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27 January a.d. 2012 (Russians liberated Auschwitz in a.d. 1945)


Mrs. Beth Arthur, Sheriff Arlington County, Commonwealth of Virginia 1425 North Courthouse Road Arlington, Virginia 22201

Dear Sheriff Arthur:

Attention: Major Pinson

This morning I spoke with your subordinate, Major Pinson, who stated that my Citizen requests for copies of the Courthouse Security Camera Videos, were being refused, on the excuse of that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the Assault and Battery of a 12 year old girl, Ashlie Mae OBrien, by a Sheriff Deputy, where I was a key eye-witness. I asked the next logical question, Who is conducting the investigation? Major Pinson answered, We are. That is just so totally INAPPROPRIATE due to the OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST, that Deputies of the Arlington Sheriff Department are pretending to conduct an investigation of a fellow Deputy who assaulted a 12 year old girl, and her 20 year old sister, Miss Samantha Mahoney, who tried in family member self-defense to protect her little sister from the assault. After I retrieved my cell phone, computer and printer to prepare this letter, I received a phone call on my cell phone from a Citizen for whom I have served as Attorney under a new Virginia law, that Bar members, lawyers and judges refuse to honor that law. Yet I pray you respect all laws, so I ask you to prepare the necessary letter or court document so I may enter the Arlington Courthouse with my cell phone as other attorneys are permitted to do so you honor Equal Justice for All. In 2007, I was the victim of threats, but not physical assault in the Arlington Courthouse. Initially, your office obstructed Justice by denying me copies of the Courthouse security videos. As a result, I named you as a Defendant in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit, and Chief Judge Newman and others signed an ORDER of Disqualification, but after you directed your subordinates to provide me 13 or so Video CDs (that I still have if you wish to verify), I filed a Motion in federal Court to remove you as a Defendant. These videos are Exculpatory Evidence that MUST BE provided to falsely charged Miss Mahoney or her attorney; or Arlington County is committing Brady Violations against Constitutional Due Process requirements. These videos should be released to ANY Citizen, including me, involved with the quest for Justice in OUR Courts. I pray that you will promptly put a halt to your subordinates physical assault on Citizens and illegal legal assault on OUR Constitution, yours, mine and hers. On Bill of Rights Day, 15 December in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2011, I was seated at the same table as Sheriff Welsh. Sheriff Welsh and the many other distinguished Citizens at that table were aghast when I related the story where I was a key eyewitness of how your Arlington County Deputy Sheriff had assaulted a 12 year old girl, Ashlie OBrien, in the courtroom and hallway just outside the courtroom and juvenile judicial chambers, for just saying, I want to testify. Why cant I testify? Ashlie wrote a letter 15 August to Varoutsos against GAL Karen Grane, who spoke against Ashlie testifying. That letter had twice been REMOVED from the case files, a FELONY. By whom? Grane, Varoutsos, or maybe Jason McCandless? I was and remain aghast at your Deputys assault, and the apparent cover-up of crimes by your Deputy, Larson (?sp), who refused to provide to me the Court security camera videos (Camera #40, and the camera in the waiting room on the east wall facing west to the Varoutsos courtroom, where the assault by your Deputy occurred about 6:15 pm on Wednesday, 7 December 2011. As a FOIA request, or as a Due Process Production of Documents request, or a simple concerned Citizen request, I request you provide to me (an IFP litigant) the Court Security Camera Videos for the 4th Floor for 7 December, and get control of your Deputies.

Copy to: AG Ken Cuccinelli, Chief Justice Kinser, USDC EDV Alex.

James Renwick Manship, Sr., attorney in fact