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000/Oktober 2011

Technical Building Equipment

Energy Contracting

EnergyEfficiency is not just a vision, its what we stand for.

The increasing scarcity of fossil fuel sources, tougher climate protection requirements and the irreversible end of nuclear energy production pose major challenges for all of us. The energy transition passed by Germanys federal government, which entails lots of legal changes, as well as existing directives such as the German Energy Savings Ordinance, the Renewable Energy Act and the emissions trading scheme are setting the way. Only if we use energy much more efficiently will we be able to reduce our dependence on fossil energy sources and avert serious climate change. At Imtech, our priority is not to tap into new energy sources, but to make efficient use of existing ones. We already have the technologies and the expertise to use them intelligently, economically and sustainably. With our skills we can contribute to making the energy transition a success story. Whether in industry, airports, stadiums, computer centres or hospitals, Imtech services revolve around energy and environmental issues. Energy and EnergyEfficiency are the mainstay of our corporate philosophy. Imtech provides innovative building technologies and sustainable services for more efficient energy utilization from a single source.

Stadium and Arena Technology

Power Systems

Clean Room Technology

Industrial Ventilation

Research and Development

Environmental Simulation/Test Bed Engineering

Imtech best in energy performance

Imtech is a company with over 150 years of history behind it. With 5,200 employees on more than 60 sites, Imtech is a leader in the energy and technical building equipment sector in Germany and has other sites in Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

We see the big picture and make room for efficiency

Imtech is the right partner for every phase of your project, from advice, conceptual design and financing, through engineering and project management, right up to subsequent operation.

Imtechs central business objective is to minimise energy consumption in buildings and industrial premises in a sustainable manner. We thus develop tailor-made solutions across all energy and technical building services. We design, construct and operate sophisticated technical systems for the following: Industrial premises Stadiums and arenas Airports Computer centres Hospitals Commercial properties

Thanks to our technical expertise and many years of experience, combined with the creativity and commitment of our employees, we do everything in our power to keep on developing technologies, systems and services with a view to using energy as efficiently as possible. Imtech N.V. Imtech Germany & Eastern Europe is part of the Imtech N.V. Group, which is represented across Europe and has its head office in Gouda in the Netherlands. Imtech N.V. employs almost 27,000 staff and is listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.

Our engineers dont just think about the individual work steps; they look at systems as a whole. Each object is analysed and assessed in terms of its use, EnergyEfficiency, cost effectiveness and futureproofing. We draw up solutions which are geared to your individual target specifications. Our leading position in the energy and technical building equipment sector is due in no small part to our close partnership with Imtech competence centres. We are thus able to create ideal links between technical concepts and innovative services.

An overview of our competencies: Energy and technical building equipment Power systems Energy contracting EnergyEfficiency/management Research and development Industrial ventilation Stadium and arena technology Smart buildings Information technology Test bed engineering Clean room technology Building management


Energy contracting

Imtech identifies potential energy savings for industry, for instance in terms of cooling, heating, ventilation or lighting, as different consumers offer different ways of saving energy. We record the energy properties of industrial premises and develop integrated complete solutions by simulating and optimising production processes.

Airbus, Hamburg and China adidas, Herzogenaurach Porsche, Stuttgart Daimler, Sindelfingen Merck Serono, Switzerland Braun, Melsungen B.

Imtech designs long-term and future-proof energy contracting solutions that offer maximum supply security, a high degree of entrepreneurial flexibility and significant savings potential. This holistic approach allows us to link our services, such as conceptual design, planning, financing, plant construction, plant operation, energy procurement and energy supply, to a bespoke energy supply solution.

Infineon Technologies, Munich Rohde & Schwarz, Munich Caterpillar, Kiel Boehringer, Hanover Winkelmann Group, Ahlen Bundesnachrichtendienst, Berlin

Power plants

Technical building management

Unburdened by producers interests and with no product commitments, Imtech sets up, runs and finances individual and tailor-made power plant solutions. With a range of outputs up to the mediumsized power plant output sector, Imtech satisfies the requirement profile for local power plants near to the point of use and which protect resources for use by industry, towns and districts, regional suppliers and private investors.

Balance of Plant, Dow Chemical, Stade Waste incineration plant HVC Dordrecht, Netherlands Biomass power station Heggenstaller, Unterbernbach Combined cycle power plant Volkswagen, Kassel Boiler house Kokerei Prosper, Bottrop Combined cycle power plant SCA, Aschaffenburg
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The infrastructure of buildings and property is becoming more and more complex. Imtech offers professional building management to cater for reliability and efficiency requirements. EnergyEfficiency, maintaining value, functional safety and optimising costs remain at the forefront for us throughout the service life of a property or facility.

Airbus, Hamburg Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart Infineon Technologies, Munich Caterpillar, Kiel Deutsche Post

Commercial properties

Computer centres

Whether large office complexes, exhibition halls, shopping centres, hotels or hospitals, Imtech should be your first port of call when sourcing technical equipment for commercial properties. We plan and supply all systems and facilities that serve to supply or dispose of energy and materials in rooms and buildings. We concentrate on optimising the efficiency of facilities in order to save energy and cut CO2 emissions and operating costs.

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt Messe Stuttgart Spiegel-Verlag, Hamburg Viktoria Versicherung, Dsseldorf Sdwestrundfunk, Stuttgart Sapporobogen, Munich

You need look no further than Imtech when it comes to setting up, optimising and running computer centres, offering as it does maximum EnergyEfficiency and supply security. We ensure the seamless integration of all operations involved and have proven this time and again in numerous projects, drawing also on our experience from simulations and reviews on site as well as operational findings.

Germany, Sossenheim BT Deutschland, Oberursel IBM Mnster GAD, Fiducia, Rheinstetten e-shelter, Berlin Citibank, Frankfurt


Stadiums and arenas

Airports really are unique as building projects due to a number of factors, namely size, complexity of structure, safety issues, energy requirements, supply security, construction time and investment volume. Imtech is one of the few providers in Germany and Europe with in-house staff covering the full gamut of operations and the capability of implementing technology across the board for energy, buildings, facilities and safety.

Berlin-Brandenburg (BBI) Frankfurt/Main Dsseldorf Munich Berlin-Tegel Hamburg

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With integrated energy systems for buildings and facilities, Imtech meets the diverse requirements of sports and other arenas. Looking at the bigger picture in terms of the broad range of energy consumption, from floodlights and undersoil heating through to VIP areas, restaurants and offices, as well as the integration of safety engineering for fire protection, enables us to offer forwardlooking complete solutions.

Imtech Arena, Hamburg Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen Olympic stadium, Berlin Dome, Dsseldorf ISS National stadium, Warsaw, Poland Baltic Arena, Gdansk, Poland PGE

Largest EnergyEfficiency project in Germany

Imtech will improve the EnergyEfficiency of 800 buildings, most of which are being used by a leading German logistics company. To finalize the deal, the parties signed a 15-year contract with an order value of over 400 million in July 2011. Imtech will be responsible for the energy supplies, the operation as well as the efficiency of all energy-related infrastructures in the clients buildings.
Heterogeneous real estate pool The total usable space in the buildings, which are spread all over Germany, amounts to 1.7 million square meters. This is a huge job for Imtech, because the requirements and options for implementing EnergyEfficiency measures are as diverse as the buildings themselves. For example, the buildings are currently being heated by over 700 boiler plants with a current primary energy usage of 170,000 megawatt-hours per year. Before Imtech can plan and execute any EnergyEfficiency improvement measures, it will have to survey and analyze each building in detail. Energy saving measures Sometimes simple measures can already make a huge difference for example a lighting control system that turns the lights off when there is sufficient illumination from daylight. Optimizing a buildings EnergyEfficiency must not be limited to making a few changes here and there, however. The entire building technology must be checked and analyzed. Larger measures such as installing new generating equipment will be accompanied by smaller items such as replacing pumps or installing new controllers. When all is done, the building will meet the users needs with maximum efficiency while putting the potential of renewable energies to use. Imtech will install over 100 photovoltaic systems to make the buildings even greener and more efficient. The bottom line: The CO2 emissions for the entire real estate portfolio will drop by roughly 17,000 tons per year. Imtech EnergyEfficiency climate protection that pays for itself.

Key Figures
Imtech N.V
2009 4.323 235,9 5,8 % 4.748 22.955 2010 4.481 259,3 6,2 % 5.204 25.075 Revenue* EBITA* EBITA margin Order book* Number of employees

Imtech Germany & Eastern Europe

2009 1.103 80,3 7,3 % 1.620 4.497 2010 1.306 107,8 8,3 % 1.843 4.880 * in millions of euro



1888 Pioneering achievement of combined heat and power: Municipal water mill in Hamburg

1893 A revolution in heating technology: The Strebel boiler

Imtech as an employer
Companys founder Rudolph Otto Meyer

The considerable expertise and commitment of our 5,200 employees have made us what we are today: with more than 60 sites, Imtech is the largest provider in the energy and technical building equipment sector. We are proud of the high level of identification and pronounced community spirit amongst our staff members.
1932 Habemus Papam: District heating for the Vatican

1902 ROM factory at Pappelallee in Hamburg

Technology for man and the environment since 1858

Imtech began life over 150 years ago when Rudolph Otto Meyer founded a heating construction company to heat greenhouses in Hamburg. Right from the very beginning, the companys goal was to implement the best possible technology for both man and the environment. This has resulted in numerous ground-breaking achievements over the years: the invention of the Strebel boiler, the forerunner of present-day boilers, for which Joseph Strebel applied for a patent back in 1893, and combined heat and power, developed by Rudolph Otto Meyer and used for the first time in 1888, are just two examples of the pioneering spirit of Imtech.

Assuming corporate and social responsibility is something that has always had a firm place in our company philosophy. Respectful and reliable partnerships are the basis for the successful execution of all our project tasks. Consideration for others and mutual trust are actively promoted across all divisions of the company and communicated on a day-to-day basis. As an employer, Imtech offers you the very best opportunities and prospects: we encourage both independent work and the interaction of skills within team situations. From your very first day our employees and managers will support you as you complete your work and give you the opportunity to successfully develop your skills. We will do our very best to encourage your individual strengths, goals and talents.

As employers, we offer: Long-term prospects in a successful company Attractive tasks and projects Loyal colleagues with a pronounced community spirit Scope for commitment and inventiveness Extensive opportunities to make use of your own strengths and develop in both a professional and personal dimension Competitive performance-related remuneration Participation of our employees in the companys success Company pension scheme The Back-up Centre offers round-the-clock, short-term, flexible care for children of all ages as an addition to regular childcare Attractive fitness packages at favourable rates



Imtech ahead of the pack in sport sponsorship

Sporting values team spirit, passion, fair play and achievement are real-life attributes in our company too. Thats why Imtech gets involved with long-term concepts and sponsorship activities for virtually all age groups and leagues across the whole of Germany, but mainly in the areas around our sites.

Imtech and HSV a partnership based on tradition

Our partnership with HSV and our recently acquired rights to the stadiums name are symbolic of the companys strong links with the city of Hamburg and the people in the region.

As a reliable partner, attractive employer and innovative service provider, we seek to assume social responsibility and support our regions. We are primarily involved with football. Our largest sponsorship package takes the form of our involvement in the German Bundesliga football league with the acquisition of the naming rights to the Imtech Arena, home to Hamburger SV. However, Imtech is just as keen to support amateur and youth teams. Finally, our activities in this area are also defined by the business principles of maintaining sustainability and encouraging young talent.

The home ground of Hamburger SV has been known as the Imtech Arena since 1 July 2010. As a traditional, Hamburg-based company of many years standing, Imtech has strong connections with the city its head office has been in Hamburg for over 150 years. By purchasing the long-term rights to the stadiums name, we hope to symbolise the companys strong links with the people of Hamburg and their city. As part of our partnership, we provide the Arena with our full range of technical expertise with a view to equipping the

stadium for the future as energy-efficiently as possible. Backed up by HSV managers, Imtech has developed a concept to ensure ongoing increases in EnergyEfficiency in the Imtech Arena. In so doing, Imtech is not only helping HSV to save a considerable portion of its energy costs, it is also continuing to promote its positive image. The partnership underlines their joint awareness of social responsibility and consistent action along these lines.



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