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Fitness Equipment Sourcing
Catalogue 2012
Mission Statement
FIT Quote aims to be the number one fitness equipment source in the UK.

Our promise we WILL save you TIME and MONEY.

About FIT Quote
Our years of industry experience, knowledge of fitness equipment and buying power enables us to bring
the best known brands in health and fitness at unbeatable prices. We are totally independent and are not
tied to any brand, therefore can offer our customers impartial advice on the most suitable equipment for
their facility.
We have tried and tested fitness products for the past 20 years and will only recommend the most suitable
products to suit your customers needs and your budget.
How we can help your business:
Direct sales of branded fitness equipment: Supplying products from Escape Fitness, Jordan
Fitness, BeaverFIT, Watsons Gym Equipment, Concept 2, Wolverson Fitness, Balance Physio and
Physical Company at the best prices
Sourcing Competitive Quotes: for anything you need for your club other than fitness equipment:
Items such as, lockers, changing rooms, insurance, WiFi, in-club entertainment, service and
maintenance, marketing, retention solutions, CRM systems, clothing and uniforms etc
Direct Sales
Please review our brochure for products that you can buy directly through FIT Quote. If you dont see what
you want, please let us know and we can source it for you through our network of trade partners.
We can also help you with flexible payment plans should you want to spread the cost of your new equipment
over 3 or 5 years
For further information call us now on + 44 (0) 845 366 4790.
Quote Sourcing
FIT Quote are the only competitive quote sourcing company in the Fitness Industry. We only work with
established and reputable partners who can provide quality products at competitive prices.
Speak with our regional sales team who can advise you on the quotes we can source for you.
It can be a difficult job tendering for best prices and our experts are on hand to help you make the right
This consultancy service is totally free to our customers and it is our job to make sure you get the best deal
no matter what you need for your club.
Free Weights
Functional Strength
Gym Accessories
Studio Equipment
Combat Equipment
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Flooring & Matting
Quote Sourcing
Cardio Equipment
Speed, Agility & Quickness
Free weights
Free Weights
FIT Quote Advice
Always buy the best quality dumbbells you can afford.
They always get good usage and quality dumbbells will
last longer.
Remember you can always add weight, so dont feel you
have to go for heavy weights to start with Dumbbells and
barbells come in different guises: CNC Steel,
Polyurethane (PU), Rubber, Cast Iron, Chrome, Nickel,
Neoprene or even Vinyl coated.
They each have their advantages; PU encased dumbbells
are the newest style and offer durability as well as great
The downside is PU dumbbells tend to cost more than
rubber or cast iron, however, in the long term the PU is
likely to give good value.
Rubber is a good compromise between style and
The cast iron dumbbells are the most cost effective
option and are more durable than rubber, however, lack a
little finesse and style.
You will also need floor protection with cast iron
dumbbells. For the ultimate in dumbbells, check out the
CNC steel variations.
We have been impressed by these and if your budget
allows, these are the ones to go for.
Other factors in choosing your dumbbells are the increments. Usually dumbbells are available in either
2kg or 2.5kg increments. If you are buying a set of dumbbells, it is cheaper to buy them in 2.5kg
increments because there will be fewer dumbbells. Fixed weight barbells are available in 2.5kg
increments up to 20kgs, then generally move to 5kg increments beyond 20kgs.
Advanced training dumbbells?
For the ultimate set of dumbbells we can recommend the Pro Dumbbell set (opposite) made from CNC
steel. Available from 10 - 50kgs and include add on 0.5kg increment weights. These have dual roller
bearings allowing the handle to rotate totally eliminating all the torsional forces being transferred to
your hands when in use. They look amazing and are considered by some as the best dumbbells in the
world. Similar in price to Polyurethane, so if you have the budget these are highly recommended.
CNC Steel
***** **** **** ***** *
***** ***** ***** **** **
***** ***** ***** *** *****
* *** *** * ***
Light / PT
PU Rubber Cast Iron Steel/Chrome
5 stars is the most suitable and 1 star is the least
Free Weights
The Ultimate set of Dumbbells
The Best in Class Dumbbells Money can Buy? We have tried and tested practically every dumbbell set
available on the market and are proud to present the set of dumbbells that we feel are simply the Best in
Available from 10kg - 50kg (17 pairs)
2" Thick Ultra Smooth Revolving, Deep Knurled Handles with Dual Roller Bearings
Magnetic 'Add On' weights for 0.5kg Increases giving effectively 81 Pairs of Dumbbells!!
2 Tier Dumbbell Rack to hold the complete set.
Can be customised with Gym Logo (or your initials) at no extra cost
Dumbbell Rack and Dumbbell End Plates in your choice of colours Based around our Pro Dumbbells
using Solid, Locally CNC Machined Steel Plates to ensure total Accuracy, Compactness and Quality.
2" Thick Handles:
Training with Thick Bars is now accepted as one of the best ways to further increase strength while
massively reducing injuries. One of the highest regarded coaches Charles Poliquin uses 2" bars/handles
almost exclusively and has trained many World Class Athletes in the same way. The 2" Handles are also
given a very High Quality Deep Knurling for Maximum Grip and an Amazing Feel.
Eliminate Wrist / Elbow Injuries:
The Handles on this Ultimate Dumbbell Set revolve on Dual, Roller Bearings making them unbelievably
smooth. (We're pretty sure the smoothest in the World). As well as making the Dumbbells feel Great to use,
the smooth revolving handles also serve a very important purpose, they totally eliminate all the torsional
forces being transferred to your hands when in use. This means you massively reduce the risk of injuries
to elbows/wrists etc.
The Customisable Pro Dumbbells
There are a couple of companies in the US that produce extremely high quality, solid steel dumbbells, but
these are hugely expensive to buy and to ship into the UK. The Pro Dumbbells are CNC machined from
solid high tensile bright drawn steel rather than the usual cast steel which gives the Pro Dumbbells
several immediate advantages including:
Far more accurate weight tolerances
Much more compact than cast or rubber dumbbells.
Indestructible - Cast steel is fairly brittle but solid steel dumbbells will never break
They look amazing! The CNC machined finish on the Pro Dumbbells give them an incredibly cool
Available in weights up to 100kg The Pro Dumbbells also have the advantage of being totally customisable
with your choice of:
Handle Thickness (up to 2 1/2")
End Plate colour
Type of Knurling
Fixed or Revolving Handles. No other dumbbells can be tailored this way to suit your requirements
and no other dumbbells are built to this incredibly high standard.
Code Ultimate CNC Steel Dumbbells (The Ultimate Set & Customisable Set) FIT Quote Price
WA-PRDU001 10kg - 50kg (2.5kg increments / 17 pairs) and two tier rack 9,206.66
WA-PRDU002 10kg - 40kg (2.5kg increments / 13 pairs) and two tier rack 6,912.68
WA-PRDU003 10kg - 30kg (2.5kg increments / 9 pairs) and two tier rack 4,567.49
WA-PRDU004 52.5kg - 60kg (2.5kg increments / 3 pairs) 3,707.24
Customisable Set can be totally customised to fit your individual needs, including choice of 30mm or 35mm knurled handles, 2 knurled revolving handles and the end plates can be customised with your gym logo. Call for further details.
Free Weights
Buying Advice
The 1-10kg dumbbell set is a must for every gym. The Rubber Dumbbell set below is our best seller and offers a great quality product at an
unbeatable price. The cast iron dumbbells are the most cost effective option, however, please ensure you have at least 15mm of rubber in the
free weights area to protect your floor!
Code Polyurethane Dumbbell Sets (2.5kg incs) SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTUD-P1 2.5kg-25kg (10 pairs) 1,091.01 872.01
JO-JTUD-P2 27.5kg-37.5kg (5 pairs) 1,288.19 1,030.55
JO-JTUD-P3 40kg-50kg (5 pairs) 1,783.65 1,426.92
JO-JTUD-P4 2.5kg-50kg (20 pairs) 4,161.85 3,329.48
JO-JTUD-P5 2.5kg-30kg (12 pairs) 1,545.83 1,236.67
JO-JTUD-P6 52.5kg-62.5kg (5 pairs) 2,279.11 1,823.29
JO-JTUD-P9 2.5kg-25kg (10 pairs) and rack 1,369.37 1,095.50
JO-JTUD-10 2.5kg-50kg (20 pairs) and 2 racks 4,720.57 3,776.46
Code Rubber Dumbbell Sets (2.5kg incs) SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDSRN-1N 2.5-25kg (2.5kg increments / 10 pairs) 832.16 664.06
JO-JTFDSRN-2N 27.5-37.5kg (2.5kg increments / 5 pairs) 912.74 728.37
JO-JTFDSRN-3N 40-50kg (2.5kg increments / 5 pairs) 1,196.60 954.89
JO-JTFDSRN-4N 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs) 2,941.51 2,347.32
JO-JTFDSRN-5N 2.5-30kg (2.5kg increments/12 pairs) 1,179.75 941.44
JO-JTFDSRN-6N 52.5-62.5kg (2.5kg increments/5 pairs) 1,739.38 1,388.03
JO-JTFDSRN-P5 2.5-25kg (2.5kg increments / 10 pairs) and 10 pair rack 1,111.52 886.99
JO-JTFDSRN-P6 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs) and 2 x 10 pair racks 3,500.22 2,793.18
Code Cast Iron Dumbbells Sets SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDS01/P1 2.5-25kg (2.5kg increments / 10 pairs) 702.08 560.26
JO-JTFDS01/P2 27.5-37.5kg (2.5kg increments / 5 pairs) 845.44 674.66
JO-JTFDS01/P3 40-50kg (2.5kg increments / 5 pairs) 1,140.61 910.21
JO-JTFDS01/P4 2.5kg-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs) 2,688.13 2,145.13
JO-JTFDS01/P8 2.5-25kg (2.5kg increments / 10 pairs) and 10 pair rack 981.44 783.19
JO-JTFDS01/P9 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs) and 2 x 10 pair racks 3,246.85 2,590.99
Code Chrome Dumbbells Sets SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTD-04-10 Chrome Dumbells Sets - 1kg-10kg Chrome dumbells 344.29 274.74
JO-JTD-04/P3 Chrome Dumbells Sets - 2kg-20kg Chrome dumbells 676.03 539.47
JO-JTD-04/P2 Chrome Dumbells Sets - 1kg-10kg Chrome dumbells and vertical rack 478.79 382.07
JO-JTD-04/P4 Chrome Dumbells Sets - 2kg-20kg Chrome dumbells and vertical rack 798.30 637.04
Free Weights
Cast Iron Dumbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDS-01 2.5kg / Pair 24.40
JO-JTFDS-02 5kg / Pair 32.16
JO-JTFDS-03 7.5kg / Pair 40.04
JO-JTFDS-04 10kg / Pair 49.45
JO-JTFDS-05 12.5kg / Pair 57.26
JO-JTFDS-06 15kg / Pair 65.15
JO-JTFDS-07 17.5kg / Pair 73.02
JO-JTFDS-08 20kg / Pair 80.85
JO-JTFDS-09 22.5kg / Pair 90.27
JO-JTFDS-10 25kg / Pair 98.15
JO-JTFDS-11 27.5kg / Pair 127.23
JO-JTFDS-12 30kg / Pair 136.62
JO-JTFDS-13 32.5kg / Pair 147.92
JO-JTFDS-14 35kg / Pair 157.29
JO-JTFDS-15 37.5kg / Pair 166.76
JO-JTFDS-16 40kg / Pair 181.02
Cast Iron Dumbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDS-17 42.5kg / Pair 192.65
JO-JTFDS-18 45kg / Pair 202.40
JO-JTFDS-19 47.5kg / Pair 212.00
JO-JTFDS-20 50kg / Pair 221.71
JO-JTFDS-21 52.5kg / Pair 231.68
JO-JTFDS-22 55kg / Pair 242.11
JO-JTFDS-23 57.5kg / Pair 253.01
JO-JTFDS-24 60kg / Pair 264.39
JO-JTFDS-25 62.5kg / Pair 275.41
JO-JTFDS-26 65kg / Pair 286.43
JO-JTFDS-27 67.5kg / Pair 297.45
JO-JTFDS-28 70kg / Pair 308.47
Rubber Dumbbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDS-08-01 2.5kg / Pair 28.12
JO-JTFDS-08-02 5kg / Pair 37.74
JO-JTFDS-08-03 7.5kg / Pair 55.72
JO-JTFDS-08-04 10kg / Pair 58.69
JO-JTFDS-08-05 12.5kg / Pair 65.81
JO-JTFDS-08-06 15kg / Pair 75.50
JO-JTFDS-08-07 17.5kg / Pair 85.12
JO-JTFDS-08-08 20kg / Pair 96.37
JO-JTFDS-08-09 22.5kg / Pair 106.12
JO-JTFDS-08-10 25kg / Pair 115.65
JO-JTFDS-08-11 27.5kg / Pair 125.36
JO-JTFDS-08-12 30kg / Pair 134.92
JO-JTFDS-08-13 32.5kg / Pair 144.54
JO-JTFDS-08-14 35kg / Pair 155.80
JO-JTFDS-08-15 37.5kg / Pair 165.42
JO-JTFDS-08-16 40kg / Pair 194.34
Rubber Dumbbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFDS-08-17 42.5kg / Pair 203.46
JO-JTFDS-08-18 45kg / Pair 212.58
JO-JTFDS-08-19 47.5kg / Pair 221.70
JO-JTFDS-08-20 50kg / Pair 230.82
JO-JTFDS-08-21 52.5kg / Pair 302.28
JO-JTFDS-08-22 55kg / Pair 314.31
JO-JTFDS-08-23 57.5kg / Pair 325.48
JO-JTFDS-08-24 60kg / Pair 334.53
JO-JTFDS-08-25 62.5kg / Pair 360.66
JO-JTFDS-08-26 65kg / Pair 374.62
JO-JTFDS-08-27 67.5kg / Pair 389.04
JO-JTFDS-08-28 70kg / Pair 403.44
Cast iron or rubber dumbbells are available up to 130kgs. Please call us for prices
Free Weights
Edge Rubber Dumbbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
ES-EEDB2025 2.5kg 12.27
ES-EEDB2050 5kg 24.54
ES-EEDB2075 7.5kg 36.82
ES-EEDB2100 10kg 49.09
ES-EEDB2125 12.5kg 61.36
ES-EEDB2150 15kg 73.63
ES-EEDB2175 17.5kg 85.91
ES-EEDB2200 20kg 98.18
ES-EEDB2225 22.5kg 110.45
ES-EEDB2250 25kg 122.72
ES-EEDB2275 27.5kg 130.34
ES-EEDB2300 30kg 142.19
ES-EEDB2325 32.5kg 154.04
ES-EEDB2350 35kg 165.89
ES-EEDB2375 37.5kg 177.74
ES-EEDB2400 40kg 189.59
ES-EEDB2425 42.5kg 201.44
ES-EEDB2450 45kg 213.28
ES-EEDB2475 47.5kg 225.13
ES-EEDB2500 50kg 236.98
T400 Rubber Dumbbells (individual)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
ES-CTDB1020 2kg 39.90
ES-CTDB1040 4kg 51.07
ES-CTDB1060 6kg 63.04
ES-CTDB1080 8kg 75.81
ES-CTDB1100 10kg 86.18
ES-CTDB1120 12kg 98.95
ES-CTDB1140 14kg 110.92
ES-CTDB1160 16kg 121.30
ES-CTDB1180 18kg 131.67
ES-CTDB1200 20kg 143.64
ES-CTDB1220 22kg 151.62
ES-CTDB1240 24kg 162.79
ES-CTDB1260 26kg 176.36
ES-CTDB1280 28kg 189.13
ES-CTDB1300 30kg 195.51
ES-CTDB1320 32 kg 209.08
ES-CTDB1340 34kg 226.63
ES-CTDB1360 36kg 238.60
ES-CTDB1380 38kg 253.76
ES-CTDB1400 40kg 261.74
ES-CTDB1420 42kg 264.94
ES-CTDB1440 44kg 271.32
ES-CTDB1460 46kg 279.30
ES-CTDB1480 48kg 284.89
ES-CTDB1500 50kg 292.07
T400 Rubber Dumbbells (sets)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
ES-CTDB1000 2-20kg 913.71
ES-CTDB1001 12-30kg 1,472.31
ES-CTDB1002 22-30kg 865.83
ES-CTDB1004 32-40kg 1,181.04
ES-CTDB1009 42-50kg 1,384.53
Edge Rubber Dumbbells (sets)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
ES-EEDB2006 2.5kg - 25kg 658.35
ES-EEDB2008 2.5kg - 30kg 925.68
ES-EEDB2010 2.5kg - 50kg 2,314.20
Edge Rubber Dumbbells (racks & sets)
Code Weight FIT Quote Price
ES-EEDB2006R 2.5kg - 25kg 1,033.08

ES-EEDB2008R 2.5kg - 30kg 1,292.43

ES-EEDB2010R 2.5kg - 50kg 3,021.43
T400 Rubber Dumbbells (racks & sets)
Code Weight FIT Q Price
ES-CTDB1000R 2-20kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal) 1,465.33
ES-CTDB1005R 12-30kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal) 2,096.41
ES-CTDB1006R 2-30kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal)) 2,455.18
ES-CTDB1007R 2-40kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal)) 4,184.18
ES-CTDB1008R 22-40kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal)) 2,718.85
ES-CTDB1009R 42-50kg Escape T400 Rubber D'bell Set & Rack (Horizontal)) 1,975.38
Free Weights
Code Individual Rubber Barbells with Straight Bars SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTBBARS-10 10kg 36.19 28.88
JO-JTBBARS-15 15kg 54.29 43.32
JO-JTBBARS-20 20kg 72.38 57.76
JO-JTBBARS-25 25kg 90.48 72.20
JO-JTBBARS-30 30kg 108.57 86.64
JO-JTBBARS-35 35kg 126.67 101.08
JO-JTBBARS-40 40kg 144.76 115.52
JO-JTBBARS-45 45kg 162.86 129.96
JO-JTBBARS-50 50kg 180.95 144.40
JO-JTBBARS-55 55kg 199.05 158.84
JO-JTBBARS-60 60kg 217.14 173.28
Code Individual Rubber Barbells with EZ Curl Bars SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTBBARC-10 10kg 37.18 29.67
JO-JTBBARC-15 15kg 55.77 44.50
JO-JTBBARC-20 20kg 74.36 59.34
JO-JTBBARC-25 25kg 92.95 74.17
JO-JTBBARC-30 30kg 111.54 89.01
JO-JTBBARC-35 35kg 130.13 103.84
JO-JTBBARC-40 40kg 148.72 118.68
JO-JTBBARC-45 45kg 167.31 133.51
JO-JTBBARC-50 50kg 185.90 148.35
JO-JTBBARC-55 55kg 204.49 163.18
JJO-TBBARC-60 60kg 223.08 178.02
Code Straight Barbell Sets with Solid Ends SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTRBARSN-1N 10 - 45kg (5kg increments/ 10 Bars) Rubber Barbell Set with Straight Bars 737.91 588.85
2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 25kg, 1 x 30kg, 1 x 35kg, 1 x 40kg, 1 x 45kg)
JO-JTRBARSN-2N 10 - 45kg (5kg increments/ 10 Bars) and Oval frame Rack 976.15 778.97
2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 25kg, 1 x 30kg, 1 x 35kg, 1 x 40kg, 1 x 45kg
EZ Curl Barbell Set
JO-JTBBARC-02 10 - 45kg (5kg increments/ 10 Bars) Rubber Barbells Set with EZ Curl Bars 759.00 605.68
(2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 25kg, 1 x 30kg, 1 x 35kg, 1 x 40kg, 1 x 45kg)
JO-JTBBARC-P2 10 - 45kg Rubber Barbell Set with EZ Curl Bars and Rack 997.24 795.80
Buying Advice
The barbells and sets below represent the best value on the market. The solid end barbells below are fantastic value, look great and make a
good investment for any gym. Dont forget you can configure your own barbells with straight and EZ curl bars for a more cost effective
Free Weights
Buying Advice
If the plates are going to be dropped, invest in our quality Cross Gym bumper plates. If the plates are only going to be used for plate loaded
machines etc take your pick from the options below. The round rubber discs are our best sellers, great value, durable and look good.
Code Urethane Olympic discs (round) Black SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTUCP-07 1.25kg 5.13 4.09 1.04
JO-JTUCP-06 2.5kg 10.26 8.19 2.07
JO-JTUCP-05 5kg 20.52 16.37 4.15
JO-JTUCP-04 10kg 41.04 32.75 8.29
JO-JTUCP-03 15kg 61.56 49.12 12.44
JO-JTUCP-02 20kg 82.08 65.50 16.58
JO-JTUCP-01 25kg 102.59 81.87 20.72
Code Olympic black rubber discs with handgrips (round) SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTRCPR-07 1.25kg 2.98 2.38 0.60
JO-JTRCPR-06 2.5kg 5.97 4.76 1.21
JO-JTRCPR-05 5kg 11.94 9.53 2.41
JO-JTRCPR-04 10kg 23.87 19.05 4.82
JO-JTRCPR-03 15kg 35.81 28.58 7.23
JO-JTRCPR-02 20kg 47.74 38.10 9.64
JO-JTRCPR-01 25kg 59.68 47.62 12.06
Code Olympic grey cast discs with hand grip (round) SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTCP-07 1.25kg 2.27 1.81 0.46
JO-JTCP-06 2.5kg 4.53 3.61 0.92
JO-JTCP-05 5kg 9.06 7.23 1.83
JO-JTCP-04 10kg 18.13 14.47 3.66
JO-JTCP-03 15kg 27.20 21.71 5.49
JO-JTCP-02 20kg 36.27 28.94 7.33
JO-JTCP-01 25kg 45.33 36.17 9.16
Code Olympic Premium Bumper Plates SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTRCTP-05 Olympic Training colour rubber discs (round) - 5kg Black 18.67 14.90 3.77
JO-JTRCTP-04 Olympic Training colour rubber discs (round) - 10kg Green 37.32 29.78 7.54
JO-JTRCTP-03 Olympic Training colour rubber discs (round) - 15kg Yellow 55.99 44.68 11.31
JO-JTRCTP-02 Olympic Training colour rubber discs (round) - 20kg Blue 74.65 59.57 15.08
JO-JTRCTP-01 Olympic Training colour rubber discs (round) - 25kg Red 93.31 74.46 18.85

Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTOWTC-01 Olympic Weight Tree (Curved Frame) - Silver 95.10 75.89 19.21
JO-JTOWT-05 Olympic Weight Tree (oval) 132.20 105.50 26.70
JO-JTRCTPR Olympic Training Plate Rack 121.34 96.83 24.51
Free Weights
Buying Advice
Training with variety is important and the selection of bars below can take your training to a new level. Always get a storage station to keep
the gym tidy
Poliquin Angled Dual Grip Bar 163
Poliquin Dual Grip Bar 154
Dual Grip Shrug Bar 182
Safety Squat Bar 252
The Ultimate Bar 187
The Ultimate Bar (with bearings) 275
The Ultimate Bar (thick) 215
Swiss Bar 168
The Tangent Fulcrum Bar 229
Farmers Walk 196
Farmers Walk (Dual Grip) 252
Thors Hammer 40
Row Bar 145
Cambered Bar (Type 2) 159
Olympic Log Bar 89
Angled Olympic Log bar 140
10 Log bar 393
Cambered Squat Bar 103
Shrug Bar Talons 98 (pair)
Olympic Kettlebell Handles 80 (pair)
Ball Dumbbell 75 (single)
Olympic Dumbbell Handles 80 (pair)
Olympic Shrug Bar 138
Bar Storage:
4 Bars 95
6 Bars 120
8 Bars 140
10 Bars 160
Free Weights
Buying Advice
Olympic bars vary greatly in price and therefore the suitability of using the bars for different activities. Our advice is to buy a bar that is fit for
purpose. A high quality Olympic bar is an asset to any gym and paying for quality will pay off in the long run. If the bars are to be dropped
during Power Lifting or heavy squatting, dont hold back on price (quality). If the bars are to be used only for bench pressing, the standard
Olympic bars will be fine.
ELEIKO - The Best Weightlifting Barbells the World Has to Offer
The first Eleiko bar was made in the late 50's and when it was introduced it stunned the world with its quality. For the first time one single bar
could be used in a competition without ever being rejected due to being bent or cracked. Of course since then our bars have been developed,
following new technology and IWFs stringent specifications. Even today, the Eleiko bar is made from an exceptionally hard steel alloy. This
unique combination of material and heating process has been used since the beginning of the 60's when it was developed.
Lifetime Warranty
Standard Olympic Bars - Brushed Steel with bearings
Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTPOB-86 7ft Performance Olympic bar (tested to exceed 750kgs) 171.35 136.74 34.61
JO-JTNB-86-15 7ft Steel Series Bar (1500lbs / 681kg test) 103.73 82.78 20.95
JO-JTNB-86-7 7ft Steel Series Bar (1000lbs / 454kg test) 121.46 97.17 24.29
JO-JTNB-72-7 6ft Steel Series Bar 95.00 75.81 19.19
JO-JTNB-60-7 5ft Steel Series Bar 89.36 71.31 18.05
JO-JTNB-48 Steel Series Curl Bar 77.17 61.58 15.59
JO-JTNB-48S Steel Series Super Curl Bar 77.17 61.58 15.59
JO-JTC-03 Spring collar fit to Olympic bar (pair) 5.98 4.77 1.21
Eleiko Olympic Bars - International Training Bars
Code Product FIT Quote Price
ES-112-0200 Eleiko International Training Bar - 20kg 650.00
ES-113-0050 Eleiko Youth and Technique Training Bar 325.00
ES-112-0150 Eleiko International Training Bar (women) 650.00
ES-131-0050 Eleiko Competition Collars 175.00
ES-122-1400 Eleiko Training Disc Set - 140kg 1,266.00
ES-121-0025 Eleiko Olympic WL Technique Disc - 2.5 kg 105.00
ES-121-0050 Eleiko Olympic WL Technique Disc - 5.0 kg 155.00
ES-3001120-10 Eleiko Olympic WL Training Disc - 10 kg, coloured 145.00
ES-3001120-15 Eleiko Olympic WL Training Disc - 15 kg, coloured 195.00
ES-3001120-20 Eleiko Olympic WL Training Disc - 20 kg, coloured 220.00
ES-3001120-25 Eleiko Olympic WL Training Disc - 25 kg, coloured 265.00
Free Weights
Storage Station 404.99
Great rack to keep all your bars, discs and clamps
one place
* discs, bars and attachments not included
Multi Purpose Storage Rack
Great rack to keep all your clamps, grips, bars and
attachments in one place to keep your gym looking
* discs, bars and attachments not included
Attachment Rack 296.56
Holds 15 different attachments in this great value
vertical storage rack
Without Attachments:
JO-JTMR-01 Attachment Rack 107.33
With 15 Attachments:
JO-JTMR-01 Attachment Rack & Atts 296.56
Heavy Duty Plate Holder 155
Heavy Duty Plate Holder designed to hold up to
600kg of Olympic weight plates.
6x 300mm long Weight Pins.
Comes complete with two Olympic Bar vertical
storage holders
Olympic Bar Holder 69.15
Holds 9 Olympic bars, lighter weight construction
but great value for keeping Olympic bars We
recommend this version is secured to the floor for
Olympic Bar Holder
Vertical Bar storage suitable for Olympic bars of any
type. Very efficient way to store and protect your
4 Bars 95
6 bars 120
8 bars 140
10 bars 160
Single Sided Plate Holder 107.07
Designed to hold up to 300kg of Olympic weight
plates. 3x 300mm long Weight Pins. Sits neatly
against a wall - very space efficient storage of
your Olympic Discs.
Comes fitted with convenient vertical storage for
2 Olympic Bars.
Dumbbell Collars 37.24
These Collars are extremely Heavy Duty and when clamped down on the bar
are totally solid thanks to the two M12 locking bolts. Best of all they are only
20mm thick so will take up very little of the valuable space on your normal or
Thick Grip Dumbbell Handles.
Chain Collars 37.24
Our Heavy Duty Chain Collars make attaching chains to any Olympic Bar v
ery easy. The long prongs allow the chains to be positioned out wide if
required to keep them away from the base of the Power Rack/Squat Rack etc.
Bulldog Clamps 28
Made from aluminium with a turning bolt to secure this high quality and
durable clamp
Chain Set 104.25
Comprising - 13.5kg 60/1524 length with collar - 20mm (pair)
Chain Set 147.20
Comprising - 20kg 60/1524 length with collar - 25mm (pair)
Chain Set 189.05
Comprising - 27kg 60/1524 length with collar - 30mm (pair)
Clamp Collars 26.56

Quick and easy locking clamp, ideal for lighter weight Olympic bar work.
These are easier to use than spring collars and perfect for those with a
weaker grip Made from tough ABS plastic with rubber inserts
Heavy Duty Straps 25
Need some really Heavy Duty Pulling Straps? The Sled Straps are Incredibly
Strong and perfect for use with our Sleds or Prowlers.
Micro Plate Ultimate Set 121.03
Set consists of - 2prs of 0.5kg Discs (Red)
2prs of 0.25kg Discs (Blue)
2prs of 0.125kg Discs (Green)
1x Precision Laser Cut Disc Holder.
Spring Collars 5.87
Basic quick release collars, sold as a pair
Free Weights
Functional Strength
TRX Pro Suspension Trainer
Code TRX Professional Suspension Trainer SRP FIT Quote Price
Includes laminated workout card and All Body
Express DVD
Adjustable from 1.8m to 3.6m to accommodate all
sizes and abilities
The TRX enables more than 300 upper and lower
body exercises
Easily switch from exercise to exercise in less
than 15 seconds
Integrated foot cradles for ground based training
Integral carabiner with locking tooth to ensure
safety while training
Use it just about anywhere!!! 152.00 123.50
Jungle Gym XT
(Bodyweight Suspension Training System)
Code Jungle Gym XT SRP FIT Quote Price
The Jungle Gym XT offers new and enhanced
features and design aesthetics to what is arguably
the hottest category in fitness today! 81.96 76.30
Includes instructional DVD, setup manual and exercise booklet
Two ndustrial suspension straps {8 feet each}
Two ntegrated easy-wipe handles and Easy-n Foot CradlesTM
Two comfortable inline ad]ustment buckles
Two Non-scuff door anchors
Two 8trap end ad]ustors
One Duro-LinkTM
One nstructional DVD with brochure
One Large, full colour workout wall chart
Buying Advice
This style of exercise has hit the big time in the last 2 years with popularity amongst professional athletes, MMA sports and personal trainers alike. Over 300 exercises can be performed using the suspension trainers you are
only limited by your imagination. You can hook your suspension trainer to trees and lamp posts so you can virtually train anywhere.
Within the gym, you can hook them over cable cross-overs, DAPs or Power Racks. These systems are fantastic value for money, and a return on investment will be almost immediate by running group exercise classes and PT
sessions with them. A must have for all gymsl
Functional Strength
CrossCore 180
Introductory Price Only 185.00
Why not get a pull-up rig to use with the CrossCore 180 so you can run classes
BP-CC180 CrossCore 180 Suspension Trainer 185.00
The Cross Core 180
One of the most exciting new products we have seen recently is the CrossCore 180 Suspension Training System. This is very different to the TRX or FitKit Pro models as it has a pulley rather than 2 fixed handle lengths. The
pulley wheel can be locked to hold its position and once the pin is pulled out, the CrossCore 180 comes into its own making your core stabiliser muscles work much harder.
Functional Strength
Code Medicine Balls with double handles SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTMEDDG-5 5kg (Mauve) 29.38 23.45 5.93
JO-JTMEDDG-6 6kg (Yellow) 32.44 25.89 6.55
JO-JTMEDDG-7 7kg (Green) 35.30 28.17 7.13
JO-JTMEDDG-8 8kg (Red) 39.38 31.43 7.95
JO-JTMEDDG-9 9kg (Blue) 43.46 34.68 8.78
JO-JTMEDDG-10 10kg (Orange) 44.28 35.34 8.94
Code Medicine Balls without handles SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTGMED-01 1kg (Grey / pale blue) 11.24 8.97 2.27
JO-JTGMED-02 2kg (Grey / pink) 13.62 10.87 2.75
JO-JTGMED-03 3kg (Grey/ deep blue) 15.97 12.74 3.23
JO-JTGMED-04 4kg (Grey/ pale orange) 18.34 14.64 3.70
JO-JTGMED-05 5kg (Grey/ mauve) 21.24 16.95 4.29
JO-JTGMED-06 6kg (Grey/ yellow) 23.33 18.62 4.71
JO-JTGMED-07 7kg (Grey/green) 25.98 20.73 5.25
JO-JTGMED-08 8kg (Grey/ red) 28.33 22.61 5.72
JO-JTGMED-09 9kg (Grey/ blue) 31.38 25.04 6.34
JO-JTGMED-10 10kg (Grey/ orange) 34.17 27.27 6.90
JO-JTGMED-P1 5 x Med Balls and vertical rack (1kg-5kg) 147.87 118.00 29.87
JO-JTGMED-P2 5 x Med Balls and vertical rack (6kg-10kg) 210.65 168.10 42.55
JO-JTGMED-P3 15 x Med Balls and horizontal rack (1 x 1, 2, 8, 9 & 10kg and 2 x 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7kg) 488.16 389.55 98.61
JO-JTGMED-P4 18 x Med Balls and horizontal rack (3 x 2kg-7kg) 515.14 411.08 104.06
Code Rebounder SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTMBR Medicine Ball Rebounder 299.00 238.60 60.40
Code Tornado Ball SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTTB-02 2kg Tornado Ball - Red 21.38 17.06 4.32
JO-JTTB-03 3kg Tornado Ball - Grey 23.90 19.07 4.83
JO-JTTB-04 4kg Tornado Ball - Dark Blue 26.59 21.22 5.37
JO-JTTB-05 5kg Tornado Ball - Orange 28.85 23.02 5.83
Buying tip: Lighter weight medicine balls (1-3kgs) are best with rebounders
Code Cast Iron Kettlebell (each) SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKB-4C 4kg 8.11 6.47 1.64
JO-JTKB-8C 8kg 16.25 12.97 3.28
JO-JTKB-12C 12kg 24.38 19.46 4.92
JO-JTKB-16C 16kg 32.50 25.94 6.57
JO-JTKB-20C 20kg 40.64 32.43 8.21
JO-JTKB-24C 24kg 48.77 38.92 9.85
JO-JTKB-28C 28kg 60.15 48.00 12.15
JO-JTKB-32C 32kg 65.02 51.89 13.13
JO-JTKB-40C 40kg 81.29 64.87 16.42
Code Coloured Neoprene Covered Kettlebell (each) SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKBC-04 4kg - Blue 9.72 7.76 1.95
JO-JTKBC-08 8kg - Yellow 19.48 15.55 3.93
JO-JTKBC-12 12kg - Red 29.23 23.33 5.90
JO-JTKBC-16 16kg - Orange 38.97 31.10 7.87
JO-JTKBC-20 20kg - Green 48.71 38.87 9.84
JO-JTKBC-24 24kg - Grey 58.45 46.64 11.81
JO-JTKBC-28 28kg - Black 68.19 54.42 13.77
JO-JTKBC-32 32kg - Dark Blue 77.92 62.18 15.74
JO-JTKBC-40 40kg - Purple 97.41 77.73 19.68

Functional Strength
Code Competition Kettlebell (each) SRP FIT Quote Price Save
WV-CKB8 8KG Competition Kettlebell (Pink) 20.20 17.56 2.64
WV-CKB10 10KG Competition Kettlebell (Sky Blue) 25.25 21.95 3.30
WV-CKB12 12KG Competition Kettlebell (Blue) 30.29 26.33 3.96
WV-CKB14 14KG Competition Kettlebell (L Brown) 35.34 30.72 4.62
WV-CKB16 16KG Competition Kettlebell (Yellow) 40.39 35.11 5.28
WV-CKB18 18KG Competition Kettlebell (L Purple) 45.44 39.50 5.94
WV-CKB20 20KG Competition Kettlebell (Purple) 50.49 43.89 6.60
WV-CKB22 22KG Competition Kettlebell (L Green) 55.54 48.28 7.26
WV-CKB24 24KG Competition Kettlebell (Green) 60.59 52.67 7.92
WV-CKB26 26KG Competition Kettlebell (Black) 65.64 57.06 8.58
WV-CKB28 28KG Competition Kettlebell (Orange) 70.69 61.45 9.24
WV-CKB32 32KG Competition Kettlebell (Red) 80.78 70.22 10.56
WV-CKB36 36KG Competition Kettlebell (Gray) 90.88 79.00 11.88
WV-CKB40 40KG Competition Kettlebell (White 100.98 87.78 13.20
WV-CKB44 44KG Competition Kettlebell (Silver) 111.08 96.56 14.52
WV-CKB48 48KG Competition Kettlebell (Gold) 121.18 105.34 15.84

Code Russian Cast Iron Kettlebell (each) SRP FIT Q Price Save
WV-RUKB4 4KG Competition Kettlebell (Pink) 9.49 8.25 1.24
WV-RUKB6 6KG Competition Kettlebell (Blue) 14.23 12.37 1.86
WV-RUKB8 8KG Competition Kettlebell (Pink) 18.97 16.49 2.48
WV-RUKB10 10KG Competition Kettlebell (Sky Blue) 23.72 20.62 3.10
WV-RUKB12 12KG Competition Kettlebell (Blue) 28.46 24.74 3.72
WV-RUKB14 14KG Competition Kettlebell (L Brown) 33.20 28.86 4.34
WV-RUKB16 16KG Competition Kettlebell (Yellow) 37.94 32.98 4.96
WV-RUKB20 20KG Competition Kettlebell (Purple) 47.43 41.23 6.20
WV-RUKB24 24KG Competition Kettlebell (Green) 56.92 49.48 7.44
WV-RUKB26 26KG Competition Kettlebell (Black) 61.66 53.60 8.06
WV-RUKB28 28KG Competition Kettlebell (Orange) 66.40 57.72 8.68
WV-RUKB32 32KG Competition Kettlebell (Red) 75.89 65.97 9.92
WV-RUKB36 36KG Competition Kettlebell (Gray) 85.37 74.21 11.16
WV-RUKB40 40KG Competition Kettlebell (White 94.86 82.46 12.40
WV-RUKB44 44KG Competition Kettlebell (Silver) 104.35 90.71 13.64
WV-RUKB48 48KG Competition Kettlebell (Gold) 113.83 98.95 14.88
Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKBR Kettlebell Rack (stores a full set of 9) 141.26 112.73 28.53
Dimensions - 840mm (Height) x 530mm (Width) x 1220mm (Length)
Code Cast Iron Kettlebell Packs SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKB-CP1 Womens Beginner Kettlebell Set 48.74 38.89 9.85
(1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg)
JO-JTKB-CP2 Beginner Kettlebell Set 97.54 77.84 19.70
(1 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg)
JO-JTKB-CP3 Intermediate Kettlebell Set 149.56 119.35 30.21
(1 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg)
JO-JTKB-CP4 Advanced Kettlebell Set 206.46 164.76 41.70
(1 x 28kg, 1 x 32kg, 1 x 40kg)
Code Coloured Neoprene Covered Kettlebell Packs SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKB-NP1 Womens Beginner Kettlebell Set 58.45 46.64 11.81
(1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg)
JO-JTKB-NP2 Beginner Kettlebell Set 116.92 93.90 23.62
(1 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg)
JO-JTKB-NP3 Intermediate Kettlebell Set 175.35 139.93 35.42
(1 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg)
JO-JTKB-NP4 Advanced Kettlebell Set 243.52 194.33 49.19
(1 x 28kg, 1 x 32kg, 1 x 40kg)
Code Kettlebells & Rack Sets SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTKB-CP5 Cast Iron Kettlebell Set 445.21 355.28 89.93
(1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg, 1 x Kettlebell Rack)
JO-JTKB-NP5 Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell Set 501.70 400.36 101.34
(1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg, 1 x Kettlebell Rack)
JO-JTKB-RC5 Black Rubber Chrome Handle Kettlebell Set (10 kettlebells & rack) 530.81 423.59 107.22
(1 x 4kg, 1 x 6kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 10kg, 1 x 12kg, 1 x 14kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 18kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg &
1 x Kettlebell Rack)
Functional Strength
Alpha Strong THY Coach 63.84
Weight capacity 7kg - 18kg
Load weight using the easy access, wide mouth, double closure opening
ncludes No Leak inner sandbag that holds up to 50 pounds {sand not included}
Triple set handle configuration for maximum versatility
Buying Guide
Sandbag Training going global:
8andbags have been around for decades, in underground fitness facilities, old school
gyms, garages, years of strong men, lifting these odd heavy ob]ects off the floor, but in
the last 3 years sandbags have been introduced to the mainstream fitness world,
because of the benefits to training with this tool.

Benefits: Gym owners, Coaches, ndividuals.
Can do multiple exercise drills standing in one position.
Used for most single and multi-]oint movements.
nexpensive compared to most traditional equipment.
Both Beginners or Pros get results.
Can be used in combination with Kettle bells, Bands, clubs, etc.
Used for ndividual Training, Boot Camps, Hybrid Training, HTT Training and
Group Training.
Conditioning for Athletes, Martial Artists, Arm forces and Firefighters.

Why Alpha Strong Bags?
Alpha 8trong 8andbags are way ahead of the curve. Alpha 8trong bags are simple,
strong, made to lastl These are the first sandbags on the market that have function
driven handles in multiple places on the bags and balls for easy handling and versatility.
You can do non-traditional moves by not using the handles or traditional moves like
pulls, pushes, lifts, throws utilizing the handles.
Alpha 8trong bags feel like traditional sandbags, the sand shifts as you move them;
we call it fighting the bagl Alpha 8trong bags are made out of durable fabric that can
take punishmentl They are constructed to hold up under the most intense exercise
We started testing Alpha 8trong bags in gyms that have used this type of
equipment for years with no success in longevity of the equipment. Broken liners,
ripped handles and inferior materials, have been a frustration in using this type of tool
effectively, but they are no longer an issue with Alpha 8trong bags.
Alpha Strong THY Beast 79.80
Weight capacity 18kg - 36kg
Load weight using the easy access, wide mouth, double closure opening
ncludes No Leak inner sandbag that holds up to 80 pounds {sand not included}
Triple set handle configuration for maximum versatility
Alpha Bag Racks 319.19
Holds up to 13 bags
Rubber trays prevent damage to bags
Oval steel frame
Tuff Coat paint finish
Colour - 8ilver
H 1608mm x W 2050mm x D 685mm
Alpha Bag Racks 75.38
Holds 5 Powerbags/Alpha bags
Oval steel frame
Tuff Coat paint finish
Colour - 8ilver
H 1420mm x W 580mm x D 680mm
Alpha Strong THY Sand-Ball 47.88
Weight capacity 4.5kg - 13.5kg
Load weight using the easy access, wide mouth, double closure opening
ncludes No Leak inner sandbag that holds up to 30 pounds {sand not included}
Double set handle configuration for maximum versatility
Functional Strength
6 ergonimically designed, padded, reinforced handles
Rugged high-count nylon outer shell will outlast any other sandbag available
Stress points reinforced with tripled stitch bar-tacked zigzag stitching
Easy weight adjustments via double protected wide mouth opening and no leak inner lining
Combat Handle
The Combat Handle for use with any of our Grapplers. This Heavy Duty
Combat Handle will bring even more training options into your Grappler
training. The Combat Handle slides straight onto any Olympic Bar and offers
a great way to train throwing/twisting movements as well as Overhead
WA-GR005 Combat Handle 46.55
T Bar Handle
A very economical way to work the T Bar Row. The T Bar Row Handle is
another great attachment for the Grappler. Simply load the bar with weight,
slide on the T Bar Row handle and push out some reps of this amazing, back
building exercise.
WA-GR006 T Bar Handle 46.55
Single Grappling Handle
This Heavy Duty Single Grappler Handle will slide onto any Olympic Bar and
provide a solid handle for performing Single Arm Rows/Presses. Sold
singularly but 2 can be used together on our Double Grapplers for even more
challenging workouts.
WA-GR007 Single Grappling Handle 32.59
The Prowler or Pushing Sled
This allows pushing from a variety of different heights
and angles Sled pulling/ pushing is becoming more and
more popular as people begin to realise the benefits
of this type of training.
WA-PLLO010 The Prowler or Pushing Sled 386.37
The heaviest duty sled on the market comes complete with a pair of our
own long, heavy duty sled straps and can be pulled on just about any surface
in or outdoors. The sled is double sided so it can be pulled from either end.
WA-PLLO012 Sled 135.00
Ultimate Grappler Package
Consists of
Grappler Double with Weight Pins
Combat Handle
T Bar Handle
2x Single Grappling Handles
WA-GR009 Ultimate Grappler Package 295.00
Performance Sled
Great value sled, can be pushed and pulled. Heavy Duty pulling straps
also included.
JO-JTPS Performance Sled 79.35
Grappler - Single with Weight Pins
This version of our heavy duty Grappler has 2 Olympic weight pins to enable
you to keep the pivoting end of the Grappling bar secure without bolting it
down. Adding 2x 20kg Plates will make your Grappler extremely solid and
avoid any slipping or moving when in use.
WA-GR002 Grappler - Single with Weight Pins 125.69
Grappler - Double with Weight Pins
This version of our heavy duty Grappler has 2 Olympic weight pins to enable
you to keep the pivoting end of the Grappling bar secure without bolting it
down. Adding 2x 20kg Plates will make your Grappler extremely solid and
avoid any slipping or moving when in use.
WA-GR001 Grappler - Double with Weight Pins 167.58
Functional Strength
Core plate
Multi-directional swivel allows rotational exercises and presses
for core strength training, as well as stability and rotational
strength and upper body mobility.
JO-JTCP Core plate 88.04
Functional Strength
Grappling Rope
25mm diameter Rope perfect for all types of Grappling/Battling training. Training with Ropes is a great way to burn fat and condition the whole body
including the core muscles. The Grappling Rope is 10 Meters long as standard and can be ordered in 25mm and 44mm thicknesses.
Code Grappling Rope FIT Quote Price
JO-JTTR-25 10m Non Fray black rope - (each) - 25mm thickness 60.58
JO-JTTR-44 10m Non Fray red rope - (each) - 44mm thickness 120.41
Power Bands
High quality and durable power bands can be used for: speed and agility training, jumping * plyometrics, aerobics, stretching, flexibility exercises, general conditioning,
prehabilitation, rehabilitation and assisted pull-ups and dips
Code Resistance Band FIT Quote Price
WV-RB-SM Resistance Band Small / Purple 9.42
WV-RB-ME Resistance Band Medium / Green 11.64
WV-RB-LG Resistance Band Large / Blue 14.41

Grappling Handles
These will add a new dimension to any of these 'regular' movements by recruiting more muscle fibres and adding massively to the effectiveness of the exercise.
Available in 2", 2.5" and 3" thickness Each Grappling Handles runs on twin roller bearings so matter how much load is placed on them they will remain 'Ultra Smooth'.
Handles sold separately.
Code Grappling Handles FIT Quote Price
WA-SPAC008 Grappling Handles (sold separately) 65.00

Steel Gymnastic Rings
Solid steel British made rings. Powder coated finish, these are the heaviest, strongest
rings known to mankind. The straps is also included Every gym needs a set of these
Code Steel Gymnastic Rings FIT Quote Price
WV-GRS Steel Gymnastic Rings 38.79
Gymnastic Rings
High quality and durable ring and a great price. The straps are also included
Code ABS Gymnastic Rings FIT Quote Price
WV-GRA ABS Gymnastic Rings 24.94
Functional Strength
Genuine Bulgarian Bags
The Suples Bulgarian Bags are made of the highest quality leather available and filled to exact weight specifications with both wool and sand.
The unique shape of the bag created by Ivan Ivanov is designed to acheive both upper and lower body training. The three different types of
handles allow athletes to perform mulitple exercises with different grips, and each bag has color coded straps to quicly and easily identify
size and weight. Suples Training bags deliver a total body workout that will bring your conditioning to a whole new level!

Sizing Recommendations:
Extra 8mall Bag {Yellow 8traps} - For Athletes 27.5 - 45 kgs.
8mall Bag {Green 8traps} - For Athletes 45.5 - 68 kgs.
Medium Bag {Red 8traps} - For Athletes 68.5 - 86 kgs.
Large Bag {Grey 8traps} - For Athletes 86.5 - 130 kgs.
Extra Large Bag {Brown 8traps} - Athletes that are physically well prepared with
good strength and conditioning.
WV-BBL-5 Bulgarian Bag Leather 5kg 121.36
WV-BBL-8 Bulgarian Bag Leather 8kg 127.45 WV-BBV-8 Bulgarian Bag Vinyl 8kg 110.93
WV-BBL-12 Bulgarian Bag Leather 12kg 138.53 WV-BBV-12 Bulgarian Bag Vinyl 12kg 115.88
WV-BBL-17 Bulgarian Bag Leather 17kg 171.79 WV-BBV-17 Bulgarian Bag Vinyl 17kg 120.59
WV-BBL-22 Bulgarian Bag Leather 22kg 212.25
Aqua Bags
Aqua Bags - Make a splash with the unstable alternative to the Core Bagll The Aqua bag is ]ust the training
tool you need to shake up any workout.

Product Features:

Filled with water, the Aqua Bag is a great resistance training aid that pushes the body to balance
against the pull of the bags instability
You can lift, carry, throw and slam the Aqua Bag to engage muscles from your shoulders down
through your core
WV-HYBAG-22 Aqua Bag Red / black 22kg capacity 44.33
WV-HYBAG-35 Aqua Bag Blue / 35kg capacity 49.88
Functional Strength
Indian Clubs
Indian Club training never really went away! The Marines Physical Training Instructors and the Army in General have kept the tradition
alive and now the UK's Personal Trainers and Martial Artists are starting to rediscover their benefits.
By adding Indian Clubs simple circular movements we can create extension in the joints, lubricating them, engaging the supporting
musculature, ligaments and tendons and gently encouraging a fuller range of motion.

For anyone involved in an activity where the shoulder girdle plays a major role (ie: Golf, basketball, tennis, throwing sports, combat sports
and martial arts) Indian Clubs provide a safe, effective warm up, deep recuperative benefits and a neuromuscular challenge.
WV-WIC-0.5 Wooden Indian Clubs pair 0.5kg 23.83
WV-WIC-1 Wooden Indian Clubs pair 1kg 29.93
WV-WIC-2 Wooden Indian Clubs 2kg 44.33
Power Club
Power Clubs are a tool that can be adapted to almost any type of training and are the first UK designed and purpose built Power Club.
At light weights they are increasingly being used for Dynamic Warm Up and for Shoulder Pre and Re-habilitation (2-4kg). As the load becomes
greater the exercises that can be completed become more complex and demanding resulting in a full body workout that especially taxes the
forearms and grip.

WV-CB2 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 2kg 41.01
WV-CB4 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 4kg 61.49
WV-CB5 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 5kg 63.01
WV-CB6 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 6kg 70.00
WV-CB8 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 8kg 80.48
WV-CB10 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 10kg 92.48
WV-CB12 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 12kg 109.99
WV-CB14 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 14kg 114.11
WV-CB16 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 16kg 119.70
WV-CB18 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 18kg 124.13
WV-CB20 Wolverson clubbell (Pair) 20kg 128.57
Suspension Training Station
ES-TRXFRAME5 TRX 5ft (1.5m) Suspension Frame 977.55
ES-TRXFRAME10 TRX 10ft (3m) Suspension Frame 1,187.03
ES-TRXFRAME15 TRX 15ft (4.5m) Suspension Frame 1,382.54
ES-TRXFRAME20 TRX 20ft (6m) Suspension Frame 1,578.05
TRX Door Anchor 19.88
TRX Door Anchor
TRX Rip Trainer 129.68
TRX Rip Trainer complements Suspension Training bodyweight exercise by
offering a total body workout emphasising rotational power and high velocity
TRX Rip Trainer
The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load which
enables development of core strength, explosive power, flexibility, and endurance through movement patterns
related to everyday life and sport. The Rip Trainer is scalable to all levels of fitness, easily portable and can be
used virtually anywhere by attaching it to any secure anchor point.
The Rip Trainer Basic DVD includes a 30-minute real-time workout as well as set up, safety and use instruction.
This kit also includes a 25-page, 18-exercise workout guide, a protective foam door anchor and a lightweight
carrying bag. Build 3-D strength because life comes at you from all angles.
Functional Strength
Functional Strength
PowerBag (Filled)
Code PowerBags FIT Quote Price
JO-JJL-PB-05 Jordan Powerbags - 5kg 35.11
JO-JJL-PB-10 Jordan Powerbags - 10kg 39.90
JO-JJL-PB-15 Jordan Powerbags - 15kg 43.89
JO-JJL-PB-20 Jordan Powerbags - 20kg 48.68
JO-JJL-PB-25 Jordan Powerbags - 25kg 52.67
CORDURA Sandbag (45kg & 75kg)
Fed-up with Powerbags falling apart? We have sourced, quite simply the
best functional lifting product on the market. These sand-bags can be filled
up to 50kgs and are practically indestructible!
Code Cordura Sandbags FIT Quote Price
WV-WUS-75 Wolverson Ultimate Sandbag 75 kg 49.88
WV-WAS-45 Wolverson Athlete Sandbag 45kg 38.79
Steel Bells
Steel Bells are a cross between a sandbag, a dumbbell, a barbell, a
medicine ball, a stability pod, and a kettlebell.
Code Steel Bells FIT Quote Price
ES-HWST5 SteelBell 5 lbs (2,3 kg) 23.28
ES-HWST10 SteelBell 10 lbs (4,5 kg) 36.31
ES-HWST15 SteelBell 15 lbs (6,8 kg) 49.34
ES-HWST20 SteelBell 20 lbs (9,1 kg) 63.31
ES-HWST25 SteelBell 25 lbs (11,3 kg) 73.55
ES-HWST30 SteelBell 30 lbs (13,7 kg) 88.45
ES-HWST40 SteelBell 40 lbs (18,1 kg) 109.86
ES-HWST50 SteelBell 50 lbs (22,7 kg) 130.34

Code ViPR FIT Quote Price
FP-VIP4 ViPR 4kg - Purple 87.71
FP-VIP6 ViPR 6kg - Red 96.74
FP-VIP8 ViPR 8kg - Blue 112.66
FP-VIP10 ViPR 10kg - Black 128.56
FP-VIP12 ViPR 12kg - Green 151.82
FP-VIP16 ViPR 16kg - Grey 161.24
FP-VIP20 ViPR 20kg - Black 186.79
ViPR Sets
FP-VIPS4 ViPR 4 Set - 1 x 4kg, 1 x 6kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 10kg 425.68
FP-VIPS8 ViPR 8 Set - 2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg 851.36
FP-VIPS14 ViPR 14 Set (inc 20kg) - 2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg,
2 x 10kg, 2 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg 1,851.03
Gym Accessories
Gym Accessories
Code Pro Fit Balls (Anti-burst) SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTCFB55 55cm Red - Boxed with pump 14.06 11.22
JO-JTCFB65 65cm Black - Boxed with pump 17.09 13.64
JO-JTCFB75 75cm Silver - Boxed with pump 19.20 15.32
JO-JTCFB-P1 3 x Pro Fit Balls and rack 143.63 114.62
(set includes 1 each 55cm, 65cm & 75cm)
JO-JTCFB-P2 5 x Pro Fit Balls and rack 182.30 145.48
(set includes 2 each 55cm & 65cm plus 1 of 75cm)
Code Fit Ball Racks SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTJSR-3 A) Fit Ball Rack - Holds 3 Balls 93.28 74.44
Colour - Silver

Dimensions - H 1530mm, W 765mm, L 765mm
JO-JTJSR-5 B) Fit Ball Rack - Holds 5 Balls 100.80 80.44
Colour - Silver

Dimensions - H1800, W 910, L 91mm
Code BOSU SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JLBOSU Commercial BOSU Balance Trainer with pump 105.00 100.00

Code Studio Resistance Bands SRP FIT Quote Price
WV-SRB-Y Studio Resistance Band with Foam Handles Yellow Easy UB 6.23 4.99
WV-SRB-R Studio Resistance Band with Foam Handles Red Moderate UB 6.93 5.54
WV-SRB-G Studio Resistance Band with Foam Handles Green Medium UB 7.62 6.10
WV-SRB-BE Studio Resistance Band with Foam Handles Blue Strong UB 8.31 6.65
WV-SRB-BK Studio Resistance Band with Foam Handles Black Very Strong UB 9.01 7.20
Gym Accessories
Foam Rollers
Code Foam Rollers SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTFRR Foam Round Roller 15.99 12.79
JO-JTFHR Foam Half Roller 10.66 8.53
Air Stability Disc
Code Air Stability Disc SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTASD Air Stability Disc 11.16 8.93
Wobble Board
Code Wobble Board SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JTSDR-S Wobble Board 18.80 15.04
Precision Pro Ab Cradle 218.12
Complete head and neck support. Head and arm pads made from durable
wipe clean moulded polyurethane for a comfortable fit. Frame made from
heavy duty steel tubing making it suitable for high use environments.
Sports Mats
Dimensions - 140cm x 60cm
JO-JLSM9 9mm Sports Mats 20.53
JO-JLSM17 19mm Sports Mats 31.86
JO-JLSMH Sports Mats Hanger 15.48
Available in Blue, Grey, Red, Orange, Green and Beige
ABMAT 9.98
Fitness Ab-mat. Scientifically proven to isolate your abdominal muscles.
Portable Design, Great for classes, Unique Design to ensure that you
conduct a 'correct' sit up.
Set of 4 steel Plyometric Platforms 210.37
Set of 4 Steel Plyometric Platforms. Stackable nest of four platforms.
Excellent for improving sprinting, jumping and explosive power.
Features non-slip rubber platform mats. Platform heights - 30.5cm,
45cm, 60cm and 76cm.
The Grid 30.26
The Grid: Revolutionary Foam Roller features Distrodensity Zones, Matrix
Technology, and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13" long and
5" in diameter.
ES-TPT-GRDB Grid (Black) 30.26
ES-TPT-GRDO Grid (Orange) 30.26
Gym Accessories
Code Attachment Description SRP FIT Quote Price Save
ES-CA112 Soft Grip Stirrup Handle 14.50 12.53 1.97
JO-JTMB-01 Single Cable Handle with rubber grip 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-02 V handle 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-03 Angled pressdown bar 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-04 Straight cable bar 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-05 Tricep rope (black) 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-06 Pivoting pressdown bar 17.66 14.13 3.53
JO-JTMB-07 Cable EZ curl bar 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTMB-08 Cable curl bar 17.66 14.13 3.53
JO-JTMB-09 Parallel grip lat pulldown bar - wide 23.10 18.48 4.62
JO-JTMB-10 Parallel grip lat pulldown bar - narrow 23.10 18.48 4.62
JO-JTMB-11 Close grip low row / pulldown handle 23.10 18.48 4.62
JO-JTMB-12 Single Tricep Rope 14.94 11.95 2.99
JO-JTRHMA-04 36 Standard Lat Pulldown Bar 23.10 18.48 4.62
JO-JTRHMB 48 Standard Lat Pulldown Bar 23.10 18.48 4.62
JO-JLMF427 Ankle Strap 15.37 12.76 2.62
JO-JTMB-13 Long Cable bar 53.37 42.70 10.68
JO-JTMB-14 Short Cable bar 23.32 18.66 4.67
PC-PACH Physical Ab Crunch hHarness 13.20 9.27 3.93
JO-JTAV-01 Attachment Vest 59.18 47.22 11.96
Studio Equipment
Studio Equipment
Code Studio Rep Sets SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTSBS Studio Barbell Set 55.39 44.20 11.19
Bar & spring collars
Discs: 2 x 1.25kg (Yellow) ,2 x 2,5kg (Blue),2 x 5kg (Red)
JO-JTSBS-P1 12 x Studio Barbell sets and Static rack 867.08 691.93 175.15
JO-JTSBS-P4 30 x Studio barbell sets and rack (lockable wheels) 1,990.51 1,588.43 402.08
JO-JTSBR-10 Studio Barbell Rack 173.77 138.67 35.10
JO-JTSBR-15 Studio Barbell Rack - Static 328.81 262.39 66.42
JO-JTSBR-15A Accessory pack (trays with rubber inserts) 102.63 81.90 20.73
Code Studio Barbell Discs SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTSB1.25 1.25kg Studio barbell disc (yellow) 3.36 2.68 0.68
JO-JTSB2.5 2.5kg Studio barbell disc (blue) 6.73 5.37 1.36
JO-JTSB5 5kg Studio barbell disc (red) 13.45 10.73 2.72
JO-JTSB10 10kg Studio barbell disc (grey) 26.92 21.48 5.44
Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTSBB Studio barbell 30mm bar 15.53 12.39 3.14
JO-JTSBC 30mm Spring Collars (pair) 2.99 2.39 0.60
JO-JTCC-30 Clamp Collars (pair) - 30mm 7.36 5.87 1.49
Colour: Grey
Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTFB-3 3kg (1000mm bar) 11.32 9.03 2.29
JO-JTFB-4 4kg (1000mm bar) 14.72 11.75 2.97
JO-JTFB-5 5kg (1000mm bar) 18.07 14.42 3.65
JO-JTFB-6 6kg (1100mm bar) 20.81 16.61 4.20
JO-JTFB-7 7kg (1250mm bar) 22.98 18.34 4.64
JO-JTFB-P1 40 x Fit Bars and rack
(10 x 3kg, 10 x 4kg, 10 x 5kg, 5 x 6kg, 5 x 7kg) 861.33 687.34 173.99
Code Product SRP FIT Quote Price Save
JO-JTSD-05N 0.5kg Pair (Yellow) 2.07 1.65 0.42
JO-JTSD-1N 1kg Pair (Red) 4.14 3.30 0.84
JO-JTSD-2N 2kg Pair (Orange) 8.26 6.59 1.67
JO-JTSD-3N 3kg Pair (Green) 12.40 9.90 2.50
JO-JTSD-4N 4kg Pair (Purple) 16.53 13.19 3.34
JO-JTSD-5N 5kg Pair (Black) 20.66 16.49 4.17
JO-JTSD-P1 Studio Dumbells and rack (42 pairs) 563.70 450.83 113.87
(8 x 0.5kg, 8 x 1kg, 10 x 2kg, 6 x 3kg, 6 x 4kg, 4 x 5kg)
JO-JTSDR-O Studio Dumbell Rack (new oval frame) - Silver 236.14 188.44 47.70
Original Step Risers (pairs) 10.28
Pink / Purple / Black
To increase the intensity of your workout using the original step, adjust the
height of your step platform quickly and easily with a pair of risers.
The Reebok Deck 110.79
The Reebok Deck offers effective cardio workouts based on stepping - one of
the most proven aerobic training formats - as its step height of 205mm is
perfect for low impact aerobics. If more intensity is required, it can be raised
to 355mm simply by flipping out the integral risers. Its low centre of mass
and durable non-slip rubber surface makes it very stable and safe in use.
Functional Risers Pink / Purple / Black 10.28
Each Functional riser is an angled original step riser that adds versatility and
allows the original step to be transformed from its normal flat position into a
stable, angled position.
* Price based on minimum order of 30 pairs
The Reebok Core Board 134.06
The Core Board can be used by both beginners and advanced users to
improve tone and function of the core muscles through its ability to tilt, twist
and recoil against the bodys movements.
Original Step Platform Green or Silver 28.71
Used by more than 28,000 health clubs worldwide, the original step will help
you achieve your fitness goals in no time. The lightweight, instantly adjustable
step platform has a shock absorbing, non-slip surface.
Original Step Platform Package 49.95
Used by more than 28,000 health clubs worldwide, the original step will help
you achieve your fitness goals in no time. The lightweight, instantly adjustable
step platform has a shock absorbing, non-slip surface. Available in Green or
Silver. Package deal includes: 1 platform and 4 risers.
The Reebok Step 55.86
The fitness professionals choice for 20 years. Fun is very much at the heart
of the studio and because it is experiencing resurgence with the fusion of
new and traditional classes, the Reebok Step is the essential addition to
any aerobic class.
Studio Equipment
Speed, Agility
& Quickness
Adjustable Hurdle 7.58
Adjustable hurdle. Simply twist to adjust height from 150mm to 300mm.
One piece construction means no assembly or pieces to lose.
Speed Resistor 39.50
Speed Resistor will add resistance to plyometric and explosive
multi-directional agility drills without compromising technique.
Speed Discs 8.78
Reebok Speed Discs are for use to mark out drills on any surface.
Low-profile design and high visibility colour makes these speed discs easy
to spot, but keeps them out of the way during use
One disc weighs 50g. Each set contains 12 discs
Hurdle - Lateral Endurance 41.10
Lateral Endurance Hurdle is an amazing tool for improving foot speed and
knee lift or for raising the intensity level of agility drill. Incorporate into any
sports performance or rehabilitation exercises.
Resistance Parachute 22.34
Easy step-in belt with anti-roll comfort feature.
Improved heavy duty webbing lead and veil fabric withstands heavy use.
Creates 25lbs of drag force. Carrying bag included.
Lightweight Skipping Rope 6.10
Lightweight Skipping Speed Rope, made from nylon the rope includes an
easy adjustment mechanism to match the ropes length to the users height
to ensure a perfect swing.
Agility Grid System 23.94
Offers the benefits of agility rings and dots, dot drill mats, ladders and
plyometrics in a extremely versatile, expandable piece of equipment for
improving agility, co-ordination, balance and foot speed. Set of 6 rings
Cones (Set of 6) 13.57
High Cones are ideal field or court markers for all training drills. High colour
contrast against turf, track, grass and indoor court surfaces.
+ Symmetrical shape and wide base, provides good stability making these
high cones essential to any training drills
Speed Ladder 26.73
The Speed Ladder is an amazing tool to work on change of direction and
quickness. Polypropylene inserts inside webbing ensure shatterproof rigid
rungs always lay flat and evenly spaced; reducing time spent resetting the
ladder between drills.
Lateral Speed Resistor 15.96
Lateral Speed Resistors can be used to improve leg muscles and increase
joint stability for better explosiveness. The low-profile hinge system allows
the athlete to gain maximum benefit from drills by allowing a greater range
of motion compared to other resistors, decreasing friction on ankles.
Speed, Agility & Quickness
Cardio Equipment
Cardio Equipment
Concept2 Model D & Concept2 Model E
Indoor Rowing is a full body workout and can provide a robust base fitness for almost anyone, whether to
complement their training or simply to live a healthier life. This is how it works the body:
The Legs: Each stroke involves full compression and extension of the legs, working the muscles of
the calves, thighs, buttocks and hips in a low impact way that is much kinder on the knees than
most activities that build leg strength
The Core: Indoor rowing is one of the few activities that will work your core abdominal and back
muscles. Fitness experts believe a strong core yields numerous benefits, from a stronger back to
better posture
The Upper Body: Indoor rowing will strengthen and tone your shoulders, back and arms
The Heart & Lungs: Because it engages so many muscle groups simultaneously, indoor rowing is
great for improving cardiovascular health and fitness
Standard Features on all Indoor Rowers
Aluminium rail capped with a stainless steel track designed for smooth action
Flexfoot footrests ad]ust for quick and easy sizing
Frame lock mechanism makes it easy to separate into two pieces for storage
Air fan engineered to minimise noise while providing the smooth feel of rowing on water
Ergonomic handle allows for natural arm and hand position while rowing
Easily ad]ustable air damper controls the feel of the rowing stroke
Caster wheels make it mobile
The Model D & E - our best quality ndoor Rowers yetl
Concept 2 Model Prices
Code Model FIT Quote Price
CO-C2DPM3 Concept 2 Model D PM3 998.75
CO-C2DPM4 Concept 2 Model D PM4 1,131.65
CO-C2EPM4 Concept 2 Model E PM4 1,301.30

CO-C2SKIPM3 SkiErg PM3 771.26
CO-C2SKIPM4 SkiErg PM4 877.65
Buying Advice
The Concept2 Indoor Rower is the best selling rowing machine in the world and is built to last. It is
designed to cope with years of extreme, high volume punishment and every machine meets the same
rigorous quality control standard. t can be found in almost every gym, rowing club and Olympic training
venue in the UK and is fundamental to every rowers training and testing programme. It is also used for
cross training within almost every other sport including Formula 1, athletics, sailing, triathlon, rugby,
football and basketball.
Rowing on the Indoor Rower is impact-free. You can row as hard or as easily as you want and as a result,
thousands of customers every month find rowing on the Concept2 Indoor Rower to be the best full-body
workout available. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness and there are various
adaptations that can be added to the machine to make it accessible for people with a large range of
disabilities, making indoor rowing a truly inclusive activity.
A Sport in Its Own Right
The Concept2 Indoor Rower is the only fitness machine to have created a sport, indoor rowing, made
possible by the unique accuracy of the Performance Monitor. To this day the sport can only take place on
Concept2 Indoor Rowers. Every year over 25,000 people around the world compete in indoor rowing races.
There are events for all levels of competitor, from the world championships through to casual local
competitions, with the world's largest race being the British ndoor Rowing Championship {BRC}. As you
will find, indoor rowing can be strangely addictive and it is perhaps for this reason above all others that the
BIRC is now the UKs largest one day indoor participatory sports event.
Cardio Equipment
Free Wheel X-Bike 1000 1075.00
Commercial Grade frame
Comfort 8eat
8tainless Hardware
8traight Handlebars
Metal Bar Ends
Water Bottle Bracket
Transport Wheels
Metallic Paint & clear coat system
Asembly Tool Kit & 8torage Unit
Drive System
18kg Flywheel
Chain Drive Free Wheel 8ystem
sis Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket Locking Ring
High 8trength Aluminium Cranks
Toe strap and clips
8ingle side 8PD Pedals
Bike Dimension (m/in)
Length 1.26/49.6 Width 0.74/29.1 Height 1.08/42.5
Bike Weights: Bike Weight 65/143 {kg/lb} Max User Weight 136/301 {kg/lb}
Buying Advice
Free Wheel X-Bike 1000
The X-Bike 1000 is the only free wheel
indoor cycle that features Trixter's patented
X-Bar handlebar mechanism that allows the
rider to functionally engage the upper body
and core musculature, while the legs do the
This exercise offers enhanced total-body
fitness benefits while bringing the natural
movements of outdoors cycling indoors.
The handlebar movement also promotes
improved balance and coordination
functions further enhancing the
effectiveness of regular X-Bike rides.
The use of a freewheeling drive train allows
the rider to coast' facilitating superior
training flexibility and unrivalled safety
while the 32-position Grip8hifter makes for
effortless pedal resistance modulation.
Riding X-Bike is as easy and natural as
riding a bicycle outdoors and the fitness
benefits are truly remarkable.
t's total-body biking and it's far from
Commercial Grade frame with
Metallic Paint and clear coat system
High 8trength Aluminium Cranks
sis Bottom Bracket
Comfort 8eat with Microad]ustable
height and reach
Ad]ustable leveller feet Transport
wheels for easy positioning and

25 per bike for delivery
Cardio Equipment
Trixter X-Dream
Commercial Grade frame
Comfort 8eat
8tainless Hardware
Riser Handlebars
Non 8lip Bar Ends
Comfort Handlebar Grips
Water Bottle Bracket
Metallic Paint and clear coat system
Drive System
14kg Flywheel
Ouiet Belt Drive 8ystem
Electronically Controlled Resistance
88 Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket Locking Ring
High 8trength Aluminium Cranks
Toe strap and clips
8ingle side 8PD Pedals
Bike Dimension (m/in)
Length 1.61m/63.4in Width 0.72m/28.4in Height 1.66m/65.35in
Bike Weights: Bike Weight 105kg/231lb Max User W eight 136kg/302lb
Buying Advice
The Xdream is the first fitness product to
successfully integrate accurate real-life
simulation, total-body cardiovascular
conditioning, and a motivational
personalised training program. t's
challenging, it's competitive, it's engaging,
it's rewarding, but most of all it's great funl
Quick Start
Just push the green button and off you gol
Take a ride in parkland, in the highlands,
in semi-arid or desert locations. A great
way to introduce yourself to the world of
the Xdream and to get familiar with its
controls. t's ]ust like the real thing. Once
you've finished your race, you will be
prompted to create a user profile so that all
your races and details can be saved for the
next time you ride.
Xdream Fitness
This is your own expert personal training
programme. The Xdream allows the
member to enter a stunning virtual world
with five other riders. Create your own
profile based on your own body, complexion
and your taste in clothing. 8elect how much
data feedback you want on your screen and
you're ready to start your own personalised
workout schedule.
Xdream Multiplayer Feature
Now that you have got the hang of this bike
it's time to ride with some friends and start
pushing each other further. The Xdream is
capable of having up to six riders racing
against each other in any one race.
We have three main organised race events;
Fastest Lap Challenge, Race Night and
Knockout will provide your facility with the
perfectly organised event to generate a real
buzz and excitement.
Punch Mitt 12.37
Polyurethane glove, keeps the hand cool and dry during use. Stylish carbon
optic effect finish, combination of elastic & velcro improves wrist support.
JO-JLBOX-PML Punch Mitt - Large/Xlarge PU
JO-JLBOX-PMM Punch Mitt - Small/Medium PU
100% Cotton Hand Wrap (pair)
With thumb attachment and velcro fastening.
JO-JLBOX-HW3 Hand Wrap 100% cotton - 3m (red) 2.39
JO-JLBOX-HW3.5 Hand Wrap 100% cotton - 3.5m (black) 2.79
MMA Sparring Gloves (pair) 18.80
Quality leather padded sparring glove. Red, Grey or Black leather with black
palm. Open leather finger grip, thumb protection with velcro wrist fastening.
JO-JLMMA-SGM MMA Sparring Glove - Medium (leather)
JO-JLMMA-SGL MMA Sparring Glove - Large (leather)
JO-JLMMA-SGXL MMA Sparring Glove - Xlarge (leather)
Curved Focus Mitts (pair) 23.54
One size fits all, quality full leather mitt (grey/black). Traditional curved oval
shape, extra wrist support. Thick padding for protection & shock absorbtion
JO-JLBOX-CFM Jordan Curved Focus Mitt (Leather) pair
Training Gloves 21.55
Quality leather glove, keeps the hand cool and dry during use. Wide
comfortable punch line with high density, impact resistance foam. Wide
wrist support and velcro fastener, ntended for use in fitness training.
Available in sizes
JO-JLBOX-TG08 Training Glove 8oz (leather)
JO-JLBOX-TG10 Training Glove 10oz (leather)
JO-JLBOX-TG12 Training Glove 12oz (leather)
Thai Pad (PVC) 17.15 (each)
Thai style training pad with heavy duty laminated PVC. Reinforced handle,
double arm straps with velcro fasteners, lightweight and shock absorbent
high impact foam. Dimensions: H40cm x W21cm x D10cm
Combat Equipment
3ft Foldiing Wall Bracket 81.48
3ft Folding Wall Bracket
JO-JLBOXFWB-03 3ft Folding Wall Bracket
2ft Fixed Wall Bracket 27.16
2ft Fixed Wall Bracket
JO-JLBOXWB-02 2ft Fixed Wall Bracket
3ft Fixed Wall Bracket 31.68
3ft Fixed Wall Bracket
JO-JLBOXWB-03 3ft Fixed Wall Bracket
Swivel Clip for Heavy Punch Bag 6.26
Swivel Clip for Heavy Punch Bag
JO-JLBOX-SCHPB Jordan Swivel Clip for Heavy Punch Bag
2ft Foldiing Wall Bracket 27.16
2ft Folding Wall Bracket
JO-JLBOXFWB-02 2ft Folding Wall Bracket
Combat Equipment
Leather Speed Ball 10.06
Full leather speed ball with reinforced leather loop, colour - red/grey, shaped
and balanced for accurate re-bounds.
JO-JLBOX-SB Jordan Leather Speed Ball
Leather Punching Ball 13.17
Full leather, inflatable punching ball, Colour - red/grey, Double ended fixing
points for focused strike. Shock cords included.
JO-JLBOX-PB Jordan Leather Punching Ball
4 in 1 Boxing Station 422.14
Heavy duty 4 station bag frame, Can be used simultaneously by 4 people
Free standing unit ideal for fitness studios. No floor fixings required (optional).
Silver finish extremely durable. Speedball platform and swivel included.
(bags not included)
Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook 10.87
Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook
JO-JLBOXCH-01 Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook
Heavy & Extra Heavy Punch Bags
Quality leather bag, comes complete with chains and basic swivel
JO-JLBOX-PB01 Extra Heavy Punch Bag (47kg-50kg) 135.66
JO-JLBOX-PB02 Heavy Punch Bag (26kg-28kg) leather 95.76
Benches, Racks &
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Animal Cage - Complete System
FIT Quote Price 3,415
Animal Power Rack Training System. This unbeatable Power Rack/Platform/Bench package is based
around our incredible new Animal Cage. Every conceivable extra is included from Dual Chinning Bars to
Chain Storage - Just add weight for the most productive, intense workouts of your life! This complete
system includes:
Animal Cage {see features below}
Animal Platform with Ramp and Personalised Logo
Heavy Duty Ad]ustable Bench with Wheels and Handle
2" Thick Olympic Bar and EZ Curl Bar included
Built from 70x70mm heavy gauge box section, Our new Animal Cage is the Heaviest Duty, most
Sophisticated and Versatile Power Rack available - Anywhere!
Combined with our new Animal Platform {designed specifically for the Animal Cage with Personalised Logo
and Bench Ramp included}, Heavy Duty Ad]ustable Bench and our Amazingly Popular Thick Bars, this
system has everything the most serious athlete could need for the most intense workouts {]ust add
Olympic Weightsl}
Features on the Ultimate Cage include:
Heaviest Duty Construction seen on any Commercial Power Rack
8umo Base
Walk Through Design
Ultra Close Hole 8pacing with 44 Laser Cut holes for Ultimate Accuracy and Finish
25mm and 50mm Dual Chinning Bars
Variable Width Dipping Bars
Band/Chain 8torage {not shown}
Top and Bottom Band Pegs {not shown}
2 Bar Holders
8 Weight 8torage Pins
Black 8cratch Resistant Uprights
2 Heavy Duty 8afety Pins
2 Ouick Change 8afety Bars
Massive 900mm Deep Training Area
Lifetime Commercial Warranty
Area required for this system - 3200mm x 2500mm; Height 2450mm. WA-AN002
Animal Cage
FIT Quote Price 2,119
Animal Power Rack Training System.
Our new Ultimate Cage is the Heaviest Duty, most 8ophisticated and Versatile Power Rack available
- Anywhere!
This Power Rack has everything the most serious athlete could need for the most intense and productive
Built from 70x70mm heavy gauge box section with 44 Laser Cut Ultra Close Holes, this rack is designed
for the ultimate in Heavy Duty, ntense workouts.
Features on the Ultimate Cage include:
Heaviest Duty Construction seen on any Commercial Power Rack
8umo Base
Walk Through Design
Ultra Close Hole 8pacing Laser Cut for Ultimate Accuracy and Finish
25mm and 50mm Dual Chinning Bars
2 Bar Holders
8 Weight 8torage Pins
Black 8cratch Resistant Uprights
2 Heavy Duty 8afety Pins
2 Ouick Change 8afety Bars
Massive 900mm Deep Training Area
Optional Band/Chain 8torage {not shown}
Optional Top and Bottom Band Pegs {not shown}
Lifetime Commercial Warranty WA-AN001
Animal Half Rack FIT Quote Price: 1,374.56
Need a Seriously Heavy Duty Rack but don't have room for our Full Ultimate Cage?
Our Animal Half Rack is a Massively Heavy Duty Rack with a very small footprint. Features include: Ultra Close Laser Cut Holes,
Quick Change Heavy Duty Safety Bars, Chin Up Bar 8x Plate Holders, 2x Bar Holders, 1000kg Capacity
The Half Rack is perfect for all Major exercises including: Squats, Dead-lifts, Bench Pressing, Shoulder Pressing, Rows, Shrugs Etc
With a footprint of only 1200mm x 1240mm the Animal Half Rack is one the most Compact Racks available as well as the Most Solid.
Bars/Plates not included.
Animal Olympic Bench FIT Quote Price: 756.44
The Animal Olympic Bench - The Heaviest Duty Flat Olympic Bench available.
The Animal Bench was designed and built to cope with years of abuse from the worlds strongest Bench Pressers. Built to competition
specifications, our Animal Bench is perfect for anyone serious about their Bench Pressing. Complete with 4 Band pegs and rear Plate
Storage, the Animal Bench also comes complete with built in Spotters Platform (not shown).
You can order the Animal Bench to suit your personal preference with Laser Cut, Zinc Plated Bar Catchers as standard or the Extending Bar Catchers with Nylon Bar
Weight Capacity 1,000kg.
Animal Stands FIT Quote Price: 1145.46
Animal Stands with 1500kg Capacity. These are incredibly Heavy Duty, Fully Adjustable Commercial Stands with built in Safety Bars
allowing you to lift heavy in complete safety, even when training alone. The Animal Stands can be adjusted in very small increments
thanks to the close 30mm hole spacing. These Animal Stands are massively constructed from 70x70mm box and perfect for anyone
who wants to train hard and heavy but doesn't quite have room for a full Animal Cage or Power Rack.
The stands can be set very high allowing you to perform Chin Ups with a normal bar or Parallel Chins with a Log/Swiss Bar etc.
Built in Plate Storage at rear (not shown in picture).
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Animal Adjustable Free Weight Bench FIT Quote Price: 570.57 WA-AN003
The Animal Adjustable Bench has everything featured on our amazing Adjustable Bench but also includes:
Wider feet for even more stability on the heaviest lifts.
Wheels and Handle fitted as standard for easy moving.
Large built in 8potters platforms. Our Animal Ad]ustable Bench really is designed to handle years of the most intense, heavy duty
The Animal Ad]ustable Bench is fully ad]ustable from an 8' decline to an 85' seated position with a 2 position ad]ustable seat.
This bench is solid, it won't wobble or rock like so many more expensive, so called 'heavy duty' benches.
Animal Adjustable Decline Bench FIT Quote Price: 626.76 WA-AN004
The Animal Ad]ustable Decline Bench allows you to perform all your heavy Dumbbell, 8mith Machine, Power Rack and Free Bar Decline
work on the most 8olid, 8table base available. 4 Leg Rollers lock you solidly in place no matter how steep the incline.
8imilar to our Ad]ustable Decline Bench, this Animal version has:
Wider feet for even more 8tability.
Wheels and Handle for fast, easy moving.
Built in heavy duty 8potters Platforms. f you're serious about lifting heavy you need the right bench to do it on.
The Animal Ad]ustable Decline Bench will handle years of the most ntense, Heavy Duty workouts you can through at it.
Get yours now and you'll never want to use any Decline Bench again.
Animal Hyper Extension - Deluxe FIT Quote Price: 712.22 WA-RABE023
A really Heavy Duty, Fully Ad]ustable 45' Hyper Extension that will allow you to replicate your 8quat/Pulling stance. This Animal Hyper
Extension has full size 90' pads making it much more comfortable to use with heavy resistance than the usual Hyper Extension machines.
With fully ad]ustable thigh as well as ankle pads, this Hyper Extension can be set up to target muscles from all different angles.
Resistance Band hooks are incorporated into the front of the machine. The 900mm wide footplate and rollers allow you hit the muscles
in exactly the same way they are stressed during 8quats/Deadlifts etc.
The Animal Hyper Extension Deluxe is essential for building huge Back, Hamstring and Glute strength.
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Flat Bench 181.55
This is a really solid, heavy duty Flat Bench for various Dumbbell/Barbell
work. The Flat Bench can be used on it's own in a Power Rack/Smith
Machine etc.
Stub Bench 325.85
The Stub Bench is a Compact, Heavy Duty Bench on a 30' Angle with built in
Leg Rollers to hold you securely in position. A great Bench for Decline
Dumbbell Presses or Using in a Power Rack or Smith Machine. The Decline
Bench is also really handy for Ab work, Leg Raises etc.
Utility Shoulder Bench 228.10
This is a Great Bench for Shoulder Pressing with Barbells or Dumbbells either
on it's own or in a Power Rack, Smith Machine etc. Low back ensures nothing
gets in the way for press behind neck work.
Sissy Squat 228.10
The Sissy Squat is very compact, yet extremely heavy duty and will offer a
solid base to perform this under estimated exercise. The Sissy Squat is
designed to keep the lower leg vertical while performing a freestanding
squat (something otherwise impossible to do).
Adjustable Decline Bench 386.37
This fully adjustable Decline Bench will go from a flat position to 40' Decline
with small increment adjustments in between. The leg rollers hold the user
firmly in place and are also designed to raise the knee above the height of
the hips
Glute Ham Raise 768.08
Different to all the other 'wobbly' Glute Ham Raises on the market.
Recommended option:
WA-RABE029 Glute Ham Raise with Split dome pad 813.08
Preacher Curl Bench 418.95
This is a great, compact, Heavy Duty Preacher Curl Bench with fully
adjustable seat and 'easy rack' bar catchers. Pad is angled at an optimum
60' perfect for performing heavy seated Preacher Curls.
Hyper Extension 386.37
Incredibly Heavy Duty 45' Hyper Extension. This 45' Hyper Extension
is fully adjustable to suit all athletes.
Adjustable Free Weight Bench 358.44
The Adjustable Bench is a very solid, fully adjustable bench that is great for
all forms of Barbell and Dumbbell pressing whether used on it's own, with
Power Stands or in a Power Rack The back rest adjusts from an 8' decline
to flat then up to 85' with 8 adjustments in between. Wheels and handle inc.
Crunch Bench 367.75
Our Crunch Bench is designed and built to allow you to perform the Ultimate
Abdominal Crunch. Our Crunch Bench is incredibly comfortable to use and
allows you to target you Abdominals really easily.
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Olympic Incline Bench 437.57
Our Heavy Duty Olympic Incline Bench is set at an optimum 30' to target the
upper chest. Extremely heavy duty and designed years of abuse with massive
Power Stands 418.95
These Heavy Duty, Fully Adjustable Power Stands allow you train all the
major lifts in Complete Safety meaning you can push yourself to absolute
failure and know that the Heavy Duty Safety Bars will catch the Bar when
you hit your limit.
Adjustable Olympic Bench 544.64
Our Adjustable Olympic Bench is adjustable from an
8' decline to a seated 85' position making it an extremely
versatile bench for various types of pressing.
Squat Rack 674.98
This is a really heavy duty Squat Rack that has adjustable, solid 30mm high
tensile steel safety bars.
Olympic Adj Decline Bench 386.37
Allows you to perform heavy decline presses in a very safe and effective way.
The adjustable leg rollers hold you securely in place even in a very steep
decline. The Olympic Decline Bench adjusts from a flat position to a 50'
decline with various adjustments in between.
Military Press Bench 567.91
A complete, safe and efficient solution for overhead pressing. Bar can be rack
to the front or back to suit Military presses or Press Behind Neck via the zinc
plated bar catchers.
Chalk Bowl 125.69
A very neat, compact Chalk storage/dispensing solution. Large 300mm bowl
give plenty of room for applying chalk without covering the floor.
The Olympic Flat Bench 404.99
This is a rock solid bench built to competition specifications and ready for
anything you throw at it. The zinc plated, laser cut bar catchers avoid
scratches to the paintwork.
Olympic Shoulder Press 414.30
Our Olympic Shoulder Press Bench offers an easy way of performing this
great mass building exercise for the delts.
Benches, Racks & Rigs
The Worlds best Weight Training Chalk 5
Use this world famous Grippy Chalk on your hands when training to greatly
improve your grip. Sold in individually wrapped 55gram blocks.
Dip Leg Raise 442.23
Some of the best exercises are the simplest, such as old fashioned, heavy
weighted Dips and the Dip/Leg Raise unit provides an extremely solid base
for this mass building, core exercise.
Deadlift Platform 395.68
This is a great, solid platform that will allow an extra stretch when
performing Stiff Legged Deadlifts, Bent Rows, etc.
Dipping Bars 367.75
If you're serious about packing on some muscle with heavy Weighted Dips,
then the Freestanding Dipping Unit is for you.
Power Rack with Platform 1298.75
The Power Rack allows you to train as heavy as you like using free weights in
complete safety. In addition, the built in Lifting Platform gives you the perfect
base to work from inside the Rack and the versatility of the full Lifting
Platform out side of the Rack.
Lifting Platform 553.95
This Heavy Duty Lifting Platform is 2600mm x 1600mm with wooden centre
and solid Rubber Plate strips. A 50mmx50mm steel frame hold everything
securely in place.
Heavy Duty Chinning/Dipping/Leg Raise
Unit 647.05
Some of the best exercises are the simplest ones and the Chin/Dip/Leg Raise
unit provides an extremely solid base for these mass building, core exercises.
Heavy Duty 45' Leg Press 1303.40
The 45' Leg Press is the smoothest, most rugged leg press available.
The machine runs on 40mm Thomson Linear Bearings giving the carriage an
incredibly smooth and quiet action, no matter how much weight is being
Super Heavy Hack Squat 1303.40
The Hack Squat Machine runs on a Thomson Linear Bearing system which
will give a lifetime of Super Smooth, Maintenance Free operation even with
the heaviest loads.
Classic T Bar Row (Heavy Duty) 535.33
T Bar Row to handle the most intense workouts you can throw at it.
The 4' Wide Handle with additional Parallel Grip Handles allow you to hit
various parts of your back.
3 Way Smith Machine 1857.3
The 3 Way Smith Machine glides Forwards and Backwards as well as Up and
Down giving you complete freedom to perform any lift in the most natural
way. Vertical and Horizontal movement!
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Beaverfit Training Rig (Large)
BF-RIG01 Beaverfit Training Rig 4 x 1.5m 5,850.00
Great for group functional training workouts. Provides a dedicated space for countless functional training
exercises in your club, studio or athletic facility.
Develop total body strength using traditonal bodyweight exercises along with the latest functional training
accessories (eg ropes, grappler, rings, etc). Can be prepared for outdoor use. Full size rig (4m x 1.5m).
Includes 2 x squat rack section, 1 x pull-up section full length wings (two bar one side and 3 bar the other)
Beaverfit Training Rig (Medium)
BF-RIG01A Beaverfit Training Rig 2.9 x 1.5m 3,850.00
1 x pull-up section
1 x squat rack section
2 x wings for pull up section (two bar one side and 3 bar the other)
Beaverfit Training Rig (Small)
BF-RIG01B Beaverfit Training Rig 1.7 x 1.5m 2,850.00
1 x pull-up section
2 x wings for pull up section (two bar one side and 3 bar the other)
Buying Advice.
Functional Training Rigs are designed to utilize functional training products
and perform countless exercises whether working out individually
or in a group training setting. The Rigs are available as freestanding models,
wall mounted model or for studio use.
We can customise Rigs to suit gyms of any shape or size. The example
shown opposite can be loaded with attachments and functional training
accessories making it the most versatile and fun piece of equipment in your
Benches, Racks & Rigs
2 Bar Wing for Squat rack Section
BF-RIG04 2 Bar Wing for Squat rack Section 450.00
3 Bar Wing for Squat rack Section
BF-RIG05 2 Bar Wing for Pull-up Section 562.50
2 Bar Wing for Pull-up rack Section
BF-RIG05 2 Bar Wing for Pull-up Section 562.50
3 Bar Wing for Pull-up rack Section
BF-RIG07 3 Bar Wing for Pull-up Section 675.00
Pull-up Section
Pull Up Section (L: 1.7m x W: 1.2m x H: 2.7m)
BF-RIG03 Pull Up Section 1,125.00
Squat Section
Squat Rack Section (L:1.2m x W: 1.2m x H: 2.7m)
BF-RIG02 Squat Rack Section 900.00
Rig Attachments also available:
BF-ATT1 Dip Bars 131.25 BF-ATT9 Boxing Bag Bracket 90.00
BF-ATT2 Single Grappler 120.00 BF-ATT10 Peg Board 157.50
BF-ATT3 Double Grappler 180.00 BF-ATT11 Moving Pull-up Grips 225.00
BF-ATT4 Bungee Hook (D-Ring) 22.50 BF-ATT12 Glude/ Ham Developer 540.00
BF-ATT5 Jumping Platform 146.25 BF-ATT13 Parallel Bars 450.00
BF-ATT6 J-Pegs (pair) 78.75
BF-ATT7 Olympic Disc Holder 27.00
BF-ATT8 Rope training bar 45.00
Benches, Racks & Rigs
Flooring &
Code Interlocking Matting Black (12mm thickness) SRP FIT Quote Price
ES-MATSM01 Interlocking Matting Black 1000x1000x12mm (per tile) 28.00 26.07
ES-MATSMR01 Interlocking Edge Strip Black 1000x190x12mm (each) 9.00 8.38
ES-ESMATCB Flexi-Tuf Corner Piece Black (each) 2.50 2.33

Code Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JLELA Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) - Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (1 tile per Sq metre) 41.40 41.40
JO-JLELAE Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) - Wedged Edge 23.94 23.94
JO-JLELAC Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) - Wedged Corner 16.02 16.02
JO-JLELAES Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) - Straight Edge 10.56 10.56
JO-JLELACS Easy-Lock Aerobic Floor (10 mm thickness) - Straight Corner 6.96 6.96
Code Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) SRP FIT Quote Price
JO-JLELF Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) - Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (1 tile per Sq metre ) 52.62 52.62
JO-JLELFE Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) - Wedged Edge 31.32 31.32
JO-JLELFE Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) - Wedged Corner 20.76 20.76
JO-JLELFES Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) - Straight Edge 13.19 13.19
JO-JLELFCS Easy-Lock Fitness Floor (15 mm thickness) - Straight Corner 8.82 8.82

Code Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (20 mm thickness) FIT Quote Price
CA-TA20 Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (20 mm thickness) - Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (1 tile per Sq metre ) 15.00
Code Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (40 mm thickness) FIT Quote Price
CA-TA40 Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (40 mm thickness) - Easy-Lock Tatami Floor (1 tile per Sq metre ) 25.00
Corner and edge strips included. FREE Delivery on orders over 100.00
Flooring & Matting
Sourcing Competitive Quotes
Sourcing Competitive Quotes
Sourcing Competitive Quotes
FIT Quote are the only competitive quote sourcing company in the Fitness Industry.
We only work with established and reputable partners who can provide quality products at
competitive prices.
Speak with our regional sales team who can advise you on the quotes we can source for
It can be a difficult job tendering for best prices and our experts are on hand to help you
make the right decisions.
This consultancy service is totally free to our customers and it is our job to make sure you
get the best deal no matter what you need for your club.
Terms & Conditions
Normally 7 -10 working days from order confirmation. Monday to
Friday during normal working hours 8am - 6pm (weekends by
Please notify us of any delivery obstructions and ensure that the
delivery area is clear. All deliveries must be signed for on delivery.
Pallet deliveries are normally curb-side drop only (special
arrangements can be made upon request).
Deliveries must be checked upon receipt. Any damages or
discrepancies must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of order. Out
of stock items will be notified.
FIT Quote will endeavour to honour specific delivery dates upon
FIT Quote cannot entertain any claim for compensation arising from
late delivery due to a third party carrier.
For our full Terms and Conditions, see below.
Specific Delivery Date Orders
It is often possible to deliver on a specific date. FIT Quote will always
try to ensure this happens, though we cannot guarantee it. FIT Quote
cannot entertain any claim for compensation arising from late delivery
due to a third party carrier.
Order Cancellation/Refused Deliveries
(See also Exchanges/Returns)
You may cancel your order for a full refund prior to your order being
shipped or ordered from the manufacturer, though if any costs have
been incurred they will be deducted from monies received. If you
cancel your order after it has been shipped, you are responsible for
any and all freight charges incurred by FIT Quote. Any unpaid freight
charges will be deducted from your refund. If you refuse to accept
delivery of your order for any other reason than the product being
damaged in transit, you are liable for all outward and return freight
charges incurred by your refusal. If it is found that any of the larger
products upon delivery will not fit through any doors/stairwells and
the product is subsequently returned/refused, you are responsible for
all outward and return carriage costs and a 15% re-stocking fee is
In all instances the customer is to contact FIT Quote Fitness before
returning any item. FIT Quote Fitness will advise on method of return
and collection note will be sent to include return reference number.
Items should be returned to our stores within 14 days in a new and
unused condition.
Any refund due will be processed upon receipt of item as above. Goods
returned for refund will incur carriage costs. Any exchanges will also
incur additional delivery charges. A re-stocking charge of 15% of the
total value of the Goods will be applied.
Above information does not affect your Statutory Rights.
Restricted Access
Although our carriers are equipped with detailed road maps of every
area of the UK mainland, is there any further information that would
make your home/business easier to locate?
Due to the overall size of some delivery vehicles, FIT Quote or any
carriers delivering on behalf of us must be informed of any restrictions
regarding access for the delivery vehicle. This includes, though not
limited to, steps (including those required to climb to gain access to
the property entrance), trees, shrubs, steeply inclined driveways,
narrow lanes, tight bends or any other restrictions that may make it
difficult for the delivering vehicle to gain access to the point of
FIT Quote will not accept any claims for compensation arising from
non/failed/refused delivery of any item where the carriers or FIT Quote
were not made aware of any points regarding access restrictions.
In the event that the item is refused/ cancelled due to these
restrictions, the customer is liable for all carriage charges and a 15%
re-stocking fee will be applied. We would therefore recommend that
you ensure the product will fit and can be transported to its ground
floor point of installation easily.
If you need to confirm the total boxed dimensions of a product please
call FIT Quote prior to placing your order.
Delivery Terms
Please note: Due to Health and Safety regulations upstairs deliveries
are at the carriers discretion and are not guaranteed.
This includes, but not limited to, steps that are immediately outside
the premises, which are required to climb in order to gain access to
the property.
All orders are processed and shipped in the order that they are
received. Normal delivery time is 7 to 10 working days.
Delivery times may increase around holidays and peak shipping
seasons. The freight delivery service you receive may vary among
carrier companies.
Since most carriers deliver to the curb side immediately adjacent to
their vehicle and regard inside delivery as an extra service cost, it
may be necessary for you to assist or move merchandise into your
business/ home, this is especially relevant if your premises covers
several floors as carriers will only deliver to the ground floor entrance
to the building.
If you have alternative delivery requirements, please contact FIT
Quote and we can make alternative arrangements.
Ideally include two telephone numbers so that the carrier can contact
you should they need too. All deliveries are made Monday to Friday
between 8am and 6pm.
Saturday deliveries are available, please contact FIT Quote for a low
cost quotation.
Unfortunately our carriers are unable to give specific times for the
delivery service, if you would like a specific time or weekend we
would be happy to provide a quotation, please call FIT Quote on
+44 (0) 845 366 4790.
FIT Quote will not be held responsible for any delays/damages due to
third party carriers, nor can we entertain any claims for compensation
where the carrier fails to deliver at an agreed time.
Any claims for damages to property caused by any third party carrier
must be taken up direct with the carrier.
Sports and exercise methods are potentially hazardous.
It is advisable before undertaking any new form of exercise to seek
medical advice. It is up to the individual to understand the proper
techniques associated with safe use of equipment featured in this
Any advice or direction given in this brochure is not a substitute for
professional expert instruction.
All risks must be accepted by the individual in full.
Terms & Conditions Cont
If you require installation of the product(s), the time between order
and installation may be longer than for delivery only, though we always
try our hardest to install as soon as possible. We will always try to
arrive on time, but will not be held responsible for late arrival due to
unforeseen circumstances.
It is imperative that the space for the product(s) has been cleared and
that access is unrestricted. Therefore we would ask that you provide
FIT Quote with as much information as possible concerning the
placement of the equipment in to your home, e.g. will it be going
through single or double front door, lower / ground / first floor?
All prices quoted are for ground floor installations in the main building
of the property or a garage at side of the main part of the building.
Installations above or below ground floor or outside the main building
i.e. an outhouse etc. may be subject to surcharge, especially if not
mentioned at the time of order. You may be asked to assist the
installer to get the product(s) to their location; if no help is available
then a 2 man installation may be required at extra cost.
Adequate parking / vehicle access must be provided by the customer.
Any charges incurred by the installer for parking etc. will be
chargeable. If the installation time is extended by there being
inadequate parking /access then the extra time will also be chargeable
at 40.00 per hour.
It is the customers responsibility to check that the installation has
been carried out to their satisfaction. If the customer is not present
when the installation is completed the installation will be deemed as
completed to the customers satisfaction. Any subsequent visits that
may be required will be chargeable at the same rate as the first visit.
FIT Quote is within its rights to refuse any installation if the installer
deems the installation location to be hazardous or the request
unreasonable. If the product does not fit into the area where the
installation is requested and a representative of FIT Quote did not
measure the area, then FIT Quote cannot be held responsible,
therefore the customer will incur the cost of the visit.
Agreed installation times must be adhered too. If you intend to use our
equipment in a hotel, school, etc. (light commercial environment) or
health club (full commercial) it is entirely the responsibility of the
customer to check with FIT Quote that the product is suitable and
manufactured to the required standards.
Installation Cont
Please provide any further details or information that you think might
be useful in making delivery and/or installation easier. Should you have
any queries or comments concerning either the forthcoming delivery
of your equipment, or other items from FIT Quote, please do not
hesitate to contact FIT Quote on +44 (0) 845 366 4790 .
1. All orders are accepted on the following Terms and Conditions of

2. All orders are to be sent in writing either via email or fax and
include product codes.
3. General In the event of any conflict of inconsistency between
these Terms and Conditions of Trading, and the terms of your order,
these Terms prevail, unless agreed by us in writing. No alterations to
your order will be recognised by us unless requested by you in writing
and confirmed by us in the same way.
4. Acceptance No order shall be deemed accepted by us other than
upon receipt of our official acknowledgement.
5. Delivery Time for delivery is given as accurately as possible, but is
not guaranteed, and is subjected to extension to cover delay caused
by strikes, lock-outs, works, breakdowns, delay in transport, shortage
of raw materials, Government regulations or requirements, or any
cause whatsoever (whether or not similar to those above-mentioned)
beyond our control.
6. Description Colours, packaging and product specification may vary
according to manufacturing changes, tolerances and stock availability.
All descriptions and particulars furnished in price lists, literature and
other documents issued by us are as accurate as possible, but being
given for general information are not to be treated as binding unless
specifically confirmed in writing. Any performance figures by us are
based upon our general experience and are such as we expect to
achieve. We will, however, accept no liability if those are not obtained
unless we specifically guarantee them in writing.
7. Payment Terms With order unless otherwise stated in writing.
Overdue 30 day accounts will be charged interest at the current Bank
of England rate. All cheques written against uncollected funds will
incur a 30.00 bank reprocessing fee.
8. Cancellation after delivery, and/ or after delivery and installation,
cannot be accepted and payment must be made in full.
9. Storage We reserve the right to charge storage where the
customer delays installation after the date of installation requested by
the customer.
10. Repossession by Seller Where the buyer had committed an Act of
Bankruptcy (or where the buyer is a limited company, a Receiving or
winding up Order has been made with respect of that Company) and
property in goods the subject of this contract has not passed to the
buyer but remains with seller, the buyer shall, within twenty one days
of such Act or Order, give notice in writing of the same to the seller
and shall afford the seller reasonable opportunity and access to
repossess the said goods.
11. The property in the goods shall pass to the customer only upon
being paid in full and until the property has so passed, the customer
shall not charge or dispose of the goods and will at his own expense
kept the goods safe and insured against customary commercial risks.
Until the property in the goods have so passed the buyer shall return
the goods to the seller on demand and the seller shall without
prejudice to any other rights be entitled to go upon the property of the
buyer and repossess and remove his goods.
12. Claims in respect of alleged faulty goods shall not be a ground for
with holding payment of accounts and shall not give the customer any
right to set off against payment due to the Company. If part of a
consignment is not received, this shall not be grounds for withholding
payment for the remainder of the invoice on which these goods appear.
13. Law and Jurisdiction - Where the Buyer is a business, this contract
is to be interpreted according to UK law and the parties agree that the
UK courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of any
dispute arising out of this agreement. Where the Buyer is a consumer
this contract is to be interpreted according to the law in which the
Buyer is habitually resident and the Buyer retains the right to choose
whether to file suit against FIT Quote in the UK, or in the Buyers home
Without prejudice to the above, FIT Quote shall also have the right to
file suit against the Buyer either in the UK court or wherever the Buyer
is domiciled or has a registered and/or branch office. In any event, the
parties irrevocably agree that proceedings issued out of the said
courts may, without prejudice to the rules of service of any court or
jurisdiction, be served by delivering such proceedings in an envelope
addressed to the party to be served at the address for such party set
out in this contract or otherwise notified by that party to the other.
FIT Quote Ltd is operated by members of The FIT
Please contact The FIT Group on +44 (0) 845 366 4790 if you have any
questions about products offered by FIT Quote.
Our aim is to save you time and money, so please contact us on if you need any new products for your gym.
FIT Quote Ltd is registered at Companies House: 07502279
FIT Quote Free Weights & Studio Equipment.
FIT Quote Free Weights carry a limited 12 month parts warranty against faulty workmanship and manufacturing defects for the original purchaser.
FIT Quote will repair or replace any item (as per the above) that can be shown to have broken, provided the customer returns it to us for our inspection.
Rubber products are not intended for use on concrete floors, wood floors or especially hard rubber surfaces. Use of rubber covered free weights on these floors will void the warranty.
It is highly recommended that the correct rubber free weight flooring is used (Easy-Lock Free Weights, Fitness, etc).
Chipping of painted finish on FIT Quote cast iron weight plates, cast iron dumbbells and Kettlebells is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by the warranty. The Silver
paint that highlights the weight identification on Olympic weight plates is considered a wear item and not covered by any warranty.
The warranty excludes the Neoprene covered surface on the Kettlebells and Studio Dumbbells.
Note: Rubber products should not be cleaned with detergent or acetone-based cleaners. Please clean rubber products with a damp cloth only.
Dumbbells and barbells (cast iron & rubber) should be hand checked for tightness on a daily basis and tightened as required. Loosening of multi disc dumbbells is not covered by
warranty as this style of dumbbell requires maintenance.
FIT Quote dumbbells are designed for years of heavy use, however are not designed to be dropped, thrown or otherwise abused. Repeated misuse may result in bent handles, any
dumbbells showing signs of bent handles may be excluded from warranty. Free weights should always be used on a suitable covered floor surface in order to minimise wear and tear.
For recommendations and flooring solutions go to the flooring section of this brochure.
Free weights should be stored on or in suitable racking to avoid damage and reduce wear and tear. Most free weights are only suitable for indoor use but products such as the
Powerbag can be used outdoors on non-abrasive surfaces.
Benches warranty - 12mths frame and parts, 6mths upholstery
Please Note:
Warranty extends to original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Warranty time is from the original date of purchase. Warranty shall not apply if the defect was caused by misuse,
neglect, or normal wear and tear. In order to process warranty claim, item/s must be returned to FIT Quote for inspection along with a returns reference number provided by FIT Quote.
Warranty does not cover transport costs. In cases where it is not economic to return multiple items we will ask for a part return supported by photographic evidence. Home or light
commercial use products used in a commercial environment will not be covered by the warranty. If your facility has no procedures/guidelines to control the misuse use of dumbbells,
barbells and/or plates, FIT Quote would rather not accept the order.
Free weights go through probably the most extreme life of any fitness product, a correct maintenance program along with good exercise technique will prolong their life considerably.
If you require further information please contact your FIT Quote representative.
FIT Quote Ltd
Unit 5a
Warren Business Park
FIT Quote Ltd is registered at Companies House: 07502279
+44 (0) 845 366 4790

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