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Events Organized by Huntsville Vegans

Weekly Meetup - Join us every Friday night at Cafe 153 at Bridge Street to drink coffee, socialize, and plan events. Our meetups begin at 6:00PM and usually last until 8:00PM. Book Club – Tuesday, February 7th and Tuesday, February 21st @ 6:30PM - Join us as we continue our discussion of Gary Francione’s The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation? In February, we’ll have two book club meetings: Tuesday, February 7th discuss through page 174, & Tuesday, February 21st to discuss the rest of the book. We’ll start the meeting at 6:30PM. This meeting is at a residential address, but all are very welcome to attend. Please email us at for directions.

Vegan Mainstream Webinar: “Relationship Marketing: Creating a Veg Friendly Bridge with the World” – Wednesday, February 8th @ 1PM – Join us at Mike and Jenni’s place to watch the live webinar, or register to watch at your own computer by visiting Movie Night – Thursday, February 9th @ 6PM - Main Library’s Auditorium on the 1st Floor Join us for a screening of the movie Bold Native, with special guest speaker Peter Young. Huntsville Vegans visit the Raw Potluck – Saturday, February 11th @ 6:00PM – Members of Huntsville Vegans will attend the local Raw potluck, organized by Teresa. Location: 2801 Castle Pines Circle, Hampton Cove, AL. Potluck – Sunday, February 12th @ 4:00PM – Location: Private Residence on Drury Lane. Our theme this month is Japanese food. Please bring a dish to share with about 8 people. If you aren’t able to bring any food, please still attend! There’s always enough food to go around. Rodeo Protest – Saturday, February 18th @ Alabama A&M – Visit Facebook for details. Vegan Mainstream Webinar: “Pimp Out My Facebook Page: Plant Strong Baby!” – Wednesday, February 22nd @ 1PM - Join us at Mike and Jenni’s place to watch the live webinar, or register to watch at your own computer by visiting Cooking Class at Earth Fare - Saturday, February 25th @ 12:00PM - Join Mike Cross and Huntsville Vegans as Mike demonstrates how to cook healthy vegan snacks and meals for children. Free recipes and samples are provided for all attendees. This cooking class will be held at Earth Fare, in the dining area.

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Local Events of Interest
 Don’t Be a Sucker Protest, Organized by AREA – Wednesday, February 1st @ 10:00AM – 1:00PM - “We will have a peaceful pre protest protest for the circus. When tickets go on sale we will be out there encouraging everyone to not buy tickets. We will have posters and info to share with the public.”




1 AREA’s “Don’t Be a Sucker” Circus Protest


3 6 PM– Meetup




7 6:30PM Book Club

8 1PM Vegan Mainstream Webinar

9 6PM Movie Night

10 6 PM– Meetup

11 6PM Huntsville Vegans Visit the Raw Potluck 18 Rodeo Protest

12 4PM Potluck (Japanese Food)


14 Valentine’s Day



17 6 PM– Meetup



21 6:30PM Book Club

22 1PM Vegan Mainstream Webinar


24 6 PM– Meetup

25 12PM Cooking Class @ Earth Fare