When I saw this tonight, I immediately thought of a man who goes by the name of Tyler Kakuda.

I have known him since I was three or four and he has always been my best friend. He is my brother, even if it is not a blood relation. I love his sister Wendy Kakuda and their mother Sand Kakuda like they were family kuda because they ARE family. I would gladly sacrifice my life or do whatever to make sure that they all survived. Tyler's father, Dick, was a second father to me and when he passed away I hurt more than when my own father died years later. I cannot explain hen that since I loved my Dad but in the end, he was not my father Dad anymore but rather a walking dead man. Dick was a hero in my eyes and I think the same of his son. Tyler has NEVER let me down but I am sure I have inadvertently made his life harder. I hardly get to see him because he is so busy, as a man with a Doctorate degree can only be but if I were to call him and tell him I need his help RIGHT NOW, he would drop everything to help me. I truly believe that and I would do the same for him. I thank hat The Gods everyday that there are people like that in my life........

I would be remiss if I did not mention a few other people. Matt Chavez lived next door to Tyler when we were small children and he is my second oldest friend. I have known him since I was five years old. I trust him implicitly with any aspect of my life and his advice, while sometime coldly delivered as he does not mince words while speaking the Truth, has always helped me. When Matt moved to Berkeley after 4th grade, we kept in contact constantly and it has been due to him that I have been able to live in the East Bay twice in my life. He made that happen and I love him for that because I sincerely love The Bay. He recently married his long-time girl-friend Trina and even though I already considered her a sister, I am happy that now it is official. Another person I consider a brother is the already infamous playwright A. Zell Williams, who I have known for over twenty years. He is a great writer and although I never see him since he is living on the East Coast, I hope he knows that I am with him in Spirit and that I miss him terribly. There are others I consider family and love unconditionally in both Stockton and Oakland/Berkeley (I really hope these folks know who they are and realize I do not have the space to put all their names here but without them, I am nothing.......) but Tyler, Matt, and Zell are the top three best friends/brothers. I am an only child and I do not have much family. It is my mother and I against the World or so it seems on Saturdays when the damn mail arrives. I have family (such as Aunt Susan, Aunt Annette Smith, cousin Ashley Boege, cousin Megan, cousin Mike Boege, and their wonderful mother Sandy Boltz Boege, who is not blood but married to my first cousin Bob Boege.) on my mother's side (Roberta Farrens) in Illinois whom I love very much (Bob has given me some great advice about life in general in the short time I have been able to spend with him. We hung out in the summer of 2009 at Carlsbad, Ca. and while we mostly did the lackadaisical task of drinking beer on the beach as we watched the beautiful scenery and women, we discussed some serious

things. I have always appreciated that.....) but I never see them due to the obvious distance problem. If I am lucky I will attend Ashley's wedding in August and that will be the highlight of my year. Especially if all goes to plan and I drive from California to Illinois and back, enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of the greatest country in The World, which is of course The United States of America (if not for The Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, we would not be able to exercise our right to protest and speak out against the sinister Masters of Economy, who have formed unholy alliances with the Federal Government. The Occupy Movement, which I support almost exhaustively, exists only because these documents continue to prevail over the stupidity of the typical American and has done so for more than two hundred years. I have altogether digressed from my original topic but I am allowed to do so in my role as a Revolutionary Patriot.......) as I drive across the different States. There are only a few family members on my father's side I care about (Allison, Jessica, and David); the rest of them can choke on air for all I care. Some of them switched loyalties in a Family War when I was a youth and I can never forgive them for their trespasses against the goodness of my mother and father. Cousin Brett, who lives in San Diego and served in the Navy for many years, protecting my right to write what I like, is a brother to me since he has been a constant in my life since the age of eleven or so. He lived in my attic loft room (before I ever did.) as a teenager, graduating High School while with us (it would have been harder to graduate if he had not come to live with us, due to the lack of proper parental attention......) and it was after he graduated that he went into the Navy. He hates Stockton more than I do so we do not see him very often but he forces himself to come north every few years to visit my often sickly mother, who is very close to him. If I needed him, I know he would be there. Tyler, Matt, and Zell are some of the smartest and kindhearted people I have ever known and I thank The Gods everyday

for allowing me to have such wonderful friends who are really my brothers. I may not talk to them all the time, sometimes going months with no communication but without them, my life would have less meaning than it does now. They have always accepted me for who I am and even though there have been arguments from time to time, they never turned viscous and vindictive like I have experienced with other former friends. They have never stopped talking to me because of what I write or say. They have always been there for me and I love them for that. Recently, some friends I thought were my brothers have become ghosts in my life over nonsensical drama. The saddest example is what happened with Matt ****** (His last name has been deleted to protect the Guilty. Even though we are not friendly anymore, I do not want to give out his name to the general public since he is likely still a Compassionate CareGiver/Grower but those who know me will know him.), a good guy who has been lost in a narcotic induced haze the last few years. At one point seven years ago we were hanging out every day. Then the era of heavy drug use began with him leading the pack of skater friends into the abyss and eventually the abuse of the incredibly powerful narcotics began to change him. He also began supplying Stockton with high quality bud. Then he started growing and Matt ****** is one of the best growers to ever come from Stockton and possibly the Central Valley. He is that good. Alas, cocaine and benzodiazepines were his downfall and he was not able to capitalize on the Medicinal Marijuana movement like he should have. He would have triumphed over many other more experienced growers because he actually grew medicine that worked. I am still despondent that things turned out like they did between us because we were brothers it seemed. However, when my father stole eight thousand dollars from him, our relationship was irreparably damaged forever, despite his assurances that it was not. If I ever have the money and Matt is still alive, I will pay my father s debt. I feel that is all I can do.......

In the last few years, I have been kicking it with **** and ***** (Names deleted out of respect to them and their growing families.) a lot. I even dated one's sister for half a year and although that was a terrible mistake, it seemed for awhile that it brought us closer. They had been constant companions and I miss their company but I simply do not understand why they treat me as a non-entity now. I suspect one of them thinks I was his friend only to have access to tree, which is not true. Tree is everywhere in Northern California and I know many people but I am loyal to folks who hook me up properly. I just enjoyed his company and we both liked to put potent smoke in the air. This senseless foolery hurts my heart. Yes, I did say a few inappropriate words to him over the phone one hot afternoon and I was wrong to do so. Even though it is not an excuse, I did not feel well that day because I was suffering from a migraine and the depression that accompanies such head-aches. I apologized to him but I think I have seen him twice since then and have never been to see his new son, despite messages and phone calls asking if that were possible. I have no idea what I did to my other friend, who still acts friendly when he or his wife needs something from me but other than that, I never hear from him. He is more likely to talk to my mother than me. I know he is busy with both work and the family but I never get a response from messages or e-mails. Both his wife and he refuse to be my friends on Face Book and for some inscrutable reason that really bothers me. I have no idea why but it truly makes my life dismal because I considered him a great friend who never failed me and I would like to watch how his family is maturing. That is what I believe Face Book is for. With both of these friends (and I still consider them friends and will do so until told otherwise.), I remained absolutely loyal, never stealing or doing some other nefarious acts. I am often poor but I tried to help them whenever I could with different tasks like

cleaning carpets and such. **** reciprocated by fixing my cars and helping me with other stuff. I thought that was all out of friendship but I have been lately wondering if it was just business to them. Other than owing money to one of them, I have NEVER done anything to hurt them or their families. I honestly wish I knew how it came to such absurdity but these people will not tell me. Without that knowledge, how can I fix the problem? I have tried indirectly asking but I guess to achieve total satisfaction, I must clearly and concisely ask them what is going on. It is all one can do in such a horrid situation . I mention the insidious psychopathy of these friendships only to illustrate that Tyler Kakuda is a wonderful friend and my brother. Matt Chavez and Zell are also brothers of equal stature and have to be included with Tyler. David Valtierra is also a man I respect and admire. He is a magnificent friend and I definitely consider him a brother along with the other three. I thank The Gods they are in my life and I will always be loyal to them and their families. If I am not, I hope a lightning bolt strikes me dead in West Stockton during the next rain storm. I would live after that, paralyzed and unable to ever have sex again with a beautiful, sexy dark haired, green eyed woman because if I ever betrayed them, I would deserve nothing less......... Indeed.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
Andrew N. Farrens
West Stockton, California January Thirty-First, The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve

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