Hushpreet Dhaliwal CEO, NACUE

Stanford Engineering – European Entrepreneurship & Innovation January 23 2012 Email: Twitter: @hushpreet @nacue

Good Afternoon

National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs

The NACUE model…



Policy & Research

A BIG Vision

Emerging student-led venture generation activity…

Why is this important?

Enterprise policy…

“We will actively agitate for social renewal and community action and in our economy we will actively help new businesses start, attract enterprise to our shores, light the fires of entrepreneurialism in every corner of our country. Let’s make the next decade the most entrepreneurial and dynamic in our history – and let’s do it together.” David Cameron Prime Minister May 2010

How we do it
• • • 1,000,000 16-24yr olds unemployed • 300,000 graduates each year 30,000 graduate jobs available Only 19% looking for jobs in startups & SMEs

How we do it

77% of UK HEIs offer enterprise & entrepreneurship activities (European avg. is 53%) 16% of UK students take part in such activities (European avg. is 24%)

Supported by a rich landscape of service providers

NACUE’s Journey as a Start-Up

Evolved Structure
Charity Board of Trustees & Chair of BoT

Development Board

NACUE UK Ltd CEO & Executive Board

Senior Advisory Council Student Advisory Board

NACUE Operations

NACUE’s Entrepreneurship Strategy & Vision 2020

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