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CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER; A, B, C, or D! For the question no 1 and 2!


What does the text above mean? A. We should pass through the place B. We are allowed to pass through the place C. We should not pass through the place D. Many people are cleaning the place Where is the text above usually found? A. At a hotel B. At school C. At a park D. At home


For the question no 3!


The text above shows that the sender and the receiver of the greeting card are... A. students B. best friend C. enemies D. brothers

For the question no 4!


I want you to know that I m thinking of you and wishing you a very... . The word you refers to... A. the writer s mother B. the writer s friend C. the writer s sister D. the writer s daughter

For the question no 5!


Wishing you a wonderful birthday! . The underlined word has the closest meaning to.... A. Making B. Taking C. Hoping D. Praying

For the question no 6! Dear Kids, I ll come home late this evening. I put the meal for dinner at the refrigerator. Warm it at the microwave first. When finished, don t forget to put the rest in it. Love, Mom


From the text above, we know that ... A. the kids are at home watching TV B. the mother has prepared the meal C. the kids have already taken dinner D. the mother is still staying at home

For the question no 7 and 8! Dear Anita, Sorry, I can t come to your house this afternoon because my mother is going to visit her friend in a hospital and she told me to go with her. I will call you soon. From Tya 7. Who is hospitalized? A. Anita s mother B. A friend of Tya C. A friend of Anita s mother D. A friend of Tya s mother ......and she told me to go with her. The underlined phrase has the similar meaning to... A. accompany B. together C. separated D. beside


For the question no 9 to 12! Mr. And Mrs. Januarto Invite you to share the joy Of the marriage uniting their daughter: Alina Januarto To Jeffri al Maki Friday, the fifteenth of January two thousand twelve At one o clock in the afternoon Ambarketawang Restaurant Jl. Gamping Yogyakarta 9. The purpose of the text is to invite you .... A. to attend Mr. And Mrs. Januarto s marriage B. to unite Alina and Jeffri in a wedding party C. to attend Alina and Jeffri s wedding party D. to marry with Alina Januarto Invite you to share the joy..... . The opposite word of joy is.... A. marriage B. funny C. wedding D. sadness


11. According to the text, Jeffri Al Maki is... A. Mr. and Mrs. Januarto s son in law B. Mr. and Mrs. Januarto s brother C. Mr. and Mrs. Januarto s son D. Mr. and Mrs. Januarto s brother in law

12. When will the wedding party be held? A. January 25th, 2012 B. January 15th, 2012 C. January 10th, 2012 D. January 5th, 2012 For the question no 13 to 15! ANNOUNCEMENT SCHOOL TRIP TO KUTA BALI On 24th of June, there will be a school trip to Kuta Bali. Departure : 07.30 a.m. Programs : swimming, games, volleyball and lunch at the sea view restaurant afternoon : walk along the beach and watch the flying kite festival Fee : Rp. 600.000,Contact person : Andi, Zahra Chairperson, Hani Andini 13. What is the announcement about? A. Walk along the beach B. Flying kite festival C. A school trip to Kuta Bali D. Swimming in Kuta beach 14. This announcement is mostly addressed to ..of a school. A. visitors B. students C. readers D. tourists 15. How many programs will they do in Bali? A. 4 programs B. 5 programs C. 6 programs D. 7 programs For the question no 16 to 19! DEBBY PUTTI Debby Putti is a model from Surabaya. Now she is a student of State Senior High School 71 Surabaya. Debby is the first daughter of Mr.Fajar Putti and Mrs.Ana Karaeng. Debby became a famous model when she won the competition of Teenage Model 2005 and YTV Jrang-Jreng 2004. Debby is a cheerful and friendly girl. Everybody likes her because she is a humorous and creative girl. She gets on well with other people and she never forces her opinion on others. Her hobbies are cooking Japanese food, shopping and singing. Debby has a beautiful voice and her favorite singer is Kris Dayanti. 16. The purpose of the text above is to ... A. describe about Debby Putti B. inform about Debby s profession C. tell about Debby Putti s parents D. know about Debby Putti s hobbies

17. What is the main idea of paragraph 1? A. Debby Putti is a student B. Debby Putti is the first daughter C. Debby Putti is a model from Surabaya D. Debby Putti won the competition 18. She gets on well with other people... . From the sentence above we know that Debby Putti is a ... A. familiar model B. famous model C. beautiful girl D. good people Everybody likes her because she is a humorous and creative girl... What does the underlined word mean? A. cute B. smart C. funny D. good


For the questions no20 to 23! On the 25th August 1891, the Star of the East was sailing off the coast of Argentina. One of the sailors, Richard Bartley, was working on the ship when suddenly a big wave hit them. Bartley fell overboard and landed on something soft. Miraculously he landed in the mouth of a twenty-meter long whale, which had been alongside the ship. Bartley went down and down inside the whale and arrived in its stomach. Then it got hot and hotter in the whale. Bartley couldn t move his legs or arms and he couldn t breathe. Finally, he became unconscious. The crew of Star of the East later caught the whale, but they didn t know the lost sailor was inside. After the sailors had pulled the whale on board the ship, they started to cut it up. Suddenly, they saw a movement inside the stomach. When they opened it, they found Bartley lying inside, unconscious. He has spent over twelve hours in the stomach of the whale. For two weeks Bartley was very ill but in the end he recovered completely. However, while he was lying in the beast stomach, the acids in it had changed the color of his skin and Bartley remained completely white for the rest of his life. 20. What is the best title for the story ? A. The Star of the East B. A Strong Sailor C. A Miraculous Escape D. The Stomach of the Whale 21. From the text above, we know that A. Richard Bartley fell and landed on the board of ship B. The acids in the whale had changed the color of Richard Bartley s skin. C. The crew of Star of the East knew the lost sailor was inside. D. Bartley couldn t move his legs or arms but he could breath easily. 22. One of the sailors, Richard Bartley, was working on the ship when suddenly a big wave hit them . This sentence means that . A. A wave hit the ship before the sailors started working B. Bartley worked after the big wave hit the ship C. The sailors were working and a wave hit Bartley D. Bartley was working when a big wave hit the sailors 23. Suddenly, they saw a movement inside the stomach . The underlined word refers to A. the sailors B. the passangers

C. Richard bartley D. Argentina s sailors

For the question no 24 to 27! This text is for24 to 27
Things you need : y 325 g sugar y 325 ml hot water y 50 g butter y 150 ml milk y 2 spoonful of baking powder y 6 chicken eggs Shift together with y 200 g wheat flour y 1 spoonful of baking soda y ¼ spoonful of salt y ¼ spoonful of vanilla powder Steps : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Boil sugar on the little fire until became caramel. Add water and let it become soluble. Release it. Mix butter, milk, and baking powder. Shake them until become white and soft. Shake the eggs until become flat. Add the mixture of wheat flour and caramel little by little, then shake it. Add the butter and shake. Pour the butter into the brass that has diameter 22 cm, smear butter and strew wheat flour to make smooth. Toast it in the oven 1800 C for about 60 minutes until it is cooked. Then raise and cool it down. Take out the cake from the brass. Cut the cake and serve it. How to Make Cake Caramel

24. The main aim of the text above is to A. show how the cake caramel is made B. inform someone how delicious the caramel is C. provide information along the cake caramel D. inform things that needed to make caramel 25. What must we do after mixing butter, milk, baking powder? A. Add water and let it become soluble. B. Shake them until become white and soft. C. Toast it in the oven at 1800 C during 60 minutes. D. Boil sugar on the little fire until become caramel. 26. We smear butter and strew wheat flour to . A. be white and soft B. become soluble C. make smooth D. cool it down 27. Boil sugar on the little fire until become caramel. The meaning of the bold printed word is... A. food that is hard enough to be broken easily B. pasta made in the form of long, thin threads C. mixing of butter, milk, baking powder, and baking soda D. burnt sugar used to give flavor and brown color to food

For the question no 28 to 32! The landlord received the present and thanked the farm worker. The landlord could not divide the duck fairly so he asked the farmer, How can I divide this duck fairly? I have a wife, two sons and two daughters, said the landlord. The farm worker took his knife and cut off the head of the duck. This is for you, he said, because you re the head of the family, Then he cut off the two legs and gave one to each of the sons. These are for you, he said, because you will follow in your father s footsteps. Next he cut off the two wings and gave one to each of the daughters. These are for you , he said, because you will fly away and marry someone. Finally, he took the rest for himself. The landlord was very happy and gave the farm worker some rice and money as well. 28. What is the text about ? A. They landlord gave the present B. How the farm worker divided the duck C. What the farm worker needed one day D. The landlord s feeling towards his worker 29. What part of the duck did the farm worker gave to landlord s daughters? A. the head B. the legs C. the wings D. the body 30. Why did the farm worker give one wing to each daughter? A. They are still young B. They will look after their children C. They will get married one day D. They will help their husbands in the future 31. From the text we know that the farmer was.... A. funny B. polite C. tricky D. honest 32. These are for you , he said, because you will follow in your father s footsteps. (paragraph 3). The word you in the sentence refers to . A. B. C. D. The landlord The daughters The farmers The sons

For the question no 33 to 37! The internet is a large set of computer networks that enable us to communicate with each other, often over telephone lines. It enables companies, organizations, individuals, schools and governments to share information across the world. The internet includes the World Wide Web (WWW), which enables you to see documents in richly formatted text and picture. Many web pages link to other web pages, so it s easy to browse or surf a large amount of information by just clicking with your mouse. Do you have business contacts, friends, or family in another part of the world? You can communicate with them in seconds by using e-mail (electronic mail). You can send and receive messages immediately, and you don t have to look for an envelope or stamp. You can even chat, or have an electronic conversation in real time with someone on the other side of the world. Perhaps you are wondering how the internet might help you. Do you want to plan a trip? Check out sports reports? Shop online of books, clothes, or even cars? Read online newspaper and magazines from

around the world? All this is on the internet. If you can t find what you are looking for, you can search services. After you are connected to the internet you can learn more from the internet explorer 5 tour. Just click the link on your home page (the page you see when you start the internet explorer) or click the help your menu. 33. What does the text mostly talk about? A. the importance of computer B. computer can help us a lot C. how to use internet D. the internet 34. Paragraph three tells us about . A. what s on the internet B. what the internet is C. the usage of internet D. how the internet works 35. If you want to shop online for daily needs, books, clothes, cars or other properties , you can . A. buy them at the supermarket B. click the web pages that the shops have C. ask someone else to buy them in the market D. go to the shops that sells what we need 36. The documents that we can see in the internet mostly are . A. pictures and texts B. sounds and pictures C. texts only D. sounds only 37. You can even chat or have an electronic conversation in real time ? The meaning of the underlined words is.... A. at the same time B. in the mean time C. at other time D. some times

For the question no 38 to 40! FRA MOVING & PACKING y We offer you a professional moving and packing service to any appointed destination across the world y One company : FRA to FRA only y Indonesia offices : Jakarta ( 021 ) 735 9723; Bali ( 0361 ) 655 874; Surabaya 0813 233 756; Balikpapan ( 0542 ) 747 588 Email :; Website : 38. What kind of service offered by the company ? A. Moving people s goods across the world. B. Packaging people s goods across the world. C. Moving and packaging people s goods D. Travel agency moving and packing.

39. The statement which is not true according the text above is A. FRA has branch offices in Indonesia. B. FRA cannot serve customers who want to move to Australia. C. No other companies handle FRA s customers goods. D. Information about the company can be seen in the company s website. 40. We offer you a professional moving and packing service to any appointed destination across the world . The synonym of the underlined word is .. A. special B. different C. selected D. positioned For the question no 41 to 43! Dear Phatony, We re spending a week at a resort on the coast. There are lots of plastic donkeys and silly hats in the shops. It s really a touristy place. I think it s a horrible place. I rode a bike on Monday, but fell off and hurt my leg. I wanted to try waterskiing or windsurfing, but I couldn t. Yesterday, Mum and Dad just lay on the beach sunbathing all morning. Then, we had a picnic, but it was too hot and there were lots of flies. I wanted to go on a boat trip in the afternoon, but we went sightseeing instead. They took lots of photos, but thought it was really boring. Even the weather s boring : it s just sunny the whole time. I can t wait to pack my bag and go home. Ramadhan 41. The text is about Ramadhan s A. holiday at a touristy resort B. activities at the beach C. enjoyment of his holiday D. boat trip to the tourist resort 42. Which is NOT TRUE about Ramadhan based on the text? A. He wrote the letter from a touristy place B. He fell off the bike and hurt himself C. His parents took lots of photos D. He really enjoyed his holiday 43. I can t wait to pack my bag and go home. The underlined words mean A. ask someone to bring B. put his clothes in C. take his belongings into D. carry things with For the question no 44 to 46! I was walking along Rejoso hill with my friends when the landslide suddenly happened and hit many buildings along the hill last week. At first I thought it was just common rain but then I ....(44).... some big stones and mud falling down and hit some houses belonging to the inhabitant. It s terrible, isn t it ? Next , guess what? After that, I heard some people run panickly and screamed loudly for help. But nobody could do anything. They had to save themselves. A few hours later, the landslide was over. The inhabitants looked so .....(45)..... that they could do nothing. The landslide happened so fast that we could not save our children and our property, said Mr. Kasihan . At last, The SAR crew arrived. They tried to give help to the inhabitants ...(46).... They looked for some lost people. They found six bodies buried under the ruins of damaged buildings . They promised to rebuild some broken buildings soon. The government asked the people to be patient. the bag.

Oh My God,I felt deeply sad .This was national disaster, it belonged to our responsibility to solve this disaster , said Mr. Syamsul Hadi , the local government officer.

44. A. B. C. D. 45. A. B. C. D. 46. A. B. C. D. lately immediately helpfully carefully frightened pleased happy sad seeing seen see saw

For the question no 47 to 48! Last holiday, my class made a trip to Anyer. We rented a bus to take us there. On the way, I felt urgent need to use the bus toilet. I was sure that I had locked the door by turning the .....(47)....., but as soon as I slipped off my pants, the bus hit a bump and then the door flew open. I stumbled out into the aisle, exposing my self to all the bus passengers. Everyone stared at ....(48).... I scrambled back into the toilet and didn t come out for a long time. I was so embarrassed. What a trip to remember! 47. A. B. C. D. 48. A. B. C. D. us me you them bus driver door handle

49. fetch the school 12 pm in front of please your sister at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A. B. C. D. 6 5 5 1 5 1 1 6 4 6 6 7 7 4 4 2 3 7 2 4 1 2 7 3 2 3 3 5

50. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences below? 1. His short bill could not reach the water. 2. He looked everywhere to find some water, but there was not any. 3. Then, he found a tall jar with a very low water in it. 4. At last, he drank the water as much as he liked 5. Soon, he filled the jar with stones so the water came up higher. 6. One day, a crow was very tired and thirsty.

A. B. C. D.

6 6 6 6

2 2 2 2

1 3 3 3

5 1 5 1

4 5 4 5

3 4 1 4