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Internet Banking Service Agreement

1. ACCESS TO INTERNET BANKING SERVICES 1.1 BPI shall provide me with instructions on how to use the online services of BPI Internet Banking. I can access any of my enrolled/ nominated accounts with the use of Internet enabled computer, approved browser and my User ID and Password. I can access my accounts in BPI Internet Banking seven (7) days a week, twenty four (24) hours a day. However, at certain times, some or all of Internet Banking services may not be available due to system maintenance. System downtime for maintenance could occur as early as 7 PM (Philippine time). Online transactions (such as an immediate fund transfer, check free payment or a check stop payment) initiated through Internet Banking before system downtime on a banking day shall be posted to my account on the same day. All Internet Banking transactions completed after this system downtime on a banking day or completed on a Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday, will be posted on the next banking day. Our banking days are Monday through Friday, except for banking holidays. 1.3 Only my savings accounts/current accounts and Time Deposit accounts that I specifically enroll/nominate in Provision No. 5 will be provided with Internet Banking Services enumerated under Provision No. 3 below. I will have to formally enroll/nominate additional accounts that I want to access via BPI Internet Banking by signing an addendum to the Internet Banking Service Agreement.



SECURITY PASSWORD USAGE 2.1 2.2 I agree not to let anyone know of my Password. I agree to assume full responsibility for all transactions made in my accounts through the use of my User ID and Password. It is understood that the Password is known only to me and as such, any transaction effected using my Password shall be

conclusively presumed to be done by me or authorized by me. 2.3 I further agree and undertake to change my Password from time to time as I deem necessary and should I feel that my Password has been compromised, I shall immediately change my Password through Internet Bankings Change Password facility. I agree that the Bank, at its sole discretion, is entitled to act on the instructions received via Internet Banking which the Bank reasonably believes emanated from me by the use of my User ID and Password. I further agree that the Bank shall not be liable for acting in accordance with or based on the Internet Banking service requests and/or instructions through my Internet Banking account, which it believes emanated from me.



INTERNET BANKING SERVICES I understand that the following are some of the services available in BPI Internet Banking: 3.1 ACCOUNT BALANCE INQUIRY I can access the Available Balance or the withdrawable balance of each of my accounts as of the date and time of my inquiry and the Total Balance as of previous banking day. ACCOUNT DETAILS ACCESS - I can access transactions occurring within the preceding sixty (60) days from date of last statement. I may, however, request for a copy of the bank statement or account details for transactions that occurred prior to the said sixty (60)-day period. This statement shall be sent to the mailing address specified in my Signature Card for the particular account. FUND TRANSFERS - I can only transfer funds to and from my enrolled Peso savings and Peso checking accounts that are in my name. However, the Bank will notify me from time to time of any additional type of account that may be included. The amount of fund transfer shall be deducted from my account where the transfer came from and will be added to the account where it is transferred to. I may choose to transfer funds immediately or on a scheduled basis. 3.3.1 Immediate and scheduled fund transfers can originate



from my savings and current accounts. 3.3.2 I shall manually trigger Immediate Fund Transfers on the transfer date while Scheduled Fund Transfers, on the other hand, automatically transfers on the scheduled date. 3.3.3 Completed Immediate Fund Transfers are reflected immediately in the withdrawable balance of my accounts. However, the transactions will appear in the account details screen on: Next banking day - if my Immediate Fund Transfer is received by the Bank before system downtime. After two (2) banking days if my Immediate Fund Transfer is received by the Bank after system downtime. 3.3.4 The starting date of Scheduled Fund Transfer starts at least one (1) banking day after the date of request. Scheduled Fund Transfer cannot start on the date of request. If the transfer must be done on date of request, then I have to perform an Immediate Fund transfer and set Scheduled Fund Transfer for future transfers. Such funds will be deducted from my "transfer from" account and funds must be available in my "transfer to" account on the scheduled transfer date. 3.3.5 For Scheduled Fund Transfer, I can select one of the following frequencies of automated transfer: every seven (7) days, every thirty (30) days, every sixty (60) days, every ninety (90) days. When the requested transfer date falls on a week-end or holiday, the transfer date will be one (1) day before week-end or holiday. 3.3.6 Only cleared and withdrawable balances of my enrolled/nominated accounts shall be considered for fund transfers, both for Immediate Fund Transfers and Scheduled Fund Transfers. In case of insufficient funds in my account, my fund transfer request will automatically be cancelled and no further attempt will

be made by the Bank to make the transfer. The Bank shall have no obligation or liability if it does not complete a transfer due to insufficiency of funds in my account. In all cases, I am responsible for making alternate arrangements for the transfer 3.3.7 In the case of multiple fund transfers coming from one (1) account and the account has only enough balance to make some but not all fund transfers, the Bank, in its sole discretion, may determine which of my transfer requests to complete. 3.3.8 I can edit or cancel my scheduled transfer transaction online. 3.4 CHECK STOP PAYMENT - It is understood that I can request a stop payment through BPI Internet Banking on a single check only per request, subject to the following limitations: 3.4.1 This service is limited to Checking Accounts without passbook only. 3.4.2 My request for check stop payment will be accepted by the Bank on the assumption that the check number that I entered is correct and that the check has not yet been negotiated as of date and time I issued the stop payment order (SPO); otherwise, my request will be considered invalid. 3.4.3 I also agree that staledated checks cannot be accepted for SPO and lifting of an SPO can only be made upon my written request at my maintaining branch. I cannot request the Bank to reverse via BPI Internet Banking the SPO that I made through BPI Internet Banking. 3.4.4 I also understand all SPO (s), for dated and undated checks, issued through BPI Internet Banking are valid and effective for a period of six (6) months from date of the Banks receipt of the SPO (s) unless sooner renewed/extended in writing for another six (6) months. Such renewal/extension shall be effective from the Banks receipt of the written request for renewal/extension. Furthermore, I understand that the SPO(s) issued on the undated checks will be void and ineffective six (6) months after the date of my SPO(s)

via the BPI Internet Banking and will, therefore, be automatically cancelled by the Bank without need for further notice; and that I hold the Bank free from any liability for payment subsequent to the automatic SPO cancellation of the undated check(s). 3.4.5 It is also understood that SPO (s) initiated after system downtime will be posted the next banking day. 3.4.6 I hold the Bank free and harmless from any and all claims and liabilities and I undertake to reimburse/indemnify the Bank for all such costs, payments, damages and expenses which (i) the Bank may be liable for or which the Bank may incur or has incurred by reason of the Banks implementation of said SPO(s); (ii) the Bank may be liable for or which the Bank may incur or has incurred on account of payment contrary to the request for SPO(s), if same occurs through inadvertence or accident only; (iii) result on account of payment by Bank before the date and time when the SPO was placed; and (iv) result from payment by the Bank effected over-the-counter under an offline environment even after SPO was issued; and that I further undertake to notify the Bank promptly in writing of any change in the conditions which give rise to my request for SPO(s). 3.5 CHECKBOOK REORDER 3.5.1 I agree that I can only request a maximum of four (4) checkbooks within a month. 3.5.2 I agree that the checkbooks I reordered through the BPI Internet Banking will be ready for pick-up at my maintaining branch for BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank accounts, or at my nominated branch for a BPI Direct account on the date specified in the confirmation email of my checkbook reorder. 3.5.3 I agree that all checkbook reorders submitted after 9pm will be considered reorders dated the next banking day. 3.5.4 I agree that my Account will be debited for the cost of the checkbook(s) without need for further demand,

notice or consent. Further, I agree that a letter of authorization is required if such checkbooks will be picked up by a representative. 3.5.5 I also agree to hold the Bank free and harmless from any and all claims and liabilities and I undertake to reimburse/indemnify the Bank for all such costs, payments, damages and expenses which the Bank may be liable for or which the Bank may incur or have incurred by reason of the Banks implementation of my checkbook reorder(s); and I further undertake to notify the Bank promptly in writing of any change in the conditions which give rise to my request for checkbook reorder. 3.6 ELECTRONIC MAIL 3.6.1 I agree that I shall not rely on email if I need to communicate with the Bank right away, such as but not limited to: report a lost or stolen credit/ATM card, unauthorized transaction in one of my accounts or if I need to stop a scheduled fund transfer that is scheduled to occur, or issue a stop payment order for a range of check numbers. 3.6.2 I agree that the Bank may respond to me by electronic mail with regard to any matter related to the services. 3.6.3 I also agree that the Bank may send information about other products and services to me by electronic mail. 3.7 CHECK FREE PAYMENT 3.7.1 The CHECK FREE PAYMENT is a debit from any of my enrolled/nominated account(s) and credit to the payee companys / individuals account that I agreed to be enrolled for this Internet Banking service. I agree that all merchants that I pre-enrolled in BPIs Express Phone Payment shall, without need for further notice, other instrument(s) or any other acts, automatically be enrolled for my Internet Banking Check Free Payment facility. The Bank will advise me when enrollment of additional merchants will be

allowed. Payment to any of these merchants made via Internet Banking shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 3.7.2 Payments made through this CHECK FREE PAYMENT Facility after system downtime shall be considered as payments for the following banking day. 3.7.3 Only cleared and withdrawable balances of my enrolled/nominated account(s) shall be considered and available for such payment. In case of insufficient funds in my account, my payment request will automatically be cancelled by the Bank. 3.7.4 The Bank shall be notified of any and all changes in the list of my enrolled merchant (s). 3.7.5 Any discrepancy between the billing amount and the paid amount shall not involve the Bank. Instead, the same shall be resolved between me and the payee company (ies) and/or individual(s). 3.7.6 The Bank is authorized to disclose to any of the payee company (ies) any matter pertaining to my account(s) as may be necessary for the operation of this CHECK FREE PAYMENT arrangement. For this purpose, the Bank is hereby held free and harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, suits of whatever nature, arising out of or in connection with such disclosure. 3.7.7 Payment shall be for current/due bills only. Payments for past due or overdue accounts with service disconnection/termination of contract or lapse of policy shall be made directly to the collection offices of the payee company (ies). Payment procedures/stipulations imposed by my payee company (ies) and/or individual (s) not inconsistent herewith or with any of the terms and conditions hereof or any related documents or instruments executed by me and the Bank shall be incorporated herein and made part of this Agreement.

3.7.8 The Bank shall not be held liable for any adverse actions/consequences instituted by any of my payee company (ies) and/or individual(s) for payments made on overdue or past due accounts, including payments for service disconnection, termination of contract, lapse of policy, and/or the like; or for violation of Provision No.3.7.7 above. 3.7.9 The CHECK FREE PAYMENT arrangement between the Bank and any of its affiliated payeeindividual(s)/company(ies) may be cancelled at any time by either party without any written prior notice of termination to me. 3.8 OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES 3.8.1 I understand that I can make other service requests and inquiries through Internet Banking Special Services, such as but not limited to, Address Change, Application Status Inquiries, ATM and Credit Cardrelated Requests and Inquiries, Loan Services Inquiries, Remittance-related Inquiries and Enrollment Procedures Inquiries. 3.8.2 I understand that these special services will be received by the Bank in the form of electronic mail or email. As such, I agree that these will be governed by the Provision 3.6 of this Agreement on Electronic Mail and that I will not use this facility for my urgent needs and requirements. 3.9 New services may be introduced by the Bank for Internet Banking from time to time and I will be notified of these new services. By using these services when they become available, I agree to be bound by the rules that will be made available to me concerning these services.


OTHER AGREEMENTS 4.1 I hold the Bank and other members of the BPI Unibank as well as any of their officers and representatives free and harmless, as well as indemnify them, from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, suits of whatever nature, arising out of or in connection with the implementation of this arrangement, including any and all errors inadvertently committed, any

computer-related errors resulting to the Banks failure to effect any payment transaction that I may undertake via the CHECK FREE PAYMENT arrangement, as well as on account of any Internet Banking transaction that I may undertake via the BPI INTERNET BANKING. The Bank will not be liable for any losses, resulting from circumstances over which the Bank has no direct control, including, but not limited to, the failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines or other interconnect problems, severe weather, earthquakes, floods or other such events. 4.2 All terms and conditions of my existing savings/current account agreement (s) with you insofar as not inconsistent herewith shall remain in full force and effect. I agree that where particular transactions, products and services are subject to specific terms and conditions agreed upon between me and the Bank, insofar as not inconsistent herewith, or that are applicable thereto from time to time, such terms and conditions shall take precedence. For "AND/OR" joint accounts, it is hereby understood and agreed that all transactions to be made by any one of us via BPI Internet Banking arrangement are deemed done with the consent of all the co-depositors. This arrangement shall be governed by all applicable rules and regulations of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). I agree that the Bank may in the future impose charges on this arrangement within legal and regulatory limits and I hereby authorize the Bank to impose the said charges accordingly. My enrollment in BPI INTERNET BANKING shall be effective upon receipt of the Banks confirmation of the activation of my accounts in Internet Banking and shall remain in full force and effect until you receive from me a written notice of its termination. The Bank may, however, at any time, terminate this arrangement without prior written notice of termination. The Bank may modify, amend or revise the terms and conditions applicable to any of the services provided through BPI Internet Banking from time to time upon mailing, emailing or delivering a notice of the modifications,



4.5 4.6



amendments or revised terms and conditions at the address shown on your account records and the revised terms and conditions shall correspondingly be effective. Continued use of the Internet Banking services, including Check Free Payment service thereafter will constitute acceptance of the modifications and revised agreement. The Bank may send any notice to me, including, but not limited to, notifications of modifications via electronic mail. The Bank reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and my use of the Services in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. 5. NOMINATION/ENROLLMENT OF ACCOUNTS FOR INTERNET BANKING SERVICES It is understood that I personally nominate / enroll each and every account that I indicate in the Express Online enrollment form, and that I request that these accounts be given the functionalities of BPI Internet Banking 6. OTHER AFFILIATE BPI INTERNET-BASED SERVICES 6.1 I understand that the INTERNET BANKING SERVICE of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has or shall have other affiliate BPI INTERNET-BASED SERVICES which I may desire to avail. By applying of registration with BPI and subsequently availing of such other affiliate BPI INTERNET-BASED SERVICES, I hereby likewise agree to be governed by the respective terms and conditions of the specific internet-based service availed.


I hereby agree to be governed by the terms and conditions of INTERNET BANKING SERVICE AGREEMENT. I hereby also acknowledge to have read and fully understood the said terms and conditions.