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What are Mergers and acquisitions About TATA MOTORS About Ford Motor Company About Jaguar Land Rover Why is Ford Selling? The Reasons Behind Decision To Acquire THE DEAL PROCESS Analysis Valuation of deal Approach to acquisition Evaluation Fund Raising Problems faced Benefits SWOT Recommendations Business transformed over last five years

of the target company's ownership stakes in order to assume control of the target firm. This decision is usually mutual between both firms What Does Acquisition Mean? A corporate action in which a company buys most. selling and combining of different companies that can aid. when two companies become one. if not all. or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create another business entity.Mergers and acquisitions The phrase mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy. Acquisitions are often made as part of a company's growth strategy whereby it is more beneficial to take over an existing firm's operations . corporate finance and management dealing with the buying. generally by offering the stockholders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock Investopedia explains Merger Basically. finance. What Does Merger Mean? The combining of two or more companies.

the acquiring company often offers a premium on the market price of the target company's shares in order to entice shareholders to sell. In either case.519 crore ($20 billion) in 2009-10. the acquiring company's stock or a combination of both. TATA MOTORS Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company. For example. Through subsidiaries and associate companies. Acquisitions are often paid in cash.'s bid to acquire Dow Jones was equal to a 65% premium over the stock's market price.and niche compared to expanding on its own. with consolidated revenues of Rs 92. . whereas hostile acquisitions don't have the same agreement from the target firm and the acquiring firm needs to actively purchase large stakes of the target company in order to have a majority stake. Investopedia explains Acquisition Acquisitions can be either friendly or hostile. Friendly acquisitions occur when the target firm expresses its agreement to be acquired. News Corp.

The company.400 engineers and scientists in six R&D centres in India. buses and trucks are being marketed in several countries in Europe. Tata Indica. Areas of business Tata Motors makes passenger cars. medium and heavy commercial vehicles. formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover. India's first indigenous light commercial vehicle. Tata cars. Tata Motors is the country's market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. Thailand and Spain. and the second largest bus manufacturer. South Korea. It also has an industrial joint venture with Fiat in India. • Passenger cars: The company launched the compact Tata Indica in 1998. Africa. It is also the world's fourth largest manufacturer of medium / heavy commercial vehicles. the business comprising the two iconic British brands. South East Asia and South America. developed Tata Ace. It has. began manufacturing commercial vehicles in 1954 with a 15-year collaboration agreement with Daimler Benz of Germany.Tata Motors has operations in the UK. India's first sports utility vehicle. South Asia. the sedan Indigo in 2002 and the . the world's cheapest car. India's first indigenously manufactured passenger car. the Middle East. Spain and the UK. and the Nano. since. South Korea. Tata Safari. Tata Motors has over 1. multi-utility vehicles and light.

associates Tata Motors has joint ventures with Marcopolo. subsidiaries. in the light. Commercial vehicles: The commercial vehicle range extends from the light two-tonne truck to heavy dumpers and multi-axled vehicles in the above 40tonne segment. Tata Motors European Technical Centre is a UK-based. a 100-per cent subsidiary of Tata Motors in the business of heavy commercial vehicles. 100-per cent subsidiary engaged in design engineering and development of products. and with Fiat Auto (to build a commercial vehicle at Fiat's facilities in Córdoba. Passenger buses: The company also manufactures and sells passenger buses. Other associates include: • • Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company. Tata Motors also distributes Fiat’s cars in India. medium and heavy segments. Argentina). 12-seaters to 60-seaters. Utility vehicles: The Tata Sumo was launched in 1994 and the Tata Safari in 1998.• • • station wagon Indigo Marina in 2004. Joint ventures. the Brazilbased maker of bus and coach bodies. .

HV Transmissions and HV Axles are 100-per cent subsidiaries that make gearboxes and axles for heavy and medium commercial vehicles. Tata Motors and Fiat have set up a common manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon. Tata Motors has a 60 per cent holding. the rest is held by Hitachi Construction Machinery Company. Concorde Motors is a 100 per cent subsidiary retailing Tata Motors’ range of passenger vehicles .• • • • • • • • • Telco Construction Equipment Company makes construction equipment and allied services. Location Tata Motors' plants are located at Jamshedpur (eastern India). Japan Tata Technologies provides specialised engineering and design services. . Pune and Sanand (west). near Pune. Tata Motors Finance is a 100 per cent subsidiary in the business of financing customers and channel partners of Tata Motors . Tata Cummins manufactures high horsepower engines used in the company’s range of commercial vehicles . TAL Manufacturing Solutions is a 100-per cent subsidiary that provides factory automation solutions and designs and manufactures a wide range of machine tools . and Lucknow and Pantnagar (north). product lifecycle management and product-centric information technology services Tata Motors (Thailand) is a joint venture between Tata Motors (70 per cent) and Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co (30 per cent) to manufacture and market the company’s pickup vehicles in Thailand . Hispano Carrocera is a Spanish bus manufacturing company in which Tata Motors has a 21-per cent stake .

8 billion in the financial year 2008. Tata Motors has grown significantly in the past 60years with the strategies of joint venture. . there were two most significant events which have had a momentous impact on the scale of the Company’s operations and its global image. Tata Motors is the largest multiholding automobile company in India and it is the fourth largest truck producer in the world. the two iconic British brand have made Tata Motors well known to the people in the world. In the year 2008.Tata Motors is a part of the Tata Group manages its shareholding through Tata Sons. acquisition and launched new products in different market segments (i. Cummis Engine Co. commercial vehicles and utility vehicles). Ltd. A significant breakthrough for Tata was the development and commercialization of the truly Indian cars and they are Tata Indica (1998) and Tata Indigo (2002). the world cheapest car and the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover. Since its establishment in 1945.e. In addition.. with the revenues of US$ 8. The launching of Tata Nano. and Fiat and successfully acquired Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Tata Motors has experienced many joint ventures with Daimler Benz. Tata Motors is also the second largest bus producer in the world. Inc. passenger cars.

• India's largest passenger automobile and commercial vehicle. Telco.TATA MOTORS – A SNAPSHOT • TATA GROUP is 150 year old. Previously Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company. • Tata Motors was established in 1945 • Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2004. TATA MOTORS – Company Profile .

Michigan. In 2010 Ford soldVolvo to Geely Automobile. The automaker was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16. Subsidiaries• JAGUAR CARS • LAND ROVER • TATA DAEWOO COMMERCIA Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is an American multinational automaker based in Dearborn. In addition to the Ford and Lincoln brands. listed in BSE. Ford also owns a small stake in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK.• It is the 5th largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. 1903. Ford's former UK subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata Motors of India in March 2008. . NSE & NYSE. a suburb of Detroit.[2] Ford discontinued the Mercury brand at the end of 2010.

*TML and Tata Group have supported JLR during the downturn Synergies .Jaguar Land Rover: A core subsidiary of Tata Motors A core subsidiary of TML A core subsidiary of TM *Represents approximately two-thirds of TML’s revenues *Chairman. Vice-Chairman and CEO of TML sit on Jaguar Land Rover’s board of directors.

*Access to a wider pool of financing banks and sources of funding as part of TML *Access to long-established operational and sales expertise of TML in India *JLR has established a product development operation in India *Since April 2011. Freelander vehicle kits have been assembled by TML in a complete knock down facility in India. A growing technical capability *Comprehensive vehicle Product Development capability (5 new models in last 5 years) * Petrol engine engineering and powertrain application capability for petrol and diesel * Product Development staff c.3.400 * Flexibility to balance resources across product portfolios at different stages of their life cycles * An industry leader in aluminium body structure and allterrain technolog * Leveraging architectures for multiple vehicles * Growing advanced research capability .

000 people. Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facilities are in the UK. Areas of business Jaguar Cars.* Winners of 2008 Queen’s Award for Innovation for Land Rover Terrain Response System Jaguar and Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover is a business built around two great British car brands with exceptional design and engineering capabilities.500 engineers at two product development centres. while . is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury saloons and sports cars. Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facilities are in the UK. XJ and XK models are manufactured at the company's Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham. including some 3. The Jaguar Land Rover business employs over 16. predominantly in the UK. founded in 1922. Its products have defined the segments in which they operate. in Whitley in Coventry and Gaydon in Warwickshire. The Jaguar XF. Land Rover has been manufacturing 4x4s since 1948. UK.

two of the most iconic British brands. were sold by Ford to Tata Motors in 2008.the Jaguar X-TYPE is produced alongside the Land Rover Freelander 2 at the Halewood plant in Liverpool. Jaguar Land Rover: JAGUAR History Jaguar and Land Rover. Land Rover's Defender. with 78 per cent of Land Rovers exported to 169 countries and 70 per cent of Jaguars exported to 63 countries. Here is a potted history of both: . UK. Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models are all built at Solihull. Sales to customers are conducted principally through franchised dealers and importers. Location Jaguar Land Rover is based in the UK. UK. Discovery 3. The business is a major wealth generator for the UK.

a British all-terrain vehicle manufacturer. 1947 . 1945 . is founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by two motorcycle enthusiasts.Swallow Sidecars changes its name to Jaguar. and the first Jaguars with high-performance engines are produced. giving the vehicles a reputation for longevity in tough conditions. . a luxury car manufacturer based in Coventry. apparently based on an American jeep from the Second World War.Land Rover.1922 . and designed to be field-serviced.Jaguar Cars Limited. rolls out its first vehicle. The Land Rover's distinctive bodies were lightweight and rustproof.

Land Rover launches the Freelander.Land Rover launches the Discovery. with some models sharing components and production facilities.5bn). 1989 . the Jaguar E-type. such as the XK 150.Jaguar is split off from British Leyland and listed on the London Stock Exchange. 2008 . The brand then beomes closely linked with Jaguar. for $2. 1961 . It never made a profit from Jaguar. 1970 .3bn (£1. first hit the road.Jaguar makes its name with a series of elegant sports cars and premium saloons.Ford buys Land Rover. 1997 .As car sales tumbled around the world. 1984 . Jaguar Land Rover was forced to seek state loan guarantees from then . subsequently taken over by Leyland. 1950s . after almost ten months of negotiations. 2000 . 2009 . 1990s .Although Land Rover became famous for bringing 4x4 capabilities to civilian vehicles.Ford sells Jaguar Land Rover to Tata Motors. since the company's beginning all Series and Defender models have been used in a military capacity as well. 1968 .Land Rover launches the Range Rover. which itself was later nationalised as British Leyland.Jaguar undergoes a programme of modernisation and expansion that ensured the broadest product range in the company's history.Jaguar is acquired by Ford.Arguably the most famous sports car of all time. India's biggest vehicle maker. 1988 .Jaguar merges with British Motor Corporation.

with particularly strong performances in North America.Founded in Blackpool as Swallow Sidecar company • 1975 .In the final quarter of 2010. Russia.155. Company drives towards a £1bn annual profit. Holds Royal warrants.Floated off as a separate co in the stock market • 1990 . JAGUAR– The ups and downs • 1922 .Nationalized in due to financial difficulties • 1984 .Taken over by Ford • A statement of ultra luxury.Business Secretary Lord Mandelson. Ford’s formula one entry since 1990s • Ford acquired Jaguar for $2. sales of Jaguar Land Rover cars rise 11pc to 63. and China. 2010 .5 billion . It later walked away from negotiations after the Government demanded control over the company's strategy. Rarely advertised.

5 billion in 1989. Used by military for projects and expeditions. . Makeover in recent times In 1994 Rover Group is taken over by BMW & sold to FORD MOTORS for 2. Key issues: • Ford acquired Jaguar for $2. • Known for superior off-road performance.75 billion in 2000. • Ford acquired Land Rover for $2. Safe but less reliable.LAND ROVER • Founded in 1948 as a marquee of the Rover Company.75 bn$ in 2000.

Today these qualities are as significant a part of what makes a Land Rover vehicle unique as they were 60 years ago. As a tough. From organisations such as Born Free Foundation to The Royal Geographical Society and Biosphere Expeditions . countless organisations came to depend on Land Rover vehicles to get personnel and equipment into the most challenging situations…and then safely out again. it drove off the production line ready to take on some of the world’s toughest terrain. reliable mobility platform. The Land Rover was the product of continuous evolution and refinement throughout the 1950s and 1960s with improved stability and a tighter turning circle. It was a period in which Land Rover took the lead in the emerging market for fourwheel drive vehicles. .6 billion in 2006 THE LAND ROVER STORY The original 1948 Land Rover was ingeniously designed and engineered for extreme capability and strength.• But the US auto major put the two marquees on The market in 2007 after posting losses of $12.we enter the second decade of the 21st century with them still relying on Land Rover. With extremely robust construction and characteristics such as short front and rear overhangs.

. Sustainable Manufacturing and CO2 Offsetting. This overnight sensation was the original Range Rover. more refinement. This culture of innovation has developed ever since with both Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles: new models. It had all the capability of a Land Rover with the comfort and performance of an on-road car. more efficiency and fewer emissions. And it continues with initiatives such as e_Terrain Technologies (which improves the environmental performance of vehicles by reducing CO2 emissions). Land Rover will remain at the forefront of advanced design – the new small Range Rover is a testament to the vision that takes the company forward and keeps it at the cutting edge of technology and engineering. entirely new product was introduced in 1970 and created its very own vehicle category.Heritage In keeping with the forward-thinking philosophy that founded Land Rover. more innovative technology. a radical.

KEY ISSUES • Ford acquired Jaguar for $2.the heaviest in its 103-year history. eager to raise cash starting a difficult 2008. • Ford acquired Land Rover for $2. Tata has 98 companies in a variety of industries and has been rumoured to be the front-runner for some time. Ford close to announcing sale of Jaguar and Land Rover Ford Motor Co. • But the US auto major put the two marquees on the market in 2007 after posting losses of $12. is in final discussions with one bidder.6 billion in 2006 .5 billion in 1989. .75 billion in 2000. the Indian conglomerate Tata Group.. to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover brands and a sale is expected to be completed soon.

" Lewis Booth. There is still a considerable amount of work to do and. would essentially be dissolved by a sale of the two legendary luxury brands. to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover brands and a sale is expected to be completed soon. while no final decision has been made. . created in 1999 to serve as the automaker's luxury vehicle division. Tata has 98 companies in a variety of industries and has been rumoured to be the front-runner for some time. is in final discussions with one bidder. Former Ford Chief Executive Officer Jacques Nasser. said in a statement. The Premier Automotive Group. we will proceed with further substantive discussions with Tata Motors over the forthcoming weeks with a view to securing an agreement that is in the best interests of all parties concerned. assembled most of PAG during his reign from 1999 to 2001.Ford Motor Co. executive vice president of Ford of Europe and the Premier Automotive Group. the Indian conglomerate Tata Group. eager to raise cash starting a difficult 2008.. who was one of the bidders for Jaguar and Land Rover as head of One Equity Partners.

from Merrill Lynch & Co. amid concerns of neglect. For example.8 billion. other estimates. . Jaguar..At one time. Land Rover and Volvo. Lincoln was also part of the division for a brief time. While some analysts have speculated Jaguar and Land Rover could fetch as much as £4 billion in a sale. engineering. and it was clear Jaguar and Land Rover would be sold together as Ford decided to raise cash to save its ailing North American business. from £0. But Ford sold Aston Martin in March 2007 for £430 million. Both Jaguar and Land Rover are based in Britain and they share management. are more conservative for the combined sale. Volvo is the only non US brand in the group now retained by Ford. and it is widely expected that Ford will work to further integrate with the company. . Ford's Premier Automotive Group controlled Aston Martin. manufacturing and distribution resources. before Dearborn reclaimed control of it in 2002.7 billion to £0. the new Taurus relied substantially on engineering work done by the Volvo team.

. eliminating more than 40.4 billion in 2000. But Ford has made it clear that it would shed noncore assets in an effort to raise cash as it tries to restore profits to its troubled North American operations by 2009. caused Ford to post a record loss of . acquisition.3 billion in 1989 and Land Rover for £1.6 billion in 2006.That would be substantially less than Ford paid for the two brands. Mercury and Lincoln products. The bridge . joint ventures and improvement and introduction of new products. Tata Motors has proven excellence over the years through continuous strong financial results. Ford bought Jaguar for £1. market expansion. Ford's so-called Way Forward turnaround plan calls for closing 10 plants. But it failed the expectation as the company was in trouble right after the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) in June 2008 due to the arrival of global financial crisis.000 jobs and revamping the company's lineup of Ford. Canada and Mexico. it seems to have a promising future. That moneylosing division for the United States. which were acquired during more financially healthy times.

The questions arise is That whether Tata Motors able to repay the bridge loan? Will it be able to build up investors’ confidence and increase sales in the future? Could Tata Motors survive or going under bankruptcy? Let us take a look on what makes Ford Motors to make the decision to sell JLR to Tata Motors. Tata was only able to repay the US$ of US$ 3 billion which used to fund the acquisition of JLR was due on June 2009 and yet at the end of the year 2008. The declining revenues and a tight credit conditions was hurting the company’s cash flow. .

The rationale to acquire JLR Below are the reasons behind Tata Motors’s decision to acquire JLR . *Jaguar was not performing well as it was unable to provide any profit for Ford due to high manufacturing costs in United Kingdom *The wellbeing of Land Rover's profit.Why is Ford Selling? *Reports said that losses at Jaguar stood at USD 715 million. on the other hand. was boost up by the record sale of 226.000 vehicles.” analysts said *that Ford failed to reduce production costs as major proportion of cost is material cost and they unable to bought cheaper materials from suppliers *This however is very different if Tata Motor takes the ownership because they are utilizing country’s vast natural resources. an 18% year over year growth in 2007 *"Bringing down production costs and turning around the company successfully will be the challenge.

Land Rover provides a natural fit above TML’s Utility Vehicles/SUV/Crossover offerings for the 4x4 premium category 4. Sharing of best practises between Jaguar. Land Rover and Tata Motors in the future 6. Long term strategic commitment to automotive sector. low cost engineering and design services. Increased business diversity across markets and product segments. Opportunity to participate in two fast growing auto segments (premium and small cars) and to build a comprehensive product portfolio with a global footprint immediately.b. 2. Long-term benefits from component sourcing. 4. Unique opportunity to move into premium segment with access to world class iconic brands 4. .a. Jaguar offers a range of “Performance/Luxury” vehicles to broaden the brand portfolio 5.1. 3.

Apollo Management • • • India’s Tata Motors and M&M arrive as top bidders ($ 2. M&M. TPG Capital.THE DEAL PROCESS • 12/06/2007. August 2007 .9b) • 03/01/2008 – Ford announces Tatas as the preferred bidders 26/03/2008 .Announcement from Ford that it plans to sell Land Rover and Jaguar. 02/06/2008 – The acquisition is complete • • Jaguar-Land Rover officially sold (2008) .05b & $ 1.Major bidders are identified Likely buyers: Tata Motors. Ceribrus capital Management.Ford agreed to sell their Jaguar Land Rover operations to Tata Motors.

The sale gives Tata the ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover. The official handover ceremony took place at Gaydon. Smith leaves his full time position as Jag/LR’s chief financial officer.3bn in cash (£1. The sale of the two iconic British brands was completed today. and ownership has now passed from Ford to Tata in exchange for $2..’ The Real Picture. all the necessary intellectual property rights. Agreements have also been signed for long-term use of Ford engines and future co-operation on hybrids and other powertrain developments. We look forward to a sustained bright future for the company and its stakeholders.Jaguar and Land Rover are now officially Indian-owned. with none of the money used to fund the purchase being offset against the pair’s worth. • Consumer demand plummeted • Credit lines were frozen . The sale means Jag/LR is debt-free. with Ratan Tata and new Jag/LR CEO David Smith present. David Smith had been acting CEO of the company since Geoff Polites passed away in April 2008. two design centres and the sales chain. the manufacturing plants. he said: ‘We are very pleased with the association with Tata Motors. Ford has also coughed up around $600m for Jag/LR’s pension coffers.17bn). At today's ceremony.

Luxury cars and all terrain vehicles. • Enhanced human capital and managerial talent.14% • Tata Motors cut production across different categories Analysis Strategic logic • Long term strategic commitment to automotive sector. .• Automotive sector in India suffered contraction in deman • Launch of Nano delayed • Tata Motors reeling under a huge debt burden Problems in the Domestic Market • The profits for the first quarter for the year 2008-09 were at 3.287 units a drop of 14.26 billion • Q3 the sales of passenger vehicles went down to 41. • Opportunity to participate in two fast growing auto segments.

engines and transmissions in India. Foreign vehicle makers including Daimler. design services and low cost engineering COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Tata Motors is vulnerable to greater competition at home.•Improvement in global market position through a combination of resources and strengths. • Tata Motors. Renault and Volkswagen . Volvo and MAN AG have struck local alliances for a bigger presence. Nissan Motor. Hyundai Motor. • Sharing of best practices in manufacturing and quality assurance systems and processes • Benefits from component sourcing. which has a joint venture with Fiat for cars. is also facing heat from top car maker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

A long-term possibility . 2] Tata Group has multiple levers • Tata Auto Comp (TACO) . • Purchasing basket offers bigger opportunity for cost reduction • – It is more important to manage the material & sourcing costs to improve margins – Material Cost is 46x the wage cost for high-end products such as Land Rover. • TCS.TATA group has a a rich ecosystem of JVs with leading players in Auto ancillary space held through TACO. Corus and Incat have varied competencies in the Auto space B] Revenue synergies .Valuation of deal A] Cost synergies 1] Material costs and not manpower key to better margins.

Daimler.• In the long-run Tata Group and Tata Motors footprint in South-East Asia should help Jaguar/Land Rover diversify their geographic dependence from US (30% of volumes) and Western Europe (55% of volumes) COST SYNERGIES Tata auto component – Flagship company of TAMO’s ancillary biz – Manufacturing. Ford. Honda and Nissan Approach to acquisition • 12/06/2007.Corus – Leader in automotive grade steel in the European markets – 16% of revenue from auto steel division – Enjoys “Q1” supplier status with Ford to supply steel for Jaguar and Land Rover JLR Tata Consultancy Services – Provides services like engineering design. Chrysler.Announcement from Ford that it plans to sell Land Rover and Jaguar. GM. manufacturing solutions and sourcing services – Automotive division accounted for 15% revenues – Major customers are Chrysler. Ford. FIAT Tata Steel . . consulting services and global sourcing – Major customers are Chrysler. Engineering and Supply chain management – Customers include Global OEMs like Ford. GM INCAT – Provides services like supplier programs.

TPG Capital.( out of total £ 2.Major bidders are identified Likely buyers: Tata Motors.92 billion Underwriting agreement with JM financial consultants • Rs 1. contingencies and working capital.9b) • 03/01/2008 – Ford announces Tatas as the preferred bidders • Tata motors raised a bridge loan of US $ 3 billion through syndicate of banks.• August 2007 .75 billion was raised through a deposit scheme from the public • Additional subscriptions by promoter companies. • Additional amount of US $ 0.3 billion ) . • £ 1 billion aid package by British Government . M&M. • The amount was repaid in following manner • Rs 1. Ceribrus capital Management. Tata capital and Tata Investment Ltd.05b & $ 1. Apollo Management • India's Tata Motors and M&M arrived as top bidders ($ 2.Tata sons.7 billion was for engine and component supply.

4] Inventory reduced by £217m between June 2008 and March 2009 from 70 to 50 days 5] Labor actions – . . 2] Supplier payment terms extended from 45 to 60 days in line with industry standard. 6] Agreement with Unions to implement pay freeze and longer working hours (equivalent to approximately 20% reduction in labor costs. . 8] Fixed marketing and selling costs reduced in line with sales volume. 3] Receivables reduced by £133 million from 38 to 27 days.Voluntary retirement to 600 employees. -Offered leaves to 300 workers of Bromwhich and solihull plant. 9] Reduction in all other non-personnel related overhead costs. -Additional 450 job cuts including 300 managers.) 7] Engineering and capital spending efficiencies.Post merger • Following Cost Rationalisation initiatives were taken to improve cash flows: 1] Single shifts and down time at all three UK assembly plants.Agency staff reduced by 800.

development & integration 26 National sales company -Both existing national sales companies of jaguar/land rover & also those that are carved out of current Ford operation.Evaluation THE DEAL 100% stake in Jaguar & land Rover Business -TAMO has acquired the business & initially they will be operated independently of the partner. 3 Plants in UK -These are well invested plants 2 advanced design & engineering center -4-5000 engineers engaged in testing . Intellectual property rights -This covers all key technologies to be transferred to JLR & perpetual royalty free license on technologies shared with Ford Capital Allowance -A minimum guaranteed amount of $1. prototype design & powertrain Engineering .1 bn which will help managing in Tax going forward .

Support from Ford Motor Credit –Ford Motor Credit will continue to support the sales of JLR for around next 12 months Pension Contributed by Ford -Ford will contribute $ 600 mn of the Pension Fund Fund Raising (7200 Crore) Ordinary Equity Shares Full Voting Right (2200 Crore) • A-Class Equity Shares .

• 1 Vote for every 10 A-Class Equity Shares • (2000 Crore) • This is the first time a major Indian Co. is raising money by issuing shares with differential voting rights • 5 Year 0.2% • Lack of consumer loans .5% Convertible Preference Shares • Optionally convertible into A equity shares after 3years but before 5years from the date of allotment • (3000 Crore) Problems • Drop in share prices • Failure of rights issue • Huge debt burden • Sales volume decreased by 35.

• Issue of timing • Operational freedom slows pace of change • Depressed state of the global premium car market • Jaguar/Land Rover lost 306 million pounds ($504 million) for the fiscal year ending March 2009 • Tata Motors reported a net loss of Rs3. A previous JV with FIAT took place.29bn ($67 million) for the quarter to end-June • Tata’s core commercial vehicles market in India is also suffering from slower sales • Extremely high manufacturing costs in Britain • Eliminated more than 2.200 jobs Benefits • Tata wanted to make a global impact and it thinks that buying these brands at a lower rate now. will give better value later on. • This acquisition also eases the entry of Tata in European market which it has been eyeing for long. this will further help them penetrate EU market .

it seems Tata has just got the right place to compete with the current market leaders – BMW. so no much work just profits • Strong R & D culture and facilities • Component sourcing. engineering and design benefits . Mercedes • Publicity on an international scale • Access to large distribution network • JLR had many new models lined up for next 3 years. so no much work just profits • Strong R & D culture and facilities • Component sourcing.• Reduce the company dependence on the Indian market which accounted for 90% of its sales • Increase sales in emerging markets • Reduce dependence on mature markets • Opportunity to spread its business across different customer segment • At the price staring from 63 lakh and going upto 93 lakh. engineering and design benefits • JLR had many new models lined up for next 3 years. Audi.

IT.Engine. Lexus and Infinity .SWOT Strengths: • Tata’s strong management capability • Strong monetary base to invest Weaknesses: • Jaguar’s declining sales record • Inexperience of handling such luxury brands Opportunities: • Support from Ford in terms of Technology. Accounting • Adding up of luxury brands in the product line • Access to European Market Threats • Market is volatile and driven by new products • Strong presence of competitors like Mercedes. BMW.

Recommendations Partnering • Keep acquisition structurally separate • Maintain it’s identity • Hunt for synergies in selected areas – Procurement synergies • Prevent their own antecedents from clouding established brands • Share operational Know-how • Operational Autonomy Business transformed over last five years Jaguar .

1. Land Rover .900 employees 2004-2007) •Working capital actions (stock reductions – dealer and company) •Back-office integration with Land Rover – SG&A efficiencies •Residual value management •Engineering efficiencies •Material cost reductions •Launched new range of diesel engines •Refocused marketing and communications around Beautiful Fast Cars •Launch of XK & XF and more in pipeline •Significant improvement in underlying results. higher by 5%.•Cessation of vehicle assembly operations at Browns Lane •Halewood shared with Land Rover •Workforce rationalisation (c. net revenues and cost structure •Jaguar sales for the month were 4.794.

2.200 employees 2004-2007 ) •Working capital actions (stock reductions – dealer and company) •Engineering efficiencies •Material cost reductions •Adoption of Jaguar petrol engines and new range of diesel engines with Jaguar •Launch of new Discovery.•Improved efficiency and quality at Solihull •Workforce rationalization (c. higher by 45% .340. China •Quality improvement actions •Profitable for the last three years •Land Rover sales were 16. Range Rover Sport and new Freelander •Growth in new markets – Russia. http://www.Bibliography Wikipedia http://www.

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