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What will happen.

1. Enter Team of 3-7 members in Competition by 11TH February 2012 2. Receive email about next stage. Pitch your idea to our judges on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February 3. Attend our workshops to maximise your chances of winning! These will be organised by The Union and UEA LONDON NBS lecturers 4. Introductions with mentors 5. Make loads of profit during your day on the stall 6. Make a presentation at the Grand Finale at UEA London in March and see if you have won!

The Den
The Pitch takes place at UEA LONDON Centre (room to be confirmed). Not all of your team has to attend. You will be pitching to the Dragons a mixture of Union and NBS seniors plus other special guests, who will judge your pitch on creativity, the quality of your Risk Assessment, Finance and Marketing and general organisation. We advise you to use Powerpoint. Bring the presentation along on a pen drive (if you do not own a pen drive please email to The format should be Microsoft Powerpoint 2003. If you are using a newer version when you click Save as please select Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 .pwt . Your pitch should be 5 minutes long. We will ask you up to 10 minutes of questions.

You need to think about marketing. You might think about, decorating the stall, handed out fliers to people, worn uniforms, handed out samples of their products.

You need to think about your finances. Open the Finance tracker you will see an example of how to keep track of your finances. You should not delete Row 2 as

everyone will get a startup loan of 500 (remember you do not have to spend it all). Rows 3-5 are examples of how to input transactions. Feel free to tailor this spreadsheet to your own needs but you must remember to input all your transactions. Don't forget to attend a work shop that will be organised when competition starts.

Before you are allowed to go into the shop you must fill in a Risk Assessment. First open the Risk Assessment template. This table shows common risks you may incur. You must tailor this list to suit your own idea and then take a printed copy along with you to the Risk Assessment training to be confirmed on a Wednesday.

PAT testing
Remember all electrical items must be PAT tested. This can be done by Peter Bailey Please email: Stall Training Organised through Spitalfields Estates Management team, before the trading days.

On the day
Please review all the instructions on what to do at the start of and the end of the day. Will be provided to you in the next stage

Grand Finale
On the evening of the Grand Finale you will have the chance to give a 5 minute presentation of what you have leant. No Powerpoint presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time can I start setting up the shop Spitalfields will provide separate document for the trading days What time can I trade? You can trade between 9 and 5.00pm How do I know which day I am on the stall? We will try and accommodate everyone and be in touch with what day you have been assigned. How does my team win? The winner is the team that makes the most profit. This means income minus expenditure. It is not always the best strategy to spend the full 500 loan. Do I get to keep my profits? The winning team keeps their profits. Some teams will make a loss. Profit or loss incurred by any other team will be given to charitable causes. I want to enter but I don't have enough people in my team Don't worry send us and email at or come to the fourth floor foyer and see Sayeed Turon and he will match you up with some other people who are in the same position I'm not sure about risk assessment We have a workshop to help you. Email I'm not sure about finances We have a workshop to help you. Email Where do I pick up my 500? First you need to get your risk assessment signed off by Sayeed Turon and then Can I still claim something back if I don't have the receipt? No. You need to keep receipts off all transactions you make, sales and expenses. Use the Finance tracker provided. We will monitor you on the trading days and do an inventory off stock at the beginning and the end of the day Can I claim back traveling expenses? Yes, keep your bus ticket or receipt for any taxis. You cannot claim for petrol but you can claim for mileage. Can we store things in the stall before our allocated day? No the stall will be being used by others. Can we leave things in the stall after our allocated day? No you must take everything with you including your rubbish. We will provide two pre-

paid rubbish bags per team. You must leave your rubbish outside the shop at the end of the day. Are there any restrictions on the products or services we sell in the shop? You can't sell anything illegal or that requires a special license e.g. alcohol. We won't let you do anything that has a high risk for the public or that brings the Student Union or University into disrepute. Can I sell food in the shop? No You give us 500 can we add in some of our own money? No. We want everybody to have the same chance. The Students' Union and Business school have to mitigate the risk by limiting it to 500. Will there be any change to give to customers (a float)? We will put 25 of change in the cash box at 9am and at 5pm we will take 25 of change out of the cash box. Can we buy things on sale or return (This means you get a number of items from a company and only pay for the ones you sell returning the rest of the stock)? At the end of trading all property belongs to the NBS. Sale or Return is allowed but must be carefully thought through e.g. returned at 4pm. You still must stay within the 500 start-up loan.