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Volume 55 issue  SY 2008 - 2009

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Celebrating Sesquicentennial

Deepening Spirituality

Fr. Norberto maria Luza bautista, Sj publisher

Mr. jose P. Salvador, jr. Assistant headmaster for student affairs

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“I aplaud the Eaglet staff for their hard work at coming up with this year’s official publication. It is in reflecting about seemingly ordinary and commonly shared experiences in school that you draw personal insights and make these experiences your own. And it is in sharing these insights with others, in the form of writing, that you in turn provoke others to think and reflect as well.”

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The Eaglet Staff

SY 2008-09 

Our New Father Headmaster
Our new headmaster is fr. norberto “Kit” Bautista, SJ. hopefully, the following article will help you get to know him better.

Joseph Anthony Montecillo | Jeremiaz Estrella | 6-Lopez Jaena

“You should be able to handle failure properly and to have passion for what you do. Dream high, and be a man for others.” - fr. Kit Bautista, SJ

Hobbies:reading books on psychology & literature. Favorite sports: basketball, football Favorite TV Show: none, he sometimes surfs the channels on TV but he has no particular preferences. Favorite holiday: Christmas Favorite movie: The Godfather Favorite kinds of music: classical music, and currently, Christmas carols. Interesting Fact: He likes animals. Pets: A Labrador in his parent’s house Childhood ambition: to be either a doctor, lawyer, or a businessman After a long day: he likes to meet with his friends and Jesuit brothers. He also writes reflections in a journal

Goodbye, summer. school is back!
Kristoferson Cu | 5-Pinaglabanan
Summer has ended and you know what that means: SCHOOL IS BACK! Some students actually dread going to school because of all the homework, studies and a lot of hard work. But school is actually learning new stuff and having a lot of fun. When I first went to Ateneo after a long break, I was surprised to see the new improvement like the road, the sidewalks and the buildings. Then I went to my assigned classroom and while waiting for our class adviser, I saw some of my classmates last year and some that I have never saw in my life before. After some time our class adviser came and told us the things we need and remember throughout the school year. After that, I went home wondering what God planned me to do for this year. The thing that makes me interested to go back is because of having new friends, learning new things and getting a whole new experience.

he feels very excited being the new headmaster. One of his plans is to renovate the eMc to make it a better place for students to learn. his role models when growing up were his teachers and his brothers. his parents were religious and constantly advised him to PraY and Be gOOd. When he was in school, his favorite subjects were english and filipino. he found it difficult to balance his academics with h i s other activities. The hardest subject for him was Science. But he tried his best. he started observing more things and read books on the subject. h i s advice to the students is to be resilient and to

develop their character. he says, “You should be able to handle failure properly and to have passion for what you do. dream high, and be a man for others.” To the students who are easily distracted, they should organize their priorities. They should also have proper time management. his advice to the parents is to be aligned with the school’s principles and standards. “ h a v e a partnership with the school’s standards to continue your son’s education at home where there are no teachers. Know your son well and be a good role model for him.”

igH! ay H st d Fir
it ruled! My best day ever! - Wax The best i’ve had in all my years in school. - Miguel fun, awesome, amazing, exciting, great, fine, cool, good! – riggs, andrew, Miguel, glad, anton, luigi, abot, diego, Uno, Jules, Miggy, alfonso, geoff, Mon, Javier

My first week in Grade 6 was fun. We had activities and started to learn new lessons. all of my teachers are kind and courteous to us. They help us everytime we have a problem. They took care of us like we were their own children. I enjoyed the first week! – carlo

it was great because i got to know my classmates more. – rafael, Junee, Matt

Eaglet asks...
Ms. Olda Marie l. Tiozon advisory class: 4Maguindanao Subject: language and reading graduate of University of the Philippines, October 200 She was a member of a performing group in college.

New SY, Cool New Teachers!
Raymond Michael P. Evaristo and Franz Royce S. Palisoc | 7-De Britto
Mr. Jason Mari a. de las alas advisory class: 4Maranaw Subject: filipino and aP graduate of ateneo de Manila University, aB history, 2008. Mr. de las alas stays in the ateneo up until pm since he was in high school.

Mr. Jan Paul Timbal

Subject: Math graduate of UP diliman, Public administration 2002. he is a total Sci-fi and nazi freak.

Mr. rey Salvaña Subject: cle graduate of Xavier University, ateneo de cagayan, 99. earned a Bachelor of arts and Phlisophy. Plays computer games like red alert and counter Strike. likes pasta and reading books. he is a real movie buff watching dVd’s and movies a lot.

Mr. Javier antonio f. inumerable Subject: Math graduate of ateneo de Manila, BS Management Engineering 2006. When he was in agS, he was in MagiS Math. he also was in the last batch with no MagiS comm arts


Every new school year, new teachers are welcomed in the Ateneo Grade School Community. Eaglet staffers asked them.

What do you look forward to this new school year?
Here is what they have to say:
Mr. donn e. gaba Advisory class: 6- Agoncillo Subjects: reading and language graduate of UP diliman BS Psychology in 99 Mr. gaba is the comoderator of Bleu chefs. he is a harry Potter geek. he loves reading harry Potter novels. he also likes to watch movies. he really loves to cook and eat. Mr. Jesus Joseph d. ignacio advisory class: -Kostka Subjects: cle, araling Panlipunan graduate of ateneo de Manila University -aB communications in 200 and Bfa Major for theatre arts in 2008 Mr. ignacio is a freelance stage actor and set designer. he idolizes ninoy aquino. he was amazed by the ideas of ninoy for our country. he really regrets it that he never met ninoy.

Ms. Katrina grace Q. Sumagit Subject: Math 6&5 graduate of UP college of education in 99-BS Math –STaT Ms. Sumagit did not take Kindergarten or Prep during her school days. She likes watching movies and eating.

Mr. frederick Tomas advisory class: Pignatelli Subject: english graduate of UP Masters in reading education in 200 he loves cartoons and wine. 

Co-Curricular Activities!
Robbie Sto. Domingo | 6-Luna

Guitar club


Arts & crafts


Last June, we had our Co-Curricular Club Orientation. Instead of the normal schedule, w e squeezed up all our subjects in a tight 12:10-schedule so we could have the orientation from 12:10-3:00pm, which was held in the Covered Courts. It was hot in the Covered Courts but we could handle it because of our excitement to see and hear about the old and new clubs. Before we started, we had a beautiful prayer which was about thanking the Lord for the wonderful clubs that we were blessed with. After the prayer, the hosts introduced the first club, ISAIAS. A high school student shared an inspiring speech, which probably convinced some people to join that club. One of the new clubs was the Speed Stacking Club, which I really thought was cool! The orientations of the martial arts clubs like Tae Kwan Do, Muay Thai, Arnis, as usual, never failed to impress us all. One of the martial arts orientations even brought in a giant martial arts mascot, which was really an eye-catcher! The Boy Scout club had an orientation that really made us go “YEAH!” in our heads, because the speaker said, “What does scouting mean? Scouting with GIRLS!” The Phil Epsilon Alpha was one of the clubs that most people wanted to join, since we were going to meet with students from other schools like La Salle, Assumption, etc. Reaching the end of the orientation, we were greeted once again by the hosts to inform us that the program was about the end. We all sighed, since we were having lots of fun. We had a closing prayer then, we had to leave the courts. While leaving the courts, most were still confused about which club to join, but some had already chosen their choice of club. When we reached our classrooms, we were consulted by our teachers before we were dismissed. We left happily since the orientation was a blast, and we could look forward to another year of fun with our clubs!



Marco De Santos | 7-Bellarmine
last august 2, classes were cancelled and many students in the country rejoiced…but do we know why classes were suspended? classes were suspended because it was ninoy aquino day. it is a day wherein we honor and celebrate Benigno aquino, one of our national heroes. Benigno, or ninoy as he was popularly known, was a man of justice and truth. He fought a fierce battle with former president Ferdinand Marcos to attain freedom for our country during those dark days. ninoy became the voice of our people during Marcos’ reign and also during the Martial law. he protested and contradicted the former dictator’s wrongdoings. ninoy was then exiled to Boston after spending a few years in prison. he also underwent a bypass surgery while he was there. even though he was still recuperating from the surgery, ninoy still continued his speeches contradicting the Marcos regime. ninoy planned on going back to the Philippines during the year of 98. On august 2 98, ninoy was able to travel back to the Philippines. Sadly, as he was going down the stairs of the airplane, ninoy was shot. Many people mourned at the death of this fellow filipino, hero of our nation and voice of the people. even at his death, ninoy was still a great man who fought and gave his life for his country. So, the next time ninoy aquino day comes, don’t just celebrate the suspension of classes but the life and death of ninoy aquino, Peace advocate of the Philippines.

Carlo Ozaeta | 6 – Lopez Jaena
As a student, I learned two important things that I think are really helpful for all of us. First is that we should get to know ourselves. For example, we should know what is the best time and place for us to study. Is it after a snack or a nap? Is it in the family room or our bedroom? What interest us most? We need to know our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses so that we can highlight what we are good at and work extra hard on the areas we need to improve on. This is where being sagacious comes in; it is making wise decisions. What are our goals? Why do we want to do well in school? Maybe it’s because we want that reward Dad promised us if we get good grades. Or maybe we want Mom to be proud of us. Or maybe we just realized that,


ecrets of a uccessful agacious tudent
since we have to study our lessons anyway, we might as well try to do our best. And that is the second thing I learned. We are responsible for ourselves. We make our own choices. We set our own goals. And if we want to reach these goals, we have to make decisions about our priorities and about how we spend our time. Remember! Just try our best, make the right choices and give it all we’ve got. See. It’s not really a secret! –––-------------•§•-----------------Are you an honor student? Then this column is for you! Come and share your success story to the whole world!

Mrs. Helen Amante, our Asst. Headmaster for Academic Affairs, reminds students to be excellent in all academic endeavours.

of 7 ight N th! e 27 n th o
Franz Palisoc | 7-Kostka

ight!!! g Overn sara7n a
“Night of 7th on the 27th (Masara7ng Overnight)” was the title chosen for Grade 7’s last Class Night. Last June 27, this year’s Grade 7 batch celebrated their last Class Night. This event is always a much-waited event for most students here in the Grade School. The day started with studying, reading and much schoolwork. But by the afternoon, some students have gone home to take their stuff, while the other students had their things prepared since the morning. From 3 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon, students played basketball, swam, roamed around the campus, and practiced their performances as they waited for the event to start. By about five, the students started going back to their respective classrooms for an attendance check. After this, the students were given time to have their meals. After a few hours, they met at the classroom, properly lined up and immediately headed for the Covered Courts for the event. In the event, we had 4 games and 3 performances shown by a group of students which joined together to make a performance. After all the performances, the teachers showed a very fascinating number. To top it all off, Ms. Maria Elizabeth B. Bermio announced the winners of the games and gave away the prizes to every class. After the event, all the students went back to their respective classrooms for some announcements and the Class Miting de Avance. After about an hour of speeches, the students were dismissed and immediately started doing different activities. Some played basketball, some went ghost hunting and some just played in the classroom. All the students enjoyed until 11 o’clock struck. Everyone was asked to turn off the lights and to start sleeping. In my case, I wanted to make my last class night as memorable as possible. An hour before 5:00am, I fell asleep out of exhaustion. As I woke up, I helped clean our classroom and finally left. This event truly is a very memorable event for it is one of the only times in the year when we get to bond with our classmates for one whole night. In this experience, we may learn that we must use our time wisely, for one day we may regret wasting our time. 


Jerome Flor | 7-Brebeuf
June 27 2008 - The Grade 7 Class Night, the last middle school class night the Grade 7 students of School Year 2008-2009 had. The Grade 7 Class Night was a night to remember. It was a night where students should have fun, have a laugh and be comfortable in their own classrooms with their friends. One of the probably anticipated events in the class night is the class dance. Each class showed their teamwork and creativity in dancing. Some expected to see the teachers’ dance number. The next time that they would dance like this would probably be in next year’s class night which we would miss so much. That event would definitely be a moment to remember. I hope another class night would happen again. 

Virgil De Leon | 6-Tandang Sora Last July 18, 2008, the Grade 6 students celebrated their class night. after being dismissed from their everyday classes, everyone went home to prepare for the night. When they arrived back to school everyone played games with their friends such as basketball, speed stacks and other board games. At around 6:00pm, everyone went downstairs to have dinner with their classmates and friends. after eating, everyone proceeded to the covered courts for the programs. as soon as everyone arrived, the program immediately started. They played games, watched performances and they even heard a few words from their batch mate and agScOM second vice president, rafa antonio. Mrs. castañeda and the Grade 6 teachers awarded each of the sections with gift packs. The class of Bonifacio and Mabini were declared the “Most disciplined class.” Meanwhile, in the games, the class of lopez-Jaena got the highest total score from winning most of the relays, so they were the champions! They were closely followed by Tandang Sora as 2nd placer and agoncillo as rd placer. after the program, everyone went back to their classrooms to continue the fun. Some even went ghost hunting with a teacher. finally, some students went to sleep, but some wanted to have “after hour” fun. The next day, everyone bid their goodbyes to each other and hoped to see each other the next week. everyone left with treasured memories of that fun and wonderful night. 


David Romero | 5-Corregid

Grade 5 Class Night
We also ate gummy worm s, M&M’s and the strawb erry puffs. When it was :0p m, all the sections went down to the covered courts for the show. There were da nce numbers by students an d even teachers and ate neo cheers performed by classes and the Blue Ba bble Battalion by students. aft er that, we were free to do anything again but this tim e we listened to ghost sto ries from our teacher and a ghost hunt led by my tea cher Mr. Posadas. By 9:0pm, everyone gave up and went to our class. At 10:00pm, we listened to the final gh ost story and went to sleep . The nest morning, every one was up for the morning exercise. By the time we were finished, we ate breakfas t, packed up, fix and cle aned the classroom and went home. That’s my story of my class night and it was ve ry fun and unforgettable .

The grade 5 class night, which was what everyon e would be excited for, was a very special da y for everyone. On the day itse lf, every corridor i pass by was packed with people carryi ng big heavy bags, espec ially sleeping bags. it was so cro wded that i’d get hit by on e almost every 5 minutes. Those who came early were able to set up their things and went to the extra pra ctice since my class and the oth er sections were delayed of practice very often. after the very unexpectedly qu ick practice, everyone in gr ade 5 were free to play ga mes and board games, swim, rest and eat up to :0p m. everyone had a really gre at time in my class! We pla yed Risk, PSP, basketball, koosh ball. We ate about 6 differ ent kinds of chips since i bro ught the cheese combo pack. 


Accord i “We ar ng to our Uni toward e in the secon versity Pres Decemb s our 150th a d year of our ident, Fr. Ben nnivers t er 10, 2 Nebres ary, ou hree-year cou , 009. T r Sesqu ntdown he them ic e of thi s secon entennial, on d year is:

ing Spi




Last 2008 mass. ordinar First of a the mass order to h ng Wika”. told us that because it w the month bu Mary. We had a about the ange that she was g Jesus. We also homily about the served God in his then Fr. Ampil ente very own “juggle” fo all, the mass was a lo a very valuable lesson and what we can do, Lord in our own little way



ay SW

August 15, we had a This was no ry mass though. all, we realized s was in Filipino in honor the “Buwan . Then, the priest the mass was not was a First Friday of ut to honor Mother an interesting Gospel el telling Mother Mary going to give birth to had a very inspiring juggler Giovanni who own special way. And ertained us with his own or Mother Mary. So all in ot different and taught us n: “No matter who we are we can always serve the ys.” -Enrique Martinez 


Close Encounter
with the Jesuits


Ateneo Grade School Class Officers Movement
Agscom council
President: Jonathan Gregorio, 7-Bellarmine 1stVP: Jose Paolo C. Oracion, 7-Brebeuf 2ndVP: Rafael Roman R. Antonio, 6-Malvar Secretar Mark Z. Gamboa, 7-Campion y: Treasurer: Jose Francisco F. Magno, 7-Xavier Moderators: Mrs. Maria Isabel O. Castañeda (GLC Gr.6) and Ms. Elizabeth B. Bermio (GLC Gr.7)
as i said at the Miting de avance, my main plan is to make ateneo physically cleaner. i have planned a project, which i got the idea while eating at the college cafeteria. it is called BYOB or Bring Your Own Baunan. The goal is to lessen the amount of garbage. if you bring your own baunan, give it to the seller and you’ll get a discount of 5 or 0 pesos on your meal. i plan that by the end of the school year, at least  thing has changed, made by the agScOM. We will continue to work together to make ateneo a better community. - JP Oracion Being an agscom secretary has changed my life in a big way. it has taught me to be to a better leader. it made me more responsible and independent What are my plans for this school year? Basically, i have none so far but i hope what i do as part of the agScOM council will make this school year a memorable one. i will be very supportive of whatever the council decides. - Mark gamboa Being the agScOM Treasurer, my future plans for the agS revolve around the Bigay Puso. i myself think that this is one of the best programs that the ateneo launched because it teaches us that giving is better than receiving. also, because this program was launched when students are at a young age, they will learn and develop the true value of generosity. This is why i believe that i should spend my last year in the agS promoting the Bigay Puso Program, and helping other students learn to give. even as early as now, the agScOM and i are thinking of ways to promote the Bigay Puso. We believe that the amount of money raised does not matter, but what matters is that the students gave out of their hearts. even though teaching students the value of generosity is a tedious task, i know that with the help of god and my fellow AGSCOM officers, we can teach students to give and not to count the cost, just as ignatius and many other saints did. - Stanley Magno

If you have any suggestions for projects or concerns we can act upon, e-mail us:

Mass for presidents andVp’s with mrs. castañeda

Election of Class Officers

Rafael Liamzon | 4-Ifugao

The election of class officers last June was pretty long; it was as if there were long speeches. When it was time to vote, I heard my classmate saying, “I think I’m going to vote for Reign,” and I thought that’s how Jonathan Gregorio won. On the other hand, some students voted for candidates randomly. That was my probably one of my weirdest experience because I’m only in Grade 4; unlike in the Primary School like last year, it was the first time I knew about class officers. That day made me experience a new event which happens once in a year in the Middle School and I was quite happy of this experience. 

As of press time, the Grade 6 students have a total collection of almost half a million Pesos!

The clas s of 6-Malva r with Ms. Greg ory hosted th e Bigay Pu so Launchin g of Grade 6 Below are . the “Pledg e Posters” in Grade 6 of each c . It is curre lass ntly displa classroom yed in the s to remind ir them to be generous. 



Game reviews
By Jonathan Alpaño | 5-Kawit
Warrock is a massive online multiplayer game played all over the world. in this game you can chat with friends, level up, buy guns and equipment for your account and of course like all online games, make friends. There are roles for you to choose from in the game: assault, sniper, medic, heavy trooper and engineer. assaults are the average soldiers, those who are skilled in close combat. Snipers, of course, are for far range assaults. Medics are capable of healing allies. engineers, on the other hand, are capable of repairing wrecked or damaged cars with their spanner. heavy troopers are skilled in large damages against large vehicles like tanks. The game certainly deserves a 10 over 10. I’m sure that the first time you play it, you won’t be disappointed with the graphics and the game play.

War Rock

super smash brothers brawl
Patrick Roasa | 4-Mangyan
Rating: 4.5 (5-highest,
don’t you just heck out love watching nintendo characters beating the of each other? if you do, get Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii (you can also get Super Smash Bros. Melee for the nintendo gamecube but i suggest Brawl). i mean, almost everyone loves seeing Mario and link hitting each other like crazy! There are loads of other characters too: Kirby, Bowser, dK, Pikachu, Samus, Wario and many more. The game is addictive and fun especially if you have a friend or two with you. if you loved Melee, then you will certainly love Brawl. it has all new characters, new stages, and such. if you play hard enough, you’ll be able to unlock new characters including: Marth, luigi, gannondorf, Toon link, lucario and Snake. Try it and you’ll love it.



Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock
Gabriel Orlina 6-Tandang Sora
guitar hero has now released its rd installment, legends of rock. in this game, if you have the nintendo Wii, you need the Wii remote and the guitar hero guitar for the Wii. The good Bits •Unusual speed and agility is needed to press the buttons on the guitar. •The game comes with a guitar. •The music has been updated. •There are hard levels, so experienced players don’t get easily bored. The Bad Bits •You get tired after hard levels. •advertisements are found throughout the game. •Bosses are not new.

The Main Review: Gameplay: 10 -Beginners start off simple with very easy. Graphics: 10 -Characters are 3-D. Life Span: 7 -Some can’t be saved by the Wii. Final Score: 9 -Overall, it is a good game for guitar players, and rock stars. #30

The City of Ember

Book Review

Dicot Alvarado | 6-Del Pilar
What would it be like to be trapped in an underground city with several other people? What would happen if that city was powered only by light bulbs, and they were starting to flicker? What would happen if there was a blackout or a food shortage? These questions and many others will be uncovered and answered in “The city of ember” The story is about two 2-year old kids named lina and doon. They are in a city which is slowly dying. in their age, they are assigned work to do, either as a street sweeper, a pipeworks laborer or a messenger. doon has plans to help the city. The city, lit only by light bulbs, has a generator which powers them, but it is dying. Doon has plans to fix it, but gives up after seeing how complex it is. Lina finds a piece of paper which strikes curiosity. It contains directions to something unknown, but some parts are missing. Soon, lina and doon discover that the paper contains directions to escape the city. Now, they have to fill in the missing parts and follow the directions to escape the city or be trapped in the dying city forever. With a wonderful storyline, interesting characters, an amazing conclusion and a fantastic movie based on the book, “The city of ember” is a great adventure story to read. So uncover the clues and unlock the secret of the city of ember! also, watch out for the other books of ember, The People of Sparks, The Prophet of Yonwood and The diamond of darkhold, “The city of ember” is a great adventure story to read.


Movie Review The Dark Knight
Joseph Montecillo | 6-Lopez-Jaena
Why so serious? This is the line that most people associate with The dark Knight. But, if you look at some of the other posters, one of the taglines used was: WelcOMe TO a WOrld WiThOUT rUleS. This line pretty much sums up the whole movie. from the very start, we catch a glimpse of this very line. a group of robbers enter a bank take all the money inside. One by one, the robbers turn on each other in an attempt to keep all the money for themselves. it turns out that the mastermind behind the crime is the sadistic Joker (heath ledger), a psychopathic criminal who will do anything to get what he wants. But apparently, the bank is being run by the mobsters of gotham. As the film continues, Joker continues his crime spree. Batman (christian Bale) desperately tries to stop him, but the madman always seems to be one step ahead. The movie is much more emotional than the past Batman movies. Several themes like envy, temptation, and corruption are integrated into the film to further drive the plot. The one thing I like most about this film is the moral conflict that several characters face. Throughout the movie, most characters are tempted to do things that they normally wouldn’t do. Seeing how they handled this was just wonderful to watch. The acting was excellent. The best performance in the film is heath ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. as you watch the movie, you completely forget the fact that the person on screen is heath ledger. Sometimes, you feel like they literally hired the Joker and put him in the movie. ledger’s performance defined this movie and made the character more than just an evil clown. christian Bale’s performance was also very moving. he played the Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who dresses up like a bat at night. he wonderfully portrays the emotions of the

character. his scenes with heath ledger made this movie incredibly good. The other actors were good too, but they paled in comparison to the two main characters. christopher nolan must be proud to know that he directed such a fabulous film. Overall, this is one of the best movies i have ever seen.

Comic Review

Iron Man
Ryan Racela | 5-Mactan
iron Man, like a lot of Marvel comics, was made by Stan “The Man” lee. caught in an explosion that left his heart pierced with shrapnel, Tony Stark, a scientific genius and billionaire playboy, built a powerful suit of iron to survive. deciding to use it in the power of justice, he became the powerful iron Man. Using the most advanced suit he ever made, he joined the S.h.i.e.l.d., an organization of heroes, to fight indestructible aliens that were a problem for the soldiers of the 2nd World War. The comic book saw a lot of action and good drawings as well as color. But there were a few things that were hard to read. On the scale of one to five, I give it a 4.5.


Environment Week , g: Save up tin
arbon Die d out - AGS C pe up, Stan Sha
Ejay Domingo | 7-De Britto
The Environmental Week for this year came and went, leaving behind memories of vario us celebrations, visitations, and environment talks . Did we really learn anything? The week was entit led, “Carbon Dieting: Save up, Shape up, Stan d out – AGS!” Environmentalists told us to segregat e our trash and to not burn them. We were informed that the three components of the environment are: land, air and water. We remember the engi neer who gave a talk to the Grade 7 community about pollution, carbon dioxide, and how it affec ts our environment. But then I ask once more: “Wh at did we really learn? Do the things everyone taug ht us that week really hit our hearts, or did they just go out through the other ear? Did those impo rtant things that could change the world really stuc k with us, or did they get blown away by the wind? Will we leave them rotting and gathering dust in the back of our minds?” We should appreciate their effort and actually apply them to our lives. We shou ld be thankful that we celebrate Environment Week at all. As I’ve said, we should apply in our lives ever ything we’ve learned back then.

ra, alisi Rive Mrs. Virn inator for rea Coord am Subject A the progr e, started Scienc how we g ways on ct our by sharin can prote ent environm

En Fas vir hio onm n f o Pa enta r ssi l on

A Dialogue in Silence: Sponsored by the Grade 6 Reading Teachers
Diego Antonio Rivera | 6-Lopez-Jaena
last July 9, we had a reading Program called “a dialogue in Silence.” We watched a helen Keller clip and talked about it. Soon, our guests which were deaf students introduced them selves. We also learned some hand signs like saying “hi”, “hello” and applauding . after that, we had a chance to ask questions to them. Some questions were quite hard that they had to really think about it. We then realized that we and the guests had the same interests like playing basketball, playing computer games, chatting with friends and taking photos .


Anton Cabalza | 5-Bagumbayan



s the st Quarter lessons came to an end, one thing was firmly plastered on each student’s mind. Something considered as a horror for some, and a chance for others. But no matter how you look at it, i’m sure you all know what i’m talking about: the st Quarter exams. everyone was working hard to review and study their eyes off for that faithful week of questions and answers. in each and every classroom, such adrenaline rush and fear was felt as every single letter was written. as time ticked and heads began to rest on their wooden tables, everyone’s grades were slowly being decided, score after score. But it really wasn’t that bad. The proctors were very helpful and classmates were always ready to lend a helping hand in reviewing during recess, even in my dreaded aP exam. Oh yes, i know that aP was a breeze for many, but I seriously had some difficulty in that subject filled with Philippine history and culture. fortunately, i got through it with my friends’ help. day after day, subject after subject, we got through it. For most, days of reviewing were finally paying off with the students’ ability to confidently answer each item. eyes enthusiastically lit up as a student found the answer to that tricky question, or the right word to top off his essay. friends happily exchanged their answers after the exams, while eating their favorite recess. as the last day for the exams came, i almost jumped for joy since my last exam, Math, was easy. But i was excited even more for the fact that the exams were done. But no, we still had our scores to face. faces of nervousness, excitement and anxiety were seen as the graded exam papers fell into our hands. Some were disappointed, most were relieved. Or, at least, that was how it was in my class. This is my exam story. What’s yours?

Joko Santiago | 5-EDSA
Our 1st quarter exams were held on the first week of august. it was a very sad time because we all know it’s time for us to study more than before. it also means we don’t get to play or watch TV. When it was the start of our first exam, Paragraph Writing and Talata exams, we met our proctor, whom we didn’t know much. We were really scared of what we would see in the test paper. We went home, preparing for the real challenge, the exams on language and Science. as i reached grade 5, i found out that the more i study, the higher my grade was, some thing i didn’t know when i was in 4th grade. We had a hard time with Science, but it all paid off when we got to answer the exams. We relaxed when it was cle and reading, just some of the easy subjects. We still had a hard time but we got to answer it. We also studied for aP and filipino. as for our grade level, we studied the Philippine history. We had a hard time because there were a lot to memorize. filipino was a bit easy, but still, some had a few problems. The hardest subject was the last one, MaTh. We all did a few exercises on all the topics to get prepared. Truly, the exams were hard and pressured us, but i do hope that i’d do much better next time.

Aris Reyes | 6-Bonifacio
Well, we all know that before the intramurals start there is always an opening orientation. classes were assigned to pin their works on their Pe shirts. each class was introduced and chosen students were the ones to carry their class banner. Some of my friends were thinking what sport we will do in the first quarter. Most of us taught that they would introduce basketball. They didn’t introduce basketball, soccer or swimming. They introduced physical fitness. Then Mr. Luz asked some people what fitness meant. Some said getting the right abs while some mentioned not getting tired when running. after a while, some girls taught us some moves and most of us tried to do what they did, some didn’t do anything maybe because they cannot be seen or noticed. nevertheless, the intrams Opening had us wanting to be fit and be more active this school year.

intrams Opening!


ateneo Boy scouts’
Investiture and Fellowship Camp with

Miriam Girl Scouts & St. Mary’s Girl & Boy Scouts
East Field: Mr. Rosanna blessed the 150 trees & the scouts offered 150 prayers.

After the Investiture, the scouts enjoyed the tree-planting activity!

Sept. 5, INVESTITURE. Fr. Kit talked about responsibilities and leadership.

Ateneo, Miriam and St’ Mary’s Scout Masters

Gettingto-know-you... the scouts learned about each other’s interests and schools

Awards! ü

Swimming!!! ü


Eaglet asks...

Miguel Ongtao & Carlo Ozaeta

Middle School students and the sweetest teachers to complete this sentence:

“Spirituality is...”

Ms. Gregory

Ms. Co


“Accepting the challenge to deepen our spirituality in this second year of our Sesqui countdown by accepting the way of the Cross, learning to accept responsibility for facing and solving our problems would be a wonderful preparation for our final year theme of ‘Building the Nation.’” - Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ

“You should be able to handle failure properly and to have passion for what you do. Dream high, and be a man for others.” - Fr. Kit Bautista, SJ

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