("The Quiz Pub"), Tralee, I------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. How many Heinz varieties? [57] 2.

Are there more Muslims or Christians in the world? [Christians (Source: World Almanac)] 3. Which persons traveled the most miles in 2008? [Space-Station astronauts] 4. SPORT: On which playing field would you find 5 pieces of wood not in the hands of a player? [cricket pitch (stumps and ducks)] 5. The Iberian, Arabian, and Scandinavian are examples of which geological feature? [peninsula] 6. From which country does Summo wrestling come? [Japan] 7. The official title of the head of the Roman Catholic Church is not "Pope". What is it? {Supreme Pontiff] 8. WEATHER: On a yearly average, which city gets more precipitation: Dublin or New York? [New York! (Source: The World Almanac) ] 9. Of the three countries: Germany, Japan, and the US, which has the LOWEST average hourly wage including benefits? [US] 10. What is the total number of gifts "my true love gave to me"?

[364] Which Latin phrase means "in proportion"? [pro rata ] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. How many squares on a chessboard? [64] 2. Which composer - lyricist - musician wrote "Wonderful Tonight"? [Eric Clapton] 3. The drink Chartreuse ("sharr-troose") comes in three colors. Name one. [green, yellow or white] 4. Which is presently the biggest Irish corporation? [Smurfit Group] 5. Which country declared war on Germany in 1943? [Italy] 6. Who was the Director of the film Braveheart ? [Mel Gibson] 7. Who wrote the song "Johnny B. Goode"? [Chuck Berry] 8. SPORT: How many attempts is a competitor allowed at each height in the high jump: one, two or three? [Three] 9. Which computer language is named after coffee? [Java] 10. What is the highest degree awarded by a university? [Ph.D.] --------------------------------------------------

Round 2 1. What is the most frequent sporting event in Wembley Stadium? [Dog Racing] 2. What has recently become the required age for First Communion? [8 years old] 3. Which Hollywood actress starred in the movie Striptease? [Demi Moore] 4. Which word is used to describe plants which live for many years? [Perennials] 5. Which company is bigger: Telecom Eirann or Kerry Group? [Kerry Group] 6. In the book Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man, who was the artist? [James Joyce] 7. How much is a shot of Hennesy XO Brandy here at O'Dwyer's: £3.50, £4.50, or £5.50? [£5.50] 8. Which sport figure's dogma just got hit by a Karma? [Glen Hoddle] 9. What is the name of the Wagner (pr. "vogg-ner") opera about a ghost ship? [The Flying Dutchman] 10. What kind of car was the Love Bug? [Volkswagon] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. In which game would you get 'A Double Top'? [Darts}

2. Which brand of whiskey has three swallows on its label? [Powers Irish Whiskey] 5. Scotch. or Fahrenheit to Celsius] 7. Which drink is the name of a song by the Eagles and a movie starring Mel Gibson? [Tequilla Sunrise] 2. What is converted by subtracting 32. [False: The next century begins with 2001. How many keys on a standard piano? [88] 4. or 42? [42] . Eurasia. and Eastasia? [1984] 3. In which novel is the world divided into Oceania. Which whiskey is distilled the most times: Irish. In how many countries do cars drive on the left: 2.] 10. GOLF: On a par 4 hole. TRUE or FALSE? This is the last year of the 20th Century. Which 1950's rock group group recorded the song "Rock Around the Clock"? [Bill Halley & the Comets] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. 22. and dividing by 9? [Temperature. how many strokes make a birdie? [3] 3. multiplying by 5. What former Hot Gossip member married Andrew Lloyd Webber? [Sarah Brightman] 9. or American? [Irish] 6.

In America it's called a 'diaper'. From which card game does Bridge originate? [Whist] 2.4. Besides being US Presidents. In which country is the UK's largest lake? [Northern Ireland (or equivalent)] 4. What is it called here? ['nappy'] . Woodrow Wilson. Which is the world's oldest liquer? [Benedictine] 3. Which band recorded the White Album? [Beatles] 8. what do Teddy Roosevelt. [M*A*S*H] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Which European country was the first to give women the right to vote: Denmark. Which Hollywood actress won the most Oscars for Best Actress? [Katherine Hepburn--4 Oscars] 6. Finland. 1958. Which long-running American TV series was about a military hospital. or the UK? [Finland] 9. and Ronald Reagan have in common? [All acted in films] 5. In which year was the European Common Market created: 1957. What is the name of the cat in Postman Pat ? [Jess] 10. or 1959? [1957] 7.

Dance] 5. Which contains the least amout of caffeine: coffee. What does 'UFO' stand for? [Unidentified Flying Object] . Which two great songwriters wrote "Ebony and Ivory"? [Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder] 3. Correctly spell the surname of the man who flew The Spirit of St.5. [TRUE] 2. [Lindbergh] 4. Which bird has the longest wing span? [Albatross] 7. tea. Who has the new hit single "Maria"? [Blondie] 8. Louis. In which art form is Rudolf Nureyev [pr. TRUE or FALSE? A standard 6oz glass of wine. and a standard 35ml shot of whiskey all have the same amount of alcohol. What famous dancer died when her scarf was caught in the wheels of a car? [Isadora Duncan] 6. 'noor-ray-yev]? [Ballet. Which type of whiskey is used in a Gaelic Coffee? [Scotch] 9. a 12oz bottle of lager. or cola drinks? [tea] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Which psychologist created psychonanalysis? [Freud] 10.

6. Which cartoon character wears a flying helmet and takes on the Red Baron? [Snoopy] 4. Which great composer wrote a symphony after he had lost his hearing? [Beethoven (9th Symphony)] 10. Which is the oldest commercial whiskey? [Bushmill's] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland? [33 celsius (91F)] 9. In which Kerry town is a monument to An Speirban. or Aristotle? [Socrates] 8. Which organisation is at the center of what has been called. [False: less than half] 5. Who came first: Socrates. Plato. the Sky Woman? [Killarney (near the Great Southern Hotel)] 2. "Sport's Greatest Scandal"? . The word 'disco' is a shortend version of which word? [discoteque ] 3. Who wrote the lyrics to most of Elton John's songs? [Bernie Taupin] 7. What are the two main ingredients of a Bloody Mary? [Tomato Juice and Vodka] 6. TRUE or FALSE? The upcoming Millennium will be celebrated by most of the world's population.

Which 1960's rock star is buried in the same Paris cemetary as Chopin ("show-pan")? [Jim Morrison of the Doors] 6. In which sport would you find a puck? [hockey] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Which whiskey is made from Juniper leaves? [gin] 4. Which musical instrument did Louis Armstrong play? [trumpet] 3. CINEMA: What is the full name of the MGM Company? . Which has stronger winds: a tornado or a hurricane? [tornado] 2. What is another name for a portable computer? [laptop] 8. PAINTING: Who is considered the founder of Impressionism: Manet or Monet? [Monet] 7.[International Olympic Committee (or equivalent)] 7. Which computer giant is at the heart of a major lawsuit by the US government? [Bill Gates. How many finger holes in the old telephone dial? [ten] 8. Which whiskey is the main ingredient of a Moscow Mule cocktail? [Vodka] 9. or Microsoft] 5.

Wexford and Waterford were named by people from which country? [Denmark] 5. Which was first: Windows or Netscape? [Windows] 6. TRUE or FALSE? Ireland was invaded by the Milesus of Greece a millennium ago. whose portrait changes in a mystical way? [Dorian Gray] 10. Exactly how much is a cup of coffee here at O'Dwyer's? [75p] -------------------------------------------------EXTRAS What causes knots in wood? [tree limbs] Which drink brand is a mixture of Champagne and Cognac? [Remy Martin] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. In Oscar Wilde's novel. On your fingers. Which American singer was born in Tupelo with a twin brother who didn't survive? [Elvis Presley] 4.[Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer] 9. where are the Lanula (lan-you-luh)? [half moons at the base of your fingernails (or equivalent)] 2. [FALSE: The Milesus were from Spain] 3. Which Hollywood actor was 'The Duke'? [John Wayne] .

How many times was Henry VIII married? [Six] 8. Who wrote the book A Clockwork Orange ? [Anthony Burgess] 6. What is the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.' stand for in the name B.7. What is the most Northerly capital in the world? [Reykjavik. [Pyramids] 3. How many times have Kerry won the Sam Maguire Cup? [24] 2. Re Question 5: Who directed the movie? [Stanley Kubrick] 7. Is the Dulcimer a string or pipe instrument? [string] 9. TRUE or FALSE? Email addresses have a different form than website .B. What color is the book of Mao Tse Tung's writings? [Red] 8. Which movie got the most Oscar Nominations this year? [Shakespeare in Love .B. King? [Blues Boy] 5. Iceland] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. What does ' B. What is the name given to the prominent basalt pillars on the Antrim coast? [Giant's Causeway] 10.(13)] 4.

Which American Senator chaired the Northern Ireland Peace Talks? [George Mitchell] 8. Anne. [TRUE] 9.addresses. which European City was declared the least polluted: London. [Charlotte. In which year was there no Irish entry in the Eurovision song contest? [1983] 6. In which film was the character Cruella de Vil? [101 Dalmations] 7. or Emily] 10. How many times have Kerry won the Liam McCarthy Cup? [none] 5. losing my hair"? ["When I'm 64" (Beatles)] 4. What is the first of the Ten Commandments? ["Thou shalt have no other God but Me" (or equivalent)] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. In which song are the following words: "When I get older. What is the minimum number of sides of a polygon? [3] 2. In a 1993 survey. Name one of the Bronte Sisters. Paris or Rome? [London] 3. Which major European river is said by experts to be the most polluted? [The Rhine] 9. What make were the motorbikes driven by the stars of Easy Rider ? .

S.R. What do the letters "U." stand for? [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics"] -------------------------------------------------- . Name one of the two ingredients of "grog" ? [rum or water] 3. What does 'Alma Mater' literally mean? [foster mother] 10. Name one of the Everly Brothers.[Harley-Davidson] 10. [Phil or Don] 9. In which month is the Edinburgh Festival usually held? [August] 8. In Aesop's fable. Which great Basketball player just retired? [Michael Jordan] 6. Which is the most frequently sung song in Europe and America? ["Happy Birthday To You"] 2. What name is given to the 4-year period between Olympics? [Olympiad] 4. which two animals have a race? [Hare and Tortoise] 7. What is the Italian equivalent of hors d'oeuvres ("orr-derves") ? [antipasta] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. Which London play holds the record for the longest run of any show in the world? [The Mouse Trap ] 5.S.

and Star Wars ? [the music] 9. In which European country is the world's longest road tunnel? [Switzerand] 8."? [Hardy to Laurel] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. What contribution did John Williams make to E. Which river is said to have mystical powers as it passes through Finuge? [Feale] . FILM: Who often said to whom: "This is a fine mess you've gotten us into. What is the name of Germany's national airline? [Lufthansa ] 2. The buildup of which common gas is affecting global warming? [carbon dioxide. Charles Strite invented which very common household appliance? [pop-up toaster (toaster okay)] 10. What was the name of Gary Pucket's rock group? [The Union Gap] 3. Which drink brand is a mixture of Champagne and Cognac? [Remy Martin] 7.T. For which newspaper did Superman work? [Daily Planet] 6. [Mike Hassett] 5.Round 5 1. Name the Captain of the team that won the National Football League title in 1997. CO2] 4.

" [John F.. what is the shortest word that begins with a capital letter? [ 'I' ] 9.. What is the next line of: "To every thing there is a season. In which year was the Sam Maguire Cup first presented? [1928] 5. "Of those to whom much is given. What is the Irish name for County Louth? [An Lu ] 7. What make of car did Bond drive in Goldeneye ? .. The novel Erewhon derived its name from what? [anagram of the word nowhere ] 3. Which Greek philosopher was Alexander the Great's tutor? [Aristotle] 6." ["." (or equivalent)] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. Which American president said. In the English language. Which popular natural therapy treats the bottom of the foot? [Reflexology] 4. much is required.and a time to every purpose under Heaven. Which company's computer is the current computer chess champion? [IBM] 2.. How many numbers in a normal Bingo set? [90] 10.2.. Kennedy] 8. Which boardgame celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1985? [Monopoly] 3.

and goats have the same name? [Angora] 3. When is Mardi Gras in New Orleans? [the day before Ash Wednesday] 6. What is a gorteen? [little field] 5. [True] 7. What was the first Richard Burton . Name the actor who plays Dougal in Father Ted ? [Ardal O'Hanlon] 9. TRUE or FALSE?: One goal of Zen meditation is to stop the mind from thinking for short periods of time. and green balls in snooker? [Green. rabbits. Which rock star wrote the book entitled In His Own Write ? [John Lennon] 2. Cathair Ui Mhorain is the Irish name for which Kerry town? [Blennerville] 8. Yellow (or reverse)] 4. Brown.[BMW] 4. In which of Handel's works is the Hallelujah Chorus? . yellow. What is London's main airport? [Heathrow] 10. What is the correct left-to-right order of the brown.Elizabeth Taylor film? [Cleopatra ] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Which breed of cats.

enhancers. What else did they have in common? [authors. Which instrument did Stephan Grappelli play? [violin] 5. What does the 'e' in the word 'e-commerce' stand for? [electronic] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. or Group of Seven] 9. By what title are the world's wealthiest nations known? [G-7. Which Indiana city hosts the '500' auto race? [Indianapolis] 4. What did Natale Wood. Which parts of the tree cause knots in wood? [limbs] 8. In what would one find stabilisers. Over which continent is the largest hole inthe Ozone layer? [Antarctica] 6. George Sand and George Eliot had the same first names.[Messiah ] 5. emulsifiers and preservatives? [food] 10. and James Dean have in common? . What is Rambo's first name? [John] 7. RE QUESTION 1: What else did they have in common? [women or authors] 3. Sal Mineo. or women] 2.

[Went to same high school] 6. Name one of the three-man writing team who wrote most of the 60's Motown hits. [Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland] 7. T or F?: Islamic law requires artists to depict animals in their paintings. [False: It prohibits it.] 8. A birdie is one under, an Eagle is two under. What is three-under? [Albatross] 9. Who killed John Lennon? [Mark Chapman] 10. Which dictator's wife was famous for rooms full of shoes? [Ferdinand Marcos] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. Prior to Madonna, who was the only female singer to have a number-one hit in five consecutive years? [Olivia Newton-John] 2. What is the English equivalent of nom de plume . [pseudonym, pen name] 3. Where is the oldest man-made building in the Western World? [New Grange, Drogheda] 4. What is the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature? [Mercury] 5. T or F? In Britain, the M7 runs between Cornwall and Leeds. [False: There's no M7] 6. In which country did the spirit Tequila originate?

[Mexico] 7. Which singer sang the winning Eurovision song "Congratulations"? [Cliff Richard] 8. Which British actress just got an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Shakespeare in Love ? [Judi Dench] 9. Re Question 8: Who got one for Best Actress in the same movie? [Gwyneth Paltrow] 10. In the book, who was captain of the Nautilis? [Capt. Nemo] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. Was the composer Brahms: French, German, or Belgian? [German] 2. Protein is one. Name one of the other two food groups. [carbohydrate, fat] 3. Who is the present Kerry G.A.A. County Board Chairman? [Sean Walsh] 4. What is Glen Roe star Teasy McDaid's real name? [Maureen Toal] 5. Which corporation created Traveler's Cheques? [American Express] 6. What's the next line of "Of shoes and ships and sealing wax.."? ["...and cabbages and kings."] 7. In which country are the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido? [Japan] 8. What is the name of the procedure to assist a person choking on food?

[Heimlich Maneuver] 9. COOKING: What are Bouquet garni? [herbs for flavoring (or equivalent] 10. Which pop group's lead singer was Diana Ross? [Supremes] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. Who wrote the song Easter Parade? [Irving Berlin] 2. In which city is Ulysses set? [Dublin] 3. Re Question 2: Spell Ulysses. [Ulysses] 4. T or F?: The Statue of Liberty is located in New York. [False - Bedloe's Isand is actually part of NJ] 5. Who is the patron saint of music? [St. Cecelia] 6. Which ghost did Hamlet see? [his father] 7. How many players on a Netball team? [seven] 8. Which is the longest-running British soap opera? [Coronation Street ] 9. Which tree is usually cut during moonlight? [Mahogany] 10. Besides their surnames, what do Joe Davis and Fred Davis have in common?

What was the name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? [Quasimodo] 6. What is the second-highest hand in poker? [Straight Flush] 4. T or F?: In certain circumstances. Which country puts "Helvetia" on its postage stamps? [Switzerland] 5. Indians' revenge?: Which explorer brought tobacco to Europe? [Sir Walter Raleigh] 3. Who wrote The Lord of the Rings ? . [True: when castling] 8. a chess player moves two pieces at the same time. Who wrote the song "The Town That I Love So Well"? [Phil Coulter] 10. Charles Dodgson was the pseudonym of which author? [Lewis Carroll] 9. Re Question 5: What was his occupation? [bell ringer] 7. Which Italian composer wrote The Four Seasons ? [Vivaldi] 2. or players] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1.[Snooker Champions. Re Question 9: Which town is it about? [Derry] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1.

Limburger Cheese is named after a town in which country? [Belgium] 10. What is the popular title of the stories told by Scheherezade? [1001 Arabian Nights (or equivalent)] 9. Which other famous composer was born in the same year as Bach? [Handel] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. Name the sponsors of the All Ireland Football Championship. How does an audience differ from spectators? [audience listens. On the 100th Anniversary of American Independence in 1876. Celine Dion sang the winning Eurovision song in which year? [1988] 4.skating manoeuvre] 8. what did France give to America? [Statue of Liberty] 3. spectators watch (or equivalent)] 2.[Tolkein] 2. Where might you see a 'Flying Camel?" [ice rink . What is the name of the Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body? [Balalaika] 6. [Bank of Ireland] 7. Which instrument does Ravi Shankar play? [sitar] . Which legendary bird rises from ashes to be born again? [Phoenix] 5.

3. In Treasure Island. In which country is Monte Carlo? [Monaco] 8. Which art form involves knotting threads and chords? [Macrame] 10. Which nationality was the composer Chopin? [Polish] 2. what did the parrot keep saying? ["Pieces of Eight!"] 4. fastwalking.? [Sherlock Holmes] 9. Which underground fungi are much favored by French chefs? [Truffles] 6. What is Gay Byrnes's middle name? [Mary] . Who led Solidarity and later became President of Poland? [Lech Walesa] 3. Who just became only the third player to hold the top three Snooker titles at the same time? [John Higgins] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. or coal mining? [walking up stairs] 4. Who lived at 221B Baker St. Which burns more calories per minute: walking up stairs. Which instrument does Elton John play? [piano] 5.

5. Which Internet software came first: Netscape's or Microsoft's? [Netscape's] 6. What is the popular name of the Parliamentary Buildings in Belfast? [Stormont] 10. What do Americans call a tap? [faucet] 9. In what year was the 1921 All Ireland Senior Hurling final played? [1923] 4. [True] 6. Which instrument does Larry Adler play? [harmonica] 7. On what date does Good Friday fall this year? [April 2nd] 5. COOKING: What is a Tammy Cloth used for? [straining sauces] 8. How many times have Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest? [7] 2. Which is England's largest castle? [Windsor Castle] . Name the silent Marx Brother. What was the name of Michael Jackson's first band? [Jackson Five] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. [Harpo] 3. T or F?: Kerry have not won an All Ireland Senior Hurling title in the 20th Century.

Doris Day had two big song hits in the 1950's.7. Name the monk credited with the invention of Champagne. [True] 6. Sera. What was the other? [Que Sera. Who was described by Churchill as "seditious" and "half-naked"? [Ghandi] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. or Whatever Will Be Will Be] 7. Who was the chief witness to the Camp David Accord between Sadat and Arafat? [Jimmy Carter] 4. What is the name of the optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions? [mirage] 3. Who was voted World's Sexiest Woman 1998 by the readers of FHM Magazine? [Jenny McCarthy] 10. Which is the largest city in Scotland? [Glasgow] . [Dom Perignone] 9. One was Secret Love. What is the Irish name of the upcoming Kerry Arts festival? [Samhlaiocht Chiarrai] 2.000 miles of streets in London. Who is Shirley MacLaine's actor brother? [Warren Beatty] 5. TRUE or FALSE?: There are approximately 50.

What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname? [The Boss] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. 1988...."] 4. What comes after.."? ["Three to get ready. What is the name of 0 degrees latitude? [Equator] 8.8. two for the show. Was Frank Sinatra born in 1915. In what year did Thadg O'Halloran captain Kerry in the Munster Championship: 1984. Which is the only country that refuses to ban nuclear testing in the atmosphere? [France] 5. Who played Cat Ballou? [Jane Fonda] 2. or 1925? [1915] 3. What is the name of 0 degrees longitude? [Greenwich Meridian] 6. 1920. or 1989? [1989] 10. What is the name of 180 degrees longitude? [International Date Line] 7. What is the name of 90 degrees North latitude? [North Pole] . Which pianist is associated with the candelabra? [Liberace] 9. "Well it's one for the money.

9. To what political party does Prionnsios De Rossa belong? {Labour (no other answer acceptable)] 3. Who are the current Superbowl Champions? [Denver Broncos] 9. In which two countries was the 1987 Rugby World Cup held? [Australia AND New Zealand] 4. Name the actress who plays Sally Fletcher in Home and Away. What is the first book of the Bible? [Genesis] 10. What are the units of masurement for the height of a horse? [hands] 8. What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan? [Nana] 2. It was first called Cape Canaveral. who would have become President? [Albert Gore] 10. Where are NATO Headquarters? [Brussels or Belgium] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. Who wrote the music to Riverdance? . In which town is the Four Kerry Poets Memorial? [Killarney] 7. then Cape Kennedy. [Kate Ritchie] 5. If Clinton had been removed from office. What is it called now? [Cape Canaveral] 6.

Who was the greatest Reggae star? [Bob Marley] 8. Change just three letters of Mickey Mouse and you get which other cartoon character? [Mighty Mouse] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. The American version of the boardgame Monopoly is set in which city? [Atlantic City] 6. What is the largest industry in the Arctic region? [whaling] 4. Re Question 8: which country was he from? [Jamaica] 9. [False] 2. Songwriter Robert Zimmerman was far better known by what name? . What faded away until there was nothing left but a grin? [Cheshire Cat] 3. In which opera is a gypsy girl who works in a cigarette factory? {Carmen] 7. Where would one find a diatonic scale? [music] 5. TRUE or FALSE?: Years ending in 00 are always leap years.[Bill Whelan] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. With what is a libretto associated? [opera] 10.

E. What does the common abbreviation 'A.M. Where is the Hubble Telescope? [in Earth orbit (or equivalent)] 3. What was T.[Bob Dylan] 2. Which country won the Eurovision the year it was held in Millstreet? [Ireland] 6. Which spirit is in a Pina Colada? [Rum] 2. What is the middle name of former Bishop Eamon Casey's son? [Eamon] 10. Which garment is named after an atoll in the South Pacific? [bikini] 3. Where in England is the monarch not permitted to enter? . Axel Rose played in which band? [Guns & Roses] 7. Who bills himself as the world's greatest boxing promoter? [Don King] 8.' stand for? [apres meridian] 5. The Rattoo Round Tower is located near which town? [Ballyduff] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. What is Radio-One's presenter Maxi's real name? [Irene McCaubrey] 9. Lawrence better known as? [Lawrence of Arabia] 4.

or Ronan? [Davie] 7. correctly spell the other English equivalent of nom de plume . "Michael they are taking you away"? [Fields of Athenry} 10.[House of Commons] 4. Who was the first animal film star? [Rin Tin Tin] 8. [pseudonym] 6. Davie. Which female crime-story writer has sold nearly 300 million books? {Agatha Christie] 9. Keith. Steve. Who of the following is NOT a member of Boyzone: Mikey. Which musical instrument derived it name from the Italian words for soft and loud? [piano or pianoforte] 5. With which actor did John Travolta exchange faces in the movie Face Off ? [Nicolas Cage] 3. In which song is the line. Besides pen name. What was the Beatles' first Top-20 hit song? [Love Me Do] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. The new Manager for England played for which German club during his career? [Hamburg] 2. Which country produces Tokay wine? .

Martin & John? [JFK] 6. How did General Rommel die? [suicide. Which alcohol drink is made from apples? [cider] 5.[Hungary] 4. Name the last player to score a goal for Kerry in an All-Ireland Senior Football final. [Mikey Sheehy] 3. Which chess piece does not move in a straight line? [knight] 9. Which piece of clothing derived its name from originally being made in bright dazzling colors? [blazer] 7. Who is John in Marvin Gaye's song. Abraham. how many points is a blackjack? [21] 10. What is done with a crinoline? [It is worn--it's a petticoat)] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. In the card game. poison] 4. What is Saigon now known as? [Ho Chi Minh City] . Which American poet is required reading for Irish students? {Emily Dickinson] 2. In which US state are the Motown Record Co.? [Michigan (Detroit)] 8.

Roosevelt] 4. D. what would 'O/P' mean? [out of print] 6. When do Christmas and New Year's Day occur in the same year? [every year!] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. Whose diary was bought by the London Times and then found to be a forgery? [Hitler] 5. What is the other name for the kettledrums? [Tympani] 2. 1500. Which American president served the most terms in office? [F. Which British actress starred in McCabe & Mrs Miller ? [Julie Christie] 7.5. [Artful Dodger] 3. Who wrote the four-volume History of the English-Speaking People ? [Winston Churchill] 9. In a bookseller's catalogue. Name the pickpocket who taught Oliver Twist how to steal. or 3000? [3000] . Which term describes a victory in battle that is so costly it is of no value to the victor? [Pyrrhic Victory] 8. How many feet of electrical wiring is found in the typical car: 500. Who is Carrie Fisher's mother? [Debbie Reynolds] 10.

. What was Christie Brinkley's profession? [model] 7. In which novel is Britain renamed Airstrip One? [1984] 9. dismissed] 5. peas] 4. If the plaintiff dies during a libel case. In which Beatle song does ". Which scientist's name might be found on a milk container? [Pasteur] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1.6. what happens? [case is dropped. In which country did golf originate? [Scotland] 10. beans. Name one of the three vegetables of which we eat only the seeds. [corn-on-the-cob. The song Love Me Tender took its melody from which Irish song? [Nora Lee] 8.. Which singer made his film debut in Love Me Tender? [Presley] 7.Mother Mary come to me"? [Let It Be] . What is the nickname of a Boeing 747? [Jumbo Jet] 3. Which rock star divorced Christie Brinkley? [Billy Joel] 6. Which city has the largest population? [Mexico City] 2.

Which movie director has made the most top-ten money-makers? [Speilberg] 8. "ray")? [drop of golden sun] 6.8. What was Peter Pan trying to find? [his shadow] 9. Name one of the Three Musketeers. In the song. Which Irish athlete won the Olympic Gold medal in the Women's Pentathalon in 1972? [Mary Peters] 7. Which country has grown nearly 20% in size by reclaiming the sea? [Netherlands] 5. Which singer is known as "Lady Soul"? [Arethre Franklin] 10. A leak from an American-owned company killed tens of thousands in which city in India? [Bopal] 2. In which year was Boris Yeltsin last elected? [1996] 4. . doh is a deer. Which was first: Impressionism or Cubism? [Impressionism] 3. What is re (pr. Which imaginary line across the sky is equivalent to the Equator on land? [Zodiac] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1.

In which city is the La Scala opera house? [Milan] 10. What happened to Alice after she drank from a bottle labled "Drink Me"? [she shrank] 2. What is the term for two-over-par in Golf? . What trilogy did John Ronald Reuel write under a pseudonym? [Lord of the Rings] 4. Porthos. How many terminals in Heathrow? [four] 8. where is the heardest path to find? [under foot] 7. What was Richard Starkey's first film? [A Hard Day's Night (Ringo)] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Re 8: Who wrote it? [Alexander Dumas] 10. Which country is credited with the origin of Chess? [India] 9. What is the well-known Japanese term meaning "empty orchestra"? [Karaoke] 5. Athos] 9.[Aramis. What is the well-known Japanese term meaning "empty hand"? [Karate] 6. How many books comprise Lord of the Rings ? [three] 3. In the Ancient proverb.

What numbers were Hitler's Reich and DeGaulle's Republic? [third AND fifth (both needed)] 8. Which type of music was named by Allan Freed? [Rock & Roll] 6. Which alternative treatment massages the bottom of the feet? [reflexology] 2. Who was the original subject of Elton John's song Candle in the Wind ? [Marilyn Monroe] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. From what is rum distilled? [sugar cane] 9.[double bogey] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. What is Margaret Thatcher's middle name? [Hilda] 10. Which Irish name is derived from the name of a Roman social class? . Which inventor was born in 1847 in Edinburgh? [Alexander Graham Bell] 3. What is the name of the warm ocean current passing by Ireland? [Gulf Stream] 4. Re Question 3: Where does it originate? [Gulf of Mexico] 5. What is a tarantella? [a dance] 7.

"ho-beem")] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Who wrote the song The Girl from Ipanema? [Antonio Carlos Jobim (pr. What does tempis fugit mean? [time flies or escapes] 4. Which sport is played with the heaviest ball? . What did Charlie parker play? [saxophone or jazz] 6. TRUE or FALSE? Computers double in speed and memory size every 18 months. Which dance rhythm originated in Martinique? [Bossa Nova] 10. Which team knocked Limerick out of the 1998 Senior Hurling Championship? [Cork] 8. and benzioic acid have in comon? [food preservatives] 7. What do Americans call the number 1 followed by 12 zeros? [one trillion] 9. [True] 3. Which was the Beatles's last film? [Let It Be] 5. Which musical instrument was Sherlock Holmes able to play? [violin] 2. What do sulphur dioxide.[Patrick for Patrician] 2. potasium nitrate.

TRUE or FALSE? The four largest planets in our Solar System all have rings around them. stand for? [Extra-Terrestrial] The old Irish air. the Riddle Song. What is the main ingredient of 'mock turtle soup'? [calf's head] 6. what is the second called? [Blue Moon] 4. When there are two full moons in the same month.it's 3 . Which type of Amerian whiskey comes from Kentucky? [Bourbon] 10.[Ten-Pin Bowling] 3. What is made with fermenting yeast and held in tanks for 2 months at 40 degrees? [Lager or Beer] 8. [True] 7.6 months] 9. What does the term 'somniloquy' mean? [talking while asleep] 5. is the melody for which popular Johnny . [False . Months which begin on a Sunday will always have what? [A Friday the 13th] -------------------------------------------------EXTRAS What is the name for a combination of smoke and fog? [smog] What does the film title E.T. TRUE or FALSE? Fingernails have a total life span of 3 to 6 years.

Which famous wife is rumoured to be contemplating divorce? [Hillary Clinton] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 . Bill Clinton. Who was the first Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland? [John A.Mathis hit? [The Twelfth of Never] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. Which group wrote and recorded the song "Good Vibrations"? [The Beach Boys] 7. Costello] 3. or Mick Jagger? [Jagger] 10. Who is oldest: Prince Charles. In which country is the capitol of Tibet? [China] 8. Who is Warren Beatty's famous sister? [Shirley Maclaine] 6. Who succeded Eamon DeValera as Taoiseach in 1948? [John A. Costello] 2. Computers: What does the RAM stand for? [Random Access Memory] 9. Which was the largest dinosaur? [Tyrannosaurus] 4. Which branch of Astronomy studies the structure of the Universe? [Cosmology] 5.

Which movie was second in the number of Oscar Nominations this year? [Saving Private Ryan] 8. (Re 4) How many had no beard? [one (Dopey)] 6. Who wrote Jude the Obscure? [Thomas Hardy] 9. Which Catholic missionary and Nobel Laureate died in 1997? [Mother Theresa] 4. Which artist was famous for his blue period? [Picasso] 7. Which group had a hit with "Whiskey In the Jar"? [Thin Lizzy] . Who topped the charts in 1995 with the song. teeth. Which instrument does James Galway play? [flute] 10. Which mineral is found in bones.1. How many of the Seven Dwarfs wore glasses? [one (Doc)] 5. and seashells? [calcium] -------------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. Opal is the birthstone for which month? [October] 2. "You Are Not Alone"? [Michael Jackson] 2. Derrynane Abbey is the ancestral home of which historic figure? [Daniel O'Connell] 3.

(Re 1) Who wrote the music? [Leonard Bernstein] 3. What was the name of Robinson Caruso's companion? [Friday] 8. Which is Ireland's second-largest county? [Galway] . In which country did the rumba originate? [Cuba] 7. On which river did Huckleberry Finn's adventures take place? [Mississippi] 4. Which famous film director died this week? [Stanley Kubrick} 9. On which of Shakespeare's plays is West Side Story based? [Romeo & Julliet] 2. What is another name for almond paste? [marzipan] 6. Where are the Ox Mountains? [Sligo] 5. (Re 8) How many Best-Director Oscars did he win? [none] 10.3. Which year begins the next Millennium? [2001] 4. In which year did the Flight of the Earls take place? [1607] -------------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1.

Name the silent Marx Brother. Tinky Winky] 3. What is the name of Oprah Winfrey's production company ? [Harpo] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Who was the subject of The Agony and the Ecstasy ? [Michelangelo] 6. Who started Virgin Records? [Richard Branson] 7. Po.5. La La. Name all theTeletubbies. Which town was the seat of the early kings of Munster? [Cashel] 8. [Lennox Lewis & Evander Holyfield] 2. What is said to be the "Mother of Invention"? [necessity] . What is the name given to the cultivation of plants without soil? [Hydroponics] 9. Name the two boxers in the upcoming World Championship. [Harpo] 10. How many horns has a Rhinocerous? [one] 6. In which film musical did Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing? [Paint Your Wagon] 4. Which herb is used in pesto? [basil] 5. [Dipsey.

Eva Braun was whose mistress? . For how many years is the President of Ireland elected? [seven] 7. Which instrument does Julian Bream play? [Guitar. Which composer grew up in a palace.7. In which street is Neighbours set? [Ramsey] 9. What is the flavor of Cointreau? [orange] 6. What was the name of Frank Zappa's rock group" [The Mothers of Invention] 8. What did Sherlock Holmes keep in the toe of a Persian slipper? [his tobacco] 3. Who in the Bible was the youngest son of Jacob? [Benjamin] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. In which county are the Fields of Athenry? [Galway] 10. Jobim wrote songs to which dance beat? [Bossa Nova] 2. lute] 8. traveled the world as a child prodigy. Which is the smallest county in Ireland? [Louth] 4. and was buried a pauper? [Mozart] 5.

Who was Bob Cratchit's boss? [Scrooge] 8. Which drip-style painter was best known? [Jackson Pollack] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Who wrote the novel The Godfather ? [Mario Puzo] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. What is the term for having more than one husband at the same time? [polyandry] 9. Which country has the most miles of roads? [US] 7. Aer Lingus names it planes after what? [saints] 4. How is 1999 written in Roman Numerals? .[Hitler] 9. Which is the largest island of the Phillipines? [Luzon] 10. Which Australian city has the largest population? [Sydney] 5. How many symphonies did Beethoven write? [Nine] 6. Which Beatles song has been recorded by the most artists? [Yesterday] 2.

How many stomachs has the cow? [four] 5. Which Irish pop group were once named 'Feedback'? [U2] 5. Was the game of Monopoly invented in 1932. Which form of therapy uses the essences of plants in heated oils? . Ireland] 8. or 1952? [1932] 6. Was the lie detector invented in 1921.[MCMXCIX] 2. Where is the world's largest man-made structure? [China (Great Wall)] 8. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress? [Judi Dench] 4. 1942. Where was the actor Richard Harris born? [Limerick. Drogheda. 1941. or 1961? [1921] 7. Who invented the scissors and the parachute? [Leonardo DaVinci] 4. Under which sign of the Zodiac are we at this moment? [(adapt)] 3. Ireland] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 2. How many sides has a British 50p coin? [7] 3. (Re 7) Where is the world's oldest man-made structure? [New Grange.

Who won the 1999 Best-Director Oscar? [Steven Spielberg] 7. How many took part in the Last Supper? [13] 4. Name the world's southernmost capitol. The owl and the pussycat bought their wedding ring from which animal? [the pig] 3. Which brand of beer originated in the Rocky Mountains? [Coors] 8. Which rock group has the same name as a beer brand? [Coors] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. [Wellington.] 7.[Aromatherapy] 6. Which is the nearest star to the Earth? [the Sun] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. N. Who provided the voice for Woody in Toy Story? [Tom Hanks] 5. What was the 1997 Oasis album called? [Be Here Now] 8. Z. In which country did the dog breed the Beagle originate? [England] 2. Which is the last book of the Old Testament ? .

or World Wide Web] 4. or telephone] 8. Who was oldest: Hitler. Who just won the Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role? [Gwynneth Paltrow] -------------------------------------------------- . Name one of the two trees most frequently mentioned in the Bible. When do we next reset our clocks? [(adapt)] 4. In which country was ice cream invented? [China] 5. [fig.[The Book of Malachi] 2. With which art form is Henry Moore associated? [sculpture] 5. Was 1900 a leap year? [No] 6. Mussolini or Stalin? [Stalin] 2. What is the Information Superhighway? [ Internet. Which food do more humans eat than any other? [rice] 7. Who preferred his Martinis "shaken"? [James Bond] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. cedar] 7. To what does a modem connect a computer? [telephone line.

Name one of the two main ingredients of roux . Hegel and Sartre? [philosophy] 8."? {Neil Armstrong or Lindbergh] 4. [butter or flour] 7.Round 5 1. who said. or Yugoslavia] -------------------------------------------------- . Who just won the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role? [Roberto Benigni] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 3. who said. Re 2: Upon completion of another historic event. what does that mean? [marriageable] 6. Where is the city of Pristina? [Kosovo. Upon completion of an historic event. Dipsophobia is the fear of what? [drinking] 2. or Serbia."? [Charles Lindbergh or Neil Armstrong] 3. "The Eagle has landed. If a woman is nubile. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor? [James Coburn] 5. Who painted The Last Supper? [DaVinci] 4. "The Eagle has landed. What connects Kant. Re 2 & 3: After which other historic event was it again said? [balloon flight around the world] 5.

or abstractionist? [surrealist] 8. What was the first hand-held camera called? [Brownie] 4. Who was the youngest Beatle? [George] 2. who is the oldest? [James Coburn. Which movie won the 1999 Best Picture Oscar? [Shakespeare In Love ] 3. What does the acronym CD-ROM stand for? [Compact Disk-Read Only Memory] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. a blitz. Of the 1999 Oscar winners. a shotgun. What is xerography? [photocopying] 5. and a tight end? [American football] 3. 1934)] 6. surrealist. 1928 (Dench b. Who was born first: Van Gogh or Picasso? [Van Gogh] 4.Round 7 1. b. Was Dali a realist. What is the cullinary term for 'according to the menu'? [a la carte ] 7. Who won the recent Holyfield/Lewis fight? [Neither: it was a draw] 6. In which sport would you find a bomb. What is the best selling single of all time? .

Which is the biggest Irish corporation? . How many Spice Girls are there now? [four] 8. Who started the custom of carrying a flaming torch from Athens to the site of the Olympics? [Hitler in 1936] 4. On which day of the week was Millennium Eve? [Friday] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1.[Candle in the Wind] 8. How many squares on a chess board? [64] 3. In which sport would one see a trudgen? [swimming] 5. Who is the Secretary General of the UN? [Kofi Annan] 4. Who wouldn't Take That and left in 1995? [Robbie Williams] 6. [True] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. [Pristina] 2. Name Kosovo's largest city. Which event is said to have been the last great achievement in aviation? [balloon flight around the world] 7. TRUE or FALSE?: Bicycle Polo was a recognized sport.

In Internet addresses. Which is the most common name in the world? [Mohammed] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. "fasee-shus-lee"] [contains all the vowels in alphabetical order] 7. [True] 3. Name one of the three main ingredients of a Harvey Wallbanger. Which is the most popular spectator sport worldwide? [auto racing] 2. Who won Sunday's rugby match between Ireland & Italy? [Ireland] 7. . [vodka. How do you spell singer Sade [pr. TRUE or FALSE?: There were no Englishmen on Liverpool's FA Cup winning side in 1986. what does . "shah-day"] 's name? [Sade] 6.com ("dot com") stand for? [a commercial or business website] 4. Who was the first golfer to reach $1 million in earnings? [Arnold Palmer] 8. orange juice. In which Kerry town is the Sky Woman monument? [Killarney] 6.[Smurfit Group] 5. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. What is significant about the letters of the word facetiously ? [pr. Galiano] 5.

A. or Balkans] -------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. Who was Aristotle's teacher? [Plato] 6. The drink Chartreuse ("sharr-troose") comes in three colors. Name one. Zanzibar] 3. yellow or white] 3.E.[Amelia Earhart] 8. The shortest war on record was in 1896 and lasted 38 minutes. In equestrian sport. Roman mythology: Celene and Diana are the goddesses of what? [the moon] -------------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. What does U. [Exodus] 2. Where is Montenegro? [Yugoslavia. [green. Name one of the two countries involved. [England. Soccer: Which country scored the first goal in the first World Cup Finals? [France] 2. which event tests obedience? [Dressage] 8. stand for? [United Arab Emirates] 7. Which type of dance involves moving under a horizontal pole? . What is the second book of the Bible.

[True] 7.D. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role? [Roberto Benigni] 7. What is the highest degree awarded by a university? [Ph. Would abc@xyz. Who sang the hit "Nothing Compares 2 U"? [Sinead O'Connor] 6.] 3. TRUE or FALSE?: The comma was introduced into the English language in the 16th Century. Who wrote the song "Roll Over Beethoven"? [Chuck Berry] 8. Which reaches farther north: Greenland or Siberia? [Greenland] 8. Into which sea does the Nile flow? [Mediterranean] 5.ie be an e>mail or website address? [e>mail] 6.[the limbo] 4. What was the pen name Charles Dodgson? [Lewis Carroll] -------------------------------------------------------- . In which city is the Parthenon? [Athens] -------------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Is the tomato fruit or vegetable? [fruit] 5.

Who killed Mac Beth? [Macduff] -------------------------------------------------------Round 8 3. or 1987? [1981] 3. [Vatican] -------------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. What was the Year 2000 Problem? [computer dates use only last two digits of year. Who was the first US president to be assassinated? [Lincoln] 7. On which day of the week was Millennium Eve? [Friday] 5. Who wrote the song "Crazy"? [Willie Nelson] 5.Round 7 1. Which of Shakespeare's plays has the most film versions? [Hamlet] 8. 1981. Name the only state in the world with a zero birth rate. Which is the world's largest desert? [Sahara] 7. Which is the world's best-selling chocolate bar? [Hershey Bar] 4. When did IBM introduce their pc: 1979. (or equivalent)] 8. .

how many did he use to slay Goliath? [one] 8. Are Hyundai cars Korean or Japanese? [Korean] 5. In which Italian city was Columbus born? [Genoa] 4. Which is the largest city in Kosovo? [Pristina] -------------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. How many stones did David have in his pouch? [five] 7. Who first recorded the song "Crazy" ? [Patsy Cline] 3. Re Question 6. Which popular soft drink once contained cocaine? [Coca Cola] . The school shooting in Colorado was intended by the killers to honor whose birthday? [Hitler] 6. Which famous sculpture has no arms? [Venus de Milo] 6. [Mediterranean AND Red Seas] 4.2. 3. Name both seas joined by the Suez Canal. Who played lead guitar for Cream? [Clapton] 2.

In which American sitcom is Courtney Cox one of the stars? [Friends] 7. Which constellation contains the North Star? [Little Dipper. what was happening in Ireland? . 4. What is the flavor source of Amaretto liqueur? [almonds] 6. What was Bob Marley's band called? [Whalers] 2. When Marx & Engles wrote the Communist Manifesto. On which island is Jakarta located? [Java] 3. or Little Plough. 5. Filbert and Brazil are types of what? [nut] -------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. 2. At which film festival is the Palm d'Or given? [Cannes] -------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. Which famous Irish pop group has the same name as a popular beer? [The Coors] 3. or Ursa Minor] 8.7. Is Crypton fictional or real? [real] 8.

Leaves of Grass was by which poet? [Walt Whitman] 8. Who wrote the novel Jaws.[The Great Famine] 4. How many lunar months does it take the Moon to orbit the Earth? [one] 6. Bible: Who did Cain kill? [Abel] 7. What must be octagonal according to international law? [stop sign] 5. later made into the movie? [Peter Benchley] 8. [False. Which island country are the present holders of Cricket's World Cup? [Sri Lanka] -------------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. In which country would one find the sport of hurling? [Ireland] 5. TRUE or FALSE? Hungary and Italy border Yugoslavia. TRUE or FALSE: Milosovec has the support of the majority of Serbs. only Hungary] 3. 'Crazy Horse' led which Native American nation? [Sioux] 6. Which rockgroup recorded Beggar's Banquet and Let It Bleed albums? [Rolling Stones] 2. . In which art form would one find the terms Major and Minor? [music] 7.

Who was in both Mad Max and Gallipole? [Mel Gibson] 2. Au Gratin refers to a dish made with what ingredient in its crust? [cheese or bread crumbs] 5. Which movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1995? [Braveheart] . How many nations in NATO? [19] -------------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. Belgrade is on the banks of which river? [Danube] 7. What is the previous name of the Democratic Republic of Congo? [Zaire] 2.[True] -------------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. From which recent news event did we learn of the Trenchcoat Mafia? [Colorado school shooting] 6. Which famous actor is a financial contributor and spokesman for Scottish devolution? [Sean Connery] 3. The Oillean Pipes derive their name from which part of the human body? [elbow] 8. FASHION: What do the letters DKNY stand for? [Donna Karen New York] 3.

Who composed the operas La Boheme and Tosca ? [Puccini] 3. stand for? [Kosovo Liberation Army] 5.L. Bondi Beach is on which ocean? [Pacific] -------------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. [I do. Which sport is currently holding its world championship? [Snooker] 6. Shylock is a character in which of Shakespeare's plays? [Merchant of Venice] . Given that a complete sentence must contain subject and verb.4. Who is the most successful Scottish sportsman in history? [Snooker great Steven Hendry] 5. Where was the NATO summit meeting held on occasion of its 50th birthday? [Washington. or US] 4. 13. Which European country has the oldest documented genealogy? [Ireland] 8.A. (or) I am. or 14? [14] 6. 1999 News: What did K. write one of the two shortest complete sentences in the English language. What is the most Oscar nominations ever given to a movie: 12.] 2. Where are your stirrups and anvils? [in your ears] 7.

)] -------------------------------------------------------1. What was the dog's name in Peter Pan ? [Nanna] 6. How old am I? Nearest guess correct. [(adapt to quizmaster et al. What is the stage-name of singer/composer Gordon Sumner? [Sting] 5. Antarctica. or Grand Canyon? . In which country is the world's highest waterfall: US.7 What sort of word is a neologism? [newly coined] 8. Which is world's lowest altitude: Dead Sea. What is the name of the present King of Spain? [Juan Carlos] ----------------------------------------------------------------1. South Africa. What is the name given to a pressure wave in a blood vessel which corresponds to the heartbeat? [pulse] 5. What is the name given to a substance which speeds up a chemical reaction? [catalyst] 2. or Venezuela? [Venezuela] 2. Which composer wrote Romeo & Juliet and Swan Lake ballets? [Tschaikovsky] 8. Which US president's middle name was 'Millhouse'? [Nixon] 7.

Iceland. or New Zealand? [Madagascar] 4. What does a cephalogist study? [heads] 6. In which month is Van Morrison's song Moondance set? ["'neath the cover of October skies. China."] ©2001 . In which country is world's deepest lake: Russia.com Top of Form en Search Bottom of Form FREE BOOKS WORTH READING danmahony..com Click to .. or Canada? [Russia] 5. Which is world's oldest island: Madagascar.2011 by danmahony.[Dead Sea] 3.

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