.............. (888) 651-7566..com SuBSCriPtioN SErviCES: .. (858) 605-0253 Express Service: www..com Special editionS fmgpublications.. and standard deviation. Fax: (858) 605-0211. (888) 732-6461 e-mail: delano@americancopmagazine.. Review of shots.... Marjorie Young PUblisher & editor Roy Huntington Large Shooting Area Managing Editorial Assistant Stephanie Jarrell Editorial Assistant Kerin Van Hoosear Design Director Lisa Stahlhut Production Manager Kevin Lewis Web Site Manager Lorinda Massey Promotions Coordinator Elizabeth O’Neill Advertising Sales Director Anita Carson Advertising Sales Assistant Dana Hatfield Staff Photographer Joe Novelozo John Morrison Jeremy Clough Mike “Duke” Venturino John Taffin Sammy Reese.net.. extreme spread...com CLASSifiED ADvErtiSiNG: Lori Robbins... sensitivity. (888) 732-2299 e-mail: . or 24 volts DC............. Ergonomic design..com fMG EASt CoASt SALES: Sig Buchmayr. rachelle@fmgpublications.. ProChrono Indoor Lighting System oNLiNE ADvErtiSiNG MANAGEr: Tracy Moore.com ProDuCtioN: .. compact unit provides optimum lighting with a simple setup. 9 volt battery level indicator. It has many useful applications both at home or on the range...com Editor: Jeff John Advertising: Andrew Oram.. 92128.D.. reload. Fax: (858) 605-0205.. editor@americanhandgunner....com General Counsel/Legal Affairs: .... a must when you need to shoot accurately! Accuracywithin 1%. (866) 972-4545 e-mail: anita@shootingindustry.... It is compatible with all ProChrono Digital Chronographs.. Thomas Hollander.competitionelectronics.. high.... Randy Moldé......... Jones Patrick Covert Alex Hamilton John Connor field editors contribUting editors Digital USB Interface Accessory for the ProChrono Digital Chronograph Part # CEI-3810 $49.. ProChrono Digital Chronograph fmg PUblications americanhandgunner.. (part # CEI-3800). (866) 903-1199 e-mail: andrew@gunsmagazine. stop tone.... NAtioNAL ADvErtiSiNG: 12345 World Trade Dr. (800) 533-7988 e-mail: steve@americanhandgunner................... San Diego..com gunsmagazine.... sigbuch@optonllin.......com Publisher & Editor: Russ Thurman Advertising: Anita Carson. Mounts on a camera tripod..” Pocket Pro II Shot Timer Part # CEI-4100 $59... 6 WWW. 815-874-8001 www.. Backlit graphics display can be configured 3 ways.Get Results with Products from Competition Electronics • NEW version 1. Buchmayr & Associates 28 Great Hill Rd....... Gillaspey e-mail: .. (203) 662-9740....... backlight “on” time. (858) 605-0243 e-mail: ...............com Editor: Sammy Reese Advertising: Scott McGregor..americanhandgunner...com shootingindustry.... Range of operation.......... classads@fmgpublications. CT 06820........... Steele N......S.. BCP Massad Ayoob Dave Anderson Mark Hanten Dave Douglas Clint Smith J.. tracy@fmgpublications..com CuStoMEr SErviCE Part # CEI-4700 (blue) $129........ Low frequency buzzer.95 Eliminates light bulbs with a patented electronic design...com Editor: Suzi Huntington Advertising: Denny Fallon............ board of directors Thomas von Rosen..95 Records draw.. Part # CEI-3800 $119.95 This accessory provides you with everything needed to connect the ProChrono Digital Chronograph to a computer and expand it’s functionality with the included software program... shot dead time. Now a PC can be used to operate the chronograph as well as collect and manage the data it provides...


PONDER AND PROBE Duke’s article about Little Lucy (Shooting Iron. Jan/Feb 2010) was spoton. send it to: Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing.SPEAKOUT Little Lucy YOUR FORUM TO PONTIFICATE. According to Lucy’s father. My hat is off to you all. PO Box 279. If you’d like to donate hard cash to help out. Is there a fund set up somewhere where loutish old brutes can contribute to helping the family? Bill Harkins Blue Springs. Jan/Feb 2010) — and the fact handgunner would offer the space for it at the expense of taking care of advertisers — speaks loudly for both our shooting fraternity and your commitment to the “family” who makes up our bigger family of shooters.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. be reacting positively. They are keeping the fund alive and making sure Little Lucy gets the money for her treatment. Lucy’s family is touched by the help they have received from shooters everywhere. “to all of us”? Ron Kimberton Via e-mail Helping Little Lucy in one word. My tactical instructor in the USAF during Vietnam always said something Shoot Back First 8 WWW. RH “Shoot Back First” — RH’s response to a letter from GySgt Eric D. He also said she is just The photographs — Lucy’s eyes break your heart. MO as much a “sweetheart in reality” as she looks in those photos. she has been going to NYC for an “experimental” treatment Readers who would like to follow Lucy’s and after three treatments she seems to progress can visit this Web site: www. Smith (Speak Out.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Big Timber. Or should I say. MT 59011.org and then go to the “visit feeling good and behaving like a normal a person” part and type in lucywaldeisen three-year old. hunters and gun owners. He said she is PACT_postxmas_09_fixed.pdf 12/16/08 9:04:18 AM caringbridge.

It’s just what you’ve been asking for. An 8-round 9mm powerhouse manufactured from the ground up to give you the advantage in any situation.TaurusUSA. the new Taurus 709 Slim comes ready to fight with the best in Taurus innovation. www. Clean. performance and design including the Taurus SA /DA trigger system and “Strike Two” capability.com FREE one-year NRA membership with the purchase of any new Taurus fi rearm. . No Revealing Lumps or Lines The thinnest 9mm in its class.Incredibly lean and lightweight. flat lines keep the Slim hidden under the lightest T-shirts or polos.

WI Sighting-In I recently purchased a new handgun. Jan/Feb 2010) reached a zenith for me that will be hard to pass after John Taffin’s treatment of Elmer Keith and the development of the . in my opinion. here are some basics.” Do it some more! Jan Gerstner Delafield. Each sight is different so simply experiment moving it “some” to see how it changes the point of impact. If the rear sight needs to be changed. Your magazine is. but I hung onto the “Preferred Discount Renewal” offer — just in case. Hitting low? Move the rear sight up.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . What is the proper way to sight in the gun? Is there an article or brochure available. com to look at a wide variety of sights that may fit your guns. Oh. I’m a retired soldier who also managed to cram in nearly two decades as a state trooper in the northwest. If your gun has fixed sights things get a bit more complicated. The series of “letters” from the past (Sixgunner.brownells.SPEAKOUT very similar to that. Kept me alive. I’m mailing in my renewal today. Nothing else worked. I’d say go to www. But to get you going. and find value in it. I’ve often thought myself about how I’d like to write a letter to someone from “back then. Well. Hitting left on the target? Move the rear sight to the right. If you’re using a handgun with adjustable sights. I’ve asked Duke to do an article about it down the road. and Your 10 WWW. move the rear sight in the direction you want your bullet holes to move. I think. John Taffin. Duke will cover that in his article.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Clint Smith and John Connor. but have now relegated all that to younger men and women. what is the proper way to do this? Tom Strade Via e-mail Tom. “just in case” happened when I received my latest issue today and realized how much I enjoy. RH No Expirations Here I was going to let my subscription expire because I didn’t think I could/ should afford it any longer. the best one out there dealing with nearly all aspects of owning and using handguns. However. There are many rear sight options available and some are easily changed by a novice. in mindset I’m still a sheep12/9/09 and anAM dog 10:58:15 Oath-Keeper. I find your writers to be top notch and especially like Massad Ayoob.44 Magnum.

Khaki Digital Foliage Camo Khaki Main compartment and hydration compartment can accept CCW accessories #0431 SITKATM GEARSLINGERTM NEW Main compartment and hydration compartment can accept CCW accessories #0432 KODIAKTM GEARSLINGERTM NEW Khaki Foliage Green Digital Foliage Camo Foliage Green Black #MX0413 S-TYPE JUMBOTM #MX0412 JUMBOTM Better for left-side carry Better for right-side carry Khaki .

OR . on both counts. Roy’s Backyard Enjoyed your backyard gun-fun in that video you did on the Springfield Armory custom guns (“A Custom XDm Duo. K. OR E GON C I TY.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Thanks for a great publication on handguns. and for helping me to actually see those pistols in “real” life. Mr. and for your support of what we’re doing here at Handgunner. T Y. Thanks for inviting us into your backyard. how do they fit the hand. When a guy sees all the latest offerings out there today online we never know just how they will fit the hand. a truly important part of our uniquely American culture and heritage that is under constant attack on many fronts — but must be preserved and defended no matter the cost. Watch for more fun in Roy’s Backyard. my head is already made up. americanhandgunner. Hogge Via e-mail Thanks for your service. Riley on the old Life Of Riley radio program. Visit Us At SHOT Booth#1925 755 MPR a thing of beauty TITANIUM MO N O-LO C K M390 SUPER S T E E L I’m beginning to believe the “pink parts” (The Whinery in our Speak Out sections) are among the most entertaining parts of the magazine! People like Dennis Bachlet and Ol’ Josh Stern remind me of Chester B. Given Josh’s own words. US A 0 CO.G. Great stuff! Lonnie T.com and click on Web Blast to find more fun. then go to www. We’ll continue to play hard and have fun enjoying what we all love — shooting. Hogge. especially if they are double stack pistols. weight and trigger pull are not known when you see a lot of the new stuff online. collecting and generally messing about with handguns! RH ©2010 B E N C H MA D E KN I F E C O. Just look for the green “Web Blast” icon. What I like about it is I get to see an actual pistol in someone’s hands.USA PROUD SPEAKOUT Editorship is no slouch either. Things like feel. I can only say the poor kid sure doesn’t have much of a role model WWW.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 The Pink Parts 12 . I live on a Island and don’t have a store close by where I can get the feel of pistols.” The really sad part is that Josh apparently has a child.” July/Aug 2009). when he’d say “Don’t confuse me with facts. Via e-mail Lonnie is talking about our online Web Blast features offering additional photos and editorial and/or streaming video to accompany articles in our print edition.


you get: A driver’s license. Food Stamps and free health care. from my early teens until now. is now the national drug czar.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. The anti-gun Seattle police chief. If you cross the North Korean border illegally. you are shot. Proven to be wrong. I also remind myself it’s Californian intellect like Josh’s that has inflicted the likes of Pelosi. by all means. WA Lee. He hired the county executive who had nearly bankrupted our county. of course. I pay one cover price and get what I feel are two magazines worth of content! I’ve read quite a few gun mags. you are detained indefinitely. Feinstein. it’s 11/12/09 9:55:58 AM nice to be able to get a two-for-one deal on a great handgun periodical. Call it LA Francisco maybe? RH . If you cross the Iranian border illegally. whose gun was stolen from his car. So. you spend the rest of your life in prison. They could build an underground railroad between them so nobody could escape.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Social Security Card. If you cross the Afghan border illegally.SPEAKOUT in his old man. But if you cross the US border illegally. Boxer. Name withheld by request Via e-mail Laughs Last In today’s shaky economic times. They beg to not be included in the unwashed gun-grabbing masses who have pretty much ruined the state. This is the same guy who then immediately proclaimed on national TV that 90-percent of the guns used by the Mexican drug thugs are from US gun shows.pdf 12/16/08 8:47:20 AM Aliens? Since you’ve proven yourselves to be staunch supporters of America and our way of life. although “now” is only my late 20s! While many have been 14 WWW. on the rest of the nation. et-al. Welfare. Oh well sure … that makes perfect sense. keep us “in the pink” … and keep us laughing! Lee Fowble Edmonds. however. you get 12 years of hard labor. I remain convinced if you could excise San Francisco and most of LA you’d end up with a pretty cool place to live. Obama did do one positive thing for my own state. for a high level job in HUD. If you cross the Turkish border. I thought you might explain this to me. as I am reminded almost daily with reader mail from many of our constituents there. not everyone in the great state of California is an idiot.

plus costs a lot less to feed.22LR design accepts most after-market mil. Get your hands on one for some serious fun. std.A. Engineered and built in the U. smith-wesson.com NASDAQ: SWHC .Pure Adrenaline from Smith & Wesson. The authentic Military & Police™ . Burn through all the ammunition you want with the new M&P15-22. accessories.S.

I figure as long as I keep buying your book there.30 carbine as a handgun-replacement (“. exactly what it sounds like.626.EQUAL Reliable Feeding Reduced Penetration Excellent for Close Quarter Security Perfect For Civilian Use Are Not Created ALL BULLETS SPEAKOUT informative. but for a good reason. CA The timing of that article was stunningly accurate and gave us all a moment wondering about fate and such. Both can get the job done. If only those men and women had been allowed to have the firearms they had been trained to use — to fight back. C. furious and elating shooting game.30 Carbine Vs. And. like one of Connor’s excellent columns on the Second Amendment. Kudos to Mr. We had that edition to bed long before the shooting occurred at Fort Hood. A group of friends and our fathers would go to the county dump at night to spotlight rats — a fast. “progressive” area. blah.7266 corbon. E... spotters with lights would climb to vantage points and look for rats amid the trash piles. none have provided the laughs yours has. I discovered Handgunner one day in the magazine rack at the busy pharmacy where I work.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . but you know which one is going to stick in your memory. Jan/ Feb 2010) was the most intense I have read in a long.4544 • 800.347.30 Carbine Combo Guns. 16 WWW. our favored tactic was to run and jump after it. I work in a pretty.” Nov/Dec 2009) took me back to an incident of my high school years and a guy who had an M2 carbine. I’m not a subscriber. I think it’s ridiculous to have our military unarmed. Voigtsberger Ventura. It’s like the difference between the “Charlie Brown” teachers (you know . Ayoob and thanks to American Handgunner for providing a platform for his column. RH Premonition? . Kyle Peterson Via e-mail Premier Products from 605. long time. When a rat was spotted. ugh. regardless of their location. It will also provide substantial material for contemplative thought for quite a while. Rats Duke’s article on the . blah. blah”) and the really cool ones. And with them stocking it there.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.com Massad Ayoob’s report of the incident at Fairchild AFB (Ayoob Files. “blah. blah. they’ll keep stocking it there. the first time I’d ever seen a gun book there. maybe some of those “progressives” might pick it up and catch some much-needed education. Shooters would then use handguns and handheld flashlights to try to dispatch the rats.

or wanted to see again! Of course. Since then the procedure for getting a new handgun license is more or less like this: In order to get a permit for a handgun you need to get a health certificate from a doctor saying you are mentally fit to own a handgun. still the media is labeling we gun owners as the bad guys in an effort to justify a flat-out handgun ban. Mark Crampton Via e-mail I’ve been a big fan of the American Handgunner Web site for some time now. M2-guy had a full-auto M2 carbine and a penchant for shooting 30 rounds per trigger pull. Although I enjoy a wide variety of guns. Dad said the visual affects of those tracers rising through the air toward him. was like nothing he had ever seen before. exhilarating! Instead of a handgun like the rest of us. M2-guy was no longer invited to our rat shoots. or the gun emptied. Since he used mil-surp ammo. Like I said.COM 17 More Roy’s BackYard . escaped. and when I saw Editor Huntington asking for feedback for the Web Blast section of the Web site. which means every gun WWW. agree to an interview (more like an interrogation) done by at least two police officers simultaneously. when M2-guy saw a rat run up the trash pile Dad was on. and the effect could be truly spectacular! On one shoot. my Dad was behind us. starting at the bottom of the pile and rising toward Dad! I never knew Dad was so athletic — he did a back-flip off the pile and landed on his feet running. and the gun laws are getting ridiculous as we speak. M2-guy whirled around and cut loose 30 tracers. There’s a lot of political pressure on decision makers to ban all handguns due to two recent school shootings.shooting madly at the beast until it succumbed.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. I particularly like high-end pistols and all the bells and whistles that go with them. be able to prove you have practiced a shooting sport regularly (we’re not allowed to have any guns for self defense). supervised at a shooting club for at least a year (which is near to impossible if you don’t own a gun). bouncing and tumbling after striking the trash pile. Obviously the culprits were deranged and should never had been issued carry permits. I live in Finland. spotting. The only negative thing I have to say about it is you don’t publish enough videos on the site! It’s great fun to watch experts review and test firearms many of us don’t have the opportunity to shoot. and pay a fee of 68 Euros (about $100) per application. I thought I’d drop you guys a line. he also favored tracer rounds.

I sold this gun in the mid 1970s. boylength stock on it. thanks for your many kind words and your update on how bad the situation has gotten in Finland for gun owners. Oh. I have advertised in local newspapers. I believe it’s unique in a number of ways that would make it readily recognizable to any of your readers. We’ll keep the fight going. I’ll bet Patrik might like to chat with some American gun owners so drop him a line if you have time. I thought I might ask you and your impressive magazine for help. The front sight was a target type with an ivory bead. I have been actively searching for this longlost rifle for the past several years in every manner I can think of and after seeing your column today. best guns (Insider. placed cards on gun store bulletin boards. Now it occurs to me to ask you and 18 WWW. My grandfather had the metal plated when he took the gun into a shop to manufacture a new firing pin. searched gun sales online sites and asked numerous gun bloggers to promote my search through their blogs. Relander Via e-mail Patrik.22 LR. I do not know the buyer.SPEAKOUT you want a license for. The rifle I seek is a Model 1915 Stevens Favorite lever action single shot in . I do not remember if any of the other metal components were plated but the lever and frame most distinctively were. I believe it had a round barrel. I wish you guys all the best and keep up the good work! Sincere regards from Finland — an American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine subscriber. Best Guns I really appreciated your column about first.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Jan/ Feb 2010) and reading it today has prompted this email because I no longer have that first and only gun my father gave me several decades ago. A few years ago I decided I wanted to buy this gun back if it could be located. The most recognizable aspect of this rifle is the silvercolored. nickel plated frame and lever. it had a shortened. and there will be lots more from my “backyard” here! RH First. I have been unable to locate any photos of this rifle in my family’s picture boxes and albums to use for further detail examination. after getting married and being caught short of cash days before payday in Northeast Ohio. The metal was not polished to be reflective but has a matte silver color.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . First. Sadly. Patrik H. we promise.

RH Little 1911s Fussy The article regarding Kimber ’s Raptor II pistols (“Birds of Prey. Nate. UT Via e-mail Well you guys. we get standard production pistols from the major makers as test guns. but lacked real world experience with the Ultra Raptor II 45 ACP with the 3" barrel. These malfunctions have occurred with all brands of ammunition.” Put the word out.COM 19 . My son purchased a standard Ultra Carry pistol with the 3" barrel. Their marketing departments simply order production guns at our request. and if we can find it. wrist lock and WWW. I purchased a blued version of this pistol with four extra KimPro magazines for daily carry. If you could find a way to promote my search for this sentimental rifle. Nate McCord. Let me know if you have any success. Ogden. including the Kimber-recommended Federal HydroShok loading. In addition we have experienced non-feeds with the slide locking open. And I know you all understand what that would mean to him. which gets sent to us from the production floor just like any other model would get shipped out.22. The guns all require a very firm hand-hold. Albert L. The problems you have encountered are not unusual for the tiny 1911s.” Jan/Feb 2010) was well written with excellent photographs of the pistols. In the meantime we have reverted to carrying our fullsized 1911s that run 100-percent with just about any type of ammunition. Both of these pistols and the magazines are scheduled to be fine-tuned by a competent gunsmith to see if the reli- ability can be increased where we feel safe carrying them. Best Gun. Chambers Via e-mail Albert. reunited with his little . let’s see if we can help Nate out here and locate his “First. I’ll publish a picture of Nate. My sense suggests the manufacturers do not submit production guns for testing. Each magazine full will result in at least one round failing to feed totally into battery and requires clearing. Both of these pistols are not 100-percent reliable and will not run with and the brand of ammunition we have purchased.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. and they can be easily corrected.American Handgunner magazine for help in locating this little rifle. first off. but rather select their submissions. But there are reasons. I would be deeply indebted.

we are unable to individually answer your letters or e-mail. How’s That? KimPro® Tac-Mag® The ultimate . Their tiny slides simply do not have the mass a full-sized gun has to store energy to cycle the gun reliably on their own.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. e-mail: ed@americanhandgunner. Yonkers. uh … literary license as it were. Dept. So. . 236 One Lawton Street. our test guns run 100-percent because we clean and lube them correctly. Okay. Chuck Via e-mail We took some. compressing it fully. less-lethal inf lammatory agent at 90 MPH that instantly stops an assailant. and all the historical parts are spot-on. such copyright as is required for publishing and redistributing the contents of your letter in any format. 1936! Are these atually letters from Taffin to Huntington? How can this be? Roy Huntington. chambering a round. then allowing it to snap home. “Letters to Roy. call (800) 880-2418 or visit www. it might be close.kimberamerica.. Adjustable sight is included. you agree to provide Publishers Development Corp. maybe Taffin might be. Many shooters simply buy a handgun.com PepperBlaster™ fits most brands of 1911 pistols. Installation takes one minute without tools. Send your letters to Speak out. 12345 World trade Dr. american handgunner. See it in action at www. please send $2 to: Kimber. com. 1933 and April 3. And that premature slidelock? A classic response to a less-firm grip. 20 WWW. John did a stand-up job. The Kimber Custom Shop™ I found these articles to be a great firearms history lesson — but I’m confused.pepperblaster. a box of cheap reloads and go to the range. those guns will run fine. RH AmericAn HAndgunner ® welcomes letters to the editor. use clean. I asked John to “write” me a few letters as if he had been around in those early years and knew those gents. and John Taffin can’t possibly be that old.” in the past three issues) starts with Dear Roy May 2. They are asking for trouble.SPEAKOUT body platform to recoil against.45 ACP magazine for any brand of mil-spec full size or compact 1911. www. good quality ammo and help things along with an extremely firm and stable firing platform (locked wrist. who is the current editor. grips. The articles (Sixgunner. All rights reserved. For more information on Kimber products. Due to the volume of mail. San Diego. done that” — well.. Give it a try and let me know how it works. but surely not Roy? What am I missing? Please explain. RH launches a powerful.com PepperBlaster products not to be sold to minors or where prohibited by law. now that I think of it. This allows the energy of the fired round to cycle the slide fully to the rear to take advantage of the lesspowerful recoil spring. Inc. CA 92128. ©2008 Kimber Mfg.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . elbow and shoulders forward). Stainless steel with Teflon-coated follower. We reserve the right to edit all published letters for clarity and length. they need a rock-solid “wall” to lean against. use good quality ammo and magazines and shoot them properly. As far as John being old enough to have “been there. I think you’ll find if you clean and oil your guns with a good quality lube. Often. performance parts and refinishing in the high-tech KimPro II ® process. magazines.22 LR Conversion Kit offers premium 1911 night sights.com.americanhandgunner. In sending a letter to handgunner. NY 10705. Three quick-change bases.


worn-out elastic waistband of his sleepy-shorts.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . especially if he’s lookin’ up at you through teary eyes. He unconsciously tucked his Beretta 92 into the comfy. he shoulda had every advantage over them.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. dazed. okay? Envision this scene: You’re awakened by a bump in the night. Another acquaintance of mine sorta snorted derisively when I mentioned my Home Defense Rig. not in a box in the closet. maybe tinkling glass. he had the hardware. He ’fessed up afterward. a stiff shot of pepper-snot can restore order and provide entertainment. Stylish? N 22 ow.” Now you have both hands free until you choose to fill one with the right tool for the job. a stout fixed-blade knife rounds out the “necessaries” on a Home Defense Rig. Yeah. How are you at turning doorknobs or switchin’ on lights with your toes? Punchin’ 9-1-1 with your nose? The home Defense Rig A The heart of a Home Defense Rig: A Level III SERPA holster and Xiphos weaponlight.” One pal of mine adds a whippy collapsible baton. Do you have a tactical light? Your cell phone? Now both your hands are full. At the top * WWW. And who cares what you look like to that predator. Simply put. you’d just look prepared and serious. pistol and flashlight in hand. Believe me. The phones are turned off and we allow no distractions. his gun and nearly his life. but resistant to goblin-grabs if you wind up in a high-stakes wrestling match. I can tell you from experience the longer they are un-shot the more convinced they become that you won’t shoot. And you’re packin’ a less-lethal weapon like a PepperBlaster or JPX Jet Protector. away from home. and his eyes still held true shock. and you’re smiling? Better a Silly-Lookin’ Winner than a Dignified Dead Dude. I recommend the practice to you. There’s not enough space in this magazine to thoroughly discuss safety and security from soup to nuts. make notes on weapons. Sometimes they become dangerously stupid. and well armed. Now picture yourself rising again. a securely shackled scumbag is easier to manage. ‘cause I wanna see the Good Guys win. To us. and wound up head-bonked. If they get active with their legs or elbows.22 revolver. we agree. Think of it as a “handgun retention device. we take it seriously. one with a knife. If you do win the first round with an intruder. A short time later he experienced one of those “bumps in the night” and investigated. barebutted an’ gunless at the bottom of the stairs. I questioned a badly wounded citizen who was confronted by two armed attackers. and do “walkthroughs” of threat-response tactics — for around the house. You wouldn’t look silly to me. and others carry TASERs or another form of electro-therapy. His shorts rocketed to his ankles. “I really never imagined it would happen to me. but not the enabling software. even by fellow cops. PITHY OBSERVATIONS & GENERAL EPHUS bout twice a year the Memsaab Helena and I carve time out of our Carnival of Chaos to do a thorough analysis of our safety and security situation.John Connor GUNCRANKDIARIES TM EXCUSES. came wagglin’ over to lick his face. ALIBIS. not just armed intruders. and a big black gunbelt draped with deadly gear — and you’re thinkin’ you’d look silly. considering all threats. Your roscoe rides in a Level II or Level III activeretention holster. driving and working. ammo and accessories. At the hospital I learned why he lost that fight. For Helena and I. I had seen too much of it already. You jump up in your jammies — or in the buff — grab your Bedside Boomer and head for the hallway. he lost his balance. fast. Spare ammo is on your belt. snug-fitting belt you’ve outfitted as sort of a “First Response Tool Chest. To do any less. so let me sound off on just one thing I feel strongly about. You have a strobing light and laser mounted on your gun. The puppy. or to any cop with a room-temp IQ. especially after they’re disarmed. is like buying empty fire extinguishers: meaningless gestures in a game played for lives. And I won’t even mention Pete’s name … Connor OUT. I know what you’re thinkin’: You’re seeing yourself confronting a crook or turning one over to responding officers while wearin’ your faded blue flannel jammie-bottoms with the little sailboats on ’em. you’re better off than you were.” he wheezed. right? You want some options other than 230-grain slugs or empty hands. Back when I was a cop. Restraints are a good idea too — handcuffs or plastic zip-cuffs. because carrying fewer separate tools makes sense. However you equip your belt. this time quickly snapping or buckling on a sturdy. Helena and I spend more time on possible scenarios and our human responses than we do on equipment. the other with an old Iver Johnson . who had knocked over a potted plant on a stand. The way the goblins fumbled the first part of the encounter. By that point in my life I wasn’t surprised he had gone through the motions of “being prepared” while really being completely unprepared. and I tried not to laugh. of his staircase. We talk. Our citizen-victim was a legal concealed-carrier. by BLACKHAWK!. he needed a hand free to unlatch the puppy-gate. Now that’s silly. He never even cleared leather. though you also have a backup tac-light on your belt — right there by your cell-phone.

pistol and poison dart frog shown actual size the potent p238 SUBCoMpACt Reliable and accurate.sigsauer. when it comes to self-defense. www. Nature proves.More pint-size protection than a POISON DART FROG. size doesn’t matter.com/p238 . with all-metal construction.

375 JDJ came about simply because the . With a 1" in 9" twist it handled 45 though 77 grain bullets quite well. Recently.204 Ruger and the .480 Ruger. so necking the .45-70 opened up.222 Remington. . Next was the .475 JDJ for lighter game in the deer/black bear category. Left to right: The . Many bullets were developed for it and now the 400 grain .222 JDJ Magnum. high velocity has again become the rage. Take for example the .204 Ruger and its lightweight bullets at super velocities which.com and click on Web Blast to see a comprehensive loading chart for the . Unfortunately the Contender won’t handle cartridges such as the . which no factory . C * Go to www. I still like it though. Often the final result is far from the original concept. trajectory or power to do what I wanted it to do. And because of wildcatting.223 or 5. The .222 Magnum — just a little longer case with a long neck.. Then came the bitching about wind drift and poor penetration.222 Mag JDJ.45 caliber? After shooting a lot of Asian buffalo with them I thought I saw a tiny bit of edge to the larger diameter bullet. . That project ended up being the world-wide big game handgun hunters caliber of choice for a lot of years. But unfortunately. At that time the platform was a Contender and both gave a 500-grainer about 1.22-250 wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the wildcatters. and that’s the performance varminters wanted.475 Linebaugh revolver cartridge. with the case reformed to handle .308 ballistics safely in a Contender.22-250 in performance with some loads.475 revolver bullets work exceptionally well at the higher velocities of the . Maybe for more. or less performance — or just for the fun of it.475 on animals.22-250. Or. which are now common. The . The JDJ round chases the . any years ago the . Even the WSM cartridges evolved from wildcats. we now have the . .458 and 500 grain . .22-250.20 tactical.309 JDJ.56 and one of the greatest success stories ever.223. which comes very close to duplicating . It also wasn’t always that way.222 Magnum case necked down a bit and it worked fine in the Contender.200 fps with some loads).475" diameter bullets. I wanted to find out if there was any real difference between a 500 grain .J.D. keeping .222 Mag/.444 Marlin to .475 JDJ which is simply a full length . Further modifications resulted in the . Eventually this case was shortened to become the . but shootable in the Contender.americanhandgunner.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 24 . .222 Rem Mag.22-250.222 JDJ Magnum ommercially first in the line was the . WWW. But it still wasn’t a .375 and putting it in a Contender was a simple enough matter. lo and behold.30-’03 (predecessor of the . due to their slow twist rate.222 Rem. Jones HANDGUNHUNTING TIPS.22-250 will do.22 caliber and found in a Contender it was on the heels ballistically of the .30-’06) spawned a great number of cartridges. Did it work better than the .223 is a fine cartridge in the Contender and with the right twist barrel will easily handle the 75-77 grain bullets very well. but not enough I could say definitely.308.222 JDJ Magnum and a good competitor for the . both wildcat and factory. you may have an idea and with the proper expenditure of dollars you can find out if it’s worthwhile — or not. but it certainly isn’t a . Rounds like the . the Contender will not take the . Along came the .204 shoulder forward and changed it to 60 degrees. was merely the . TECHNIQUES AND POLITICALINCORRECTNESS Evolution M Wildcatting W hy “wildcat” or shoot a wildcat cartridge when there are hundreds of factory cartridges to choose from? Performance is one answer. Developing the loads that gave the power without gun damage after thousands of shots was a lengthy process. Simply necking the . and is still hugely successful.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.44 Magnum didn’t have the accuracy.22250 (I’m getting upwards of 3..22-250. I moved the . Often the wildcat does offer a true value to the shooter. For practical purposes velocity with the same weight bullets are almost identical. Next it was further shortened to become the .600 fps.444 to .30 became the . Wildcatters took bullet diameter up and down.

lesbaer. Each and every one of those fifty-three parts is produced on the finest CNC machining centers available to guarantee absolute precision. all guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA. Several sporting and law enforcement models available. hammers and triggers. Then there’s the other half of the equation: Hand fitting and assembly by skilled artisans. www.com .204 Ruger and new 6. 1804 Iowa Drive • LeClaire. Each of our master gunsmiths carefully files.com Looking for a superior semi-auto rifle on a par with our 1911 pistols? Prepare to be amazed by Les Baer Ultimate AR Rifles in . from the all-important foundation components including frames.5 Grendel. we start with the very best parts machined from the finest materials.What’s the secret to making the finest custom 1911’s in the world? There are two of them. really. slides and barrels to the smaller parts that ensure unmatched accuracy and perfect function such as sights. First. safeties. hones.223. exquisitely built and tuned custom 1911 that fulfills our promise of delivering the most breathtaking out-of-thebox accuracy and the most reliable operation in the world. Iowa 52753 Ph: 563-289-2126 • Fx: 563-289-2132 Office Hours: 9am-5pm Central Time Email: info@lesbaer. . fits and finishes with his own two hands all fifty-three of those parts into a perfectly fit. consistency and superior quality.

more bullet moulds. If you are at a gun show.00 grade point average to graduate and you had a 2.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. I forgot I had this!” … If you find yourself saying. If the college you attended mandated a student have a minimum 2. if your TV has never played any game involving any of the above mentioned balls and you only have a fuzzy idea as to what a Super Bowl is but your DVD Library contains movies like Quigley Down Under and Band of Brothers then you are looking like good gun’riter material. and You Know You’re A Gun’Riter If .COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .000 rounds of . “Hey. powder. Likewise. Sure! Right! Dream on! Being a fan of Jeff’s Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck if …” comedy routines. If during college you didn’t buy the prescribed school books and instead spent the money on gun magazines. If in college you majored in journalism although you seldom read a newspaper. powder and primers — you may be gun’riter material. then it is likely you have been a gun’riter for If your desk is cluttered a long. baseball. then you long? may already be a gun’riter! T If You’ve Ever … * 26 WWW.Mike “Duke” Venturino SHOOTINGIRON TM Photos: Yvonne Venturino THUMB BUSTIN’ MUSINGS FROM THE DUKE any times I’ve been asked by other “gun guys” if I thought they might be “gun’riter material. then you’re shaping up to be good gun’riter material. tennis. gun’riting is probably in your blood. Ball Games? f you have never had any trouble remembering your wife’s birthday or your wedding anniversary because your mind is practiced at remembering numbers because since your early teens you have memorized calibers. after all. long time. or shooting match and loudly pronounce to your companions you have all the guns you have ever wanted and then a few minutes later they catch you shelling out money for a new gun.308 isn’t enough!” … When you honestly think reading 35 year old GUNS Magazines — you bought on the newsstand 35 years before — is a really fun way to spend an evening … When you move you need to hire a 28 foot Penske truck just to haul your ammo … If your desk is cluttered with hundreds of bullets and cartridges that you “need for photo props. with hundreds of bullets and cartridges that are used Maybe too as photo props. That’s especially true if over the next 30 or so years you never let her forget the sacrifice you made for her. If your folks bribed you into going to the senior prom with the loan of their car and some cash but then you took your date home immediately after the dance and then drove to the nearest city with a gun store so you could spend the money on bullet moulds. golf. and primers..” Mostly they mistakenly believe writing a few articles insures them free hunts to the “Three big As. then you were probably heading down the gun’riter career road from the very beginning. and your friends still chide you for being an overachiever. then you are most cerShelling out money tainly gun’riter material. then you are getting close to becoming a gun’riter. along with their shape. Australia or Alaska. bullet mould numbers and so forth. 5. M If you would rather be casting bullets while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl then you are probably good gun’riter material. I hought having 200 pounds of pig lead ingots on the dining room floor is a good idea … If you’ve ever been excited buying a gun at a gun show and when you get home you see you already have one in your safe … You find yourself digging deep into your gun safe (safes?) and regularly saying. gun store. If you met the perfect girl and decided to get married but had to sell some guns to afford traveling to your own wedding. basketball. I’ve decided to paraphrase him so you can judge yourself as to whether you are gun’riter material. If a dinner conversation with a table full of friends centers around the number of grease grooves on your favorite cast bullets. but likely good gun’riter material.10 average.” then it’s likely you are a gun’riter and a pretty good one. And lastly. If you have absolutely no interest in any games that involve balls — football. then you may be gun’riter material. soccer. you may be a boring individual. ping pong or whatever — you have the gun’riter spirit. if your last thoughts at night before you fall asleep are about the shape of the next cast bullet you want to design and not about your wife’s shape. powder charges. “But honey. Not to mention all the free guns and accessories that go with the big bucks gun’riters make.” That is Africa.. alloy temper and sizing diameters.


and I especially like the big ones. Carrying is no issue for me. Dave Williams/Springfield. the Jason Burton gun is as special as it’s very well done. Hands-down. and why. Jason Burton.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .americanhandgunner.38/.com/productindex. When I teach I use the Springfield because of the rail and its usefulness in the low-light terminator tactical runs. the smaller gun has a bobbed hammer spur and the sights are the fixed kind. more often favoring six simply because applying the system under duress I think I might dump some live ammunition by accident. I have and carry. Most people simply go to the range and shoot. and the Baer guns are a soft spot for me as the Baer shop has made going on 5. If a backup gun is carried I think it should be shot every time you go to the range. but I generally hold the opened cylinder revolver in the left hand and load with the right hand. 327 . Luke Volkmann and a Wilson Combat. the 327 is the 8-shot revolver chambered in .357 8-shot speed loaders because they are better than the cheesy moon things for the 8-shot guns. We’re not always marvelous under stress. eh? Clint feels transitioning from wheelguns to autos and back again is simply a matter of practice — simply do it. but not all at once (or not all at once most of the time) a Les Baer. Knowing one has a different kind of trigger. mostly so I remember it’s in place. and I never feel under-armed if I carry one. the key is quality Back ForTh grew up with revolvers and even though everyone tells me they are archaic I still like shooting them. I carry the . A reader asked if I had trouble going from one type of action to the other so I thought I might give you an idea of what I carry. and the gold dot front sight is J-B Welded into the slot to keep the thing from falling out in active use. In the revolver mode I carry three to six speed loaders. and most people don’t train as much as they declare they do. and are supported by at least three to six magazines depending on. you actually should practice loading with both hands. and if I have any issues transitioning from auto to revolver — and back again. Qualifications are not training. ThE rEvolvEr aNd Nowadays I carry a S&W 325 and/or Model 327 revolver. you simply need to train to your gun at hand. the 325 is a 4" barreled gun made up from the Performance Center with no hammer spur and the trigger only works in DA mode. training is another category to develop. nurture and acquire skills. Shooting is like qualifications for cops.45 ACP gun made up as the thunder Ranch Special. but much of this is over-engineered. I don’t know what reasons.html 28 WWW. Clint uses the “PushPull” of both hands when possible to help stabilize and control the gun.45 ACP Mdl. And therein lies the rub. loadING/SParE ammuNITIoN I always carry spare ammo on both sides of the body in pouches or in both front pockets — just in case.357 Magnum Five Shot Leather IWB holSTErS Rosen IWB rig I use a Milt Sparks and consistency. S&W 325 Thunder Ranch . well. I ThE TraNSITIoN I don’t have a problem transitioning since I shoot both kinds of guns almost everyday. I can’t say the concept is good for everyone. and is carried in full moon clips mode with spare ammo the same. 55BN model of a Bruce Nelson IWB design and I have done so most of the last 30 years. I see no problem for the shooter other than staying current. I transition from one type to another because I can. Both types are basically carried in Summer Special holsters and the only other option is an ankle holster for the revolver. they are quals to punch an administrative ticket. I’ve used this style of holster more than any other type in my whole shooting career.357 calibers which I use in two formats: a 5" barrel and a smaller 2" version I use as an ankle or pocket gun. Understanding the difference between shooting and training might be more important than whether I carry a semiauto or a revolver.38/. Both types of guns are viable tools in the hands of trained people. the 325 is a six-shot . For holsters. then again not everyone trains. TraNSITIoN WhY? * For more info: www. I like revolvers.000 thunder Ranch 1911s. the semiauto reloads with the left hand and a revolver could be loaded with either. I try to shoot a cylinder or two through the back-up gun each time I go.Clint Smith REALITYCHECK ThE PISTol TM FIRST-PERSON THOUGHTS ON SURVIVING IN THE REAL WORLD Five Shot 327 ankle rig Spark’s Summer Special The hold is the same for auto or revolver. John Ralston of Five Shot Leather makes my newest custom holsters. with the exception of a few real special Mitch Rosen rigs. and it’s most often a back-up gun.38/.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. the Luke Volkmann 1911 is on my nightstand with its X300 light. the adjustable sight is replaced by a fixed rear. up front I carry the 1911 full-sized gun. I have both rail and non-rail versions that are carried strong side.


in order to create match grade performance. If you are simply looking for a ten. when at rest. And it needs to be perfectly fitted to eliminate all barrel movement when your pistol is in battery. If the trigger block arm is too long it will have to be precisely fitted for safety. A drop-in must be loose enough to drop into all or most of the 1911s out there. but you must understand what a true match barrel is before spending those Ben Franklins. D Use Your Brain A definite “danger zone” when it comes to drop-in bits. rings and scopes. but I would speculate the dropin 1911 pistol grip safety is one of the top selling drop-in parts for any handgun. Drop-in grip safeties like the one shown will cut down on hammer bite from a long spur hammer. the loose tolerance translates to vertical stringing and misses on the target. but I find them big and bulky. There are others. magazine wells. I have no love for drop-in parts for either pistols or revolvers.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . However. so be very careful when installing this important part. but the gunsmiths will really appreciate working with those new.” Be careful out there. but if it’s too short the safety will not work and will have to be welded and re-cut for proper fit. It’s the outside dimensions that need to be fit. A drop-in thumb safety is where you will really get into trouble. The bore is not tighter nor is the chamber any different than a regular barrel.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. functional Brown high rise grip safety. so it will never be able to give you the true match-grade accuracy shooters demand. The “money saving” drop-in will end up burning up all the money you believe you initially saved. To fine-tune the pull will cost another $85 to $150. has an arm blocking the rear of the 1911 trigger bow keeping it from contacting and disconnecting the sear from the hammer. etc.or 20-percent better trigger the drop-in kits could be your cookie. * 30 WWW. If you “install” a drop-in safety. but as many of you have found out they are not exactly drop-ins. even spring kits can get the novice in dangerous trouble if he does not understand the mechanics and geometry of the internal works. The grip safety. pull the trigger without pushing the grip safety in and watch the hammer. disconnector. as a custom pistolsmith. If the hammer moves even the slightest the grip safety is not doing its job and will have to be properly fitted by a competent gunsmith. When the safety is squeezed. A drop-in match barrel will have only slightly oversize external dimensions and will make the barrel lock up only “somewhat” tighter in battery. Items such as some models of laser sights. But even the mag wells need to be blended and fitted to the edges of the magazine opening so just be careful how you spend your money on anything with the prefix “drop-in. To test proper operation of your grip safety. A true match barrel internally is nothing more than a quality standard “run of the mill” barrel with internal dimensions cut to SAAMI specs. conduct a check to make sure it’s working. After installation push the safety into the safe position and pull the trigger. DROP-IN PARTS Myth Or Magic? R ight up front I have to tell you. Read Alex’s article to find out what that test is. don’t hurt yourself and know when the job is beyond your skill level. hammer and sear.PISTOLSMITHING Alex Hamilton THE INSIDE SCOOP ON PISTOLSMITHING TECHNIQUES A neatly fitted grip safety can be a thing of beauty and highly functional. If the bushing is so loose you can turn it with your fingers. high quality parts. scope mounts. with the exception of a spring kit or two. Match Or NOt? rop-in match barrels for the 1911 are a very popular item. One excellent attribute of drop-ins is they allow you to save a little money and help you sorta personalize your pistol with some minor gunsmithing. the trigger block arm moves up and away from the trigger bow allowing the trigger to push the sear off the hammer. I am a huge fan of a properly installed. Just guessing here. You will pay around $160 for the parts and will more than likely end up taking your pistol to a quality gunsmith to get the creep out and sharpen the pull. If you see the hammer move or after the safety is pushed off the trigger feels lighter you have a serious safety problem and will have to take your gat to a competent gunsmith for fixing. graceful. The same facts apply to drop-in “match” bushings. But always be sure there is a real life gunsmith close by who can get you out of trouble. are usually a safe bet. There are many drop-in parts you can install without creating a safety problem or extra expense. but always be careful in this area if you flunked geometry. D rop-in trigger jobs are sold by a number of companies and normally include a lighter sear spring.


clipping and saving old gun articles for nearly 50 years.45 sixguns simply shoot gas check bullets more accurately than plain base bullets.5 grains of Unique achieves the same muzzle velocity.401 PowerMag and .” And that’s it. If I had only one bullet mold for the . That article dates back to 1943 and simply says he is getting excellent results with the . #431244 and #452490. If you have a sixgun that simply won’t shoot well. plus eliminating of leading when using hot loads.575 fps depending upon barrel length. I have to disagree with Keith on this point.44 Special.45 Auto Rim and .357 Magnum and many . backed by 21. is in the 1958 Lyman Handbook of Cast Bullets.45 Colt) almost to a man used bullets designed by Elmer Keith and/or Ray Thompson. Many raY ThomPSoN: BullET GENIuS of these articles came from issues of the American Rifleman from the 1920s through the 1950s. no matter what you use them for.45 Auto Rim making clean kills at 100 yards on coyotes using armrests from top of car. however he either knew little about his father or Ray Thompson’s decided not to share it. Elmer Keith is certainly the best known. or both. Bullet 452490 I have never really tried out.45 Colt.500 fps in an 83/8" Smith & Wesson. My friend Terry Murbach located Thompson’s son in Ohio several years ago. I mostly load it with 14.357 Magnum bullet is one of the very few cast bullets I have found to shoot well in both a sixgun and companion levergun.38 Special case. Hensley & Gibbs.41 Magnum.44 and . Ray Thompson designed four gas-check bullets for Lyman. In fact we can find a mountain of information about him both biographical and autobiographical. With 22. #431215. Trying to find much about him is like trying to catch smoke with a teaspoon. who patented the gas check in 1906.44 Magnum.0 grains of #2400 which gives 1. but shooters down in Texas wrote me it was just what the doctor ordered for their Model 1950 S&W .John Taffin HANDLOADING SAGE ADVICE FROM THE HANDLOADING GURUS I n the middle years of the 20th century big bore sixgunners (those shooting revolvers chambered in . which are copper cups fitted on the base of the bullet. The late Al Barr wrote that he had 11 consecutive shots in less than a 2" sure call at 50 yards using armrests.357 Magnum. or leads up.45 Auto Rim or the . They are #358156. with excellent accuracy both at long range and target.401 Boser. He did not originate the idea of gas checks. superb .475-1. the 255 grain #431244 will do 1. however the two .45 Auto Rim. give Thompson’s gas check bullets a try.357 Magic hompson’s .44 bullets: Elmer Keith’s 250 grain SWC compared to Ray Thompson’s 255 grain #431244GC.38/. almost necessary for full power loads in the . Lyman. In all of those articles I have only found one reference to Ray Thompson the man. Of the two men mentioned. as I find gas check bullets very useful in sixguns.357 Magnum it would be Thompson’s #358156.45 bullet in the . The concept became Lyman’s.300 fps muzzle velocity in a 43/4" Single Action and nearly T 1. The most information available. this was also Skeeter Skeleton’s favorite . They are Two classic . This bullet proved to have superior accuracy. The 1958 Lyman Handbook of Cast Bullets also contains Thompson’s thoughts on his bullets: “I designed these bullets with gas checks primarily for the elimination of leading in Magnum loads. All are still offered by Lyman.5 grains in old-style cases with this bullet in hollow-point style.0 grains of #2400 in the . so it was simply a matter of shooters either buying factory ammunition or casting their own bullets. allowing more powder space using 2400 powder for Magnum loads in heavy-duty guns. Elmer Keith had no use for gas check bullets in sixguns and was blunt about it. I have been collecting.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . both from the practical and theoretical sides. Keith Wrong? T hompson’s great contribution is the gas-check bullet. * 32 WWW.” Thompson’s #452490GC is an excellent bullet for use in the . . .357 Magnum and the second groove for crimping the .44 Magnum. .44 Special the lighter 220 grain #431215 over 8. Using these gas check bullets one can’t go wrong. Bullet 358156 is designed with two crimping grooves — the first groove for use in crimping the . Bullet 431215 is a high speed bullet for long-range shooting. . a wildcat cartridge which pre-dated the . bear and timber wolves. We do know the gas checked design goes back to the early 1900s. Thompson is just the opposite.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. at least which I have found.44 bullets have had the 431 replaced by 429 in their nomenclature. Jacketed bullets were not generally available to reloaders until well into the 1970s. and for the . Bullet 431244 is the bullet I use on game such as boar.357 bullet. This is all it says: “Ray Thompson knows a handgun well. His work as a Forest Ranger gives him ample opportunity to test his bullets on game as well as the time to solve designing and loading problems. SAECO and other mold manufacturers did a brisk business keeping sixgunners shooting.

     START YOUR OWN BULLET FACTORY.leeprecision. Recycle scrap wheel weights.00 for your catalog full of reloading bargains www. of metal Lee Molds are available in the most popular shapes and are CNC machined for accurate size control—and in most cases can be used without sizing Send $1.com Lee Precision. Dept 453 4275 Highway U  Hartford WI 53027 . Lee Precision Melter 500 watt. Casting bullets saves money and no one saves you more than Lee. shooting range lead. energy saving design takes less than 15 minutes to melt 4 lbs. Inc. for about $80 retail.   Cast your own bullets and be assured of a reliable supply. even lead pipe and flashing— Recycle and save. A Lee Bullet Mold. Ladle and bottle of Lee Liquid Alox Lube are all you need to start your own bullet factory. Melter.

He has brought the only gun to which he has ready access. They see movement inside the home. Terry tries to dial it. It’s Sunday. There’s no time for the seemingly useless cell phone anymore. and you’re armed with only a small single-shot firearm. It’s a troubling sight. If this man has the bag. but from past experience he knows it will likely take half an hour for the first sheriff’s deputy to reach this rural place. Osborn arrives with his son Jason. Terry asks if Guy can meet him at the end of the driveway.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Terry reaches for his cell and dials the number of Guy Osborn. and he has given various friends a blanket invitation to fish. drives home alone from church to his ranch in southern Smith County outside of Tyler. he must also have the guns. He’s holding an overnight bag. it’s his. a single small-bore shot is enough if you put it in just the right place at just the right time. Contact Terry can now see the back door of his house is open. break-open . Graham snaps a warning to the Osborns that he may have a gun. It would be embarrassing all around to call the cops only to find an unexpected friend. Terry recognizes the bag instantly. 17. Guy’s car and Terry’s move up the driveway until they’re near the house where they park and continue on foot. lessons: No one can be expected to outrun an onrushing automobile. obviously. the man reaches into the bag. It’s a single shot. noonish. Guy doesn’t know anyone with a white Ford Taurus either. who lives nearby. Texas. Continued on page 78 34 WWW. Terry’s home has been burgled before. Instead. Besides. of course. and he knows he keeps it in his bedroom beside two loaded handguns. He reaches into the gun bag and accelerates his car toward you . but can’t get through. maybe thirty-something — appears in the doorway. remembering the past burglaries — he asks Guy to bring a gun. and the one shell it contains is marked Winchester.massad ayoob The homeowner and The Burglar: The graham/ChamBers shooTing situation: You come home to find a burglar leaving your house holding what you believe is a bag of your loaded guns. And — almost as an afterthought.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. The phone’s internal records will later show why: he has accidentally punched 119 instead. He considers calling 911. The most righteous shooting can be twisted against the shooter … and sometimes. it’s time for 911. a New England Firearms single-barrel. swim and picnic there. #7 birdshot. a man approaching his senior citizen years. there’s a pond on his property. Suddenly a stranger — an average-size white guy. Soon.. and Terry Graham. 2007. Terry realizes. February 18. he comes to a stop: there is an unfamiliar Ford Taurus parked near the back door. his ranch foreman.. Terry Graham shouts at the man to put his hands up and get down. Now.410 shotgun. As he pulls into the long driveway leading to his house.


The trigger pull on the Eagle measures 7 pounds. the 1911-A1 and the Hawk. All the controls are on the left side.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . The sights are excellent. 998 fps and CCI Blazers with the 200 JHP at 964 fps and the 230 FMJ at 892 fps. two of which are named The Eagle and The Hawk. It was test-fired with nine different loads with five shot groups at 20 yards running from 13/8" to 23/4". that is. I requested and received all three versions: Eagle. The Eagle retails for $657 in high polish blue and $625 for the matte finish. Very little has been heard from Iver Johnson in recent years. and with a little measuring they easily discovered the dovetail slot on the frame was not the right size for the male counterpart on the bottom of each rear sight. they slid right out of the dovetail. The Iver Johnson . Mike and Tom at Buckhorn. This is not a major problem and easily fixed. The Eagle. fed everything flawlessly and shot well with more than typical accuracy. I took them to my gunsmiths. with a fully adjustable rear sight mated up with a post front sight. larger diameter. Hawk and 1911-A1. however they are now part of the 1911 scene importing semiautos from the Philippines. the Eagle. ranging from 63/4 to 8 pounds. one with a matte finish and the other high polish blue and my test gun is the latter.TAFFINTESTS John Taffin This trio of Taffin’s grandsons like to help Grandpa and he is doing his part to introduce the young ones to shooting. respectfully. as the other two test versions. elevation adjustment screw for the rear sight on the Eagle. Both the trigger and hammer are skeletonized. I was told it would be fixed on production models. I had their 71/2" Target Model Buckhorn in . Someone at Iver Johnson must also be a fan of old movies as they are now offering 1911s. Both rear sights. The safety is very easy to T Continued on page 85 36 WWW. adjustable on the Eagle and fixed combat style on the Hawk. My all-time o Taffin chose a pair of Leather Arsenal inside-the-pants holsters and the latest paddle holster from Safariland. but nonetheless. the slide release and thumb safety are both of the extended style. They now work perfectly! work and the magazine drops easily when the magazine release button is pushed. Superb group fired with the Iver Johnson . All three of these were pre-production test guns so it was not surprising to find a problem or two. The most accurate factory loads were the Black Hills 230 FMJ at 825 fps.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. All three have trigger pulls which are way too heavy for my tastes. Differences he Eagle starts as a basic 1911 and comes in two versions. Both are serrated and the rear sight slopes to the rear while the front sight slopes to the front. were fitted into dovetails. Back in the 1970s they were also importing Uberti Cattleman SA revolvers. The major problem was with the sights. Iver Johnson has been around since 1883 and has been mostly known for low-cost. DA revolvers.357 Magnum and it was an excellent shooter. Cor-Bon’s 200 JHP+P.45s are equipped with excellent factory grips. The first time each gun was fired the rear sights came off. GEAR AND MORE Attention-Getting Affordable 1911s Top left clockwise. The problem was not the quality of the sights nor the style but rather how they were affixed to the Eagle and Hawk. They did some welding on the dovetail slot to obtain a proper fit and also made a new. along with a 1911-A1.45 Eagle. Are you? THE SIXGUNNER HIMSELF: GUNS. Iver Johnson’s eagle and hawk ne of my favorite old western movies is from 1950 and is entitled The Eagle and the Hawk with John Payne as the hero and the excellent character actor Thomas Gomez as the Hawk.

com or call: 800-328-6156 . Utilize “paste remembers layers” to mainta the layer names. easy-to-see chartreuse rings providing ® you with instant feedback and eliminating the need to use binoculars or walk downrange. This revolutionary technology has made Shoot•N•C® the #1 reactive target worldwide! • ADHESIVE BACKING makes targets easy to put up • REPAIR PASTERS cover bullet holes extending target life • USE INDOORS OR OUT • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF DESIGNS TARGETS For a free sample and catalog visit birchwoodcasey. bullet holes explode in bright. W ith Shoot•N•C Targets.Paste using Command-F to place in the same position.

The best of these units amplify lowlevel sound. Mine will continue to be part of my on-duty kit as well as part of my range gear. Go with the former type. On patrol. You’d pull the muff cup away from your ear to hear a student/officer’s question. He was not as lucky. OPINION AND FACTS FROM THE MEAN STREETS an Francisco cop Bill Langlois was most famous for his work as a decoy “victim” for muggers. Over the years. and a SWAT cop would let go with his . such as 70 decibels or so — about what you’d hear with . I prefer mine binaural.) The officer had been firing . The shooting went down in an apartment building’s stairwell as Langlois confronted a gunman who had opened fire on other officers and was now coming up on him with a handgun. Stereo means you hear the same sound equally in each ear and it sounds as if it’s in the middle of your head. The cheapest of them let you hear better than you could through old-fashioned passive muffs or plugs. This model. You can’t tell where the sound actually came from. preserving both hearing and firing line careers. but reduce high-decibel noises. In the 1980s.COPTALK Massad Ayoob The Pro Ears Gold unit is a top-of-the-line active hearing protection unit. I fired twice more at him until he was still. unassisted human hearing would miss. while the high tech reducers bring the loudest possible noise down to a manageable level. Binaural means directional: you can tell where the sound came from.223? No problem. I saw the orange light of muzzle flash and my training kicked in. As I watched. Wrote Langlois. there have been range accidents where amplified muffs would have allowed an instructor to hear the sound of someone fooling with a recalcitrant gun just before it negligently discharged. they said they had been convinced there was a need to fill there. ac teams used to use active muffs on operations more than ever now. However. My bullet pierced his face just under his right eye and he went down solidly into the staircase … he lay crumpled on the bottom stairs. I have problems with the hearing in my left ear to this day as a result. active muffs kept the SWAT guys from suffering the same hearing stun as the suspects did from flash-bangs. sadly. Give it some thought. Hearing aids were practically standard issue for retired rangemasters.38 wadcutter loads through regular muffs. and some of the lost hearing wouldn’t come back. or the sound of a struggling shooter muttering “damn thing” or something like that. because they were aware of many cases where police officers had gone out on disability due to hearing loss from gunfire in the line of duty. I think they’re a must for firearms instructors. Deer hit by car has to be euthanized with department issue . Building search or manhunt in the woods? My old Gentex 1030A Wolf Ears let me hear tiny sounds that perfect.” (Langlois.com/productindex. “We ended up firing simultaneously. I’ve long kept active muffs in my car. pages 239-240. The report of two guns going off in the enclosed space of a concrete stairwell had been like a bomb detonating just inches away. You see less of that today because of the better ear protection developed over the years. Surviving the Age of Fear (WRS Publishing. though similar technology can be integrated with the helmets themselves. but cut out their amplification when hit by a sound wave.html WWW. that can literally mean life and death. ballistic helmets are in vogue.americanhandgunner. Your ears would ring for a few more days. nor the last. The cutouts simply take a certain number of dBs off the top of the given sound. “My ears were ringing. DuTy use T * For more info: www. is no longer manufactured. Active Hearing Protection For Police Active Hearing Protection ctive hearing protection has been available for decades. when headgear was often a ball cap or stocking cap. leading to over 250 felony arrests. but there are lots of good active muffs on the market today. the man’s bullet was already past me. his body appeared to turn and when his gun started to come up again.” Continued Langlois. Waco. Active muffs have prevented that. Some years ago at a SureFire conference where the firm introduced its then-new line of sound suppressors for tactical firearms. Don’t skimp when it comes to your hearing.357 Magnum fire in a narrow concrete stairwell would cause no more problem than target loads on an indoor range with regular muffs on through the Wolf Ears. rather than stereo. Today. in my experience. Some of the old heads here can remember when the mark of a longtime police firearms instructor was raised voices and hands cupped behind ears.357 Magnum ammunition. telling me that if I had lived to see that. 1993). A S Police chief Rich Eddington wears Dillon active muffs as he shoots the Illinois State IDPA championship with Glock 34. worn in a Hoyt breakfront holster. because deafness was the occupational hazard.308 a few feet away on the firing line. Yet Bill Langlois’ volley of . like a good headphone system for music. This hero cop was not the first one to suffer permanent hearing damage from a line of duty shooting. indicate his uniform duty weapon was a 6" S&W revolver.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. his one fatal shooting in the line of duty occurred when he was working uniformed patrol. Pictures in his outstanding autobiography with John O’Connor.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 38 . and that precludes conventional active muffs. TX. and tactically.

com For information on products and dealer locations please send $2 to: Kimber. NY 10705 Information is also available at (800) 880-2418 The Choice of America’s Best.The Team Match II™ is chambered in both ..kimberamerica. USA Shooting Team logo grips.45 ACP & 9mm. The Choice of the USA Shooting Team. products and services may be the property of their respective owners. ambidextrous thumb safety & Premium Aluminum Trigger™ that breaks clean at 4-5 pounds. Copy of instruction manual available by request. All rights reserved. 278 One Lawton Street. Inc. ©2010 Kimber Mfg. . Heavy Medal Kimber. Dept. Team Match II pistols feature an adjustable sight with positive steel-on-steel clicks for match-winning accuracy. Names of other companies. Yonkers. Slide & frame are machined from stainless steel to exacting dimensions. www. beavertail grip safety & extended magazine well have a striking appearance and speed operation. 30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering. Kimber names. Kimber firearms are shipped with an instructional manual and California-approved cable lock. logos and other trademarks may not be used without permission.

the structure won’t last very long.” When I returned.” Not wanting to crush his buzz. It’s a lot like Christmas morning only I’m lucky. Some are referred to me by friends and readers. the Sharkskin Combat Slide is the holster for you — many guns = one holster. but I do my best. More Than I expecTed I sharkskin T The Combat Slide and matching mag pouch held a Thunder Ranch special easily. Ian and I traded e-mails and phone calls for a few days and decided to showcase two totally different styles of holsters.CARRYOPTIONS Sammy Reese FROM CLASSICS TO CUTTING EDGE IN CARRY METHODS The Executive Classic and belt combo shows topquality workmanship.html * 40 WWW. the Kahr P45 (shameless plug).COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Aftertold meloghadn’t received the holsters. can’t seem to find it right now. Others track me down here at the FMG puzzle palace. I’m introduced to one or two new holster makers. also known as the world headquarters. I chose tan for this rig because it’s my favorite color at the moment. the package had been found and all was right in the world. If it’s solid and properly designed.” My first question is always “What kind of belt are you using?” I look at the belt like the foundation of a house. I wrote about my current favorite being simple tan leather holsters. ’m always excited when I open packages containing holsters. the Almost Wasn’t package wasn’t delivered here. I get calls from time to time about how certain holsters “don’t work. The “supervisor” of the shipping and receiving department was just a little bit high when we spoke (I’m a retired cop I know these things). I suppose. few weeks had gone by and I A fter atwo Idays prior. If it’s made from poor material and not designed to carry the weight of the rest of the house. My first attempt to find the package at the guitar manufacturing plant was frustrating. Often they are surprised I answer my own phone. Commander length Comanche and Officers model all rode comfortably in the Combat Slide. We are both 1911 fans and I told him of my newest carry gun. Looking at and wearing the black sharkskin rig has caused me to change my mind some. but I’m glad our paths crossed. IHL got this one right. And. IHL has been around since 1994 making concealment holsters and cowboy rigs. Thunder Ranch Special. If you’re as picky about your belts and holsters as I am. and it was accompanied by a vertical single carrier and a gunfighter belt. you won’t be disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of the IHL products. I’ll have to check around. The Gunfighter belt is designed from the ground up for the purpose of supporting holsters and magazine carriers. For more info: www.com/productindex. If you have an addiction to the 1911 in all its shapes and sizes. I told him I would be back in an hour “dude. You can read the feature I wrote about the gun in the latest American Handgunner Tactical Special Edition (another shameless plug). They may not be new to making holsters or working with leather. The Kahr isn’t very heavy to begin with. the 1½" belt slots work best for me since I wear jeans almost everyday. He the package showed delivered some checking. it happens many times throughout the year. since the bottom of the holster is open. they are just new to me. “Dude.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. The Holster for the Kahr P45 is called the Executive Classic. Who can blame him? It’s a pretty long commute from Missouri.americanhandgunner. USPS was contacted by Ian and the investigation concluded the package was delivered to the building across the street. The coluMn ThaT alMosT Wasn’T InTernaTIonal handgun leaTher O n a monthly basis. The helicopter pad on the roof makes it difficult to hear the ringer sometimes. but it rode comfortably all day in the Executive Classic. The holster and mag carrier are beautiful to look at and functional as well. I always stress the belt is the most important part of the concealed carry system. the house will last for years. Roy prefers to fly into the office rather than drive these days. all steel. he sharkskin Combat Slide and accompanying sharkskin vertical carrier are designed to accept 1911 style pistols from 3-5" and longer. I could hear the stress in Ian’s voice disappear when I told him the good news. My full sized. called Ian. I’m not sure exactly how I came to know of Ian Martin and his company International Handgun Leather.

Yonkers.kimberamerica.. © 2010 Kimber Mfg. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies.MEPROLIGHT. Inc. If you can see the target. Meprolight. NY 10705 (800) 880-2418 www. A complete selection of Meprolight night ® sights and optical sights are available from Kimber. Meprolight night sight systems are 20% brighter than other brands and backed by the strongest warranty in the business. Available from Kimber. ® . Dept. 275 One Lawton Street.. Different color combinations are offered for some are minor. Inc. Fixed and adjustable sets are available tactical shotguns. you can see your sights. The right sight in any light.com Kimber and Kimber of America are registered trademarks of Kimber Mfg.

And. Obviously you can’t leave it on all the time. The trigger pull was smooth and consistent at just over six pounds. There are no changes in construction materials. send it to a pistolsmith for custom work — throat barrel. Groups (five rounds/25 yards) were consistently less than 4" with an average closer to 3". F * For more info: www. I haven’t shot it enough to comment on longterm reliability but it’s functioned perfectly so far for 300+ rounds. slow to reload and hard to shoot with their long. Finally. that’s not a bug. got those features right the first time. extended thumb safety and the rest. RTF also has the has changed more than the Glock has. Installation is a simple matter of removing the standard Glock sight and tapping the RL-1 in. and faster reloading should the gun run dry. Shortcomings? Cops would have liked more than six rounds in the gun. The RL-1 incorporates an adjustable laser unit. continuous on. It adds nothing to the weight or bulk of the gun. but the “on” button is easy to reach.WINNINGEDGE Dave Anderson SOLID ADVICE TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION Glocken-TexTure rtF Meets rL-1 he Glock RTF (Rough Texture Finish. by using modern manufacturing techniques. Main differences are in the Actually over the last quarter-century the 1911 grip frame. Move the sight laterally while sighting in until windage is adjusted. The grip frame carries a fine stippling design and the slide has a different pattern for the cocking serrations. being essentially a “back-up” sighting system. I can recall back in the 1960s and 1970s when some writers and officers began pushing for autopistols over revolvers. The RTF proved 100-percent reliable (big surprise). such as understand something others the S&W M&P in the overlooked — cops didn’t hate background was the quintessential police sidearm of their revolvers. So. even with the hollowpoint bullets which were catching on in the 1970s. right. It used to accessory rail and a smoother. It needs a pull which requires a deliberate. heavy trigger pull. Match shooters and hunters like light. It will be used under the most extreme stress. bit different in feel from a DA revolver but also requires a long. simply a point-gun. Much was made about revolvers being obsolete. keeping profit margins per pistol low and counting on volume sales to provide an investment return. The Safe Action trigger is a Glock slides. use fine Allen screws on the laser unit to get it aligned. The RL-1 impressed me as a well made. They stuck with revolvers for very good reasons. It seemed the way to promote autopistols was to sneer at revolvers. autopistols. 22 is currently the most or because they were unaware of popular police handgun. As for the long. The purpose of our pistols is to shoot. the cocking serration pattern works fine and esthetically. Once the open sight is adjusted. pulsating on).americanhandgunner. Glock was able to make their pistols affordable. relatively heavy pull. even under the pressure of extreme stress. It’s about $200 at MSRP. be routine to buy a “base” 1911 and immediately better looking slide finish. the Glock 22 RTF. T The double action he Glock people seemed to revolver. Long-time Glock fans will probably consider the changes primarily cosmetic. you would turn it on as needed. If you’re looking for a new Glock. Glocks are easy to dovetail notch of operate — point-gun. It was also a bit more accurate than my older Glocks in . It seems incredible LaserLyte was able to pack so many features into such a small package. pull-trigger. holding too few rounds. lower ejection port. my 2nd generation Glock 22. and they will be right. checker frontstrap.html 42 WWW. it’s a feature. and overall. More importantly. reducing fine motor skills. NoTices T Glock unctionally. Most important of all. operating features or controls for the very good reason none were needed. battery pack. switch (off. Many modern 1911s have such features out of the box.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . add high-visibility sights. and conventional notched rear sight.com/productindex. beavertail grip safety. The purpose of the law enforcement handgun is threat management. polish feedramp. Glock pistols. I definitely like the RTF features. With practice it could become as easy to use as the gun is being drawn and raised as snicking a safety off. a worthwhile upgrade of a proven classic. are an amazing bargain. the slide finish is smoother and to my eye more attractive. then lock it in place with the Allen screw. Cops didn’t stick with the 20th century. The Glock shown wears the LaserLyte RL-1 rear sight. crisp triggers. get it?) is a recent version of the tremendously popular Glock design. The revolver was simple to operate. it was reliable. The grip frame is very secure. Glock Left. Glock gave the fits the rear sight law enforcement community what it wanted. pulltrigger thing. If you have a recent Glock with the accessory frame rail there’s not much need to upgrade. conscious decision to fire. But not The LaserLyte RL-1 if it meant giving up what they already had.40 S&W. quality product. The Glock revolvers out of blind conservatism. yet provides the advantages of laser aiming at the push of a button. bevel mag well. the RTF is the wellproven Glock design. Battery life is estimated at one hour (continuous). with adrenaline levels high. as the software techies say. do trigger job. Glocks quickly earned a reputation for reliability. heavy trigger pulls. With a tough rust-resistant finish Glocks are easy to maintain.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. or two hours (pulsating). in terms of performance and quality for the price.


By 1981 Enos and Leatham were trading wins. Ever teach a kid to ride a bicycle? You don’t say. If they weren’t reloading they were shooting. He totally dominated in competition. He didn’t just win every match — he won every stage of every match. But with Jerry there was never any doubt. Barnhart three. Top shooters don’t make excuses. It pictures whatever it sees or whatever mental image we present to it. Or I do the opposite and say. Leatham and Enos spent virtually all their free time training. Back in 1983 Rob Leatham. Shooters had to knock a can off a post. here’s an opportunity to see how well I can shoot in the heat. then 22 years old. “There were lots of good shooters back then. The subconscious is learned by seeing and by doing. They lived in different parts of the country. except maybe for World Shoots. “I don’t want to screw up. When bad conditions occur in a match.” The subconscious doesn’t get the “don’t” part. We see what we want done. It made no difference if some technique or stance had been used by a previous champion. Arizona then (as now) had a lot of really good shooters. and at every Nationals the odds were some of them would have trained and be prepared to win. From 1983 through 1992 (the last year in which all firearm types competed together) Leatham and Barnhart dominated the Nationals. because Jerry wouldn’t. We made each other better. I knew I couldn’t slack off in Nice hats guys. If I had a young shooter to train. Leatham once told me (I’m paraphrasing). the first thing I’d look for is tough competition. or vice versa. Some of their duels are legendary. Top shooters think differently in a lot of ways. In either case the mental picture is the same. This photo must be from the late 1980s as Jerry is still sponsored by Springfield Armory (he later moved to Colt). of knowing how it feels to do your best. Of course even though he wasn’t known nationally at the time he really didn’t just suddenly appear and start winning. a shared knowledge of hard work and commitment.” I doubt Leatham and Barnhart ever trained together. “I can learn to do that. or in life. a fraction of a second.BETTERSHOOTING aSSocIaTE WITh WINNErS W ant to be a better shot? Hang out with good shooters. and when it got too dark to shoot they’d find a coffee shop and talk shooting. He had already been competing at a high level for several years. and by repetition train the neural paths controlling the muscles until it becomes a subconscious skill. * WWW. If you’re going to watch other shooters. “Some time in 1982 Rob seemed to take it up a notch. or in golf. Top shooters work on things they still have to learn. I knew I’d have to train hard. Personally I think the rivalry between them was a major factor in their success. then letting them try it. Leatham won Bianchi and the Steel Challenge in 1985. win or lose. In shooting. Here’s the thing about mental images — we don’t recognize negatives. The intense competition between them made both better. mainly against shooting partner Brian Enos. but concentrated on USPSA/IPSC shooting where his incredible record is unparalleled. came seemingly out of nowhere to win the US Nationals. Practice with good shooters. training. So we go to the tee with the image of failure firmly pictured in our mind. They took nothing for granted. and the subconscious obediently carries out the steps required to hit the dreaded slice. I knew Jerry would be ready. may as well watch ones who are good. doing things they like over and over. be prepared physically and mentally. But between them is a deep mutual respect. then draw and engage targets. don’t think of a purple monkey in a tree eating green bananas. Rob Leatham (L) and Jerry Barnhart dominated USPSA National matches for years.” You teach by showing how it’s done. Brian told me.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Look how evenly they are matched. top shooters know they’ve done it before. and they will.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. I’m sure Jerry was thinking the same thing. the Bianchi Cup and the Steel Challenge. There was only one other champion. Here he found another tough competitor — Jerry Barnhart. with the margin of victory hanging on a single shot. Maybe only Barnhart knows how great Leatham was in those days.” Average shooters pack up and go home when weather conditions get tough. and early 1990s Enos won national titles at the Masters. if you want to be a winner associate with winners. Over the tenyear span Leatham won six Nationals. or the cold. and only Leatham knows how great Barnhart was. It seemed they were competing in a world of their own. Not Book-Learned The Don’t equation hysical skills are best performed when they are so ingrained they become subconscious. or the rain. The mind accepts whatever it sees or whatever pictures you compose for it. I just couldn’t beat him anymore.” During the remainder of the 1980s Dave Anderson Jerry Barnhart (L) and Rob Leatham at the 1991 Steel Challenge shootoff. finishing one-two in every match. Shooters talk about how many titles Barnhart would have won if it hadn’t been for Leatham. “Here’s a good book on how to ride a bike. Average shooters think “I can’t do that. Average shooters have their excuses made before the contest even begins. Every shooting technique or theory was tested.” Top shooters think. 44 P W e might watch someone shoot and at a conscious level decide “good” or “bad” but the subconscious just watches. plus they are very different personality types. Average shooters train at things they are already good at. How many golfers have thought. Suppose I tell you to think of a purple monkey in a tree eating green bananas. whatever you do. Top shooters think. Todd Jarrett (1991). I don’t want to slice my drive into the lake.


provides a very secure gripping surface. which also owns Browning and Winchester. The American version of Fabrique Nationale is FN HERSTAL located in Virginia. or FN. however they have redeemed themselves by now producing the Winchester Model 70 once again. To address these differences. The latest . Continued on page 97 The FNP-40 was fired with a variety of .40 S&W has been the cartridge of choice for many law enforcement agencies and has been chambered in virtually every 9mm-sized semiauto including the Browning Hi-Power. which is also known as the P-35. as it was nearly 150 years ago. de-cocker. The molded polymer grip frame Typical groups fired with the FNP-40. FNP-40 Rapid fire targets shot with the FNP-40. since it arrived in 1935. Winchesters have been produced under several names in my lifetime. with a full magazine of 14 rounds the actual carry weight is right at 35 ounces. FN HERSTAL is owned by the HERSTAL Group. slide lock. and this new semiauto pistol is the FNP-40.THE SIXGUNNER John Taffin The FNP-40 accepts the Streamlight M6X combination tactical flashlight and red laser sight. however the company name is now back to the original Winchester Repeating Arms Company.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . the . The FNP-40 joins the long list of polymer pistols with an integral grip frame. was that original manufacturer and has long been known for quality products. 46 WWW. South Carolina. It was HERSTAL which pulled the plug on the Winchester plant in New Haven a few years S back. With the 4" steel barrel and slide the resulting unloaded weight is just under 27 ounces with an empty magazine. with checkering molded into the front and back straps coupled with stippling on both sides. FNH American-Style ince the 1990s. Not everyone has the same length fingers nor the same subjective feeling of what the shape of the backstrap should be. and magazine release. This is not a Japanese-manufactured rifle but rather comes from the HERSTAL FNH plant in Columbia. Fabrique Nationale. Integral Grip Frame Controls found on the left side of the FNP-40: takedown lever.40 S&W is from the American counterpart of the first company to offer the Browning Hi-Power 9mm.40 S&W factory loads.

FMG AmericanHG. Pat.ai 10/7/08 8:51:25 AM The Future of Pepper Defense PepperBlaster™ is better than ordinary pepper sprays.951. PepperBlaster is ideal for college students. All rights reserved.S. May be unlawful to own or possess in some states or jurisdictions. .070B2. NY 10705 (800) 880-2418 Caution: Strong irritant. Effective range is 13 feet and PepperBlaster incapacitates an assailant – human or animal – for up to 45 minutes. Guardian Angel protected by U. fines or both. Copyright ©2008. Kimber.pepperblaster. joggers. Keep out of reach of children. Faster • Easier • Safer See it in action at www. One Lawton Street Yonkers.. With a revolutionary delivery system. pet owners and anyone who refuses to be a victim. Use for any purpose except lawful self defense may be punishable by imprisonment. Mfg. 6.com Kimber. 229. commuters. Inc. PepperBlaster fires two powerful blasts of penetrating pepper solution. Dept.

squared trigger guard and classic hard chrome and S&W sights harken back to days in Fallbrook.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. From one shooter competing with an original Broomhandle Mauser auto to another gent with a Model 29 S&W . Then I met Armand.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 WWW. Roy’s original Swenson is on the left. and John captured the look and feel of the original.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. California in Swenson’s shop. uh … ground-breaking? I had a Colt Gold Cup in a Bianchi X-15 shoulder rig and felt quite cutting edge. I had only read about custom guns in gun magazines but had never actually seen one. California. my life changed. we chatted at length. At that precise moment. Roy Huntington Photos: Joe Novelozo n 1975 I was at an early regional IPSC-type match in Oceanside. as he let me look at his pistols. shooting fullpower loads from a home-made cross-draw rig. um. we were. I knew I was holding something special in my hands and had little idea it would drive my enthusiasm for guns of all I 48 WWW. and he had a few custom 1911s on-hand for us to look at.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . while updating some of the technology. Below: The original checkered Colt grips on John’s Tribute gun (right). I spotted this older gent hanging around the open trunk of his car in the parking lot.44 Mag. The lineup of shooters could only be considered “colorful” in the most literal sense of the word.A Swenson Tribute Gun Which is which? Roy’s original Swenson is at top while John’s “Tribute” Swenson rests under it. After introducing himself as Armand Swenson. The heritage is obvious.

Swenson’s vintage “barrel positioner” (shown here on the original version) “forced” the barrel into a consistent lock-up position for each shot — after Swenson had welded-up and re-fitted the hood and lower lugs! Today’s ‘smith might simply use a match barrel and carefully fit it.COM 49 . but had never even fired it. and I walked away in a daze.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Do I have to Continued on page 92 WWW. the innocence (stupidity?) of youth prevailed. But alas. How silly I was. The original Swenson 1911 (right) showcases cutting-edge work for the late 1970s and early 1980s.On The Shoulders Of Giants Almost too much for the eye to behold. I should have sold my Gold Cup to the next person walking by and put a deposit down. squared trigger guard and “Commander” hammer give John’s Tribute Swenson (left) away. Both guns feature the Swenson top-strap texturing. I also realized I couldn’t ever afford one then. anyway?) and I found myself editor of American Handgunner. types in many directions. Who says fate doesn’t favor the ridiculous? A reader sends me a note asking if I knew of anyone looking for an original Swenson he had for sale. and it took me years to get even a bit wiser about such things. something he had ordered in the early 1980s just before Swenson died. Can you tell which is which? The modified King grip safety. Fast-forward 30 years (where did they go.

Federal Premium is the only maker I know producing . almost any choice you make among the premium products will be an excellent one. While lots of outfits make decent . but the good news is. but if this ain’t the Golden Age of Handgun Ammo I will eat my cap.45 Colt rounds for ’em. Powerful medicine indeed. take your choice of two loads: one-half ounce of #4 shot. which oughta be one ferocious snake-shredder. loaded with their hard-hitting patented FtX slugs. okay? Nickel cases and low-flash propellants are just icing on the cake — or on the mushrooms. For example. yours and Captain Bob’s too. Check that “mushroom farm” at right.: Handgun Ammo Right and bottom of page: Hornady’s tAP and FPD cartridges have earned awards from the industry and praise from users. t 50 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. or four pellets of 000 buck.410 gauge shotshells specifically for handguns — and making them up to Federal’s Premium Personal Defense standards. who asked “Can it get better than this?” Hornady responded with these new Critical Defense rounds. More Flavors than the Candy PalaCe—and better in a gunFight than a gooseberry guM droP! John Connor he Golden Age of fill-in-the-blank may be a trite cliché. let’s say you’re looking for low-penetration reduced-ricochet home defense ammo: frangible rounds abound. whatever … there are a lot of taurus Judge revolvers out there. Just lookin’ at the array of high-performance and specialized ammo for almost any application can result in a severe case of cartridge conflict. sufficient to ruin any bad guy’s day.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . and a growing number of Bond Arms Ranger derringers too.

you already know about Grizzly Cartridge and their great game loads. you’ll find more about Garrett’s game loads for the .44 Magnum round on Web Blast. small to medium dinosaurs or the Devil himself. In general purpose self-defense loads you’ll want adequate penetration through heavy clothing. below. Concerned about the capability of your Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P-3AT? Mike Rintoul at Grizzly Cartridge just developed a . com/productindex. you’ll want to check out Randy’s mighty .45 Schofield? Not to worry.americanhandgunner. Randy Garrett says they have “modest recoil.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. For more info: www. and the science involved in their designs is stunning.380 ACP round which reliably expands to 2. and he puts it all into his Garrett Cartridge Hammerheads. the PDX1’s six-segment jacket and bonded core performed superbly for the FBI’s evaluators. You’ll find these and more below — and then you tell me if I oughta be butterbasting my ball cap. is matched to its brother Gold Dot loads in recoil and shooting characteristics — a great combination! * If you’re a hardcore handgun hunter. WWW. selective but super-effective. Available in 9mm. these are some astounding rounds. okay? Connor OUT. offering all-around superior performance plus this bonus: lower-priced Speer Lawman training ammo.020 fps and hit like bricks. Grizzly Xtreme Personal Self-Defense Ammunition will be available before this issue hits print.45 ACP and . are a top choice for both cops and citizens.html and click on Web Blast on the homepage for more ammo ideas! Speer Gold Dot rounds.44 Special fired from a Charter Arms Bulldog at 850 fps? yup.COM 51 . your choices are many and varied.40 S&W. .40 S&W — and I hear maybe nine or ten of you do — you might wanta know you can now stock up on Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 ammo.” and I believe him.44 Magnum? What Randy Garrett doesn’t know about power and penetration would fit in a . but just in case you contemplate defending yourself against dirtbags. . Featuring radically expanding bullets like that “fan blade” image on the front of the box — I’ve seen the recovered slugs! — and 100-percent weight retention. their 310-gr. top.44 Mag Defenders. Again. Jeff and Kristi Hoffman at Black Hills have the finest-shootin’ frontier ammo in all your favorite flavors. Hunting heavy hogs with a .38 Special.40. Dodge Power Wagons. in . Now. the same rounds selected by the FBI as their primary duty ammunition. But “modest” is a very relative term. After more than a year of development. and it will for you too. Extensively tested against real-world standards. Would you believe 1. Check ’em out. got crazy and bought four single-actions in four different calibers including a .95" expansion of a .2"! You finally went to a Cowboy Shoot.and virtually all of ’em deliver maximum terminal effect.22’s hollowpoint. If you shoot a . “SuperHardCast” rounds come zippin’ out of a 4" revolver at 1. auto glass and assorted barrier materials while retaining mass and reliable expansion.

.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .45 ACP.22 Woodsman Match Target disappeared.45 ACP gave pleasing groups. Black Hills 130 FMJs in the Colt Custom . It was “Can Colt Come Back?” Over the passing years we have all seen Colt’s catalog shrink as such familiar revolvers as the Official Police. By the time they were down to only producing the Single Action Army. and the few handguns which were left quite often simply did not live up to the legendary Colt name. as well as the . GUNS. The Black Hills 230 was a particular favorite of the brushed stainless steel Colt Government Model . Diamondback. Anaconda. but I well remember the title of the article which appeared in our sister publication. the 1911 and the Python. and then even 52 WWW. An old familiar below.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.Black Hills 230 FMJs in the Colt Government Rail Model . Colt management had its ups and downs. The semiauto . King Cobra. and Colt s ’ John Taffin even the Cadillac of Colt Revolvers. Comeback T he name of the author and the gist of the story have escaped me over the past half-century. the Python were dropped.38 Super to be a tack-driver. in the late 1950s. many of us wondered if they would survive. Ride With Us As We Return To Those Golden Days Of Yesteryear. and even production of the New Frontier ended in the early 1980s. Match Target. Detective Special. and the “modern” Colt Rail Model. Cobra..38 Super can’t shoot? John found the Colt Custom .38 Super nailed the target neatly. Who says a .22 single action sixguns.

To this end she has replaced much of the machinery in order to bring the quality up to the Colt standard. Someone once said the best man for the job is usually a woman.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. they are also committed to putting the Colt focus back on handguns — high quality handguns which can compete with anything else being offered. and if so would it be one of the older designs or something new. Quality is number one with her and it shows in the first test guns I have received. The “man” who is second in command is Joyce Rubino. That certainly seems to be true at Colt. I am happy to report everything has changed.COM 53 . That Journey The trip back has not been short nor has it been easy. It began back in the 1990s when retired General William Keys became CEO. and also recapture some of the 1911 market which had filled up with dozens of manufacturers. they have come back. or something totally John always wanted a nickel . There will be more forthcoming as I cover virtually everything Colt is now offering. John snicked the Insight weapon light on the rail-Colt with no problems. She informed me they are researching double action production now and if they do go back to making double action sixguns their research will determine whether it will be a resurrection.Both Colt 1911s tested have flat mainspring housings and long triggers. however one thing now apparent is he has placed excellent people in key positions. hammers.38 Super but is quite happy with his polished stainless steel Colt Custom .38 Super. As he says. grip safeties and grip panels. and the answer to the question is not only is it possible for Colt to come back. than the replicas being offered. “Can Colt Come Back?” To really compete Colt would have to produce Single Actions as good. One of the questions I posed to Joyce was whether or not Colt would produce a double action revolver again. For too many years it was difficult to even reach a live body at Colt. “This one ain’t going back!” WWW. A great home defense set up. or better. People who are not only available to speak with. Many of us disagreed with his decisions. I kept thinking of the old question. however notice the difference in sights. Colt’s Vice President of Operations. and one who is dedicated to producing the best possible handguns. the Python disappeared.

Korea and Vietnam. which started with the .45 are both brushed stainless steel. All of the articles you’ll be seeing on different Colt models began with Mike Reissig. It’s the number one . He is very optimistic about the capabilities within Colt and expects 2010 to be a record-breaking year. so stay tuned. From 1911 until. as things are going very well at Colt thanks to their new direction.45 Model of 1905. has been customized by more gunsmiths than any other handgun. Today we have a long list of custom gunsmiths as well as manufacturers turning out superb 1911s. Cooper as the best fighting handgun ever devised. the basic 1911 Government Model is still number one. and custom gunsmiths tuned and tweaked the standard military model.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . the fabled Government Model. this is what Colt has to compete with. which was deliberately designed somewhat loose to always function. actually another record-breaking year.45 for bull’s-eye shooting.Colt 1911 . and then the final version. John feels this classic styling of Bob’s holsters goes well with the classic “real” Colts! new. It not only succeeded. Even in the age of the polymer pistols. If any pistol can be called legendary it’s definitely the Colt 1911. It was designed to provide the power of the . produced by more manufacturers than any other semiauto and was chosen by the late Col. The good news is they are doing it! I recently received three test 1911s directly from Colt and as one who is not always 54 WWW. I will just add here the single actions now coming out of Colt are as good. another member of the team.45s with leather by Bob Mernickle.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. or better. who is Colt’s Marketing Supervisor. than any of the Classic Colt Single Actions offered during the height of production of the Pre-War First Generation (18731940) and Post-War Second Generation Single Actions (1955-1974). with so many superb examples being offered. Colt was the only producer of the Government Model. John Browning was the genius behind the 1911. Jeff tells me while they hold the traditional 1911s in highest regard they are also eager for me to see what is new and vibrant at Colt. it served as a standard military sidearm for more than 70 years and many wish it still was. It served the military in two World Wars. I would guess sometime in the 1970s. We are fast approaching the 100th Anniversary of the Colt 1911. We will start by looking at several of Colt’s 1911s. A second “real” person I have corresponded with at Colt both by phone and e-mail is Jeff Radziwon.45 Colt of the Single Action Army in a modern semiauto. who is also part of Colt’s Marketing Department. followed by the 1910 Model. followed later by some of their newer semiauto offerings and also the Colt Single Action Army.45 and the Government Rail Model . Happy Birthday 1911 Standard and enhanced models compared: The Government Model .

231 1. and this particular model is of brushed stainless steel instead of Continued on page 100 1911 Stainless Steel Load MV 5 Shots/20 Yds 1911 Stainless Steel Rail Model MV 5 Shots/20 Yds Black Hills 230 JHP Black Hills 230 JHP +P CCI Blazer 230 FMJ CCI Blazer 200 JHP +P Cor-Bon 200 JHP +P Federal 230 Hydra-Shok Hornady 185 JHP XTP Remington 185 JHP Speer Gold Dot 230 JHP Winchester 230 JHP Load 871 971 864 972 1. There is also a disconnector. Government Model .170 13/4 15/8 13/8 11/2 11/2 2 15/8 CHART (*groups in inches) 55 Safety locking holster by Bianchi. the doughboys of World War I.easily impressed. My first handling of these guns revealed them to be very well put together. of course the internal safety features. with thoughts of the American Expeditionary Force. I must say I am definitely impressed. this also prevents any type of uncontrolled automatic fire. Period style holster by Old West Reproductions.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. In addition to these there is also an internal safety stop on the hammer which is designed to engage the sear should the hammer be accidentally/negligently allowed to fall forward as it is being cocked.45 ACP.146 1. New Guns Most shooters are familiar with the standard exterior safety features of the 1911 — the grip safety (which must be depressed by the hand before the Colt will fire) works along with the thumb safety (which locks the sear in the cocked position and won’t allow the hammer to fall). There is also a firing pin lock (on Series 80 guns) which minimizes the possibility of an accidental/negligent discharge if the pistol should be dropped or receives a sharp blow to the muzzle.38 Super Custom 1911 High Polish Stainless Steel Black Hills 130 FMJ Cor-Bon 125 JHP +P Cor-Bon 125 DPX +P Cor-Bon 115 JHP +P Cor-Bon Pow’RBall 100 Winchester 130 FMJ +P Winchester 125 SilverTip 1.651 1.400 1. which is designed to present any possibility of the pistol firing unless a round is fully chambered and the slide is completely forward. Excellent combat style rear sight found on the Colt Government Rail Model .040 884 958 1.COM . with a tight slide to frame fit. Guide rods? We don’t need no stinkin’ guide rods! Belt slide by Gould & Goodrich.049 840 976 MV 17/8 1 2 21/8 17/8 11/8 15/8 21/2 15/8 21/4 5 Shots/20 Yds 851 960 836 961 1. Holding this pistol in the hand is like being transported back in time. WWW. There are.055 889 982 1. yet at the same time operating very smoothly. The Colt Government Model was testfired with an assortment of factory loads and we had no troubles.038 860 944 13/8 11/4 2 13/4 7/8 7/8 11/4 13/8 13/8 11/2 .45 ACP Series 80: With all the changes and custom features added to the 1911 over the past nearly 100 years there is still nothing wrong with the standard Government Model having no bells or whistles.313 1. and General Blackjack Pershing. The firing pin is shorter than its housing and is held to the rear by a spring and can not protrude through the face of the slide unless a hammer blow overcomes the spring force and the inertia of the pin.504 1. So. Basically all this makes a single action semiauto as safe as possible. let’s take a closer look at today’s Colt 1911s.

AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Massad ayoob WWW.56 Glock Photos: chuck PittMan.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . inc.

Quest For PerFection


hen the Glock 17 pistol first came out in the early 1980s, it had a smooth, sleek grip configuration. It looked like a muted cobblestone surface. Some shooters found that in rapid fire, or with slippery hands, it could shift a little in their grasp. Before the decade was out, Glock had replaced this first generation grip treatment with a Gen 2 format that had “grenade grip” checkering molded in, front and back, and a more textured side surface. In the 1990s, finger grooves were added, replacing the first two generations. This was Gen 3, and when it was subsequently combined with an accessory rail molded into the dust cover of the frame, it became known to Glock enthusiasts as Gen 3.5. Now comes Gen 4, the RTF (Rough Textured Frame) motif, introduced in 2009. Actually looking more like Gen 1 than anything else at first glance, it feels totally different in the hand. The finger grooves are still there — but on frontstrap, backstrap, and both sides, the grip surface is festooned with tiny studs Glock calls “polymids.” These bite into the grasping surface of the hand like, well, like studded snow tires digging into snowpack on a northern winter road. It’s tough to describe, but you can feel it yourself by simply picking up an RTF Glock 22 (or Glock 17, the two models out at this writing, in .40 S&W and 9mm respectively) in your favorite gun shop. Before you leave the counter or put the RTF back, ask to see an identical-sized Glock with the Gen 3 grip pattern. Hold each firmly in your dominant hand, and then slap the front of the slide sideways with your free hand.







Concealed carry. it’s less uncomfortable against bare skin.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . With Gen 4. it won’t move as much. under an untucked shirt. Right: Glock 22 RTF. Left. though. from top: Gen 1. it was not enough to make me stop carrying it for the day. and while there was mild discomfort.Unless your hand is stronger than mine. Under the light tee shirt.5 Glock grip-frames.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. of course — the RTF simply stays put better. if at all. Carry in other manners raises other questions. with a shirt between me and the gun? With an EOTAC concealment vest. though. or for uniform duty carry. or the more sophisticated Tac-Grip. most of a gun’s movement in recoil is front to back. but there is a little torque in the recoil pattern. applied to the grip surface. Uniform duty holster? No problem. but not first choice under a tee shirt against bare skin. More sensitive skin? That might have been a different outcome. too. I’d stay with my Gen 3 G22. the RTF. those little polymid nubs didn’t catch the fabric at all. A week might have been different. If I was buying the gun to compete with. Photo: Ayoob 60 WWW. they occasionally caught the fabric enough to make the shirt rise up a little. If I was going to carry the gun next to bare skin. you’ll feel the Gen 3’s grip-frame move slightly within your grasp. especially in one-handed shooting. Like A Rock It sits even more solidly in my hand than a Gen 3 Glock with skateboard tape. the RTF would definitely get my nod. Original opinion confirmed: Okay for regular concealed carry. I find the skateboard tape stuff much more abrasive against my unshielded side in deep concealment. I have to say — a subjective judgment. Yet in carrying. Granted. I tried it inside the waistband. 2 and 3/3.

“Ooh. Recoil moved the gun and hand together. I suspect. RTF In The Field In second quarter 2009. None of us took the RTF through a thousand-round-a-day shooting course. Speer Gold Dot 165 grain bonded JHP put five shots in under 2". this is gonna hurt when it goes off. Florida.COM 61 .AMERICANHANDGUNNER. A lot of the beta testers I recruited thought after grasping it. without the grip-frame shifting within the shooter’s hold. Photo: Ayoob WWW.40 S&W rounds at a time simply created no hand soreness whatsoever.In shooting. whose sheriff’s department had become the first Continued on page 86 G22 RTF (top) compared to standard grip treatment. I traveled to Escambia County. Our testers were all using firm grasps: there’s a possibility it will start to move and scrape a little if the shooter ignores Glock’s advice and shoots this gun held loosely. Photo: Ayoob Hand-held from the bench at 25 yards. The reason for that. is the very fact it’s not moving within the grasp and therefore not doing any rasping or abrading.” but it simply didn’t. but shooting a hundred stout . there was just no movement of the pistol within the grasp at all.

AMERICANHANDGUNNER.45 caliber Thompson submachine gun and the 1911 .COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . mike “duke” venturino tommy gun Duke is shown hosing down one of Action Target’s PT-torso steel targets with a burst from his Thompson.the ultimate 1911 accoutrement The US Government developed the M1 .30 Carbine to replace both the . It didn’t in either case. the terrific photos: yvonne venturino 62 WWW.45 pistol.

Duke’s M1 Thompson is “select fire” meaning by the flip of a switch it can be fired either full-auto or semi-auto.

The Thompson was effective in combat in World War II, but at 13 pounds loaded it was a heavy item for already overburdened GIs.

verything even vaguely associated with handguns has been hung onto, around, or near the Model 1911 pistol at one time or another. Personally I like my 1911s plain. In fact my current favorite is a stock military Colt made in 1918. But after saying that I have to brag I have now bought the ultimate 1911 accoutrement — a Thompson submachine gun! That’s right, I caught the full-auto bug and I’m not apologizing to anyone for it. In 2009 I wrote up my 1941 vintage German MP40 9mm in these pages. My quest for World War II submachine guns only got started with that one. A bunch of assorted but mostly unused guns from my collection were sold, which caused a feeding frenzy among gun guys near and far. With money still in my pocket after paying for the MP40 I set about finding a Thompson. They are rather easy to find although darned expensive. And of course, being full-auto they must be registered with the ATF. I didn’t care and paid the exact same amount for one that Yvonne and I


This stamping on the side of all Thompson submachine guns has been a source of confusion for over a half century. Colt made some early Thompsons. Later ones were made either by Savage or Auto Ordnance but all were stamped with this marking.



What’s this? No German helmet, no Hawaiian shirt but the same silly grin.

The M1 and M1A1 Thompsons of World War II could not take drum magazines. They were only used with stick magazines of 20 or 30 round capacity. A combat load for a soldier was either three 30-round magazines or five 20-round magazines. Also presumably the Thompson was carried into combat with one affixed.

paid for our first house as newlyweds. “Tommy guns” are all the same and yet are very different. They are the same in they all have a wooden pistol grip and buttstock and feed from a detachable magazine. They are all marked Thompson somewhere. They are very different in that at one time or the other Thompsons were made in three different factories belonging to Colt, Savage and Auto-Ordnance. There never was a “Thompson” factory. Thompsons can have vertical or horizontal foregrips and their magazines can be 20- or 30-round stick types or 50- or 100-round drums. They all have peep rear sights but they can be a simple L-shaped piece of steel riveted to the top of the frame or very intricate adjustable ones. Yet, both types are marked “Lyman.” Thompsons can have a Cutts Compensator on their muzzles or be just plain. Their buttstocks can be quick detachable or screwed firmly in place. They can be stamped Model 1921, Model 1928 or Model 1928A1. There are even Model 1921s with a rather crude “8” stamped over the 1. And there are also M1s and M1A1s. All Thompson barrels are 10.5" long and will fit all models. Some are smooth and blued, some are smooth and Parkerized and some are blued with fins. Some other calibers were chambered in

I didn’t care and paid the exact same amount for one that Yvonne and I paid for our first house as newlyweds.

Duke has been firing these .45 ACP loads through his World War II Thompson. At left is US military surplus with 230 grain FMJ bullet headstamped WCC66. Next is 220 grain cast bullet from Lyman mould #452374 and loaded round, then 225 grain cast bullet by Oregon Trail bullet company and loaded round, and then 230 grain Hornady FMJ and loaded round.

Duke test-fired his M1 Thompson with a handload and clocked it with the PACT MK IV Timer/Chronograph set to read full-auto fire. It gave a rounds-per-minute count of 701.

Thompsons from time to time, such as .38 Super, but if you see a Thompson you won’t endanger your money much if betting it’s a .45 ACP.

1921 Gold

Collectors prize the Colt-made Model 1921s most. They indeed are beautifully made and finished, but I didn’t want one. My goal was to find a “typical” World War II version, which would have been Models



This simple bent piece of steel was all the rear sight given to the M1 version of the Thompson submachine gun.

1928, 1928A1, M1 or M1A1 with the latter two being my preference. What I latched onto is a very early 1942 vintage M1, all original except for one detail. M1 Thompson buttstocks should not have the reinforcing cross-bolt. Mine does, but never mind. I found the proper buttstock without cross-bolt, put it on the shelf and allow the non-proper one to collect all the dings and dents I’m inflicting on it from shooting. Why would I go for the less fancy, utility model instead of those beautiful early ones? In my mind the M1 (and M1A1) fits better in my World War II firearms collection, and here’s one reason. When the US military finally got interested in the Thompson submachine gun as World War II was getting started, at first they paid $202.50 for the Model 1928. Their intricate Lyman sight, Cutts Compensator, finned barrel and fine blue finish helped put the price so high. Besides money, it took labor — man hours at machines — to make all those machining cuts. There at the beginning of World War II Savage Arms Company was actually making the Thompson submachine gun under license from Auto-Ordnance Corp. Colt had made the first 15,000 way back in the 1920s and they all only got sold by the late 1930s. Savage’s engineers put their heads together and figured out ways to make the Thompson faster and cheaper without becoming significantly less effective. The result was the M1 Thompson. Auto Ordnance Corporation didn’t particularly like the changes but the government sure did because it dropped their price to about $44.00! A typical M1 Thompson will have a simple L-shaped piece of steel with a hole in it for a rear sight. The front sight is a blade as part of a ring secured around the front of the barrel. That barrel will be smooth and can be either blued (very early) or Parkerized (most common.) The foregrips are all horizontal and the only magazines that fit are the 20 and 30 round stick types.
Continued on page 84

Duke considers the Thompson submachine gun as the ultimate accouterment to his 1911 pistols. Both of these are Colts; one a 1911 and the other a 1911A1. Duke’s M1 Thompson is one of the centerpiece items in his burgeoning World War II collection, which includes this restored 1943 Jeep.

This tiny “s” on the frame of Duke’s M1 Thompson signifies it was made in the Savage factory.

The primary difference between an M1 Thompson and an M1A1 Thompson is the former’s bolt has an internal hammer actuating the moving firing pin, but the latter’s does not have a hammer. Its firing pin is machined integral with the bolt.



For example.44 Magnum and . A heavy duty and excellent machine.454 Casull pistols.38 Spl.R eloaders tend to be thrifty and conservative. Ramshot Zip is a fast-burning handgun powder for target/competition loads in cartridges such as . clean-burning and uniform powder with mild muzzle report. But we don’t want to get so attached to old favorites we overlook some powders introduced in recent years. Alliant also has a new line of powders called Power Pro including Power Pro 300-MP for magnum handgun loads. made in WWII and sold by Hodgdon until supplies ran out in the early 1970s. built with typical Hornady high quality. Hornady’s progressive loading tool uses their Lock ‘n’ Load feature for fast die changes.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . I have a dozen pounds of the original Hodgdon H-4831. 66 WWW. I used to use a lot of HS-6 in compensated . One I need to try is Titegroup. H-110 is great in my . Ramshot True Blu e is a versatile powder which can be used in Revelations Reloading What’s New and What’s Still Cool Dave Anderson Left: For those wanting a heavier duty single-stage press capable of tasks such as bullet swaging as well as routine reloading. Alliant.40 S&W and .45 ACP. makers of such classic powders as Bullseye and 2400. It makes sense to buy in bulk.40 S&W and . and to stick with things that work. also has Power Pistol for moderate capacity autopistol cartridges.. I bought a bunch on sale and still have some on hand. the Lee Classic Cast has a rigid frame and compound leverage. even though it was discontinued years ago.38 Supers. Hodgdon has a bunch of powders I like. notably the 9mm.357 SIG. Hodgdon states it’s an economical.45 ACP. . We find something that works and stick with it. . W-W 452AA is a shotgun powder which also works well in the . 10mm.

It’s a great powder. Winchester powders are now being distributed by Hodgdon. Both are available in one and four-pound kegs.454 Casull? For these smallvolume loading jobs a single-stage press and hand-held priming tool such as this one from Hornady are much handier. W-W AutoComp is claimed to be ideal for compensated pistols in calibers 9mm through . While the standard 550 is already a best buy in progressive reloaders.454 Casull. And don’t overlook shotgun powders too. . but also Bonanza.40 S&W loads. the Square Deal. especially when loading small lots for testing.45s. Sure. W-W 231 and Alliant Bullseye are classic powders in . I think handgun reloaders need both. com/productindex. Today’s die sets (like these from RCBS) are better than ever.380 ACP to . Handloading has two major benefits. Both It used to be reloaders started out with a single-stage press. all these powders are in a secure fire-resistant vault).A few of the die sets on the loading bench I share with a friend. W-W WSF is also useful in 9mm. you have a progressive reloader set up for . Since the “Dillon revolution” made progressives affordable many reloaders don’t even bother with single stage presses any more. maybe because progressives were so darn expensive. Low volume experimentation allows you to develop and test loads which best serve your needs. the care and attention you can give to loading individual rounds often makes sense.38 Spl. and Redding in view here. Hornady. While on the slow side. Handgunners really should have the equipment to handle both needs. But for loading a few rounds to testing new powders and bullets. made in WWII. * For more info on the products seen here: www. Maybe it’s time to toss some of your old steel ones and upgrade to carbide sizers and modern designs? Okay … we know you won’t throw away your old ones! handgun cartridges from . Four are rifle powders. Pistol is an Inglis P-35 9mm with matching stock/holster. Currently good quality single stage presses — the Lee and RCBS Partner. a single stage press belongs on every bench. Mostly RCBS in this photo. for example — are so handy and moderately priced there’s no excuse for not owning one.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.44 Magnum or . Reloaders tend to buy in bulk (be aware of local fire/insurance regulations.40 S&W. WWW.americanhandgunner.38 Super or . Certainly for volume reloading I’d hate to do without a progressive. and store properly. and . High volume reloading saves time and money. To go with it a hand or bench-mounted priming tool is great when you want to load a batch of 50 or 100 rounds. but are you going to change it over just to load a hundred rounds of . in my competition .38 Super and .COM 67 .45 ACP. Dillon somehow managed to design and make an even more economical model. This ancient RCBS Rockchucker single stage press has loaded hundreds of thousands of rounds.html Power Pro is a new lineup of powders from Alliant. I used to go through a couple of eight-pound kegs of W-W 231 per year. and for teaching new reloaders. Dillon.45 ACP target loads. while 300-MP is intended for magnum pistol cartridges.

AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Ares Knife — flat dark earth with green micarta.Horkos Knife — flat dark earth with black micarta.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . 68 WWW.

he gained valuable experience in the business arena and working with foreign governments. WWW. went into the venture with hands-on experience at knifemaking. When asked why he and Iovito chose knives as the focus of their business effort Mark tells us. as a Medical Sergeant and Senior NCO. Nyx Knife — flat dark earth with green handle. Mark also became involved in the armament industry. so what better pair to put together a company specializing in edged weapons? Curtis Iovito. just ask coowners Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey. Needless to say. During his duty in the Special Forces he took an interest in making knives and developed his skills by making Enyo Knife — flat dark earth.COM 69 . Both men went through tours of duty in Asia and the Middle East and were teammates during several years of their service.f you want to know what makes a great fighting knife ask someone who’s used one. “Since Curtis had made knives on and off for years for our buddies and we had learned a lot about manufacturing in short Continued on page 94 Erebus Knife — flat dark earth with tan micarta. Like teammate Iovito. or in the case of Spartan Blades. Both men spent 20-plus years each in the military. which included working with the US government and foreign entities. the president of Spartan. cutters for his buddies in 1st Special Forces Group Airborne. gaining valuable experience in the business world. Iovito was a member of the US Army Special Forces as a Weapons Sergeant. they both got to know knives along with their firearms. LLC. After Curtis retired from military service he worked as the marketing director for a company specializing in large armor development. serving as the Director of Overseas Operations in Kuwait for an armor development company in charge of planning and managing a multi-million dollar military contract. including special duties in counterterrorism and sniping. Spartan vice-president Mark Carey’s post-military career paralleled that of Iovito.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. while Carey was a member of the same elite group. These two military veterans biographies speak for themselves.

Many employees at both Sierra and Starline count their years there in decades. Game King and T Busy as bees if you ask us.sieRRa BulleTs Family Businesses ThaT Deliver sTaRline BRass John Taffin Starline’s entire staff proves there are people behind every case you use.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Interestingly enough. just as cups are the first step toward jackets at Sierra. They have both been very helpful to me over the years.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. 70 WWW. What rifle shooter doesn’t know of Sierra’s Match King Bullets? I like names instead of numbers and Sierra offers great names: Blitzking. the late Hal Swiggett. Varminter. Photo: Yamil Sued Brass cups are the first step toward cartridge cases at Starline. Together they make up Sierra Bullets and Starline both of which have relocated from California back to their roots in Missouri. Two immediately coming to mind are the Hodgdon and Brownell families. And any company with a dog on staff can’t be bad! PhoTos: Roy hunTingTon here are a lot of great people involved in the firearms industry including several generations of families. I can’t imagine functioning as a shooter without H o d g d o n ’s p o w d e r s a n d the Brownells catalog which covers virtually everything else needed for gunsmithing and shooting. I’ve never met Robert. Sierra started in 1947 and Robert came on board in 1969. however more than 20 years ago my good friend. Another prominent family is the Hayden family headed up by Robert Hayden. introduced me to Robert’s lovely wife Barbara and then I met their son Robert. Management treats everyone like family. Pro-Hunter.

but then again. Otherwise cases would be too brittle. and helped to make cases that won the war! Lathes are used to both trim cases to length and to machine rims. And we agree. extraction grooves and such into cases during the creation of finished cases at Starline.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Starline brass has to be annealed (heated and softened) since the forming process “work hardens” the brass. so be patient if your favorite bullet or brass isn’t always available — both companies count our soldiers as their number one customers. they reminded us of gold too! Here.COM 71 . The thrum and pound of machinery is music to your ears when you visit. Yup. Many of the machines are from the WWII era and earlier. cases are still in the lubricant used to help during the forming process. closer to what you and I know of as finished cartridge cases. Photo: Yamil Sued A draw press turns “cups” into elongated forms. Photo: Yamil Sued Some of the steps at Starline reminded us of watching bullet jackets being made at Sierra. The forming of cases is done by “drawing” out the brass from the initial cup form using several dies — and those big machines! Some of the equipment at Starline is decades old. nobody makes these solid iron machines these days. WWW.After being formed. Can you say “tons and tons of power?” Photo: Yamil Sued Finished cases wait their turn to be boxed and shipped. Starline and Sierra make many of the components that help our military fight their battles.

Based in Missouri. on a rifle bullet. both Sierra and Starline are in “hunting and shooting” country! Step one: Turning perfectly good copper sheet into the basic “cups” that will eventually be bullets you and I shoot.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. eh? Sierra’s legendary reloading manual is virtually iconic in the industry.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . We confess it was tough to be near so many beautiful bullets and to have to keep your hands in your pockets! Taffin uses no-end of Sierra bullets. In this case.It’s not right until it is and Sierra maintains a lab full of actions for virtually every caliber. They really do “make” the bullets from scratch! From that basic copper “cup” you can see some of the steps involved in “drawing” out what eventually will become a jacket. 72 WWW.45 ACP. Photo: John Taffin Be still our beating hearts. Here’s a line-up for the . What a job. Lead ingots are only part of the raw goods that come in the door at Sierra daily. Their technician tests thousands of bullets weekly.

45 Colt have been assembled with Sierra bullets. * For more info: www. There’s a great deal of hands-on work at Sierra. There are. 200 FPJ. And yes. . the 185 JHP. WWW. Toll free numbers are maintained by both Sierra (800) 223-8799 and Starline (800) 280-6660. Sportsmaster. staffers pack. and cartridges which used to be a pain to load such as the . gilding metal “cups” begin their journey into bullet-hood.44 Magnum handle heavy loads easily. The large ammunition companies normally have their own brand of bullets and brass. with pages which are easily removable. Many of my sixgun loads over the years in . I don’t want to even imagine what reloading would be like without Sierra Bullets and Starline Brass.44 Colt and . . other excellent bullets available. box and get ready to ship your bullets. and over the course of a year’s testing I use bullets from several manufacturers.44 Special. to answer any reloading questions. In addition to the “normally accepted” line of brass. Their . That all changed with the advent of Starline.45 ACP bullets from Sierra. Here. and for testing the DoubleStar 1911-A1 recently I went with four excellent . loose leaf. When I started reloading back in the 1950s it was not all that easy to find components. and even harder to find information.com/productindex.44 Magnum and .AMERICANHANDGUNNER. however when it comes to brass. Sierra also offers one of the finest reloading manuals available.COM 73 .Lead ingots turn into lead wire through Sierra magic and that “wire” becomes lead cores in a wide range of bullets.html Grand-size roles of copper alloy arrive. .32-20. however a check with such companies as Black Hills. Here.38-40 and . 230 JHP and 230 FMJ along with Starline brass. those 50 gallon drums you see are full of Sierra bullets waiting their turn! Handloaders Friends It was not too many years ago when it was very difficult to find anything except very standard cartridge cases.44-40 (because they were so fragile) are now replaced by a much sturdier Starline brass.americanhandgunner. Buffalo Bore and Cor-Bon reveals the use of a long list of Sierra Bullets and Starline brass. eventually turning into Sierra bullets. So many steps to make a bullet — and at Sierra all the steps are carefully monitored.44 Russian. I almost exclusively use Starline — to the point I will not purchase anything else but Starline unless for some reason it’s not available. I’ve used thousands of Sierra sixgun and semiauto pistol bullets over the years.45 S&W. Starline makes it possible to once again shoot such cartridges as . of course.45 Colt and .

Richard Mann A Charming Snake 74 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .

45 ACP and Dustin’s preferred cartridge — the 10mm. For Dustin. Nope. He was just out of his teens but still knew how to build a 1911. Before we finished our talk I ordered a Gaboon in .AMERICANHANDGUNNER. The Gaboon is an African pit viper that spends most of its time motionless. The NeXt alteration to the 1911 permits the pistol to be loaded or unloaded with the safety engaged. WWW. what Dustin Bonar calls his first signature 1911. a slash cut is made on the bottom of the slide. Dustin has been infatuated with snakes for as long as he can remember and routinely kept them as pets when younger. Dustin left Novak’s in 2008 when he decided his creative mind needed more leeway. Dustin is the son on the late Joe Bonar who was a friend and the lead 1911 scientist at Novak’s for many years. This makes a conventional bushing useless so Dustin devised Continued on page 88 Dustin Bonar in the LST shop assembling the author’s Gaboon. You probably think “Lightning Strike” refers to an electrical blast or Richard’s Gaboon ran fine with a nice cross-section of ammo. his father. “Lightning Strike” refers to the speed of a snake’s strike. until now. the Gaboon grows a pair of rostral horns and is the largest of the vipers. Joe and I were close. LST offers the Gaboon in 9mm. Cosmetic? In March of 2009 I drove to LST to collect my pistol and while there Dustin explained his goal with the Gaboon was to radically renovate the looks of the 1911 without sacrificing functionality or altering the mechanics of the original design. Dustin was already working at Novak’s but soon took over his father’s duties there. Joe Bonar. The result is a deadly and dependable pistol that. It serves the same purpose as a standard recoil spring plug it just installs differently. friends and those who relied on him to build 1911s to keep them safe. . Given Colt’s history of naming revolvers after snakes. 1911s and other firearms were his childhood puzzles. lying in wait on its prey. it’s a fitting moniker. the area where the recoil spring plug is inserted. ate last fall I received a call from Dustin Bonar. A Gaboon strikes with amazing speed and agility and their venom is seriously deadly.The slash-cut slide on the Gaboon sets its appearance apart from all other 1911s. Dustin stretched the analogy and by altering the pistol’s appearance with some rakish lines.COM 75 . It’s a feature that takes some getting used to but it is entirely practical. The recoil spring plug inserts from the rear of the slide and is not held in place by the barrel bushing.38 Super. That’s when he started LST (Lightning Strike Technologies). modernized the 1911. Dustin may look young but he literally grew up building pistols under the tutelage of one of the best 1911 smiths ever. There is a great deal of difference between the Gaboon barrel bushing (left) and a standard 1911 bushing (right). From a function standpoint the Gaboon bushing does not hold the recoil spring plug in place. What does this have to do with 1911s? Nothing. . To accomplish this. Hell. . This brings us to the Gaboon. will lay in wait until called upon to strike at some aggressive troll. his dad had been showing him how since before he was kissing girls. The Gaboon’s internal recoil spring plug and innovative bushing is the engineering behind the look. LST typically installs Novak sights on the Gaboon but the author preferred the XS 24/7 style sight because they are so fast to get on target. The recoil spring plug for the Gaboon looks much different than one from a standard 1911. He was in my wedding and threw me in the New River while I was still wearing the tux and the Lightweight Commander he so eloquently engineered for me. like the Gaboon viper. Joe passed several years ago and has been deeply missed by family. the rapid assault of some tactical death squad.40 S&W.45 ACP. They also put you in mind of the rostral horns on the snake the pistol is named after. L The recoil spring plug is removed from the Gaboon by pushing it to the rear of the slide. With age.

COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .AMERICANHANDGUNNER.WIN! froM The S&W PerforMance cenTer S&W Model 325 HANDGUN OF THE MONTH IncludeS Thunder ranch Gun ruG and defenSIve revolver dvd! 76 WWW.

html TO ENTER CONTEST: Use a postcard (no envelopes. How often do you use the internet? a) More than an hour per day B) daily C) Several times per week d) weekly E) Seldom 5. This contest is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories only. and Defensive Revolver DVD. Zip ____________ Phone ( ) ____ - ________ Store hours __ am __ pm Limit 1 entry per household. Dept. P. do you prefer a fixed blade knife or a folding knife? a) Fixed blade B) Folding knife 4. is vintage Clint.O. In virtually every respect.COM 77 . hosted by Clint Smith. this . Taxes and compliance with firearms regulations will be the responsibility of the winners.cOM! Thunder ranch revolver . please) and follow the sample shown. Have you ever worked in Law Enforcement? a) yes B) No 3. This small group of talented and experienced pistolsmiths work together to create some of the most innovative designs we see today. modern technology means high-tech metals and synthetics and today’s high-performance ammo all combine to make it clear — today’s revolvers don’t give up a thing to any semiauto! And not only heading the pack. Box 501377. Agents and employees of Publishers Development Corporation and their families are excluded from entering. This DVD (produced in conjunction with FMG Training Videos).5" • Empty weight: 31 oz • Grip: Synthetic • Finish: Matte black over $1.Have you viewed the digital editions of American Handgunner? a) yes B) No Name ___________________________________ Address _____________ City. ability to use “moon” clips and light rail. more versatile. S&W keeps pushing the envelope in revolver performance. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law. but virtually leading the way. H3. full of tips and recommendations on how to best handle the Thunder Ranch revolver. Entries must be received before April 30.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. adjustable white outline rear • Barrel length: 4" • Overall length: 9.45 ACP revolver is on the forefront of revolver design at many levels. to the interchangeable gold bead front sight.ENTEr ONlINE AT AMErIcANHANDGUNNEr.com/productindex. while others — the smarter ones — realize today is actually the renaissance of the wheelgun. San Diego. Hom marCH/aPrIL 2010 REadER SuRvEy QuESTiONS: 1. State. ATTENTION DEPLOYED MILITARY: USE STATESIDE ADDRESS! No purchase necessary to enter. From the lightweight Scandium Alloy frame and stainless steel cylinder. please ship my prize through: Dealer ___________________________________ Address _____________ City. The Thunder Ranch Revolver may just be at the epitome of that breed. Have you ever served in the Military? a) yes B) No 2. S Custom Features • Capacity: 6 rounds • Action: Single/Double • Capacity: 6 (uses “moon”) • Sights: Gold front.americanhandgunner. Winners must meet all local laws and regulations. CA 92150-1377. Winners will be notified by CERTIFIED MAIL on official letterhead. CNC machining means better fit. State. Included with the revolver is a high quality Thunder Ranch gun rug. Designed with in-put from Handgunner staffer and Thunder Ranch founder Clint Smith. 45 acP ome people think the revolver is dead. better engineered and full of features and ideas that dominate previous designs. reliable revolver performance and upgrades it to the 21st century.400! Photo: Joe Novelozo totaL vaLue: FOR MORE INFO: www. 2010. Combined with S&W’s commitment to bring back the classic revolver designs (their “Classic” series). the Thunder Ranch Revolver takes classic. today’s revolvers are more reliable. Zip____________ Email Address _______________________ CiRCLE aNSwERS TO REadER SuRvEy: samPLe Question #1: (A) (B) Question #3: (A) (B) Question #5: (A) (B) Question #2: (A) (B) Question #4: (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) If I win. WWW. Send to AMERICAN HANDGUNNER. is the S&W Performance Center.

AMERICANHANDGUNNER. But then. 33. He had to know he was looking at the end of life as he knew it. and was on parole at the time of his shooting. Chambers had ten-plus years left to do on the sentence from which he had been temporarily reprieved. The post-mortem toxicology screen showed he had cocaine in his system. And now as the running man approaches his car. Will the intruder flee? Will he shoot them all now? Will he run his getaway car down the long driveway. let alone a bullet. too. Chambers had been the black sheep son of good parents. hard. allowing him only Graham has a heart condition and he knows he can’t outrun an automobile. He had become a burglar to pay for his heavy habit. There was this new burglary to look at. The travel bag he had thrown on the seat beside him contained several thousand dollars in cash the rancher kept handy for emergencies. and he’s holding it in his hands.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .AYOOB FILES Continued from page 34 The hand emerges from the bag empty. This time he gets through to 911. His continuing pattern of crime and substance abuse had broken his mother’s heart and so frightened his wife that she had divorced him. and does not yet know it contains loaded guns. At the time of his death. The pellets had been too close together to spread. Josh Chambers was driving a vehicle that would quickly track to him. stop out of range of the puny single-shot . and now. and reaches for his cell phone. supervised visits to see his children. And he had every reason to know all these undesirable things would ensue if Graham and the Olsons survived to call the cops. He knows the man in the car almost certainly has two loaded guns. he perceives the driver’s right hand reaching toward the bag he has thrown onto the seat while beginning his escape. It’s over. it is Olson who sees the suspect’s hand fumble inside the bag. He is unhurt.com 78 WWW. a felon in possession of firearms. and fires. as he would have to do if returned to prison. He was a felon in possession of controlled drugs. Then the car is past him. a Glock 23 and an IntraTec Tec-22. just before the car can hit him. Olson and Olson’s teenage son had ample opportunity to memorize his license plate.americanhandgunner. the stranger accelerates. his family well respected locally. In one desperate motion. and gun them all down with impunity? struck the driver in the head. raises the shotgun to his shoulder. was found sprawled across the front seat and was pronounced dead at the scene. has missed the furtive movement toward the bag. Multiple possibilities race through Graham’s brain. Graham lunges to the side. He had been caught on many occasions. Graham hands the empty shotgun to Osborn. holding the shotgun. and now. The vehicle continues forward until it crashes. He sees only one chance. had done some serious hard time. and the man begins to sprint toward his car. He sees only one chance. He’s not up for shooting. instead of drawing anything.410. the man and the bag go into the white Ford together. and fears for him. He had to have known that Graham. Various experts determined the vehicle was accelerating at the moment Attack Now behind the wheel. creating one large hole that pathologists sometimes call a “rat-hole wound. but drug problems had consumed his life. and he hands Terry the shotgun. give them his license tag number and testify against him. into a tree at the end of the long driveway. as the Ford rushes toward him. The single shot fired had gone through the open window of the driver’s door and the small charge of birdshot Result www. still together. There is no movement in the vehicle. It also contained two loaded handguns. Parolees know exactly what they stand to lose if caught committing another serious crime while they’re tentatively back in mainstream society. Terry yells. He had made it clear to those who knew him that he didn’t think he could survive without drugs. He races the Taurus directly at Terry Graham. and the lead payload has struck en masse. and Graham can’t see where he is. and not a very good one. Graham has a heart condition and he knows he can’t outrun an automobile. and he’s holding it in his hands. Olsen is somewhere behind Graham. based on what he knows.” Josh Chambers. “shoot him!” but Guy. He has to assume the two loaded semiautomatic pistols he has left in that bag are now in the criminal’s possession. let alone a bullet. now committed by a serial offender. which would result inevitably in his capture and arrest.

S. Worcester.tommygun. Marine Raiders.com / www. The Thompson was the coveted weapon among specialized troops such as Rangers. The “Tommy Gun” went on to see service in Korea and Vietnam. What’s in a name? History. the “Tommy Gun” has become an American icon. The product of this collaboration was the world famous “Tommy Gun®.nationalww2museum. Own a Thompson! ® ® KAHR ARMS: 130 Goddard Memorial Drive.com Courtesy The National WWII Museum www. Carried by G-men and colorful characters like Al Capone and John Dillinger in the 1920’s and 30’s and trusted by our soldiers in WWII. armored and parachute units.org . John Taliaferro Thompson founded the Auto-Ordnance Corporation® in 1916 with John Blish and Thomas Fortune Ryan to design and develop a hand held machine gun.” Since its inception. MA 01603 Sales Support & Service: 508-795-3919 Websites: www. Put a piece of history in your hands. At Auto-Ordnance we take great pride in continuing General Thompson’s legacy by producing finely crafted semi-automatic versions of the historic Thompson submachine gun.Made with Pride in the U.tommygunshop.A.

Graham sat before the Grand Jury and told them his story. a 1993 Ford Taurus. had determined from the birdshot pattern the muzzle of the shotgun was four feet from the dead man’s head when the fatal shot was fired through the open window. the law still had to be satisfied.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. meticulously explained to the Grand Jury the laws of the state of Texas in regard to the use of deadly force. had a gross vehicle weight listed by its manufacturer of 3. Auto/pedestrian collisions tend to cause massive. From 80 WWW.pdPage 1 11/11/09 3:43:23 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K it nearly hit Terry Graham. Graham believed Chambers was reaching for one of the guns at the time the homeowner decided the only chance of survival was to shoot the criminal. Matt Bingham. and it fell back into the bag.118 pounds. humble and honest. In addition. This is why police shoot “unarmed motorists” who are driving vehicles at them. the Sheriff’s Department’s ace crime scene reconstructionist. However. I was brought in to speak as an expert witness. so we don’t know if Chambers actually had one of the guns in hand at the time he was shot. The sedan. on both the criminal and civil sides. if the gun was indeed in the burglar’s hand. he came across as sincere. Noel Martin.DMT Ammo Ad Shot Show'10 art2. The grip surfaces of both the Glock and the IntraTec pistols are not conducive to fingerprint retention. The deceased had appeared to be reaching for one of two lethal weapons as he directed a third — the automobile — at Mr. That meant they had ruled there was no reason to believe Terry Graham had committed any crime in the shooting death of Josh Chambers. However. he would have been only about a second away from whipping it out and firing as he went past. to himself and to others he had the right to protect. The Grand Jury Several weeks after the shooting. including justifiable homicide. The shooting fit all the parameters of justifiable homicide in self-defense and defense of others. The Grand Jury returned No True Bill. It is SOP in Texas for all homicides to go before the Grand Jury. the Grand Jury of Smith County met to consider the case.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . The head of the prosecutor’s office. They heard from both local police and an outside expert witness the situation had been one in which Josh Chambers had put Graham in a situation of immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. mangling. hired by the prosecutor’s office and my testimony was pretty much the same as that of the investigators. Graham. often fatal injuries. The bag containing the guns was propelled forward onto the floor of the front seat in the crash.

AMERICANHANDGUNNER. but even-handedly so — and will take his word for that. Graham retained Tracy Crawford. Judge Rogers spoke of the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Charles Clark and Greg Porter. The autopsy showed the blast of the small shotgun had entered the side of the head and tracked slightly forward. In his opening statement for the plaintiff. Trial was held in July of 2009 in the courtroom of Judge Randall Rogers. and had been executed needlessly.” the father-in-law answered. presenting no danger.” Crawford asked him softly. One thing you learn if you’re involved in homicide cases over decades. The gunman was killed a matter of minutes later by a courageous Tyler cop. “That man loved his children more than anything. a brilliant attorney hugely respected in the area. His former father in law testified.COM 81 The Lawsuit . Texas courthouse that a few years before had been the scene of a horrendous mass murder in which an armed citizen had stopped the killing. But the civil side of the matter was yet to come. Attorney Porter told the jury. as being highly respected too.” The plaintiffs’ theory was the fleeing burglar had been trying to drive around the homeowner. A harmless man executed for being a drug addict? The plaintiff ex-wife was cross-examined gently but most effectively by defense lawyer Tracy Crawford. on behalf of the children she’d had with Josh Chambers. The plaintiff’s theory was this meant Chambers had been shot from behind as he fled. in the Tyler. I can only observe that even the best lawyers must feel a need to stretch things when they have a weak case. that she had filed a temporary restraining order against him. It is a story that has been told in these pages in the past.the criminal justice side of the house. Terry Graham had hired the right attorney. It’s human nature to seek revenge upon those who kill the people we love. Crawford WWW. once he is dead it becomes safe to love him again. However. In addition to effectively cross-examining the plaintiff’s expert. The dead man’s ex-wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit. I was very impressed with Judge Rogers — a stern jurist. (saving several people’s lives) but being killed himself in the act. “There’s no death penalty in Texas for burglary or for being a drug addict. the matter was effectively over. The plaintiff’s theory painted a loving father who was simply a victim of a compulsion he couldn’t control. is even if a man has done many bad things and brought fear to the people who most love him. against Terry Graham. He led her to admit in the past she had so feared for her and her children’s safety at the hands of the deceased burglar. “More than drugs?” “I don’t know about that.

had the doomed I can only observe that even the best lawyers must feel a need to stretch things when they have a weak case. The very slight back-to-front angle of the pellets as they burglar “outgunned. put it in gear and took off. the man had simply driven a distance beyond them. However. and no spare ammunition. Graham stepped out of the way of the man’s car and fired the gun. Chambers would have had to have had a neck like a giraffe and hung his head out the window. In between came the heartfelt testimony of the participants and eyewitnesses. and the short range . Graham had said from the beginning he thought he was going to be shot with a gun and hit by an accelerating automobile at the time he fired the fatal shot. Asked at one point in the investigation if he had been in fear of his life. armed with a shotgun. Rodriguez. If Mr. armed burglar was complete. Graham wouldn’t have stepped away. Rodriguez the first to testify and me the last. and a Tec-22 semiauto pistol loaded with 21 rounds of . At that time Mr. Perhaps the greatest stretch by the plaintiffs was their theory that Graham. a well-educated group comprising eight women and four men. Even the plaintiff’s expert had to admit this under Crawford’s dynamic cross-examination. called two of his own: Albert Rodriguez. Graham was all but in front of the man’s car. The jury.” Defense lawyer Crawford left in tatters the plaintiffs’ theory that Chambers had been “executed” and “shot from behind. the man would have run him over with the vehicle.” By the time Rodriguez and I were done. Guy Olson said under oath. We get clumsy under stress.” Young Jason Osborn said under oath. UP TO 50X TIMES BRIGHTER THAN RED. Mr. Graham. IT DELIVERS A DAYTIMEVISIBLE GREEN LASER. Graham if he had not gotten out of the way. His car door would have been in effect a bulletproof shield against the . “The man jumped in his car. the most popular anti-personnel handgun in law enforcement today. Graham had a single-shot gun with one lonely little shell. The testimony of those who were there was unanimous. The plaintiff’s side tried to make it look as if he had given two different. The man would have run over Mr.” All testimony indicated the shot was fired as the driver came abreast of the defendant: otherwise. They understood Graham felt he had to fire to protect himself and his foreman and the foreman’s teenage son.A LASER THIS SMALL IS HUGE. Graham had of course replied in the affirmative. except through that open window? If the shot had come from behind as the plaintiffs wanted the jury to believe.410’s tiny pellets. Terry’s fumble when first attempting to call 911 was typical.40 the dead man had in his possession. Graham — like head-on. the new C5: world’s only subcompact green laser THE ASTOUNDING C5 SERIES IS SO TINY. the jury knew that a single-shot firearm with birdshot suitable for small feathered creatures and little animals at close range was no match for the Glock . Graham stepped to (his) right to get out of the way and shot at the vehicle.COM 800-990-9390 82 Texas had passed a so-called Castle Law that offered some degree of civil lawsuit immunity to householders who shot intruders. too quickly for the defendant to stop his trigger finger. and we tend to do things out of sequence. Josh Chambers was indisputably in possession of a stolen Glock loaded with eight rounds of . and twisting his head away from the upcoming gun muzzle in the instant before the shot. The jury “got it. His strategy was to bracket the defense case like bookends. conflicting answers. with testimony that showed the jury both the state of Texas and national standards were absolutely met when Terry Graham fired the shot that killed Josh Chambers. the dead man had a 29-to-1 “firepower advantage” over the homeowner he was coming at. by all accounts. and me. I was afraid the man was going to run over Mr. how would the birdshot have gotten into the accelerating car. Far from being outgunned. Fortunately. and leaned out to pick them off. weren’t fooled.410 would have been hopelessly outmatched at any distance if. AVAILABLE WITH 100 LUMEN TAC LIGHT. It happens often in such situations. and that’s before considering the crushing power of the automobile he was driving straight at Graham. The final exoneration of the homeowner who had nearly been killed defending himself and his friends from a violent. as Graham had first feared.22 Long Rifle. Mr. Asked at another point whether he feared for the Olsons. Both pistols were recovered with live rounds in the chambers. tore into Chambers’ brain was consistent with a man suddenly realizing his victim was about to fight back. stopped.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . a top Texas instructor. he had said yes to that too. the law did not take effect until September 2007.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. the cell phone records showed he had indeed attempted to make the call immediately before the WWW. some seven months after this shooting.” They returned a total defense verdict. YET SO ADVANCED. IT FITS SUBCOMPACT WEAPONS. Lessons inescapably brilliant VIRIDIANGREENLASER. did a masterful job of delivering an honest testimony proving unshakable on cross.40 S&W hollow point. “The man drove his vehicle towards Mr.

Like oil in your car. one final bit of advice. apparently. he — and Guy and his son — would have been helpless against a man now well-armed and with a strong motive to murder them all to stay out of prison and continue his cocaine-driven life. In retrospect. ered by olff Powered by Wolff ! For over 50 years Wolff has been the name you trust for precision gunsprings . and a Grand Jury was correctly allowed to see both sides. But for his cautious wisdom in asking Guy Osborn to bring a gun. that was no protection against what I — and. He wasn’t sure it was a burglary.” I never asked Terry Graham.Hammer Springs . P. This isn’t the first case I’ve seen of the citizen coming home to find the intruder already there and armed. Dept. all the while facing false allegations you’re a vengeful executioner after you’ve spent a full. 381. Even if the “Castle Doctrine” had been in effect. And.000 that he’ll never get back.gunsprings .Firing Pin Springs . We are reminded some burglars carry their own weapons and some don’t. he didn’t want to embarrass unrecognized friends who might have dropped by.gunsprings. springs need to be changed from time to time.shooting. However.Box 458. I’ve seen it go a lot more. productive life doing good for people. PA 19073 Toll-Free at 800-545-0077 or 610-359-9600 * www. his bitter experience tells us it is wise to call the police even if we merely suspect they might be needed. the jury — considered to be an unmeritorious lawsuit.Other Springs . Terry Graham had not been armed when he came home from church.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. as Josh Chambers surely had Graham’s. Please don’t read this and think. And that’s before you factor in what it does to your life to spend about two and a half years with the sharp-edged pendulum of The Law hanging over your head. but some close to him estimate his legal bills exceeded $60. please equip yourself with something more suited to such emergencies than a single-shot . In this case. with allegations such as “gross negligence” which are exempted from protection under most such laws. Understand. Newtown Square. If you even remotely think you might one day face an armed and dangerous burglar on your own property. so it’s all good. the saying “a good shoot is a good shoot” is almost childishly naïve. though. and he didn’t want to take a deputy who might be seriously needed elsewhere out of service if he wasn’t sure it was necessary. he won at trial in the end. and that helped to spike any implication he had acted as a vigilante. but if they’re coming out of our house when we confront them.Magazine Springs .O.gunsprings. an honest and highly professional district attorney was in office. instantly deployable for the defense of yourself and others.Recoil Springs . and this saved Graham from the ordeal of a wrongful criminal trial.Performance Kits For hundreds of Semi-Auto Pistols. Revolvers. Rifles and Shotguns. It would be nice if you already had some defensive hardware with you at such a moment.com www.410 loaded with bunny shot. “Well. they may have our weapons now.COM .com Isn’t it time to make sure your gun is Powered by Wolff! 83 WWW. the plaintiff’s complaint was cunningly crafted to get around it. We can see why Graham first hesitated to call police.

All of them are recoil operated. and they were given in large quantities to airborne troops to help bolster their firepower. For this article I test fired a handload using a 220 grain cast bullet over 5. when I take my 1911 .com and click on Web Blast to see video of Duke shoot his Thompson! CLICK ON THE “WEB BLAST” LINK 84 WWW. meaning they will actually cycle faster with hotter ammunition and slower with lower velocity ammunition.25 and 12. then pull the bolt rearwards. All those things are true.75 pounds respectively.uLtImAtE 1911 Continued from page 65 Troops didn’t like the weight and bulk of the drum magazines and generally just threw them away when empty.4 grains of Winchester 231 powder.5 pounds. Nothing could be done about the “heavy” business. Imagine that. According to Bruce Canfield’s excellent book U. in Bridgeport (CT). They were too heavy. Infantry Weapons Of World War II. Magazine pouches were supplied for M1/ M1A1s holding either five 20-round magazines.25 and 6. And when I allow friends to try shooting my subguns it’s usually the Thompson they all want to fire first. “No way. Making It Work It’s actually simple.25 pounds in the same order. Recoil isn’t much. There’s a selector switch on the weapon’s left side for fullor semi-firing. By comparison the German MP40 is rated at 500 rpm. All of them were marked with the latter company’s name but those made by Savage will have a small “s” stamped into the frame ahead of the magazine well. They had been captured from the Nationalist Chinese by the Communist Chinese during and after their Civil War.” There were three basic charges leveled against them. Thompson submachine guns of all models have an avid. Only the Russian’s PPsh41 beat the Thompson at 900 rpm.americanhandgunner.S. His was definitely easier to hold on target. or three 30-round ones. and they were hard to control in full auto. and interestingly many of those Chinese ones were turned against American troops in the Korean War. So why did the Thompson see so much use worldwide in the Second World War? The answer is simple. When it slides forward the sight picture is most certainly disturbed. My M1 Thompson certainly isn’t my favorite of the subguns I’ve bought. But still. Many went to the British and Chinese under the Lend-Lease Act. The rpm listed are nominal. I was able to compare that factor between my M1 and a friend’s Model 1928A1 with its Cutts Compensator. except for the buttstock variation mentioned above and some protective wings alongside the rear sight. M1 Thompsons were made in two plants: Savage in New York and Auto Ordnance Corp. but muzzle climb is. The rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute for the M1 Thompson is rather fast as World War II submachine guns go. By the way. their ammunition was too heavy. As read by my PACT MK IV Timer/Chronograph that handload provided a rate of fire of only 701 rpm. even perhaps a cult following. It’s doubtful if the American military establishment in World War II took the time or supplied the ammunition necessary to make everyone issued a Thompson an expert shooter with it.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. the Thompson generally goes along. Worldwide Thompson submachine guns in all models were used in combat in every theatre of World War II. my M1 weighs 11. * Go to www. Most American tanks were issued with a Thompson stored in the turret. There it will stay until the trigger is pulled because like most submachine guns the Thompson fires from an open bolt. the British STEN the same. However. It was the only submachine gun available to American and British forces when the conflict began.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . only 285. the only real difference between M1 and M1A1 Thompsons is that the latter’s bolt has a fixed firing pin while the former model has a separate one actuated by an internal hammer. Empty.45s down to my steel target range for some fun. Many thousand of those Thompsons sent to the Brits early in World War II ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as victims of German U-Boats.480 M1 Thompsons were made before the M1A1 upgrade was adopted. I’ll save that tidbit for another story. There’s more than one story in World War II oral history where a veteran says he got rid of his Thompson because it was such a burden. Filled with loaded magazines those pouches weigh 7. and the Thompson’s replacement — the M3 Grease Gun — is only about 450 rpm. The hard to control factor can be cured with training: meaning learning to hold it properly and fire in short bursts. Does that mean they were the best submachine gun of World War II? My opinion is. Loaded with 20 and 30 round magazines it’s up to 12. This fact is a little confusing. insert a magazine until it clicks into place. early in 1944 the US Government decreed that Savage and Auto Ordnance stop making Thompsons because the M3 grease gun had been officially adopted. Put it in the mode you would like to shoot. Even on semiauto mode these things aren’t overly precise because of that heavy bolt.

The rear sight is “melted. Over 400 calibers. easy to see sight picture. and $625 with a high polish blue finish. Encores.416 Whispers are developments of SSK Industries. SSK Industries 590 Woodvue Lane Wintersville. Custom barrels for Contenders. The sights are again excellent. My two handloads with the RCBS #45-201 also did well with groups at 13/4" or less.302 ® . OH 43953 Tel: 740-264-0176 www. 12/15/09 3:51:03 PM * For more info: www.0 grains of Bullseye clocked at 895 feet per second and delivered an amazing group of 5/8" for six shots. the Hawk had the worst trigger pull at 8 pounds.45 ACP handload consisting of the RCBS #45-201 SWC over 7.sskindustries. bolt guns. It appears Iver Johnson has done an excellent job in coming up with a varied assortment of .AMERICANHANDGUNNER.com favorite .45s.americanhandgunner.338 . which is way too heavy. Classic Style Untitled-1 1 That brings us to the third test gun. They are combat style mounted in dovetails and provide a large black. except for the sights and shorter frame and slide. Both grouped into 11/2". The Iver Johnson 1911-A1 seems to be an exceptional bargain at an MSRP of $532. however this is still too heavy.45 ACP with extended grip safety and standard hammer and trigger. with a black square notch rear sight mated up with a slanted post front sight. This is a basic matte-finished GI-style . The Hawk retails for $594 in the test version matte finish. it has all of the same features as the Eagle.22 conversion units for both the fulland Commander-sized . Even so I managed to get some excellent groups with it. Of the three test guns.45 ACPs at very affordable prices. However the same bullet over 5. The slide to frame finish is excellent with no discernible play whatsoever.com/productindex. The sights were right on the money for my eyes and hold. 22 through 50 caliber. uppers and complete guns.COM 85 . which operate at sub-sonic and medium velocity modes. semi-autos and the cans to keep them quiet are available. The trigger pull at 63/4 pounds is the best of the three.016 fps.” The test version came in the matte finish which makes it a natural for packing in a Leather Arsenal inside the waistband holster. This gun may not go back! The Hawk is Iver Johnson’s Commander-sized 1911 and.tAFFIN tEStS Continued from page 36 Whispers ® . The GI Commander version is dubbed the Trojan. They also offer . the 1911-A1. The best factory loads for the Hawk proved to be Black Hills 230 JHP +P at 926 fps and the CCI Blazer 230 FMJ at 888 fps. both of which combine to give an excellent sight picture. with the best factory groups running 13/8" for five shots at 20 yards.html WWW.0 grains of Unique proved to be accurate. and retails for $500. with a group of 13/8" for five shots at 20 yards with a muzzle velocity of 972 fps. Convert your guns or ours. This was accomplished with both the Black Hills 230 FMJ at 880 fps and the CorBon 200 JHP+P at 1.375 . The sights are fixed. Custom and production AR barrels.

but this particular Glock 22 RTF didn’t like it as much.com/productindex. in my opinion. measuring only 0. The improved grasping grooves.95". teaches a firm racking of the slide rather than the use of the slide lock lever during reloads. they’ve seen a definite improvement in positive slide manipulation with their new RTF guns. It’s the most accurate load in my little Glock 27. I measured each group once for all five to get an idea what an experienced shooter could do with it from a solid rest under calm conditions. polymer. After all. I’ve been shooting Glock 22s since they came out some 20 years ago.357 SIG. With that many people using them. However. “Nothing’s perfect. a designation I would understand better if I knew what the hell RTF1 might have been. In 2010. from the centers of the farthest-apart bullet holes. Stay tuned. which Glock is actually calling the RTF2. The 180-gr.05". That probably had at least as much to do with the ammo as with the guns: the . which has worked extremely well in the shootings I’m familiar with. but it serves a real purpose. and the best three in the tightest such cluster of the test. The classic straight up and down grasping grooves are replaced in the RTF format with deep. did almost from the beginning. They had adopted the Glock for its superb resistance to salt water and salt air corrosion (Tenifer.1". hand held off the bench? I can’t bitch about that at all. these folks know about guns in slippery hands. All groups were measured to the nearest 0. and between inclement weather and terribly humid summers in the inland part of the county.90". but this stuff did fine in the test gun. The 155-gr. are worthy of becoming standard on all Glocks.140 or so fps have done very well in law enforcement . The best three shots were 1. From the 25-yard bench I tested G22 RTF serial number NBW997 with loads from three respected manufacturers. Glock has learned a lot about building . wide semicircular cuts that really do seem to allow a firmer grasp. The Gold Dot gave us the tightest five-shot group of this test at 1. the G22 has become the most popular police service pistol in the United States. because a fifth generation of standard-sized Glock grip-frame is on the horizon. Escambia County SO. look for Glocks with interchangeable backstraps allowing the shooter to adjust the shape. all of that) and had gone to the RTF primarily because it gave their deputies a better grasp on their service pistols.200 fps has proven to be a devastating load in this caliber.” and has been tweaking the gun to improve its performance the whole time. encompassing the three most popular bullet weights in the . * For more info: www.40s in the intervening score of years. pleased me with its accuracy. It was represented in this test by Federal’s cost effective American Eagle practice ammo. putting all five shots into 2. the manufacturer has had mega “beta testing. The RTF treatment also includes the first change in slide serration pattern in Glock’s history. the . product code AE40N1.30".40s.40 S&W when it was introduced in 1990. That corporate philosophy is incorporated in the RTF series. The first ones were not at all impressive for accuracy. As per my usual protocol. and is probably still the most commonly used.40 caliber.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. and again for the best three to factor out enough human error to get a good idea of the inherent mechanical accuracy of the gun/ammo combination. With a history of hurricanes and duties that include beach patrol. boat patrol and even deputies on jet-skis. Ammo with lead free primers isn’t famous for accuracy. because Glock has been good about changing small details that make significant improvements. It was represented here by Winchester Silvertip. This new test pistol. including the Speer Gold Dot in that configuration.25" apart. The 165-gr.html 86 WWW.americanhandgunner. to wit the Total Metal Jacket load with lead-free primers. subsonic load was the original formula for . Under 2" for five rounds of a streetproven duty Gold Dot. Bottom Line My test crew and I put hundreds of rounds through this G22 RTF and we experienced no malfunctions. like many law enforcement agencies. delivering a five shot group of 3" and a best three of 2.” Perhaps “Quest For Perfection” would describe it better. JHP loads at 1. The manufacturer’s motto is “Glock Perfection. This fourth generation Glock grip frame may not be for every shooter or every need.GLOCK 22 RtF Continued from page 61 law enforcement agency in the nation to adopt the G22 RTF.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . the G22 RTF. JHP at 1. That definitely showed when I tested this latest and most evolved specimen of the breed. by the Border Patrol for example. and the ammo industry has learned a lot about that particular cartridge.” That’s a lot to live up to.40 S&W cartridge has never earned the reputation for gilt-edged accuracy that its derivative round. the feel and the trigger reach on the Pre-eminent Polymer Pistol. This is the county surrounding Pensacola and its famed Emerald Coast and Navy base. Accuracy In the last 20 years. as we Americans say.


I really liked these grips and they fit flush with the S&A magwell.. It’s not. What I am still getting used to is that since the slide cannot be locked I sometimes have to place my thumb on the rear of slide when holstering. To disassemble the Gaboon you pull the slide rearward until the takedown notch is lined up with the slide lock. it does exist and is noticeable. digital camo grips Crimson Trace provides to Kimber. more than anything else. but in any case it happened and it rendered the pistol inoperative. Dustin believes. According to Dustin. “How do you know when you get it right?” He nonchalantly replied. They are available in a variety of colors and have three ball-cut grooves running vertically up the grip. In both instances this was likely due to improper assembly.” Another modification incorporated into my Gaboon was the NeXt feature made popular by Novak’s. And of course. The Gaboon comes standard with a carry bevel package. Sharpening the muzzle profile of any handgun would do the same thing. Though this advantage may be slight. I’m addicted to Crimson Trace laser grips.45 ACP..AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Like his father. engaged. Novak sights and a price tag of $1. You may be wondering if this is a totally cosmetic alteration. will lay in wait until called upon to strike at some aggressive troll. that is best accomplished with a barrel bushing and standard recoil management as opposed to any of those fancy guiderod contraptions. Dad showed me how to do it . Like back in the old days when craftsmen passed down the secrets of WWW. It also shortens the cycling distance and time. The result was the recoil spring and plug being ejected from the pistol. “Life’s too short to carry an ugly gun. On two occasions I’ve seen a 1911 barrel bushing rotate away from the recoil spring plug during firing. it’s just feel. Believe it or not. a fighting pistol has to work every time you pull the trigger. After the slide is removed you push the recoil spring plug to the rear and out of the slide.” Feel. like the Gaboon viper. Wolfe springs. function first. they now reside on my Gaboon. The Gaboon is available with or without the NeXt modification. The slide is STI and the frame is from Caspian with an S&A magwell and grip safety. commander hammer and Novak Practical Grip Screws. the slide can be manipulated (the pistol can be loaded or unloaded) while the thumb safety is 88 NeXt The other components making up a Gaboon read like a laundry list of the best 1911 parts you can find. If you have ever tried to shove a square-nosed Glock into an inside the pants holster. being careful to grab the recoil spring and spring guide as tension is released. remove the slide lock while holding the slide and then ease the slide forward. I liberated a set and with apologies to Dustin and Kimber. a Parkerized finish. The Gaboon is also easier to cram into a holster. accuracy second. It cannot happen with the Gaboon. a Kart barrel. However. you will appreciate the ease at which a Gaboon goes to leather — or its den. a Grieder trigger set to your desired pull weight. it’s not perfectly round! As I watched Dustin work the chamber on my Gaboon I asked him. The result is a deadly and dependable pistol that. Other options to include different finishes are available for a few dollars more. ejector and extractor. You cannot purchase these grips from Crimson Trace but you can get them directly from Kimber. To compensate for this. “It’s such a minute alteration I doubt anything less than a machine could tell it has been done but it’s what allows an accurate 1911 to feed anything you put in it.LSt GABOON Continued from page 75 his own bushing and to contain the recoil spring he created a plug perfectly matching the slash cut and inserts from the rear of the slide. Dustin also showed me how he cuts the chamber in a . By beveling the bottom edge of the slide just forward of the thumb safety. The Gaboon also comes standard with LST’s aluminum grips.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .895 — cheap. an 18-pound Commander spring and Commander spring guide are used for 5" 1911s. This allows access to the Gaboon’s barrel bushing which has three small holes permitting the bushing to be rotated with a pointed object in case it is too tight to turn by hand. But reliability and accuracy can coexist and they do in the Gaboon. So I eventually replaced them with the neat looking. It’s a comprehensive modification dramatically changing the profile of the pistol and requires the meticulous construction of a new bushing and the time consuming manufacture of a new plug. There’s an Ed Brown slide stop.

-Doug Koenig .

” A Test * For more info: www. “I guess your Daddy did show you all his tricks. Dave Biggers at XS Sights frequently says. I wished I could have called Joe and bragged about his son’s pistol. I blazed through the course of fire using real defensive ammunition.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. When the scores were tallied.html 90 WWW.americanhandgunner.” That looks to be the case and Joe would be proud.com/productindex.” was Dustin’s somewhat melancholy answer. He didn’t seem too surprised. Since that wasn’t an option I called Dustin to tell him how the Gaboon performed. He is an inventor who has designed a tactical.their trade. After a brief pause Dustin continued. lets say … adventures.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . During the drive a friend called to tell me about a concealed carry match at a local range the next day. Peter’s 1911. Late that evening when I left LST. but I hope it’s a long time before you get one. it was comforting to know the son of a departed friend has found his way and is carrying on his father’s legacy. tri-rail rifle action that will soon be available. and the Gaboon never hiccupped or missed. I can see Joe handing over the finished pistol to the elder apostle and. Call it Joe’s penance for all his. I also felt a bit closer to Joe even though he has been gone for a while now. Dustin is an innovator who has modernized the 1911. and they stood out like the rostral horns on the viper the pistol is named after. painstakingly grinding away on St.” I completely agree. I thought it ironic after years of carrying and competing with a 1911 built by Joe Bonar. the Gaboon and I came out on top. And they were as quick to acquire as a wart on Jennifer Anniston’s nose.50 caliber Desert Eagle. I eagerly agreed to attend. I commented. Right now I imagine Joe Bonar is hunkered over a work bench out behind the pearly gates. “But I got a few tricks of my own I never showed dad. as the gatekeeper looks adoringly at the custom 1911. “My boy Dustin builds a damn fine 1911 too.” “Yeah. Dustin Bonar is a third generation gun builder who is not only carrying on the techniques and secrets his father and grandfather taught him — but doing something more. and he has also conceptualized a uniquely concealable shoulder holster for one of his favorite carry guns. Joe will proudly proclaim. yet I thought I could hear him blushing over the phone. I would have this opportunity the day after his son handed me a 1911 he had built. “Friends don’t let friends carry target sights. a . I had Dustin install XS 24/7 Sights as opposed to the Novak sights.

ed-1 1 12/9/09 3:23:08 P .

AMERICANHANDGUNNER.” pondered John? In Armand’s era. “I tried not to take away from the Swenson-esque feel of the pistol. Swenson would have incorporated had he had them in his time.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 Modern Touches . But Why John said. squeezed slides and peened rails to get better fits. chances were good you had to make it from scratch or modify an existing factory part. “What if is how I justified the incorporation of a beavertail grip safety. “For the eye.” John also explained that as he added more modern touches. he would tighten 92 WWW. Which brings us to the guns at hand. if you wanted a part. it was Swenson’s tenacious willingness to stick to it. His work was geared toward a more accurate and reliable 1911. beveled corners and edges. While others also lead the way. he nonetheless strived to stay within the style of the earlier time. today’s custom 1911s.” Don’t we all understand that one? Once John began to “pistolmith” as he says. if you will. improved ramp profile. and is still considered one of the very best in its class.” In Swenson’s day.” Nonetheless. and even the higher-end factory versions.” explained John. “it shoots or it doesn’t go out of the shop” attitude that led his drive toward custom touches that changed the functionality of his guns. an oversized match barrel and a front sight featuring a steeper. and is featured in this article — along with pistolsmith John Harrison’s stunning tribute to this great master. need to pay homage to the great man. John Harrison felt he could do Armand justice — with some modern twists. “I’d wanted a Swenson since I was a young guy. But Armand welded-up barrels. yet take full advantage of modern craftsmanship and technology. but he still put touches aboard simply for the fun of it. no-compromise.” added John. but family needs and reality reared their heads and it didn’t happen. things most ‘smiths today would never do. a tribute piece.swenson Continued from page 49 even say what happened next? Suffice to say that Swenson resides in my safe now. Armand’s ambi-safety was one of the very first custom 1911 parts. As a matter of fact. “I thought these were worthy features Mr. “I resisted the temptation to add anything that might be considered current design fad. “What if Swenson had lived another ten or 15 years and seen the rush of 1911 products available today? How would the ‘Swenson’ pattern pistol have evolved. he always thought he’d like to try to build his own version of a Swenson gun.” as he told me all those years ago.

the hand matting was something new. 6231 Robinson • Shawnee Mission.O. The hard chrome finish (done by Metaloy Industries of Berryville.” said John.wwpowder. California Classic John finished the frame with the almost trade-marked square trigger guard. most had it and it adds to the charm. Shades of the man’s own hands. and that John had done a terrific job on it. John feels this is also one of the reasons a Swenson gun seems to last forever. and proof it was done the hard way. Ark. In the 1970s. John TIG welded the old dovetail closed and re-machined the notch. cleaner — and I’ll bet something Armand would have done had he had TIG. to keep things in order. “In this case. While Armand did build some guns without it (mine. You can feel him “in the gun” when you hold it. Show in 2008 someone remarked to John how he thought the Swenson Tribute pistol had turned out wonderfully. John’s pistol offers other “shades of Swenson” ideas. when you stand on the shoulders of giants. Today. today’s ‘smith takes advantage of machines to cut checkering.” explained John. for John’s Tribute Gun) is the benchmark finish of a Swenson pistol. “How easy it is to look like a hero.com Winchester is a registered trademark of Olin Corporation and is used with permission. it’s becoming common to TIG weld the four corners of the frame rails and then machine them to fit. where Mr. Today.americanhandgunner.COM 93 .com/productindex. a hand checkered recoil spring plug and magazine catch. And what’s a “Swenson” without S&W sights? John agreed and mounted an adjustable sight from a K-frame S&W revolver. then filing everything to fit snugly. KS 66202 • Phone 913-362-9455 • www. AutoComp allows greater gas flow to your gun’s compensator for faster shooting. extractor head and ejector.frame-to-slide fit by “squeezing” the slide (which resulted in cracked slides at times) and peening the frame rails. An understanding customer of John’s donated an original Swenson ambi-safety for the project. While Swenson hand-checkered his guns. working from differing directions until consistent.html Split more seconds. And there’s no doubt Armand would have done a similar thing had he been able to. “Even though it was a bit of a pain.” According to John this was all great fun for the first three our four minutes and then it got old in a hurry. and saves wear and tear on wrists. who used to often simply fill the dovetail with pieces from an old sight and peen them into place. complete coverage was achieved. I still decided to texture the rear of the slide. John finished the initial machine cuts by hand. and I know Armand would have been happy with the final results. At the S. John used a King Gun Works model and re-worked it to keep the vintage look. for instance). Easier. Armand didn’t have access to the selection of over-sized match barrels we have today. he was reminded of the saying. While Armand only built a few pistols with beavertail grip safeties.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. I did it the same way Swenson did it. It just seemed to match up better with the top strap. It’s more accurate. “The rough textured pattern was created by striking the top of the slide with a large coarse-toothed file.” * For more info: www. Armand welded the hood and lower lugs as needed. then added a “barrel positioner” to force the rear of the Colt barrel into a consist lock-up. Original checkered Colt grips. The hand-matted top strap and French border were de-rigueur. hands and fingers. But unlike Armand. beveled mag well and a flat main spring housing round-out that distinctive look. WWW. John simply used a Kart National Match barrel and bushing. Shave even more time off your scores by reloading with new AutoComp™ BALL POWDER® propellant from Winchester.T. I noticed on my original gun there are almost micro- scopic over-runs and tiny glitches in the checkering.® Formulated with the ideal burn rate for auto pistol calibers.H. Swenson used to serrate or checker them in the originals. but while John had offered French border for years. John told me after a little thought.

Having been around the firearms.” It should also be noted all WWW.” Field Or Fight Curtis Iovito’s fixed-blade knife designs are based on many years of active field experience and input from his soldier buddies who use them. There is also an emphasis on quality. NC) so the processes we don’t have in-house are close by and are top notch. High Point. pouches. so what better pair to put together a company specializing in edged weapons? Carey adds. machine.) and operating environment.. and that begins with blade steel. We believe Curtis’ knife designs are unique and well thought out. It’s expensive to buy. armor and tactical market. and in our experience the best all around blade steel made to date. including special duties in counterterrorism and sniping .sPARTAn BLADes Continued from page 69 runs and custom projects. We know we have found something we can do well and enjoy doing. NC) and high tech coaters (IonBond. It’s American made.. we chose to make knives. “Additionally. Greensboro. heat/cryo. S30V is the simply the best steel specifically made for knives. but we are making professional level blades for users who want an edge to hold a long time and require minimal maintenance. Because Spartan Blades is still a budding company. According to Carey. etc. we found knife makers and manufacturers to be one of the nicest communities of people. their line-up is not extensive. We saw there was room for improvement and a niche to be filled. and coat. “Crucible CPM S30V is our steel of choice.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 94 . founded in 2008. we are located near the one of the best heat/ cryogenic treatment facilities (American Thermal Metal.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Both men spent 20-plus years each in the military. made in America. but the diversity in their model range more than makes up for that. Many of our active duty friends wanted a fixed blade knife that would fit with their current gear (body armor.

5.mec-gar.” said Carey. “We strive to provide our customers knives with a top notch finish. The Horkos (10. World’s Finest Magazines MEC-GAR is proud to offer “Optimum” .. Not as effective for field use as more traditional blade styles. Over an inch longer than the Ares. The Ares covers all bases..7" blade) is another bad boy in the Spartan line. A choke-up finger groove is located below the blade which works great when heavy duty slicing is required. The Ares also features a diamond checkered handle for improved grip that is further enhanced with a deep finger groove choil below the guard.5" blade) features a fiendish tanto blade design.45ACP 14rd SIG P226 9mm 18rd / 20rd SIG P226 . this knife is for you.our new and unique series of high capacity flush-fit pistol magazines. and you can get a Black or Coyote Tan MILSPEC Molle adjustable ballistic nylon sheath to match. allowing full use of the upswept angle of the main edge.5" overall. green or tan.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. NY). grip and sheath options meeting or exceeding their expectations. 5.875".” The 95 WWW. SpartaCoat blade finishes (developed for Spartan by IonBond) are offered in Black or Dark Earth. together with a special Anti-Friction Coating offer far superior performance even in difficult operational environments. “This knife was commissioned by the Combat Weapons Team of the United States Military Academy (West Point..of Spartan’s knives are proudly made in their North Carolina shop with only USorigin materials. “Plus Two” is a new set of hollow butt-plate and inner base to raise the capacity of the MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazine by 2-rounds and stick out only 5/8” from the butt of the pistol! Available For: Beretta 92FS 9mm 18rd / 20rd Beretta 96FS . with offerings for both field and tactical use.COM . THE WORLD’S BEST MAGAZINES More Fight Those who like the forward blade geometry of the Ares but like a little more “fight” in their fighting knife will appreciate the Erebus model. 905 Middle Street. The popular Ares model was designed by Iovito with input from Special Forces soldiers and other governmental agencies.com “OPTIMUM”. with custom laser etching to honor the graduating class. Spartan also offers a heat-formed Kydex sheath in basic Black or Coyote Brown formed and fitted by Okuden.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Mec-Gar USA. The increased firepower of MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazines can be further raised by an optional “Plus Two” adapter.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Para-Ordnance P14 .4" overall. Middletown. Handles are made of time-proven canvas Micarta and can be had in black. CT 06457 Tel: (800) 632-4271 Fax: (860) 635-1712 www. making for effective cutting during use. The angle of the blade places it in line with the user’s hand.4" blade) is a doubleground drop point with an aggressive blade angle that not only excels as a fighting knife but can handle a wide variety of field chores due to its highly functional blade design. Inc. The Ares (10. The Japanese tanto is one of the most wickedly effective fighting blades ever developed and Spartan’s modernistic take on it is a thing of beauty. A variety of colors and finishes also add diversity to the Spartan line. one of the better small custom Kydex shops in the US. 6. the tanto still offers a good degree of function and if selfdefense is your main thrust. the Erebus (11. Spartan’s designs are diverse.40S&W 13rd / 15rd Springfield XD 9mm 18rd Springfield XD . Carey states. As mentioned. The new design of the magazine housing and interlinked magazine components.40S&W 13rd Taurus PT92 9mm 18rd / 20rd Taurus PT100 . This blade is designed to be a great all around combat/utility knife.

SUITABLE FOR CONEALED CARRY.Do you need A Gun Belt? Horkos blade design. The Enyo’s short drop point blade can get you out of a pinch in a combat situation if need be. AND GENUINE ELEPHANT. FOUR COLORS. Prices for Spartan knives range from $150 for the Enyo (complete with sheath).yours FREE with option to continue membership at only $29. but can also slice up some para-cord and vittles along the way. neck knives are back-ups to larger knives or are used when carrying a large knife is not an option. the Enyo (6. We are also working on a titanium. Spartan’s plans are to build the company with a slow but steady stream of additions. VP Carey states. AVAILABLE IN THREE WIDTHS. Not to be overlooked for combat. Erebus. to the Ares. It’s the ONLY Professional Gunsmithing Course using this upto-date and proven method. COMPETITION. All rights reserved. Our main objective is improving and maintaining our high quality designs and craftsmanship. the Nyx blade is double ground for excellent penetration and also features an aggressive blade angle like its larger siblings.2" overall. which leaves this bright young knife manufacturer ample room for growth. from shaving and splitting to slicing and dicing.97 for the priority mail shipping. with its relieved distal spine. 2. is radical compared to most.thebeLtman. and Horkos. Nyx. which is FULLY REFUNDABLE! Ad Code: AH0310 Make Money Part-time. frame-lock folding knife for 2010. which run from $328 to $360 depending on color coating and sheath system selected.” Judging from how far and how quickly Iovito and Carey have brought Spartan Knives to this point. No part of this video may be copied. If field use is a top priority the Nyx model (10. Typically speaking. but purely functional in field or combat. Or As A Retirement Income Doing What You Love! Call Today! AGI AMERICAN GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE 1-800-797-0867 ADDED BONUS! You will automatically receive a Two Month FREE Trial Membership in the Gun Club Of America which includes the GCA monthly newsletter and GUNTECH monthly VIDEO MAGAZINE on DVD! An additional $60 value! . If you need a lightweight means of selfdefense and/or everyday cutter. AND WILL EASILY SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF A FULL SIZE FIREARM AND ACCESSORIES. Our folder will be unique and very functional. OR DRESS WEAR. Full-time. Call us today! Building An Army THE BELTMAN’S HAND MADE BELTS ARE TWO LAYERS OF TOP QUALITY BULL HIDE (NOT COW HIDE) FOR FIRMNESS AND DURABILITY. For more info: www.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.com/productindex.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .2" blade) will please the toughest of hard users. This knife is an all-round performer sized just right for easy carry and accessibility.95 per month. *The information package & 1 hour DVD are FREE. STIFFENERS. para-cord for lashing to gear. however.html * WWW. 5. YOU DO! (919) 387-1997 www. the future looks extremely bright for this hardworking and intelligent team. ALSO OFFERED IN HORSE HIDE. The drop point blade can deliver all sorts of camp duty while the strengthened double-ground tip can wreak havoc on anything that gets in its way. reproduced or transmitted for any reason without the written permission of the copyright holder.GUARANTEED! This DVD Covers: Feed Ramp Design Headspace Gas Systems Cartridge Stop Timing Trigger Repairs Ranging Revolvers Trouble Shooting Techniques BONUS FEATURES: Introduction To Machine Shop Course Student Interviews AMERICAN GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE ©Copyright American Gunsmithing Institute 2009. Puts Freedom & Control In Your Life! Serial #03091004 DVD #1004 Get Started In Professional Gunsmithing You will learn how you can get Certified as a Gunsmith in as little as 90 days through AGI’s Exclusive Professional Gunsmithing Home Study Course taught step-by-step by Master Gunsmiths on DVD video. you pay just $3.7" blade) will serve you well. FREE "How-To " * Gunsmithing DVD Video! Being A Certified Gunsmith Professional Gunsmithing Course Introductory Lesson Robert Dunlap .25" overall. The Enyo comes with a Kydex sheath and chain for neck carry. and a snap-off IWB loop for other toting options. TAPERING.Instructor.95. AND EDGED TO PERFECTION FROM $69. If you carry a gun. The Nyx’s deep-bellied drop point blade can handle everything you’d expect of a field knife. The Enyo is the smallest of the Spartans and the only neck or inside the waist band knife in the line.net 96 All of Spartan’s knives are named after Greek gods and goddesses. We produced two new knives for 2009 (Enyo and Horkos) and have two more in the design and test phase currently. OPTIONS INCLUDE: VELCRO LINING. BUCKLE SELECTION ETC. “We plan to add two to three knives per year. Master Gunsmith V I D E O Become A Certified Gunsmith In As Little As 3 Months .americanhandgunner. SHARK.

so I quickly changed the rounded version which was installed at the factory for the flat backstrap and I never found any reason to try the alternative. www. In SA mode the trigger pull measures 4-3/4 pounds. For my eyes and hold. one curved and one with a flat contour. The trigger guard is large enough to allow the use of gloves when shooting.sIXGUnneR Continued from page 46 CALL 1(800)SA2-1911 “the MAG GUIDE people”™ when only the BEST will do! ORDER DIRECT and SAVE! $78. AL $36. There’s no provision for carrying the FNP-40 with the hammer cocked as with the 1911. by the way. all Para-Ordnance. Even with a 14-round magazine.00 Ambidextrous Magazine Release Gov’t Model. Either sight can be adjusted for windage by tapping them in either direction in the dovetail.95 Government Model/ Officers’ Model Mag Guide Available: Flat/Arched SS/BL 20 LPI NEW: Flat now available in Smooth Also Available: Grizzly Flat-SS/BL $89. There are some semiauto pistols with a trigger guard so small the bottom of my trigger finger is irritated when a large number of rounds have been fired.220 radius S70 for Springfields “PalmSwel”/Standard (jig available) Prices starting at $17.com P.smithandalexander. Officers’ Model. GA 30320 Phone: 770. the sights were right on with most loads for both windage and elevation. I normally prefer flat backstraps on semiauto pistols. O.cOm email: Bob@bobnealcustomknives. but it’s intended to be carried with the hammer down.3610 WWW. The front sight is a tapered forward square post with a white dot inletted into the face. Immediate Delivery. It’s also refreshing to find there are no warning labels on this pistol. Texas USA 75121 (800) SA2-1911 • Fax (972) 853-0526 www. its DA and subsequent shots are single action. That de-cocking lever. while the right side of the ~27 Years Experience~ Excellent Selection.95 FNH provides two easily interchangeable backstraps for the FNP-40. They’re very easy to see and pick up quickly. Box 299 • Copeville. while the rear sight has a square notch with a white dot on each side.95 “E-Z Fit Hi Grip”® Safety .COM 97 .7794 Fax: 770. World Class Makers. with a grip frame width semi-beavertail at the top.40 S&W” “FNP-40” and the FN logo.O.914. 9am-5pm CST Shootable The FNP-40 comes equipped with excellent sights with both front and rear sights set in a dovetail. The FNP-40 operates double action for the first shot and then subsequent shots are fired in the single action mode. the FNP-40 is an attractive pistol and these good looks are further enhanced by the use of a Commanderstyle hammer. Unless the hammer is deliberately cocked before firing the first shot. This does not happen with the FNP-40 as there is about 1/4" clearance between the bottom of my trigger finger and the inside of the trigger guard. On the left side we find “. SS/BL $36.95 Mainspring Housing Available in: Gov’t Model.250 radius-Series 70 & 80 . FC & Smooth available in Aluminum Color Catalog Available Same Day Shipping Appropriate shipping charges Dealers Welcome 100% Customer Satisfaction L A NEW–Slim Line Mag Guides & Grips w/screws & bushings available with Lanyard Loop add $10 P.com Hours: M-F.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. is ambidextrous.50 S & A Custom 1911 Grips Exotic Woods & Micarta Standard & Slim Line DD. Even with my relatively short fingers I have no problem reaching the trigger when the FNP-40 is in its initial double action mode. the grip frame measures just over 1" in width and feels very comfortable to me. 20 LPI Flat/Arched-SS/BL (P10/P12 flat only) (flat smooth available for all of the above) AL $95. With its black grip frame and stainless steel slide. you can press the de-cocking lever downward which allows the hammer to go forward and places the pistol in a safe mode. Officers’ Model & Para-Ordnance. Box 20923 Atlanta. this aids greatly in the feeling of comfort as well as making the FNP-40 very controllable and easy to shoot. Once that first shot is fired.914.BOBneAlcustOmknives.95 Full Para Mag Guide (For P14/P16 only) Available in: Flat/Arched-SS/BL 20 LPI AL $99.

For me. Hornady and Remington were used in the FNP-40. but three magazines. For my use I installed a Streamlight M6X which allows two options. Hornady 155-gr.pdf 1 11/4/09 3:20 PM Our Newest 1911 Catalog includes just what you need for building. Wolff. The magazine release is found on the left side at the juncture of the front strap and trigger guard and with my short thumb it’s necessary for me to slightly change my grip to be able to push the magazine release. No rifle. a flashlight and a red laser sight.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . Trijicon. I found the de-cocker easy to reach with my thumb without having to change my grip. Hi-Viz. Smith & Alexander. Nowlin. When the button is depressed the magazine drops freely and easily. Nighthawk Custom. Pachmayr. The 300 Six varieties of ammunition from Black Hills. It’s quite easily and quickly attached or removed. E! RE Everything 1911 F 1911#5 CATALOG slide is marked with “FNH USA Fredericksburg VA” and “MADE IN USA. Clark. Weigand. XTP delivered 1.com/productindex. springs. The FNP-40 was shot both with my forearms resting on a sandbag and also from a braced standing position. JHP delivered a decisive 974 fps and would be an outstanding self-defense load. maintaining and shooting the most popular pistol in history. FREE to all 1911 enthusiasts. Cylinder & Slide. 800-741-0015 brownells. safeties. Ed Brown. Truglo.americanhandgunner. and a more reasonable four shots at seven yards. with slightly over 300 rounds fired.231. the FNP-40 has a rail in front of the trigger guard for installing a light. As a right-hander. Novak. McCormick. Les Baer. the sights were right on with most loads for both windage and elevation. Storm Lake. The FNP-40 comes in a lockable plastic case. And. nor even two. Kart. Briley. Safariland. Discount pricing available. Packed with barrels. XS and lots more. triggers. grips.113 fps and was the fastest of the bunch.com Source Code: CJH For my eyes and hold. Rescomp. Essex Arms. With the FNP-40 fully loaded and two extra magazines there are only seven rounds left in a full box of . The Black Hills 180gr. The defensivetype four-shot groups were all 11/2" or less and shot right to point of aim.40 S&W ammunition. From front to back these are the takedown lever. Milt Sparks. and more.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Caspian.26454 American Handgunner_MAR_APR10. The last is ambidextrous. Navidrex. with no problems whatsoever. or “ other pistol” stuff. Millett.html 98 WWW. plus all the tools you need to install them. frames. even though it’s comforting to have them. the slide release and the de-cocker. Wilson Combat. STI. firing a full magazine takes an awful lot of concentration and except for a military application it’s not likely this many rounds would ever be needed. Schuemann. There are three controls on the left side of the FNP-40. slides. What more could anyone desire in a semiauto chosen for self defense? * For more info: www.Period. The highest quality products from today’s most respected. shotgun. MGW. all the sights and scope mounts you’ll need for these fine pistols and the gear you need when you head to the range or field. Everything we sell is 100% GUARANTEED . with not one. Brownells. That’s some pretty impressive and easily carried firepower. The functioning was 100-percent perfect. Test-firing was done at both 10 and 20 yards with 13 rounds. Heinie. The Brands you know and trust: Ajax. EGW. custom 1911 suppliers.” As with most semiautos.

449. can be used with ALL chokes AND is non toxic. Deforms like Lead.1043 / visit www./cc (superior weight to lead).5 g.fiocchiusa.com ./cc (superior weight to Bismuth) and 12.5 g. For the Fiocchi dealer near you. Call 417. Available in 9.Shotshell Hunting Line The Fiocchi Tundra Tungsten compound is the breakthrough innovation in waterfowl hunting.

is set low to the slide.44 Cal. shooting this .TM COLT COMEBACK Continued from page 55 Tuff being parkerized.tuffproducts. and is melted so there are no sharp edges to catch on clothing.357 . Enterprises.06 . however this one has all kinds of Or Call: 877-883-3776 extras.universalshootingacademy. Courses limited to eight students per class.38 & . Colt.com 8.308 .32/.500 Linebaugh with the rampant Colt logo.38/. 19. and matches perfectly with my eyes and hold. Vertical New 5 Round .475 Linebaugh rations on the flat mainspring housing. beginners. These sights are also of the FREE Shipping white dot style with one dot inlaid into On Orders of the front sight and one on each side of 3 Packs Or More the rear sight.99 Black or Coyote Brown Government XSE . Sights are fixed combat style of the three white dot variety with both being set in dovetails.45 ACP . The rear blade is set in a Available in dovetail and is adjustable for windage. and Replicas T 59714 100 WWW. . however all similarity ends 2. This Colt comes with two sevenAvailable in 4 sizes to fit $ your QuickStrips™.410 Shot Gun . have the RCBS Trigger Pull Scale. The rear sight has a locking set-screw.40 . The fit of the slide See US at ShOT ShOw BOOTh #7006 to the frame is tight with just a very slight side-to-side movement. Best TM QuickStrip Pouch results were with the Black Hills 230 Wraps around belts JHP +P which clocked at 971 fps with 3/4”and is up to 1 a 1" group. round magazines and a padded case. serrations on the back of the slide aid in cocking. The slide has deep diagonal serrations both front and rear for easy cocking. Two eightround magazines are provided.22 Rim Fire S&w .30.17hMR .5 x 7 ad 2 color. Ste A.45 ACP chambering. The academy is located in the heart of central Florida near Walt Disney World.223 . I’m sure pads have their place in competition but I prefer this old style. Intensive personalized training in all aspects of practical shooting. and the Federal 230 Hydradesigned for use with Shok for 884 fps and just slightly over one or two QuickStrips™. This pistol is designed for serious self defense with all the desirable features many shooters want.45 ACP Rail Plus s/H Model: The first Colt is basically plainOrder Online: www. Trigger pull on this stainless steel Our TUFF Orange QuickStrips 1911 measured out at 45/8 pounds on stand out. The original 1911 sights are very tiny 2 Pack For and hard to see. even in low light.460 . CA 91911 housing and long trigger and of course the same interior features and . yet the slide moves very smoothly on the rails. One major change.44/. and also has the flat-bottomed magazine with no pad attached. and what I consider mandatory. Classes available all year: Web site: www. are the improved sights. The average for 10 lus s/H different loads from 185 to 230 grains was 15/8" for five shots at 20 yards.com The Perfect Gift for the Holidays NOW You can add PIZZAZZ to your GOVERNMENT 1911 TAURUS PT 1911 and BOBTAIL 1911 pistols too! 303-330-2812 Phone & Fax 1-406-388-1396 NEW! Big Game “PUNCH” Bullets P Belt Mtn. Each course will be taught by World Class Grand Master Shooting Instructors.49 www.49 accompanying chart. Inc. It has the same brushed stainless steel finish as well as the flat mainspring 1060 Colorado Ave.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . and the results of .com Jane. and there are also vertical ser.500 S&w As expected. Slide to frame fit is absolutely perfect with no movement whatsoever. with no the edge when you need it most! discernible creep.480 Ruger Grip panels are checkered hard rubber .45/.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.327 test-firing 10 factory loads are in the 2 Pack for New 20 & 12 Gauge $P12.45 Auto Rim 9mm was pure pleasure.45 ACP .30-30 .indd 1 12/2/09 7:50:39 AM at this point. Orange or however as it came from the factory Black this 1911 is basically dead on with most loads I tried.com Cylinder Base Pins Ruger.41 Magnum . Chula Vista. .beltmountain. on this 21st-century ver$ sion they are larger with a square notch Plus S/H rear sight matched up with a sloping post front sight. Each course is designed to accommodate all levels. 1".riograndecustomgrips. intermediate or advanced shooters wishing to increase their skill speed shooting. However the backstrap has the original 1911 straight mainspring housing matched up with the long trigger I prefer. www.

This gun will never go back and I have already ordered two sets of mother of pearl stocks from Eagle Grips. 115 JHP+P. Grips are double diamond checkered exotic wood. If you’ve ever experienced the wrong end of a strobe light you know how discomforting and disorienting it can be. ORDE R Factory Direct WWW. Pushing either switch up or down activates the light. so when you reload.38 Supers from different manufacturers and custom gunsmiths. Custom Government . 1.313 fps and grouping in 13/8". I have several .45 Government Model.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. I got the real thing (pearl) for everyday use or as a Texas Barbeque Gun. Seven different factory loads ranging in weight from 100 to 130 grains were test-fired in this beautiful . a nickel-plated Colt . With the same 10 factory rounds as used in the standard .38 Super started 50 years ago when Jeff Cooper. The grip safety is a beavertail. is the same basic semiauto as the Government Model . For our test I mounted the Insight Tech-Gear XTI Procyon flashlight which slides easily onto the rail. quality made case from Starline. Start reloading today with Starline brass because a great shot starts with Starline.45 ACP.com/productindex.38 Super fitted with real mother-of-pearl grips.45 ACP. and the 100 Pow’RBall at 1.COM www. The slide to frame fit is as tight as the railmounted 1911 and is also very smooth in operation The trigger pull measures 51/4 pounds.055 fps and the Federal Hydra-Shok 230 JHP at 890 fps. which isn’t likely at this stage of my life. 10 MM 30 LUGER 30 MAUSER 32 S&W LONG 32 H&R MAG 32-20 357 MAG 357 SIG 38 LONG COLT 38 SHORT COLT 38 S&W 38 SUPER 38 SUPER +P 38 SUPER COMP 38 TJ 380 AUTO 38-40 38-55 (2. For me. however none of them make the strings of my heart sing like this one. as stainless steel will never flake and if it becomes scratched it is easily re-polished. and an imitation set for heavyduty work if I’m ever so inclined.38 Super is to semiautos what the . please don’t ask me to explain why. Those who have the same feelings will understand. with the average being just over 11/2" for five shots at 20 yards The best shooting loads all came from Cor-Bon.38 Super is not nickel-plated but rather high polished stainless steel making it even better. Groups under 1" were accomplished with both the Cor-Bon 200 grain JHP +P at 1.651 fps and also 11/2". so just stop it! This . And it all starts with a durable. the .4) 45-100 (2. especially for targets such as crows and coyotes.504 fps and 11/2". those who don’t probably never will.62X25 TOKAREV 9X21 9 MM LARGO 9 MM MAKAROV 9 SUPER COMP (9X23) 9 MM WIN MAG Call or check web site for prices. but I have always wanted. I think my fascination with the .38 Super chambering this Colt pistol.com or call 1-800-280-6660 © 2010 Starline Brass 101 . Regular readers know of my affinity for the . with the 125 DPX +P clocking 1.45 ACP. you can take advantage of this money saving benefit. I know what you’re thinking. which is marked COLT CUSTOM on the left side of the slide.The thumb safety is ambidextrous.44 Special is to sixguns. Two nineround magazines are provided. it’s the cartridge of true connoisseurs.38 Super 1911 and stated as a trailgun it would shoot rings around any 1911 chambered in . this pistol averaged 11/4" for the 10 different loads with weights varying from 185 to 230 grains. This is a partial list. but if the switch is pushed down twice it becomes a strobe light.125) 40 S&W 40 SUPER 40-65 41 COLT 41 MAG 44 COLT 44 MAG 44 RUSSIAN 44 SPECIAL 44-40 45 AUTO 45 AUTO+P 45 AUTO RIM 45 COLT 45 GAP 45 LONG COLT BLANK 45 S&W SCHOFIELD 45 SUPER 454 CASULL 45-70 45-90 (2. and the grip panels are the same exotic wood as found on the railmounted Government Model. I like them all. Call or check web site for a complete list of products. who always pushed the .38 Super. Other than the high polished stainless steel finish and .080) 38-55 LONG (2. An extra added feature is the machined-in rail found in front of the trigger guard to accept a flashlight. which appears to be rosewood.americanhandgunner. hollowed at the top to allow it to ride high and not interfere with the hammer. you can save some money by reloading.html NEW � UNPRIMED � BRASS CALIBER Discover the value of reloading your own ammunition with Starline brass.38 Super: I’ve been a fan of the 1911 Colt since I bought my first WWII surplus Government Model in 1957.starlinebrass. published a picture of a custom . Our brass is made to use again and again. Colt is definitely back! * For more info: www. the aluminum trigger has three weightlightening holes bored through and is matched with an enhanced Commanderstyle hammer.6) 460 MAG 460 ROWLAND 475 WILDEY MAG 475 LINEBAUGH 50 AE 50 ALASKAN 50-70 GOV’T 50-90 SHARPS 50-110 WIN 500 LINEBAUGH 500 S&W MAG (R) 56-50 SPENCER (TAYLOR’S) 7. To state it simply this is a real shooting machine! Even with the trigger pull of 51/2 pounds it shoots superbly. This light has two switches allowing it to be easily operated with either hand without changing the grip. Whether you shoot a lot or a little.44 Special in double action and single action sixguns.

GUNNYSACK 1911 FIXTURE Roy Huntington actually did it once — tweaked a 1911 frame to the point I couldn’t make it right again. is all steel and made in the good old USA. “does the product perform the job for which it was intended?” Other questions such as. anyone who has ever taken his 1911 down to the frame-and-slide bits could use this. let me do the math here … $80 equals two bottles of decent burbon. My $39. Um. The “Dear Roy” note from Jason Burton and Ted Yost explained it all. Alpha Precision.95. 102 Firearm Enthusiast. Now is the time for you as a supplier of fine products for the firearms industry to join many of the present Seal partners as: Brownells. I pondered a bit but was confounded. if you file on 1911 frames. Cominolli. It was never right again.95 Chinese vise proved too much for the aluminum frame I was working on. just today.html APG Mission Statement: The American Pistolsmiths Guild Seal Of Approval is designed to set gold standards for the firearms and related industries. The APG has gained the experience and has become a respected member of the firearms community as have its individual members. It’s actually a custom fixture you snug-up into a 1911 grip frame (using built-in set-screws). would you rather spend $80 now or hundreds later on a messed-up frame with your name on it as the messer-upper? This really is one of those simple tools that suddenly make a pistolsmith’s life easier. and critical examination in order to become a member and is in constant pressure to keep their quality of work and business at the highest standard. Then — and this is the nifty part — the solid steel rod can be scrunched into your vise as hard as you like.americanhandgunner. useful life greater than anything else in the field. Ten Ring Precision. by FedEx and after opening. I found a heavy. honestly. Okay. observation. quality and function in order to be held to the same or higher quality standard. The Guild sets gold standards for work. products and business procedures as each member has gone through rigorous grading. Products submitted for an APG Seal Of Approval will have to pass tests which will seek answers to questions such as. FMG Publishing and D&L Sports to send a statement to all the end users of your products.com/ productindex. That one left a mark.” and “is the product finished in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye?” Depending on the product and its use in commerce there may be specific questions designed to that particular product and its use. blued metal thingy. Giving the old girl a good scrub? Do it right and don’t risk a catastrophe. Gemini Customs. “Is the quality of the product such that it will have a long. The “Approved Seal” will be placed on products having passed a rigorous test of function and quality which will raise the product above others in the same field and class.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. These “sealed” products will be what others in the field will have to equal or surpass in form.” “is the product ergonomically designed for it to be used with comfort and ease for possibly long periods of time.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . scrutiny. clamping the frame handily from within. be sure that you look for the APG Seal of Approval before you make your next firearm related purchase. I can live with that. The items Sealed by the APG have ben reviewed by a committee of the APG membership and are of a QUALITY that they would use in their businesses. WWW. For more info: www. The American Pistolsmiths Guild (APG) has been “sealing” the finest pistolsmiths in the nation for over twenty years. why didn’t we think of this?” things. I It’s about $79. Or for that matter. If only I’d had it back then. A sorta’ heavy box arrived. And tell me. and I turned it into a “cut-out” gun to show the workings of a 1911. in virtually any position. Then the letter from Heirloom Precision dropped out of the box. It’s truly one of those “Gads man. Kellube.

I took Zombie Bob into “Roy’s Backyard” here on our land and shot him full of holes. Now I’m not usually a sticker kind of a guy. “You know. but does remind you to “Please decapitate and burn all remains.COM 103 . There is also a nifty skull sticker with crosshairs on it. You’ll also find magazines. holsters and more.® GunBroker.kay. He kept making faces at me and it was obvious he was frustrated he couldn’t eat my brain. I’m sure. Zombie Targets don’t look like regular human beings so all those pacifists who get upset about us shooting at “people” targets can be happy now. wait. and it may explain a lot about sergeants. cleaning supplies. there had to be a good use for my college degree in graphic design. Might make the decapitating part easier too.” I’m not sure what that means. Hey.” Hey.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. Chuck and Bob. Zombies beware … Spartacus is alert — and his loader and bucket will make zombie-mush out of you. Beware though. and more being added all the time.” We promise. our John Deere tractor. he is. Maybe we don’t want to meet those fellows in a dark alley. Handguns for law enforcement. Zombie Steve. Zombie Chuck and our friend here. Bob. collectors…they’re all here. You can also get a certified Zombie Hunting Permit which allows you no limits on zombies. don’t turn the page! Hear me out. competition. “The only target that will eat your brain. I had sergeants like that.GunBroker. Of course. all at www. according to Joe. with hundreds of thousands of firearms and accessories up for auction every day. ZOMBIE TARGETS GUNNYSACK Roy Huntington O but this one now resides on Spartacus.com® is the world’s largest.americanhandgunner. maybe there’s not much left so it wasn’t worth the effort on his part? Are zombies smarter than we think? Plus. they might eat our brains. Full time cop and Zombie Target guru-inventor “Joe” said he was simply tired of the same old three bad guy targets he qualified with for the past 20 years. Just don’t get your brain eaten if you get some. For more info: www. most popular online firearms auction. now that I think about it.html The Bidding Starts Now. self-defense. plinking. But it does make we wonder where Joe got the names from. here is Zombie Bob.com. I think Zombie Osama is self-explanatory but I’m not sure about Steve. “So I combined my art background and shooting experience and … well … the zombies just came to me naturally.com/ productindex. WWW. but nonetheless. Joe makes four Zombie Targets — Zombie Osama.” he told me.


PO Box 651 Gillette. 1894 Winchester Lever Action Rifles and Parts. Custom.B. IN 46748 WWW. Adv. Glocks and the Browning Hi-Power.jbcustom. Huntertown. 12345 World Trade Drive. Inc.Custom CORNER FLETCHER CUSTOM PISTOLS.com www. Custom Manufactured Firearms Mare’s Leg Lever Action Pistols. Inc. CA 92128. ITRC Competition Extreme Duty AR15 Magazines Now Available! 307.com 775-246-1533 J.com Phone: 260-338-1894 Fax: 260-338-1585 E-mail: jabjim@comcast. 1911 Pistols.net 16335 Lima Rd. Inc.powderriverprecision. LLC Richard Fletcher Custom work performed on 1911’s. (541) 403-2998 (541) 403-2999 PISTOLSMITHS www.COM Custom AR15’s. WY 82717 105 6/16/09 7:27:17 der_River2.fletchercustompistols. Accessories. 1911’s.tusseycustom.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. San Diego. #5. 1873 Single Action Revolvers and More! See our Web Site www.686. Training. Hi-Powers and S&W revolvers.DLSPORTS.com e-mail: ttussey45@aol. Advertising information is available from: AmeriCAn HAndgunner.com Quality and timely pistolsmithing Specialized in: Springfield XD/XDM. Many are members of the American Pistolsmiths Guild and the American Handgunner Club 100. Rockbridge Baths. www.COM . Dept. (858) 605-0218.4008 D&L Sports. 1911’s. Powder River Precision. Precision Rifles.VA Tel: (540) 460-6151 info@fletchercustompistols.com Custom Corner features paid listings by the identified pistolsmiths..indd 1 WWW.

to create the smallest laser and light combination available.html CQD MaRk 1 Type e BLACKHAWK! MOD Knives Introducing the CQD Mark 1 Type E. For more info: www.5x21x5. For more info: www. It is intimidation and recognition all in one package. Overall dimensions are: 16. americanhandgunner.com/productindex.americanhandgunner. The stock allows the shooter to adjust length of pull on demand.: TRUGLO SPOTLIGHT New FoRMex waTCH The new TRUGLO Formex Watch contains self-powered Tritium light sources and uses the same proven technology employed by TRUGLO in its award winning handgun.html 106 Convert your Ruger 10-22 into the Archangel Accurized (ARS) Rifle (Advanced Rifle System).com/ productindex.americanhandgunner. rifle.com/ productindex.html WWW.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 .americanhandgunner.html gLeNeagLe MesseNgeR Bag Maxpedition Hard Use Gear New from Maxpedition is the Gleneagle Messanger Bag (Large). HoLsTeR Lawman Leather Goods Benchmade Introducing the only all-leather shoulder holster and harness that is 99.25" and the overall weight comes in at 3.3 oz. with jeweled blue titanium liners.9 percent resistant to all elements that tough military and LE Equipment must withstand. This is a must have for any gun owner. For more info: www.T. with a blade that is a crown modified spear-soint. MSRP is just $99. Featuring the same high-strength button-lock mechanism and secondary safety recessed seatbelt/cord cutter and carbide glass breaker.com/productindex.html LaseR/ LigHT paCkage LaserLyte RUgeR 10-22 TaRgeT sToCk Archangel Manufacturing LaserLyte has paired its best selling Subcompact V2 laser and new FlashLyte. americanhandgunner.americanhandgunner.com/ productindex.com/productindex. For more info: www.html BaLi-soNg MoDeL 51 s.99.com/productindex.americanhandgunner. The handles are black G10. the Type E has all the performance of the original but is priced for every budget. which is functionally identical to the award winning CQD Mark 1. hand-polished hardware. For more info: www. The forearm mounted standard sling swivel stud accepts Harris type and ProMag bi-pods. Made of 1000-Denier water and abrasion resistant light weight ballistic nylon fabric. or sunlight to charge it — it simply glows!! For more info: www. the Gleneagle has a Dupont fabric protector for grime resistance and easy maintenance. For more info: www. and archery sights. There is never a need for batteries.5". The blade length is 4.html The new Benchmade Model 51 Bali-Song has a spring satch locking sechanism. This stock is manufactured entirely from mil-spec battle proven polymers.U.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.

Each Intruder is molded from genuine Kydex sheet to exact specifications. 5-paCk gUN Case ND-3 LaseR DesigNaToR CaseCruzer Laser Genetics The ND-3 Laser Designator uses patented technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter.For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight contact. For more info: www. Using a powerful.O. eye safe green laser diode and a precision optical collimator. For more info: www.O. Polyethylene foam absorbs the blows of rough roads and turbulent air flights. and law enforcement professionals hit the skyways and byways fully armed. accessory set and manual. These rifles have excellent precision. It can accommodate two full size semiautos or a 6" revolver.com/productindex. supports a nickel silver pinned shield that is a beauty. Inc.americanhandgunner. This system has enough Crest Ultra-sonics premium.americanhandgunner.COM .62x39 but made in the USA. com/productindex.com/productindex. The knife has 1095 high carbon steel.com/productindex.com/productindex.html The I. americanhandgunner. sportsmen. Steve Evatt (858) 605-0218. nickel silver bolsters. It is tuckable and adjustable for both height and cant. com/productindex.html iNTRUDeR sTyLe #105 DeSantis Holsters The Intruder is designed for both concealment and comfort.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. AK-47C is a high quality rifle based on the famous AK-47 design in caliber 7.americanhandgunner. For more info: www. odorless.americanhandgunner. It is available for Glock Models 17/19/22/23/26/27. Only new US made precision barrels are used in the manufacture. non-hazardous. For more info: www.html ULTRasoNiC CLeaN aND LUBe sysTeM Sonic System Sales TiDoUTe MeLoN TesTeR Great Eastern Cutlery The Tidoute Melon Tester Whittler. brass liners and is a proud pattern in the Great tradition of Great Eastern Cutlery. Each rifle comes complete in box with sling. For more info: www. the ND-3 pairs with your scope and allows you to cast a bright beam of green laser light to fully illuminate targets of up to 250 yards. The Sport 600 offers versatility and ease of operation in a vertical format and provides accurate distance readings in both yards and meters.html MoDeL ak-47C I.html spoRT 600 LaseR RaNgeFiNDeR Bushnell Outdoor Products The new Sport 600 Laser Rangefinder from Bushnell offers performance and value for hunters and shooters.html 107 WWW. it’s perfect for bow or rifle hunters. With an operational range of 5 to 800 yards.html Introducing an Ultrasonic Handgun Clean and Lube System that really meets the needs of the serious shooter. detergents included to process about 150 guns. with 2nd Cut Burnt Stag Handles. The holster back consists of top grain premium steer hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. The 5-Pack Gun Case lets collectors.com/productindex.americanhandgunner. For more info: www. Inc. This case can store up to 5 handguns and 10 magazines. americanhandgunner. For more info: www.

For more info: www. using the factory forearm-retaining nut. Then the safe forces them to touch something they normally wouldn’t to actually open the safe.com/ productindex.americanhandgunner.html MoDeL 391 DUTy HoLsTeR Gould and Goodrich G&G has designed a duty holster that meets the needs of LE Professionals as they face the rigorous demands of their jobs. machined aluminum housing fits existing M3 holsters.40 Smith and Wesson M&P Guide Rod laser to its family of guide rod laser aiming systems. At $29. com/productindex.html Announcing the nomination of the XTI Procyon for the 2009 Brilliance Award by OpticsPlanet. Inc. though.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . LaserMax is the only company that offers the innovative guide rod laser design.html The Kissing Crane series features the KC4211 Imitation Pearl Modified Trapper.html MossBeRg 500/590 FLasHLigHT MoUNT GG&G Tactical Products sTiNgeR LeD FLasHLigHTs Streamlight Introducing the Stinger LED HP and Stinger DS LED HP rechargeable flashlights providing hunters. Also included is the new factory Mossberg Police synthetic forearm precision cut to clear the 500/590 flashlight-mounting bracket.” but the Red Herring is the first in a line of safes that not only uses high security but also uses deception.com/productindex. Its patented Slide-Lock design and adjustable rail interface for easy mounting to most railed pistols while its compact. three intensity levels and a popular strobe feature.html 108 Introducing a Flashlight Mount designed specifically for the Mossberg 500/590. and a MIL-STD-1913 rail. For more info: www. americanhandgunner. For more info: www. not another wall safe.html ReD HeRRiNg Console Vault kC4211 iMiTaTioN peaRL TRappeR Hallmark Cutlery Introducing a wall safe.americanhandgunner. designed to be install between two standard 16" center wall studs. The length closed is 41/8" with a 31/4" main-blade. For more info: www. The idea is.” “Warning Authorize Personal Only.americanhandgunner. You’re probably saying “Oh hum.com/productindex.html WWW. the user enters his combo.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.com/productindex.com/ productindex.” etc.americanhandgunner. and other outdoor enthusiasts with extraordinary brightness and versatility with C4 LED technology.americanhandgunner. this baby is a steal and a great reminder of simple elegance of knives past. The M&P guide rod is user installed with factory alignment and “no gunsmithing” required. The unit appears to be an electrical panel with all the warnings like: “Danger High Voltage. an assembly tool.com/productindex. campers. M&p gUiDe RoD LaseR LaserMax. .50 SRP.: SPOTLIGHT For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight contact. Steve Evatt (858) 605-0218. hikers. xTi pRoCyoN LCD TaCTiCaL iLLUMiNaToR Insight Technology Announcing the addition of the full size. For more info: www. For more info: www. The kit includes a unique mounting bracket that securely attaches to the factory fore end tube. americanhandgunner. For more info: www. The XTI delivers 125 lumens of stunning white light. turns the locks but the safe still won’t open.

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600. If you know it will work well enough to hit a mythical target more than likely six or less feet away.050 O New! Improved! Tasty! kay. Recoil is said to be “substantial.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. and one of the first things we did when he got here was shoot that old rifle. Mine is a Remington 514 single shot . which I still have. they can’t own real guns there. I thought you’d enjoy this picture I snapped right after my dad had just popped a tiny spinner target at about 30 yards with the rifle — the first time he’d shot it in over 40 years. It looks like a minty 1911.49 Magnum shoots 1. If you click on the one you like. I mentioned my dad was coming for a first visit to our new property we bought here in Missouri. We can shoot on our land. This is a Western Arms “Colt” 1911 Gas Blow Back Pistol made of a special “heavy weight” plastic.com).com/ productindex.” y last Insider (“First. Percentage of wild game killed by hailstorm in Austrian province.” Jan/Feb 2010) was about those magical “first” guns we’ve all gotten. If you go to www.96" at 25 yards. And with all that free time you’ll have now. 3. Trust me on that. While this is stunning work. It seems if a gun will work and shoot within a 4" paper plate at ten feet it will probably protect the “average” you. Can we apply that principle to defensive handguns? You bet. Try it. Remember.22 caliber rifle pellets from some modern air rifles.html you’ll see a long list of your favorite goodies you see in our pages. M 1.22. Vincent (Yusuke-san) makes unique bluing finishes with secret recipes and techniques and does his magic on airsoft and model guns in Japan (http://otonagai-mg. you’ll see two links: One gets you to info from our magazines and the other takes you directly to the maker’s Web site for the product. Japanese “pistolsmith” Mr.600 Nitro Express Bullet weight in grains. And hunters who can’t shoot better than 10" at 100 yards take millions of deer every year. Percentage saying gun laws should be more strict in 2009 poll. Best Gun Follow-Up Billions of dollars earmarked by pending Federal legislation to boost LE programs. The serial number is “C1031” and is engraved (as is the Colt logo) to be a perfect copy of the original. fired at 1. Or at least easier. you can rest easy. really. If a defensive handgun works — and will shoot within “one inch-of-felon at ten feet” — it will probably serve you just fine. Best Gun. There’s no need for hysterical internet forum arguments and no need to lose sleep over worrying about whether the new Slam-Fire . unless it’s just fun to think about. . even feels like one.americanhandgunner. it’s a plastic replica. Believe it or not. but a very special one. Take your dad shooting if you can. but it’s not. And what would that mean? I suppose it’s whatever you would be comfortable with. it’s not really tasty.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . and even further than that if you need it too. safety and slide release have been blued differently to match the original. is not as reliable as we wished. easy and all in one place.050 fps from . In the column.250 Most powerful caliber ever chambered in a handgun. let’s hope it doesn’t come to this here. They didn’t do that in “those” days and I’ll be damned if I’m going to try to change things now. you’ll like it! Notta 1911 N 112 o. you can worry about other important things — like the 1967 Dodge trucks in your life. Our thanks to Jonathan Marmand of France. Oh. 1. the insider Continued from page 114 78 62 44 90 Percentage saying gun laws should be more strict in 2000 poll. and please don’t gripe about no hearing protection and such. Hunters talk of “one-inch of deer” at 100 yards as being good enough accuracy. Looks like a genuine grin to me. the proud owner of this gun — and the exceptional photographer! WWW.8 Velocity in fps of . The trigger.insider ADD IT UP Percentage saying gun laws should be more strict in 1990 poll. Fast. but it is new and improved.78" or 1.

and probably supply bologna sandwiches for lunch too. president of Insight Technology. www. yeah. Inc. well. You end up building a custom 1911 worth around $2. waiting for the deer to turn properly for a shot. The class is March 24-26. His Web site is www. McDougall & Associates. he’s the “Scott” part. or buying tickets to Africa. If you want one. If you attend. (makers of night vision and electro-optical systems). N.com and has lots more pictures and options. Mac moved to the N/W and is doing fine. And hey. um. I don’t know who was more excited. and they now employ over 1.net. but alas. Their $30. He beat out over 300 regional winners from over 25 cities.” says Dwight. But Dwight is different. I know now. and this was his first year to hunt. from birth. but you can screw your own 1911 grips on ’em if you want to. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say: Well done. 2010. and our Handgunner Hat is off to Ken for his very cool win! Well done! CAnE 1911 O Born a Hunter ld friend Mac Scott touched base with me not long ago and told me of a new thing he’s doing. Our cane has genuine diamond back rattler grips by Dog Grips. and it invites you to read more.5-10 illuminated scope. Oh Lord. When we finally got the shot at about 150 yards. Check with Bill’s shop at (800) 448-1713 and ask for Jon for the details. Fate has brought us Dwight’s book. I was watching through binoculars. and then a oneday “Maintenance and Malfunction” class on the 27th. Cops and soldiers rely on Insight gear. that garage would be perfect for a few students. His excitement and passion shows. the custom pistolsmith shop specializing in small autos. Dwight knows how we think. looking over my three-stall garage. and. talked me into helping him host his next “How to build a custom 1911” class — at my house! He was visiting and said.8 SPC rifles with a Burris LRS 3. I watched the deer jump and kick when Josh shot. You get the drill. so the fees sorta’ balance out.000 hunts lose us. Josh was sitting on a bar stool with his legs folded underneath him to get enough height to shoot. After crashing his motorcycle in the early 1980s. ften “hunting” books are well. is a hunter. please. connects when he talks about it with you. and run about 40 yards where it WWW. he’s also an industry insider in our game. How cool to use a rifle built by your grandpa for your first hunt? And they say “black” rifles don’t belong in the hunting field? The low recoil of the semiauto action allowed young Josh to use an adequate caliber for this great trophy. he made himself a cane not long ago and found the classic 1911 grip frame made it the perfect fit. I was in the process of telling him to “put the crosshairs right behind …” when I heard the 6. Ken started his business in his family’s home in 1988.. If you remember Scott. you’re pretty central here in Missouri. And that rifle? It’s one of Wilson’s new Tactical Hunter Lightweight 6. because we were both shaking and overwhelmed with excitement. yeah. near-insane. Yeah.EntrEprEnEur O ur industry’s own Ken Solinsky. (800) 849-1004 o C&S School O Young Hunter think I’ll let Ryan Wilson of Wilson Tactical and Wilson Combat tell the story about his son Josh’s. Josh! * 113 insider .45auto. How cool is that? Don’t hate me Mac. “Fate is a curious animal. After closing shop when his partner and good friend Doug McDougall died. The ammo was factory SSA 6. you know. you can shoot right outside our garage. wife Suzi. They’re around $150 and made from Goncalo Alves and Sapele wood. And no high-fiving after the shot. help-me-I-can’t stop-hunter. often lack the ability to connect with the reader from their lofty towers. Please? Dwight Van Brunt is not only an old friend. “You know. feels the same feeling we feel about hunting and more importantly. uh … like those TV deer hunts poorly filmed by bubbas with shaky cameras. If he’s not hunting. he’s thinking about it. though.sportingclassics. first deer. editor of American COP (who will be taking the class too) and I will host a dinner at least one night.com (no phone calls). we know it’s the biggest deer you’ve ever seen. we know … you get the drift.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM kay. He’s a focused. touch base with him at: sales@45auto.8 SPC bark. the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs.200 people at three sites in Londonderry. It was a moment I will cherish forever. he got stuck with a limp and has used canes ever since.” The hunt took place at the Wilson farm in NW Arkansas. Josh is 6-years old and in the first grade. Now everyone wants one and I told Mac I’d ruin his life and tell the world about ’em here. The “classic” hunting magazine and book guys can paint vivid pictures of a gun dog and an old shotgun in the field. what have I done? Give Bill a call and come for a visit. guru of the Cylinder & Slide Shop.H.8 SPC loaded with a 110 gr.” Okay. presenting itself at times least expected. Barnes TSX bullet. But what Dwight really is. Take advantage of it.000 Purdys and $10. well. To make life easier. or cleaning his rifles or deciding where to hunt next. we know you’re excited. was recently selected as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. paused then fell. um.000. making them one of the area’s largest employers. I stopped. I may be insane for agreeing to this but Bill Laughridge. “We got into the box blind before first light and the buck came into the field chasing a doe around 7:00.

2 or even a 10.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 . to make it more accurate. I like accurate handguns. If you ever have to unlimber your defensive handgun. it not only gets me from here to there. The time period covered went from the middle 1980s to the early 1990s. And more than likely.THE Roy Huntington INSIDER TM = “S On AccurAcy o I shot the gun at the normal combat range of seven yards. it’s still good for the sheer fun of it. it can get stuck on the ice and in the mud. It got me to thinking: What is accuracy. So reach your arms wide and take a look at the space you hold between them. and those others can’t. The next majority was between six and 15 feet. Oh. “I got it. help their product stand out? Easy: “Ours can shoot sub-one inch groups. most accurate gun out there — if that gun the insider Continues on page 112 insider 114 WWW. So why then.8 — gun-makers play the same game. versatility and long-term toughness first. or custom maker. anyway? And I see this reader mail: “I didn’t see any accuracy testing at 25 yards. Perhaps even a great thing. chances are very good those measly six feet will be the average distance you’ll be engaged by a bad guy. but if it bobbles — even only “now and again” — it’s not good enough for self-defense.” generally in reference to an article about a pocket gun of some sort. and you can carry two bags of feed corn in the trunk if you have to (although people do stare at Tractor Supply). who cares if your car is a 5. How can one brand. a certain level of panache (or at least I believe it does) and it can carry all sorts of useful stuff. but I like to think it’s because she’s a most marvelous color of sky blue. fast European car goes 0-60 in about six seconds and leaves a sonic boom in its wake. shoot faster. especially if I’m hunting with them. and people still stare. Who says it’s seven yards. if it’s for fun. will make your liver tear loose in the turns.5 second ride? When do we need to go 0-60? When do I need to shoot 1" groups? I’ll grant you. Give me a 4" S&W K-frame . And what does that all mean to us? If you like accuracy. look cooler … or we won’t buy it.” Just as a car maker claims “Our Jupiter Zoomer can go 0-60 in 5.” as Clint would say. As consumers. how much of it do we really need — and is it overrated? Before I retired I took a hard look at 70+ shootings by my old agency’s officers. and think about accuracy last. and you should go for it. But for my daily driver. great. This mirrors data I found on a comprehensive study of NYPD shootings during the 1970s. and the furthest one (by a patrol cop. and don’t even ask me how much it costs to get repaired. that’s another thing entirely. and the majority (about 40-percent) were within contact and six feet. So most of the time we take the Dodge to town. But … if you are actually looking for a defensive handgun. we’re constantly forcing the makers to up the ante. A tuned 1911 displaying mind-boggling accuracy is very cool. The closest distances were muzzle-contact. I have a 1967 Dodge D100 pick-up.2 seconds while the other guy’s only does it in 5.38 Special in a decent holster and a speed loader or two. in the real world. it does it with style. The average was about four yards for all the shootings combined.” reads all too many lines. Better to think of utter reliability. Once again. But. you need to put accuracy way down on the list of musthaves. over the fanciest. it will be even closer. Suzi’s low. as opposed to a SWAT rifle shooting) was about 37 yards.AMERICANHANDGUNNER. in all too many gun articles I see. But oddly enough. I even appreciate fast cars that handle well. and that’s a good thing too. It does 0-60 in about a week and is about as “accurate” when it tracks as an old pitchfork thrown by a drunk farmer. are we so enamored with guilt-edged accuracy in our defensive handguns? I’ll tell you why — it’s because we don’t have anything better to do.


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